The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1943 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1943
Page 8
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WOK EIGHT • EPSON IN WASHINGTON 1 BY•PETER EDSON Cftrier Nen.s; WashIntfon Correspondent FORT BLISS Texas.—The commanding officer of niiy unit In tlie Jutpy is supposed to be a father to his men looking niter their interests and giving them good ndvice in every conceivable situation, The scone Is n small patch of desert at'this famous old Mexican Iwrdcr mllilaiy post near. El Paso. Tlie btg'bionzod captain ot a ca- vulry troop diessed in tin hal and s»ge-brush green coveralls of s (lie new tough herring - bone twill, elands beside a peep. In his hands h« holds n poi table microphone attached to a loud speaker on the little green car, In a 50-foot circle about him stand' ills .men, bareheaded, but also dressed in coveralls and looking vciy fit indeed They arc paired > off,..ns though they were preparing ,to play so;nc new version of: three-dec]) or maybe double drop' the hankcrchlef. The : capialn calls to a lieutenant to bring him a bayonet. And then, Illustrating his remarks with gestures used on the lieutenant, the captain proceeds to give his men fatherly advice something as follows: Don't use yom fists against an enemy.: unless you have brass knuckles on MIII! can hit him hard enough to kill him. You can't hurt. a man with your bare fists the way you play with each other around here. KNIFE METHOD IS EFFICIENT A much better attack against a Jap Is with the knife. The knife Is "silent. It makes no noise and your enemy makes no noise if you hit him with it right. You may have to wall two hours until you get your man In Just the right, position moving up on him quietly so; that ho doesn't see you. But finally ns he is walking past at night on sentry duty ircrlups, juii can get up to him and attack him from the rear, when his back is Gallant General and Gracious Lady COUK1EU NEWS turned to sou Don t stab him in the bock That, Is Ineffectue Instead, cauying join knlte In jour upiaiscd right hand, thiow jour left hand around his neck and push the knuckles of join- thumb into hli Adams apple to shut off his wind nnd keep him from giving an alaim That's vihnt the_ bone in jom thumb Is for. forca him back against yom body to throw him oif balance Now give him the knife You can do U three or four unys If he is smallci lhau >ou nrc plunge the knife right into his heart Oi you can foicc it light behind,his collai bime Hide's n little hollow pUcc there behind the bone that jou, can feel nnd 11 will just take the knife roicc it down then give it n twist HOW TO HANDLE THE BIG FELLOWS If he Is btggr-r than >ou nrc and from'th^.i 1 ' "r"" 1 ? 1 L , (Monl «°" 1cr y « c «l>ts n bouquet of thanks < aer'BrH C i 1Tr ,'!? 'A r ° f ',' 1Ci " lin ? cili/c " 0( SWUK ' Tl ,.. after Eighth Army liberated thai city from Nazis Simple Care Of Hangnail May Avert More Serious Infection BY Dlt. THOMAS I). MAKTKKS Written fur NBA Affections of the rtneenmlls arc :he source of discomfort, Inconvenience, or embarrassment. The simplest of Is the hangnail, which is very common in persons who ivork with such In-llnnta ns icids, lime, and oilier chemicals, is well as in those who Indulge In the ImMt of biting their nails or who arc careless with inniilciirc.s. Women who do housework, and whose hands are constantly exposed to wiiler, arc likely to be plagued with these little affections, also. A hangnail Is .simply a superficial layer of skin, triangular In shape, detached from the dccp-r layer of the skin except at its base. This scpurallon, however,- provides an entry for', infection,- and when infection occurs, the area become red and painful. CLEANSK AFFECTED MIK,\ The treatment of hangnails consists of cleansing the area with soap and waler, flattening Hie flup and holding- It In place with a col- cant reach o\er his body, 1 lml >o» dressing. 'Adhesive, <ivhlch Is force the knife right through his ' commonly used, gels dirty (tuickly, neck, through the windpipe, in the soft part aboie Hie Adam's Apple. Another way js to cut tight through his arm at the muscle, r.nd hold him tilt he bleeds to cicn(h A man will bleed to death in Id seconds, if jou cut the veins and arteries of his arm. If he gets away from you, or if you get him down and he Isn't dead jet or If \oii lose \oiir knife, Jump on his face with both feel Bend-your knees just a little as you spring, then straighten out your legs just before \on land You hit him double (hat waj, with the force of your jump and tlie extra force of ,youi kick ns 5011 •tiffen your legs to plant jmir fleels right in his face MIND YOUR MANNERS Test jour knowledge of coi- recl. social usage by answering the following queslions, then checking against Ihe aulhorila- tKe r."swcrs belo\\ 1 Who is responsible foi seeing to the bride's luggage on Hie day of the wedding? 2 Where do the, bride's patents sl.t at a church wedding? 3. Need a .clnircli wedding be larfie and elaborate? * Is it all right (o ln\ lie friends of the groom, that the bride has never rtiel, to tlie wedding? and when nulled away, is likdy to drat' with U the hangnail, hot, 'yet entirely healed. When nn Infection gels into Ihc hangnail, the applica- tion ol warm, moist boric iicld dressings will bring relief. As the result of infected hang- nalLs, curs less maillutirc, or penetration by thorns, splinters nnd pins, Infection miiy cMlcnd beneath the fold of skin llial overlaps the nail mid even under Ihe nail. Tills condiilon i,s culled paryonychln, and as it progresses around the null wall. « "run-around." Redness, swtlltns, mill ixiln out of till proportion In Ihe appcurancc of Ihc Injury follow. INFK<;TION M,\V UK SEKHHJS The serious side o[ Diese infectious lies In liie fact lhat occasionally Ihe pulp or the (Inner may be pene- ' tratcd by the infection, and- may- 1 be fell In nn intense, throbbing pain which Is aggravulcd by lowering the hand. Because of llic structure' of the Up of I ho .finger, Infection of the bone may easily compllcalc the MUmllou unless ihc infcclion i; promptly nnd «dc<[Uatcly drained by 11 surgeon. Onu should no WEDNESDAY.; MAY 19. SUEZ CLOTH TROPICAL WORSTED SUITS wait until the deep, throbbing drives him lo the doctor. The realization thai n felon Is the lo-jicn) rcsiill of more superficial and readily controlled infection, indicates that the .simple treatment suggested above should be applied (U the eni-JIcr stage. Service Men Overseas To Get Red Cross Gifts Service men from Mis -- .-_„ ...t.j iiu-tic n(i.^.n.'s)i|/[n County, stationed in isolated North African flying [ields and olhui- outposts, probably will | JC recipients of many supplies recently shipped Ihcre from Ihc United Stales by the American lied Crass. Two tons hard chocolate, one ton coffee, many tons of comfort items such as shaving cream, soap, razors, and razor blades, bedside games, table games, books, magazines, :m barrels of doughnut flour, 10.000 pounds of shortening, and 20 port- iblc pianos. Mississippi County service men In the South Pacific mid other points also enjoy lied Cross Services and supplies. Recently four ports in the South Pacific were shipped the following items: 51,00(1 racks ol razor blades, 50,000 tubes of dental cream, 50,000 tooth irushes. 50,000 combs, 50,000 lubes of shaving cream. 25,000, towels and wash clolhs. 50,000 sewing kits, lOOr 000 bars ot soap. 50,000 packs of chewing eum, 3-1,000 razors. 37,000 books, fiOO.OOO cigarette.!, 7,70-1 jigsaw puz^es and 50,000 chocolate bars. All thcsj Hems are distributed as ifl.s nnd because the Red Crass is he American public's own organ not both Belter solution—(a) a bride has a matron of izalion, the articles arc really gills „„,. „,,„ -,„ _... .. from folks 1|crc in . Mississippi Counly and other American communities distributed through their organization,, the American Red Cross, It has been pointed out. Negroes Join Navy Three local negroes enlisted in Hie Navy yesterday as steward mates 3rd clnss. They were Walter Rogers, Freddie Lee I'dstell and Jessie Lee Gardner all of Blytheville. These boys will be sent to one of the special training centers where they will go through the first training and then to special schools to learn the " " , " -*'.««w utij ii iija^iuil ui Honor may she also have a maid of honor? What would you do if— You arc planning on being married in a traveling dress- la) Have only one attendant? (b) Have several atlcndanls. Answer? 1. The best man. 2 First pew on the left, facing the altar 3 No There may be onlj a few- guests and the wedding may be >eri simple 4 Ccrlamlj 5 No'Either one or the other, 'What Would You Do" steward mates. These boys were enlisted by the local U. S. Navy Recruiting S tlon on (he third floor of the coui-l house in Jllyllicvllle. The Navy needs many .more negro boys for I hi:; service, it V v»s announcer today. Marriage Licenses Uoyce A. Evans and Miss Rosemary Robeson, both o! Illythevllle- Lee O. Iim-i-ls and Miss olga Rose llirow, both of Akron, Ohio- My- val Denn Brinklcy of Manila and Miss Uozzcllii Abernathv ot Fto- "•nh. Sergt. Glen A. Callerson ofliock- icld, hid., and Miss Helen Arenc Brown of Cllmon, la • wil- llam A. Slnm-t of Sun Josc/Callf and MISS sarah Margaret Sinn-' Held ,San I'Vancisco, Cidif.; Scrgt Joseph E. Frailcocur, Ilerkshirc Muss., nnd Cecil White, fills- d, Mass. allie A. Scott, Lcaclivillc, and Miss Myra E. Yeagcr of ciarks- i'i'e. W. I'a.; Dunvoorl O. Burton ooicr, Mo., and AIKs WniKln rW Pills. Steelc, Mo.; Scrcl. Waller - Naquln and Miss Doris Mae Jixicct both of Thlbodaux La • ;ieul. John D. Wurnackc Jr. Mc- :oml), Miss., and Miss Jewell Tni- bcrl, Liberty, Miss. Yarbro Graduates Will Hear Evrard 'Marcus Evrard, local attorney, will slvc the coDiinciiccmcnl. address at the Yarbro School May 23 at H o'clock, ,'thcre will be 12 members of the class who will enter Illytlicvllle Senior High School next September. Read Courier News want »<u. duties of I WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY WHO DUNNIT? inmm£K-A-J&iim • M BITEJOTO EAT' WAR BONDS -J TAILORED IN THE FAMED SHOPS OF HART SCHAFFNER &> MA&X r Want Jo IK- assured »r a ami summer?. Then choose (lie .Stetson "Ifalanjra" . _. . » haiid-nmde sod body straw irt 'A SHU oiloc (vnivc lh«( will keep you cool ;tnd comfortable. The 1 dark blue nti.wcc hand adds a becoming cmtlrasf. Other Smart STETSONSTRAWS Waul lo give a heat wave thje cold shoulder? Then just slip into a Suet C.'olh Tropical . . . tailored in thfe tamed shops of Hart Schaffner & Mar*. In this superb domestic tropical worsted you get every special quality of an imported tropical worsted Hart Schaffner & Marx have featured for years. Since Suez Cloth is all-wool it holds its shape and press. . .and FITS . . . Just like J<>Ur regular weight suit. Best ot all ... the price is only T $ 35 MEAD'S 322 MAIN STRUT J \ H

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