The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1937 BI.YTHKVIUE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS EXPECT til Flood.. A3c.tiniB--"A Study in .Reactions PAGE THREE >M d, ii * V i j" ~A — s* <^ T y *t ASftfl Prepare for Real Fight Bui See No Serious Cause for A l arm CAnUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Jan. 28.—Although no Immediate cause for alarm Is seen, Uncls Sam !•> marshalling his forces at Ciruth- crsvlllc for one of l»-> most det'jr mined lights in the Mi^issinni rU er levee history of Southeast M:i f.ourl. • ; Twenty-five to thirtv nrmv eini Beers are here and a high-powcroJ wireless Iras been established, ci ruthersvillc Is to be ihe base lor the engineers' corps from New Mid- rid to the Arkansas line. "We anticipate no major break said one of the engineers. "We are merely preparing to do our best toward preventing one." The engineers will definitely not "take over" things, said one of the superiors. They are here to work in complete cooperation with lonl I authorities and supervisors. Their presence here is just one of Uncle Sam's thousand-mile levee protection and precaution moves. Bases will be established from Cairo to the Gulf. Cariithersville is one of the bases: Sandbags Arriving; "There are levee men here' who arc probably inors familiar with this section than we," stated an engineer. "We arc ready to work with those fcl'ows. and ask the thorough cooperation of all." A quarter boat was cxoected today. Wednesday ten big motorboats arrived for levee survey work There are more than 60,000 empty bags here and more coming. By lo- ni°ht the workers will have over 100,000 ready for use from New Madrid to the stale line. Engineers "wi'V provide foremen, checkers, inspectors. Work will be done by WPA laborers, by ^employment service workers, and by volunteer citizens. S. P. Reynolds, veteran levee man, who probably knows more of Southeast Missouri levees than any other living man. expressed confidence in all levees along the Mississippi, in tins comity. "But we arc not Inking chances," lie said. River Nears Uccord The river yesterday continued its upward creep, slower than the foot- a-day rise of prior days, but nev I ertheless higher. At 8 a.m. todas it rtcod at 42.9!i feet. The record here is 44 feet, established in 1013 The predicted crest of the present flood is almost 50 feet. Neither 'government men nor lo' cal authorities are overly concerned about the "Qa'ycso BeixT levee where the river sweeps into the levee. ' ; •Some mild concern was evldcn over the "boil section" just north of Carulhersville, but no alarm was expressed. 1 The levee crossings in this city have been sandbagged. The water is still about 8',4 feet, below the top of the seawall protecting the city. Old timers arc" not worried. A few residents are leaving, but tiler are mostly • newcomers, unfamiliar with the itver, and who have been frightened by falss radio broadcasts. No lives have been lost in the flcod here but the loss of livestock will be heavy. Hundreds of refugees have been saved from low outlying sections, mostly along the Mississippi, on the Tennessee side. Need Housing for Refugees .Today, local relief authorities expressed satisfaction at the present relief situation, except In regard to housing conditions. "There arc .not enough bui|dings with sanitation facilities." ' they said. "Bedding and clothing are sufficient, but we 'must have more buildings with heating and sanitation facilities." Churches have been converted info emergency hospitals. There are in Caruthersville only some 30 mild %• cases, such as Wluenz'a and colitis, the latter among children. Over the country are another estimated hundred cases of similar illnesses. Three "flood babies" have been born hi this county, and the stork is on 'the way with more passcn- sers. fe*< »^ x j>^m L <^/. W>. :Va '^ •>*-, JM !^, L> .4*.. *ZS' V ~^4 %v *?.< y M r < /> >/;. '&> I II They reacted differently, but' in the eyes o^ ail the flood refugees, above, was a common look of Jbc wildennent, uncomprehending of safety at last from greedy rising rivprs. IJiJiier left; n Cincinnat youngster munches eagerly on a piece of bread and jam- in'a temporary relief station. An clderl 1 :ouple and ihe boy, upper right, rode a refugee • train out of flooded Portsmouth after seeing the! home beaten for days by relentle.'is waves. Rescued by the sanm train. the aged .\vomaii. 'lower left finds solace in a pipe. Tears of the little girl, lower right, won't bring back her home nenr Bird' Point, Mo., but it convinced onlookers at the Memphis terminal station as to how she felt about It Differently inclined was' the boy. center, sleeping peacefully nearby. A nap was n nap, flood or no flood •Chosen to .Head -'Manufacturers ;Eallots of Ihe board of directors, meeting in New Vork City, gave William B. Warner (above) the .presidency of the National Association of Manufacturers! Warner, a former president of the National Publishers Association, succeeds. C. M. Chester. "Happy Jack" Happy in Cell ELKO, Nev. (UP)— Jack Holli- lay, fabled "Happy •Jock" of B. M. Bower's "Flying U" western stories, is still linppy, despite his sentence of one to 15 years in prison Lawyer Likened (o Old Women ROCHESTER. N. Y. (UP)—Angered because only one of thirty cases on the day's calendar was ready for trial. Supreme Court Justice Clyde W. Knapp likened Rochester lawyers to women of BMical times "who went forth with no oil in their lamps." Strike Tics Up Circus HONOLULU (UP)-Eddie Fernandez is isolated in Hawaii with a fine circus, but no customers. Fernandez and his circus reached the saturation point in customers some weeks ago, but duo to the maritime strike has been unable lo get back to the mainland. - Old Law Excuses Juror ELKO, Nev. <UP>-R,i y Goodwin resident o£ Ruby Valley, 75 miles from Eiko, was excused from jury duty upon payment of $25. He was Die first person in decades lo take advanlage of an antiquated Nevada law applying to persons living more than 660 miles from the county seat. a charge of selling whisky Indians. to FR£E!\o sufferers of STOMACH ULCERS ^HYPERACIDITY . Willards Mess^qe of Relief PRICELESS INFORMATION for lliosc suffering frcm STOMACH OR I DUODENAL Ul.CKR*. DUE TO lIVrER- I ACIIllTY-rOOR I.IGF.ST1ON. ACID I DVSrEVStA. SOUR STOMACH, CASS1- I NESS. IIBARTOURN. CONSTIPATION* I BAD HREATH, SLEEPLESSNESS OR I HEADACHES, DUE TO EXCESS ACID. I EiplaJna the marvelous "WillarA Treat, I mcnt which is brinpns amaziiia rcUcf. I Sold on IS tlays trial. KIRBY BROS. DRUG CO. ROBINSON DRUG CO., Inc MANILA: PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE The Rev. A. E. Chapman Succumbs Unexpectedly at St. Louis The Rev. A. E. Chapman, 51, formerly of this city and father of Mrs. Matt Monaghan, died suciden- ly at J:is home i in St. Louis this morning. 1ft haci bean ill with -a heart ailment for some tinis but had seemed in Inirly good health for seve'ral week's" and his death \vas unexpected. Mrs. 5/fonaghan, who is convalescing from influenza, will go to St. Louis tomorrow for the fim^ril services, to bs held thsre Saturday or Sunday, but Mr. Monhghan, who Jias also been ili for a week, main with their two daughters, who arc also 111. The nev. Mr. Chapman, who came here in 1914. was pastor of "•» s-rind Bartin church when the present building was erected huj i,iso preached at other-cliurch- ^ ir ibe Mt. Zion Association during his eight years here. He and ins lamily moved to St. Louis 13 years ago. He is survived by his wife, three "in.". Liwrencc and Herbert, of St. Louis, and Claude, of Las Angeles, Calif., and three daughters, Mrs. Monaghau. 'Miss • Margaret Jane Chapman, "of 'St. 'Louis, and Mrs. Inland .Chatham, of .Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Ch'alhain -is inafooned In'-h'er house in Louisville but word reached her today and both shs and LMaime will atlen.1 the services. Tie Chapmans live at 5050 Page Ave., St. Louis. • . - Read Courier-News. Want Ads HELP KIDNEYS PASS 3 LBS. A DAY Doctors say your kidneys contain 15 miles of tiny tubea or filters which Jielp to purify the blood antl keep you healthy. Most peopla piis ">oul 3 pints iv day or about 3 pounds o[ waste. Frequent or ecanty p:is?age3 with sraarltna and burning sliovva there may ba something iTong with your kidneys or bladder. An ciccsa of aciiii or ripiaons in your blood, .ben due to functional kidney disorders, may bo the cause'of imaging b-ickaclie, rhcimialio palna, lumbaRo, lee paita, loss of pep ami en- e^Kj', Reiline up nigjils, sweUing, puftSncaa under the eyes, neaJachca' and diizinesa. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Dean's Pills, used Buccessfully by millions for over -10 years. They give Imypv reliel ond will help tbo 15 miles of kidney lubes, flash-out pcisonouj waste from your l)lw>J f Get Doan'i Pillj. A: &3B553 US FOB MUIMY AND SATURDAY KraLKfarewZX&ZJZJui Juicy Texas, Srlel Size. BOL LaltfC »M e I -()-!? ipe Dozen Cobhlufs Pound Cotmlry Clnl> I'onnil Tomatoes No. 2 Cnn 2 for "KERNAT" KNITTING YAHNS FREE INSTRUCTIONS New spring and summer yarns Latest Styles - Classes, Friday, 2:30 p. M. MRS. LESLIE HOOI'tiK 11C9 Chickasawb.i Phone 792 Horningsham Congrcg a 11 o n a 1 Church is the oldest free church was built 3GO years ' • WE HAVE SECUI1ED THE SERVICES OF A,V EXrERIENCED RADIO MECHANIC who will guarantee to rcpah your radio lo Srsl class condition. A Cn:nplele Mnc of Tubes and Part's - - Bart Prlnes Hubbarrl Tire & Hat. Co. Phone 476 BOATS FOR SALE Immediate Delivery Or Built To Order BARKSDALE MFG. CO. 200 N. 2nd. Phone 19 i **—. r JiiJ'j-^-f-^ M^jfLJFn .Mustard or Tuini|i liiiiK'h New (ircoii I'ounil E3RSMJ.ZnSSi5Hi£».i )'u re Cniio 10 Pounds Ooxcn SQUASH Acorn 1,1). 5 l POTATOES Ne\v 1,1). 5^ COCONUT Loose DC AC & CARROTS I GHd No. 2 Can COOKIES D '' C S M ACARONI or SPAGHB'rn. C. C. l»k(r. 5 l ONIONS <Q2Wni Yellow :(l.lis. •ir LETTUCE PUMPKIN C. C. : .'! Cans 25 C 2-CiaJ. Act Can J7v CLOCK BREAD 9 SPAGHETTI M ;rrio c GREEN HKANS Fresh csh 71 C LI). I 2 TOSViATOES' it 12F DC AC iMissCo Eiirly .Ttmc CO r CHO No. 2 Can 0 CAKE 2 Layer 39 ( TFfl Green. Mny Garden -170 ICH i/. j,b. i. kK . II. MATCHES lioxcs 10 COFFEE C. C., LI). .. 27c French, 1,1). . . 2:ic Jewel, Lli. .. 2llc Jewel, 3 Lbs . 5Sc FLOUR Little King 24-1,1). . •18-Lb. iRI Sack . Grapefruit Texas Secdk'Ss ;! for C. C. 21/2 Can I'Yesh I'int Country Club Lgc. 2y t Cnn Pork - Beans Campbell No. 1 Can 2 for 15c SOUP Tomato, liiirbaru CO Ann. Can V CRftCKERS "fc15 c POTTED MEAT 5 FRUIT JUICI1 ««(: 50-Oz. Can LL TOMATO JUICE C. C. EC Can 3 AATC Country Club OC UH Id ,|8 07, ]f)c; 20 ox 0 TALL BOY s !:Sl: 10° SOAP FI ' AK " ;s A *17 C Crape 2-l.b. Jar 27 ( TOMATO TISSUE Clifton Roll FLAKBS C. C. 11C 15-Ox. I'kff. 15 C CIO C. C. Oz. Can ' GLOBES Mirala 15 to liO Wall 15' Round Roast Pound , Select Oysters . . . pt 35c Fresh Jumbo Shrimp Ib 25c Jack Salmon .... Ib 12'c Catfish Steaks . . . ib 27c Red Snapper !b 26c CH Sliced Pig Liver ( f OCTAGON SOAP Larpo ...'..... \Small, •! for .. !)c POWDER ' Large Uic. Small, ,1 for .. DC SODA ^f-^tf VIEAMA SAU % E n 5 C CVDIlp '^ CI > Aft c Olnllr 10-Lli. Pail *S%f New Keg Kraut Ib 7ic eanut Butter ib 12ic Country Pork !ei25c Round Loin C. Q. Grade, Ib. . 38c Med. Grade, Ib. . 25c Thick Rib Pound Full Cream Cheese Pound

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