The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania on May 6, 1921 · 1
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The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania · 1

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1921
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ME en L L. XXX, NO. 18 SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA., FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1921 FIVE CENTS fATER CO. PROPERTY WAS TRANSFERRED t the meeting of the Town ; case. Mr. Saul made it plain that noil, Monday evening, three very I the object of the Manufacturers Com-ortant pieces of business werelmittee was to help the Town Council ight before that bodv and acted! in any way possible to determine and n. The first was the announcement! decide on the best course to pursue. Solicitor Noecker that the Borough, Cressona Wants Fire Plugs nnal y acquired definite and clear; awcal Water Committee also reported having received a communication from the Borough of Cressona, inquiring as to what arrangements for fire plugs could be made. The committee made no propositions as they felt it best to wait until thai Borough had acquired title and were in control of the Water Dept. The Committee v:is directed by Council to procure prices on the furnishing of water plugs for the Borough of Cressona. Paving Ordinances A special paving ordinance embodying an agreement was submitted by the State Highway Department cov- k Water Co. a proposition for cring tne (.enter Avenue p, upoa.tiuu. purchase of Tumbling Run Water., This ordinance was passed on first proposition together with the , reading. 1 he rules were suspended - propositions for increasing the1 and the same passed second reading er supplv for this Boiough, as pre-! A copy was sent by registered ma. .ed by the engineering firm some-; to the S ate Highway Dept. Bids foi ....... ,.V ,i;, ,. v, f,.-st : t he navme will be received by the Ui;U, UL- Ill.lUC puum. ii w.. ...... . I-...-. TT.,.. 1 Ci4 U the otaie miia., i.i".y j....,. to the property of the Schuvlkill en Gas & Water Co. That the isaciion or transfer was affected Saturday. That the bonds were ased and the deeds surrendered recorded and the mortgages can-In addition a bill of, $231 inst the Water Company for thaw-open frozen pipes was collected & check turned over to the Electric ht Department. he report of the Solicitor was reed in silence and without comment it soever. However, later in the the Water Committee report- having obtained trom tne Oliver ORWIGSBURG TO HAVE A $10,000 FIRE TRUCK The Orwigsburg Fire Department is now modernizing its equipment. An American-LaFrance Pumper and Hose Track has been ordered and -will be delivered in about five or six weeks. The cost of same is $9,800. The truck will be a 105 H. P. and carries 1200 feet of fire hose. The company is also having the chemical motorized. After this is received our boys will be able to take good care of the town and vicinity in the event of a fire. Too much praise cannot De given me rue company nv,.pns ,;. -, -(-,, n F.nmnrers. MAY DAY BRIDES AND GROOMS "TAPS" BLOW F0RSCH00L BOARD WEDDED ON THURSDAY MORN'G Miss Laura K. Hemingway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Levi Hemingway of Columbia street, and Rosser B. Thomas, son of .Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Thomas of Stanton street, were united m wedlock on Thursday morn ing at 7.30 o'clock ANOTHER CIVIL WAR VETERAN PROCEEDINGS Moses Evely, one of this town's best-known aged residents, died at his home on William street at 2.30 The cpvemnnv ! 0 clock, Thursday morning. He had -r . . Knnn Ann.-.,w kj M. E. Church of town, and the groom is an ex-service man, having served for improving this department Some few years ago we boasted of a hand piimper built in 180!) later on an old second-hand steamer was added and in 1912 a six-cylinder Howe Gasoline Pumper (hand or horse diawn) was purchased, and in 1913 a chemical truck, also hand or horse diawn. Now that a LaFrance is ordered a special drive for funds is necessary and will be made from Mon- Ulay, May 9th to Saturday, May 14th inclusive. Kcmemoer 5iu,uw must ue raised and if ths people of town and vicinity conuibute to the company now as they have done in the past, it will be very easy to get the amount. It is for the protection of each one in this section that the improvement is being made and if it were was performed at the bride's home Deen c"n".e" Dea or rne Past iour by the Rev. Paul carton, and was wit- weeKS, naming oeen taKen m on a cun-nessed by the immediate relatives and I day- Hl? Ktr.on constitution was the friends of the couple. The bride wasi means 01 Prolonging his life fully two attired in a blue traveling suit with;01' mie w'ks- He passed away fully hat to match. Thev were unattended, conscious but unable to ever, whisper The l.virie is the m-.mst in the First a laiewell to his family. He was in wife, three children. Mrs. Wm. Sch-weiiK Mrs. ,1. Kantner and Elmer Evely, ali of town. Also ton grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Ills funeral will take place on Monday afternoon with services at his home at 1.30 o'clock and in the U. B. Church shortly thereafter. In the passing of Mr. Evely, Schuylkill Haven loses one of its esteemed inenis ami one oi its lew remaining Following the ceremony a wedding; breakfast was served. The newly weds j left on the 8.-12 to spend their 'honey-1 moon in Koine, iN. i ., and -Niagara WEDDED IX ST. AMBROSE CHURCH Miss Marie Garner, daughter of Mr, anil Mrs. John Lamer of I ressona, ; Civil War ole.rans. The decea.ed became the bride of John Grace of was born in this town and spent his roitsvine on Wednesday morning at; entire lite Here. For years he iol-9.30 o'clock. The couple were mar-1 lowed the occupation of a boatbuilder ried in St. Ambrose Church with a 'and latei worked at the Car Shons. At the meeting of the School Board Monday evening it was decided to close the schools for Memorial Day. The teachers will be requested to participate in the ceremonies of the day. Miss Heine was elected as the teacher for the continuation school at a salary of $60 per month for the bal THE COST OF INCREASING OUR WATER SUPPLY "The Call" publishes this week, i-c. the benefit of the tax payers of the borough of Schuylkill Haven espec-iallv. a brief snmmnrv nf tl.. m .A . ance of the term. This school is in j tions for the furnishing of more watt XT a . , T' UJ-v'for this and the Cressona Bo aid bv Rev. D. S. Coon. V elsewhere m this issue oi ine, "'"," Vi.- . ),.., Vi,.H fir insurance would i il... w,o-hwn7 llent. mul the d committee in supple-' , t I oport state.1 the time; "'. K., , m-A too short since Saturday toi that tu.;. The rawnt assessed mittee to make any recommemla-i , . . 7 R,.n,rn is. si.389.027: "his special rting t'nU : to the Council sue to provide a larger er. Met With :is to wnat pian to . . , . jnutHll nf t.he borouerh. !sifi.S00: tax rate ll'i mills. Im- provement to be financed by tempor- Manufacturers ; ary loan and assessing of two-thirds U C.,..;..l Vtr Pntrimittee. to- I UP" "J""""H K'"F"-. ,er with' the Solicitor and Sunt, owners. Ion held an informal meeting withj Cost Will be $06,000 manufacturers at which time the; The length of road to be paved the erent phases of the water ques-j entire width is 2748.7 feet. Con-were discussed in an informal j ruction to be of bituminous suif ace mer. Several members of the i on a concrete base and bituminous ;ial committee from the Manufac- macadam on a telford or broken stone rs' Asso. were present. They base. Estimated cost $55,997.10. The e'inyited to express themselves, state is to pay tne entire cost and ex-Sau? speaking for the Committee, pPI1se of 1R feet of the street's width ed they- could not offer any sug-,and pay all survey, engineering and ;ions as they were not acquamtea .inspection expenses. i xne propuim-iviiit w (Continued on Page Four) iMMENCEMENT tVEEK PROGRAM YOUARETOCLEAN UP NEXT WEEK fost considera ) v more. to no iiol stand and argue with the collectors who call on you next week, but subscribe liberally, as you are one, as well as vour neighbor, to be benefited by it. the wise are those who provide for the future let us be wise. Mrs. George C. Diefenderfer was can fined to the house by illness for more than a week. Rev. V. .1. Masser will deliver a special sermon in St. Paul s Lutheran r.hnrch. on Sunday evening, May Sth, :,t 7 IS oVlock to the members of Grace Lodge, No. 157, I. O. O. F. Frank Haeseler and son. of Potts-ville, visited the former's father, rvnrlp H. Haeseler. who is ill. on Sunday. ' ' Ki:a-nhuth left on Friday nf "last uippIi for Chicaeo. 111. A tele gram from her son, Floyd, announced tho illness of his wife, who was for merly Miss Mame Hillbish, of our town. gornto Mr. and Mrs. George Foose, a daughter, on April 27th. Miss Gertrude Deibert, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Edward Deibert, enter tained the H. G. L Club at her North 4C"ontinutn on racr .-"') nuptial ma alian. The bride was attired in a white satin gown and wreath and veil and carried bridal roses. The brides- rn'ii.l Vullin r..iv.i- n oistov nf Hi,. not for bride, wore a orchid satin and geor- gettte dress ', ;h hat to match and carried sweet peas. Francis Grace, a brother of the groom was best man. A wedding breakfast was served at the bride's home to immediate relatives and friends. The couple left in the afternoon for Atlantic City, where they will spend a week. They will then go to housekeeping in their recently purchased home on Greenwood HillPottsville. j he schedule of events for the An-J Next week will be Clean-Up Week. 1 Commencement Week of the , The Board of Health and the Town jylkill Haven H gh School are be-1 council are cooperaung vo inunc uncompleted. .,J?'ent a 5ucoetsj . H1 year butTcln-c eral will i dav was devoted to this purpose. Th he annual base ball game between 'year the entire week. Monday, May Iliirli S.-hnol team and the Alumnrsitn to tne in nas oeen sei a.-wue. n. rioroa is manager miu ii,i, There has been no definite or lie High School team and R. Mill ! schedule 1 program arranged or sug-Lewis Goas have charge of the j Rested. The Board of Health expects mm team The High School team i every ov tins time to miuiv notified the Alumni team to have exactly what is expected of every adding machine on the grounds to, resident m the way of cleaning up 1 tallv of the runs the High School in and about the, the yards, at-will put over. leys and vacant lots. Every resident he second event will be the Hacca-, must provide for the disposal of all e-ite sermon to he given Sunday i rubbish and accumulation of litter li'n"- Mav 29th. The Class at this found on his premises. The best way ine'h-id'not definitely decided on is to make arrangements early with nroer'im 1 0,10 ,ne ,ocal draymen or teamsters uesd'iv evl ;"g Mav 31st, the Ora- who for a nominal sum will arrange al contest will be hell in the High , to call and haul to the dumping ground ool auditorium. Following this the accumulation of rubbish, ot the lumni will hold its an-i Of course there are a number of 1 meeting. ! unsightly spots about the town for 'ednesdav evening the annual Class1 whose appearance no one seems to be ht exercises will be held, mere responsioie. uia tree nmDs, jmi be eighteen graduates this year, boilers, ashes, tin cans, papers, car-of the largest classes, excepting pets, boxes and barrels simply grew vear for several years. In 1914 there since the last Clean-Up Day. class' numbered 13; in 1915, 14; These particular spots will be cleaned qui ll- no class in 1917; 1918, j up by the borough highway dept. Pri-1919 17' and in 1920, 22. ! vate lots and yards as well as the al- lursdav ' evening, June 2nd the leys to the rear of the properties must lmcncement exercises will be held, j be cleaned up by the residents. Commencement Day speakers or As an entire week is being set apart ir students win uui w 1 , 1 Mav 16th on which day the non-will be given. The final exa.nina-s for the Seniors will be held fhe ing week. n Friday evening, June 3, ..the mni will hold the annual event. 1 year the same will be held 111 the Mall. It will consist of a Pj.,1 Whiteman and his Orchestra have made a special record for the Victor for Mav. 'Underneath Hawaiian Skies" and ""Sippy Shore." You'll want it when once you hear how Whiteman and his bunch play it. It E. T. E1I.ER. SPECIAL FOR SEVEN DAYS Our pure cream caramels in eight different kinds at 49c a pound, fp-lt SCH. HAVEN CANDY KITCHEN WERE WEDDED, SATURDAY EVENING Miss Iiura, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Freeman of Center Avenue was wedded to Warren Kramer of Long Run on Saturday evening. The Rev. H. Jerome Leinbach performed the ceremony at the parsonage at eight o'clock. The groom is employed at the Ebling Garage. ii h J '0i asms w'! 1 MAY PARTY TONIGHT The Mite Society of the St. John's Reformed Church will hold a May Party in the Keystone Hall this evening. A program consisting of interesting numbers will be given. Games will also be indulged in and the entire affair promises to be an enjoyable one. Of course there will be refreshments served. sent a very much improved appearance by this time next week. ;TO A LI, EMPLOYERS OF LABOR I Wish to announce I can furnish you I with Compensation Insurance and save vou 20 per cent on your rate, 'rem n DPrn cK u.,vftn Mllit; ... -n v 1 rum' av,-., . part minstrel show which will be ; aprl5.fp.4t. icinated'in by some thirty mem-j " Pa. -"'1'"'"" -nr..Hn- V-r , of tne Aiuiiiiiu """'..""r" be the Interlocutor. Following minstrel ihow, luncneon will be ed and dylicing indulged in. if YOUR BATTERY s attention we can repair or re-e it Special equipment for this ire. "E. R. BITTLER. 109 West n St., Sch. Haven. apr.22-tf-fp ")R SALE A double stone dwell- j on west .iin ?"cv, " r ling and a double dwelling with eniences a Canal street. Reas-L nrice aprl-tf-fp J'e FRED B. REED. Agt. WANTED Icer. Good wages. Steady employment. Alberta Knitting Mills, apr'il 22-fp-tf BATTERIES RECHARGED Automobile batteries repaired and recharged. All makes. Free inspection. E. R. Bittler, 109 West Main St, Sch. Haven, apr.22-fp-tf BROUGHT TO TOWN BY THE STORK To the home of Mr. and Mrs. Parris Lazos, of Main street, a boy; to tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Maberry of Columbia street, a boy; to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Koch of Columbia street, a girl. To the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Savior of Union street, a babv girl; to the home of Capt. and Mrs. Frank Mellon of Camp Sherman, Ohio, a girl; to Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson of Center Avenue, a boy. The mother was Miss Edna Bubeck; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reed of Garfield Ave., a boy; at the horrie of Mr. and Mrs. James Yeich of Cen ter Ave., a bov; to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burkert of Paxson Ave., a girl. The mother was Miss Mae Hummel. 3 An order was drawn for Mrs. Norman Neuin for $48.00 for 16 days as teacher for this school. R. W. Ziegenfus was appointed as school census enumerator at the same salary as last year. Miss Tillie Meyer made application for the position of supt. or instructress of the school playground. The Board stated it was entirely too soon to make any appointments of this kind as the school playground proposition is not sufficiently advanced. Mr. Stauffer was instructed to have Mr. Wm. Luckenbill proceed to grade and prepare the plot of ground at the rear oi the school building for the school playground. Miss Frances Eberwine was recommended for a Normal diploma. Miss Eberwine taught here last year. Miss Bausum asked for an increase in salary. She was recommended for a coll ege permanent certificate. All of the present corps of school teachers have made application for schools next year excepting one of them. The Superintendent's report was as follows: gross number enrolled for term, 514 males, 534 females, total 1048; pupils enrolled in March, 505 males. 512 females, total 1017; number of pupils attending in term, 462 males, 482 females, total 944; number of pupils attending in March 444 males. 456 females, total 902; percentage of attendance in term 90 males, j 94 females, total 92r-; percentage of attendance for March, 90 males, 90 roudh. together with the estimated costs as submitted by the engineering firm several months ago. These figures were kept secret until, all information t, the subject was available. In order to procure and provide for a large supply of water the borough' will be required to go to a considerabit? expense regardless of which proposition is chosen. It is proposed to have a special meeting of the Town Council at some future date at which time these matters will be discussed fuiiy. It is likely the general public wiii be invited to be present and an expression and opinion given on w'at is the best course to nursue. Chairman Peele of the Special Water Committee at the Council meeting. Monday evening stated that the action to be in open session. That nothing is to be done behind closed doers or :r, se?ret session. He stated he expecti his committee after going over all thr propositions would have a recommendation to make to the Council nr-r shortly. The consumption of a total of 71 7 population, Cressona and Schuylki" Haven, per day is 358.000 gaisens. Rasing the previous increase in population of the two towns on their growth in previous years, in 19;10 t;-.e daily consumption "would be 42O.O(-0 gallon. In 1940, 485,000 gal.; 515.000 gallons. A serious fire would develop ursrenr neea tor i nee.l Tor n rnr fit MniDmntiAT, r-- fomrles. total 90. Tardy marks in; i-imr,;, ,m t , m,L.i, , t nnr, March 125 males, 44 females, total ; 000 gallons per day 169, total number of sessions pupils The only streams available for a-; abser 4156. total number of days I additional water supply within a rea,-pupils absent 20,8. Total number of, enable distance are tbe Nosedale Run absences per day 104 Tumbling Run and Borgenbach Run. ' I he treasurer s report showed a bal- i in addition to these new sources tr.e ?n0$95 u012-te. penralJfunTdandiPanther Ck Dam could be increas-$3902.25 in the Smkinjr Fund. In or-: ed jn sjze der to meet the bills of the evening a The ShaD'nel Stream Pronosition TWELVE CASES OF MEASLES During the week there were 12 new-cases of measles reported. Last week there were 19 new cases, there was comes our saa duty, also one diphtheria case reported this I Mr. Evely was a kind week. 1 he homes quarantined for , and pleasant old gent. He was one of the many who at the outbreak of the Civil War volunteered his services to his country. He served two enlistments. He was a I member of the 116th P. V. V. Infantry. He participated in the decisive engagements of the war and was several times wounded, once at Gettysburg, at Spottsylvania and at Cold Harbor. In the last named engagement his two brothers in the same company were also wounded, one so badly that he died on the battlefield. He was a member of the local G. A. R. and one of those whose familiar figure will be missed on Memorial Day, he during his life having always participated in these exercises and made it a point to attend the funerals of his comrades as they passed one after the other. He frequently remarked to the writer, following the death of one of his comrades, that it would soon come his turn to receive an obituary notice. It is here and it is with a deep and sincere regret that this be- ! loan of $2800 had to be made. The tux collector reported collections, $893.72; penalties on the same, $44.69. Total $938.41. These bills were ordered paid: teach considerate Despite hi A large ,dam coukt be built on the Nosedale plot at an elevation of fcOO feet. Measurements on this stream during the summer and fall of 1902. indicated a minimum flow of 150.000 nci ers salaries, ijuoo.ou: janitors sai-i crsllnn a a .o;,- ;,,.uj aries $220; coal, E H Borda, $37 00; ! readings taken daily corinTa per- "' lon oi . montns in 19ZO showed a min-Norman Neuin, clock repairs, $2.00; i jmum flow of 120,000 gallons per dav suPPlies. $311-74- ! It would be impossible to erect a "My Mammv" and "Humming," Vic- 3?"lr ho'tin more than 7.000,000 tor Records are. still going strong. We StL1' ILTt,.frt,S.a,n s0 that th!S r-ATt snm.1v vn . ! stream used by itself or in eonnectoc can supplj you. EILER. I wi?h the ent Panther Creek reser- . v. nvum jii.u w j.umcient to suplKV POLICE OFFICER GIVEN A COLORED EYE (Continufd on Iage Three) Hear "Why Don't You" and "Sirei C O A 1 ri . t m For the first time in years of ser- i ""..TV A.W dar''e per lohn Rut i I""; o cue .-vil oiar 1 no cer, jonn rsut:, nn tt vtr u.,i vice as a police otlice on Saturday was given a badly colored eye as the result of a severe bruise on the left side of his head above the eye. It was inflicted by one Mrs. Mease, of Berne street. Officer Butz had call ed at the home to serve a truancy no on the Victor Mav Records. E. T. EILER. MOTHERS' DAY Sunday, May 8. We have blooming plants, baskets of plants and ferns. ti nr, the womnn nn awrnrat nf Upr blooming ijeraniums, tansies. &c. son not attending- school. In leavimri.. A S00(1 assortment of Cut Flowers. the premises and with his back turn- i Ro.s, es. Carnations, Daisies, &c. Box - ed on the house, Mrs. Mease is al- j assorted flowers for mothers will be measles were: Wm. Schweigert. Ralph age he never seemed to be satisfied !eed to have picked up a piece of verv satisfactory purchase. Dunkin, John Reichert, W m. Zweizig, unless moving about, tie was a great an(j struc' the officer a smart' 1 lease o Fred Hess, Isaac Huy, Fred Baum, Oliver Moyer, Joseph Hartranft, Hiley Mease, Harry Sattizahn. Albert Koch. Diphtheria, Francis Boltzer. SOME OF THE NEW THINGS AT C. BOWMAN'S A big line of ball bearing umbrellas i for men and women. Ladies' Silk Umbrellas, a variety of j colors, good quality at moderate P1 ice.s. . mem her anH remilar attendant. quality wnite gaDartune ana ' r tho weather and SILK DRESSES AT $14.9. Taffeta, crepe de chine, canton crepe at $14.95. apr.l5-fp-tf FELIX DEPT. STORE. MANY TICKETS REPORTED SOLD Many tickets are reported to have been sold for The Country Cousin, which will be presented in the High School auditorium this coming Monday evening by Miss Sage, a reader and entertainer. In addition there will be a program of music by a violin ensemble of Pottsville consisting of Mrs. wm. Kienzle, Mrs. Kaymona C. Walker. Miss Jeanette R. Reese, F.xtra wash satin for sport skirts Cxquisit'e shirt waists in georgette, crepe de chine and voiles. Twelve yards 4-4 unbleached muslin $1.00. Five yards unbleached twill .rash 45c. Just arrived. A big line of Lancaster apron ginghams. We have the famous W. B. Corset and a good Brassiere. Ask to see it apr.22-fp-lt pedestrian and enjoyed his frequent walks m this section to the fullest extent. He took delight in doing errands or acts of kindness for his neighbors. lo hundreds ot person thru his gift as a "pow-wow"' doctor he brought relief for various ailments, very often after efforts of physicians had failed. He was glad to walk long distances that he might help some one in pain or distress. As a member of the U. B. Church he was an active when- his health per- TAX NOTICE All im nn in1 rvi - j v tint paid their 1920 taxes, will please do j Miss Emily E. Filbert, violins and Miss so by April 30th, 1921. Women's tax 22 cents. Office will be open Apr. 30, from 4 to 8 p. m. apr.22-tf-fp F. K. SHERER, Tax Collector" SUIT SALE A wonderful reduction on every suit in our store, $9.95 up. apr8-tf-fp FELIX DEPT. STORE. CUS I" TOWN ON MAY .! Rms. Famous Show will 18th rr i.....!t;Tl IT nn W,lnM. in ociii'.""" Mav lS'Jh. This show carries Schi'V'" fS'Jh. i 1 ..nrmvi'a nf Wild tmiTI- e a niello. --- nimals in addition to its numer- troupes of acrobats, gymnasts ,rtionisits and clowns. Free out- exhibitions will be given prior to main performances which begin and 8 o'clock. AFTER IIOUSECLEANING ilown a new rug or linoleum. You find our prices are very moderate, just received a new stock of rugs linoleums and invite you to see , ut our store. 1 CLINTON CONFEHR INSURANCE AT REDUCED RATES Insurance on dwellings and furniture at fifteen per cent less than the regular rates. Applicable in Schuyl lull Haven, Orwigrsburg, Auburn. apr.8-fp-tf FRED B. REED. Sch. Haven Helen Schimpf, accompanist. A piano solo will also be given by Miss Mary The instrumental numbers will be Operatic Airs, Weber, Violin Ensemble; violin duet, Gounod, Mrs. Kienzle, Miss Filbert; soprano solo, By the Waters of Minnetonka, Lieurance, Miss Reese; Hochzoitmarsch, Mendelssohn, Violin Ensemble. The chart for the reserved seats will open on Saturday morning: at the Bensinger Drug Store at nine. Trnp S4I.F Half ton Ford truck. ressona andif-n-j nHihion. Will demonstrate anv place. A. J. Moore, 101 Canal ht., Schuylkill Haven. apr.29-tf-fp ENTERTAIN ED AT 500 AND SAUER KRAUT DINNER STONES FOR SALE For Cistern and Concrete Work. Mr. and Mrs. Preston Souder pleas- HARRY V LOY . Bell Phone 67-J, 2d re YV" Car in a fire-proof, n heattd. roo'.ny garage. Reas- Ip ratesl Geo. A. Berger & Son antly entertained a number of friends at five hundred Saturday evening. A sumptuous sauer kraut dinner was later served. The winners of the prizes were: first nonors. Miss Olwell and Mr. Gordon Nagle; second, Mrs. L. A. Reinhart and J. Harry Filbert; Third, Mr. and Mrs. Stanton. Those present were: Dr. and Mrs. G. 0. O. Santee, Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Lenker, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Nagle, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Reinhart, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ginder, Isabelle Stanton. Gussie Olwell, J. Harry Filbert, Muriel Souder, Genevieve Souder. Floor 39 Main St. Girls Wanted. War scale of wages still effective. 1 feb.ll-tf EDWARD SHARAD1N, K. MILLS RED CROSS TO MEET TUESDAY EVENING The Red Cross Society will hold a regular meeting the coming luesrfay evening- in the Leg-ion rooms at 7.45 oclock. All the members are urged to attend. mi t ted. BATTERY SERVICE Specially equipped to repair and recharge your auto battery. E. R. BITTLER, 109 West Main St.. apr.22-tf-fp Sch. Haven. Pa. SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Men's Dress and WTorking Trouser: at $1.79, $1.98 and $2.49. worth double the money. lt-fp HAKK 1 COOFLK Ladies' and Men's Outfitter RETURNED FROM U. S. ARTILLERY Howard Wertz this week returned from Camp Jackson, S. C, where he served 8 months in Battery B, 44th Artillery, C. A. C. He received his honorable discharge from three-year enlistment the forepart of the week. TO INSTITUTE LODGE, SAT. AFTERNOON The lodge of Daughters of Rebekah will be instituted here on Saturday, May 7th at which time there will be present grand officers from Philadelphia and Tamaqua to" administer the oaths, etc. The session will be held from two o'clock in the afternoon. There will also be an evening session. Everyone of the fifty charter members is required to be in attendance. There are some thirty additional associate members at this time and this number will be considerably increased shortly. I WANTED A Girl to assist in housework. Mrs. Evan L. Thomas, 83 St. John Street, Sch. Haven, Pa. I apr.9-tf-fp MAY RECORDS Full new list of Columbia and Vo cation records, including special release, "It's All Over Now." ai.r.2ft-tf-fp FELIX DEPT. STORE. SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY At our clothing department. $29.50 Mens Conservative Suits at $17.50 Another special, $32.50 Young Men's double-breasted model of good all-wool worsted material, brown and navv at $22.50. f'p-lt HARRY COOPER PLENTY OF WATER IN WATER DAM A visit to the water dam, Monday of this week, showed that the Panther Creek Dam. was not only filled Co capacity but overflowing. The overflow amounts to about 500,000 gallons per day. 'As the average quantity of water consumed per day just now is about 200,000 gallons it will be noted that there is going to waste at this time two and one half times as much water as is being consumed. NOTICE On ami after May 2 this store will close at 7 o'clock p. m., excepting Saturdays. fptf-apr.29 J. M. SAUSSER & SON. CHANGES AT THE COAL WASHERY Considerable changes in the operation of the Sirroco Coal Wash cry along the Schuylkill River have been made recently. The new system and method of taking coal from the river bed was put into operation this week. The coal instead of being washed on board the washery located in the river, and then placed on a scow and pulled to the shore, as heretofore, will be forced thru pipe lines from the washery to land. Here it will be washed and separated into different sizes. The water and coal dirt will continue thru sluices to the river bed again at a point below when it was taken from the river bed. blow. The physician who has been dressing the wound stated during the, week that the bone was bruised. Thej injury is more severe thaji it was at first thought to have been. A previous attempt to beat the officer with a broom on this same occasion was frustrated by him. A charge of assault and battery and interference with an officer was brought against the woman. At the hearing Monday afternoon she was held under SM0 bail for appearance, A Dn: ....... Anl ill V -OU1 U J.1,1 rt.. 1U, .T. the case is a commonwealth case the interests of Mr. Butz will be looked after by the District Attorney. It is understood efforts this week were made to settle the case but it is not expected Mr. Butz the prosecu tor will agree to this. The case was presented to the Grand Jury, Wednesday of this week and a true hill returned against Mrs. Mease. The case will come up for trial at the June term of court order early. lt- W. GUY PAYNE, Pottsville, Pa. BOSTON BAGS Cowhide leather, brown, russet arsa black $3.00 and $5.00. H. R. Knapr. Pottsville, Pa. fp-it Just received some pretty Black Lace and Satin Combination Dresses, very pretty for dancing or stie: wear. it-f;. HARRY COOPER Ladies' & Men's Outfitter Special Boys' Suits $12.00 value at $7.49. Special Bovs' Suits $li.m value at $9.75. fp-lt HARRY COOPER Ladies' & Men's Outfitter DEATH OF FORMER RESIDENT William R. Mannon of Reading, a former resident of Schuylkill Haven died Sunday at his home following a two weeks' illness with pneumonia. While visiting in Sch. Haven several weeks ago he contracted a cold which developed into the disease which caused his death. Mr. Mannon was born and spent his early life here, and wi'.l be remembered by many of the old; residents. He is survived by two sisters Miss Rebecca Mannon of Reading and Mrs. M. J. Johnson of Cleveland, O. Miss Elizabeth Keihner, ci Reading, an aunt, well - known in town also survives. SUIT AND WRAP SALE We lead them all. Special Wool Jersey Suit at $9.95. Every suit and wrap reduced. apr.l5-fp-tf FELIX DEPT. STORE. SEE THE DISPLAY of Electric Washers and Sweepers at the American Legion Home Basement, j lt-fp JOHN Cj. DKWALD. MALT AS CHANGE THEIR MEETING NIGHT Commencing last evening. the Knights of Malta, of town, will hold their regular convocations on Thurs day evenings instead of Friday, as heretofore. A large number of members were, in attendance last even-i n g. Of special interest to the members will be the meeting on Thursday evening. May 12th. The Malta Iegree will be conferred on a class of novices. A social hour will follow the session. A new lot of Georgette Crepe Waists special at $3.98. Regular value $5 and $6.00. lt-fp HARRY COOPER Ladies' & Men's Outfitter "Angels, (We call them mothers down here,)" "Over the hills to the Poor House" an-i "Mother of Pearl" and "Rose I call Sweetheart" are tie Victor Song numbers for May. They're great. Come in and hear them, lt-fp E. T. EILER. HOUSE DRESS SALE The famous Electric house dress and apron specially priced, 98c to $12.50. apr.29-tf-fp FELIX DEPT. STORE. MANY WILL ATTEND DANCE Tuesday evening the S. S. S. Cltii of town will entertain at a May Party-Dance to, be given in the Bittle Hall It is understood quite a number -of persons will be in attendance. Dancing will be by program from 9 to 1 o'clock. A lot of Sport Coats, values were up to $15.00 at $5.75. Wraps at $13.75 and $19.75. lt-fp HARRY COOPER Ladies' & Men's Outfitter WILL EMBARK IN ELECTRICAL BUSINESS William Morris of St. John street, will, within a week, embark hi tit-electrical contracting business for hirr-self. Mr. Morrises well-known jn town and his ability as an electrician has been proven from time to time. He has been engaged in the electrica) work for about sixteen years, boiTir-employed by Thomas; Meek, Ritpr-Deibert and recently by Hugh Cox . For the time being, Mr. Morm wi't have temporary headquarters in the Ray Reed tin shop to the rear of Maiii, 1

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