The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1932
Page 5
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^MONDAY,' SEPTEMBER 19, 1032 CLASSIFIED ADS Two ceou i wort tor IrmrtlQB tat CM ecel • cot No Ouont <n4 tb* (Mb. Ont for MM ' FOR SALE FOR SALE—15 milcli cows and • hellers. StanUin A. Pepper, Huff- nun, Ark. 13P-K25 FOR SALE—SAVE on Goodyear Tires and Tubes, aulo accessories, new and rebuilt balterlw, Mc- torine Oil, lie quart. Wolf ArUm, Phone 116. 16ck-Ocl. lu FIRST CLASS waterproof covers for trucks and wagons. Carnej Awning company, Phono 643. 17p-kOtt 17 FOR SALE OR TRADB-Lnpton i (ASK.)' COURIER NEWS •ECUt HEHB TpDAT ' • tack. Phone . •'» «»«l «•» «t- intfrr.u, <*«*• AtPCR DKI.O I. kit •«» <» Ike e«y, Awn to .•eenM< kylk* eilll* •» M ta- *rl •«!•«.. ihthr ru«c wllk kte • taker titiliw. nan •««»*• Dtl« •r emk<4 w.rk at kta Tkt« •tret* «••«, H* atnan Del* •* •*«•« Mm •»•( wk* fry t«» <kwk i» » klv. Ball MM fee la *•*»« •» !• Hake a tW«k klM- •tlf. IM> matla ikal' kf will »«M»U7 an ikal Ball ax* aat. SlaXlM fc»f.rc |k« aB«< kllll- ••« 9i» «>n ,tt, kltaaatn illp « (Irl lato a o«r. He raletn Ike ear ••• u»r< IIOVA UKLO, A.- »«r-. 4<ac*<rr, Wkra kc (*•»»• wka alu to kr allpa away afltr «m«« krt k* U ITAKIET DL ACIC, DUDLCI Wl.VTERf, la Hit wllk ptii, acma la net A»»«r I>»lo tack .« kla 1*114 Iri* lo T«tf« Hlrrra H ake will m*m klio. Sa< dTea kla> a«a» c»- vevrnKeainil. "o«« (Ma nllk DMIr;. TktT all A at 6ETI1 DOUY'S pU». l>«l>r t aay» il *• ', bins, shelving and tire j A*HT »»• *r fm thm tit tki e 202-W. 19p-k 10-191 "•ilff*" _'"• *""«• . FOR FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 103 West Kentucky, Phcrre 683. 16C-K-TF FURNISHED house, five rooms, bath, garage, servant house 1306 Chlckasawba. Call 83 or 280. lOeklO I9c-kl0-19 WANTED WANTED TO BUY-A good plug mute. Must be cheap. J. G, Richardson, Route 3, Box 85. 16p-k20 WANTED—Junk of all kinds, hides, iron, copper, brass, aluminum and lead. Wolf Arian. Phone 170. 16ck-Oct. 10 FOR KENT—Small furnished house 110 South 18th street. 11c-k22 WANTED: M a.n or w o liiTn Pleasant, dignified, permanent employment. You need a sood personality, fair education and a disposition to work. Inquire at 117 South Broadway. lO-p-fc-22 WANTED— Steady, reliable man to take and deliver orders in Biy- theville. Earnings average $25 weekly to start: Training given. Write J. R. Wstlcins Company. 70-6S W. Iowa 'Aw.,' Memphis. Tcnn. 19pk20 SALESMEN-OA-n a candy distributing business, in Blytheville. 300 varieties, with your name on labels, tetterhfids. etc. Free advertising. new. idea; employ others, profits unlimited. J25.W required. Barnhart's Candies, Toledo, Ohio. 19pk20 WANTED, to buy for cash—second hand piano, player or upright. X- Courier, 19p-k26. LOST AND FOR RENT — Unfurnished apart- j -ment, Ingram Apartment. In- 1 quire Parkhiirst Co. I3C-K19 LOST: White English Bull pup. black on ears, cut "tail and ears. Reward. N. B. Menard jr. lOOa W. Ash. 19-p-k-22 PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING —Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks, Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, Blytheville. 5C-KTF RESTAURANTS Visit Gco. Wright's Wall Street in Greyhound j 9-15 ck 10-15 I Lunch, located Bus Station. ,. »«u • plat i« D«»«. She )• to MMIT7 klM al D«by'« pluee. Aiitrr cn> k>Nlr (• o« ivlik • numkant ftttr tkMr clr. ramil»»»». Urlirlorlr. Dim* Hirer*. IXdlrir k» • lltciM. ok. tnlnr* Ike ulckl kelorr. Wklle *r 1« jtetltlaK m «•• (« Marry Iktin sr» Hull, wk« U M kb> WOT r« Three KlTcn, aim ••* or the night n«d ktMeft D*M. KOW CO O.V WITH THE CHAPTER V t^TAN BALI, strode through tbo night, avoiding tho roadway and nerer leaking back. He crossed «n open streteb of parched, yellow "dobey" 'aid c»ma to tie. corrals at the back jt Still's cUce. With an tasy lift of bis lithe bod? ha vault *d over the top pole and whistled •only. Aa eager nicker welcomed him and a moment later a black maro gild out ol tbo gloom. She W13 saddled aud tier britlle reins dragged on the ground. Slan caugh' up the reins and leaped Into the saddle. Tbo course he took aivay from Setli's hotel svas not by tlie main road but through tbe bills without trail or marker except the itars, shining palely In the. wLite moonlight. Ha put the mare to a brisk race anil pushed on toward the rough mountains. His tall form seemed a part of tbo horse 33 they swung along. Stan Ball was In a hard mood and be kept Ills lips grimly closed. Back In Seth boby's garden three people were standing iu a patch of white, light Dudley was talking eagerly. "You can't back out now, D!" ne rjleaded. "I bave Rev. Dean here to perform the ceremony." ''I Just can't do it, Quit," Dona almost wailed. She was seeing ber father as sho spoke but something 1 stronger tban her desire to save him beld ber back. "Here's yer Bve bucks, stranger. The lady baa the say." Sana Dean held out a crisp bill. Dudley pushed the money back and faced Dona again. "We hafe already made out tlic marriage certificate anil signed It and you are really married ctcept for saying tbe ceremony," Dudley *as desperate. He held out a folded paper toward her. Mechanically Dona tooJt It "It Just would not be right, feeling as I do," flie persisted. "Wbat happened while, I was gone?'' Dudley demanded with sudden suspicion. "Nothing. I Just got to think- Stan caugM up We reins and leafed Into the faJdtt. It wo bavs to use It I'll promise Hevereod Dean that III coao back and let htm marry ua." Donn grasped eagerly at this avenuo ot escape, Dudley did not reply but kicked deep Into the turf. "In tbat caw I'll keep the fire and shove along," Sam Dean grunted and walked away. r\ON'A cast a glance alter tba re^ treating form of the old man. Then iha face* Dudlty. "I'm so sorry, Dnd, but ! Just couldn't 50 Can't you bo pa- HOMECRAFT tng." The girl moved back a little as she spoke. "This Is a mess," Dudley's voice sounded as (hough be wanted to swear. "I'll ket» UM «wtiGcato Dud, and See our new attachment for making I Singcrcralt rugs. We leach you.' Singer Sewing Machine Co. 10pkl019 I • ~ I Tulane Gets New Gym r'olk Dancers Presented NEW ORLEANS. (UP)—A new " PHILADELPHIA. (UP)-A series gymnasium is to be built on the of Mexican and Aztec folk dances j Tiilanc University campus. Work were presented in Whiltier Hall, I on the new structure, to co-t three- of tlic Young Friends Society, by quarters of a million dollars, will Concha Michel as part ol their, bcsin soon. It is planned to have understanding international pro-! the building ready for use early gram.- in 1933. through with It tlenl?" "I was trying my btsl to help you," Dudley sulked. Dona could stand tbt strain no longer. With a, liltle cry alic whirled and Bed toward the hotel. Sb« stumbled blindly, down tlio road and ran ap tbe steps ot the ancient hostelry. Sett Doby rose, from a rickety chair tfl greet her but tb* only waved a'band and hurried to her room. The old hotel keeper sat down again, wailed He w.13 troubled and bad long past hl-j bedtime to bare a word with her. He was afraid be bad been abrupt when be bad refused to help her. H» wanted to eiphtn. but ber errdent distress prevented him from calling her from ber room. Knock!us out tbo asbea from his old briar pipe, bo went Inslda and ahuiried to bis room. Dona threw open lie one narrow window tbat lighted and ventilated her room. She sat down beside It aid gaud Into the night Sba bid DO need to light, one of (b» smoty lamps that stood on tto little stand beside the bed. She wanted think and the mellow llglit of toe moon aided her and soothed her. Alter an hour of watching tbe shadows In the yard lengthen a!io realized that she was glad Stanley Black bad coma out of tbo nlgbt and kissed her. Sbe was euro she needed mor B time to decide before marrying Dudley. Her rangy cowboy might rido on and never re- .urn, thinking sho was married, but bo would always bo a very warm memory. Somehow she felt liiat lie would appear again. Sov. oral times cho grasped at tbo Idea of trying to meet him nnd ask him lo help her wilh her father, it be showed himself at Threo Rivers she- resolved to tell him ber :roublc3. Across tho hall 6ho heard the door of Dudley's room scrape shut. She Jelt aorry for him because she felt tnat h» really lovcri Her. Then she spent another half hour wondering If It wag so tad to murry a man you <1ld not love If ho wcro good and would bo true. Finally sliu lr.y dow» on tho bed and closed her eyes. After on hour during which ebo tossed nnd turned sho fell asleep wilbout undr«eing. ^pIIE neit morning Dona nprxsrcd Jor breakfast looking fresh inil attractive but with a do/lflnt light In her eyes. She had made a decision and aha meant to stand by It. Tbe set of uer mouth indicated that Aeper Delo was In tor a real clash of wills. Dudley greeted ber with a grin. He bad made a decision himself. "Sleep soundly, princess?" ho haled Iier cally. "Aa on a bed of down, sir knight,' she answered. They went In to breakfast nnd nothing 'v.ij said about tho affair of the night before. Dudley ato all tbe eggs and bacon ho could boW and would have had more It Dona bad not r topped him. "You have to break In by degrees Bad. This bigh air and the son] give you a terrific appetite but you bave to keep It down for a week or so." "In a week we'll be back on the' sidewalks and can get In out ot the sun," 1m reminded her. "If l bave lo subsist on steak and bacon and eggs I'm going lo do a real Job of it!" But he look her atlviea anil lopped oS with a second CUD of l)ora smiled nrclily. black coffee. "4 wcekr" Tfoit nro BUM of »our»elf bnt foS torget Dud." 'Oil, wo'll Mtllo lliat today," Du* cy assured her. Ho had mnilo up ils mind to handle Asper IWo It 10 had to rope him and itutl lira nto llio ruuibld RC&C, "In that faso wo'il t» tacit In a couplo ol days." "Vou forget that wo bar* agreed upon a honeymoon In iho cow country." Dudley smiled assuredly. ':Wo dld-lf—1" DODJJ met Mi oyea, and her own wore wlilo and 'ieii and told no Mcrclii. Dudley applied himself to big coffee. "Why do folks on rnnchci where tlicrs nr« thousands oT cowi use- canned nillkl" ho grumbled n> h» upon tbe black liquid In his cup. chcra never keep milk cows," Dona explained sweetly. * • • jpi' Hie lobby Solh Baby met them * warmly. Ho nolcd M ouco that Ootn bad inado a decision llmt U her and decided to wait until sho approached him again to- foro ho spoke. It was plain a moment later that eho hud taken him at Ms word nnd would not ask him 'or help. She stepped up to the- old register and laid a 110 bill on It Eclh Doby pushed tho money back-. "Aspcr Delo'a tolka never pay •joiird here, MIsa Donn." Dudley etnrted lo Insist but Dona 'owed tho bill ana returned It to ler liandbng. Sho knew tbe law of (lie west and fta rules of hoBrii- allly. If Beth Doby had not rc- auflcd her l!io nlghl before Bhe ivould not linvo offered to pay. As It was sho knew she would only otfcuil tho old cownmn if she preyed the money on him. ''lllilo- np our wny and stop In wbilo Dad and 1 aro there." slis smiled. Belli looked tit her calmly for a moment. Thou ills watery old eyes twinkled. "May do tbat very thing soon 113 Hie boys kotcli up OH I'rlnco." ho said. Dudley thought ho noted a auecr lomelliliiB In the. way tho man spoke but dismissed it na a quirk of tho westerner, a typo now to tilm. They loaded their bags on (he bad; of tbo roadster, filled tho tank wltli rj.13 ami swung off ti|> tho road which tiad now bccamo little betler than a trail. •Tho miles slid by and neither spoke. Dudley was watcliius tlio sharp curves and tho bottomless canyons tliat dropped sheer below the door of tlio car on bis eldft Ho was not accustomed to such a narrow road or ono Hint skirted such heights. They roared up a etcep hill ami Dona balled the' car. 'Helow them spread two valleys. QUO on each Bide. Dona wared a glorcd band to fho right. "Three Hirers," oho explained, then pointed to the. left "Blind Iliver country." "What a sight!" Dudley breathed amazed at the size and rufgednesa of the wilderness spreading before tlcm. "Timber down there." Dona pointed toward Three Rivers. "And cat- Hb down there," she nodded toward Blind Iliver. "How do they get along together?" Dudley nskcil. more lo keep | her red lips in motion than for any 'information ho expected to get. They don't! Thut seems to ho evident." Dona stepped on Iho starter and (do ro.idelor sming off ,to Iho right, nosing down Into Threo Rivers valley. A ilim trail ingled away to tlio left loivard Ulind River and Dona noted that thero were Iresli borao tracks CD It (To llo Cfliifiewc'd) OUR BOAKD1NG HOUSE PAGE FIVE . HHJE\? A UETrm TPofA I WONDER HOW ?ATcH IN HIS PANTS, IS HOLTJiNG, OUT? "BEAR JUST "R&TURN&D TROM A DAY OF YAvCHTlN6 WITH SIT2 "RoNALD WlNGATi f\ND THE COUNT AND COUNTS? D& HOSrt,\NFAUT>/-~ SO MUCH CWIWa ANTD CHAMPA&rs'G T, rjoM'T HOW I WILL EVER <&ET BACK To HAM-HOCKS AND NOW &OIN6 OUT FOR A f&tJ Or POLO/ SOME t>00> 6 A WRiYB A.'R.pssy -PATBOU WA60N AN 1 MA*E VOU THINK HE WAS SJST TO MAKE THEM ENVIOUS BOOTS ANI) HER HUDIHKS THE END OF THE TRAIL-MAYBE! EMER&tO FROM JUNS6VE u-yro fs \T r fit EVJERYTH^G WASH TUHBS f —* O THE TARLES TURN! COAL IS CASH is handled on a small margin of profit. It is for the (test interests of all concerned that we conduct our coal business on a cash basis. 'Therefore, from the date of this notice our. : Terms On Coal Are Cash GAY iBjLLINGS, INC. SUPERIOR COAL COMPANY E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. WONDER CITY COAL COMPANY TRANTHAM COAL COMPANY BUCHANAN COAL COMPANY E. J.BROWNE CHURCH EXCUSES :By W. Dear Aunt,: I could not write yon Inst Meek as I had intended for as I wrote you, Junior tell down, almost the entire flight o! stairs. The little dear tried to follow me and as h; got nearly to the top, down he \vcnt. I was so scared when I realized what had .happened lhat 1 simply conld not move lor ages anti when I did get him picked up and phoned for our doctor who was out. I phoned several. Scon they began lo come in and all of them examlticn him. They don't know yet if any of his bones are broken but they said some of the main ones were? badly bent. Now we nrc w busy we can't think o- do anything €be. .As sosn 'as this is over we. will try to riecidr which cliurch we will put our letters in. We thouglit it niighv be ;is gccd for our biisiu^ss if »;c ivould not j:in cither but go for two or three Sundays t3 each I church and in that way we cotili keep thsm all thinking we were goinj to join their church and we could get business from all ol torn. I forgot to tcil yon. Junior lost three of his teeth and one car looks as it he had bit It but lor the life of me I can't .':cr ho\v he could have bit his own car llions:-. he must have got limibdt in a-.'j- era| diffcicnt shapes while rolling do'.s n. Wrilc me as soon as you g:l Ihis. (Uopyrijhterl.i exercises and awoke most of the neighborhood. Police urrii'cd mid arrested Jordan on charges of intoxication. OPEN AT NIGHT Expert Ford Repairs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. I'hnne 810-777 Bathtub Tenor Held on Charges SHAMOKIN. Pa. (UP)— Slneir.3 m the balhtiib cost Jack Jordan hLs lihcriy. Jordan, once a leading tcr.or soloist here, cliosc the early morning hours for his hath and vocal W E R T HE MAKKS 'KM SKE Ollicc Over Joe Isaac's Store SKCOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson HWOC WITH ws MACHINE OUN. rotw HfttF Op m FE.PEB.frUS ftRE WIP6P OUT iM LESS rN FtrWlTe. f t .l*| J \^H 'THE CABINS ftfT. ON V£R BIOOMIN' . BLAST you! &IT TO THE: POGT- HOLES ''/FIGHT. FRECKLES AND HIS"FR1EN»S TURN. EASY'S MACHINE 60M"j».Mb." OfF WS MEN WITH AIH,RMIH& MMttSS ...I'M ALL ) I'LL BECLAt' EXCITED ox/ER. SEE IMS RILE'/ ASAIV4.... HE SATO HE'D BE CNEB. IM A FEW MIVJOTES TO SEE Hl«, Too....MICE FELLOW, THS AN INVITATION! HERE MS FSKU1LES...AMO UE Hf\S IJiS . HELMET 0(J.'.' r' .' soy l >fao SURELY APS AW IDOL VJiTH -THESE \ ,RILEy.. v -S AFRAID ^ By Blossei I'D LIKE KIOTHISIS' /, f^i B6TTEe,BOTT/A" \ LISTEM...** TAklMS OFF P«oj,\PTLV CAM'T GET AT FOUP.'..',vJ.UST.."_/ AVJAY vwmi S&PPED.RDR-6AS./ THAT...Vbd) ' AMD A CMEER/y . ^ AV e Jo. . /~ HELlO'>SKi i - ; ^f' STAY CNER ; LI Let IT- 'Tr ..^H-WVU. ^•-"^-^ 6* &'-

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