Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 28, 1957 · 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 28, 1957
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r r44friA';,:. ' - ---" -r Saturday Staye, Si Amateurs Using Television Scripts Television is joining Broao way as a source of scripts for amateur theatrical groups. The Dramatistj Play Service included four TV originals in the latest batch of plays released for such use. Single video scripts occasionally have been released previously. Included are "Amicable Parting" by George S. Kaufman and Leueen McGrata; The Staring Match" by Jerry McNeely; "Your Every Wish" by Clifford Goldsmith, and "The Drop of a Hat" by Dick Berg. creen Oikland Tribune, Saturday, Dec. 28, 1957 B-5 I Hi'. I TJilililuPIUtHV ?a 'is ; ; - - & ,7- v - , A. I -- ' ' 'JJ II 1 k3rs TWO-THIRDS OF A TRIANGLE Montgomery Clift romances Elizabeth Taylor who plays the Southern belle he marries in "Raintree County." Eva Marie Saint is his first love in the MGM story of the Ciril War. STAGE AND SCREEN Elmwood French Satire Delights By THERESA LOEB CONE Tribune Drama Editor Not intended for mass appeal is the Elmwood's latest foreign movie, "Letters From My Windmill." But to those who consider themselves connoisseurs of really first class film efforts, this French cinema is a must. Delightfully human in its representation of all its characters and acted with uniform excellence by all its performers, "Letters From My Windmill" is based on & JssMlssMMfl' '': MUSIC MAKERS The Collins Kids, Larry. 12. and Lor-rie. 15, Columbia recording tars, will be featured on the Johnny Cash Show to be held at the Oakland Auditorium New Year's Eve. Doors open at 7 p.m. New Disney Role For Moppet Star Walt Disney, impressed by the prankish performance of 8-year-old Kevin Corcoran in his forthcoming feature motion picture, "Old Yeller," has bought an original story for the moppet star, to be filmed s a feature length motion pro-dution. It is called "Pete's Dragon and the U.S.A." Seton I. Miller, author of the Academy Award winning "Here Comes Mr. Jordan," and S. S. Field wrote the new Disney property. Miller has been assigned to the film adaptation. The plot is wrapped around en imaginative orphan and a fire -breathing, children - loving dragon whom only youngsters can see. Together they not only disrupt a school system, a town, and a state, but almost create a furor throughout the entire nation. New French Color Film Due at Tower Jean Renoir's new color film, "Only the French Can" starring Jean Gabin, Maria Feliz and Francoise Arnoul will open New Year's Eve at the Tower Theater. An account of the origin of the famed cancan and the Moulin Rouge where it was first performed, the film tells the story of the man behind the dance and music halL "Only the French Can" also stars two of France's foremost chanteuses, Edith Piaf and Patachou, who portray music hall stars of the 1900. Il II IT L ON tCRICN Wm S m StS FOR ADULTS three of Alphonse Daudet s most amusing stories which originally appeared in a collection titled exactly like the movie. Maurice Pagnol functioned as producer, writer and director for "Letters" which should in itself be a "word to the wise" who have already enjoyed this moviemaker's previous films such as "The Baker's Wife." His ability to communicate via celluloid what seems to be the very essence of life in Provence, where the three episodes take place, is certainly in a class by itself. TRANSLATION GOOD And, although many of us feel that subtitles often cheat the American viewer who cannot understand the language being spoken in a foreign film, the English titles used in "Letters" happen to be rather exceptional, I think. There are some who might because of religious convictions find the first two episodes in this movie not exactly to their liking. Both tales deal with the mishaps which befall members of the country priesthood. In the first story "Three Low Masses," the devil makes a compact with a none-too- bright peasant and enters into his body. Accepted at face value by the local priest whom he attends prior to and during the Christmas Eve masses, the devil has an opportunity to appeal to the priest's one sin-gluttony. This he does in a hilariously mouth-watering account of a proposed menu for the worshippers after church. The finale to this irreverent yarn comes as something of a shock. EXCELLENT CAST Henri Vilbert is wonderful as the greedy priest. Daxely, a French actor who looks exactly like a tall Chico Marx, is superb as satan. Longest of the stories is the delightful one called 'The Elixir of Father Gaucher" which recounts how one abbey got started manufacturing liquor and how skillfully the devout fathers managed to compensate for the sad fact that the fellow, pious in all respects but one, devoted to tasting the brew, was actually a tosspot whose drunkenness led him to ribald singing. Last of the tales, "The Secret of Master Cornille," is a touching little drama in which Daudet, impersonated by actor Crouzet, appears. Altogether the picture is a credit to its many participants and should send many of us back to the bookshelves to reread or become acquainted with a French storyteller who tends to be overlooked in this country. Ipo OuST toiiht at Sim J SUNDAY NtTI 7iM J j HUKKYI LAST 2 WEEKS; OOD SIATS AVAIIAILI J . rvra. nn ihti iv. ? is p. at. . TO BUILD A BRIDGE Sessue Hayakowa orders his British prisoners, headed by Alee Guinness, to build a bridge to aid the Japanese in the Ceylon Jungles in The Bridge on the River EwaL' The Columbia film also start William Holden and Jack Hawkins. INFORMAL GUEST June Allyson's friends don't seem overly pleased with her choice of escorts (David Niven) in a scon from My Man Godfrey which opens New Year's Eve at the T & D. The movie about the 'butler' who marries his master's daughter is a remake on the 1936 film with William Powell and Carole Lombard. Budapest String Quartet to Play Spencer Barefoot announces the first public San Francisco appearance in several years of the Budapest String Quartet. The chamber music group will give three concerts Feb. 7, 10 and 13 at San Francisco Veterans' Auditorium. These are reported to be the quartet's only Bay Area appearances this season. Each program consists of quartets of Haydn, Bartok and Beethoven. Tickets are on sale at the Sherman, Clay box office in San Francisco. 'Sayonara' Is Omen For Marlon Brando Marlon Brando is a believer in omens. He recalls that his last word in "The Teahouse of the August Moon" was "say-onara farewell." Shortly after completion of the film, he received a script of "Sayo-nara," Warner Bros.' film adaptation of James Mich-ener's best -selling romantic adventure which is now playing at the Fox Oakland Theater. William Goetz produced and Joshua Logan directed the Technirama-color production. Massey Signed Up Raymond Massey has been signed to co-star with Aldo Ray and Cliff Robertson in "The Naked and the Dead," currently filming in Panama. Massey will play General Cum-mings in the film adaptation of the Norman Mailer best-selling novel. Anthony Quinn is the owner of an employment agency in Hal Wallis' "Hot Spell," a forthcoming Paramount picture. Quinn stars with Shirley Booth, Shirley MacLaine and Earl Holliman. LAST 11 WEEKS! f T09AYaSSfOWf R 100. 7301040 H SEVEN UOHDERS mm HOMCOIM fi NSNmhSttaabfaiOfain-an M sun mi ema Tim I TENNIS STAR TRABERT HAS ROLE IN FILM Former world's amateur tennis champion Tony Trabert has been signed to make his acting debut in Warner Bros. "Too Much, Too Soon," starring Dorothy M alone and Errol Flynn. Trabert will play himself and will also serve as technical adviser on the tennis sequences involving Ray Danton as John Howard, the tennis pro husband of Diana Barrymore. Preview Tonight At Paramount Tonight at 9:15 p.m. the Paramount Theater will feature a preview of a science fiction thriller shown in conjunction with the current program, 'The Enemy BeloW," a sea drama in CinemaScope and color starring Robert Mitchum and Curt Jurgens, and "Unholy Wife," a color film featuring Diana Dors, British film actress. The Paramount's New Year's presentation, starting Tuesday, will be "A Farewell to Arms," starring Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones and Vittorio de Sica. Ernest Hemingway's poignant story concerns two lovers who try to escape from war. Audi Murphy - Kjthrin Grant GUMS OF FORT PETTICOAT Aldo Ray - Ann Bancroft IIGHTFALL ixauvvi IA1T-9AT SMOWWMt PALMV HIANKj, KIM M ITA 1 Mmvpfxfcttm 1 k I A D 1 l U I I Jl t I i i iii nil i un vry 1 tic ,,. b1bbbbbjbjjsb m. mm , f ft !l t 'Tf): 80,000 Students See 7 Wondqrs' When the Orpheum Theater goes dark after the last special student's showing of "Seven Wonders of the World" on Monday, a record 80,000 young sters will have enjoyed this third production of Cinerama during the 64 children's performances. The student program, in ef fect for 13 months, will conclude after the 12:45 p.m. show. Tickets to all performances of "Seven Wonders," now in its last 10 weeks at the Orpheum, are available. 'Farewell to Arms' Was Filmed in Italy Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones play star-crossed lovers and Vittorio da Sicca is a temperamental Italian doctor who befriends them in Ernest Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms," filmed entirely in Italy. New Zimbalist Role Efrem Zimbalist Jr. has been assigned to portray the college professor admirer of Jean Simmons in "Home Before Dark." Zimbalist, who played opposite Natalie Wood in "Bombers B-52," will have the role of Jake Diamond. IT Lli'TllMlf tri Yr..l Joan Collins - Edmond O'Brien HEMFONDA INJ&UlttCVSfcAJOlL PROOfCTION '., ' 7 THB7 STOPOVER: TOKYO ROBERT WAGNER fl Wa w j it HI ry - if 1 s . IK 0" SAY CHEESE Jeff Chandler and Lana Turner smile for the camera on the set of Universal-Internalionars "The Lady Takes a Flyer." Miss Turner also has a leading role in "Peyton Place" due in Oakland soon. Grape Farmer Proves Hit in Film Fields A flop as a grape farmer re sulted in success as an actor and song-writer for Ross Bag-dasarian, soon to be seen with Alan Ladd in "The Peep Six," Ladd's Jaguar production for Warner Bros. Upon discharge from the Air Force Badasarian abandoned his acting ambitions for the more solid life of a farmer. For several years he worked on his father's vineyard in Fresno, then in 1949 he rented 60 acres of land near Bakersfield. After a financially unreward ing year he headed for Van Nuys with his wife and chil dren and started by direct ing "The Son," a play by his cousin, William Saroyan, at the Circle Theater in Los An- geies- 10 tne piay he added a song he had written 10 years earlier with Saroyan. "Come On-a-my House." Gates also started to open up for Bagdasarian as an actor. Elia Kazan gave him a role in -viva z,apata. He nas since appeared in numerous motion pictures and written songs for others. Among his song successes are "Armen's Theme," "All I Want Is All There Is and Then Some" and "What's the Use." Finnish Actress May Co Broadway Musical Taina Elg, the Finnish actress and ex-ballerina under contract to MGM, will replace Gwen Verdon in "New Girl in Town," the musical version of "Anna Christie" in New York if the studio has no other plans for her next spring, Starting Times Today ELMWOOD "Letters From My Windmill." 5:45. 7:55, 10:05 p.m. FOX OAKLAND "Sayonara," 11:30, 3:10. 5:50. 8:35. 11:20 p.m. OKPHFI M "Seven Wonder of the World," 2. 7:30. 10:30 p.m. FA E AMOUNT "The Enemy Below," 11:30. 3:59. 7:23, 10:47 p m. Preview. 9:15 p.m. ROXIE "Lecend of the Loft." 11. X. 4:05, 05. 8:20, 10:25 Dm T D "The Sad Sack." 1:50, 8:10, 1:35 p.m.. 12. 3:20 a m. ALSO BLACK SCORPON "LES cms- Gene Kelly Mitzi ttaywf "MOITE CA1L0 SIQir Marian Dietrich "APRIL LOTE Pat Soeee Shirley THE WEAPOI" Liabeth Seen "HDMCBB1CI Or I0TKE DAME" Gma LelkfcriaMa "SUaghisr Oa lfllkAre.- Jan SterUe "BAIT FACE IELS0M" I Mickey RtXHtoy Carolyn Jomm Mlckvy Spittjnt'fl "MY (DM IS QUICK" mkbs them roi Mr Tl E 0 i 1 IOB ae v New Year's Eve Staging For Tal Joe The Opera Ring is present ing a special New Year's Eve performance of the Rodgers and Hart musical, "Pal Joey." The successful five-month run will close Saturday, Jan. 11. "Finlan's Rainbow," anftther musical, will open Friday, Jan. 24. Both productions are staged in-the-round. The Opera Ring is located at 123 S. Van Ness Ave., in San Francisco. Tickets are avail able at the box office. NOW IN ITS 2nd HILARIOUS WEEK!! S ALAN FREED BOX OFFICE OPENS 11:30 WAYNE AT HIS MIGHTIEST! ADVENTURE AT ITS BEST! Popular Price .1.1 Wayne So-Ala Loren Braiii 1 9W m. I k JERRY'S J A Sergeant' Dilemma... yf A Captain' t-JK Nphtmar.., j Jrl A 6nfal "J I IIP mm EWMTINC'NRK-LORRE i i ii in i n Tiii'Sie'.ia-i.iBr rx te- Tonila 9:15 p.n, SPECIAL SCIENCE FICTION THRILLER IN ADDITION TO "ENEMY II10W" LATE SHOW TONITE itci:u:i 3 Erjita "THE UN HOLT WIFE' Diana Dors LATI tttew TOMITI ItarM aT 111 stie s-.se S:S ESiIHICO 11:3S M1 MIIKOTAKA KtKttmu-MUnHi-mmtumm BUGS SUNNY CARTOON TECMMrCOCOfr NIOK SABV ILIPMANT II 1" mUihtKJmmmmm IVl "The Dserslayir" 1 Jawea Feiiiere Caaaf'i 1 4 treat adventure rtery TBS m T tawsj t sssiwsi tbiwtsj assbhissi 50 and SIVIIKA RIVfRID F f I M a-W"V 1 f riK y BEAUTIFUL, ; : vtt txc,TINCl JSL. ssms. r Jeyne Mtfteld Cetorl "THE TW XTA1" 10 FOUR UNIT SHOW IRUf GIB. LSI CIRUt All NSW BLACKOUTS eWfTtMUOUS FROM 11W AS HlaTMIt

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