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Oakland, California
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Oakland TribuneySuniJayrJuty 1, S1 i Today's Home Gardener Owes Than ks to Early urservmen nunpus rtoon Usa- ONLY -------1 FUTURES INClUDf: SLIDING ALUMINUM DOORS WIRING ROCK ROOF JAIOUSH WINDOWS PAINT INSiOl, OUT SEAM CilLING FIRIPLACI (eatra) 5-YEAR FHA FINANCING from Pace 6-C When his nephew took over the businesr after the death of to bring in the Australian euca- the uncle in 1881, the nursery lyptus trees. He specialued catalogue was continued. I have many kinds of bulbs and had a a copy catalogue for 1884 fine list of acacias and other iri which more than 300-varies Expert Remodeling and Modem ixatieu Ask for FREE Estimate With 'a Bath $2,750 the 1850s on had a profound influence on California horticulture. Many of 'the settlers in Southern California got plants from nurseriestn Oakland and elsewhere around San Francisco Bay. Indeed, local gardeners did make horticultural ornamentals, tie listed trie deo tips of rosea afe listed.

There of about were many rare ornamentals as Set th Model 10911 MaeArthur Oakland Model Open' Daily, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. PHATHER-LOZICA, BUILDERS REALTORS, LO 2-3352 dar cedar at a price what we pay today. well as the popular ornamentals I that day. While there were history.

several other nurseries in the San Jose area during the 1850s, the nursery started by B. S. Fox must have had a great influence on the gardens of his day. -7The nurseries 8ndhorticul-turists in the Bay Area from Anomer imporunt ngure in California gardening was William Walker, who operated the Golden Gate Nursery at Fourth "and Folsom Streets from" the early 1850s until after 1860. Some of his nursery catalogues are still in existence.

Walker, along with Stephen Nolan, was largely responsible for. the importation of the Australian eucalyptus. He had a wonderful list of greenhouse plants and other ornamentals on his 3 Vt -acre nursery site. He First Aid for Lawns Take good care of your lawn .1 1 now. Lawn moths, mildew or damping off are apt to strike when you're not looking.

Spray among theiirst-to grow and with any of the several all-pur pose sprays you will find at nurseries to rid the lawn ofttus pest and these diseases and then Bethlekeai altle phete HELIPORT HOME Stael ribs of "Sequoyah House" proridt) spectacular cantilever and tjhre) firm support to the roof, detkjned to accdmmodalo a helicopter. House is located high In the Oakland hills overlooking the of Sequoyah Country Club. fertilize and water thoroughly. By spraying, fertilizing- and watering you can rejuvenate a sell some of our native trees, such as redwoods. He took an active part in the flower shows of his day, Hisadvertisements will be found in early issues of the California Farmer.

Bernard S. Fox and his nephew, R. F. Fox of San Jose, deserve much credit for their pioneer work in Sahta 'Clara County. B.

S. Fox came to California in 1852 and established the Santa Clara Valley Nursery on Milpitas Road a mile north of San Jose. The7he was growing a million nursery trees by 1860. He also grew many ornamentals, such as roses. jawn going' "bad." Make cer tain you "water-in" the fer House Features Sequoyah tilizer quite thoroughly to avoid burning the grass.

New Architectural Approach "absorption blotter" for noise. CARBOJIE'S i It's easy to have "better luck" with your lawn this no brown spots Your Favorite FUCHSIA Is tlerel See the celer article, page 46 on FUCHSIAS in the July SUNSET Mtgntr VISIT OL'R GARDENS Ovtr S00 Vari tlits Rtaionably Pricti Tree Standards. Bush and Baskets, 2'i-inch plant bands thru 4-Sallon containers 137 bitrea'urrlras Fuchsia Farms 1247 Castro St. LU 1-2380 HAYWARD A PINTO TAG NURSIkV Orchid Plants "3 Aerts Vndtr Glut Our Retail Store with to many varieties in bloom it always an Orchid Flowar Show. Traffic "patterns in Sequoyah House have been carefully thought out, and the main central hall eliminates inner traffic through other rooms, while a tight kitchen is extremely efficient.

All of the warmth and beauty of wood is used decoratively, with teak paneling lending graciousness and charm to the handsome decor featuring shades of beige, olive green and persimmon. Ceilings are of planking four inches thick both for insulation and, with an eye to the future, to provide landing space for the family helicopter. All appliances-are built-in and floors are 'exceptionally inters Carry All Your Ore hi Js 531 Woodmenr, Berkeley 1 lladuTua Weodmant from wke Spruce St. meets Criuly Peak Blre. Open 7 Days Tours Wed.

1-4 Lawn Insect Control, kills the bap that cause ugly brown spots and the annoying biters, creepers, pinchers in the grass. So get Lawn Insect Control and "Lawn" Weed Killer today when you shop before weeds and bugs can rob your 'lawn of its natural beauty. For many years, engineers -have been using steel beams nd concrete in cantilever construction to build bridges, skyscrapers, dirigible hangars and other monumental edifices. Only recently have architects nd" engineers -turned more than ever before to these materials for use in construction of ordinary houses. A striking example of this kind of building is "Sequoyah House," built on a 45 degree slope in the Sequoyah Country Club area.

It is one of the latest examples of exposed steel' de-- sign by David. Thorner Berkeley architect The builder and owner is Ray D. Nichols. "Sequoyah House" will be open for public inspection on Sundays during July from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.

A 50-cent admission charge will benefit. Children's Hospital of the East Bay. YouTI have 'em all wondering how you do it how you keep your lawn like a picture it a magazine all without drudgery. Here's the secret. At last chemical science has licked the two things that ruin your lawn and bugs.

Black Leafs "Lawn" Weed Killer knocks out the weeds. Black Leafs SUMMER SPECIALS! SATURDAY, SUNDAY, MONDAY July 3. 4, 7, LAWN SEED SPECIALS PATIO FURNITURE SPECIALS On the downhill portion, a concrete block wall is constructed to elevate the house floor to grade level with the rear of the lot. Field erection was simple. By fabricating these ribs in the shop, the steelwork for the entire house, moved onto the site in one truck load and with the aid of a 25 ton trawler crarter was unloaded and landed into position in about three hours.

Only three field welds to connect three longest sections over piers were necessary. Simple Fitting Fitting for wood carpentry was simple. Wooden 2x4 sills were fastened to the roof and floor steel joists 4y steel pins driven by a power actuated device, and wood framing continued from there. Robert Cornwall did the landscaping, and furnishings and decor are by Jacksons. With two bedrooms, a den, a sting with white maple in the bedrooms, plastic tile in the kitchen, and hallway and decks Sturdy Lawn Seed Mix For rouoh use.

Reeular 75 Ik. of concrete poured under pres CHAISE PAD 24x72-in. Green, ftust, Yellow and 1 (ft Hue. Special OS prtwnH brown ipofi Lawn insect control killi the) bugs that eat graat root. It also kills ants and other peats in the grass.

Enjoy an inaecfc--free, beautiful lawn this on Lawn Insect comes in an eaay-r" io-apply spreader package. 10 sure with flakes of marble 3.95 TS: 49 Peundi adding color tone. Alum. Chaise Lounge FINE LEAF MIX SPEC. Innertprina pad wltfc vaterpreef tlaral Odtside color to the house is in an interesting way be use of canvas mats to line deck railings, the mats laced to the For a most heautitul lawa.

4 13 Roe. MS ft 10 Iks. I Ik; taran cover. 1 AQM Special far Aluminum Sun Bather KILLS THE WEEDS cfotMff'f harm gnu railings on the order of a ship I deck. "Sequoyah House" uses White Dutch Clover 1-lb.

to 250-ft. AQ Special Jut Hie thlnf te take en vacatlwit raids re email '11 CO package. Special. 1 Is99 white, but they could be green, blue, orange or any color to FOLDING CHAIR 1 suit the taste of the owner. DICKONDRA SEED Ineufh to plant 300 se.

Aft Ret- 2.S0. Special Aluminum Frame. Saran 9 Aft Seat. Special Wi9 3 "cave" room on the lower level. 1 J- and 2 J4 baths, "Sequoyah begonias 10 CANNON TERRY CLOTH CHAISE PAD COVERS House is adapted both to se 5PR) eluded family living and' to Rectangular Frames Using a 10-foot 2-inch module, Thome incorporated all supporting elements of his house in a series of seven continuous rigid steel framed bays.

These rectangular frames, set parallel to one another along and overhanging a foundation wall of reinforced concrete and concrete block, function as the ribs of a skeleton. Around these ribs, Thome and his structural engineer, Donald H. Moyer, placed a pskin" of light weight tractive building materials to cover nearly 3,000 square feet of living area without the need for any load-bearing walls. The foundation of "Sequoyah House" consists of poured concrete footings connected by a 12 by 12 inch concrete tie beam. Asserted colon.

A AO Special entertaining on a large scale, RANUNCULAS and ANNEMONES ,49 TABLE 2 BENCHES From the standpoint of practicality, it answers the questions that most home builders want answered. It is a house 17.89 e-ft. Redwood. Special Plastic GARDEN HOSE S-year fuarantee 2I-H. 1 Aft 10-ft.

A Aft that can be expanded easily. MEXICAN HARDWOOD LUMP CHARCOAL SUM Its "quiet tbedrooms. S00 Special' 10-lb. Brickettei .87 den) are at a distance from the "noisy zones" (kitchen, entertainment areas) for quiet and privacy, and a large hallway with a 30-foot planter also HABDWABE SPECIALS Xawn" Weed Killer kfflai all the weeds that mar the beauty of your lawn plan Plastic. Garden Hose Reinforced with DuPent nylen thread.

4.84, 7.67 tain, Indian paintbrush, thistle -n- zmiz mmt Kitchen SWING SPOUT dandelions! Yet -X i'Siil above serves as absorption for sound, the planter being a kind of i.k FERTILIZER SPECIALS t'fAk Jfsharmleeeto whenyou grass and turf. Weeds getting Floor Coverings Set New Pattern Garbage Can Xl" 3.33 sprsy them with JfAtTCf started, just A CO vtrnnn Killer. Any kind iiuwnw Special Deluxe LAWN MOWER of a sprinkler or sprayer will do. It-mck. 41 AK Patterns are becoming more With kue-klllraf 9 10 Chlorodane.

SO-lb. Special. I -f-4 FIRTIUZIR A fertilizer far your whole eerden. Important in floor coverings. HEDGE TRIMMER Tweeds, for instance, are no loo-rn.

ED SPORTLAlVfl Power Mower wirh qivw 1 Special a.0 value. 21.25 ILICTRIC. Rtfl. Jl.tS. Special longer just cut, pile or plain; they've' been worked into some Fertilizer Spreader rieiinonlJBlackJeaL ELEC.

LAWN EBSER Z. 1f Sv'e LA NO ta, OMl" "COMPANY" WRWW i 2J.fl W1J pile level contrast, color tricks sticlior "California Fence 18-Inch GAS POWER or just out-and-out design. Best Fertilizer 11-8-4 I AWII IfHWrn ntf.lrraN 5.50 21-lb. LIS, Oak. S.7I; 0-tk Modern patterns are putting fresh life into conventional hmin KiwiikiitM In tMe FINALLY someena has madt If for you to prof tcf 79.S5 Fully euarantaed.

Ref. Special -sxminster-weavwrTheScan4 Wdj Privacy, Protection Attract Anchor Cetybre Faaee Ah privacy yoer oatdoor Vviiw, hile protects children, pelt till Property. In aaiqiM combines me tfttrtbiKty of chain link vita, the wtooin aid of wood. RaeaJrei nle or tumuM Call far axe MtiaMM. VH vour favorite flowers and shrubs.

-4 GAVIOTA 8-10-4 ao-. a. to 40-th. S.IO; dinavian styles, softened ab 5.50 FENCE AND TRELLIS PAINT 1.21 value. Green, rr 1 Aft er wkite.

Callan Special stract and neatly tailored motifs first Introduced in floor coverings a few years ago, are STEER MANURE NEW improved Blaclc Leaf 40 the moat effectivf garden insecticide ever developed, now activated for easier use. Kills bugs and fungus on all -your plant and shrubs. It's easy dust with multipurpose Rose Dust Recoil Starter The Best You Cat) Buy California Toro Go. 36S Bsyihore Blvd. See Fraecltce VA 4-feM ft now fully expressed in the FINI GRIND.

A 1 90 Rae. I.2S. Seeciaf ft fer I.e. Materiel Only er hittilM Sale' iintt Inm attar Brandt Stem 01 l-UU la Oiklani JU t-4S0t kt Im araMiaw majority of new axminster REDWOOD STAIN COW MANURE Far aH Redwood finishes. qualities.

There is also new concern 1.87 Ref. J.JS llaOoei Roe. laree tack. A PC. Special far with the more formal period patterns of the past This is ccbcr fece OAK LEAF MOLD Rae.

1.VS laree tack. AA illustrated in new carved carpeting and in a rug styled LOOK FOR THESE PRODUCTS AT THE FOLLOWING STORES THIS WEEK: Special closely after the manner of OAKLAND BERKELEY ORINDA NO DOWN PAYMENT 34 MONTHS TO PAY Sulphate cf Ammonia NAVLET'S French Aubussons and Savon neries. Special LOS WOOD OIL IJI value. dj Special, tailed) 1 .0 I HOUSI PAINT GOOD QUALITY White, troy end hrewn. 9 Oft Re tel.

Special, tallentasBO i12 DROP CLOTH Paper trope. 10 Special 1 9 WESTINGHOUSI Portable TV 79.85 INLINE ANTENNA KIT Cemplete new snap In Aft type. Special P.J TV TWIN LEADIN WIRE It GERMAN PEAT MOSS Imparted laree cu. ft. kale, packed I I.

Flna nrind. tread free. T7T CnnD mm than etmdard A Urea kelec. S.IO value. Ipe WISTBRAI NURSIRY 1272 Gilrnan St.

OAKS HARDWARI I860 Solano Ave. BRENTWOOD GREGORY BROS. NURSIRY Diablo Valley Highway CASTRO VALLEY MARTINS NURSERY CONCORD NAVLET'S 1770 Monument Blvd. CLAYTON VAUEY NURSERY coriyi DC AT lintt i inwuv SPICIAL Plfjidt ariwi Ft frtwtJ, wMt4 torft ft ft O-lfc. 410.

tpMi Canadian PEAT MOSS fead Im, tin nrind. laree sTft 4 cu. ft. kale. Ref.

UTILITY TAILES en 4636 Clayton Road 1 PRICE 1971 Telegraph Avenua GLENVIEW HARDWARE 4203 Park Blvd. SUNSET NURSERY CO. 1 10 -4 1st St. WALKER WARREN HOWE. 201 1 Mountain Blvd.


23 I.E. 18th St. SIMON HDWI. 8lh and Broadway YUMAI NURSERY 1433 -55th Ave. TELEGRAPH NURSERY 5770 Telegraph Ave.

MONTCLAIR NURSERY 6211 Medau Place GOLDEN WEST FLORIST 1 NURSERY 3537 Foothill Blvd. McDonnell nursery 5146 Telegraph Ave. ALAMEDA ENCINAL nursery 2057 Enrlnal Ave. GERMAN PEAT MOSS wheels MORAGA VALLEY NURSERY ORINDA HDWI. 56 Moraga Highway RICHMOND MACY'S SAN LEANDRO HANSEN'S 1057 MacArthur Blvd.

ANGELI'S NURSERY 484 E. 14th St. LIND'S HARDWARI 1256 Davis MALTBY VAN NOY HDWI. 14624 E. 14th St.


I r. 1 1 eu. ft. leeto ph tine weed M. 4 BO( Eitjot outdoor living! Ran.

OOd Don't take a chante ttk that eld Water Heater 60 BUG-GETTA PELLETS llf ley lirkion trailer mil With Tair Pills! PATIO FOR 132 75 1.65 we. 53M 58" 20-eat. Salv. nited. 1-year Guar aa tea atVtal.

falvf siroed. S-roar uar. Special ONLY EL MONTE VARIETY 3482 Clayton R6ad ESTES HARDWARE 2158 Solano Way 3315 Chestnut DANVILLE SUNSET NURSERY Danville Highway LAFAYETTE VILLAGE NURSERY 3416 Mr. Diablo Blvd. ORCHARD NURSIRY WRIGHT BROS.

NURSERY 1.19 Pt 2.85 V-2- AH eeajlpped with femeet Oayaan ORTHO-RIX oe aafefy eefeff. tilaaa ntiod end inn agk lervanraed eiedele tram 20-fll. to at Special Law Prices. PMt Hh )Gal. iMutlful, cUsnly eailfM, rafiiillr-iiillr ceiKrata with ni- 4M4n, only pw month.

NO DOWN PAYMINT, Pree I if ay rCMtl Alk ut our PATIO PAL, too atntrtlorul ntw iwn- tktd flkorflat vHit4 (t 1 -Hilrdl Mvlnfl hav built 10,000 atlai Mialully for yoxr lattfety wlfhorr korto Mayl OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY! Call JE ffwton 7-7200 or construction co. 1 aniAin I i 11170 KUfataaj Wy, Ctr Vallty EL III I'iZC lOll frCt -W bmlli tmymktrt to ikt itttUjr opim iunoats mnwmrmc IREE- PARKING opin'wmVoati COULY 7S 0 TO 0 of Salanp ANTIOCH Oakland Ave. ROOSEVELT LANE NURSIRY All ANT GAR DIM 4 HDWt lUFPHII Ouallty MerekandM for less "Vatch Aibtrt Wilson Sundoy Morning Chonrnl 7" LA 5-2722 ALBANY 828 SAN PABLO AVENUE o.o a. a. i a a a.

a. a a..

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