The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1950 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1950
Page 7
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8ATOTTIAT. .TTTT/f ?'.. IMP OUT OUR WAY ByJ.R.Wil1iorm •LTTTOYTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoopla EGAD X'ULDO IT.' ILL FLf Id KIMIER**. VMe»J TWOSe SKULKIWG BOARDERS -frtoU6HT THeV'D CAWT ito eel UP, POPF STTZAIN ER SUMP'KJT SMEAK OFF OKI A . BEAUTIFUL.' JUST STOPPED <M tM WAY wtST/ EAST; TOO BAD. BUT THC POET SAYS: NEVER THE TW«M SHALL MKT/ IT--IF MOLKZ. MOTHER SEES THIS,! COULDMT GO UTD A PIM&GAME WITHOUT HAV»/ TO LISTEM TO A LOJ& WTO OF *J A (WPOte, HftUGHTV MAMai TO PROSTRKTIO* HER06S ACE »AAC>e-NCrr I didn't put orx my make-up today—I hope nobody mistakes me for some .young girl!" Political Announcement Th« Courier Newt has oetn authorized to announce the following candidates, •ubject lo the Democratic primaries. July 25 and August 8 FOB COUVTT JUDGE • Roland Green STATE REPRESENTATIVE L. H. Autrj R»-electlon Post No. I John ,T cowan Kenneth S. Sulcer Port No 3 Albert A. Banks post No 2 I. C. "Gene" Fleeman (Par re-election post No. *) W. P. Wells Tor State Sei»t« W R Nicholson J. Lee Bearden THB STOBTi •» CW»»tt, rial l»c«li«»IOT «•« St.l. AI »• kU •<«« '•• •«- AND COLLECTOm Ose« Normally William Berryman in TfEEVER had caught something •"^ in my expression that rjad almost given me away when he mentioned "large bribe." This thing ll a shock to me. Doesn't i shock you, boss?" I said, trying to pas it off. "Naturally. 1 was quite itunned My flrst Inclination was to regard perience in the A. G.'s office. It was tacitly understood that when Keever ran for governor. Waring would seek the attorney general post, each man giving the other mutual political support- If any- hing gave Keever nightmares. It was the idea ol alienating a political ally. "Well, boss, what do you intend to do about it?" 'I'm going to handle it tactfully Sen. 1 want you to make a thorough investigation of every man in my office. Find out if anyone would have an opportunity to de- mund a bribe, and—" "Just a minute, boss. You know .KOFI On Your foleman FLOOR FURNACE Install 11 Before July 31sf for me to handle alone, though. I'U need help." Keever frowned. "1 cant ring in just anybody on this. Ben. 1 ame to you because you're the one man in the outfit that 1 know won't ell me out." He colored and added quickly. "Naturally, you're loyal iccause you appreciate all TV* [one (or you." My mouth hung open. Wasnt the guy who'd cracked his tough cases and put him righv into the attorney general's office? But 1 said: "Thanks, boss, but there's one other guy in the joint that you can trust." "You mean Preston Shelton? I suppose you're right If you want him. take him. Only, for sake, make sure stands the importance of secrecy! Do H Now! Sav* money, be ready for winter before the rush. And get the famous Coleman that gives you Automatic Heat— Clean Heat — Warm- Floor Heat. *•• A D« •otioti Today Chas. S. Lemons Furniture the call as a crank call, but the gir insisted that it was all too true She knew positively that one of my men. * man in a key position and whom I trusted completely had accepted bribes totaling S4000 The money bad been paid in four installments of $1000 each. I demanded to know who the man was and she said she didn't know. Bu she did claim to know that the money was still on him and that a shake-down would turn him up." 1 drew a deep breath. "Going to frisk everybody, boss?" Keever frowned. "1 cant do that, Ben. The kids who do the leg work would probably have to like ft, but they would hardly be j | likely suspect* This girl taid the culprit was a man in a Key. position. There are about a dozen such men. 1 couldnt think of subjecting them to web a humiliation. Paul Waring, my first assistant, for example. It I even iuggested «ucb a thing to him, be would turn tn hii resignation instanter And thcre'i BilJ Atkins, the Mcond assistant. He'i a fine lawyer who left a profitable practice to come with me. , It was true. Both Waring and Atkins were highly successful lawyers with personal fortunes »o large thai they could afford 1 leave private practice for the ex- Coy, boss. AL VERMEKR r~MEL AND MY BIG MOUTH! as well as 1 do, that checking dozen men in key positions may be a life-time job!" "Don't begin Ben. 1 want "O.K- Now left bear that record a couple more times." 1 wanted to memorize the sound of the girl's voice. ! was sure that no attempt had been made to disguise it. youi action. alibi n< Quick) If Here's One Way To Save Money REPAIR Expert Service Hfl LTCRS QUflUlTY SHO£ SHO 121 W M O • VI ST. somebody gets wind of bribery In my office, Governor Patterson, for example, I'd be ruined once and for alL" TT was true — Governor Patterson well knew of Keever't Intention to oppose him in the next election. Patterson himself had high design*. "Don't you think, though, boss that you're giving quite a lo* ol weight to an anonymous cal!7 After all. it might have been one of trying to get your goat. Kcever frowned and head. "1 don't -thin* so. girl insisted that 1 frisk my men, claiming I'd find those tour $1000 boss. 1 office. Coal should pads. and wood-burning be set on insulated HOMEMADE PIES We Take Vonr Ordei Mrs. N. J. Humphrey Call SAVE NOW On Used Cars & Trucks SPECIAL IM9 Studlbaker Ijnd Cruiser Demonstrator, Ttry low mile»St, radio, heater, orcrdrire, »hlte sidewill Ur», njlon •]>- holstery . . Bermuda Green $1795 PIANO TUNING and 1950 Dodge '/i-Ton I'ickup .. .only 7,700 actual miles, like new...|1195. 1919 Chevrolet '/j-Ton Pick- op. . .an exceptionally clean truck. . .$995. 1949 Studebaker '/j-Ton Picknp. . .very low mileage, like new. . .51095. 1938 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup.. 8,000 miles on new motor, | a good truck...$295. 1S38- International Vi-Ton I'ickup. . .has lots of gooc miles yet.. .$195. AND MANY MORB1 Chambfin Sates Co. -YMT Friend l> SlWetaker 0<»Jet" R.R. & Ash Phone 688 Radio Repair Done by Bonded Serviceman Every Job Guaranteed Everything in Music Supplies and Repair* ft MAKE RECORDS BROOKS MUSIC STORE FOR SALE Onereta eilrerto, 11 rack u « b plain •» reenforee* Aaw BcrtU MMtel BtockJ cbta»- a than taBkei l« *»rm chlrke> tenaxt Can •• 1*» ti OSCEOLA TILE 1 CULVERT CO No Sooner Suid I YEARN TOGO UP! HIGHER AND HIGHER! HEAVEN KNOWS, I DON'T LACK FOR AMBITION! SOMET1MES 1 PEEL LIKE SUCH A, FAILURE! O'MAU.KY and RALPH CANS) propped his (eet on tome of the SUES GOING TO SEE ME UP HERE SOONER OR LATER—PROBABLY SOONER. GUE55 THIS FARM- STYLE JAVE1IMI5AW8ESTBET. desk. He It a good-looking kid. one ot those clean-cut blond guys that need a ball bat to keep off the women. On top at that he Is • strictly twell guy. and the only man tn the Joint that I'd trust tarthei than 1 could throw a bale of hay. "Something up. Ben?" "I'U say." 1 told him about Keever's anonymous phone call LOOK J ED, VOU TAKE MY CAB AND SET WUKSE1FTOA DOCTOR QUICK BO68V AND I ARE GOING DOWN TO TOE MILL. magazines on my and my assignment to turn up the Patterson's female stooges "Weil. It's joint to be like hunting for a needle in a Haystack, finding out whc has been accept- Since we eant frisk bills. She seemed to Know. we erer do dm) JJY LESLIE TURNER W7HILE SEVERAL MIIBS POwN 1 sighed. "Let me hear the call, who got the money!" ITS FANTASTIC! IMUST mi. FATHER AT ONCE 1 , NO, FIRST WE'VE SOT TO STOP THAT GRNSSTER It* THg CM* AT ALL COSTS 1 We went to his elegant private IT WAS ft BUTTERED IRON SAFE...Ml ANTWUE. WITH A NAME LETTERED kBOMB THE IXXJR..... LORENZO V GARCIA, I THIN nrM^ I'LL LEARN '* SWftB OU' BULL PMN- f SON AIW'T BUNN1N 1 WO \ TOWIM' SEEUIce! JUST WWl'LL I-OH HO 1 HERE'S t, A GOOD Pl*CS UP MEM" Every call received OD his who got the moneyl" phone was automatically recorded. Sheltoo sat up straight. *Yo» do? "Who?" "Me. Now. tuck your eyes back into their aockets. Shellle, and I'll He snapped i anonymous call was played back through a speaker. I listened Intently. tell you the whole story "Yes. it does sound like the Me- (T« Be C*ottnc*d> WHY WAIT? Remodel Now — No Money Down BUGS BUNNY Now you can fix up your home — or even build a garage — on a low interest FHA loan with easy monthly payments. No mortgage required. Why wait? Call Builders Supply today. VATOOKLVEK J VEAM, ' UCKIN' -r-i —^B-8-BUT I LIKE A V STILL THINK: QOOD ) LC-COULD SPORT!/ O- DONE BETTER... •*k COULDN'T BXPECT V OO AKTV BSTTSR A*AIN6T A KUPCK PtAVEB LIKE 1! BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. IN South Highway 61 For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION 15V V. T. HAMLIN A Tough Fight LONG INTO THE HIGHT THE LEGIONS OF .THElE SHIPS BMTLE THE HOKDES OF BRITAIN TO HOLD THEIR PRT£CAE]OU5 BEACHHEAD Refrigerato BY EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES FARM LOANS Unlimited Ponds- Attractive Term A Complete gerrk* UNITED SERVICE ft RESEARCH, INC. 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