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Oakland, California
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EWS THAN ANY OTHER PAPER IN NORTHiRN-CAUFORNIA TOPS IN tSKIITII Plltl.Cllllll Slllf SlVf MMIII tllfltl NO. 4 27 OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, THURSDAY, JULY 4, 1957 VOL CLXVII -J Lowerina the Boom Citizens who are prone to scuttle under the bed when hearing a sonic boom will be relieved (perhaps) to learn 1. i i li I'u- uib iuc iiuusc-oiittRiiig, winaow-craciung, wan-spimuig blasts are nothing new, -When old-timers snapped a buggy whip the "c-c-crack" v. 7AJ "a- wnicn sizzled irom its tip was a minor-league sonic boom, reports The Carrier, Alameda N.A.S. newspaper.

A sonic boom, the journal adds, is 'created when, aircraft exceed the speed of sound "thereby failing to warnair particles ahead of the plane that the aircraft is coming." Because the particles can't get out of the way, they're pushed into pressure waves which are like a narrow cone, with the plane at A -mm i.r tic. V' ninw the point Ironically, although theUhundeMike crash startles the earthbound citizenry, the pilol can'thear a Jhing. Lucky pilot What's more, the reason you hear a. boom rather than a steady roar, is that the plane is moving at such a fantastic speed that it -carries the noise quickly from yhere you hear it to an area mtles away. And thank goodness for that.

In 1950 the military didn't worry much about sonic booms. There weren't "enoiigh supersonic planes. Today it's known that a sonic boom is produced at any speed-in excess of the speed of sound not merely when the plane breaks the" sound barrier1. Planes now are so fast that the pilot must make a conscious effort to avoid going supersonic, when he'll automatically drag a sonic boom over 17 counties. That's the difference between the buggy-whip sonic boom and today's super-dooper, economy-size boom.

In the old days ifjou didn't want booms, you didn't snap the whip. Sometimes, today, pilots just can't help it. 0 First Drive Reliez Valley's Meadowbrook Golf Club opened its first nine holes to the exuberant clientele todayvand all nj rnr that tht first hall wasn't 'HI ON TARGET -First helicopter sets down at the Port oi Ocddand't new lack London Square heliport marked with circle to direct landings of shuttle service from Metropolitan Oakland International Airport. In background is firehouse on Broadway. vf ft 4 i r' 'it Helm IS ort x.

1 1 if i Opens in CUnccIuCu wcic rnuvA va. aviij clobbered by a guest especially invited to do same by the club's president, Arthur Lambert. President Eiserr-howerwasr forced to decline a cordial invitation to come on out and make the opening a national sews item. TJnwpvpr at 10 this rriorninffthe irst ball was whopped Oakland magnificently by another president, Arthur Lambert. The Port of Oakland's new After whicftveryone scramDiea iueve iuc uuwui.

Jack London Square heliport was open today after the arrival of two helicopters and the first passengers from Metropoli pelktrwhich will be goia-piatea ana moumeu aiup u. annual President's Cup. That is, if they can find it -TRAGIC LEGEND Nat D. Fry of Hayward poinU to the oak tree ior which the commu nity'i Lone Tree Cemetery was named. It also is a focal point of a lover's legend.

my tan Oakland International Air A' i Bit OF HISTORY port Don't Baby the Engine Well, th-prominent Albany garage owner proudly explained to his wife that he'd just put a new engine in TheneUportr is the Tirst in Oakland's downtown area. The helieopters, piloted by Carpenter Found Shot To Death Fred Jamieson and Bruce Jones, landed yesterday in quick suc A Cemetery Link To 'Hayward Past cession with Mayor Clifford E. Rishell and Mortimer Smith, president of the Chamber of Commerce, aboard a Rick Helicopter, and John F. the family car, and empnasizea that she needn't baby the chariot. "Drive 40, 45 miles an hour," he told his loving lady.

"Don't worry about the engine." So a day later she's, barreling along in Richmond, doing a fine, steady 45 in a 25-mile zone. And she simply couldn't why the cop wanted to give her a ticket "There must be some mistake," she expostulated. "My husband fust nut a new engine in the car. TuIIoch, member of the Board SAN JOSE, July 4 A 38- 4 ThetGuillermo's door and inquired July HAYWARD, year-old Campbell carpenter of Port Commissioners, and Sharron Lee Gleason, 18, "Miss about the young couple. Then he, too, rode off.

whole history oi Hayward is buried in a pioneer cemetery, was found dead in an orchard Oakland," aboard a Hiller Heli Later that evening Castro's the origin of which traces as farl back as Don Guillermo Castro, copter. vaqueros found the young cou The, flight between the new south of here yesterday afternoon, his head shot jff with a double-barreled shotgun. this area's first settler. heliport and the airport is only ple, seated beneath the great oak, their hands clasped. Each had a bullet through the heart.

The Lone Tree Cemetery con three-minute Passenger Santa Clara County coroner's The did oak still stands, but service will be provided on tains the mortal remains of William Hayward, for whom the town was named after. Don and he TOLD me to drive that fast!" "Madam," replied the officer, "I'm sure' your husband told you you MAY drive that fast." Didn't give her a citation, either. Which proves that call" by Rick Helicopters, pend the nearby graves of the young office labeled the death of James L. Mitchell, 101 Gilman Guillermo sold his vast rancho, lovers fon such the legend depicts them have been lost to ing action on the company application for a certificate to operate scheduled service. an apparent suicide.

piece by piece. time. Buried there, on a knoll over His body was found in the Later settlers, learning of the The Jack London Square heli cab of a truck in San Benito, legend, purchased 35 acres for port is adjacent to the west parking lot of the waterfront looking the Bay, are Henry H. Bulmer, for whom Bulmer Hill in Dublin Canyon is named; Charles T. Ward, the -father" of the Hayward Fire Depart the cemetery in 1865.

Bulmer became its first official occu about 15 miles south of San Jose. restaurant area developed by the port pant, in August, 1877. cops nave a sense oi numor. vr just aon i snow wnai make of women drivers, either 0 Patches Dr. Robert Munger of Berkeley's First Presbyterian 'Church, taking part in Billy Graham's New York crusade, put over his point neatly to fellow ministers with financial worries.

Two ministers wives, Dr. Munger anecdoted, were mending their husband's trousers. In his pocket was an inter Fry, a member of the board locutory divorce decree from his wife, Elsie. ment; George A. Oakes, publisher of the first permanent newspaper; and Dr.

Edwin 27 years, supervises the care and development of the pioneer FIRST LADY Shccrron Lee Gleason, "Miss Oakland." steps out of 'copter, aided by Port Commissioner John TuIIoch, to grace rites dedicating new "feeder" field. The two helicopters landed in the 100 by 80 area, making their approaches over the estuary, -with room to spare. He also leaves three children. cemetery. He resides at 2730 Kimball, the community's first Kelly St dentist But the cemetery's story goes wmr i win! pniirrn hi Tirnsiwraus.

wmie uuis la Bottoms Scorched Junior Editors Quiz on 14J 0 WA I 1 back to the mid-1850's and a notr'-one wondered. pMATIQMAL BIRD By Phoenix Heat tragic legend, related by Nat D. Fry, president of the Lone Tree Cemetery Association. Fair to End Run in Salute to Oakland PHOENIX, Ariz, -July 4 "Because," suggested the other, "if you were an oo-ervant person, you'd notice that I'm patching the Knees while you're putting patches on the seat." A A handsome caballero rode, to Blistering 112-degree temperatures in Phoenix are blistering the patience of C. M.

Watson, the rancho of Don Castro ac companied by i dark-eyed kuiiiiiia Spanish beauty, and made themho has discovered even the The Park Department's Burton Weber could hardly til I PLEASANTON, July 4 The Alameda County Fair closes its 1957 run here todav bv tionor- HERE'S LIST OF selves known to the hospitable bus benches are burning up. Phoenix Gazette today printed the-following letter-from Wat Don. TtHg" They lnquiredabout scenic SPECfALTEVENTS points and were directed to the Today's Independence Day crowd is expected to be the greatest single-day attendance FOR WINDUP knoll, with a huge Oak perched on a rocky outcropping, son: "Bus stop-bench. "Sunshine-heat "Sit-down-sigh. "Jump up-cry.

"Blister, mister" Shortly alter tney a riaaen orthel 4-day exposition. Thousands of visitors wiWf get their last look at the hundreds believe his eyes wnen ne saw. tne oia Deai-up aoor usea by workmen to blocfc a corridor in city the doqr a placard exhorting everyone to purchase war bonds (World War I Liberty Bond variety); a joke about danTnd-Everandome-WU Red Cross seals.JWhich must have been affixed to the door shortly after city hall was completed The new resident physician at Children's Hospital of, the East Bay is. Dr.C. Clark Welling, who is welling, able, and eager to help the "email fry get welling 0 9 6 Cama Clean the Yard PLEASANTON, July 4 Here is a scredule of special events at the final day of the off toward the knoll, another "ranchero" appeared at Don of colorful exhibits in the flori Alameda County Fair: livestock, home- eco nomics, poultry, agriculture, art, commercial, industrial, youth, sports and recreation A young Alameda matron the other-day called a neighborhood 17-vear-old.

chirped, "Robert, if you'd like Oakland will be officially represented by Mayor Clifford Rishell, Sharon Gleason, "Maid of Oakland," several city coun-cilmen, Chamber of Commerce OAKLAND DAY 1 p.m. Pantelettes, Court of Four Seasons. 2 p.m. Clown act, exhibit DuUding. 2:30 p.m.

Oakland Community Hour, court 4 p.m. Clown act. 4.30 p.m. Stage show, court. 6:30 p.m.

Oakland Community Hour. 7:30 p.m. Clown act. 8 p.m. California Hayride, fireworks, grandstand.

toyou-can help me clean the yard." "What's that?" replied Robert in a baffled tone. "Who're you?" "I'm Lnfkor avnlainprf the matron, thinking this officialsand a troupe of enter 0 0 i i i i. ii i tainers who will stage shows in i the Court of Four Seasons at iL-r-H 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. Professional shows will be staged at 1 and i' 6:30 p.m. Highlight of the evening will be an entertainment program U.C.

Drama featuring the California Hayride ratner oaa dui luruier lueniuy-ing. herself by giving her street address. After a time the ddbr-bell rang. "Hello, Robert!" cried the matron cheerfully to find herself staring at a 40-year-old stranger. "Who're you?" stuttered the matron.

"I'm Robert," the stranger explained. "You wanted me to clean the yard?" Well, it turned out that this Robert lived two miles distant and the matron had dialed the rifht number but the wrong and a mammoth fireworks display at 8 p.m. in the infield in Group to Stage frbhfof the grandstand. An estimated 30.000 persons are ex lolanthe pected to pack the grandstand li BERKELEY. July 4 The University of California's dra matic honor society, Hammer and Dimmer, will present five to witness one of Northern California's finest fireworks displays.

Official hosts for the final day are Judge Bernard Abrott. Richard McCarthy and Maxwell Holmes. Harry Shackelton, fair board performances of the Gilbert and Sullivan's "lolanthe," starting WHAT BIRD ALMOST BECAME NATIONAL EMBLEM? It's hard to believe now, but the turkey almost won the honor over the eagle. In 1 787, our nation's fathers chose the bald eagle the national emblem. The emblem pictured the eagle with Its wings outstretched, a shield on its chest, en olive branch In one claw and a batch of arrows in the other.

On the national coat of arms, the eagle carries scroll in its beak which seys: Pluribus Unum," This latin phrase means, "From many, one," symbolizing that ih JJnited States grew from many peoples and states into one nation. There was a move, however, to make the turkey the national symbol. Benjamin Franklin "thought It should be made the emblem because it was prominent in our history since the time of the Pilgrims and was native to the tfew World. The bald eagle is also found only on this continent. The first coin bearing the eagle in the U.S.

was minted In 1789. FOR YOU TO DO: Trace-your pwn picture of en eagle, lay a quarter down on a table with the eagle side up. Put a piece of paper over the coin, holding It tight against the coin's surface. Shade the paper with a lead pencil and you'll see the shadow of the eagle come through. Joseph Ogonowsxl, Arlington.

Calif, wins $11 for this Me. Send your idea to Junior Editor, ee The Tribune, F.O. Bex 809, Oakland 4. Tomorrow: Why tie kite dowa to hold It Rp? at 8 p.m. Tuesday in Studio Theater of Dwindle Hall.

president, said records were The program will be repeated broken in all departments to make this year's most VhtiM lit li. v. at the same hour and place nightly through July 13. successful we have had in 15 prefix. Robert was pretty baffled when he got the calL "Y'see, I was at a party over the weekend, and I thought maybe I'd promised to help clean somebody's yard, Robert explained.

It was a really good party, he added. Robert and the matron had a happy chuckle, Robert went on home, and the matron phoned the real Robert I keep telling you, the darndest things happen in Alameda i 0 Wif End Met Mac Slee promenading boulevards, still recalling happy, happy days at Tombstone's boot hill. "Have you ever heard the epitaph on Lester Moore's tombstone?" asked Slee dreamily. "Here lies the body of Lester Moore. Four shots from a forty-our.

No less. No THE KNAVE years." Aiding in staging the political fantasy will be another student drama honor group, the Thaliari society. its name COMMUNITY'S FOUNDER Hayward gets Phone Service Sub City Manager SAN LEANDRO, July 4-Lee Riordan, assistant to City Manager Wesley McClure, will take over the administrative reigns of the city during the letter's vacation from July 7 through July 21. NEW YORK, July 5 About two-thirds of all the households from William Hayward. one of many prominent pioneers bffUd la the lone Tret Cemetery.

Hayward purchased What lalet became townilte from Don Guillermo Castro. in the U.S. have telephone.

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