The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1937
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE,. (ARK.) COURIER' NEWS for ?•/'• The sum of.:^iwW.lias ween con"A tributed here' to ;the~. flood relief >;? : Iund,/ufi to'tiobn<tbdsy. The drive, Mvunder:tn6 dirccUim of Max 'Meyers S: arid SI, A. Ijynoli,.will continue for [•'^several ] more'.'<tays.-%i,'.'-. s -'; -.C6fttributlqns' ; riot "previously pub X ' lishe'du 'include: ; ; Cllfton..;to. . Scott, •i';. Coca-Cola "Bo'llling '•. Cbmija'ny" of ; ; : :.-BlythVvllle, Anderspn-Claylon Oot>: ton .Cp,,;G'.'>,W. taught, .G. G. BvHubfcard F^feHffre. Co'., Farmers ? i Sank and'.Tfusl Co., 'AVkarisas Mis- :i'-:-so'uri:.'Power,'"Co., post office cm- J ployes/$50 *a eh. ,.'•:'>; , JA.;'Gifts of $25' were made by: H. ^'High'flll, G.•:,£;::Keck, George E. ••i'Snlder, 'CiearyLake Farni,.R. -P. H'Paddison, E". ; C. Adxinson, Grabcr's S'-'DepBSVmVR't"stbre, 'Arkansas Gfo- V'cery.iTom W. Jackson, W. T. Bar- _nett, Huddles'ton Grocery, Nunn Provision Co , Courier News, Terry Abstract Co > ,Hlghflll and Doan Hole Co., E. O.vXdams, Chirle- \olx' chapter of DbUghtcre 'of the American Revolution; J, H. Roney, Dr. C.'B Lunsford, J, H..Smart, " DeSoto Co, Miss ;A.' R. Association; E. B. Lyman, Fred Warren. TMe surrt of $!&'each -was given by.-Charles S : l^hions,-:. Cotton . Farpi Co , Hugh Harbcrt, shbuse- Henry Hardware::•.'Co;, 1 .. Hiibbard '•Hardw-are Co., Fowler Drug Co. ' Norhlah H McCabij, 'HcliVy .Lute, Loujs'-AppleBau'm, Mrs. JaW'es Hill •Jn.ic. H HflH, \V. ^'.: Scruggs, Cecil-Shane, Rex Billiard Hall, R. D. Hughes, J. D.,McCann, Bly- theyille Gin Co./.Arkmp. Lumber Co ] 'Tom Little, Business arid Professional WfitAen's club', Max Meyers, iJojd V 'Wise, Moore and Blckerslall, Dr. li.. H'., Mcxjrc, J. L Kabers, 5. P. Mtjier,' Dr. Pep^»f ' Bottling Co , Terry'Service Station , Hayf storei "A Friend" gave $9. A. ;T, Cl6ar, }6 • •.,*.:•,;.'. V . '' ; Five dollars eachV.wis ^tven by > \Vhit GoodfnaVi, G' P. r Srrtlth, RaS vWorthinglon, John P.^ Le.ritl Jim. lor-jenior Parcn l-Te%cher ' Associa ; tiori,.caldmll Beauty "'s'hSp, R. L GAines, Dr, H t A;; TAylor,- Dr. J 'A. Saliffa, R. L .'IX«Bins l ;.\V.''P Hlgglnson, G H.; ^Grear, A. P Burks, F Simon,, Fair Deal Store First National Itisurance- Agcnc; IJoyd Stlckmon, g. 'G: •West,, War vin' Robinsoh, Osiar ?HardJi'\va'y. H C., Knappenbcrger,.3.'P. Hatchet "Mis . -, Jbtih Mi lesSMIffcrvf-Srk tihsa Binlde'rs Supply, : Jesse M. Rnssel Herrlck Watch Shbp,::Sam -Jlov tnan, Palace Cafey^Jbe Isaacs', -Jib del r s, J. , C Penney 1 " e'mploi'eS, Hard avyay Appliance Cd.v'AValpolc El^c trie Shop, Sheldon -' : H&11, Mea Clothing Co , J E.-'HSsson, 6. ^ BlnuftSns, Ike Miller, Mrs. .clareric IMdet, Ooyher Motor Sales, Rei aftd Evrard, Frapklin 'press, -Mrs JR. L. Logging, :I)ai> ,M. Dunkli E. t), FergusoSi,;Hap'py Hoiif'Grb eery B J AUen, l«rs ; 6ilic Ste\\ar *red Rutherford, b D. Charnbll W M Wallace, J D Needhai Marvin Criltendeli, George Game Renfcert WetefiVamp, Ellis Bros D B Abbott, Mrs O E Join son, J c Thurman, Mrs Alia Walton, H B. Lon? James Whit S ' P Gregory, Dog\\oo Rbpiiis, With THURSDAY, JANUARY' 28, 1937 'lie man holds the wide front, doors open mid another steers the. outboard motorhcnt right into lh'6 obbyl 6f; ih'e Win dobb '. Hotel 'at padiicnh, KyJ Though the first .flcoi'.was nodded;, the hotel was lade n concentration jtplnt for refugees because It Is on one of the town's highest points. Fourteen •ere riporlcd drovvncd, most of Hie 25,000 residents had fled, and troops' ruled under innrtlnl Jiuv. LOWEST. PRICES IN TOWN 3H W. MAIN ST., IJLYTirEVJLLB, ARK. PJRBCE3 FOR FKID.AY and SATURDAY- "Inb-ist On PASTEURIZED MILK for Your Children - - Pasteurized Milk Is-SAFE'-••*• No •Epidemic Has Ever Keen Traced To It GREEN'S PASTEURIZED MILK 23c STRAWBERRIES Red Ripe Pint Slicing Quality Lb.' Stalled by Mount inp; F1 odds Chase & Sanborn Lb. GRAPEFRUIT Extra Large . ..'.•' Each Slokely's , 2!VCan Iceberg Head 5 C VANILLA WAFERS Lb.Hox Lb.Box CRACKERS 2 LB BOX 15 CORNED BEEF A n Rio Can New fircen Pound MiSS LIBERTY BREAD ,„, 10 15 for Loaf RYEBflEAD Loaf 5 C Fancy Sliced Pound Campbell's Can Quart ..Full Dressed Pound BEEF LSVER Fresh and Tender Lb. In (he Piece Lb. 23 C Fresh Lb: illYSftUCE ill; H, the water HSes nnothcr foot the Shetland ppny, plcUired above, might have-to be moved, to n s'ecbild; floor'bcHrbbni. Tlie town is Paducah, Ky., where 28 .block? were under water and almost nil' of : the 25,000 residents had evacuated. The pony's muster, gave his pet an Impromptu stable on '..',••; ' the front porch, one of the few front "porches above water in Paducsih. L.,.. Ozler,' Leo Llntzenlch, Paul Buckley, Percy "Molt, Henry Wcr- icr, E M Rlchnrdson, Ralph Ad- ims,' E. c. Palton, "Cash",.Ernest Glrdley George Muir, Charles Alien ' Cash". H o Campbell, Murray Daniels, j Wetfb, Mrs r B. Clnne, S. E. E. Fox, Cherry Mrs Eidge Home Demonsfr'atloh" clu Antoiua Thompson, R L Bam ter, ilrs P^ 1, Husband, All WhStsItt, st fcrancis Drug Slor w P Schaffer, Drs Kles and Nie. - nltar soctelj of Church of I; maculate Conception, W L Ho ner, Mrs J o Sudbury, \v Lawler, Mrs J D BarVsdale, Youn ahd Cherry, T J Barnes, Bancro Terry, Mo« Ytck, Joe Elkins B H S Special, Broadway sales Co Mrs Renkert Wetcnkamp, s ^ Grav, Riley B Jones, H B Camv "bell, Carney Awning Co , Del Implements Inc , $4 each Farris McCalla, Galnes Mark uptota BooXcr Chester iuileT, Sir and Mrs w li. caldaell, « each Nell's and Minnie's Beautj Shop J W Adams, I. Rcsenlhal Mrs B p Gay, o. S Baggell, Ros Koonce, each $260 Charles Stethac, W II Glover Modem Beauty shop, iterlis colh- em, H Y Smith, W M Wil- llanis, R E Stringer, itrs Louise Stracke, ties, York slort, Ne* Economy Shop, JfaSSell's store, Grten Beetle Cafe, c a Redman . Loy Welch, George Ingram, c. C Wood, Dick Kerr, E j Spencer •'Cash', M T ' Moore, Broadway Lunch room, Tim Bfceden and Mickey Forrest, 0 C Dallas L C Dam, F16nne Jarboe. Mrs Abner Higgins, Mr and Mrs s L Roach, Ellen Bryan, Joe 6 Triesch- talri, Cecil Lowe, Mrs M.G Goodwin, William Lawshe, W O Guerin, Ben White,-j. w Young Florence Rile> Rush, each J2 v A Durham Revenue orBce Curtb TCelleV, ea6h 5! 50 p.^'Si }V hit *« th . fey Thomas, Ruth Bljthe, Garland Morgan p > E l Euoanks, Mike Simon, Bone' Barber -Shop, I,, g Lynch Murray Smart, "Bud', John Buchanan Jack Garrigan, Roy Hall, Dor- f'LS^, 1 ™"! ^^J, LWich room, Mrs. J >- -,---• Double Dip ice Cream P^Krf,' •Cash", Gladss Mick, H Hess, George MHunt, J M "" " ' ' j Street '.Grocery, A. D. French, .'H.' C Mcdlln, ri Medley, .Bill Maltn, 3atn whatlej Mrs J. L. i^cwsom, loe Ramcy, Bob Jones, Harvey Afonls, Bornins Drug Storj,, DeWitt Taylor, G. C. Buchanan, C. B. Kettlnger, Mrs. 0. J. Davis, W. t Ames J w Tnlly, "Mrs. B. P. Potter Sara Buckncr,. "dash", j. L Ncwsom J H 'noVinso'n, Kay Smith and iiarion Smith. "Cash", B r Brogdon J. 'W. Perry, Walk- 'r S^mith Bill Morse, John Chapin. J J Brjant, Pleas Yarbro, Mrs. Frank Vaidell, HKcy Hutchison, "A friend,' 1 each Mrs. Ritsscll Gaskin, "A Frienrt", Mrs. Ilcrtry Berry, ^jrs. Bay Flake. Eunice'Duncan, Charlie Ruth Blan- Vcnshlp Irene Crowder, Arrtle Peck, Adell Young. Roy Johnston, 'Cash", "Cash", "Cash", Jack Parker, Such" 50 cents. Grace Morris, Porter nt Blyllie- villc L:mndry, each 25 cents. Other contributions will be published tomorrow. Mac West Gets 1 'Vote For Police Relief Job WINCHESTER, Mass. (OP) — Mno West received one vole for "ice-president at the anmml election of of tiers of the local Police Relief Association. Patrolman Archie O'Comiell defeated the motion picture nctress. Rend Courier News Want Ads In the prevention of : : cqmmon colds !t is highly important that normal elimination be maintained. .Itiicy Dozen Head 20 BEANS Fresh Lb. 10 Yellow Lb. SYRUP OF Easily given lo Children Seminole ;{ Holls 21/2 Can Loose Gallon PEACHES Evaporated Lb. BAKERS COCOA Lb. Can 14 C Evauoralcd Lb. Dressed Pound 33c Best Cream 24-Lb. Sk. The " ^'^|| Centrifugal Force - - Oi *'TJu6w" of universal joint action— the use of a heavy bodied clinging lubricant- May vve show it to you and explain why it i s best for jour car? —Let's Lubricate. armers' l\loro than 250,000 members .borrowed through their own co-operative Production Credit Association in 1036. Your local organization is receiving applications, for 1937 CROP LOANS now. • ' Offices Locate;! at, ; Osceola'..; Halo mid"Tucker''Bldg. A. T. Bell and \\. K. .Jlilner in charge. Blytheville ...: Ill Norlh Second St. Gordon Evrard and F. A. Bell in charge. Lcachville LcacVivillc Bank Bldg. Gordon Evrard will be liere on 'fuesday and Thursday of Each Week. ' Other Representatives: I 1 '. P. Jacobs, Grider President R. C. Bryan, Osceola Vice-l'res. I/. P. Nicholson, Tyronx.a Director It. C. KnappenbcrKer, Hlythevillc Director C. S. Stevens, Blytheville ....' Director John Benrden, Lcachville Loan Committocman J. 0. Young, Osccoh Inspector John W. Masters, Lcachville Inspector Serving Mississippi County Miller's Large 1'kg. American ^1^ Can V 2 Standard CO Can « Argo Lge. 2'/, Can 15c BEANS Phillips Can BEANS Phillips Can Large Can ' Special Kach Process Pound 33c 'Small Size I'kg. liox Smoky or Vigo • Can 5c PURE LARD 4-Lb. Pail 70' SORGHUM Tennessee Gallon Special Each 2 Cans 5 C Red, Sour Pilled No. 2 Can COFFEE Miss Liberty Lb. COFFEE Pride of Memphis Lb. COFFEE Lord Chcslerlield Lb. PDRK & BEANS Libb.v'.s Can Chu\n , Tall Can Large Size 3-Lb. Can Gisml Bar Shibley's Best 2-l-Lb. Sack

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