Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 21, 1952 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1952
Page 4
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r — * MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1952 ID AIL I BXCEP1 IUHOATI MT rlftMOU NEWS BSTABL1IBIS 1171 MT VEHNOM aEOISTXU ESTABUIRED ISBS OOKSOLnUTBD IIPTSMISB IS. 1020 EDWLM UACRAWAI 0. J rBOMPSOB OBiAi* METCAUT • L 8HEH0RH • IttOI BnBnut Uk/iatei Plant SapwlJiMndant MEMBEB OF rHE ASSOCIATED PUESB— Tha Ajaortat*) Pt*m l» e*cJim»«U an tltlMl U> Ul» <IM 101 Uw PODIIOMIOD 0 , newt cwdltad lo II w Ml athanrlaa credit M us «hl» wear *»d •••• Uw k **' °* w ' aubllahad maram Cnttrad Beeood Claa. m.tlai oorlmtlon throuth tha maJla »i »« p o« OHIea »« •*<"»' »•»*»• nitoolA nnda. tha of Maron I, ItW- BUBSGKUTiO* IATM Aubacrlptiona muii ba said la §<1 TUI Br mtli lafftraon oogitf «ad *4- lolnlni counUaa CHM raa« 0 mo* S3 76 S •« tS.M I aao Br mall muuU lafferaaa sa6 Ad- lofnioj aoantiar wlibin 260 ml Mai reai ts.00 8 mat to 00 < tioa. S3.26 par atari* month omnia* 3*0 nrila* raa. W.Oo e ffl« 16 76' S rnoa 18 76' ana month Dellvaraa' bj earrUt la idt» par waaS . •«.0O 1.00 lib IJO J6 4 Thought For Todoy Who, when they wrre com. dew*, fnfti »•* «*•», 'hat the, might receive the Holy GheSaj-Aett i.ll. Prayer moves the hand which moves tha wotM.—Wall»c«. iiorial VALIANT SOUTH KOREAN TROOPS ONCE MORE PROVI THIIft MfTTLI A GOOD deal is being said these day* about pulling American troops out of the Korean lines and leaving the South Koreans to do battle against the CommunlBU. Anyone who roads the war headline* cannot have failed to notice that in the most Important recent struggle—the contest for the summit of White Horse Hill—the South Koreans have borne the brunt of,both attack and defense. In one week 's time the hill changed hands 24 times, while the .battle raged continuously through bitter days and freezing nights. Through all this the South Korean soldlci 'R proved their mettle as jlghtlng men, as indeed they often have before. * • • • I " T is also true, of course, that often in the past the portions of the line held by South Koreans have turned out to be the weakest blinks in the Allied defense. But mostly this was not because the ^Korean soldiers lacked courage; it reflected more their lack of cx- rperlencc and of equipment, ' For many months now, the U. S. commanders In the field 'have been engaged In an extensive training program aimed at making up this deficiency. Thousands upon thousands of South Koreans ;«re being prepared for more effective military duty. Some of these jin Its arc already carrying part of the load. ffQ be sure, the complete replacement of American and other non;| Asiatic forces by South Koreans may be a long way off. And jit best we shall certainly have to equip and supply even the finest jhatlve troops. f But It in unfair to suggest that the employment of South Koreans jn defense of their own land is a new idea. It surely would not aocrti Very new to a South Korean who has been struggling valiantly to Jjold the summit of White Horse Hill. I JOINT CHIEFS BEAR TOO HEAVY A BURDEN hit. VANNEVAR BUSH, the eminent scientist, rarely speaks with- \f ,out provoking thought on the Issue before him, Recently he dwelt Upon the facts of life In the Pentagon, and his arguments command attention. He doclares that Pentagon operations are dangerously confused, The chief trouble, be says, Is that the Joint Chiefs of Staff play a double role—they serve as the nation's top military command and also as the principal military planning agency. Bush believes no single organization can do both Jobs well. For one thing, planning tends to become too conventional, too unimaginative when it is done by the same men who must execute the plans. Military officers who are aware of the practical difficulties that stem from new ways of doing are slow to yield to revolutionary devices or tactics. , In a world where another great war might be decided by the matter of who gets there first with the newest, It is a serious handicap to depend on a planning agency fettered by the restraints of old methods. Furthermore, as now constituted, the Joint Chiefs can arrive at In formal agreements while sitting as a planning group and then execute them as a high command—without ever submitting the arrangements to check by civilian secretaries. In Bush 's view, this clearly departs from the Intent of the military unification law that the armed forces be securely under civilian control. And, fundamentally, to ask the members of the Joint Chiefs to wear two hat Is to Impose too heavy a burden upon them. When they must be both planners and executors, they can do neither task as effectively as If their function wu • single one. What Bush is talking about Is not mere dry Organizational set-up The questions the Joint Chiefs must determine include this: How much of our money and effort should be put into offensive preparations, like the build-up of strategic bombing and the tactical use of A-bombs, and how much Into defense against enemy air attack? Obviously we need sonic kind of balance, and the decision as to where that, bnlancc lies Is critical to our survival. The man who takes office as prcsidont next Jan. 20 ought to give high priority on his agenda of action to the issue of getting effective, imaginative, clear planning effort from the Pentagon. There Is a reasonable doubt that we are getting it now in the area of our most crucial military decisions. Screen Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Screen actress, Forrest 6 She is a performer 11 Parts of H stair 13 Playing cards in _ ,. , 1 14 Endow legally ° Domestic slave I«M „„, v.,-1, 12 Avers 4 New Guinea port 5 Yards (sb.) 6 Entangle 7 British money of account 8 Ballot 9 Roman road 15 New York island 16 Masculine appellation 17 Wallaba 19 Before 20 Changed 24 Scottish youths 27 Mountain nymph 31 Obliquely 32 Roof edge 33 Heavenly body • 34 Pesters 36 Cut with a s; 38 Bartereri 39 Trappers 41 Fourth * o m. T A K • * l» A • K i B U 1 A p • W u T A * T * A • • c • B • A • • »» • 1 * * C 0 A M 1 M A Mi 1 • • K o L. m m M 1 O K m 1 c B P E C • • at • * 1 • r N P o A M • N c A N 1 at St a o W L. • a p ',:< 1 o N 1 a i O as m. A 1 U o A P a A a • St \ tsl A • T O a 4 a X £ A at at B L. a 13 Former 26 Sketch 41 Arabian Russian ruler 28 Facility 42 Learning 18 Footlike part 29 Asseverate 43 Wading bird 20 Idolizes SO Layer of stones 45 Greater 21 Fairy fort (Scot.) 22 Daybreak 34 Tendencies (comb, form) 35 Auricle 23 Fears 24 Young girl 25 Recorded proceedings 37 Down (sb.) 38 Malayan pewter coin 40 River islands quantity 46 Eternity (ab.) 47 Scatters 49 East (Fr.) 50 Legal point 52 Greek letter 53 Snooze ,44 John (Gaelic) 45 Encountered ,48 She has t appeared in a j thriller by I Louis Stevenson 0! Indicate 84 Gets up 55 Looked fixedly 106 Outdoes 17 Mimickers VERTICAL ! 1 Mix ' 2 Italian river } 3 Musterin| of t troops ^ I 1 z i a r- II a"! li w * 16 w. i 17 U P P *" Zl a u i si w w SI 5~ w r ir H * 1 N! ft Hi m i * I"" i P ?• w n w M tr St. TheyU Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo B\~ WATCHING THE HEAO- WAITER MAKE A HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION OUT OF A SIMPLE SALAD DRESSING TUB HA7 TO I * MAX. M/A/TZ, % Marlow The World Today CX)MMUNIST PARTY IN V. S. ACCUSED AH RUSSIAN TOOL Ky ,1AM ES MARLOW WASHINGTON — (AP) — The American Communist party . will be in the news awhile In connection with the government's effort to prove it's a Russian stooge. The government is proceeding against the Communists In two ways under two difforent laws: (1) against the leaders and (2) against the parly as a party. • * • • The leaders— In 1048 — under the Smith Act passed in 19-10 -» the government prosecuted and convicted some of the top Communist leaders on charges of conspiring to teach overthrow of this government. The Supreme Court upheld their conviction. Given this encouragement, the government took out after — and is continuing to do soother Communist leaders from coast to coast. More than 80 have been indicted and more than a score convicted. » a * » The party— III 1950 Congress decided' to spotlight the party itself and give the government various controls over it. It passed the Internal Security Act. Congress said there Is a Communist conspiracy to take over the world, directed by a "foreign power," meaning Russia, which sets up "action" and "front" organizations in other countries to carry out its plans. Then, the law said, all Communist "action" and "front" groups must register with the government, with the "action" organization revealing the names of its members and where it gets its money. • a * • If Ihn American Communist party registered, it would be ad' mlttlng It was a Russian agent, under the language of the act. It didn't, Anticipating this, the law provided for what follows: The attorney general declared the Communist party an "action" group. A panel for the Subversive Activities Control Board held hearings to decide whether the Communist party is an "action" organization and, therefore, must register. • a a a The panel umiouiieed Monday, after considering three million Words of testimony that the American Communist party Is a Russian tool of action" group. The full board is expected to agree. Will the Communist party have to roglstor then? No. It certainly will appeal to the U. S. Court of Appeals, asking that the Security Act Itself be declared unconstitu- tllnal. No matter what the Appellate Court decides, the case will go to the Supreme Court for final decision. That may not come for another two years. Your FROZEN FOOD LOCKER PLANT Is Your Frozen Food Center Whether you rent a locker or own a deep freezer we will be glad to assist you with your frenser problems. RENT A LOCKER NOW FOR AS LITTLE AS 4 CENTS PER DAY. MT. VERNON FR0Z-N-F00DS 1413 Bdwy — Phone 3630 L. A. flefflngton, Owner Licensed Under the 111. Pure Pood Dir. CUT YOUR FOOD BUDGET Muriel Lawrence The Mature Parent Children Go for Parents Who i Give Orders Simply, Clearly By MURIEL LAWRENCE Someday Stub's brown hair will lie meekly down, neat and close to his head. Now it won't. Now his 7Vi-year -old hair looks, as he yanks off his baseball cap, as though it were trying to grow in several directions at Once. His T-shirt is dirty. Into his mother's kitchen he brings the clean smell of children's sweat, of summer and sun. His nose is peeling. On the table is a pile of corn to be shucked' for dinner. Stub shoves them aside to make room for his cap, mitt and baseball bat. When two ears of corn fall to the floor, he ignores them. Sniffing loudly, he reaches on tiptoe for the shelf above the sink. When he has filled his glass with water, he drinks thirstily with happy gasps of satisfaction. Then lifting his shoulder, he wipes his mouth against his shirt sleeve and says to his mother, "We Just chased that kid sister of Whitey's home again. We chased her for good. She makes me sick to my stummlck the way she hangs around ..." Stub's mother listens until he has relieved some of his indignation at Whitey '8 kid sister. Then she says, "Stub, put your cap, your mitt and your bat In the hall closet." Stub obeys. He likes the way his mother knows what she wants done and lets him know. Ho likes her simple directions. They do not ask him to think, but to act. His mind is occupied with outrage and sympathy for Whitey whose kid sister insists on persecuting him with her attentions. So he Is grateful not to be asked to consider the virtues of neatness or the Inconvenience of baseball equipment on kitchen tables. He is glad to have a mother who does the thinking and only asks action from a little boy. When Stub was a baby, h i s mother squeezed oranges to get their juice for him. When she had the juice, she threw the pulp away. She did not feed the pulp to Stub because she knew that his baby digestion could not separate the nutritious Juice from the coarse fibre. So she performed this digestive function for him. Now, when she gives Stub simple orders, she again performs a digestive function for him. Knowing that he cannot distinguish between what is essential and non-essential in what is said to him, Stub's mother strains her talk to give him the essence of her meaning. She says, "Put your belongings in their place." What she has done is not easy. It Is not easy, for example, to say to Kathie returning from an errand without the cream we've been waiting to whip for supper, "Go back, Kathie—and get the cream we need." The overwhelming temptation is to say, "You mean to tell me you forgot my cream? Where's your head, for MAURICE E. ESTES INSURANCE AGENCY All Kinds of Insurance 601 South 10th on Virginia Office Ph. 8502—Rrniifencr 8450 Open All Day Sato, day ! T. B. RUSSELL AUCTIONEER Land, Furniture. Farm. Phone Mt V. 127. 170 Hoyleton. Satisfaction guaranteed. All sales broadcast over WMIX. CTARLAHD Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday RAGING TIGER WITH HIS FISTS ROARING LION WITH A GUN.. RICHARD Pro***) by N.EX GOTTIIEB • Directed be WKSCHT KIM Saeenplty t* ABM KANDCl and HCRKOT KIM tfcrf m IMS 10MXM • *> *• Gottua) PrcMnlttioa ttteaud Him OMat Mia Tht) Starland Drive-In Theatre will close for this season after next Saturday night. The theatre wishes to thank all its patrons and friends who have made our opening year such a success. We invite you to attend the Mt. Vernon Drive-In Theatre on the WaltonVille Road which will remain open all winter with Electric In Car Heaters which will keep your car comfortably warm. • Dr. Jordan The Doctor Says Your Manners You are entertaining guests in your yard and find that neighbors' children have arrived as uninvited guests. WRONG: Feci there is nothing you can do about the situation. RIGHT: Explain to them that you have guests and ask them to come back another time. Japanese Royalty At Boxing Bouts 9y tisoclatad *tm YAMAGATA, Japan — Emper- ror Hirohito and Empress Nagako witnessed their first boxing bouts today — and had a somewhat uneasy time. Both appeared relieved when a towel was thrown into the ring by a nervous second whose fighter was being chased around the ring. heaven 's sake ? Now maybe the store's closed and it's too late to get my cream for supper. If vou'd only listen to what is said to you, y*u wouldn't have to run errands twice." The overwhelming impulse is to discuss our emotions about shortcake without cream, the littered table, the unmade bed, the rip in the new shorts. It takes self-discipline to say simple, clearly without rancor, "Get the cream, clear the table, make the bed, get my needle and thread." The fact is, simple orders force us to think before we speak. They force us to speak without complaints, without reproaches. &tub=arrn v K r athie do not think as clearly as we do, but their intuitions are sharp. They go for parents who can give orders simply, clearly, without rancor because they sense that such a parent has already exerted discipline upon himself. Shingles May Develop With Or After Acute Infections By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service An attack of shingles, or herpes zoster as it is known medically, is merely an unpleasant experience which fades into a memory for most victims of this pecujiar disorder. For some, ,however, particularly elderly people, shingles is a severe, long-lasting affair, causing a great deal of suffering, taxing the patience of the individual, and presenting a real problem of medical care. Judging by the constant stream of letters received by this column on the subject of shingles, the latter situation is by no means uncommon. Herpes is an acute inflamation accompanied by characteristic blisters on the skin, involving only that part of the skin which is reached by certain nerves. It occurs on one side of the body only and is especially common around the chest, just over and parallel to the ribs, on the forehead, face, lower back and abdomen. The blisters (which appear several days after the pain starts) begin to open and dry up in a few days and finally disappear altogether. In young and middle-aged people this is about all there is to it, but in older people severe neuralgic pains often last for months. Herpes may develop with or immediately after acute infections like pneumonia or meningitis; it can come in epidemics or .without any cause which can be identified. It is probably caused by a tiny, living organism called a virus. An interesting point about shingles is its relation to chickenpox, which is also a disease caused by a virus. Small epidemics of herpes have developed at the same time as epidemics of chickenpox, and there seems good reason to believe that an occasional person can develop chickenpox from contact with a patient with shingles and the other way around. X-Ray Is One Treatment Many kinds of treatment have THIS YEAR BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE FROM THE OPTIMIST CLUB v All Proceeds Go to Their Boywork Program J)"'jVn Advance Sales Are Being Handled by '"' / '" > ^' Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Optimist Members Christmas Tree Lot Will Be Located at VENTRESS USED CAR LOT 505 SOUTH 10th STREET M iVERNON DRIVE III THEATRE • LAST TIMES TONIGHT • Siftctr Roim • Fred Aden Victsf Ibert - Marirri Wo«ro« Md Wayne En Art^Pad DeaclK EJdw tockN-ktti Etpr- Ms CaNn ZsaZsa faker — WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY — ONLY OUR LARii THIATRI fCtllN CAN MIM YOU THRILLS LIKI THIS IN PUMINtt COLOR I •terns ANXRUM • tafias KENNEDY • Join RKELY CINECOLOR SHOW EVERY'NIGHT—RAIN OR CLEAR Traffic Hazard Is Eliminated By Sisoelatad 'rass TOKYO — A truck carrying an 18-ton U. S. Army tank crashed into a building today when its brakes failed and demolished the structure. That ended the petition campaign of suburban residents who had been seeking removal of the building as a traffic hazard. been used for shingles with greater or lesser degrees of success. Among the more recent methods is the use of X-rays. When herpes- develops on the forehead, it can move down into the' eye and this can bp a most serious and painful condition. It seems possible that sooner or later one of the anti-biotic relatives of penicillin may turn out to be of real value in treatment—especially if given early in the course of the disease. In long-lasting nerve pain following shingles, nerve sureery may offer the only means of bringing relief. Permanent Anti-Freeze $2.50 Per Gallon While It Lasts! LELAN CARR Residence on Waltonville Rd. CARPENTER WORK For all types of rnrpenter work, repairs. I will also draw your plans. Work Guarnnteed Free Estimates NORRIS THOMASON Phone 4499-M—(501 E. Perkins Movie Time Table -GRANADA - "SON OF PALE FACE" 2:40 - 4:55 • 7 :05 - 9:15 -STADIUM- "BACK AT THE FRONT" 2:45 - 4:55 - 7:10 - 9:20 -PLAZA"ARMY BOUND" 2:00 - 4:35 - 7:15 - 9:50 "KIT CARSON" 3:00 - 5:35 - 8:15 Granada Now Showing Stadium /Vow Showing Test EWII1 Htnray LEMIECK • Marl IUNCHAR0 AUNIyCU»l.lN!E«NATIOMAl PICIU»E -Plaza- -ENDS TODAY- Stanley Clements in "ARMY BOUND" plus Dana Andrews in "Kit Carson" Starts Wednesday TM OMLT um m *a owruua «•*«... tm m tmoTtui MVOttTE tHUi WAYNE •TANEGRfYS He TOWH -Plus Action Co-Feature— IMIWOIPN SCOTT m ZMMSGRSYS BUFFALO STAMPEDE

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