Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 9, 1976 · Page 12
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 12

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 9, 1976
Page 12
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today Legals Legals Legals In Garden City — Hospitals ADMISSIONS At St. Catherine Saturday Debbie S. Anderson, 1104 Hamline Yolanda Corpus, 613 N. 8th Jill Drieling, 911'/*. E. Fair Andy Guebara, 505 N. 13th Lena Munoz, 2330 W. Kansas Steven K. Oliver, 304 N. 3rd Diann Routon, 1105 Boots Road Cliffton Sanchez, 211 S. 12th Sunday Carla Sue Brown, 1009 N. llth Kelsey Brown, Syracuse Norman C. Eatinger, Lakin Emilia Fernandez, Tribune Philip E. Gerber, 1209 Gibson Wayne A. Hazlett, Lenora Bobby Joe Fuller, Tribune Marcellyn Knoll, 311 N. 12th Virgil Morris, Scott City Layne Nichols, Copeland Travis R. Pinkerton, Kismet Melinda R. Slate, Lakin Michell L. Slate, Lakin Elnora E. Sloan, Rt. 1 Vereta E. Tutle, 1206 Walker Alma Florence Webb, H&H Trailer Court Freddie J. Westeman, Syracuse DISMISSALS Saturday Cory Atkinson, Rt. 1 Jesse D. Avila, 1305 New York Ave. Tobie Bascue, Rents Trailer Court Mrs. T. Lee Hazelton, Syracuse Mrs. Robert Hoch and baby boy, RR 1 Mrs. Charles E. Moore, Deerfield Mrs. Eddie Newman and baby girl, Rt. 1 Pauline F. Nicholson, Lakin Mrs. Daniel L. Rios and baby girl, 2002 St. John Mrs. Rod Smith and baby boy, Cimarron Melvin E. Taylor Sr., 1002 Taylor Mrs. Joseph L. Van Baale, 2901 N. 8th Sunday Mrs. Juan Corpus, 613 N. 8th Jason Harris, Deerfield C. B. SPECIAL R.C.A. C.B. •^Illuminated S-RF Meter 4t External Speaker Jack •JfrP. A. Speaker Jack #12 Volt D.C. Positive or Negative Ground •ft LED Transmit Light Built in noise limiter & Lead control Detachable hand held microphone Installed with Antenna ONLY *148°° MODERN RADIO-T.V. SERVICE 626 X. 8th Garden City, Ks 275-5251 INTEREST EXEMPT* '600,000 City of Garden City, Kansas Industrial Development Revenue Bonds Wheat Lands Motel and Restaurant, Inc. $5,000 Denomination Semi-Annual Interest August 1 and February 1 Tax Free Yields From 6.5% - 8.25°/J ^Interest Exempt, in the opinion of counsel from all present Federal and Kansas Income and Intangible property taxes. Offering: These bonds are offered when, as, and if received by the underwriters and subject to the opinion of bond counsel. Offering is made only by prospectus which may be obtained from the undersigned upon request and without obligation. For additional contact: information and-or offering circular, First Municipal Corp. 425 First National Bank Bldg. Wichita, Kansas 67202 316-262-3481 Mid Continent Municipal Investments Century Plaza Building Wichita, Kansas 67202 316-262-5161 Andy Guebara, 505 N. 13th John R. Huey, 2520 N. Main Steven K. Oliver, 304 N. 3rd Mrs. Paul P. Ortiz, 2301 N. Main Courts County Harold Ray Miller, 207 N. 2nd, charged with burglary. Bound over to district court. He remains in jail in lieu of $1000 bond. Steven Adam Zerr, 501 N. 2nd, charged with possession of marijuana and littering. Hearing set for Aug. 30. Released on $500 bond. DISTRICT Delbert Gene Garrett, 1209 Pinecrest, charged with parole violation. Parole revoked. Sentenced to serve remainder of one to 10 year sentence received in 1973. Thefts Between Tuesday, Aug. 3, and Thursday, lawn sprinkler, valued at $30, from 1602 Mike's Dr. Between Friday, July 30 and Tuesday, Aug. 3, 12 flashing road barricades- taken at construction site one mile north of US156 on Jennie Barker Road. Six owned by Cummings Earth Moving and six owned by Finney County Road Dept. Total value $300. Vandalism Thursday morning, Aug. 5, ice pick holes punched in four tires of vehicle at Plaza West Furniture parking lot, unknown damage amount. Wednesday night, Aug. 4, windows broken on garage, 900 block N. 9th, cost unknown. Thursday, Aug. 5, rock thrown through garage window, 504 Conkling, $10 damage. Thursday, Aug. 5, 10 p.m., person kicked in side of car at Finnup Park, $50 damage. Thailand, Vietnam Reach Agreement BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) — Thailand and Vietnam agreed to establish diplomatic relations^ today and vowed that neither country would serve as "an aggressive base" against the other. Thai Foreign Minister Bhichai Rattakul and his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Duy Trinh, signed a joint com- munique in -Hanoi pledging "friendly and good-neighborly relations" in the future. Radio Hanoi announced the pact which comes less than a month after the last American combat and support troops pulled out of Thai bases. In Bangkok, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said the Thai cabinet' also approved reopening of trade relations with Vietnam, flights by airlines of each country over the other's territory and repatriation of Vietnamese refugees living in Thailand since the early 1950s. Legals (Published in the Garden City Telegram Monday, August 9. and Friday. August 13, 19761 CITY OF GARDEN CITY, KANSAS NOTICE TO BIDDERS FIRE TRUCK AND EQUIPMENT Sealed bids for the fire truck and related equipment for the City of Garden City, Kansas will be received by Tim Knoll. Deputy City Clerk, at the City Hall. 116 East Chestnut Street, Garden City. Kansas, on or before 10:00 A.M.. Central Daylight Savings Time, August 25, 1976. at which time they will be publicly . opened and read. Copies of the Plans and Specifications are on file at the Office of the City Clerk. Garden City, Kansas, and are available for public inspection and available to bona fide bidders. Proposals will be considered from only established manufacturers who regularly build equipment of the type specified within the continental limits of the United States of America. The City reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid it deems most beneficial to the City. Attention is called to the fact that the City will not discriminate against the manufacturer, supplier, or . the successful bidder because of race, color, icligion. sex. or national origin. Tim Knoll Deputy City Clerk 1271) (Published in the Garden City Telegram on Monday, August 9 and August 16, 19761 IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY KANSAS In the interest of LISA HERNANDEZ, GILBERT HERNANDEZ. JOE HERNANDEZ, IRENE HERNANDEZ. MAUKIO HERNANDEZ, ROGER HERNANDEZ, ROSEMARY HERNANDEZ, minors under the age of sixteen. NOTICE OF HEARING 76-154J 76-156J OF KANSAS TO THE PARENTS LEGAL AND ALL PERSONS will be entered in due course upon said petition. MICHAEL QUINT PETITIONER Michael Quint Finney County Deputy Attorney 206 W. Pine Garden City. Kansas 67846 1276) (Published in the Garden City Telegram, Monday, August 2, August 9, and August 16, 1976) STATE OF KANSAS. FINNEY COUNTY, SS: IN THE PROBATE COURT OF SAID COUNTY AND STATE IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JACK L. ANDERSON, deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING No. 5507 THE' STATE OF KANSAS TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED: You are hereby notified that a petition 'las been filed in said court by Hazel M. .ucas nee Anderson as daughter and one ul (he heirs-al-law of Jack L. Anderson, deceased, praying for the determination of the descent of the following described real rslalein Finney County, Kansas, towit: All ill that portion,'6f Section Nineteen 119) Township Twenty-four (24) Kangt- Thirty-two (32) west of the Sixth P.M. which is described as follows: For a point of beginning, begin at an iron stake in the fence in the east line of said Section Nineteen (19) and on the norlli side of Burnside Drive, run west :IOO feet to an iron stake, this is I he place of beginning, run north WX) feet to an iron slake, west 375 fe1. south 800 feet, thence east 375 feel 'o the point .of beginning. and all other properly, and personal, or interests therein, owned by the said Jack L. Anderson at the lime of his death; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 24 day of August. 197(1. at 10:00 of said day. in said court, in the City of Garden City in Finney County. Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said petition. Hazel M. Lucas nee Anderson. Petitioner DANIEL & OWEN IU W. Pine - P.O. Box 852 Garden City. Kansas 67846 Attorneys for the Petitioner 1258) THE STATE NATURAL GUARDIANS CONCERNED You are hereby notified that a petition has been filed in the above entitled court by Micha%l Quint, Finney County Deputy Attorney praying (of an Order and Decree of said court declaring Lisa, Gilbert, Joe. Irene. Maurio, Roger and Rosemary Hernandez to be dependent and neglected children: that the court exercise the parental power of the state relative to said children and permanently sever the parental rights of Margie Hernandez, Paul Hernandez, and Stella Hernandez, and you are hereby required to' file your written defenses thereto on or before the 19th day of August. 1976, at 1:00 p.m. of said day in said Court, in the Juvenile Courtroom of the County Courthouse, in the County of Finney. City of Garden City. State of Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fail therein judgment and decree (Published in tlie Garden City Telegram on Monday August 2. August 9 and August 16. 1976) IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF FINNEY COUNTY. KANSAS ROBERT D. HALL PLAINTIFF —vs— . DEBORAH L. HALL DEFENDANT NOTICE OF SUIT NO. 15475 STATE OF KANSAS TO DEBORAH L. HALL, and all other persons who are or may be concerned: You are hereby notified that a Petition has been filed in the District Court of Finney County. Kansas, by Robert D. Hall, praying judgment against you for a decree of absolute divorce, and for all other proper relief: you are hereby required lo plead to said Petition on or before the 13th day of September. 1976, in said Court at Garden City. Kansas. Should you fail therein, judgment and decree will be entered in due course upon said Petition. ROBERT D. HALL. Plaintiff DON VSETECKA I IB West Pine Street Garden City. Kansas G7B4G Attorney for Plaintiff I26»> Page 12 Garden City Telegram Monday, Aug. 9,1976 «——"••• SEVERAL STATE Hot Line AREA LOCATOR FOR CARS AND TRUCK PARTS *s Service HUMPHREY-BARBER AUTO SALVAGE Burnside Drive 1 mile east of South Highway 83 Garden City, Kansas 67846 HAROLD BARBER-Owner PHONE (316) 275-5534 FREE Pick up on disabled or junked vehicles Buyers Sellers of used old wrecked vehicles. Help Keep Garden City Clean! TUESBAY EVENING FOR LADIES ONLY PLEASE ObB FflSfllONEB SPEGML LADIES FILET INCLUDES TEXAS TOAST AND CHOICE OF POTATO OF NORTH HIGHWAY 83 GARDEN CITY Serving Only USDA Beef V , NO CARRY OUT ORDERS — Paid Adv. — Gamand's Grains of Sand SOLID AS A MEETING HOUSE There is an old expression "solid as a meeting house". It was used to describe something or someone that was strong and sturdy and dependable. In the days of the early settlers of this country each settlement had a meeting house where the folks gathered to conduct the business of the n " n Shaver settlement or to hold their religious meetings and s&cial gatherings. These buildings were built through the combined efforts of the settlers, each doing his share of the work and contributing his share of the materials that went into the construction. . These buildings were built of heavy logs or stone according to the natural materials available in that particular area. The walls were thick and the roof strong and with a steep enough slope to shed the rain and snow. The stones were laid with care and mortar of strength was used to bind them together. If logs were used they were especially selected and carefully hewn by the best axes in the settlement. They were notched and laid just so and the doors and windows were made strong so that they could be secured against the weather of savages. So it was a high tribute when it was said of a man that he was as solid as a meeting house. It not only meant that he was strong of body, but' that he was dependable and could be counted on in a pinch. It meant that his character was strong and his word could be accepted without question. The same expression was sometimes used to describe a business institution. One that was strong financially and honest in its dealing with its customers. "Solid as a meeting house" bespoke integrity. 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