The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 24, 1948 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1948
Page 6
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In the Good Old Summer Time - Lots of News of Malvern Folk - - Phone 5551 THE MALVERN LEADER* MALVERN, IOWA, JUNE t4, If4« Mr* AM Mv«. frnm Am«v» Sunday for O«rf« w t-wnainrd and In Ktnr.r*on with hrr A R htme, ,t, li. l.oomr-r nml *on nf Walter n. tllnghnm of Ma) Mason city are vlsltlnir with her vern has enrolled In the Vntvwsl- •—-..-.. ...... ., .v,, „,,,, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Soott ty of Kansas summer session. HP In the PYnnk llertjs home. npss ' Charles Hrflln and Airs. Paul SepRpr attended the wedding of n friend In Nebraska , „ Hprmn " T <""P returned Home Saturday a week ago from Tucson, Aria, where she has spent ">P Past year recuperating from Maxine spent Father's Day in asthma. She will spend the sum- horn f» Mr, and Mrs. Sfllfcrf Jnno 2ft K\ the Merry hotpMal In ronnoll Mr. nnd Mrs Leonard . Kvwn Whlsler this wwk, Thursday for their home In Sun- nyslde, Wash . after a week's « visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Polim. Tornado Methodist Choir trontlMiiMl from p«R« D NflMCd OfliC€l*S Mr. and Mrs. KtiRr-nn Mori?, nnd ehlldren of Algnnn returned home Tuesday after n few days vt«tt City Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Clay Griffin and .., \vpst of the Hlllyer farm „„., moved from 6 to 12 feet from its foundations. T\vo or three other hulldlngs at the place were de- The families of F. A. Mulhol- stroyed. No one was living In the land and W. W. Afstropo and h orne n t the time. <1 ?f 1R -on <>r a ' hP °' hpr cnll()ren of tho n ' C ' After passing the Hlllyer farm Mr* T " M <5tmni» <!«H r»J' ^ inner w ' ith Ml '' Hopp ' Katn8r *' o f Al Gilmore and Dwlght Shaw. Mrs. J. M. Strong and Car- nfiy at nls home ln G i enwo od. ^ ^ homcg were moved abflut "- Hopp had a paralytic stroke R foQt from the|r toundatlons . »•>•-.>«..v. ki]J V t I I * III III; I £1 l./rt.T J II *»-....«, ^l Hi. 11 I 1 i f? | f^T I HI LllV B U 111" 1 Bedford with the latter's parents, m *r months here and possibly „... ,, U j, P ..„„ ., ,..,.0..^^ <"•""- R f 00t f rotn their foundations. Prof, and Mrs. Ralph Enstrom ! flst Jamiar y nnd lias DPen bed - The rest of the buildings on the 1 children Mary and George ™ st slnce ° ut is improving fftm were adaed t o the already ... Freeport, 111. were Tuesday sIowly - large list of wrpffcpH linllrHnes. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McClure rallprs at.the Presbyterian Manse. Mr ' and Mrs ' J ' ^- /'a mere One of j^g fl d family and Charles McClure Dr. Enstrom Is' head of the de- * nd da "ehter Joan of Cleveland. jn Mn , s CQUnty me in Thursday from Redwood partment of speech and forens- "" ar . e visitin P the latter s sis- farm of char]e The Methodist choir for the summer's work Thursday after a hamburger fry got Members together. Officers named Included Mrs. Orville Starr, president; Armina Ellison, vice-president; Bob Blckley, secretary and treasurer; Maida Fox, librarian. The group will meet each Thursday at 8 p. m. for rehearsals. The vitamin A value ttf mtl* nM butter varte* with the nmnunt of carotene In the ration of the cow Research on feeds Indicates fcnsu bllity ot producing milk products of uniform vitamin A value the around. in the Want Ads! Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Madison, longer if her health permits. O f Freeport, 111. "were Tuesday slowl >'- large list of wrecked buildings. Due to the rain they remained Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McClure rallprs at.the Presbyterian Manse. Mr ' and Mrs - J ' »"• /'aniere One of the first farms to be hit over "'Kht. and family and Charles McClure Dr. Enstrom Is' head of the de- * nd da "eMer J°an of Cleveland. jn Mn , s CQUnty wftg ^ ^m,^ Pfc. Gene Sullivan who has ™nie in Thursday from Redwood partment of speech and forens- °" R ^ e visitiri P the latter s sis- farm of char i eg w Kayton two spent two weeks leave with his Falls, Minn, for a few days visit Irs at Freeport College. ter, Mrs. L. J, Harldeman, and mileg south of g^ahan on which mother. Mrs. William Shere and wi "» relatives and friends. They Mr. nnd Mrs. M. C. Mitchell, fam ">'- Tom Brown lives. A barn at that Mr. Shtrt, returned to his base are employed with Dekalb Con- who have visited for several ., e Alstr °Pe underwent a ton- p ] ace was Demolished. »»+ T ,-xvt ~ T**^-\- *-»_•»!» nt. * * c4vn/Nt<A« r-i« i« nf i * _ «. i__ i. *— .«i- _ -r -r »-* __» SllGCtOIHy Rt tftC EolTlUnQSOtl ilOS" .. ., .. t jt * .. . . ' .. _.. „ ., , A tenative estimate of from ± 1 ±^" C H I L? 1 SJS; dllar - 'VOOO to $1.500 damage to elec- Appreciation The family of Sgt. Harold E. Kidwell deeply appreciate the kindness and sympathy shown regarding the services Sunday and especially thank the American Legion and Co. I for their part. USS Astoria Saturday. ^t> jiawiin. cjniiiiunv. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. 1». Payne home and at Knoxville with Mr. • — V Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sullivan returned Monday night from All- Mitchell's relatives left early Sh |, r f ur " e f. h ° me . Tu * „''' ,, 7 trie power lines wans announced are the parents of an eight pound '^nce. Nehr. where they had visit- last week for an aivjo trip to Alas- , ' A ' Mulholland and w. w. by j. E . E m S on of the Iowa Light son, Randall Eugene, born June ed relatives of Mrs. Payne's for ka. They went up through the „, i rope drove to ^rimghar & Power Co Four or flye crews the Edmundson hospital nL .. weeft -_ Dakotas and Montana and then Wednesday and with J H. Long- wgre kept busy Tuesday nlght John Adams of the Northwest- lnto Calgary, Canada. f, tree \ a "f *,, ^ ' f° °" „" until midnight and all day Wed..„., D 11 *-» i * i-'Hss i^aK6« Al inn., lui R icw usys « DP Mn n P , ^M^^ trefturn f d *° They will go up the Alcan high- flailing. Eddie Mulholland accom- nesday ' . ues mumes mis weeK tor attend- wav Qn ^ „.,,„„ „,„„ „„,...„ in pan | e<1 them as far as p r i mg har TelepHone linemen had a rela- visit Johnnie Longstreet tively easy repair job on their lines with two breaks east of Has- VAUGHN HOOVER D1AI, 8451 MALVEKN •i 20 in the Edmundson hospital In Council Bluffs. Mrs. Sullivan was formerly Violet Walker. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Coons and . . . family drove to Cabool, Mo. Sat- ance at the school of instruction , way a " When they return in urday taking Mrs. Coons father, sponsored bv the 'Company Mrs ' 8te A " gUSt> they Wi " C ° me by George Laws home after severa Adams and their sma^l daughter boat to Seattle ' While ln Cal ' until their return ' ' weeks visit here. They returned are with Lr parents nCofncn gary they wln vlslt the Whlte Dr ' Mlxle Cunningham stopped tings and two at Strahan. They Monday evening Bluffs P arents ln Council Dlamond oll f!eld area whlch lg in Malvern Monday and Tuesday, completed their work Wednesday. - - i Jt doesn't take an election year to get the results on the popularity of dairy products. You and your neighbors have made ROBERTS SUPERIOR MILK your candidate for "the milk youd most like to have on your table." The ROBERTS platform is "natural, wholesome, country-sweet flavor . . . protected for you by modern ROBERTS methods and equipment." Thats no idle campaign promise. There's no better tasting milk anywhere. , the former home of Mrs. Mitch- visiting his sister, Mrs. Frederick Reports say that the tornado ell's mother, Mrs. Frazier. J. Buttmann, and Mr. Buttmann. started south of Nebraska City, Miss Lucille Stubbs, County He was enroute to his home in Neb., where it killed one person Extension Home Economist, is en- Texas after attending the Nation- and injured four. Then moved joying a two week vacation from al Medical convention In Chicago, across the river into Fremont co- her work. She will spend most Mr. and Mrs, Carl Selpold left unty skimming by Sidney and cre- of the time with her mother, Mrs. Wednesday for Buffalo Center Randolph area. About 30 farms M. Jane Stubbs, at Riverton. for a 10 day visit with relatives were affected with apparently the Mrs. Dailey Bryant is visiting and incidently do a little fishing, greatest damage done at the farms here in the home of her daughter Dr. and Mrs. Donald Laird of of Fred Focht where the roof of Mrs. W. Van Mason. Mr. Bryant Portland, Ore., came Wednesday the home was taken and all the is now in Newfoundland and later for a week's visit with Dr. J. O. rest of the buildings flattened. ch £> wt 1 1 -irtin V» 1 n* * Ji rtn,% T a 1 1*/4 r PVi«',» K»». n 1. n A « l_ fii_i she will Join him there. Mrs. Glen Dalrymple returned Thursday from Bagley where she had attended funeral services for an uncle. Laird. They have been in Chicago attending the National Medical convention. Mrs. Rose Austin of 'Des Moines is visiting Mills county relatives and friends this we'ek. She came to Malvern Tuesday. In they departed Tuesday for their home in Seattle. She will visit for about two weeks in Seattle and nearby towns before returning home. gr ° UP ° f MrS ' Aus ' Kathryn Smith at Girls State Now Kathryn Smith of Emerson who chosen from Mills county to represent the county at Girls State school class in Grinnell has arrived on the col- Thursday afternoon. lege campus^where she is to be a Mr. and Mrs. Thos. W. Gldley citizen in the 1948 Hawkeye Fred Ilemis of Marshalltown is •""' were week eiul suests of Mr. Girls' State June 20-26. ending the summer here in the and ' SIr8 ' ^orance Lisle at Cam- Girls' State, sponsored by the uume of his niere, Mrs. J. L. dent °n. Mo. The Lisles were American Legion Auxiliary, will Frazier. lie was in Indianola for s P endin S some time at the H. H. feature daily study sessions ex- ho wodtling of Miss Jean Frizlpr *-*^te home at the LnUp nf tv»n nininintr rm\ra**nmt>nt- vn-n/in/ii...,.». D. R. Kidwell and family. Good to the Last Bite... is food prepared to bring out the full flavor — from appetizer to dessert. Every bite delicious. If pps»ible, make reservations focSunday dinner by Saturday noon. SUNDAY SPECIALS! BAKED HAM 90c FRIED CHICKEN $1 MALVERNETTE CAFE Calvin Egloff, Prop. REACH FOR DELICIOUS MILK At Your Food Store Lisle home at the Lake of the plaining government procedures, Ozarks - city, county, and state elections Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. following closely the actual elec- Duttman n departed Thursday to tion set-up in Iowa will practical- Mr, and Mrs. Cletus Hult re- spend a few weeks at their farm ly demonstrate the procedures dis- utu- rat,,,-™,! »„— .i._ wegt near Q ranti Neb cussed and accompanied the Frazier fam- ly home. cently returned from the coast and are temporarily re- Hiding with Mrs. Hull's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Storey. Mr. and Mrs. John FleTcher spent Father's Day in Omaha, a guest of their son Leonard and family. They will return next Thursday for a longer visit and attend to business in the city. Dr. and Mrs. F. E. Wilson attended the 25th wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. U-tts in Council Bluffs on Wednesday evrnii .Mr. and Mrs. Linvlile Wallace Daily recreation periods, both and family have gone to Arkan- planned and informal, will also be sas to spend a two weeks vaca- included in the weeks program. "~T, •-*-**»«* with ,.1-uv... _ai*ur-,st«.t».-i«.-.on«. ot^ftven, re- Mr, and Mrs. Andy Berkhimer liglous, educational, or public ser-" will leave tomorrow for a few vice conferences to be held on the days visit with their daughter Grinnell campus during June and and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd July. Short, and family. Mr. Berkhimer and his grandson, Gordon Short, will observe their birthdays together .Monday. Empress Theater DL. cfp*A* Phone 5521 Malvern OAKS NEWS Test Holes Sunk for New Wells Fair Prices Every Day at DEARDORFF'S Workmen from Thorpe Bros. Well Co. of DeH Moines were in Mulvern this week sinking test wells to locate an additional well Phone 4611 SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Cleansing Tissue, bx.. 25c \~s ' Minute Tapioca, pkg.. 18c Sw. Potatoes, 2 w a?a , ms 25c Old South Tangerine Juice, 2 No. 2 cans . . 25c Kraut, 2 No. 2i cans . 25c Green Beans, 2 w7'':r" 29c 33e Raisins - 2 Ik pkg. - . 29c Morton House Beef & Brown Gravy, 104 oz. - 23e PEARS StokeJy'ij in No. •\\rup cau» 42c Fruit Cocktail ftitoki-lj .-, No. a? tii Pork & Beans 2 No. 2 can.-, 28c New Cabbage - Ib. - 6e Good Luck Ole SUGAR" With I1ICJIMH-- ing, )t>. 49c 87e Toilet Tissue . 2 ros^c Rival Dogfood . 2 cans . 19c M \, 1 INK .mi, 25c Toilet Soap . . 2 bars . . 19c Swif tning . 3 Ib. can . . $1.25 DREFT, Sugar Grape Jelly Swanson's Chicken Fricassee, can . . . . 49c Peanut Creme Peanut Butter, 1 Ib. jar 39c PineappL Mr. and Mrs. Dean Warren were -Sunday dinner guests in the L. K. iirammeier home. ....... .« ..^ u .^ ,».. ciuuniuiiui ncn Several from this community for the town water supply. The attended the 50th wedding aunt- men were working on a contract versary of Mr. and Mrs. John let several months ago. Dodson at the home of their Test wells were sunk in the daughter and family, Mr. and town park just west of the Wa- Mrs. flair- Braden, in Red Oak hash depot. At some 40 ft. depth Tuesday. the drill brought up pieces of Mrs? Agnes Johnson and Bill wood and other debVis, pointing of Red Oak, Mr. and Mrs. Don to the possibility that the hole Terry and Twila Brammeier mo- was into an old river bed. tored to Omaha Sunday to attend the century celebration of the Swedes coming to the middle west. Prince Bertil,. grandson of King Gustaf of Sweden, was the main speaker in the afternoon. Supper guests in the Edwin Ambrose home Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Castor of Emerson, Mr. and Mrs. John Siefford and, girls, Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Bramnieifr and Twila and Mr. and Mrs. Don Terry. A family dinner was held in the John Siefford home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Volney Warren and girls .spent the week end in the home of Mrs. Warren's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Stream, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, June 24-25-26 A Zane Gray Story, UNDER THE TONTO RIM — also — mm ICEYS TO BALDPATE I with Claire Trevor and Phillip Terry SUNDAY, MONDAY, June 27-28 THE MATING OF MILLIE with Glen Ford and Evelyn Keyes. New., Cartoon. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, June 29-30 ALIAS A GENTLEMAN with Wallace Beery and Tom Drake. And a Comedy. COMING — THURS., FRI., SAT., July 1-2-3 TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE with Humphrey Bogart CENTERLINE of Waco, Xeb. Several from the community attended the fath«r and son banquet held at the Methodist church in Henderson Friday night. —• •> .-...,.. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Marsden With 8trep thro «and boys spent Thursday evening """" **"" " in the Bill Huff home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hicks and> Kay Xewell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederic'Xewel], underwent a tonsilectomy at the Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs last Thursday. She is improving nicely. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ranne and Patsy were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ranne and Mary Lou. Patsy remained for a few days longer visit. Mrs. Vic Williams had her teeth extracted in Omaha last Wednesday and remained the balance of the week with her mother in Omaha. Lewis Ranne is confined to bis home with gall bladder trouble. Garry Turner is quite sick \ Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Winchester entertained at dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Bowen and tml ,„ Othella Elliott of Council Bluffs the home of their son, Lester catne Wednei >day to spend a few Marsden, and family. Sunday riav " urlllt ^" l ~ ^—" " they attended church Davidson for crU5.hi-«l . -- - at Oaks and Mr. Marsdtn was awarded the prize fur the prt-t-eut aud Joun the youngest. Mr. aud Mrs. dine Woods and Mr* Dura Woods ul Wales spent Thursday evening in the Paul Woods home.. Sevt-raJ from this community have been utteuding the two wcekb Biblt school held at Wali- a . It w^s concluded Sunday family spent Thursday evening In dauehters ' Mr - and Mrs - VeWon the Darrell Achenbaugh home ^' allace &nd children, Mr. and near Macedonia. Irs - T "urman Bowen and baby, Mr. and Mrs! Volney Warren Norman Winchester and Norina and gh-ls spent Wednesday eve- Allenswor tk- Some of the guests ning in the Robert Hicks home remained ' or the evening meal. Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Marsden of „...?' A . Uon Swain and Mrs. Red Oak spent the week end in * »•— wfw<^\A I* ICIf days with their brother and wife Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Hyde. »a a awaxaea Eu fc' fcn « Winchester spent last oldest father Week wltU bis 6ister . Mrs. Thur" • - wan Bowen. and family ajid other relatives near Henderson. Carlene Helm is improving from her gland trouble she has been suffering with for some time. Mrs, Leo Lionard is having d'.-utiil work doue is also taking treatment of Dr. Coglt-y in Council Bluffs. GAMBLES June Sale Grease Gun G Volt Fence Controller ______________ $ 8>35 program . in Spark Plugs Polish Cloth, 18x23 __________________ I9c 8" Adjustable Wrench ________________ 89c Flashlight, complete ___________ , _____ 49c 14 qt. Dish Pan Tea Cup 5 tube Radio Car Battery, 51 Pl ate Chamois __________ 1 gal. Thermos Jug ________________ $J 9g The Friendly Store

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