The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 5, 1956 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 5, 1956
Page 13
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 19M OUR BOARDING HOUSI — with M.jpr Hoo»r« —i MEAN AMOS/ LADS,WAT WHEN I WAS-A RACIMS ANlD FI6UR6 CHAWlOr., i PEGFORMED c*i SPBC/AL SKATES FASHIONED FOR Me gy 6LJNNAR SLU66STOM, THE FAMOUS SWEDISH STEEL ARTIFICER/ —- THESE BLADES FEEL FLIM.-5V AMT3 YOU HAD iM THOSEDAYS HAMe 6UCH A LOAD TO CARRY EITHER/ OUT OUR WAY William* OH.AMEPCT.EK/ \ WELL. I'LL OJR6 \ .THE WUWfl 6UV& MAKE BSST HEROES,., •CAOS6 CTH6V JUMP IM QUICK WH6B6 OLPERSUVS LOOK. S^CK TDD MUCH ANP THWK A BfT TOO LOJa. i KNOW, BUT WE'LL DO (T AQWN- LETS 6IVE 'EM THE OLP SKYROCKET AGAIN, GAMS' BOOMlSISSSSSS- BAH! TelevMoti — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, * WHBQ Channel! 3 NI*M, MB. I <:00 Juoglt Jim J:» Dlnth sfcore, «:45 Newi 'Ooravui 7:00 You Bet Tonr'UM 7:30 Dragnet 1:30 Theelre COO video Tbwtn 10:00 Tour Mo B 10:15 Ftaytaouw o< 10:*S Weather 10:10 Mystery TlK 11 :U Tonight UM) Sign Off > rrM»r, *«. pon« gHen 7:00 Tod»y 7:B W»ther-»te«npBli urea 7:J5 Today IB Itemptel 1:00 Today S:U News— Mld-Soutt ' 8:30 Tod«r 8:55 New< & WMthM— ' Mid -South 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 storyland 9:45 The C«thy Stow U:00 TenneBHe Brale Fora 11:30 Feather Your Nest 1J:00 News 12:15 Farm Newi 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 1:30 Nomemakera .Program 1:4S Date with Life 1:00 Matinee Theatre- color .3:00 Channel «ve Theatre 3:30 Queen for a aef 4:90 Pinky Lee 9:00 wild Bill Hlckok 4:30 How* Doo«f— color 5:00 Afternoon Movie 5:30 Interesting Person 5:40 Cartoons 5:55 Weather 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 Mews Caravan 7:00 Truth or v Consequence* 7:90 Life ol Ktler 8:00 Big Starr 8:30 Stbrlei of the ^century 1:00 CaT»lcad« oc SporU 9:45 Confederates 10 :00 Tour Esso Reporter, . 10:15 Badge 714 10:45 Weather 10:50 -Mystery Theatre 11:15 tonight . ' ; : ia:oo siiin on :; ' '- Friday'- 8:45 Newi- i Weather ' - 9:00 Romper Room •'lOJOOTbls la Hollywood .11:30 Stu.Erwln " "We've started our own motor movie* with the new . , portable TV!" t »» U* »«. OH. "The hours and pay will be satisfactory, sir! On* m*r« requirement—are there any unmarried men ta *• office?" WHBQ U ThursHaj Nltht. Jan. -t 8:00 Little BasMls- -.-.8:15 Weather : . 8:30 The Long Ranger 7:00 Ramar of the Juh'f.1- 7:30- Stop the Murto . . 8:1X1 Star Tonight 8':30 'Down Tou Q6 ' ' y:00 I Spy 9:30 Bishop Sheea 10:00 News 10:Oi-Weather 10:10 Fattl Fag* 10:25 Late Show 11:55 Weather 12 :15 tunchtlme Theatre 1:00 Miss America Matl..... nee ... 2:00 Barly Show 5 3:30 Bozo and HU ' "~ Frlenda 4:00 Autry — Rogers " sVOO-Mlckey Mouse Club 6:0(1 Little Rascals • 6:30 Annie Oakley 1 ' 7 :00 .pzzle & Harriet •7:30 -Crossroads «":oo Dollar A Second - 8:30 T. -B. A. ' 9:OQ Confidential File '0:30 Damon Runyon -.Theatri 10:00 News 10:05 Weather • -,••. .. 10:11 Lcs Paul and Mary. - Ford .- - 10:15 Late' Show ; . 11:50 .Weather, Kirby Drug Store r *750 For Yo«r Otd 'ELECTRIC RAZOR on A aev Eemiiifton, Sehkk, Sinbeam, Keimon •* Norelce EXPERT WATER PUMR— REPAIR Hubbard Hardware rh«M 1-2415 RENT FLASH CAMERAS MOVIE CAMERAS Sekctfoii of Flowli lulbi, r Pofcfoid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE W. PV J-W47 WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33/000 different item* in stock! HUP BARD HARDWARE _^_ »Tt Oe»t. Jere* •eleir* »*" ••»' X wt«U«», *•*» kMe Ae SO««M Atlntfc With • •etler crew SB* ftntal oa- .Ike Br.mH ee*el iM «VHT *M «e< «« nflE'wAi dnw tal Wrtti only t slight trombl* at the l<ach« u the bncK varied. Mr. Cupp led bit teiMpauUa hat jammed on the back at h» head, an unsmoked pipe upiidi-down in his mouth "Aint • imoker," he had «* plained. "Bui the P*P« k««ps BW imm Uulletaa' too much at Die*) «tood (tripped to tt>e wai«t in th« bow. Hi* harpoon tar In the crutch and WM already bent ante the tub line. Simpson, Post and Simon Purdy, , a« war :heir duty, faced aft and watched Mr. Cupp. Sweat wai on their fan*, and by their poi- tur« Naiah could divine the tao- tion that (tipped them. They had nothing' to do but aft and think of the approaching dancer. Naish experienced a sensation of awe that rapidly changed to pride. He commanded this ship, those boats and men. Twenty- eight foot boat*, hilt inch white cedar on oak frames against whales that were nenrlj triple that IB length and mutt weigh upward of M tons. An unequal, a practically suicidal struggle if you failed to consider in detail the skill, the courage ot the attackers. ' . ' Mr. Cupp with a hano signal had given the order tc take in the sail. It was (urlec, the mut unstcppcd and shipped 'aft The cars vcre oiit, In the water, pull- i Mr. Cupp peered at the w.ihle. Another 10 yardl, snother five. Abreast of the back hump, nicio Mad tha harpoor. hefUd, .3 CUSl.' ' •' •' •!• , ; Tht whato twmid to tpciaf into the complete perpendicular with the blow. Fin* and tin BY ROBIRT CARS* w might have been-two, at manlve tael flukes flashed. For the most three seconds the whale was poised above the boat Naish muttered the word* that he knew Mr. CupF shouted. "Stern an, you bullion Pull! Diego had beaded aft in the boat In the exchange of end* with Mr. Cupp. The mate lunged past him forward to aeize a lance Diego and Mr. Cupp were unafraid. But courage had gone out of the three me: at the oar*. They didn't item-all; their fright :ontrived to bring, their heads around to stare back and up at tite whale. The whale bad fallen, a huge, glistening gray force of imme diite destruction. The boat went wholly from sight. There wa* a flurrying cascadt of flung water, another, another, and then tt* stern wa* apparent The stern alone. The whale had aounded, gone many fathoms deep. Fragment* of plank*, ah" oar. a hat floated among the Brit. The other whale* had taker, fright end aounded. The sea was empty except for the two boat* that rowed in towards the wreckage. , The boat whcfi, the small flag wed tor signaling the ship, was raised and the signal meant death. .. -.; •. e . e .. e NAISH fazed down at the quarter deck. Mr. Bothwick looked up at him wit: eye* wide With shock. "Head down and pick them up," Naish .called. Whatever man was. dead. > was responsible. He hadn't 1 listened to Mr. Cupp. By example, by .'explanation and gentle discipline he had hoped to .make sailors out of the greeni** who had juit acted *o ml*erably. Mr. Cupp had wanted to leughen them with blows"and• kicks, a rope end, a belaying pin, and Mr. Cupp had warned Natan his ifKM WOtUdfiT v WOi1.w k •oft-hearted iwap. He was down from the mast and on the quarter deck when Mr. Wilson's boat came alongside. Mr. "Cupp, blood over his singlet in '< a carmine doze,' was supported in the stem, sheets. His rib cage sras smashed, for he breathed with a terrible, stentorian *1ng. Mis legs' were broken also, .and he' was lifted aboard, in Tatem'* and Larned's •armsrHe was-conscious; he'could talk, and he was aware that he wasi.aboijl to dit" : ;..,... "Diego, I reckon, didn't have a chance," h^s said. His .'mournful but calm gaze was inflexible on Naish. "Got his leg caught in a bight of the line when them fel- lers batchied on us. Tell my woman for ;ihe it. wasn't my fault." A .tremor, took the .body eon- vulnvely and, then he was dead. Tafem'ahd Lamed had been standing beside Dim. They moy.J away, and went to-the main pin rail and they wen joined by Kitchen and Mr. Finnie. Frowning • 1 ig h 11 y, not speaking;, they took the six-inch long oak pins from the rail and walked forwani' in a loose semicircular line. • Si'mpsdn;' ;Stmon . Purdy and Poet .' tone forward when they boarded, h*ad«" down and •houlderr hunched.,They rested by the focsle scuttle, furtive and lonely and.sullen In their fright. -. ,.-e- e '-,•*'•••>' THEY beat Purdy to! his knee* and .unconsoiou*. Simpson tried to jump over the tide and Kitchen seized him in th> shrouds and beat him with mechanical pre- cUicn; Poet akjnply crouched with hi arms locked over, hir head and sobbed.' He was kkked upright dubbed, .: :. N»ish held hi*,teeth tighi te keer from calling out to stop It "Fear, for fear; 1 ! hit said. "My style Hire, didn't work." "I was wonderin'," Mr. Wilsoo said hoarsely: "about you. I got curious how batchy you'd end up bein'.alongside of.* whale. Atot ever tried 'It, have yehT" :,,', "Don't Worry; mister," .Nalan 1 said, itrangrty uoangertd. "The next time we rale* ooe MV e« my particular'pleantre.* MOW THAT WE H*E A POLICEMAN? AUTO: GE4PH,LErS SEE.. PICTUeE OF TWO PRESIDENTS-. WE HAVE THOSE DOLLW BILLS... SOMETHINS STOLEN.'OH, DEAe/ DOES EVfSV COUPLE HA/E THEC SCAVENGEI? HUNT LISTTrtJE.' PSST COUPLE WITH EVEfVTHNS ON THE UST WINS.', Metered Theft GREENVILLE, Mich. Wl — Patrolman ' Jerry Sage doesn't have any 'idea what the thief would do' with .the thing. ?ut among other stolen items for which he is look- ' ing is a parking meter — post and all .— taken .from a street overnight. I JUST SPENT POLISHING THAT YOU SHOULD DELIG-HTED THAT WANTS TAKE BATH I SUPPOSE SO, CARLYLE.' RADIATOR -WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored fur AS vie STEPS INTO POINT-BLANK BAWSE •jOU MAC* IT, FLIMT. FOR A MINLTte I THOUSHT MOU WERE 60N6TO CHCKEW OUT/ IKfMMU.'Off, «tt WORK GEARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS «« by NEA Strict, ktc. T.M. Htf. 0.5. Pit Off. MY WORK ISN'T ART, KUOWTZ-8U1 I HAP •SUPP09EP THE \ WHYi VMJ STUBBORN CRSKTURE&.WHO TUeW \lUrOi.EKMJTOLP OOAT! our THIS PKIVEL WOU.P I you swjr TW BE WLUCTAMT TO ' /pAIMrua THAT FOR ^ vl !W THAT P6RIOP I Y THEV V GENTLEMEI* DIP 224 PICTURES \MAY-ANP PLEASKI WU WHICH MILLIONS CAM 7 fHATI& THB IMS? KEEP «J« UND6R6TAWP1 J.< HORROR \VOICE*«)WWI OMT! NO DOUBT voua RMP irw H>K» tOQ OBVIOUS M I FIND YOURS ' FEW WHOCXW REALLY (3ETWHATYOU-WERE- Aitl IWMIKEYOUR FKWOKNE55MID COURftSE... • JOHNSON SIA-HO»I> » OKIAT .''50 MODUt HOM t tO 1* HP -BEST BUSINESS WEVEHAD IN MANY A'DAYJ YES INDEED/ OLD ACHES AND ONE HUNDRED \ FWNS SOME GOOD WELL, JUST WHAT'S .WITH , ( OUR \\OU? VWERE { AWPY! BIS CHIEF \ M3U THUNDERPUSS THIS TIME fflfffi S ALL 2 Of NIGHT? DRESSED UP/ STOUT BLOWS TONIGHT- TWENTY-WINE BOTTLES OF THE STUFF- WE DID ALL RIGHT; e A COM'lITI UNI Of MAItlNI IOUIPMIM 1 UOUDER MB. UTTHERS OftOtO WITH ft SCOOT I COMt AMD AMD MS —• WISH THEM EftRS» B.UE) CHTHWJK WO.MR. . UnHET5»> «n of HIARLNG

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