The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1932
Page 4
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tap SLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • *H* COCUBt JOSW8 CO, PUBLISHERS v/, a . - Jtocz. H»tt<»»}.advertl8la» «» QMUe*. toe,. New York, Ch:««o, St. LouU, OtOsa, tUniu city, Little • • • - • • PubUtSed Ewry' Afternoon EKcept Sunday. Zntmd it second <2u< mittcr it the poet office at BlyUuvUlc, . Arkansas, under act ot Ponireu October 9. i»n, S«rvM us ait UWted Fre» RATES By carrier la the city at Blythevllle, 15c per w«k or KJC per year In advance. By mail within a radlua of 50 miles, $300 per Mar. %IX Jot Jix monthi, 85c for three months; oy mill In postal zones two to six, inclusive, W.50 per year, In tcwi seven and eight, J10.00 per year, payable In advance. Tqriff Equality '• Franklin Roosevelt's Turin relief : program, as staled in his speech at : Topcka last week, \vns couched in terms too general to uvoke much enthusiasm.. Politically, however, Hie Domomd'c candidate enjoys tho fortunate |wsi- tioi) of being virtually invulnerable to Republican attack so far as his agricultural policies are eoncernwl. Hi.s Topeka speech may mean much or little for the benefit of American farmers, but the Republican record with _ respect to agriculture is such that • criticism of Roosevelt's program from administration quarters is not going to I be taken seriously by anyone who renl- ; ly \vaiits to do anything I'oi- the farmer. The more astute leaders of the Ke• publican party realize the weakness of _; their party's claim to the coiifiiience : of farm voters. It is natural, then, that attacks upon Governor Roosevelt's • Topeka speech have come from Secretary Hyde and Vice-Pjesident Curtis. • It is a case of fools stepping in where : men of wisdom, whatever their cour- : age, may well fear to tread. The Curtis is either a fool or takes the 'farmers of America for fools was made plain 'in his speed) at Fogies- ville, I'a., Saturday when he sought to prove Republican solicitude for the welfare of-agriculture by comparing his party's tariff record with that of the last Democratic administration, that of Wpodrow Wilson. - : - • That Curtis is either a fool or tnkes ing that tariff duties on farm products fixed by the Republican Smoot-Hawley Jaw are very much higher than were • those of the Democratic Undcnvood- Sinimons act. Republican duties on what the farmer buys are alsu much higher than were the Oeniocralic duties. What the vice-president failed to point out ia that high iiepublican duties on farm products benefit the farmer very little, because prices for most important farm products arc lix- cd in the unprotected world market, while the cost of manufactured goods which he must buy is ariiticiailv inflated. -The Republicans have given the farmer high tariff rales, but they have not supplied any way for making them effective. Mr. Roosevelt does not promise high tariff rates, but he does say that EO long as we have a protective OUT OUR WAY tariff it must give the farmer the same protection it gives to other producers. And even Mr. Cnrlls ought to understand that that involves more than mere equality in rales. jtLWHEVlLLR (AEK.V Good Business If the people cjf Blytheville will view the Red Cross appeal for funds as the business proposition which it is there should be liltlc difficulty in raising (he money necessary to keep the local chapter functioning on an effective basis. Last year, at an actual cash cost to the people of this community of only alxnil ?4,000, the Red Cross chapter was able to gi-i; the newly of the community food, clothing, medical and hospital care, and other services worth on a conservative estimate well in excess of $11,000. Hero, certainly, is one investment on which (he community received an exceedingly stood return. , Tho service which Hie Red Cross renders is e.sswiiiiil. hVery community in the land has the responsibility of making provision 1'or its sick and destiluto. In our own city and county the Red Cross is the only organization prepared to render service of this kind economically. If the Red 'Cross is denied (lie 5hcans to provide for the cases which are properly its responsibility, they must be provided for by other means which almost always involve greater expense and produce less satisfactory results. Our essential charily ami relief work can be handled at minimum cost and with maximum benefit to the community if the Red Cross is given funds enough to do the whole job. If the people of Blytheville and the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county will give this organization ihe money it is asking they can in the ensiling year refer to it all applications for help with full confidence that no worthy person will be turned away. If the Red Cross is not given the money necessary for this work there will remain a community responsibility which each of us must share as individuals. Let's handle this problem the right way -and the economical way by giving u whole-hearted response to the ' appeal which is to bo made tomorrow. Let us not forget, that wliilu W e have lest much in 'this depression, we still hnvc much more in lose. And onr whole fmurc may be said to depend upon early recovery. —President Hoover. All the people know we are under fire. Unless «-c stop (hnl storm which i s S rmvln 5 we will see thc day when men run for oltlce on the beast of "slop the veteran". —Sam Hcy- nolcls, Nebraska lentlcr of American Legion. ~ * * * Uncertainly and iiinetion are certainly nothing new to this administration. —Senator t'cler Gcclct Gerry of Rhode Island. By WilUams CMOsi, LES, CRACK TvY VJHIP.E.R 1 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark In common Interests, to :na! progress towards reducing Ihe co n government. But jus-, so Jong a "K landowner can pay he will 1 m«d« to continue to pay. 33 vrh be surprl*d to learn that jus'. « wng as Other Business Gn>up: ca •*<p frooi paying these mountln «*U of government by c.-ganlzin with a view to keep the costs o •Land, they are going to do it? { Wake up, Mr. Landtaxpayer, you days are nunYbered, just as sure'a jwo arid two make four. You lia'v " right to vole for your exiitenc so by voting to reduce the ta °n your land. P. P. JACOBS Grider, Ark. —__"-Mother and Daddy will l )c hack nest week with lots" f prcfly toys and (heir nice, new divorce." S Senator Robinson's wvice to Arkansas The enclosed editorial appear 'ng In the Gazette and the statement of Mr Gilbert Leigh, whlcl •bo appeared In the Gazette, commenting on Senator Jos. T. Robinson's usefulness (o this stato "c fair statements arc! deserve 'he praise and comment of an ''•cwspaper ,,a n in the state of Arkansas, regardless of his pol- " lca , f «Kh or how he might per| sonally feel toward Senator Hoh- i inson. 't Is only good sportsmanship to give credit to any Individual who is constructive In his or her actions and helpful to the citizenship of Arkansas. I do not claim mat he deserves any exceptional Praise in discharging his duty as united States Senator, but I do say that he is to be commended in having a contact with the National Administration that gives him enough power and Influence to do what to has been able to during the last two Gricler Planter States Case for Sales Tax Amendment To Mr. Lniidtnxp.iyer: Arc you taking due iiolice. of wl:jt Is bring done to keep you lined up to continue paying (axes above your limit? Make no mistake about this, Mr. Land taxpayer, you are presumed to be n.slecp and remain asleep. How oflcn have you read in your papers nmi how often have you heard about thc lieavy taxes now'on the- land! The unbearable taxes! The growing Delinquency List! It's true but are you trying to do anything to get them lowered? If (here has been any concerted notion In our county to get the taxes on land on the same basis with other, ot business I have failed to srn-'it. .1 note- tlial un organization 1 of Mississippi county business .men of niylhcvillc decided to oppose tie Sales Tax Amendment, which will be voted on in our state in November. The notice [ailed to state more for the mere buying and selling act alone, than the man who spent the year in producing it! But did Mr. Business Man nay a tax on that operation? Not a penny. Nevertheless he made a profit. The only one who did not profit in the' •"•- •*•"-""=** s^-ai whole cycle was the one who pro-! a PP°'n<ment. particularly ... .,_ duced the bale! in fact he lost and I Citing loans, will continue to lose just so long f iv, 3 ll is co( " mon knowledge as he is kept where lie Is by "Otlier' was Sc " nl « Robinson's iu- BusincM." In other words this tax ' fluence tnat finally secured the loon his land, i, the iiandlcan ,, te( ,^ ,™"°? of .. tte Ho " ie L ™n Bank. No. 1. He was very instrumental In the passage of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation wlilch .has been a great benefit to this State in stabilizing banks, building and loan associations and making direct (o our state and city agencies that will be used for direct relief for onr unemployed. No. 2 He greatly assisted in (he appointment of Mr. Harvey Couch us * member of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and there Isn't any doubt but what 'the banks and other agencies of this State Jiave benefited greatly In his "" ' * in ex- THIS CURIOUS WORLD - 9 FEET ML IN AFRICA. STARS MADE OFMATERMLIH'W IS SO Q.CSELY PACKED TOGETHER THAT ONLY ITWEKSHSA TO/V. Ench IMir Follicle has muscles N ' EXT: Is lhc bl(c of die house ily ' poisonous? tizen on my own initiative teel- . IB that there hnve. been some! nvarrantcd attacks made on him •! uring the period that he has ac- i omplishcd the most for the State, i - C. H. Scott. i - Little; Rock, Ark. -•- ^.-.^. HWIUI Llllb LdX on his land. Is fl: e handicap placed on him before he gets started to knowing that he had to comiHc with Influences emanating from curve out his means of existence v ' nflucnces emanating from lr. competition with his fellowman' 2,,;,, lea "'' Dallos and otilel ' Regardless of whether he makes a So ^ the - rn - Clt ' cs In <" lr D1 ^™t- de of cotton I land tax. And If he doss happen to make a real, profit he pays the In. o sae • - s te n- lliat this Amendment is for the me Tax 'Colkctor just thc same puriwse of- reducing taxes on land • "* l> "l' on c else. iisllhcr how many landtaxpayers i We had some publicity jsivn to were included in the organization, j efforts to curb expends fast spring I wonder why. The notice stated Committees' were appointed to be that wholesale merchants met and " ~ ~ oilier groups would meet later You may rest assurert. Mr. Land- taxpayer, you will not be included those "other groups." Do you • 0-W..|IM. LSII IVJU think that this group of business men proposes to lift the ta.x now On your land and place it on their business? Of course not. but what arc they organizing for? Th- answer is, to kill this Tnx Amend- mom. Well, you might ask. "why Kill the tnx amendment?" T!-.o answer agnin is. the Uix amendment . - to lower the tax on land from i[ S present rate oi $870 p^r thousand-dollar valuation of land to 50c per thousand. In other words 't will mean a reduction of about SS.OO of your land tax on 40 acres of huid. ntit why should the business man object to that? Simply because the so-called business man prefers (o hnvo tile landowner pay' instead of other business. And this \ notwithstanding Mr. Business Man knows the land is being confiscated! lor Its taxes! Mr. Landlaxpayor, you have been a gentle old horse, easv to ride ' nnd these Business Groups W i!l ride ' you some more, just so long ^ ln(! .. can throw the rope around vour Now. there other horses o-' niislncsscs. are not so easily i ns l j socd and they arc going to" make | it their bi!sine« to keep n 0 tax -ijjin where it is on your Innd anc! ais? it some more when the',' can if that will menu evading the nay- nicnt of taxes by other business. But wry not reduce thc taxes you may well ask. Ah. my friend, ihat is B horse of another color Or "'In- no; tax some other business if the cost of government will no t permit reduction or taxes on land? THERE YOU ARE, THAVS THF POINT AT ISSUKLV THIS TAX AMENDMENT, it proposes to take a .small i>oriion of thc tax or thc laud and divide it or distrlba- it «'h, r i, 1 !1 ' cr lax:lb:c businesses, »'wh gives it the name of Sates ,,. ' » If.!' «t s consider for the time b'ine what happens in thc cas| , Qf -^ Jon. -nic farmer produces ; t He prepates the soil, plants the '=c»d cultivates, harvests and fi: -.?.: to get his tale to the sure. We finally became convinced dial we had to go to Littlo Rock to get results, thereby admitting that nothing could be done locally! Tlilnk of it. Mr. Landtaxppyti 1 ! . . Generally admitted nothing can be- done locally! Now we have a chance to do something towards a statewide effort with onr ballots. Vote [ur this 'fax Amendment to lift some of the unjust and unequitable taxes on our lands. Then, perhaps, by bringing the Other Business Gr-.up 3 into flic fold now so carefully allotted to thc landowners, >ve may all corn- ance of Senator Robinson and other members ot Arkansas delegation, they secured the approval of application for $106,000 through General Lyllc Brown's office to rebuild port of n levee in Drainage District No. n. Mississippi County. Rersonally, I think, this is the forerunner of the expenditure of at least a half million dollars in rehabilitating the work in Mississippi County. This would have been much more difficult to accomplish if Senator Robinson's influence and ability had not been back of the application. It has taken many years for him to make the contacts that arc proving to be most effective in securing thc ninny agencies, appointments of oyr useful citizens to direct and assist in directing these agencies, and other constructive, worthwhile accomplishments. I am sending this ns a private his cer- ys for the ginning of it. Then carries his sample around until can get some "other byVress" man to buy the bale. Now th»c»r<(s a " all stacked. The buye "" <:e wants to gamble, taxos lain profit, as each and "I the othsrs dec? who 'rVS^^S 1 ^---; rli'wii 0 ' t}'° ie o;l '' cr! ' '"vch-ed in fkrii v a; ° r ' s C0ulcl have ' " 1>ro ' lt ' J «f! frequently ESTIMATE Lumber Windows Brick Wailboard Paint Flooring Roofing Wall Paper Wiring Plumbing Labor FIGURE IT OUT Compare present costs with costs in previous years and you will see the big- savings to be made by doing your work , during the next thirty days, before prices advance again. B*»atiJ>-inj[ the' Park (To the editor:) I ' r™nd with much -Interest the meeting at the city hall, of many public -spirited I«?op!e who got their, heads together and discussed the- possibility 0 [ pur'cliiishig' Walker park. Those who would oppose the purchase |of-said park on-grounds that its' improvement and maintenance would 'be a burdensome lLi expensA leed'hot worry.over that pdfi of, i,i f the' park commissiondi'!, i " v i%iila"; after it? final ;, irivlfe'dif- fcrent organizations : to "take sections of it-arid-beautify it to suit their fancy'.'- . - •" ' ' For instance;'at a.meeting Df the United Daughters-of the Confederacy last week it was voted io erect boulders both'here and at Osccola as memorials 'to th; Mississippi county heroes, nnd where would there be'a'-bctter place lor the Blythevitlc one than at. Walker park? 1 ftel that the rj. D. C. would ask for enough ground on which to erect thc boulder, to arrange beautiful flower beds.and sudi designs as would enhance its beauty. We do not want to tc reminded of a war, with it.s horrors, a-s olt;n as we arc reminded cvcrv day by that cannon which is, as it wcr-- holding both daily and nighily vteil on the grounds of the court house. We believe the American Legion I its Auxiliary would ask for a '>it of around in tho park to erect this camion, along with a bit of. History, and so me flower beds to emphasize Uicir warm appreciation Church organizations and the Women's dubs, t',.e city schools and SH™??..?*". p «**stonal Women's great pleasure anci pride in spon- *>nng projects of Ulis ,..„.,. ' ^^So. let us not worry over the un- sep of the park, [or that part of 'i is loo easy to be a problem Ln us buy this beautiful K ro-.,, •tnu nave n lovely and inviting" S|v ', '" our town where we could go for .I'll be giving a smajfuBifesoii "Cforctoc camnnig,, i s over ™-j j can, anybody clss can.-X y Z Cockney Language-Needs Translating [ n London LONDON (UPj-Cocfcncy, that ""emit ixmclou dialect is a fd? «sn language to manv- British People, even in Lomi0 n asrl ^? Policeman r glv j ng cv iilciicc in a collision case at Totlcjiliain) • "H» said to me, 'I. saw the plate of hum hit the bow ai;d arrow'" j Magiuratc: "What i s n :c t , alls . lnt:on-of it all?" Policeman:" - H e mean- he siw n- e si the tram hit th c harrow lie is " C ls Cockney." BLYTHEVILLE j ""a FR1 SEPT FRISCO DEPOT ^ E.C.ROBINSON # £,. LUMBER CO. ^ IOO AP" A V.SAS deduced Prices PACIFIC WHA1.1N6' Children . lOc Adults . . i

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