The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 81. 1934 B1ATHEVILLE. (ARK.)' COURIER N1WB 1'AGK SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate j/cr Ulto for conzccu- fivo insertions: • (Five average words to a lino) One time pet lUie 10o Two times per. line per day .. 08c Three times per llric. per day ;. 06c Six times per line per day .. 05o Mouth rate per lino 60o Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered lor three or six times and stopped before cxplra lion will be charged for the number of (lines (lie ad appeared and adustment, of Din maae. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside oi-tlic city must be accompanied by cash.. Rates may be] easily computed from above table.' No responsibility will bo taken or more than otic Incorrect In- scttlon of any classified an. Advertising oracred for irregular insertion* take the one time rate. < €iA*$mED SECTION Business ;I)irebtovy "TiiOE VALVE" RADIOS Buttery & Electric Sets Be$t Vuliic tot the Price Obersl Store Co: Factory Authorized FKUiWAlRE SERVICE Factory Tl lined Mechanics Bay 67-Phon.e-Nlthl, 382 497 Main .SI. L'. II. GKE SALES CO. FARMERS! Hnvc your TAX FREE COTTON made into excellent mattresses. SPECIAL PRICES UPHOLSTERERS J. W. Jenkins & Sou 116 S. Railroad Chitwood & .Weidman PHILLIPS' USED CARS ISM K)R[) 1-UOOU SUDAN $193 1933 FORD DE liUXK COUPE ?175 1933 CHKVEOUif, M A ST E B COUPE $149 1832 1'LVMUllIII COACH .. S2U5 13J3 TOKU TUDOR $115 TRUCKS acd TRAILERS KINUilAM TKAlLElt, Tires Like New S<1£5 1930 G. M. C. TRUCK. Large Body $169 1929 CHEVROLET TRUCK .. 9'• 193?, CHEVROLET TRUCK. 1). W. C. C .53: 1930 FORD C. C. T. U. 'JKUCK ....'. $105 WE 1'AY CASH FOB v GOOD USED CARS PHILLIPS' USED '; CAR LOT t'unrcr Walnut & 1st Strccis" Plwne »13 ' : bl'EN NIGHTS UNTIL - 9 P. M. ai'EOIAL PRICES Between P. 0. &. Crcvrolct Uldg. 1'lioiic 2«s lieal Estate FOB SALE Two small all purpose . FARMS dear of dcbV—to Hade for city residences. Give and expect bargains. J. L. McKAMEY, 1MBODEN Ijfc. FOR SALE ~ a splendid HOMES. Can move in tlie day you' nign Uro contract. 102 E. Kentucky, Corner First Beautiful home with hardwood flotrs. 3 bedrooms. Shady Lot Price reduced from $3,500 to $2,5DO (i%. S'MO CaiJi - 522.50 monthly 210 Missouri, Corner Franklin 6 room stucco with 3 bedrooms $200 Cash - $Ui Monthly Let us yuu Thomas Land Co. Sole Agents. OliE M.K FOB BARGAINS in the following real estate offerings: Small acreage tracts .practical!} in Blythevillc,• but outside- city '•i'J acres' land near mm load southwest Boynlon; • 20 acres land, all Improved Jicar concrete highway, rnllc o. Manila. • • ' •. .' t. M. Terry Farms for Sale! Terms Reasonable ETHEL.B. THOMPSON, • Carutnersviiic, Ko. GOOD LAND > AT LOW •100 iicrcs all .lu .wooct, lictwcci Icvcc mid river, 'taxes - almos iiotlring, can sell for casli, or'-part caslr and terms for balance, price from $12.00 to S 15 .00 per acre, will sell 20 acres or more to one party, wood and limber on land enough to pay for if placed on market. Land lies between Lcvec fc Tomato, Ark. W. M. Burns Agency Plionc 243 or 212 Grand Leader Building ELECTRICAL WIRING Sheet Metal Work Metal Flues Goal & Wood Haidiii-Burrpn Goal Go. Vunls ut SleriilH'i'i; 'Clin t i'liuiic, IMS • ' HIGH GIIADB KI5NTUCKV COAl,, rll sizes; ALABAMA UED ASH & QUICK FIKE ALABAMA. WOOD, KINDLING, CORN, HAY 'If yon arc; down in the moiilii, think of Jonnli; he ciimc out nh'lEht." • Why Buy C6al pronTUs?' ^ / ^ We will jjim n rash discount of 35 chills (ttt'thc 1 lime Uio order 'is placed) for wli of your first Iwu tons ol COAl, |iurchus!d [rt>m'«,s If yon will tell us the rcuson yon Mi;lii It'from ihls linn. —Some ItatsoiLs Why You Slronlit Trade \Vllli Uii— 1—30 years In 3—Prompt tcrvlcc. 5—Quality of coal handled. 4—Courteous Imitincjil. 5—You get nil you pay for. "QUALITY OKOUP" Li Distributed by GAY & BILLINGS Phone. 76 5"oi' Ront—Furiitsrjccl »|mv(ineiH. 1011 Wcst ; Hcnrii Sti,, '47-pk-l Autoiiiotivp BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Roynl Kentucky" N. W- Trantham Coal Co. PHONE OIH My Coil | s BlM'k but I treat you white, till up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - 1'UONK 107 AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 4ft PERMANENTS None Belter - - Special Trices Barrett's Beauiy Shop 600 N. 5th - - Telephone 560 Undertaking Co., be SERVICE is QUALITY AMBULANCE Phone 26 FOR BEAOTIFUL FLOORS KENT OUR FLOOR SANDER ARKMO LUMBER CO. BUYING IN CAB LOAD LOTS MAKES CHEAPER PRICES FOB THE CUSTOMERS. J. F. LIVINGSTON SEEDS, FEEDS, GROCERIES WHOLESALE & RETAIL TRUCKBEDS" PANEL BODIES TRAILERS Salesman with Ciir. tialca cxpcrl- enco desirable. $100 weekly. 117 S. Broadway—P. O. Box HB Personality Essential 301 take. l«MVT8~ArVD"'rTl!:R Rl7l)nifiS See Us About Yum Coal Blytheville Gin Co. "Uaiiiunt Alabamti" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 2K Parks Bros. Coal Co. I'HONji -OTJ FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PKICEIJ Filling Stations Southern Service Station Stcclc, Mo. I'htllllMi C« Products ANTI-KNOCK CAiJOLINK TAX I'AIU a-1 Hour Service Shoe .Repairing Salesmen Wanted Jlny \Vc Dyu Vour Shoes'.' SEE OUR SAMPLES E. E. Ratclilf Across rroin Hubbard Hdw. Co. Try our 'MV mile SOLES—livool of llic iniildlng is tiro callng. When yon get a good tlilnu remember where you-go*, it. PROGRESSIVE SI1OK SHOP 103 South 2nd St. W. J, KNOX Having nindc ull kinds ol shoes for ABNORMAL feet, can repair shoes to correct ABNORMAL feel. Room &: Board Kestuuranis Besl Oysters A Rlvtr Cat t'li Clrltkcu Dinners limy J»ay Jimmie O'Brien 105 S. Second Coilon I AM I'iU'lKO BEST 1'IUCliS TOH PLOW UP OPTIONS ' J. E. HASSON Grand Leader Uldg.—1'lioiic M Two rooms finiiLshol for Huhl 201 N, TOli I'lionc OIC-w. , ai-p-k-5 Rent SIMON APAUTM13NT. MinilSl or unfurnished. Phone 164. 30ckU 3 room FURNISHED APARTMENT. Cull 335-W. 1315 \V. Mull J, Ben Chine Battery Service We reclmifc, rcbulM nil makes. Generators ti 6lnrt«|-s' Ho paired. At Tom W. J»ck*>n':J Station ASU & SECOND I'lronc 8 ~ Krtlilciito JS7J-W. rtll kinds paint mm body .work done, Glicnixut prices JOHN HEAKN Burnett Auo Sales Co. WE 8E1.1; CHEArat OUR STOCK IS COMl'LliTi! MECHANICS' SUITUKS REPLACEMENT IVkll'i'a, TJKKS, TUBES 4: ACCESSOIUISS Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Automotive Dtpt. I'lrcne 476 Help. Wai ited WANTED: 'Combination cook mid mirse. colored. New smull house nnd siimll fnmlly. Mrs. Samuel F'. Hovrls. Covirlcv News. Cull between 0 ami 10 11. in. For bale FOll BALE—Itouuli iMinlHir. Clic Ulylhcvlllc CinniliiB Co. IIUo kO Tit ACTOR' OWNERS! •n-actor FUEL for- sulc uL pliinl u delivered. NO TAX BARNSDALI, OIL CO. Dell Hand - - I'lionc «a o. M, Wilson, Agent, WANTED: Roomers and boarders. TWO nk-ely FURNISHED BEDROOMS, moderately priced. Mrs. E. A. Miller, 101 U. Davis, 24-pk-29 NICE Bedrooms, steam ' nested. Gentlemen or couple, oarage. 25-uk-l Phone 5GO. •2c K2 MULES, HARNESS, WAOONb .v TOOLS for 'invmlng in acres 5^5. M. O. Caiiyhian, Wllliltc lurn on Flnt Lake roiul. I5i) klo Have a. Ic» more good . „.„(,.,., In POTTERY. MO S.. Division, S7p k First'Ladies Don't WasteAVords - _ scparnlwl'by only n few foi'l nt tlio oimilng o; tlie 'nfininl" Cllrls Bcou|«' Convenlloii In llosUin, Mrs. I'l'inikllir D Uooicicll ami MIB. llcibcrl. lluovcr, present itnd, pus! Ili-st Indies of the liind u- s|)ccllvcly, fulled to slion- liny signs of frlfiulshlii, tiieli convci ,atlon beliij; llinllfil In ct.scnllnl conrtesk'a.' Mrs. HooSL'Voll, shown scaled nl Ihc left of Mil;. Frcdovlclt ISdey, iinUonal presldrtll, siucccded Mis ' Hoover .(right) us (lie honorary hoiu'l of the Ohl Bcouts K i.,,. . . '. ;^u'iii.,i'6Vinv.' Ui|bVHil)j ,l^u, ijiilicllnt.s .lii! '[Y'liiincli&l tinius tliL' hliu l| of imy ; Will do STiiNOORAI'IUO work nl nlKht. Heasonablo rules. Cull 300 or 192. Our liest tclci'copcii nrc not able (o reveal iiosslhlc initlilhlas un Oil CMlll. . 'i'lmifrr Diillrnlert (n ;'. <Jrcen ( BUIES OUKEK,. N. O. '(UP)—Air outdoor lliciitcr wns dedicated licrc recently to Tuitl Orccn, InUrni- tloniilly known plny.ulyhl Mi U-bH) T \\(VU£ ^O&ETWcR ,^W ' VT ^LU OF VW BUDDIES ARC iOCtt. GOOD HOME TWS, ? BARKSDALE & PAGE MODERNIZE YOUR COtWTTRli 'HOME WITH A DEMING WATER SYSTEM. $40 UP. HUBBARD HDW. CO. WASH T"BBS OLD TIMES ttEMKMMKRED! SUR'e.'A REMEMBER HUMPH! I STILL7MIMK VOU'RE fl SAP, BUT I LIKB YOU, PODNER, I RtCK'OW.JY'S MV -f&.'y^i wouvi u yuu KtflUZb,tASy. 'AT VKRB\ •^r^U GOIM' BflCKTD TH' VERV PIACB WHERE 1 ff*'^>\^VEJFlRSTJviETf j— -L^-r-..^^ uucky; JAPA' VOU YOU KNOWTt-IAT IM 1 WflS A HERO, i SAW FILING of all kinds With automatic filing machine flE'R, WASH AMD EflSY ARE ON TitE HI6H SEAS, BOU KID FOR EUROPE AND THE TINV war's MORE. METER, K*HT EVEN OF MARRIED MER— ONLVSHE WAS A PRIMCESS. BARKSDALE & PAGE A COiMPLETE LINK OK FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS, VEGETABLES, PRODUCE, FLOUR, MEAL, ETC., AT THE ON A SECRET AMD URGENT MISSION, RITE PRiCl GROCERY SALESMAN SAM AND A SOUND ONK, TOO! COPPKIt WEATHER STKIl 1 Save.5 fuel at small cosl Arkmo Lumber Co. ELECTKIC WASHING • MACHINE "clumioii5 Polly-Prliir" MakOs Work 2^11. KAHV TEBMB. OIL STOVES, WOOD STOVES, COAL STOVES SPECIAL PRICES SEE DUE N&W LINE CHOICE'' O2AHK FARMS ON OOOD 'J'ERSIS. J. C. CtfAPIN, MANILA, ARK. 29!) k5 Stolen STOLEN from my residence ENa- L1SH SETTER BIRD DOG. 2 years old, female, long lialr, 'white with brown sjwts. Answers to name of "Vic''. Liberal RKWAHD 'for return or Information leading to «turn.-Harry Hamby, 1221 W. Ash. . PAUL'BYRUM Opposite Old PostoKice Phone 252 AVauied A WHITE HOITSJE KEEI'EB ill JnuUicrlwi home. P..O. Box 655 Blythcvulc. ' • • • ao-k-S WANTED—Bids for 4 Inch or 6 liiclr well, about 600 feet CHAPMAN & DEWEY MJfrJBER CO. Marked- tree, Ark. 10o kto _., HERE ....,_., TH' DENTIST'S/ THE. OL' ocHiN 1 /POSHIM' vrt RIGHT OFF W1?*OM TOOTH IS O.' .', AM' I'M /IP Vfl DOM'TGIt DO£OW ^ffr.1 ,1 Oig Topo[ - TH , cooKLDUfft WORK.' WU've BEEN QOfJE ftLTOSETHER 7GQ ^ I-ON6' ' COULDMT BE HELPED, BOSSV, OL f "\WHADDfl VA MEAfJ BOSS ! TH' DOMM V DENTIST STOPPED /PUMMV? THAT tOF TOTRKEAM X-RW, FIRST.' /TH'SMART THIMQ WflS k^ TP\DO —TftkE ftM X-RW' By.Bmu / SAV/ COITH MV TOOTH JUMPIH 1 TH 1 WAV IT OMS "^ ^ H£ SHOULD HflVE TOKEN A MOVIM 1 I'lCTURG / OFFICE PWIVAlE KUMI>J n —!-h FRECKLES AND IHS I^MENDS LOST Ful-view glasses with wirlle gold frame. Reward. Margaret Moore, Phone HI. 29p kl s, name in case. R«- dr J.Wck" Thomas, ' 26-'c!;-3i HAVE You J U S T °' : THERE, /SIOTWf BIFF : V/HAfhE ' QIVt£ 'EM TO You GOWWA ) you! YOO-FSE DOV/i-Hi /GOMHA STUDY IHKM J -[Hew,.. AWE} , LEARM THEM /ft 7 BY HEART/ KK80UKCBKUL lill'l'! ^.j^-U^^^^iHC-ry^.^rorT I'kID, THERE' MAY GOCX5 V/OULD \ COME A DAY "THAT DO'? ] WHEN VOU ' TH^JOT ON -THE J YOU'RE GOMMA PREPARED.' I HAVE A WWCU THAT YOU MAY gE ItJ THAT LltJE'UP Yai'i'ANO YOU'RE BECAUSE You OOWT ' THE SIGNALS.' 'BL,, WHERE DID ) SHU ! -I'LL TELL -rfXJ A SECRET.' I-WDNT YO'J GET THAT S EXACTLY SV/IPE IT....I SIMPLYV/ALKEB FS4PER. v/i-n< -IHE i pAsrwr; COACH'S DESK, AKJD, ALL OF WRITTEN. | A 5jpDEM,I PUT MY: HAMC !>4 M/ 'Packer, ANO,VfJULD -fbu BELIEVE IT/THERE ^

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