The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 29, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FOR F1IBIL Will Be Armenian's For Sutherland Regards Playing Ability Second In' Molding Team PITTSBURGH tUP) — Success ol modern day football teams dcimicls more on the team's menial ntlllmle than upon its ability to play, Dr. Jock Sutherland, head football coach at the University of Pittsburgh, believes. Dr. Sutherland, whose 1037 Pitt Panthers were acclaimed in a nationwide poll as the best team In j the country, snys footlmlt today is' more of an Intellectual game than it was 20 years ago. Hours formerly spent running men up and down the field nre now consumed In so- called "skull" sessions, f|iinrtorb.irk get-togethers and scrutinizing slow- motion movies of games played, he pointed out. Mind Before Muscle "Upon the mental attitude of u team depends victory more than oa Its ability to play." the Pitt coach declared, a trace of a Scottish accent In his voice. "Some of the best players T've ever coached were men green to football until (hey played In college, but players who hail spirit." The husky Scotsman believes colleges owe it to tliclr athletes to use as many substitutes in games nx possible. Instead of playing one team for the full time. He carries out this plan in rcgurd to his own teams. Dr. Sutherland has little patience with those antagonists of foolb-ill who think athletes waste time. These opponents don't realize, lie said, that the average student wastes twice as much time as the alhlete, who is forced to play and study hard to remain on the team ami at the same time stay in the running EChotasllcally. Relaxation Is Needed Tlie famous gridiron mentor has other Interesting things to say about football teams. He believes that the tenseness that olten creeps into a team preparing for a hard same is relieved considerably by n dance or a sight-seeing tour on lont: road trips U> keep the mind off the game. He said that football players are not normally good dancers, despite the fact that they must l>e graceful in order to execute Ihc twisting, swivel-hipped running that SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 1938 Hitches Skis To An Airplane «,+t*t > # > > , n „ «*«»-**,»*«,,. * ///•"''Ty^yv *»w /,, , I K<iy Wcli-li Mike Nam Ian, the Armcniim who has hi en clteinent in mud null of tlie i ini', af lhe weekly ly. will iiurl an old muster in |{oy Welch. Hi Monttay ui'-rlil. Welch k usually called u)ion to roiigli ncwnimoiK. while he .should probably Inking it i-.'isy, Welch, uifli his- yeai'.s of cxpeiience. is stin Immllinx mr.'.sl of ilie present day inufmt'ii. purlicnliirly Hie iTi'iitim; :.o niucli ix- nuil shows here {ale- ' in • Canadian -'Wildcal" "lame" ambition.-; nnii lie .sitlliu! back anil lahli- ol Keiser Cagers Beat Lnxora Teams Friday KEISER, Ark. —Keiser defeated Lnxoru in two games In the. Reiser B.VIH Friday night. It mad.' the thirteenth victory for (lie yirls this year. Scores for lhe ulrls game I wore Kelser 28. I.nxora 18. and lor I (he hoys 17 to IB. I In tin.' boys game, (lie visitors! got ntf to an early start, the count at. the enil of the first quarter being 7 fa 5 In their favor. At lln: half Kriscr was Ihrcc points iihiHirt, and managed lo hold a slim lead for the. rest of the game. fl. Polccl of Luxoru was liieh scorer. Four Kei.scr plnyers, Nichols. Dnnavanl, Watson, anil Montgomery were about e(inal for second plnee. Welch Is To Tackle Keiscr and backfield men nre required to do. The three That football has become more Nichols. Moore, complicated in tlie years following I WP rc tlie uutstandinic players in its Infancy is shown by Dr. Slither- | the girls game. flnby Johnson land's remark that in 1910, six j Kelser forward, paced'the Knnrimr' plays were enough for a football team, "but Inst year's Pitt team had to learn 60, and was forced to use every one of them." WARNING ORDER. IN THE CHANCERY COURT,! CHICKASAWBA D I S T U1 C T. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Rodney C. Foulke, Plainllft vs. Nn. CCOO Frances Foulke. Defendant. The defendant Frances Foulke Is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for lhe Chickasawbu District. Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Rodney C. Poulke. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof. on this 22nd day of January, 1933. H. M. CRAIG, Clerk By Elizabeth Blythe. n. C. Ivy W. Crawford. Ally for I'ltf. Roy Nelson. Ally, ad Litem. (Seal) '29-5-12-19 until .<Jie fouled out l tl the loin 111. She accounted for 15 of Keisei-'s 2G points. Clark of Luxora wilh 12 (allies placed second, in spite nl the fact thai aim wns Inut in the third quarter and had In come out of the game. Keiser's next uanie Is a( Hye's Feb. 1. WAKNINC: OIU>I:H NO. UGH; Ike Wurcl is warned to appear in fhe Chancery Court tor the Chlckajawba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty Jays to answer u complaint filed attains), him. el al., by J. II. C'rain as trustee for Wilson <t pany. a (rust, estate. WITNESS my hanil and sral iv; Cliancery Court fieri: this January 35. 1038. II. i\f. CRAIG. OI.KRK fiy Elizabeth Idyllic. t). C. Shane >V- Pendler, ' M-fi-lii-lii Solicitors for IMaintilT. Roy \Vclch, Die perennial favor- tie of local unit, fans, will stake his cxpcrkm'e and knowledge ol wrcstlini; apiinst Ihc more pnmi- livi- Indies of Mike Niizerian, the Armenian lion, in a match at the l.euiim arena here Monday. Welch, cue of tiie smallest mafinen pnr- loniiini; on Die local circuit, was nominal ed as Ihc next uppnm-nt of Nim-i'iiNi when (ho ialter climaxed hts mulch with riddle Ma- limc week by injuring (he liishman ami prcclpitntin!; ;i near vint iniuuiB the funs. After ihc disturbance Meioney anmmnced that. Welch would be lirouulit. back here for Ihe- piirimse of fluislising the rnuph Armenian. Ixm Miller. a fast iH'riormer from Wisconsin. Is slated to meet pnker-faced Oil: Olsen. Ihc Swede. In a preliminary bout Hint, should also develop some exciting action. Miller [•; a (;ooil man al his weigh), and >:hinil(| (jlvi; Olsen a rale niiUch. Tiie first match is scheduled lo t;e(. iindci' way promptly ut 8 o'clock and IK,Hi matches uiv to lie for lhe best two out of Ihrec falls, 911 iiiinuti 1 time limit. IVisoil Aitnpls l-'nnlhnll IIUNTSVILUI. Tex. illPl— War<!'n W. W. Wnid ,,f (he Texas •(prison in Jlunt.svillc h:is amiounc- |ed I hat football will IK' a part of !IUe matt athletic prui'rain for con, vii'fx. The first football gume ever |)l.iye<l by [)i,. pii-ont'iK was held on .fun. '?.. O. l DP) -Ycai m lullllun h I lie nation "lay t i h bin f<--.v of them i M tlioiir.hl to what bccoift ., •V pay at Hie Manager Warren Ciiles Cincinnati Hi'ij.-; "let Jiis n ami livealcd how ea"li by a typical Hi:dull liurhii' an average vi" ( i ',:.>:. ll-l-ll " " 'I lie price of HHir-ral admtei )n l:i » real;-, al, IJnislcy Vu Id I Hi. Tin's particular pric ,;| ticket i:ijn.':IItiilc.'i (lie hi'jH'y |n-r- • ol all adini::;,ions .sold. ii :i Ian buys a "dollar-ten" Hie <;inclnna1l park lie v coiiliilmii's. 1(1 cent:; 10 tile I'Vdl-lal (•(»•«;!11 in-e ec-nls to the .slab' at. li-.ivin;; tin- mana';.'- ceril.s, IliJlar fill In T>, Cenlx National League clubs, vvlien the ruad. receive approximately IH cents ooiii. ol each paid ndmi.s- .'-lon, nml Icaciie headtjltnrfers cut in lor an additional 2 cents, w Unit mil ol llic collected the Cineinnaii miuniiteiuent lias 73 wills led for ilself. That. 7:( cent.'; figuratively \K- comes the club's baseball dollar for oin-ruliiis expenses, as revenue from conci's.sions. billboard advr-r- li.siiijr. proijram.s, radio rhjlits, imx scuts, i-lc.. brings receipt;; up 10 within a reasonable distance of •51 for cacti grandstand admission. :iO IVi 1 (Vnl fur Salaries A breakdown of the Cincinnati team's average dollar, Giles sniil. shows the following;: Yur players' .salnries, 30 cents; travilin;; expenses for team and olficials, 7.(1 cents; park repairs, maintenance and interest on club doW.s. B cent.s; adJiiinistiativc sul- aries and odicc expenses, 7.!> cenfs: ici;ular I uses to Federal, state nml county governments, •! cents: in- riir.'ince, .special niiiht game e:<- lieuses. medical aid for players and leijal advice. •!!> rents; park em- ployes' li'.ntemon. ushers, ele.) .sul- arirs. cents; (Ki.seballs, bats and uniforms. L',;i ccnls; iiiiscellnny. 4.4 cents. Tlie remainim: '.!8 cents left the Eskimo ice cream consists of i mixture of berries and deer fat. 1 A wheat grain water. ri-pj-li) | Hcok:; are buried with the dead j lo assure ti.eui both K ood luck and entertainment on their final jmir- fifty per cent noy in (he Yunnan province of China. Do You Know---- club included lhe management's .';!>](]!! profil for the past year, and was put iu a fund lo be used for piirchasini: the release of players and operatim; minor league faiais. Giles requested that fails who believe b:iM>al) luinjiiiitrs grl rich iiuiok nive I lie (nreiioln;; figures a Ihoroiich .study. SKY-RIDING 1 Tiled o: tin more common methods of .skiing behind horses, motorcycles, and automobiles, uml lw.- Int; uothiiii! else to do, Bain KcarUis tSlioityi F'.il'-on, Akron airport, manager, hitches his skis to an airplane. Pulton is Ix-inc ttiwed acrass the airport. A .second or two Inter, the tow-line broke, plane was in tin- air, and Shorty WH.-, in a snowbank, which he would not have louml In cloud's. SLUGGER The. Dope Brinkfit lly J. IV I'rlcml AMATKUli.S -BlYthi'ViUe's urna- tt'itf boxing team -seven strong — will compete in tin 1 Commercial Appeal Tournament of C'haiii|iion::, Monday night at Memphis . . . In reality it is semi-final for the Mid-South IJoldeii Cilnves championships, Wednesday night . . . And mile?* we are decidedly oil our course, every member should make a creditable showing . . Uvery division will be represented except Die heavy and liyht heavyweight . . . No eliminations were held for the heavies and James "Bab" Robert's decision not to defend his 175 pound title elim- This fellow is a sluRger, ;ill right, but in an enlirely different pastime, than the one ' i which he is participating he.'e. It is Jimmy I 1 ' xx of the Boston ,'U'd Sox, erstwhile home rur ULIIJ:, who is putting 'cm on a' the Broadway Gymnasium, Philadelphia, in advance of the spring training season. Matthews Join Staff Of Baseball School CAHUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.. Jan. 29.--Will C. Matthews, tonne/ inn leiirue outfielder with the l j hi!ri- r'ejphia Albleth'.s and Washington Senator;;, now .^. member 01 the St. l.onis Cardinals fnrni Ky.<t»m. lelt yeslerday \vitn his (inniK for Winter Macen. Flu., la lx on Hie siair (if in:uinctor's p.'heie tlie Cardinals nre holding a basi'inUl school next month. Ifjirisou Wickel, manager of the CariithcrsviHe Pilots in 19.1B- 3'i. now manager o' the Ne\v lb:'- ria if;t,i dub. and "Bunny" Simmons. 103H tn;mLiL;er of the l j i.. :ue ;ibo nit Ua 1 Ul.'itructjr;' n i f f i < i p ident ol the mtlut \nl r ibill ,'iub. to- d:t\ r amuiunfi'd tliat Pre.s. Sam A. HteaiUin. uf (la* St. l.oui;; Cartii- nals. had advised him the Cardinals would use their regular: lineup in tlie exhibition game here in .April between tlie Cardinals and the Canithersvllle Pilots. The Pilots LelotiK to the irm chain. Evi'iiltiB Post last week ... 1 Had the piece, entitled "Terrible T'-iry," mid frankly, 1 rather enjoyed U . . . I can sec-, however, wi.eiv some of the fourth estate membership might liave taken offense lo .some mllier crusty remark.-: . . . There is no question Dial Bill is proud of Mrs. Terry'.s um. William, and the record he has made . . , One can't, blame liim for thai . . . Htanimj from si-ratcb. having lo hock his ivife'.s engagement ring for two week's room and board. Terry has come u lonn way ... He fought his way lo tiie tup of tlie baseball world . . . lie asked and gave no fiuarler . . . That's Terry, all over . . . lie is no politician, no handshaker, back stopper . . . Like 1'opeye. bis philosophy is "I yam what 1 yum" and lets the chips fall where they may . . . He's one of those rare business ball players . . . And because, of that apparent nature I am ncgiu- . Tlie others are: Hugh "Tex" "'"8 to sm ell 'mice' . . . Despite Harbert, jr.. middleweight; Aaron the alleged breach between him Hyrd, welter; Sonny Lloyd, light- !1 " <! llle newspaper boys, Terry is weight; Cartlio! ilyde, bantam; alwil .vs in the headlines . . . Re- Billip Price i Manila), feather- member "Is Brooklyn in the weight; Atlas .fames. (Holland. 1J '!>S«e?" . . . That wise crack Ma.I. tlyweiglu; and Richard Rob- " !t ""' netted thousands of dollars ei'ts, paperweight. i» the Giant treasury . . . His DfiESSV-lf the saving "clothes l ' 1 '", 1 "!^ !lbout J w McCarthy's pipe make the man" holds true in the ?,"" '.'^inpc smoking members of box mjhllng game, then the local ' le ^ Ulkcesr """', muso ra ' LS to Simon pures arc due to go places ^ nw ' v Jro " 1 lhe Worltl f cncs ' . . . Asa reward for winning the ! Mlh( ' r '. - -The recent publicly Northeast, Arkansas-Southeast Mis^ hc roccivct '- l '™8>' "'I™™ '» H« souri Golden Olovcs eliminations l ' U ,!'''°f'' Sh °""' ^ as a "^f 1 "!" ast week the Chickasaw Athletic ! sllm " lmis -. •• Ul . cre f'<« to be Chil>. learn sponsors, are goine- to i' ' ' f, '" C " y S |)0 " Cy ' ' ' drew them „„ m high class lSsh-! Ils USUally " ldlcilte(i '»' S • • ' ion . . . Beautiful silk trunks with j BUSY —M. A. (Spike) Hunter, '.••lines attached have been pur-i who 8''n*iatctl as manager of the d.asttl for encli team member . . j J o»esboro Giants to the pilot's They will wear a silk bathrobe' S( ' al nl Hot Springs, baby member with" BLYTHEVILLE engraved! of thc Cotton States League, Class across lhe back into the ring . . . j c - is not - letfing the grass grow : C-ive ciedit to Director Joe Craig " lldei " llis feet • • • Al|i ently he who has done a magnificent job !ms si S n «l three-fourth's of his with the youngsters. i m field . . . Included Ls Otis I Brannon, who saw coiislilerable service in the bijj leat;ue as a by no means n spring chicken. ' Ilrannon is still able to go In .t'.Vfej bushes ... He may be on the , proverbial dime at second base, i but he'll drift 1 in plenty of runs with the willow. i TICKKTS~»lrt yon know thatj beginning with next yeal 1 Rost? Dull') tii'kels will be placed on ' sale to Hie general public.? ? Here Arc Answers To ! Krcnz' Spoil Queries' 1. Charles Owens, who retired as; nn American l-fague. umpire this; winter, has been called "Brick" since an irate ian socked him with,' a chunk of Irish confetti during uf game played years ago at Pittsburgh Knns. '• 2. On Oct. 1, 1933, the last da-,-, of! the season, Outfielder Wall} 1 BtfrfAf hit ii home run with tiie Imcs '.Ujiri in the seventh inning, winning trie' game and clinching fourth place for} the Boston liraves. It meant $10,000' to members of the club In Ihc world srrk-s split. ; H. Upset was the only horse ever to beat Man o' War. It happened: in Man o' War's seventh race :LK n. 2-year-old. Aug. 1'J. 1019. The event) was tlie Sanford Memorial over six) furlongs at Saratoga, Although Bi'j| Red, currying 130 pounds lo Upset's. 115. was left at the post and.' eaught in a jam, he was beaten by only half a length. The Port Hospital at Sutton Bridge, Lines, England, has had; only one patient in fifty years. The' present staff has been there more! than forty years, but the lone case! was before their time. ' Read Courier Ne«'S OIITFIEI HER—DO not be at all surprised if Vic Bradford, quarterback for the Alabama Crimsons, docs not patrol in Die outfield for the lilythcville Giants . . . Announcement by Sports Editor David Bloom in his column this morning that Hie former Memphis star athlete was talking tnrkev with Messrs. Bill Terry fc" Co.. was no startling new:; to this comer . . . We knew last, year the Oiants h:ul more than a passing Interest In Bradford ... In fact. Hank UeUcrry made several trips tn tee Bradford and in nn effort to gel him to autograph a contract with ii tutndsoim- bonus :i;; a KIH}- <:iui halt ... If hi; had landed the pri/.e c:ilch Bradford was slal- i-d fur lhr Boboijien . . . But Vic .'aid "Ixiuiy". choosing to pursue his collegiate athlete career and sluvpskin . . . Now that he Ls on the )as( lap. Bradford will likely take up the National League champions . . . And it looks like he's Bhthevillc bound ... At least,, we hope so. TERRIBLE—The sports writers I Cardinals'! over the country are giving Col. j William Harold (Terrible) Terry | the Bronx cheer over his article Wtint A0« i 'hat nppearrd in lhe Saturday Brown with Little Rock in the Southern and other clubs ... He finished the season out at Osceola year before last as a special favor to Royee Williams . , . Though J. C. EVANS Box CO-I Blythevllle. Ark. Dlslricl Alanaecr HAMILTON TRUST FUND Sponsored By Hiimilloii Depositors Corp. Philips Motor Co. T;ikes Care of it. ALL YEAR ROUND Ytmr car wilt perform better if you let us keep it in shape. REMEMBER ... A car that's "FIT" is more economical. BODY and FENDER REPAIRING You Will Increase the VALUE of your car if you h a ve Uioso ileiUs removed f r o m J Ihc body uml fendei"s. Genuine Ford Parts PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 51H & Walnut riione 810 ESTLING MON'DAY NIGHT, S O'CLOCK vs. MIKE NAZERIAY;' 1 OLE OLSEN Uttfi Ford V-S Pickup This i.; :t ivnl buy. Only $1,'!7.00 down and SM.OO tiKinlh. Buhler Richard. Swiss pion, appears to bo 1 looking for a place to ho sleeps out over and llir smnv-rovem) ) in a ihrilliny jump v. s: WANTED SOViUCANS Maiden Grain Co. \V. O. Kcrv.-s, Asi-ul U.K. St. UlvHirvillp. ,\rii FOWLKR DKVG YOUR I'EtKSCUll'TION Main A Isl try out- NEW SENTRV COflt this time It's prepared in America's Most __ Modern Preparation Plant. We $7.00 lOft Guarantee Every Ton. 1'HONK 7(1 Legion Arena, North Second St.

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