Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on October 19, 1897 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1897
Page 21
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John Gray's ...Corner on Plain and... Fancy Dress Goods In all the fashionable shades and weaves, Including all Covort and Granili Cloths. Something new In Silks for waists in Roman Stripes and Checks. New Blb- bons and Gloves. Come In and look through this stock, THE LUETGART JURY. Xo Agreement Has Yet Been Beached and None Probable. DO YOU EAT MEAT? Of course you do and yuu can buy the choicest cuts ot Wm. Rowe. Cor. Broadway and Fifth Sts. Phone 247. G. W. Campbell Has removed his Second Hand Store to 212 SIXTH STREET Next to Moyniban's, And wishes to inform the public that toe is still in the business, Stove Repairing a Specialty. W. J. Barnett, 8uoo.«or«.c.i,wou. Undertaker, Embalraer and Funeral Director. 417 Market street. Cal« attended day or night. The finest outfit in the U. S. Col. C. L. won, will remain with me. , D. D. a DENTAL PARLORS, 316 Market Street. New Alumlnite Rubber Plates^ g[ANLEY & JHANAHAN. Buy 8 and Sells Second Hand Goods. Give UB a call. 209 6th street INSURANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GONSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Qver City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Bro»dwai> Now Js Your Chance. . Who will divide the mission with; ou, M. M. Gordon, Spry ?r?str«»t. Old Phone office 306, residence 1S9. _ BE. C. D. BV.BESOLE'8 DEI2TAL PALLORS Over Porter's New Drup Store. Corner of- Fourth and Market Streets. When You Meed an ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOT(>F H. Wipperman, 106 Fourth Street Opp. Court House Entrance. New TJnd€>rtajger8. 303 Market strset, Hoppe Builfllng. Daniel Killian & Co. Calls promptly attended to, day or night. Mr. Kalian was for many yeari foreman lor Charks L. V.'oU. Telephone Ml McConnell & McConnell $50,000 6 per cent Money to Loan. Call now Office Opposite Court House. DAILY PHAROS TUESDAY, OCT. 19, 1897. GITY NRWS Walden sells John Kelly shoes. $3.78 for men's suits, every day and Saturday evening, at New Otto. Mrs. Martha 3. Pangh, of 900 Linden avenue, returned this morning from a wwk's visit with Mrs. Lucy Oolwjan, Mri. Will Ulrica and mem- ben of Frank Baldwin Circle, Ladles ot the G. A. B., of ElJthart. George *. Pullman, the Palaee Car Builder, Died Suddenly This ~ Morning. Special to the Pharos. Cblcago, Ills., Oct. 19.-Judge Tuthlll arrived at the court room at ooon. He was sent for on request of the Luetgert jury, who had some complaint to make. Judge Tuthlll summoned the lawyers in the case for a private conference. At Us conclusion Mr. Dioeen said it had been agreed to adjourn court until 3 o'clock. Judge Tuthill fixed that hour as the time he would return to tbe criminal court building. Bailifl Conner brought to the judge information that the jury had not agreed and that there would be no prospect of a veraict being reached today. Shortly before 1 o'clock the jurors have orders for their dinner. This would seem to Indicate that they were some distance from a verdict. The belief is strengthening rapidly that tbe result of their deliberations will be a disagreement. The jury has been out twenty-one hours. Death of Beorge M. Pullman. Chicago, Ills., Oct. 18.—George M. Pullman died at 5 a. m. today of heart disease. Mr. Pullman was taken 111 a few minutes before 5 o'clock and died within an hour. A Warrant for Helrie. Esquire Fender issued a warrant today for the arrest of George Helvie, who recently attempted suicide, upon the charge of forgery. He is alleged to have signed the names of "W. F, Phillips and I. S. Hoover to a note for 1100 made payable to William Dolan, sr. Suit was recently brought on the note In the Circuit court, and It was declared to be a forgery. CONTRACTED l\ Fire Wells to be Drilled by the Logansport Oil and Gas Company. Drilling for Oil Will be Begun Before Many Days. At a meeting of the ' directors of the Logansport Oil and Gas company held at the council chamber last night, bids were received for drilling five wells for the company. There were five bidders for the work, viz: Adolph Rothocker, of "Van "Wert, O.; H. H. Hall, of Marion; William G Fee, of Peru; D. W. Eathbone &Co., of Minster, 0., and Edward Karns,o Bowling, Green, 0. The bid of Mr. Karaswas accepted. He agrees to drill the five wells at 1600 each if they prove to be dry wells. If oil Is found, he is to provide everything necessary for pumping the oil and storing the product, except the engine, boiler and connections, for $1,125. The directors have not yet definitely decided upon the location of the first well. Action in this matter may be deferred until after the New Waverly well is drilled in. If the contractors who are drilling that well have no bad luck, It is expected that Trenton rock will be reached by next Monday. Miany experienced oil men express the opinion that oil will be fouud north of this city on a line between Peru and Royal Center. Tbe course of the oil bearing rock, as far as developed at Peru, bears north of west and the fact that oil has been found at Royal Center, makes many believe that the main pool is between these points. Adamsboro is on a direct line betwcnn Peru and Royal Center. It la a well established fact however that the oil bearing rook de fleet from a straight line. Noshing but the drill can tell where the oil pool exists. The latest news from the Peru field, is, that oil has been found on the southside of the Wabash river, on the Bauman farm, three miles southwest of Peru. This may indicate that the pool extends to the southwest. _ _ A. Jiew Restaurant. Mrs. . Christeaa Wissig, late of Baltimore, Md., will open a first class restaurant tomorrow a* 324 Third street. Furniture and fixtures all new. Mrs. W. has had IS years experience at the business. She will oysters Baltimore style. Diphtheria. Dr. Sondeis, of Burrows, telephoned the Pharos today that four mem- oert of the family of Mrr- Leienbee, wilding south'.^! the city, are 111 of diphtheria. T RULROAD BREVITIES. Short Items of Interest (lathered Prcm Sources. QWlnter uniform* for Panhandle passenger train men arrived yesterday. Walter R. Amoa has taken a position in the Pan handle freignt offices. at Chicago. The Vandalla .pile driver is working on the Deer Creek bridge atCam- den, reoullding the same. Charles £11 nek, sr., a Panhandle carpenter, is in Michigan attending attending the funeral of his father. Robert Wear, a stenographer in the office of Superintendent Walton, is again on duty, after a week's vacation. W. C Brown, a Panhandle brakeman, had his left wrist sprained and bruised yesterday at Horatio while switchlug cars. Stock of the Little Miami division of the Pennsylvania lines is now sei- llng at 1183 per share, the highest figure in the history of the Line. Conductor Ed Gardner, 01' the Pan handle, who has been laid up for two weeks by an injury to one of hi fingers, resumed work Saturday. The Panhandle put twp steam shovels at work on the Scherervllle hill yesterday morning. The shovels wtll be operated day and night, and the hill will tae cut down to a three per cent grade. A Panhandle freight train broke in two and run together again a half- mile south of North Judson at 7 o'clock last evening, derailing three cars. Nobody hurt. Passenger trains 4 and 10 were each delayed several hours by the accident. Heeling of Great Council. The Great Council of the Improved Order of Red Men of the: state, will be held in Indianapolis this week and the capital city will be visited by a larger number of Red Men than it has for some time, The session promises to be one of great interest and delegates will represent the various tribes throughout the state. The lodges of this city are represented by F. A. MacCarter, George Sharpe and J, C. Stevens, who went down last night. Fire at Bringhurst. The residence, barn and outbuildings on the farm of Mrs Kerns, near Bringburst, together with their contents, were destroyed by fire at 2 o'clock this morning. The loss is estimated at 13,800. ~ There was but little insurance on the buildings, which were the finest In that section of Carroll county. A daughter of Mrs. Keras entered the barn while the building was on fire, and released the horses. Bnt Little Improved. The condition of George Helvie, recently declared of unsound mind, is but little Improved. It will be remembered that he attempted suicide, and was confined for a few days in Longc.112 hospital. He is now at the home of his parents in Tipton township. Death of Mrs. William Elpers. Mrs Minnie, wife of Wm. Elpers, died this morning at the family residence, 931 Linden avenue. Deceased leaves four children, two of whom are twin boys only two weeks' old, Tfie time of the funeral will be announced tomorrow. Cnppy at Home. George Cuppy, one of the crack pitchers of the Cleveland national league ball team, arrived in the city at 8:17 last night via the Wabash. He will spend the winter at his home in this city. Arm Broken. The 14-year-old son of Jacob Lotz, of Wabasb avenue, fell from the roof of a shed last evening, fracturing his left arm and spraining his ankle. Dr. Bradfieid was called. Two months ago he fell and broke this same arm. Circuit Court Sews. The City National bank by Magee & Funk against Sophrocia J. Elliott and Wm. M. Elliott, to collect $8,000, alleged to be due from them as surety for John F. Johnson. Tbe Weather. Local showers tonight; Wednesday partly cloudy; slightly colder tonight. ADDITIONAL ITEMS. Visit Otto Shoe Co. Saturday. The greatest line of children's clothing at the New Otto. 7/right & Britton's is the place to find French taffies; made dally. The liquid leverages coming from the Japanese fountain at St. Joseph's hall bespeaks skilled professionals of that art in the Japanese booth. Woodman B«t*er. Chicago. Oot. IS.— Tbe condition of e"- Oot«r«Mm&B Charles Woodman U re- porUrl to fce modi tajjroved. Dr. Hood, tk« attending phyaldan. uld he 1»- t»«r« T»M a good ohaac* for to iwcvr«r. H« wfanUtrt, Wwmr. that til* <lancar point k*4 «•« Mt v Our Shoes Fit Like gloves And they wear Like Iron. We treat our customers Fair and square Because we appreciate Their trade. . Our prices are • Low— "Wonderfully low— And quality is High- Very high— And we want Your trade. Elias Winter. SEALED PROPOSALS. To furnish supplies for the Northern Indiana Hospital for Insane, for the month of November, 1897, will be received by the Board of Trustees at the hospital until 12 o'clock M. on Tuesday, Oct. 26,1897. See specifications in City National Bank. By order of the Board. JOS. G. ROGERS, Medical Superintendent. Lone cliff, LopmsEort, j n( ;,, Oct. 19th JS97. THE ROUTfl CASE. The Question of Jurisdiction Raised by the Defense. Mayor McKee Decided the Point Well Taken and Dismissed the Case. The case of the city against W. C. Bouth, the packer, by Wm. Grace, charged with violaling a city ordinance by maintaining a slaughter house within the city limits, was called in the mayor'% court this morning. The question of jurisdiction was raised by Smith's attorney, George P. Chase, and Sis Honor decided that the point was well taken and dismissed the case. It was held that the city ordinance under which this action was. brought conflicts with a state law and is therefore Ineffective; or, in other words, that the city has no authority to prosecute when a state law provides for the offense. ANOTHER FUSE COflED* Booked by Manager Dolan—"The Broadway Girl" Friday Might. A hilarious farcical extravaganza, "The Broadway Girl," under the management of Eush & Flyon, will be seen at Dolan's opera house Fii- day night. The best talent available has been engaged; the latest music, composed recently for the American and English variety aud concert hall stages, has been secured and will be introduced. There is nothing so tiresome as to go to the theatre and be greeted by worn-out specialties. In "The Broadway Girl" it is assuied that lack of novelty and originality shall never be. It is a play with a plot, and an interesting one at that,though not so elaborate, however, that a special car has to be used to carry 16 from place ! to place. Dalmorftand Wilson, two finished and original comedians, who scored so favorably with Murray & Mack's "Finnegan's Ball" last season, are the principals, and are surrounded by such well-known artists as Waller and Waller, John G. McDowell, Al H. Weston, Waldo Whlpple, Alice Hannou and others, Ben Bar Notice. Members of Tirzah Court So. 11, T. B. H., are requested to be present at the meeting tomorrow night, as arrangements will be made to dedicate our new hall. By order of Chief. Two things every young housekeeper should have—a reliable cook book and a pure baking powder. We furnish both. Cleveland's baking powder can be bought at your grocer's, and our cook book is mailed free on receipt by us of stamp and address. Guarantee* eroc*n mn «rtl»ori««d to gN; '891. Tailor and Draper, FASTIDIOUS MEN •re always well groomed »nd well dressed. They stiirt right by having tbetr clotting made by a fint elftM tailor, from the latest stylet In hand- »ome fabrics, well-fitted and elegantly finished. There Is no one in Logansport that can do this to suit the most exquisite tastes or that take* the pains to please, as we do. Oarl W. Keller. 311 Market St, GERMAN TAUGHT -AT- HALL'S BUSINESS COLLEGE 'i be great and Increasing demand for the German language m business circles has led President Moore to add this branch to the practical business course. We hare been roituoate enough to secure Mrs. Edith ^ottor, the pODuiar and efficient teacher ot German, to take charge ot this ijneofwork. Mrs, Poiterhas -von au enviable reputation as a teacher of ihe natural method sod conies to us highly recommended by educators and by scores of pupils lor whom the drudi/e of the "GrHmmeir Method has been changed to a pleasant pastime by the Colby Natural Method. Day HOP evening: classes C«i) at the College office and arrange for a practical course in Get man Hall's Business College. Corner Broadway and Sixth St. Second floor. AMUSEMENTS. D OLAN'S OPERA. HOUSE. • • • • Friday Night, Oct. 22. Bush R»d Flynn'e Sparkling Comedy Surprise. ^^_THE^^ BROADWAY GIRL. Introducing Delmore and Wilson and a host Of others. 18 Favorites 18 An Avalanche of Fun A Whirlwind of Mirth, Music, Beauty an i Dancing. Delinore and Wilson, Al. H. Weston, John Waller, Waldo Whiple, Jno Stevens, H. P. Weeks, Harry Graham, Alice Hanson, JuCia Miner. Kitie Countis, May Countia, Le^a Waller, May LeOrand, Ed Lewis, L. 0. Smith. Prices—25c 35c 50c "oc and II. HARVARD FOOTBALL. 'Work of Coach Forbes and What He H»« to Say. "W. Cameron Forbes, head coach of the Harvard football eleven, has shown that he is worthy of the eonlidcncc the athletic committee has placed in hisnbility. While his career in college did not take him quite to the varsity a-am, he was at least a substitute end for '<J1, and was also captain of Reasonable Prices. The most Reasonable Tailor in town is Craig. He will make up a Suit lor you that for Price, Style and Fit c,an- not be beaten. His Stock of NEW AND STYLISH FABRICS For Fall and Winter, Up-to- date and includes everything desirable. Call and inspect. W. D. CRAIfi, Tailor 416 Broadway, Next to Frazee's. No Pain! No Danger I Teeth extracted without pain or after effects;, such as gore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely safe and painles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHESIVE PLATES, guaranteed to fit. UirNo charge for extracting without pain when new teeth are to be supplied. Dr. W.T. Hurtt, r»'C"IM J TTQTI S 11 I- 2 fourth St. UniN 1 1O t lover Fisher's Drug 8tor« THE SHINING LIGHT —The New— Wheeler I Wilson SEWING MACHINE is the most Up-to-date. 308 Third Street. J. Howell, Agent- —— «!£?v r.!7.U'!-: AXD CLTTT'/.r.. "93 TT. CA.MEBON FOF.BES. the '91 class eleven. Sir.re rrrsiluation he has been reir.::rt:«bly suc'rss'nl as coach of the freshman teams, having developed the '98 freshmen, who defeated the Yale first year men, and the '99 freshmen, who won froin their rivals in the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin field. White much has been said of Mr. Forbes' revoluiiunr.ry methods, he declares there has been nothing radically different in the training from that of other years. Instead of his picking the team at so early a season, for which he has been somewhat criticised, he declares the team has practically picked itself. The men who will probably play are so superior to the rest, cicept in a few cases, that no picking has been necessary. With reference to the other points of the training in which he has made changes, he declares it is only to save the injuries which have crippled Harvard in the past. Hlg Month • Fl*h Tr»p. An excellent fish story comes from Leeds, X. Y. A number of men were bathing in the Catskill creek, among whom was a professional swimmer. Tbe other swimmers finally stopped their sport to watch the evolutions of their skillful companion, when suddenly they saw him dive into deep water. TPben he came up, he made a commotion in the water and Bank lite a plummet Some of them, thinking he had cramps, plunged in to aid him, but at that moment he rose to th* top and struck out for shore, irnd they nor thai he had a large fish in his mouth head first Vfhen he got into shallow water, ha took the fish out of his mouth. It proved to be a black bass, -weighing nearly three pounds. He (aid that when he dived Mme- thlng struck his face on the upper lip and involuntarily he opened his month and whatever It was rushed into ni« mwtrth. Ha dosed hifl teeth at one* andMow, Vat h» was »o dazed that be immediately conk •gain, tfot upon rising the woond ttma found he had captured a largo bM». He held fa** to hi* captive until h* ---•—• •hea) watte. .•o.: :i-c I!".-?!: in VO.T.IP ur i'. HIVT jci will ij? dv.:>!i<v.i'»J ii^brai'liriniinhn.-^..!; verr drr-«v v : •;•:;•;: ;'.:id :"VC" ; p»\v:;:- rt -iuncr>-l::vr. irlov-.'-ski!) ^:i<l 'ii^ '•'•'•'-• Tlic Uifiivp:"-- «:"! VeJioi collar v.'lnch nro c-li?:•"•('. i!' '1^ s'P'v.c" <>l tn-.i ;.';>."- :i;ovits. havo iii.iny 'Kiinls in rvimino'.i. Tal'-; a pi 1C: 1 ..- ill liio ljf>U"m o!' :i ;'oublc- Uoll slofvos ; : :ip:ilenior,t cont flocvcs iu 'mother ivjwh- ('.c-ipiod JMO;I jackec. Of i!ecc?sity Aiuurnn !ia;; :;: T J iioivy. Both the- irhiiiiiiii;; ::tiu s!^:'ir..'-: niatorinls .Ti.ikr-s tlicm so. Far Ir'ss decOTition. hovrpvcr. is jinpUiverl )h:ui ?:'nif foasons- jwi". nijd what -;vh : -re."in 1 iiiar.v'l il s^t 1 c.,:.^ it a,'s:!:n''< .1 :O>VCT- ".v.' heijjhr. That i!,:.s :> 7vy:v_c:iv::n \v.!l ba :,iodiiie(l as the ?eu.-o:i arlrtii:COK ir:ay Ixj -u'c-lv prcsii'ip'js^l. Nol every v:oi'jati can ir v.'ill iidoi't fiith en ci."j-':rc i ~:v'<.':. 1 . ir-cdi-h !i"ii;rh it may be. Jn"a nii."i;d c^rcc:'«-Ii;iir not \vilii\r 1 "neviot in appearance, tboujrh iiniiiilf);.' -vjf'.Qr in texture. whi;o I'.r.irs and spot? flic tljmwn up on the s-.irfacc. whi'.-b in iivi* rc-'.-ciiiar class present iicntrsl c-Jf).".-. 1?,e .-'?u:s _v.]2L'cst ihe knuu pi-<;-jli:i.- to Hcoich n-'r:--^. though thev arc- :•-•--;? p!'"iiv;nc!jt. C::iiJti .--iia.r i-jnn- s a norc-1'.v :hal c:ii:n"* b"'-^'"-i^- I1; . .. s corded like vc-loiir*.' thoucrli it i.;.ains :he poftnes? of camcl's-hair. It if. offerer 1 ! ir rtin- tur?? of navy-h'.-jc ar;:l £•?.*- "••*.. a^'l blaeV. Kreen ;U:d manxm. bbck and pluifi. a;u! jrrecn and Ivi:;;-k. and over each ii a sprinkling of "line wlji'.e hairs. The colors in another varic-tv of uii.tc-d c.-imc-1's-aair sift ;!'.nu.-:h ;i n^tv.-ork of fine white thread? with fascinat- T (.rV'.'t- ~:'la:d cainc-1'F-hairs in both fcmcy n.nd clan >!ors arc varied by lar^e black squai-es Cuia- jv...ed w" thick!v elo?tereil l^lr.-i and b wlu'- rion there a^e"isolated fihres, also in black, ihrusi apparently iu'.o '.h:; utlljv.-s of the squares. Mode, red and bluet, brown, ran and navv-b'.ue. and preen, b'.ue and dark-red are some of the color bleedings in the fancy plaids, the attractiveness of which is accemu- ated bv ;he bktck squares. The preeii, hluo and bhck tartan peculiar to the clsji o£ Sutherland looks paiticrJarlv we : l -n-iih this sable decoration. Black pencil stripes nark ^Tictbor vanety of camel's-hair with bluer, browii. green, il'jia and grav procnds which bristle with white threads.' Colored and black checks jstiu-naish a verr stylish weave of csmel'shair: l)esides ;iie hairs there are da=aes of oolo; in strong contrast with the checks.— -Edwarfl 'tt Wbite, woo tlfied for » number ot -A Bane* at Key*,- "Held by Enemy," "Fwd Kaorai" «ad other •** traedoni, kw Moored Tiro LttMi T««rwiti."

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