The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 17, 1948 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1948
Page 3
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THE MALVERN LEADER, MALVERN, IOWA, JUNE 17, 1948 PAGE THREE sac MT. VERNON Volriey Smith came home from Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Bolton ot Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Northrnp pf.iw.gMkflmM r\t fKo Ames Friday to spend the earn- Randolph were visitor's In the and family and Mrs. Northrup's * ««*wwing» «« wus ---~ niB-WMOB Mf. and Mrs. Gerald Gam and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kemp. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dale Bell home Sunday evening. Mrs. Ida Alberta, Marjorle and Sinner Feme, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence mother, Mrs. Atlantic Albert Downer ot ToWA Council of Sunday after- within sixty rt.iy* therefrom. That payment to the contractor will he made In Special Assessment tinned for ihp faithful performance fit hls contract, In the Amount ana form provttlM for by the !.perirtoMlon« for wnrtc. which Includes a provision noon and evening in the Joe Malvem> 1OW& Ann spent Saturday night with Rnd fRmll y wer6 at Alfred Walk- Alberts, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Al- Allen and Dean McLaln homes. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stroud and f™ last We ^nesday evening tor berts and Edward ~ -_.... -is family. Mr. and Mrs, Ray Lincoln visited Saturday evening. Johnny Smith of Council Bluffs is spending this week at the Leland Stroud home. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lovas, Linda and Laura ot Younkers, N. Y., visited Wednesday in the O. C. Wederqulst home, then both families drove to Valley, Neb., and visited with Mr. and Mrs. George Mort and Chelly. lce cream and cake ^ Sunday evening Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wrlght an ^ Nancy at- were Sunday dinner gudsts of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Byers at Glenwood. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Bell, Vanda Bulllngton family dinner Sunday ftnd Dol ° r69 W6re SUIlday Vl8lt ' Rt th ° h ° me Ot M "' and Mr8 ' B ' Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Bulllngton and family and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bnlllngton attended a 7th. 1!MS The meeting was called to order by Mayor Pace, and, the roll being called, there were Present: Mnyor Pace nnd Council- Hall, Nelll and O'Dell. Ahsent: Adams and Zanders. Wright home honoring the newly ors of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wolfe F. Bullington and family in Red \vere e re I ad n 'and approved^ read. nB weds who were back from a and family near Sidney. Thurs- Oak. fo? hc iivti?enr lng b " ls wer<? allowcd week's honeymooning, Mr. and day Mrs. Wolfe had Just return- The Good Will Club met last Lawrence* Jones, salary, Water Mrs. Harold Holder. Ralph Wederquist was for the week end from provement the «hmin* u to to --_ .--.- to the contractor after the work Is completed and accepted by the council; any deficiency between tho amount of the contract price and the amount of said certificates to he paid In warrants drawn on the General Fund available for the year he- April 1st, 1949. acceptance thereof, and to " persons furnishing which was seconded by Councilman Nelll, nnd upon the roll beinK culled, was adopted hy the following vote: Aye: Hall. Nelll and O'Dell. None. a letter dated May Slate Corn- home ed from the Mercy hospital. Thursday with Florence and Wil- he is attending midt home Thursday. Mr. and Mrs.' Miley Peru, Neb., where school. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wederqulst and Sammy and Mr. and Mrs.. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wright anu " Ralph and Marjorie Alberts Marion Wllhelm and Phyllis of drove to. Emmettsburg to attend were ln Omaha Saturday. Shenandoah who was visiting A \t o »». ner P arents an< * Eugene were « « v , « i? Stranathan, Sund a y afternoon visitors of Mr. Mrs. Mabel Stranathan, Mr. and and ii rs . Ra i ph Parkcr . Mrs. Roy Linville, Roger and Mr and Mrg w c Vander . Joyce from Glenwood were Sun- , were ln Qmaha gund Att , day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John Molt and Leonard Parker and family. _ Roger had been a visitor in the Parker home the later part of last week until Sunday. . . ' .' ... _' . Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sinner and family drove to Shenandoah Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Olsen of Imogene. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sinner family were visitors in the and Mr Marion WUhelm ma Cooper. The next meeting will were visitors in the Miley Sch- be July 8 at the home of Mrs. Fund H98.PO uav Hateman, salary, General Fund , 193.05 Glen Bacrett. salary, General Fund 159.90 vices at Its First Avenue nnd Its He it further resolved that propos- fifth Street rrossinss In town. als received for the construction of h*M directed to prepare 'Bullington. Mrs. Victor ned oak " Transfer," "freighV, the wedding ot Mr. Wright's sister, Mftrie Wright, to Harold Holder, Mrs. Wright wa% matron of honor and Mr. Wright acted as best man. Mr. and Judy Ann were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Carlson at Tabor. Schmidt Thomas will be assisting hostess. Mrs. Estella Sawyers visited in Council Bluffs with her sister Mrs. NVater Fund Iowa Power A Light Co.. this council at : In the council chamber in said town on the Sth day of July, 1918. at 8:00 1.48 o'clock P. M., and noted upon at said time, or such later time ns may W Mid devices. i. M. l,onglnacVer appeared heforft Council In regard to dolnp some G day T _ nt , r efnr«»ii them to spend the night hlrkfo work Monday wonaay Emma. Kesterson, Mr. and _'p 0 sjt, in the Kesterson home and Sawyers accompanied them home. Visitors in the Harold Cooper home Sunday evening were, Mr. and Chester Cooper and David, Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Max Green and Dennis, Florence and Wilma Cooper. ^n U d n<1 ..... ° fde 48.7 5.00 rPSO]V ed that tho Town Clerk of said town be and he ptrpet ., £ fon delivered for the town. nnn n Jl? < \Vhtn A%hlte> w I;; Wftter We Want You to Take it Easy, Dad $9.95 * Rugged * Practical $22.50 f Comfortable FATHER'S DAY — SUNDAY, JUNE 20 GLIDERS $39.50 A .special group mndo by a factory noted for tho smartness and quality of its product. Choose from many color combinations, for many years of comfort. Fix It So the Old Boy Can Relax On Those Long Summer Evenings Mansfield's Furniture Store Malvern Alfred Walker home nesday evening. Ice cream and cake were served by Mrs. Walker. Miss Feme Alberts left Monday with Kathryne Cunningham for a. vacation trip to Chicago where they will spend a few weeks. " Mr. and Mrs. Chester Cooper and David of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Marion Allen and Mickey, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cooper and Florence and Wilma Ruth Vanderpool. rental on dumping ground, General Fund 60.00 Stella Mulholland, P. M., enve- Pete Taylor, refund of deposit. Water Fund ,64 Stella Mulholland, P. M., envelopes, Water Fund 4.J2 Red O«k Transfer, freiRht, Water Fund 1.43 Perry L. Cloyd Transfer, Water Fund 12.14 Fll Transport, freight, Water Fund 98 Barton Salt Co., salt, Water such improvement, to he received at the time and place hereinbefore specified, and that each bid must he accompanied, In a separate envelope, by a certified check payable to tho order of the Treasurer of Bald town, In the sum of ten per cent of the with said town for the dolns? of work, and will furnish bonds condl- pfTpctlvc within two weeks. H wa-i moved by Nelll, seconded by O'Pell, that said resignation be accepted, upon vote said motion carried. There lielns no further business, the Council, upon motion and vote, • Tuesday evening, Wood ford n. Byington, Town Clerk. _ Water Fund Connor pnlovpd n nienlc Utindnv Ctilllean Zeolite Co., softnera cooper enjoyea a picnic bunaay nml ,, llrU , -water Fund .... 255.; 5.15 YOUR CONGRESSMAN'S • RECORD • CHAMPION HILL Washington, D. C. Your gressman, Ben F. Jensen, was kept busy this week answering a roll call a day on subjects varying from railroad retirement pension.? to private relief bills. Mr. Jensen and his Iowa col- Mr, and Mrs. Francis Parker Joagueg joined thc . rest of thc .'I 1 .! 3 . t ..! 1 , f .?™ e ! > l B , P "f!L t L* l l- Hmlsc In votin £ for nn »mm«Hate 20% increase in all railroad retirement pensions and annuities. in Thjg meagure W O3 coupled With a other relatives and friends Kansas over the week end. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thorson the Lester Thonfas home. Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Berryhtll, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Berryhill wjn t back all and David all of Lincoln attended » ho fund ]ug church services here Sunday and ^^jjgj.o • were dinner guests of Mr. and ^ " Jensen voted Mrs. Earl Bishop. E. E. Wiley and Max were Sunday guests in the homo of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Cole. Mrs. Dean McLain attended a shower honoring Mrs. Sam Mc- Kce jr. at the Baptist church in Emerson Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thomas attended commencement exer- w _ _» in the grove on the Cooper farm. Interstate Jlnchinery Co.. merchandise, Wnter Fund 123.79 Gamble Store, merchandise, Water Fund 3.,15 AddressoRraph, services, Water Fund .fit Pace Service Co., gasoline, Water Fund 13.17 Interstate Machinery & Supply Co., purts, Wnter Fund 7.41 W. A. Courtier, labor, Water Fund 3.10 HreedinR Implement Co.. belts, Water Fund 9.18 Fairbanks, Morse & Co., pump, Wnter Fund 3S0.03 S:\lyers Auto Co., merchandise, Water Fund 5.06 .T. K. Cardwell, parts nnd la- linr. Water I'nnd fi.~i.S7 (Iciv oil Co., tracior fuel, C,en< nil Fund 7.3"> Pace Scrvlre Co.. j:a.«c>liiif', Genera) Fund 10.70 Mall I'atToM «Vr Sous Co., siup- plle.«, General Fund "."^ Malvern Leader, implications, . . . General Fund 41.10 lump SUm payment provision Rll.'ir- j jnM ,)i. a Hardware, shovel hnn- entecing that every railroad work- <i'v Goncnii Fund l .no , , 6 . . . . llolden Service Station, BHWI- rr, his widow or ntnor survivors u,,,.. General Fund is.,10 1 that he paid 'n'.O Waller Transfer, gasoline, , f^. . General Kund liurjri'St. illC Vote tJion Kacrett, overtime, General Fund a. lii . Otto Hr\ll £ Sou. woldlnc, against a \V;\U-r Fund 2.35 ir.eanure, passed 280-91, permitting °\!° i 11 "", * Sl> "' Wl ' 1>u "*-'' r "' n - 3 0 , ; 200,000 immigrants who have l-epn j/Yi. n"okwith,"inHuriiiic'c"on iivinc.' in the displaced persona ' M1C> K 1 ' lre Kn , ml •• i;.- ••;:•••, !?-, r> H b , _ ' . , ' . Klslo Warlike, alnrin. Fire Fund !.>.<»» carrip^ in Germany, Italy, and Aus- GOOWC nitmars. Niies I-HC... c. A. tria to come to this country with- i>«oiey. r>u-k suroud nnd \Vm. \vin- , . . dom iippeared liefori' the Council in in the next two-year period. regard to tin- town vacating a street He voted on two appropriations ''"'- alll ' y "''Jnc'-nt to their rr ' They wore directed to bills. sulunit the de- pcriptlons of their properties to the Clerk and he to prepare a plal of He voted for agreement to the name HO the advisability of vacating clses at the State College In Ames conference report on the 1949 fed- 5?onncii c «t U it. next" S'rnB. X Friday evening. Their son-in-law cra l security agency bill providing » • K. P 'P C ^ I)r - J - A - Kline ami Jack Thorson was a member ot for $] 30,000,000 the graduating clave. . : , .. ,, appropriations Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bishop, Mrs. Flora Kochersperger and Loretha Allen returned home Monday from a few days visit in the Lewis Conrad home in Dubuque. B. B. Smith of Omaha was a •supper guest Friday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLaln and family. • . r in supplemental Council and presented oral _. ,-. ^ It •ptM»»«i<l"ffl8B«18T 1 *o the adoption of the~ Resolution 01 -,.,.... . Necessity passed by the Council He did not vote for agreement May 4th, 1948, Councilman N'eill on to the conference report on the labor-department-federal security agency appropriations bill for 1949, which passed 256-109. to'!wlt'" n ° f Whereas, & Resolution of introduced ami fo " owln(t H. A. Hoover Visit* Sister He Had Not Seen for 48 Years REAL ESTATE * FOR SA1I * On Monday morning, June 21st, 1948, at 10:00 O'clock, at the office of the undersigned in Malvern, the real estate of the late Jennie L. Hixson will be offered for sale by public bidding. All offers and bids subject to the approval of the heirs of the Estate of Jennie L. Hixson, deceased. Said real estate is in Mills County, Iowa, and situated as follows: Approximately 105 acres in parts of the Northeast Quarter and the Northwest Quarter of Section 31, Township 72, Range 41. Lot 28 of Section 32, Township 72, Range 41, consisting of 10 acres. The East fractional Half of the Northeast Quarter of Section 1, Township 71, Range 42, consisting of 67.09 acres. The Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 36, Township 72, Range 42. Woodford R, Byington Malvern, Iowa CJ8) in mild town from the North llm of Third Street to the South line of Fourth Street was )iro])os«'il to thin council, approved l>y It. iind notk of the pendency thereof given, on the 4th dny of May, I!»IS, nnil \\lu-re- ii.H ;it the time fixed for the consideration of w.'iid resolution objections were niade orally l>y H. K. 1'iper, ,). A. Solid Comfort for the Chief on FATHER'S DAY PAJAMAS . . . Crisp and Cool for Summer Wear WHITE SUMMER SHIRTS Ribbed Fabric permits free ilow of air to the skin. Father's Day is a Bis Event. . See Our • Summer Tie* • Shirt and Trouser Sport Suits • Slacks • Sport Shirts • Hat* J. E. RANDERSON, Clothier Malvern "It Pleases Us to Please You" WhereaH, this council has fully coii- Hidercd all such objection*, find llnd.s that the same are without merit, and should be overruled. Therefore, lie It IJcsolved by tin 1 To\vn Council of the Incorporated Town nf M.ilvern. Iowa, that ;ill nli- .U'Ctli'MH TTl.'ldc to tile [la.SH.'t^'e fjf Hald II. A. Hoover sr. returned Sunday night from a 1700 mile auto trip made since last Tuesday morning with his son Geno of Sac City. Major purpose of tho trip was to see his sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Kueben Rettig, of Marion, O. nnlui'i'''"/^ 'iiie^ini'iTnueiiiei'i'i 1 I'i'cr'e'i'ri described be und the name arc hereby overruled, which was pecunded by Councilman Hall, ami, upon the roll hctiiK culled, wits iidontfd by the following vote; Ayt-: Hall. Xi-JU and G'l.vll. Kay: None. Councilman Hull Introduced and innvei] the adoption of the following resolutions, to-wit: lie It Hesolved by the Town Conn- ark, O., besides meeting a goodly cil of tin- incorporated Town of Mai- number of other relatives, some ^n^ lowa.^a ^rsuan^^ a Ur»o- meellnif of Ihi.s council on the 4th day of .May, 1!MS, and duly passed by Ibis council at a iiu-i.-tlng held on the 7th day of June, 1918, It I.H hereby- ordered, upon motion of this council, without petition of property owners, that the improvement!) described In It was the first time in 48 years that they had seen each other, still Mrs. Rettig recognized Mr. Hoover when he stopped at her home. He had not sent word ol his visit. He visited at Peoria, 111., and N'ew- g a g some of whom he had never seen. Notice IN' THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN iND FOR MILLS C'OUNTY. said Kvyolutlon of Xec.iiSoHy, which is made a part thereof by reference, . CUAKLKS U H1GGINH, MATTHEW cunsistiiifr of a com-rete pavement 2 J. H1GGINS and EOWAKO C. HIGGINS, Plaintiffs, OAHOIAN I.,. HIOOINS. STEPHEN PATUECK 1WOWN. RACHEL EL1Z- _. ABBTH BHOWN. FRANCES ADDl- constructed. SON BHOWN. VEHN'ON TIMOTHY UKOWN and HILLS COUNTY, IOWA, Defendants. ORIGINAL NOTICE TO THE ABOVE NAMED DEFENDANTS: You and e.ach of you are hereby notified that a petition of the abovo named plaintiffs in the above entitled action ia now on file in thu office of the Clerk of the above named Court and that said petition allegea that the plaintiffs and the defendants, Sttphtn Patreck Brown. Rachel Elizabeth Brown, Frances Addison Brown, and Vernon Timothy Brown f vv i in width and 8 inches thick on the east and West edttt-a and 8 Inches thick in the center of the alley throuph Block 28 In wald town, be jul d the same are hereby ordered IJe it further resolved that the Town Clerk be and he is hereby ordered and Instructed to advertise for proposals for the construction of the Improvements above described, the .said improvements to be cunstrueU-d In strict accordance with the piaivs and specifications then-for jin-part-d by Arnold C. Christ, -iiHt-n. Civil Kntfl- neer. and heretofore approved by this council on the 3rd day of May. l'J-!S; the work to be cummenceil uitliin ten days from the awarding of the contract alid to be fully coiuplcled MODERN AND OLD TIME DANCE BYERS ROLLER RINK HENDERSON Saturday, June 19 MUSIC BY THE FIVE Jive Bombers Carolyn L. HiBiriru an undivided five- tvi^Afths (5/12ths) interest in and to Th<? North Forty-five (15) feut of Lot Eight (8) and *.!! of Lot Nine (9) In Block Sixteen (16) in the town of Malvern, Mills County, Iowa, ana defendants, aa above set forth, and that a Referee be appointed to take charge of said reoJi eatate and that a sale of same be ordered and a division of the proceeds be made between the parties hereto entitled to the aaxne according to their respective shares In said real estate and for that said real eatate cannot be dl- v'uied in kind among the parties hereto and that it la necessary to eell aame and to divide the proceeds therefrom among; the parties hereto aa is their Interest therein. Said petition prays that a judgment and decree of this Court be entered establishing the rights of the parties hereto In and to said real estate, confirming tbe share and interest therein of the parties hereto, both plaintiffs ana such other and further relief aa may be equita.We and proper. FOK FLTRTHER PARTICULARS SEE PETITION NOW ON FILE. You are also hereby notiued to appear before said Court at Glenwood In Mills County, Iowa, on or before the 8th day of JuJy. IB-iS, and that unless you so appear, your default will b<- entered and judgment and decree will be rendered, against you for the rejief demanded In the petition. Leonard A. Hammes Attorney tor Ptaintltta Kfc^line Building Oma-ha. 2. Nebraska. Woodtord R. Bytngton Attorney for Plaintiffs Stalvern. Iowa. 49-3. I '^ [; M.Jl!SU^U!^J^i^^U^\Ui^^JMM^M2MMMSM:E^ FARMERS FOR POULTRY PICKUP "ElMER" Your Swan&on Farm Route Driver 3472 MALVERN If you live from Highway 34 south to Highway 2, and east of Highway 275 or west of Highway 59 | I'll AUo Deliver Feed - No Delivery Charge | Mf^pjM^^prara^aNipigw^ Sffi' i g' s *ii? s 'rff8»^

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