Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 6, 1957 · 7
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 7

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1957
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Council Rsjects p Area Planmhg TIm Oakland City Council, byl . a at vote, rejected a WMm (ram tht City Plan. commission that it urge the State Legislature to ap- KM ntaauia creating, a San . rjiadaM Bay Am Regional Kwounf Diatrict , A (uhfaquant proposal that $UMUMtt dtatt-JuJeUar aup. portinf 1b principal tuch I pro gram waa tabled last night on tht motion of Councilman Frank J. Youell after he had engaged fit' brief dispute with Mayor Clifford E. Rishell over his right to speak en the matter. City Planning Engineer Cor-win afocinc told the council last night the planning commission was unanimous in its recommendation, and that such problems la location of highways and freeways and Bay crossings, regional recreation facilities, rapid transit, and air and water pollution, can only be solved on a regional basia. OBJECT TO PROPOSAL , Approval failed to come after aeveral councilman took issue with various sections of the proposed . statute Assembly Bill 1 Ml and Senate Bill 2,285. Councilman Fred Maggiora objected to the proposed dis- 4riet' taxation power of Vcenttabsent. per 104, of assessed valuation, and said the cities would have ro control over how many times the district could extract the tax. Councilman Howard iV Rilea asked: 'Why should we pay for the planning in other areas? We have our own commission." - Councilman Peter M, Tripp gummed up his numerous objections: "If we approved this prove additional taxes for Oak land eHiaona." Councilman John M. Holm dahl asked if Oakland would get sufficient benefit from the money Involved, which Mocine said could amount to a maxl mum of $460,000 a year district- wide, baaed on 1135 assessments. Mayor Rishell called it an-l for Leonard W. Hall amaaionai friends fear the for- mer GOP ; national, cnairman mav be bvoaisai. - HalL back from Florida otb uwcury aB!lte the taxpayers. Councilman Glenn E. Hoover suggested the Council ape uie proposal in principal - but added he was against creation of any more-districts. "We've already got agencies for- mosquito abatement, smog ontrol, water pollution and several other problems' all adding to the confusion. YOUELL OBJECTS The vote .was called for with Youell objecting that he hadn't been allowed to apeak Mayor Rishell said: "Go ahead, you had a chance, we've been talking for 30 minutes. Youell retorted: "If that's your attitude, I don't want to speak. Mayer Rishell and Council- men Hoimdatu, Hoover, Mag' giora, Rilea and Tripp opposed. and Ernest A. aossi approved the commission's recommenda tion. Youell was silent but later authorized a yes vote. Vice Mayor Lester M. Grant was haMreeir approached I about' any appointment such aa that he generally waa expected to get when he resigned his chair manship in January. At that timer President Eisen hower expressed the hope Hall's 'wisdom and long experience . , will continue to be avail able, not only to the party but to the Nation in the years ahead. Rossi explained he supported the recommendation because' of his faith in the commission's understanding of the problems involved. Hoover moved that, since the council didn't feel that the pend ing measure was adequate, the council should at least go dm record as approving its general motives. Jn the midst of further discussion -Youell moved the measure we would in effect ap- subject be tabled. ' Couqci I U rged to Name Body to Survey City Pay -A new personnel division would be set Tip in the Oakland1 City Manager's office to conduct salary surveys and make recommendations to the city council concerning civil service em ployees, under a proposal adopted by a special council committee. The propoaal by the council's finance committee for recom mendation to use council as a whole is an attempt to clarify the situation in which City Manager Wayne Thompson Baa the authority to conduct the eurveys but has relied uoon the Civil Service Board for material upon which to base the recom mendations. Under the present aetup the noara nancies classification and job specifications and Thompson seti the salaries in the de partment! under hu. jurisdie uon, tuDject wcouncil apt -provai. The new proposal would nro- ide Thompson's office with the staff required to make cemoar- isons with salaries paid in other cities and private industry aa a oasis tor setting salaries here At a meeting- yesterday, Harvey Bechtel. board chairman; narry Kosentxrg, personnel di rector, and Thompson agreed the surveys should be made by Thompson's office, providing he had the necessary staff, Finance Committee Chairman Lester M. Grant and Council man Ernest A. Rossi, Howard E. Ruea and Peter M. Tripp were unanimous in the recommends tien. - The new division would ad minister the wage and salary plan which would include training and other related personnel nincuona. Councilman 1 ' t . .. - Favors Bar on Run-off Votes Oakland City Councilman Glenn E. Hoover has served notice on his fellow councilmen that if the April It Municipal Election results in a May runoff, he has a couple of proposed charter amendments he'd like included on the ballot. 'Hoover, who got little support last night for his proposals, said they included: . ; 1- Modification of the election law so there would be only one election a year withaio run-off. The candidiate with the highest vote would take office. He said this would save the dty $50,000. He predicted that if the April election results in a run-off election for just one office, he is sure he'll get -ov lot of, support . from the eitixena. . The. city charter now. provides candidate' must receive i ma jority of the votes cast in order to win at the first election. . . 2 An amendment providing for an advisory opinion'' vote ' by the citizens in important matter! The vote would guide the council in making a decision. Bullet-Proof . " AUBURN. Me. en Asked whv he wouldn't shoot a huae hull moose rampaging in sub urban neighborhood one night, police Lt Leslie F. Stewart said, "My Jl Ipuldat have made a dent m mm.f . -. aavaani asat FALSE TEETH TteiUtaM Nte1 No tabarratft "MtM tkctr plat Srtsf attaC or awa )un ua wim km. uo mm n Ik Duet this auMkuwystt.- Just aartakl a lltti FABllflM tM ikalla mairtai avaaar, aa jaur aa Um? M -amo mm famila. Dm ant aaar. Caaoha " Msff )aan-w anata. Oat fmWOm at aaf lVFAf3T Lconrrdrtll End Vccation Without Job WASHINGTON, March ftfl The Eisenhower admlnistra ct to Ease - Traffic Jam OK'd Rroie A project to relieve traffic eongeation on 'Adeline St be tween Eighth St and the Emery ville city limit has been au Uon ha come op -'WMa -no Jobjthorised by-the Oakland' City vouncu. . The council, last night ap proved calling for bids on March U for widening of Adeline to 60 feet, complete resurfacing and construction of new curbs and anveways. t - City Engineer John' Morin ssjd the project will cost an eti mated HZaJw and will be fi nanced from State allocations of gu .taxiundL... In other action the council ap proved finance committee rec-H ommendations that it: 1-Transfer $7,800 from the Emergency Fund to the Park Department Fund for a flag Kennedy Charts New Demo Goals NEW YORK, March -( Sen.- John. F. Kennedy (D., Mass.) today proposed a "pene trating reappraisal" of the Dem ocratic Party. He called for "new ideas, newl policies -and riew faces" 1o iielp it stage a comebrck in the presidential election. Kennedy, writing in tiie magazine, predicted Vice Presi dent Richard M. Nixon would be the Republican candidate for President in I860- and said, he would be. "a tough, skillful, shrewd opponent." . It will take more than abu-l sive statements to peat Jar Nixon--those he can read rid ing in the 1961 inaugural parade." Kennedy said. DEMO FBOBLEM The Senator said the Demo crats faced a problem in that the Republican Party has be come "sufficiently progressive and internationalist at least in appearance, to blur the once distinctive position of the Dem ocrats.' Kennedy proposed this six- Doint program for the Demo-' cratt: "1 The , Democratic Party must be increasingly willing to embrace new ideas, new policies and new faces, unafraid of con troversial issues or i candid criticism. "2 Democratic leaders must be increasingly willing to 'put the party's future ahead of sec tional, factional'-and personal disputes and ambitions, WORDS -AND DEEDS "3 Congressional Democrats must ..shape a responsible, pro gresslve record with deeds that match our words. For it is pre cisely this gap between rhetoric and the record that casts doubt on the new liberalism of the republicans. '4 Congressional Democrats must demonstrate leadership in the problems of prosperity as they have in the past on the problems of poverty. We need not run against Herbert Hoover. "S Democratic spokesmen in and out of Congress must be willing to offer constructive opposition in the field of foreign policy. "6 Finally, and perhaps most important of all; Democrats on the local level must be willing to substitute new life and new leadership for the luxury of petty local factionalism." , istone apron around the Hassler Memorial Fountain in the City Hall Plaza to catch the" spray which is drowning the lawn and ping onto the sidewalk. The appropriation also will finance installation of 100 ground tubes and covers to hold flagpoles to be used on various occasions. 2 Appropriate $1,500 from1 the JEnterlainment and Adyer Using Fund to help finance the Downtown Flower Festival which Will lead up to the Spring Rome and Garden Show. The council also: - - l-ApproVed- transferring- to) the General Fund a total of $871,021 from the Sales and Use Tax Improvement, Special Pub lic Health, Traffic Control, arid Vehicle License Fe Funds, to provide working capital. 2 Moved to acquire for up to $14,570 certain property on the Cast side -of 68th Ave: south of Bancroft Ave. needed for the1 widening of Bancroft. 3 Moved-to appropriate for up to $3,0MJ certain property on ISkyhne Blvd. opposite Caris- brook Drive needed for realign ment ofSky)ihe, 4 Referred to the "State Highway-Commission a com munication from the Greater Oakland Communities Council reconfirming its favorable stand on the proposed route of the MacArthur-Freeway from Park Blvd. to DuttOnAv. 5 Gave "ffnaT passage to ' an ordinance providing for a grad ual reduction in the work week of Oakland firemen from 67.2 hours to 56 by 1959. In accepting the gradual re duction ihe firemen agreed to approve a 40-hour week, when and if the council adopts it, and also agreed that it could come Deiore ivoy. Missionary to SdmIc f - - BERKELEY, March 6 -, The Rev. Otto DeCamo. missionary to Korea, will apeak at the First! Presbyterian Church,- Dana St. land Charming Way, today and tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. and again at noon tomorrow at a student luncheon. FUa COUAK2D iV.inkNo.ll? Must Bo Horo Someplaco! NEW YORK. March (jn-J Curvaceous Monique Van Vooren, a supper ekib singer, showed up at police headquar ters yesterday to reclaim a minkl stole she hardly remembered "Anybody knows it s easier! to find, a lost mink than a lost husband," the Belgian beauty said,- referring to efforts to lo cate her estranged ' husband, Curt Pfenninger. Monique left her stole in an east side restaurant Feb. 5 but didn't recall missing it for five days. She said she has 10 other mink stoles and full-length coats. ' But when I finally missed the stole," she said, "I felt very bed. It has a sentimental value bought it myself. It's the only one I ever bought myself. She created quite a stir in the police department s lost-and found department when she showed up, her 40-03-36 figure neatly tucked' into a checked suit. The -restaurant owner turned the stole into police and ar rangements were made yester day for Miss Van Vooren to pick it up. lt wasn't hee first trip to po lice headquarters, j She had showed up Nov. 8 to ask the missing persons bureau to try to locate her husband. She said he'd been behind in support payments for her and their three- year-old son. He hasn't been found. Kctp Weight-Down And Livt Longer CHICAGO, March wM You 11 probably live to a ripe old age if you weigh now what you did at 23 or 25, President Eisen hower's 70-year-old heart specialist said today. Dr. Paul Dudley White, who packs 130 pounds in a 5 feet Sh inch, frame, said excess fat in a person's later years will "prob- lably get Into the coronary irter- les and cut down the heart's! blood supply." ! White, addressing the Chicago Medical Society's clinical conference, aaid he still can alip into his world War I Army um form. Ooklwdj Tribune, WteJwtWoy. Mirth . 1)57 D 5- Death Talces 2 Kin of Solon Within 3 Hours Death Jfrom cancer within. three houswof each other has claimed a Carmelite nun of Berkeley and a San Francisco woman, both members of the family of Assemblyman Edward M. Gaff ney of San Francisco. j-cr-Gorffieyfc water.-Mrey. aViUtamj W. Woolsey, of 2 156 A Market St., San Francisco, died at Mary's Help Hospital there. His Sieter-in-law, Mother Con stance of the Carmelite Monastery of Christ the Exiled King, died at the monastery at 68 Rin- con Road, Berkeley, Monday evening. In addition to Mrs. Gaffnev. Mother Constance is survived by a brother, Harold Wright of San Leandro. funeral services were held at the monastery today. Mrs. Woolsev is the mother of Air , Forcer Captr John- W., Woolsey, and teavea sisters anaV-r brothers here and in the Easl.t Funeral services for hef" wll be held tomorrow with a Re quiem High Mas at 10 a.m. at Mission Dolores Basilica.. . .' ' No Dog Leash Lew For Sen Refeel SAN RAFAEL, March 6-4- ' The city's controversial dog leash ' law- was killed yesterday I want to do what the people' want Mavor Edward Culver said after the city council failed to act on the matter, thus killing ' the statute. - The law would have required leashing and dogs to be kept "at .3. heel" in all areas except the ant mal's own properly. I . Rose (Mixta Wins Lions Oratory Test A St. Elizabeth's High School girl has won the sixth annual student speaker contest of the Fruit vale Lions Club. . She is Rosa Garcia, who was presented with the club's award by Dr. -John Vickery, chairman of the contest. . Optimist Speaker SAN LEANDRO. March 6 "Shoplifting and Bad Checks" will be the subject of Lt. Whit ney Rosaaen of the San Leandro Folic Department aa guesi speaker at today's meeting of the San Leandro Optimist Club. The session will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Haycock s Steakhouse, 1398 Hays St (jreatScot wonderful whisky. rjT- V 1 Bcrn l820.it ttill gping ttrong Johnnie Wuker BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY Rod Label, Black. Label :i ; both M J ptqt ' ImpmUr: Canada Dry Gmger AW, Inc., New York, N. T. 21 -inch console iscdel! Mohcgcay flnfsli cabinet! For a limited time only! " e tart? A magnificent instrument! A beeutiful piece , ' of furniture!. The new 1957 Hartpoint 21" con- -sole TV With' lull power trMtformcr, inter" 1 erence rejecting cascode tuner, automatic gain - - control for more uniform picture contrast, stay : i set volume control. Beautiful cabinet in rich " mahogany finish. 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