The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1932
Page 3
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_MQN'DAY. SEPTEMBER 19, 1932 JILYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Huge Whale to fie Shown Here Thrilling Battle Preceded Capture of 65 - Foot Deep Sea Mammal. Stretching his vast bulk more "'yj^lxff-nveiftol from head to titty-two tons', the, Rigamic whale capliired recently oil the California const svjll arrive here Friday. £(?pt. 23 and will be on exhibition In n succial railroad cir on a siding at Frisco Deool 3 days -Fli.-Sat.-Sua, Sept. 23-24-25. The huge animal, which came near taking ih c lives of his captors before he was conquered, lies under cose. The whale has been perfectly preserved by embalming, a process which required more than 38 barrels of fluid. When the whale was raised from the water, by means of a 90-ton crane, it was found to be such a ' fine specimen of the finback var- i iely that the piescnl transcontinental exhibition tour was decide;! upon. According to "Barnacle Bill" Darnett, a picluresiiue mariner who Is accompanying the whale, thc tour has been marked thus far by. the keenest- interest at every point visited. The mystery that Furrounds the whale's origin and habits, together with the thrilling part the creatures have played in many tales ol Ihe sea, is declared by Bamctt to have been reflected everywhere In an eager desire to actually view one of the great creatures. Barnett himself is contributing largely to the success of thc tow by the unique and exciting quality of the stories he is tellins; Ihe spectators about liis own ad- vf-nturious experiences as a whaler In his youth. This particular whale is credited with having given it s captors one of the hardest and most, dangerous - battles in the histors of whaling on the Pacific Coast, The first shot fired when he was sighted near SanClemente Island. In Southern California struck its mark, but the bomb device in the head of the weapon failed to explode. The whale thereupon started a battle" of several hours, diving repeatedly lo great depths and several times nearly causing 1 the stout harpoon rope to part. Finally he was brought into range again and a second and fata shot was sent home. Use Cotton Middles (or Turnups, Rape and Mustard Says Critz. BV J. E. CRITZ County Agricultural Ajent With the downward price of cotton many farmers will soon have all their cotton harvested. If wen- ther conditions continue good the col (on can bo harvested before Cluhijims, and then nothing for tenants to do, bul the lied Crass will not have any''fluids 1 to aid In relief so we can now continue to pveinre for the winter days If we have not by planting a few pounds of rape trlih some turnips and mustard seed. No place to plant this s«il? Ye.s, go into the co'.ton field .whore soil Is rich and seed every other middle, Jusl after picking It over, nun a hee) sweep or large swrq> so as to push seed up over side ol ro»- as the .seed cotton left In middle of row generally drown out. The following picking ol cotton can be done In middle Hint wax Jeft mvwcded. Time lo Kill Pe^'h Tree Borers 'ive first two weeks in Oclober Is Vox lime to pin out pru-adlchloro- hciwiR' on 4-year-old peach trees for nio of the worst pests we have On jx-arl! lr«s. Ifi co:mty agent kno* how many {.year-old tree* PAGE THREE or older you have and w<- will order this chemical about last of September so cnn apply II sorM time 'during- enrly October. \ttrh, 'Rye, Now is a fine lime U> plant the Jpw yielding tores on your ftrm In one of the Hire* cover crope. The seed are cheap this ye»r and should seed 25 lus. of vetch or 3 pecks ol rye or 30 Ibi. of Auitrlan peas In colton middles and cover with sweep so us u> aweep It up on side of row and give drainage, V-top harroiv or gee-whli will cover, but most of seed left In the middle win drown out during the winter. In.striKllons for storage of 'sweet potatoM, ctibbanc, turnips, etc., on a cheap basis wllh Improvement on the okl time hill mellxxl will be sent lo Individuals en request. The 72-ton finback whiilc which will be exhibited in Ulylhcville the latter part of this week is shown here as it was raised from the water by a huge crane following its capture olf the California coast every effort should be made to 'provide a full quart 0[ milk for overy child. KITCHEN . BY SISTER SlARY NEA Sen-ice Writer Simple, wholesome meals day by day ro far toward insuring Rood health for -school children. Food, drink and sleep conbiitutu file most important needs of a graiving bodv and nre essential factors in the development of a child's resistance to disease. nreakfast -for school children is of utmost importance. Thc child has been without food lor twelve to ofurteen hours. A period ol both mental and physical activity is before "him and both require encr- gv. One-third of the food requirement for the day should be taken nt breakfast. Dinner should he a hearty moal an dsupper a light one—one that is easily digested and conducive to sleep. During the first school weeks a child's d'.H should be very carefully watched. He has many new conditions lo meet and extra effort in the u'av of caring for fond difficult lo digestion should be spared him. Srfenls should be served regular- lv and plcaly of time allowed for them to be eaten slowly. Care should be taken that soups arc not served loo hot And food that cnols slowly should >*• cooled tvfore serving. Tills is particularly true of breakfast and luncheon when a child Is impatient to cat and eager to be on his way to school. Esich dav'5 meals should furnish ennush calories to supply heat and energy requirement, repair wornoul lisuos and build new ones. Mineral constituents and vitamins sre necessary ; or growth and health and thc regulation of body function. Water is necessary for regulation and elimination. Each meal must play Us pclrt in n;ec i- IP" these needs. Protein is 'necessary for Ihe Ciottin of children, and ol course ?;!. C ».5.. th ' •*'«/ s °»rces is meat. • mrat is harder fo rchil- digest than tags and milk \vnjcii arc both *t\*«»*iii i , «„ ,1- „ j , f! >eellcnl prolein foods and also rich i n mineral salts and high | n vitamin content Iirolied or roaslert meats are desirable occasionally f or 11'_"„,. meal but not for the eve,, ng mea A_ quart of milk every da 5 -K the Pernonals Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Evr.ird and son, Joe. spent yesterday in Memphis where ttey consulted Joe's specialist: Miss Evelyn Blythe has return- Miss Florine. Quinn. ed from a visit in O.«eola with Mrs. E. M. McCall. Mrs. A. n. Holland and Mrs. Aqron Rosenlhal are in Memphis today. Mrs. R. L. Gordon and son, "Robbie. hav° returned to their home .in Paragould, after a- week's stay 'with Mrs. Gordon's sister, Mrs. Nfa.rcus Evrard. and family. Mr. and Mrs. Joe niythc and daughters. Mary and Jnscphine. of Detroit, are guests of Mrs. Helen Blylte, Miss Lela Blytho. Miss .luanita Tanner, who makes her home with Mr, and Mrs. Virgil Cireene,- lias gone to Holly Springs, Miss., where she is -to attend Mississippi Synodical college. Mn and Mrs. Rupert Craftoi) sp?nt yesterday in Gridcr where they attended the dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Jacobs. Miss Virginia Martin is able to be out following an operation for appendicitis. . . - -s of It can be drunk and the rest used with vegetables and cereals and desserts. "n..tu> ^ T e fl". C .? )Vted ve * ctabt «. shredded fresh raw vegetables, stewed ard fr.«sh hulls, cereals. e ?gs slm riv ooolccd meats, plain cakes and cookies and simple desserts offer a wide varletv for a nourishing and balanced diet for school children When strict economy must be practiced th c cheapest food for c«ch group may be chosen but Serving Two Life Terms ' INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. (UP)--Police wi-rc reprimanded bv "chief Michael P.- Morris?ey alter proprietors of business establishments complained to him that they were To make it more difficult for a paro!e board to free 'him, this 16- I year-old, boy. Earl Phelps, was s?n| tenced to serve two. We terms for ; the murder of his father and step- i mother in Eminence, Mo. He has I been taken to prison (o start serv- I nig (he double term. The boy confessed he kuilid ills ,fat,:i;r and stepmother because he was angry at their marriage. "giving away" too many ci»ars and cigarets-to the-force. Its Good Business TO LOOK SMART AND KEEP THRIFTY H ERE'S something interesting, la ibe first seven months of this year more than six-and-a-half million dollars' worth of DeSotos were purchased by salesmen, J:'s not thc money that's important. It's the significance. See what these figures mean? | A salesman's car is his best advertisement. Customers notice it. That's why thousands of these mea bought DeSotos. Wilh one stroke, DcSoto made them sra arc and kept them thrifty. It will do the same for you, whether you use it for business or pleasure. Ask anyDeSolo dealer for a generous trade-in and a thrilling ride «ithFloaiingPower.DeSotoMotor Corri.,Divi5ioaofCorysl«rMo<ors. DE$OTOSlX-$675 ANOV* ».0.t. FACTORY W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES 117-119 East Main School Districts to Hold Monthly Study Sessions Twenty-nine of the St scliool districts in Mississippi county will [have tpAJa}.study sessions at tlielr monthly meetings Ihls fall and wln- Icr. This Is exclusive of the Bly-, tlicvlllc and Osceoln special school ] d. ..-lets. Siidi loulcs as care at school properly, ft* Janilor, ways of rate- ring Ihe average 'dally attendance ilscJiool elections, teacher selecllon, fnfely education, standardizing el- cnuinlniy schools nnd cation will be Included. 'These are to be distributed by Ihe county department, of cduca- 'llon, at the request of tlK'se dis- tricts. The county deperYmenl- wffl^ also send a magaihw "School Man-" •gemtnt," subtcrlptlon free, to theie ' . Tt.«e districts have »pe«d to ujt n the materlil: Lusort, Rosa clen— Lake, Oosnell, Huflmin, ghiwnet/v Manila, Whltton, Y«rbro, ekldwaf ' WlUoh, Lone Oak, Kelstr, Promised Land, R«c«, Elowah, Ekfon Le»ch- ville, Pawheen, Half Moon, Hlci- man, Kl»t Lake, Brown, Round Lake. Lost Cane, Blaekwater, Rocky and Stillman. DURHAM, N. c. (Up) _ More than a score of promising sopho-... more caiidWates are expected to play A prominent role In forms- lion of Uuke University's 1932 jrld-; Iron machliK, coached bv Wallace-Wade. Courier New i Want Mi f>», , : •• Housewives and Husbands! We are closing out our entire stock of electricalappliancesthat have been used as demonstrators or slightly shopworn. Special Selling Starting Tuesday 22 Vacuum Cleaners Every woman who keeps house needs a Vacuum Cleaner and here !s the opportunity to set a good cue ai a mighty low. price. Premiere Duplex . or Federal, both excellenl sv;ee|K!rs. 22 lo select from all look like new, have been used for demonstrations. Will give salisfaclory' service for .years Priced up from •. .-. ".. | ,..'•• 6 Alladin Lamps " i i • • • *- . Practically every home can use an extra- Floor Lamp, especially «l>en you can get one for almost nothing. These Alladin Lumps are very attractive Lui they have beeri In our show room • for some time and we're tired of looking at them, but you'll probably get a lot more 'enjoyment from . them than we can. Priced-up from ; • a toaster or percolator has a few scratches rorfhandltag not hurt therefore ' 5 Machines Federal W«shlng Machines -are considered -as- or* pi the Jevflnr. mafes 'on the Amerlcaa inirket-,tb- ' $10 A . and the. wonrnv- who : &eV. -one, of' these can • cotolder.' herself; riiwt fortunate ,| n .during • a ™al bargain - Etsy Icredit t'enrW payable a Snail amount monthly. -Priced up-'lroni'. • • -. f. .--... ,4 WestihehtiusiP i - •• ••: --:. -.° '• $45 $2.50 There are Just 4 of these Wostl'ngh'oiise ranges"tttat we- repossessed, but 1 they '.do' -not show they hare ever been used. • .Some- housewife ,would bV mighty pro lid'lo have orie of these to coo.k-fief-daily iriaais ori.. Well gladly Met you have one' -of; these,' full Installed, with .easy monthly, payments,- lor' a's low OS ' • • • •'-..:' $60 3 Ice Boxes Yes, these Let nard Ice Boxes have been used a ihort lime, then traded In on General Electric Re- iriecntors. They're worth a lot more than the low prices we have on them and you know lhat Lecnard boxes aie the best there is. Different rizes. but every one at a bargain price. Easy*«o rrt liajmenls. Priced up from $IZ»jU 5 Armslronj; Stoves Any woman familiar with the Armstrong Table Slove will tell you that five dollars Is a mijhty low price for them. One of thc most convenient appliances for thc-home—breakfast, lunch, mtd- nlght lunches, all can be prepared quickly and economically on one Just five, nt each of these modern conveniences. $5 6 Westinghouse Toaslers There is nothing like a good Electric Toaster for •crisp, golden bronn toast and truly Westinjhouse Toasters arc good. We have six embracing several ayles. they're new, but we've ha.l them too long.... Now we want you to have one in your home nnd enjoy it and you can get 11 mighty cheap. Priced up from $2.25 25 Boudior Lamps 25 Bowlclr Lamps....far loo many for us to have. Metal bases In Ivory and other colors with deco- ralcd shades. Priced up from $1.25 25 Light Fixtures No ctaibl you've been wanting some new light fixtures for a long lime bul thought you could not spend Ihe money. We've priced these so low you cannol afford lo wail longer. Fixlures suilable for any room in your home priced at Just a fraction of their original cost. 25 dilTcrcnl slyles priced up freni 8 Coffee Percolators Elghl Wcsttnghouse Percolators In several different sizes and styles. A few cf these have been used «s demonstrators but most of them Just have a few scratches. Any one of them will give you good service for years to come. Only eight, so If you desire one don't wait loo long DS they are priced up from only Electric Mixers Any woman who has ever used an Electric Food Mixer will tell you it Is oue of the most enjoyable articles she has in her home. Cakes, frcstings and other delicacies quickly and easily prepared for baking. Requires about half thc time to make a cake as with ihe old system and no work Priced up from '. Curling Irons Of course we realize lhal few women use a curling Iron, but there are a few who still use them and you can get a real good one during this sole for only $2 $1 $5 $1 ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CO.

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