The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 3, 1944
Page 3
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MONDAY, APHIL'3. 1944 QUOTE ME- iiirc Confident |He Can Do Job Candidate Points Out 4He Is Familiar With State's Business Uulttd B p r Jm - l)m y N ' ING •o, L J T ™ B UOCK . Aprll^Tup' •S ate Comptroller j. Bryan Sims, •Klip announced for the Rovcrnor's IS if , Satm ' <la >'- said today he had •deeded to go ahead with the race pwlthout a single qualm." • I, I've been out here a long lime •now, and I've deckled I can't do •much worse than some governors •we have had-and I might be uble •to do an even better Job," he said. I j n ,? w thc """<»' ^ Bolng laround tliat someone is using me |(p fur her llieir own ends'- and •that still others are backing me in • this race Just to make sure I get •put of the comptroller's office. I "Well, the fact is that the men •who arc strongest for me arc men • whom I know to be my friends — •men who have gone to bat for me lal every administration change to •make sure that I was kept on here • in Ihe comptroller's office. 1. "I think I've got a pretty good • idea of the governor's job and of lilic state's business iu general," he I added. "Thc Lord knows I've ueen I rid ing herd on Ihe money for a I long time." Familiar Witli Finances Sims' popularity with the 1943 I General Assembly stemmed, In pan. I from what some legislators called I his "really amazing" grasp of the • costs of operating every depart- Iment from the Veterinarian's offiee 1 [o the Highway department. I - Ben Laney, the Camden busincss- I wan-farmer, candidate for govcr- " n i w '" begin a statewide "visiting" j^iaign somelime this mpnlh to l.peWer acquaint the voters with his I name—not (oo well known in thc I northern cotinlies, •* I Laney says he realizes that one I of ills principal obstacles will be I the relative unfamilitarily of his Iliaine—as contrasted with'tlie well I known names of J. Bryan Sims and I Floyd Sharp and the somewhat less I familiar Will Steel of Texnrkana. I- "I plan to circulate around the I stale, especially up in tlie norlh- I ern counties where some folks nev- I er heard of me," lie said. "I'll moke [a few speeches here and here, but I for the mosl part I'll just talk to I people." I Laney said he was basing his I campaign on thc belief that "folks I think enough of their lax dollars to I waul to see them spent wisely." I He said. his own enterprises had I been built and operated on the I principJe of "judicious economy" I and "I know it will work." • Tlie Camden man said that al- I though he was campaign manager I for John McCIellan in his successful 1942 race for the Senate, he did not expect McCIellan to'intervene I actively in his gubernatorial campaign. Kusy in Washington "John doesn't owe me anything 'for my part in his race," Laney I said. "He's busy enough in Wash- I Ington . without wasting time com[ Ing down to Arkansas to < make '(/iwhes for me. I'm sure, though, YW lie -will vote for me." Friends of James "Uncle Mac" I MacKrell believe it is becoming less | likely that.the Little Rock radio I preacher will get into the gover- I iior's race. One reason given was that support which lie had been I offered from some moneyed inter- I ests in tlie early weeks of this year had been withdrawn. J MacKrell told (lie writer hist I ; week that he was "a sad and dis- 1 illiisloned man." He cited tlie case of one man who MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP 104 8. First Phone 2532 Bring Us Your Beauty Problems Evenings By Appointment Try our "Own Made" ICE CREAM Ole Hickory Inn Acros» from High School BLYTHEVILLE .(ARK.)] SO.UBIEK JNRW* B&ON IN WASHINGTON Profit Limit: Yea and Nay BY PETER KDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent When Economic Stabilization pl- rcclor Fred M. Vinson goes before the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency lo testify on renewal of the Stabilization and Price Con-, Irol Acts, one of Ihe Ihlngs he will | be grilled on Is his so-called "prof- It limitation" directive of last November. 'Ihls iS'one of.the most controversial wartime orders on the books. James P. Brownlee, deputy OPA administrator in charge of prices, received a preliminary questioning on profit limitation when MIC: tesll- lied a few days ago—Senators Robert A. Tatt of Cincinnati'and Albert W. Hawkcs of Montclair, N. J., objecting to OPA's present policies on profit. Business representatives who have personally checked Into this Vinson directive and Us application have given It their blessing. But It is sllll misunderstood by most businessmen who fear It Is some slick New Deal trick lo control all war profits, and which will be carried over Into the posl-wir period lo limit profits on all civilian business. In brief, this directive establishes profit principles under which essential civilian goods shall be manufactured on WPB orders. The rule of thumb Is that where a manufacturer is compelled by WPB to make a product the manufacturer does not want lo make, but which Is needed lo maintain civilian economy—say blue denim - for overalls— profit shall . be, limited to 2 per cent If the firm's total profits on nil Its manufactures are less than double the Mini's 193G-39 average profits; while if total profits are more than 'double the 1936-39 average, the blue denim must be made at cost. THEY FEAR CONTROL • WILI, EXPAND What some manufacturers fear is some such principle as this Is about lo be applied to all kinds of business. A;id they still wonder I why, if war contractors arc still alloivcd profits of 10 per cent or more on munitions, the manufacturers of civilian goods should be held down to bare cost or at most 2 per cent. The Office of Economic Stabilization boys say Ihiit there are several misapprehensions and misunderstandings in this line of reasoning, that such fears about the future are groundless. Iu the first place, the OES boys sa v this isn't a profit limitation order, but a profit guarantee, or a guarantee Hint essential civilian goods.can be mnmifactiired at cost and not at a low, which has been Ihc common peacetime experience of many firms making these cheaper materials. These low-cost items were then made as "price leaders", or to use (die time on looms. Mr. Brownlee declared In his testimony (hat he had never been with any business firm (hat made profit on all Ihe items II manufactured. But this directive assures manufacturers Hint they will not have to lose money on anything they make on government or- dpr. HORSE COLLARS GOT IT IN THE NKC'K A second point made by OFS is that the Vinson directive now applies principally to textiles, and will probably apply to only halt a dozen Items In that field. n will not apply to the.profits made on any textiles which nrc not directed to be made by WPB for essential civilian use. Textiles made on Army or Navy order or for general civilian trade will be subject to no profit Itmilntioiis other than the profit margins iwssible under price control. Thus far, the Vinson directive has been applied to only cue uon- lextilc product. Tluil was nurse, collars. There OPA allowed Ihe manufacturers up to a 3 per cent profit. The Vinson directive will have no application on the two million electric irons which are to be manufactured this year, because In this and similar cases, no firms arc being directed to make irons whether Ihey want to. or not. Instead, all manufacturers want to get In this business, and Ihe problem is one of allowing certain manufacturers to resume production where it will not interfere with war. production. The same principle would applv to stoves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines. •In short, total control o! profits does not seem to be on Hie books now, nor is it in prospect. Night Operator Sticks To Duty As War Service EJIHIW Lou Cruycnift hns u nnmo you most likely hnvcn'i lienrd but B voice which yon have. Etnina Lou is the giri who handles the night, shift nt the switchboard In the BAAF Signnl Office. She gels to work when mosl other girls are I" Ihc middle of n (into or of n letter lo n friend Iti the service, n'liii leaves In lime to enl dinner when everybody else is eating brenkfnst. She's 21, slim, blonde, dellcntc- looklng and mniTlcd. She met. her hiisl)nn<i at (his base when he wns with the 104th squadron. Six months ago last Monday they were married. Emma Lon loves him more now tlinl she did then nml hence worries about him iu Ihe Solomons. The iittht Is long and fnlrly quiet, Most of her incoming calls are those asking for Ihe time. The rest are lo awaken bnsc personnel who nre In town for th e night. Kin- inn la\i lives In constant (car that she will form to 'phone one of these people on time and tlie base suffer as a result. Dunne Hie night she embroiders, 1 knits or reads n novel. Her current favorite Is Cailcton Seals' "Dawn Over The Amn/on." Anytime a fellow's in town after 10 ami can't make cnm|> on time he calk 521 and sounds helpless. Emma Lou docs all she can to help, believing. They nlso serve who only sll and wait. had offered him "all the money I would need iviUi no strings attached if. I ran for governor." "Just the other 'day, he came around and said nil he could let me hare :was t$UW and for. .that, hq'd have to be allowed to name 'thrc'e or four key men in the'administra- tion S9t-up if I Avon. : "I ;told him I. didn't need his money that badly." ' "., • • , So. although he may still make the race, the longer he puU off the actual, formal announcement' the less likely he is to lake the big Can Vitamins Restore Color to GRAY HAIR? In ttilt irilh gray fairtd people a Itajinj housekeeping migmni- using the ann etay luir vitamin found 88J ol Ihose tesltd Md somcsueces3.GRAYVlTAconl.iiiB the icslcd nnxjuntolthw remarkable vitamin PLUS 450 InL units of I),. Get ORAYVITA now. 30da» treatment SI.bO.lOOuays'H.OO.Phon- KIKBY BROS. DHUG STORES Huet Rodgers Jr. Receives Award Of Purpie Heart Platoon Sergt, Hiiet Rodgers Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs.'.M. H. Rodgers of the Double Bridges community has been presented with the Purple Heart medal by his ccmmaiiding general, for wounds suflcrcrt in Ihe tattle of Tarawa'on Nov. 21 : . Sergeant Rodgers, a member of the Marine Corps, was wounded in the liand and leg by shrapnel. He recently wrote his parents thai he has entirely recovered from his wounds and again is ready (or action. At the time the letler was written i,Sergeant Rodgers was in Honolulu at a rest camp. Read Courier Mews Want Ads. TRADE ECZEMA CHECKITCHIHG - innuu LULLinn the antiseptic— stimulating way with famous Black nnd White Ointment. Jiuickly relieves irritation. Promotes nc.ihng. Ufp.ojilyasdirccted. Cleanse daily with lilack and White Skin Soap. BLACK m WHITE Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing To mike thij timple, no risk hearing tc«t If you »re temporarily deafened, bothered by r;nging fcuzzing head noilea due to hard- tne A or coagulated wax (cerumen), try the Ounne Home Method test that lomany say hM enabled Item to be«r wel! again. You must hear better after ir.alir.g thia «imp!« teAt or you get your money back at once A»k «bout Ourine Ear Drops today at Stewart's and drug stores everywhere. BAAF DentalJHygienist Begins Duty In WAVES Mte Frances Goodcnougli. dcnlnl hyglpnlsl. at the Blylheville Army Air.Held, left recently lo Join the WAVES. Miss Goodcnough Is stationed al Hunter College, Nciv York Clly at prcscnl. Clear Lake News Eleven member.* of the Women's Missionary Union ol Clear Lake were present, for the n -etlns Thursday afternoon al Ihc home of Mrs. L G. Scotl. Mrs. Scolt ])i-esl(led over' iha mectSiiE and Mrs. H. C. EllLs led prnycr. Bibly study was given by Mrs. Dim ncnnl. taken from the fourth chapter of Mnlthcw. 'i'lie inccling clasecl with prnycr by Mrs. Scott. las Angeles salvages about 1000 tons o.' tin cans and oilier metals from ils scrap heaps monthly. Read Courier News Want Arts. Spring aiifl Summer TUNE-UP .Save Gasoline . . . Save Tires. Gel All-round Better Performance! T-I.SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler Dt»ler Parts A Service 111 W. Ash Phone 2122 When Blytheville Was An Infant, This Was Our Molto - - - "ALL THAT'S GOOD IN INSURANCE" ^ ---It Still Is! Writini; Fire & Tornado on your stock of merchandise, homo, furniture, on your farm property. Liability, on Auto, Contractors, public, automobile. ,• Plate Glass, Trucks and Truck Cargo, Accident & Health, Parcel Post, In oldest and best of Companies. Just call phono 3361 for binder on anything Insurablc. W. M. Burns Agency Office Anlhony Bld<r. • CLEANERS FOR SALE If yoii are interested in buying a good dry cleaning plant, or plant and business, see me. This is not a distress sale. I just don't have time to look after the business. RAYMOND LLOYD Lilbourn, Mo. NU-WA OFFERS YOU Proper Classification We realize thai a good job of classification almost assures a good washing job. We separate your laundry into eight or nine piles, each one lo be washed according to a proved scientific formula. Careful Efficient Work • i We treat, your laundry us valuable personal property for that s just what it is. Our employees are (aught to take as much care with it as if you were right there watching tnem. Prompt Service Because our system is so proficient and our em- ployes so co-operative, our service as nearly as slicedv as before {he war. • PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prttt. KirbyJIrarSteres ATTENTION SERVICEMEN: Please bring ; proper idunlificatioH papers from your commanding officer when buying badges, ribbons and medais. We have complete stocks. For KHAKI and TROPICAL shirts and trousers, sec tis. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Double Bridges News Kirs. Howard Dowcn ami datiuh- tci-, Virginia, have rviurnrd from Memphis where they were i-uobls of Mrs^Bowcu's mother. Mrs. J. M Nicholson, They went down especially lo nltemi Mrs. Nicholson's 86th birthday party given last Bunday at her home. 'Mrs, Nicholson vvns n resident of Mississippi County foi -II) years before jiiovliig to Memphis two yc-ars ngo to make her home with her daughter. Mrs. Virginia Boners, Stars Featured In Musical Revue At Post Thursday "Whrit's Cooklii"', a musical revue realm-tile Harlem headlines, will appear at the post rco hall Thursday night. The cast of stars Includes Ami Robinson, famed roi 1 her ad-llbbi'd riff songs al the Stage Door canteen mid the Village vnnguiml; Hcrble cowcns, drummer wiili Lucky iiilllnder; stuff Smith and Ami Fletcher ^Henderson at .such chilis as cnfe Society Downtown and the Hickory House. Danny Alexnmler, one of Ihe worlds Iiistest lap dancers,.who has ippertrcd at Small's 1'nradlsc mul Ihc Colton Chib; Gimicr and \VI1- scm, a comedy soug-iuxl-datico team; Johnny and his boy Friday, n' vtMilrlkxiulsl acl; blues slngei- Riiby South; Sammy Stewart, I'lan- 1st; the Dixlana sinking Ivio; iuicl Hac I'carl and YoYo, comedy iicl, Villagers 'Sulvo' One 'I'uv LYDONVILL'E, VI. (UP)—The resident* of Ly'donvllle haven't had lo pay u village tux for Ihc past five yeiii's. And It's all thanks lo the prollts of their municipal power and light plant. Last year the plant showed the largest net profit since It. was mull hi 189G. Luxora Society—Personal 24 HOUR TIRE SERVICE Vulcanizing — Tire »Dd Tube Repairing Tractor Tlret Onr Specialty. All Work Guaranteed WADE COAL CO. Alabama R*d Ash C«»l N. Hwy. 61 Ph. ZZ91 FOE BALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER ALL SIXES Cheaper Than Bridge lumber Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phone 691 Osceola, Ark, flPTICRL STORE Let Us Help SAVE YOUR EYES I 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Every typo heel Is repaired or attached here— thc work Is done perfectly, reasonably - and, , , you wish, while you wall. Complete Shoo Repair Service here. Hfl LT-CRS QUflLITY SHO£ SHOP 12 I . W M a 1 M S'T. SOCIETY OK CHUISTIA'N SKKVICK Mrs. 1{, \V. Thomns' home was the placo ot mi-ellng for the So- rli'ty of Chi'lsllnn Service in tho Insl meetlnu 'during March. Klcvrn inonibiTs were imwnt, with Mrs. A. li. llMellc preMdliiK hi the ab- Ri'iiee of the president, Mrs. \V E. Head. Mrs. Aubrey Chllds assisted Ihe IH'OKiam leader, Mrs. K, H. l)of,nn, In incsfiHIni; Ihe llii'me, "Plnmilni; for Tomorrow." The mc'cllng was closed with' sentence prayers. During the .swlnl period, Mr*. Thomas served a snlad plale. • » » I.UXOIIA HOT AH V MAS CillKST Illmaii Kurtz, program chairman for Thursday's meeting al (he Home Economics collaife. Intm. duecd l.lenl. Co]. Harry I,. Mc- Cliilrc of Ulyllicvlllc Army Air Field. ' Colonel McCluhe said In part. 'Wo have Ihc bi'M trained, best fed, best paid soldier In the world," ami speaking from his experience in World War I, "To whip the German.", it would require- Bolus from house to house In Germany nml pulling Ihe ocrmiin soldlm out." On Ihu home front, he nskcd Hint loiters bu written to soldiers oflcn, that we subscribe to all drives, save Basolhie. produce all foodi nutl war supplies \vc can, as when the big Invasion time nnhM, U will lake everything.' Tom cnllls wi,» rlccled as n new member tml o, O.'Smith, ot IJur- ilcllo was s visitor. ' • » • Mr. nnd Mrs. sam noweii, nc- coinpanlcd by Mrs. Kusscll Howcn find Mrs. Will Wood, wcnl loMehi- phls'lliui-^lay lo meet their dnugh- ler, Miss .Mary Clay Bowen, of niuo Mountain College Blue Miss., who will be at home with Ihem until 'Aii'sday, Miss Hilly Nelson, of Memphis, .spent the week cud with her ulster, Mrs. C. Evcrctlo 1'ayton, the H"v Palton, and family. Mrs, S. J, Binllli spent tiom Sunday afleinoon unltl Thuiwlay in Memphis as house jju'csl of Mrs Hose Schmnlzi-eld. (,'AHK OF '('HANKS I We wish |o llinuk cveiyono who was so nice lo us In our bereavement. Especially do. we wish lo Ihank C'obb Undertaking Co., llcv. Slnuus, Key. Thackcr nnd tor Ihc benullfui' SOUKS and floral offci-hiKS. Mrs. i>. M, Campbell and lamlly. •••!• -.-. , PfJ>it-Coln Company, Long Islnml City, N. Y. Frahcnised Bottier! I't-psi-Cola Bottlint' Co. of Rly(hev[|lc IN THE .PROBATE COUHT roll THK CHICKA3AWBA DI6UIICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AH- KANSAS. Jn the matter of the Rslalo of Uila \ Nornmn I'nyno, deceased, NOTICE Of ADMINISTHATMON Notice Is hereby given that letters of Administration were (,'rantcd lo Ihc undcrelRiicd upon Ihc estate of Lula Normtm Pnync, on tho Clli day of February, A. ID. 1014, by the Probate Court for the O'hlckasawba District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, All persons having claims or demands against said Ktatejhmt ' 1 rcient them, duly authenticated, tof: the undesigned for allowanc/taP foic the end of one year from tbe' - diitc of the grnntliig: of skid letter^ ' v If not w presented, wlthlri suck time, they will be forever barred;^ nnd those claims presented witblnt six months from the d»te'ol Mid letters will have'prlorlty ov«r tho«e r Illeti after the lapse of such stk' months. „ •Dated this Ifjth day of February,* A. D 1844. . jk John Administrator of the Estate of Uila Nounan Pavne, Tteceasta. II o Pflitlavv.-Attorney - *' (or said Administrator. , *{ 2-2e-3-6-13-20-«-l-3 To Be TVans/erre^ Serel Alexander Adams, 324th llase llq & AD S<|., will be Irons-, feuctl shoitly 'o Boiling FleW/ \Vnshlii«ton, D. O. , ' j .8ci(jcani Adams' .duties, ulillo »t HAAP weie that of stcriograph'er nnd ndmlnlstrntlvo clerk In the' Com is and Bonids Office. His new" (liille. 1 , will bo similar lo those he' now pcifouns. , i lo Pay 48o Tax ' ( LAKE ANDES, 8. D. (UP)-Ail' unidentified Chotcau creek' farmer' 1 drove 25 miles tlnou b 'h a biting wind, and sitoio temiwraturc's to'-pay, takes oh a poillon of his land which Jute Into n nclghboihig county. The lax was '18 cents, ' ' ;V "... : .« •'••• Attention, ,0vncrs of ..-.. ; '•' i • . ELECTRQLUX CLEANERS Our factory is converted to all-out war work. (From experience all of us are learning to prepare to do without many things. You will be prepared to take care of your cleaning problems with your Electrolux for a long time if you act NOW. • \ Our factory bonded service man will be at Blytheville at the Glencoe Hotel Tuesday & Wednesday, April 4th & 5th. For free check and inspection of cleaners, call for appointment. WJ. NEWHOUSE Macoupin Seed Soybeans Germinalion Average &$-5% R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. South Broadway—Blythcvllle E. H. FORD, General Agent, National Equity Life Insurance Co. Telephone 3185 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, arc remembered nlways. Our flowers are always fresh, and all work is guaranteed to please. Let our expert designers help you with your noral needs ^FLOWER SHOP ok *.. ftt. «1 ' Str7lco We Ucllrer Anywhere MM. j. M. (M»c) Wllliami, owner Olencot BW». We Sf ill Hove A Few Bagsot . PEDIGREED COTTONSEED MIXED FERTILIZER CERTIFIED ROYAL SOYBEANS Order AMMONMN NITRATE Now. J.L.TERRELL H 7 S. Btoadway Phone 2631 IMPORTANT NOTICE To The Hard of Hearing and Users of Hearing Aids. ' ' Tlie Aurcx Company will I'omlucl « clinl6 fur Ihc hird of htitinj, BlvlnK un auilliPmttvr Icsl, which will slum your |HrcenU|C . of your |HrcenU|C k VAUUUM TJUESDAY, APRIL 4 - -- — 9 A.M. to 9 P.fv WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 -- 9 A.M. to 4 P^ at. HOTEL NOBLE, BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. Aurex local ropiWciitsitlvc, Mrs. (Suo. Iliirliuiu, 1308 Jleurn Si, Plione 338(>, curries u stuck of Imllcrles lu III iinj nuke of vacuum tube hearing nltl. AUREX MEMPHIS CO. 1901 Stcrick Bldg. Memphis, Tenn. GIFTS AND CARDS FOR EASTER Choose From Our Newly Arrived Sclecllon . . . Somelhlnr Suitable For" Kyery BIcmbrr of the Kuinlly, ' ~ , The Gift Shop ijl t* SM«I» • *< ••;__ : — ^^ 103 K. Main Moss Fbrot KM Genuine Oliver PARTS & EQUIPMENT ComblneH - Disc Harrows - Hay Rakes "• Waiiinf Plows - Planters - etc. HARRKAN AUTO I>VRTS nHnnlOVn & GARAGE . '. Eipert Aulo Repair Work }'-' 517 W. Ash phone J652 FELLOW FARMERS: You can not afford (<i plant gin-run, untreated, low-yielding reeds when you ran get our certified, pciligrced, Ceresan-twtted (cotton), high-yielding seeds at these prices, f. O. B. Burdette. r Deltapine—DPI, No. 12, Stale Certified, Irealed, KM ytr 1M Ibs., $90.00 ptr Ton. » «~ . -; AD (New JJeliaplne thai led our lest last two »e»rs) treated cottonseed $5.00 per 100, $90.00 .per Ton, Stale Certified Heltnulnc—Drr, No. II cottonseed, $6.00 per Iti" .Jos. 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