The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTITEVILLE, (ARK.) COUIUEU NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER Crack Backfield Against Hurricane Blood Transfusion for U, S. Net Team Mosley is Triple Threat Aitist Put Others Can Go Places BV J. V, FRIEND It isn't violating any confidence to: make the 'assertion Hint tln>. .Jonesboro team will sec plenty of, the entire uhlckasaw bac l : n .'V when the Golden Hunicaui ni- yad«> the tribal wigwam for i::;::i much discussed bailie Friday) night : One gathers from . watching practice at Haley Field that Hcr- schel Mosley, Bnstt Locke, Eddie- Saitba and Oncil Craig will take their turns at lugging the oval lignlnsl their touted rlritl.9. Heretofore Mosley, Locke and Saliba, have hogged the offensive limelight and left the bulk of the path clearing to the riujflcd Craig. Hut Indications are that he, too, will got in on the fun, making Ilia Clilck offense n four-way affair. Last week Craig took 17 trips with :ihc nugget snugly tucked under his wing, more than nil the other games he lias been called upon, and did a fair job of-it. Enough .to warrant calling his signal often. In met, I.oclic Hack in Form '| Locke, as everyone knows, Is one of tile-fastest nnrt hardest drlvl'mi backs In this neck of Iho woods. He is a veritable wonder at 6°i"S .off tackle, following Ills Interference until lie gets Into the open and once lie gets clear he is n good bet for a sizeable gain or n touchdown run. One of Ills strongest points as a back Is his fine defensive noiX Especially is.he nlerl on forward passes. Against Forrest city he grabbed a throw intended for an enemy buck and was gone bclore the bewildered Thorobrcds could collect their wits. Budge The sprint was good yards and a louchctavn. for Although always being Inclined to be of the shifty type. Hershel Moslev has come around fast mi- ilor the caieful tutorship of Coach Laslie He rnns.vvllh (hat elusiveness thai Is characteristic, ol Rood broken field runners. He Is one of the best safety men in the state, n goon blockei, sine tackier, and now he can return, punts! rddle Sfibba Js jiiuch Ifirgcr. He follovs Inierferfficr! smartly anil picks hohs \ntir ;tlie ulniosl cunning He can be depended on for Ou The Outside Looking In U.v "DUKE" mwi •""<" ^>rn:ir- ».ij, iHiLwaie] „ , 3"'.Arkansas opponent, an';| | n and the scieral yards ami time he cracks the linn. • Craig Comes Through • Withdrawn from (lie line placed In the backficM at twelfth hour, Oneill Craig has been of tieinemlons help as a blowing back He 1ms been given but little chance to carry the ball due to his proficiency as a Mocker. Hmvei'er, when called upon hn his lesponded well. He has scored several touchdowns. Coaches Carney Lasllc and James "Ace" Fuckett are leaving nothing undone to have the tribe in good shape The sciuart went through a long scrimmage yesterday, during vhich every play was rehearsed The varsity backs and line weie Impressive as they battered the second string. Much emphasis was placed on speed during the work-out. The dummy was the recipient of plenty of good and tackling before they called it a day \vith signal drills .,/• T ; Crate Is "Hnrrlcane" A together it was an exhausting days noil- for the entire enre souad which wns not dismissed until Ions after nfpht had fallen Preceding the scrimmage in,varsity spent considerable tin" Pass defense work,, with .Inncsboro Has Dig Eige The record of the Blytheville Chlckusaws In gmaes played with tlw Jonesboro Hurricane could 1)2 improved a whole lot and Hie Ohicks will be out to do just Unit Friday night. E\'en in the event of a win the locals would still have far to go to get, up on even l?rms with (lielr ancient rlvn! on tlie basis of games won and lost over a period of years Records show that the Hurricane has won c of the sanies played between the two -schools in the last 10 years. The chlckasaws managed lo win X an;! 'I were tlss. Tile only w liis recorded bv the Chicks in the 10-year period Aaling b. -'k to 1924 jippurra!] In 1024, when !iic locnl eleven- was unbeaten by Pete Craig and coiupans v,'n!ked over the Hurricane nt Jonesboro. The Hurricane's total score for the lb-ycar |>crlo:l almost trebles points gained" by the Cliick- asaws. The locals ran up 70 paints end Joner.boro's eleven 195 over ill- period. I Here's tlie 10-year record of the two teams: Blythevllle 7. Joiiesboro 21. t!»33. nlytheville 0, .Jono.sboro 32, 193'> nlythcvillc e; Jonesboro 4C 193! niythevllio 1. Jonesboro u! 1930' Blythcvillc 2[j, Jonesboro n, 1929 Blytliovilla C, .Touesboro c, 1923 Bly;'r,»vil!n G. Jonesboro 38. 1S127 BlylkiM'lilc 6, Joncsboro C, 102fi Blytheville 0, Jonosboro 25, 1925 BlytheviUc- 13, Jonesboro 7. 192-1 On Title. Camliclit-s A Jcn^sbaro Tribune si'-'y-'- uinnist predicts the n»c4f.ity of lost season game to determiW tV. northeast . cliamoiotisn 1 - game T" by J ' - T - Cral5 ' Lttl " ickasaws worked on pol- ut> their ora overhead Evidently, much o the a, azed through the nlr The llne.^on came In for ., r Cl . 1 . LoSlte ' was not >*•"*- w,th tnc manner l,, which they performed against (he Mo hawks and is setting about to co?- rect that for the future Humming Bird Routed Huge Golden Eagl< KERNVIU,E. Cal. who TV 11C !arge who . l, often seen (UP) _ Jij s n ' ld brooded ea 10d:ly Tlio rea.wn for ills sorrow " H •"• Calkins ' mountai »s rccentls- lh ° t f<> an Approaching, ' i t Xva , bird end ofr thc vicious ns bird,. Ma creatures The David and'Go!i?(h battle reports, as ths , - rs, as ts eagle fled shortly In complete rout. ootisn this year. He bsllevcs that Wnlmi Rwce and Blytheville will liavc ir Ticet- in a December game to da- ^nnue the honors provided the Chicks hurdle Joncsboro this week This writer takes it that the Jonesboro writer is uiuurnro that Bly- "-eville and Walnut Eiii^c meet at VMlnnt Ricije Nov. 23. if u, c chicks '•for the game v-.-ii'n Wi^niit Kid^e itntiaten that tiit probably "will deride the district championship. Here's tlie Tribune comment. "i'Voni all indications it appears it a post-season game may be necessary to decide the 1D34 north- past Arkansas lilgh school cliam- pionsnln. The tliid is crowded now, but. events in tlie next, few weeks may clianifo the complexion of an otherwise close face. Walnut Ridge lilythcviile. Wynne, corniiw, Cotton Plant and Marked Tree arc still untied nnd undefeated in their own territory. Searcy has won from Walnut RIttge, however, the reverse was in another section. "This column believes thai of the above mentioned elevens all will hit before Thanksgiving with til" possible exception of Walnut Hid"? and Blytheville. u the latter defeats Jonesboro this week it will probably mean that Walnut HM?e and Blytlicville will have to m«et sometime In December to settle the title, cotton Plant, in Woodruff county, is a trine far from Joncs- but is on Crowley's Ridge and Batcsville, Newport nnd other clubs in this section. "Jonesboro could get back into the running by polishing off Blytheville Friday night. A defeat Of Walnut Ridge, who won 6-0 from Jonesboro here, would throw the scramble in still a greater muddle, especially if BlylhevJJIe takes one on the chin this week. Marked Tree Corning and Cotton Plant probably belong in the secondary class. Wynne can get a n 'A' rating by trimming Forrest city. "The Black and .Gold (Jonesborot Little, But They Can Go! Weighing only MO and 150 pounds respectively, Newell Call throw- i«B Iho ball, Utah quarterback, ami Elvi.i Gelser, inset,- Arkan halfback, arc among the lesding l-ackficM acj: of the counlrv Ti ""! two of several Email men who have forged into the "foe'h picture with the advent of the op?n game this year. Here's Dictionary Of All-America Hy NKA Service NKW YORK—Diet lonury compilers are pulling their Braying jocks .it the prospect of n new Klition containing; the various terms which have been coined !>n the gridiron. Following are : ten-: "Get rugged"—to play dirty. "Rustle"—southern slang for proselyte. "Loogan"—lineman with size 13 shoes. "Gravy boat"—a placs 'where meals arc free. "Take a yen"—(o take injury until tlie crowd gives you nine ra hs. "Play-batty"— disease causing coach ,td draw diagrams on the tablecloth. And those arc just a few! has claimed the ttu c for the past several yeare, but ill 1932 was forc- honins l«forc being conceded the crown. 1^1 j. e a r Jonesboro lost only (o Shawnee in this section. Sliawnce was trinnued by lliyii vllle and rnragouid but'put i,, joint claim jo,- the clianip: un <,hin when the iMrngouhl battle i awarded them on :i forfeit." Tennis Officials Take Tip From Tilclen; Gran I Overlooked By HAFUtY GRAVSON Sports Kdltor NBA Service NEW YORK.—Tlie bnile/l States Lawn Tennis Association finally has gotten around to doing what William T. Tiklen If advised it lo do three years ago—provide tome young blood for tlie Davis Cm> team. 1'resiiinil Waller Merrill Hall has announced that in addition to the members of the 19M squad and Wllmer Allison", who went into the final round of the nation/it championship after being passed up by the cup committee, the peagrcens, Gene Mako, Donald Dudgc, and FYanfcie 1'iirker are to be given thorough tryonts late next spring. The latter three were suggested Ijy Tililen two years ago. The association heeded the old master's advice when bes Stofcn was added to the Kjuad this year, ami It so turned out that stofen and George M. Lot! turned In America's only victory In the doubles. When seven expeditions fail, it Is about time to try someone and something new. In lakinif two sels before wrenching his side, Sidney B. Wood demonstrated that he hud It in him to repel Frederick Perry. With a better break in the luck, tlie once precocious darling of the Seabright courts nmy click in !935, but the other singles plnyer must be de- velo;iei[. ginning Plays of 1934 PICKED Wfl Ki PALMEF. R£ ACHES "StS TOlNT... e, KROOSE.AND TriE l£F1" GOARP, • WO LEAVES "HE LINE, • PASSER,.. Mikn .Must Pruiiiisiny In the national tournament, Allison demonstrate;! that he was a fine singles player until he met ?erry, .so it would seem that a run- img mate for the frail Wood must be dj\-olop2rt from among Mako lulse and Parker. Right now Mako appears to have the inside track. Like tlie freckled •Hid red-headed Budge, he hails r iom California, where tennis plav- eis grow. ". Mako beat Perry, whose grasp liic one that keeps the D.ivis Cup in England, G-0, 6-2, in an <A libltlon match in Los An»el°p rtccnly. But that may have been lue to tbj world amateur champion wing niorq- Interested in Hollywodd in Mciice.sets at the time. Indeed. Here is talk of Perry ac- j ccpiing motion'picture offers and! denouncing his ranking as an ama-1 icur, something that would alter the entire complexion of the Davis -up situation. But Mako's record is good enough without his conquest of Perry. He icquircd the national intercolJe"!- its title during the past sumn°er and, aflcr beinjf ihc runnci:-up for two successive years, 'cop|>ed the national junior crown withonl the of a set. As a matter of fact, only one set was deuced. • * * Orant Neglected ,\sain Binlgc boars a striking resenibiince: to Maurice E. Mcl.ouzhlin, tl s California Comet of two" decades ago. He bent Mako in the national junior final, of 1933. He's th= California state champion, and the top ranking player of northern California. ' Parker is a Polish youngster from Milwaukee whose real name isn't that at all, but one that would have newspaper head wrllers scratching their cramums. Parker, a student = at Lawrencevilie Academy in N ew Jersey, lias been phenomenal at tunes during the last two years, but The Davis Cup committee again eglects Bryan Grant, although the tile Atlnntan's Ba nie probably would have been more troublesome to Bunny Austin than was that of Francis X. shields, who found It impossible to blast the British stylist off I he court. It ts explained that Grant Is more enlclen't on clay courts. Yet he has defeated every member of BY ART KRKNZ NEA Service Sports Artist Tennessee toppled Duke University from tile unbeaten class with tills pass 1)) their hard-fought game nt Knoxville. Tlic Volunteers prevailed, 14-8. ' The perfectly executed maneuver resulted in Die first of two touchdowns scored by the Orange and White in the third period, tied the score, and transformed Maj. Robert Reese Neylanci's team from a me- diocre club to/a strong one for the afternoon at least. The ball went straight back to Pliil Dickens. The halfback took .two steps to the rear and to the right. Toby Palmer, wingback, went barely across the line of scrimmage drifted out to the right, and yelled for the ball. Ljppe, Krouse, and the left guard, who pulled out of the 1'ne, protected the passer. • Dickens faked a pass to Palmer While Patriler turned sharply to his left and cut down the. field, both Tennessee ends did likewise, apparently expecting the pass. The right end generally was suspscted as. the receiver. But as Dickens looked straight ahead after faking a pass to Palmer, he rifled the pigskin 'just in behind the defensive left half, where Palmer was by that time. The play caught Jack (The Scooter) Alexander of Duke flatfooted. Palmer took an 18-yard toss and ran 30 yards for the touchdown. "Nextfb Advertising Matter "it; iuu-> uuicnica every member of SALEM. Ore. (UP) — California 5'ear's Davis Cup array, and tourists far exceeded others lii • '' vcrj ' we " on Pastern grass, flv*nmii rln <•;•... c?n.,> i._ . ... On M'lllr-li lio Im*- i-Anr.iin.1 ^... ' during September, 0.054 non -resident permits out ; 10-190 going to residents of (|. .state, officials announced tcdai- of ed to gamc at Poca . HOTEl, NOKLE Is Now Agent For American Airlines. Inc. Call 835 For Information and Reservations Unusual Tolalo Crown RENO, Ncv. (OP)—An (imisucl potato with seven good-.viced spuds radiating from a center no- lalo and all being firmly connected, was exhibited here. Tlic odd potato formed a circle of 15 inches Phone 77J At Night—Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. , - -- jr ----. wi , tLl.llt l II £I,\;X>, On which lie has repelled, eniong oilier notables, Ellsworth Vines Wood, and Gregory Mangin. Just what does Hilsy have to do to get a break? Dr. Floyd D. Howton, Dentist Announces tlie open- of an office for dental practice in the Lynch building on South Broadway. THERE used to be a favovite phrase of advertisers. They asked to have their advertisements placed "next to reading matter" in the belief that such a position would assure more attention. But today the editor might well ask to have his news item placed "next to advertising matter," .for very definitely the advertisements have a tremendous reader following. Today's advertisements win eager attention because they help people buy intelligently, quickly, without waste of time, and get full value for the money spent. That is the great function of advertising—to j guide you swiftly and surely to wise, economical buying. The best advertisement is always the one that gives you-the facts you want—simply, honestly, without exaggeration. ill Now located at Southeast Corner Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU 1>OX HOWARDS, Proprietor niakw of rebuilt.Typewriters, id.linf Machines anrl Calcnlator, Repairing—ra rts—Ribbons Phont 71

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