The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on June 3, 1948 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1948
Page 4
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tHE MALVERK LEADED MAJ.VEHN, fOWA, JUNE 3, News of SjjyerCity A *?*•?* <nsm»4y La*** <yf the M»s Marfc Wrtfht a Jurw bridet'r: ft ?cv«ty S*«s RauRfcow Joy elect at a miscellaneous shower •••-A* r-w-:*« Taes&y nijrftt foi- heW at the Evergreen school m #-:.-i TVS* Many From a Dtatance Attend v . M ., ,-::- %V-.:V.r«—. H:.*:: ir.d .'.».™,i'y. •e. N«* Mr Mr s-.: Mrs Hj '.-di-i: the Mem-rial services at :>-. Mr. ar.d Mr? 3-^3 Wilfcirsrr. K-st: s-i '.«-• v ;u-'-cs Park. Cal.: Mr ar.d Mr? ?,.-- Mr ar.i Mr« HS..-TV jH".'. ^\7' <- < -ltTj'J 0 ^ r .^ •'.rrsbure: Mr. ar.d Mr?. Kueh rr.-.c Kvi C'=--- ">V < \r-< \t- ,--• \r~ c-.-V-. . M part wvne: Kenneth Deitchler left Friday Mary for Denver, Colo., where he vril] be "* rMi&TAs. ES-T--A Par- era ployed. His father. Harvey Jja .V.-*«. Mrrrrr* Hay? DeitcWer accompanied him and Stswart. Lu-cS wras returned Sunday. V _-•,•:' ?:•..**. «-•/•« :-^ :>e t^rty-Sv* m-jsters Kenneth Fririer returned to Mr x.-J Mr?, rrv*-.' -:. '.v-;; a p-iC^tir. heii the Corpos Christi. Tex. Thursday Mr x--i M-^. -:v.v --w^r f-r f>e A=jsrel Food after spending a few days with his ... ••>*-. -^..x-fv -Jv-> \j. v-t# ,t:Y»r. a«-ay. parent*. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Fraa- V-*. '^vrp? Ferrel and ier ar.d sister. N'aomi. Mr. supper will b« glren by o»r clnb May 2S at the By*rs recreation hall. Vlnetta Chambers, reporter. The Loyal Lassie 4-H club met Thursday evening 1 at the home of Catherine Skerritt. Plans were made foi Rally Day to be held Thursday. June 3rd at Malvern. Several members met on "Wednesday at the Skerritt home to make clover chain. Ftm Bicycle Retard H. L. Cortft In 1883, riding COB . I Wnwously for 24 hears, covered mlle« and 300 yards to ejtabl'sh first bicycle record. The record • le*s than nine mOts «n hour Cortli rode the higt-wheel type of Want Ads Pay! Braokr.e Mrs ^u .Ve> "- , •-' M - " •-- * :>t • ~>-v;t i:"«r r-«ts Men- same. JV >: ^ Vw -'' M ^ ^ 5r « «"• AJta Pullman and Mr. and '^ ^^ M«. Shirley Hendrlx attended fu-•;.-:.••*•.• # -« s ts at the nera! services of e friend, Mrs. A r -.-V- .r:' > ~ EVA B. GOY Candidate for Clerk of District Court Your vote will be ap- preciated in the pri- mary election on June 7, 1948 --.--_-o ''" A P ,v-. .-.d w-. -, r ,: . Neb :e-d* 3,'.:>:=2A.-. of O-unc;! Bluffs. -,-: Mrs. _E. E. Jc.-es, M-r.eola 5--s S'^ at the home of - ' Mrs. Wiley Clay %vere Mr. •fr-s. Frask Clay and family iaha. Mr. ar.a Mrs. Frank :•?;; ar.d family cf Glenwood. ^.r—• of Clar.r.da Mrs. Love •am,- are spending a fe - .v '*~ith her parents whiie Mr. :as gone to New York on a « trip. : W:i;a Pullman left Tuesday :g for Ce.3ar Falls where she ke a 12 weeks course of sum- the parents of a son. Richard Hugh bom at the Edmundson hospital in Cour.cii Bluffs. May 20iJi. Mrs Leet is the former "Jeanne Hayes. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hayes. Dinner guests at the S. J. Rew home Sunday were Misses Be«s and Dorothy Rew of Rosemead, Cal.. Mrs. Clarence Rew and Miss Betty Church of Sioux Citv and Mrs. John West and daughter Mar >" Alice of Griswold and Mr. and Mrs. Russel Myers of this vicinity. "' Monocrammed Protection During the Middle Ages in Europe, merchants "mortcgrammed" their goods with devices that nearly always contained a cross, either as a protection against storms or other eatastrophies or to distingtiish their goods from those cf Mohammedan traders. I H. BECKWITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. FOR FINER ONE COAT ^ ENAMELING C--ciI a-'--4 J "7 K - iirr.Ai% . _ _ ,. let's Serve all the Customers at tffe Same Time! 1 ' Jn rr.cst any business, of course, it would be i...?c5sib:e to serve every customer at the same time. But »n t.-.e electric business that must be done! ^When witches are^hcked. electricity roust be v'^I'iV.-".! 1 ".. 3 "' vie:;vered to every customer's —".'j'.tlXL^lt Cr , jj : *' :ry .~ 2: : '~ e sarr - e tirue - Around e'vV-v'-"-'-'--" S --"—- 3 / 3: ". in rr - : ' :i ' 3t " lerni: « i a almost ~'_7:'.""7.^ ,X""~ " -: . :e £ - ec: ' : »:ty for more jobs. ::"e-"-- e ..""'L r ! 3 " : .J £r _ :: '' a " d ever " generator '"'•' ' i ••• re "* o: tr.e time some ss-.i-i'-ing j:i-i< : j; e . O, F. Lc-nce pa;d their debt ','- -_,. r. -i • • -."'" .•-?.",'! ,; " r f.' ,.7^ t? -v u ; r5 ar - a ;'V_.7'.'V".~ '. "'•,"'' ric - a - :v " in '",, ""''V- : '" ? \7 e /! i ' .v. '?".:' ^^''t - V - Vjv ;' : " :k5 : ; v :^-:-".g ^.••' '""'•"•-f- : "- ••°~ e o: her s ' : "':"'5""^p :.' V '" aX ' :5 and fa:n::y a * "^'. " ^: :: '".' ' ''' , ::>- '} fraz>:r a " d da "Fh".-'< Y'^VT' Pe f r ;, :l I: - s ^ r/ - Sat ' ",'~ ':>Vr" * ^ at the ;/;• : - >Ir - a " J Mr5 - c J Fra "\ r ; , . , _•;;.". ' ° ln . At -\ rru \:':- 1 - ;: 3i:ce P^<> _ :o ;l!; "u" A " n T " e Ucr:d H 61 "- 2 !^ -P.""' '•"u- , e ^' Assoclatl ' :> - met n UMr.esday this week at the v^ 7 ^«' ^T- 1113 . ;" Iarkel Mr. and Mrs. Ward Bureoin en- , at a picnic supper Sun,y at their h^me. Present were: ^irs. Hcr'vey <^ro, \ir*..leT"»ver.t an ap-w-tdfctomy at the same hospital or. \Vedr.e.5day of last '.veek. Tr.e f-vo lefjrr.ed home \Veu.-.esday. -Mrs. \V:;ey Clay spent the week v-jth her dauVhter. Mrs. Ray—•-•"'- L'-'Vc ar.d farniiy at Clarinda. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Harvev Deitchler loiveBntfhers PL AX THi UNIVlRSAt ^. r TTT^n CLUBS t; "'t--' so~- De:tchX- a's'u- " d«nt at the university there. Mr-. Scott Pidgeor. of Des Mc:nes := visiting at" the H. \V. An- d;-rs -n home htis -.veek. .-'Atavday r.ight and Sunday c:^.'?:s at the honie of Mr. ar.d Mrs. F. \V. Anderson were the;.- so:; Leroy Anderson and Miss Ler.ore 'V'anJerpolk. student at the \Ves- '.L-yan University, Lincoln. Neb.. a::d Mr. and Mrs. G-rvdon Vaughn also of Lincoln. M:s.« Donna Mott is doing office work at the Sunshine Biscuit Co. ir Omaha, and Misses Frances Clipt-on and Carita Kruse have accepted positions in the office of, the Watson Bros. Transfer in Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adams and David left Sunday morning on a .Ambitions .\mlies Plan Mothrr-Oaitghtrr Banquet The Ambitious Andies h<?M their 4-H meetine May 17 at the home of Vf-rna Lea Chambers. Eleven girls were present along with our leader, our new addi- it^nal k-ader. Mrs. Donald Aliens- worth, and Mis? Lucille Stubbs. county extension economist, o' Malvern. Abbk- S;eneer and Sharon Al- lenswortii were chosen to tro to camp next month and Verna Lea Chambers was chosen to go to the state convention at Ames. Our mother and daughter banquet which was to have been held May 3. was previously postponed and it has now been decided that it will be held Tuesday nisrht May •:-,. ' It was also decided that a box The great on«-coat hiding power of Lowe Brothers PLAX, the universal enamel, eliminates the delays usually encountered in a painting job. Now you can refinish quickly and easily—almost without your rooms being out of service! Plax colors are STYLE TESTED for beauty—and they're tough, too, able to resist many stains and acids. It s the perfect enamel for chairs, .toys, woodwork and many other surfaces. K" RESISTS ACIDS! RESISTS GREASESI V.'iU-.r.son ar.J three children of B.-at.-v-e. Xeb.. Mr ar.d Mrs Ly!-> W-.:k.:.v.r. ar.d family ard Mr. and M:*. .' \V:!k:r.s->n ar.d f.\n-:ry v. :' F:r.ers :-. Mr-. Lena W::: ir d •'•:••••••: Mom,-r..i:"d.v.- .1: th* :--.-:-.•. : ^rr A-. ; .\: r; -. \v A. K-f- Utah. *r.rr...y oj CoMnc:! Bluffs spent the •••>-;ek end at the Dr. C O Joh-s->- r. -.n.o. Tr.e \V s C. S. met Thursdav .-i:'tv:n•.-•..-. at th- h:-n-.e of Mrs. Vm- Seen GREEN BAY LIMBER CO. Ph. 5651 W. E. Schumann, M«r. Malvern ^, POWER •" ; ~-"• - -~ that worry us " : • \ : -•••^ :t piicd on '•=• '- s- :'.c: :r.c sc j a -.;y UOHT COMPANY •Ell you See The Wd through The ?,- VAU6HK HOOV£R..| -*a ^ • f I F '" JL r i * * t t T~C-~D v ^£ =^j * l » *- j-t x I >4^4 J_ \ »_.RiT ~*~ Republican Candidate for State Senator — in the eighth Senatorial District, composed of Mills and Montgomery counties, subject to the will of the Republican voters at the Repub- lican prin-.ary election on Monday. Jure 7 The ^PP<Tt ,,!' tho electorate will be appreciated. O. N. HULTMAN Stanton, Iowa VOTE Next Monday MILLS COUNTY REPUBLICAN WOMEN'S CLUB Dead Animals Removed -*"-= i-*ii..;it» were -Ti. r-.<^.". u i.—_s;; i; Oik£-.?:? .v* c f^ cr wh '^ ;. ::>., i:.;:'^M.^'X;;: fA •^-2 r-^'T 1 .^ ?v^:° J /? I WfflW PROMPT Mo** than 20 tquor* f*«f of "j««-abilit>" — •sen th« r«cr vtvndcw ij v»i.-ovH.dld b j t SERVICE South - "^' i;r ..".., Mrj. 34 C*ii RAMSEY'S Mym *«to Co. I S N o D f S^S i ™^? Norti of Ph. 3031 M»U«i~u LEADER Vi ANT ADS GET RESULTS

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