The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1943 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1943
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE ARMY AIR CORPS NEWS VOLUME 1—NO." 23(5. THE BLYTHEVILLE A1SMY AW COIU'3 MEWS Published dally except Sundays In Uic Interest of Hie personnel of (he Army Air Forces Advanced Two Engine Flying School of Blythevlllc, by the Blvtlievllle courier News, It contains the news of the Air Base. . |., j WAAC-Training Schools Open To Members Who Can.Qualify Sei'Diiil Arllrlc of a Scries WAAC Truinini! Schools are in oiirrntlon lo provide a constant flow' ol i|)eclnlizcd members skilled In Army jobs. These .schools arc open to all members of the Corps who nufthfy through npllludc tests. Basic Training slallons are as follows: First VVAAC-'lValnlnc Ccn- ler, Foil DCS.Moincs, Iowa; Srcond WAAC Training Center, Daytona Beach, Florida; Third WAAC Training Center, Foil Oglclhornc, Georgia; Fourth WAAC Training Center, Foil Dcvcns, Mn.ssneliHset.ts; Mflh WAAC Training , center, Huston, Louisiana (branches of the Fiflh WAAC Tralninif Crnter lire' located' 'at Camp 1'olk, Ui., and' Monticello, Ark.). Term -Five weeks. One week of orientation and four weeks of basic training, which includes: military customs and courlcsies. Articles of War, military sanitation, ;firsL aid. map reading, safeguarding military information, etc. Specialist Schools Specialist Schools are conduclcd. After Basic Training, members of the Corps may attend advanced •training schools if tliey have shown (lie ability and determination necessary to become Army specialists. Selections are based on aptitude tests. Administration Specialist School —Trained in typing and stenography, nml Army rules and regulations governing military correspondence. Then they are qualified lo perform their important administrative duties efficiently. Already, graduates of this school arc. on duty, replacing soldiers, in Army camps and in headquarters detachments in the United States and overseas. Motor iTransport School—Tauglit to drive, repair and mainlain Army vehicles from a jeep to a I'/i ton truck..Cars of such types-are found in every branch of the Army, and now . WAACs. instead of soldiers, are behind; the wheel; of many an Arrn.v vehicle. Bakers and Cooks School—Taught the Army science of food preparation .-Learn to prepare.quantity :incl quality •meals. Since":.-all'' WAAC units" are; self-contained, graduates of Ihe course are assigned lo WAAC unlls. • . Radio School Radio O[Kration— radio telphony. cede ami repair ol shorl wave srnders and receivers. This big aerial •camera is a fnr cry from ccimlids, but Auxiliary Ruth Putter of San Ucnilo, Tex., can handle it. Her previous photographic experience qualified her for assignment lo Maxwell Field, Ala., pliolo seclion. With communications vital in this war, skilled radio operators become an Important factor In our offensive power. WAACs trained in this school arc already replacing soldiers doing radio work in the Army All- Forces, relieving them for communication work in combat areas. • Army (Music School—1'crsonncl in the WAAC band, if eligible, can take Ihc Avmy t-xaminalions ami y." selected are (mined at Fort Myer. Virginia, for Lwo months, to become WAAC Band leaders, thereby replacing Regular Army personnel. Photographic Laboratory School— Details of Army photography and dark room technician work. At completion of this technical Irain- inif. WAACs are qualified [o replace enlisted Army personnel. Intnrn.'ilionnl J)u.sine.s.s Machines School—At the request of .authorities of Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.. WAAC Auxiliaries have been Irainctl to handle the business machines used in Army Ordnance work. Fighting Men Need Food, So Take Cue From Army And Avoids/Pasting Ally If Ihei't! lift 8,000,000 men in our Armed Korcra (oiliiv, jini; il Uic iiverajjc ihtil.v ration is {•>'/> pounds of imi.sde- 000,000 pounds o( Jopd n munlli. TlmVVrit;li( ;\vcH over a billion pounds. 1 ,v That's a lol of food.'II helps lo .^ explain why some . food Kerns lire hiV1 UK, AKKAfi'SAS, WKDNKStMV, MAY HI. l!M;i N o T i c i: Notice is hereby given,Unit the undersigned will within 'Ihc lime fixed by'law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the Slnto of Arkansas for a permit to sell hoer at- retail al Bartield, ; Mississippi County. The undersigned sUiics Hint lie U a of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a. felony or oilier crime Involving moral turpitude; that no • license to sell liccr by the undersigned lias liccn revoked within five years last past; and thai the undersigned has never been convicted of I'iolalitig the laws of this sliitc, or any other state, rc- InlJiiB to Hie Kile of alcoholic liquors. J. C. EL.bIS. Subscribed and swoin to before me this 12 dnv of May irM.'l <Seal > ' M. A. Isaacs. My - commission expires April 19M. 5-ia-!3 NOTICK Notice is hereby given llinl the iindcrs| E , lc< | will wilbiti the time fixed by law (0 .„,,„,. Io U)c c ., )m mlssio.ncr or Hcvcnue.s of the State Arkansas for a permit to sell t retail nl Ddl , ^^ The undersigned .-.talcs that, be is a citizen pi Arkansas, „, .,„„., moral •chiiractcr, thai he has never been convicted of a felony or o t| 1L ,,. rime Involving moral 'turpii,,,| c - Hint no license to sell beer by tbc undersigned has been revoked within live years last; and that the undersigned 1ms never been convicted of violating Ihe lows of (Ills state, or any other state, re- latiiiK to the sale of alcoholic liquors. CLYDE GH.UU1ND. . Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18 day of May, 1943. 'SealI Samuel F. Norris. My commission expires: N () T I c K Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the lime lixcd by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues of the fcjtatc of Ai Kansas for a permit, lo sell beer at retail al -107 West Main, Blyllic- villc. Mississippi County. The undersigned slates that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he lias never teen convicted of a felony or oilier crime involving moral turpitude; th:it no lo sell beer by tbc undersigned hns been revoked within five years last past; and lhat the undersigned lias never been WMii'ieled of violating the laws of this state, or any other slate, re- ialiiie to Die sale of alcoholic lic|- iiors. CAGLE & COf'Et.AND liy Tred Copcland. Subscribed mid .sworn lo before me this 1(5 day of May, 1013. 'Seal; James Terry. My commission expires 5/2C/'l5. FUNNY BUSINESS 1 "Tlie boys arc Icsling a little item I hey invented in case' they cuplure Hillcrl" Cpt. liiircl loud, especially , foods thnl can be sent to our fighting men overseas In cnns'.rtud jms, or In frown ami <lchydraled packnucs Fnod in.-ikcs llie.nimi,'and Uncle Sam has Ihe .idea lhal every American wants. a I 1 American fighthif men lo build (he brawn, and (lie encruy lhat It takes lo? win llic wai. lie iniuM be slronu, strong for combat In every sea, under all conditions from Jungle and: desert to rugged mountain country and highly organized fortresses. Tho Army is showing the way I n economizing and avoiding wnste, for Hie Army practices tbe six-point plan which is recommended for civilians: 1. Crow and preserve your own food; have a victory garden. 2. Don't waste food. •I. Use foorls that are not rationed. 5. Shop early in the day nnd csirly in Ihc week—plan ahead. C. ISudgcl yoiir points carefully. Caiitulti .Segal In Cli.-irtc It's a full-lime Job nl tbc 'I3lythc- ville Army Air Field lo o|«r;Uc Ilie mananrmcnl of the food rationing and poinl system, for the Army is rationed and on points. Capt. Jacques II. Segal has been in charge of the food diftlrluutlon since Ilie Air Field wenl on Field -Rations several months auo. a system by which every meal Is carefully planned, measured and controlled. iMeals are arranged and ordered a month in advance, and .for, (he exact number ol men that are ex'- pectcd at ench. mess hall. Dnily count is kept of.Ihe number thai are fed so that .each mess Jiall is ^iveii only Ihe amount of food that Is'required. Nothing,.Is,,wasted. Soldiers gci all tliey riccfl."'lJiey arc remlmled constantly thai they' ^lay' .'cat ''all Ihey want; but,lhat they inav'takc only as'much"as Ihey will cat. ' Garbage Tells Sliiry Tlie garbage can is Ihc me.isuilng stick. Mess officers, administrative inspectors anil medical officers study Ihe garbage crins'lluec •times a day. If they contain I6i}' : nmcli waste, then it's np to the mess' officer to find out why and see thai' Ihc waslc is slbprisd. And he'docs/" Garbage is classified mid'deposit- ed in 32-galIon cans, for sale on contract for hog raisers, or for the garbage incinerator. Falsarestrain- ed and sold fnr manufnclnrc into soap and high explosives. Meal scraps and bones nre handled separately. Food is one of our most polent weapons. It helped the soldiers of Britain America to drive the Axis from North Africa. It helped the Russians to bold the enemy (heir, \vrslcrn front. Use All Kinds of Meals Captain Segal pointed out that PC The Grounds There's a bit of-mystery In the 102nd Sinuidron orderly room. Sergl. Joseph Volpe, assistant squadron supply sergeant, got n three-day pass to visit Hlatf Sergl. Kcndrtck li, llerndon, supply servant, now under treatment al llu; Kenni'dy General Hospital. Memphis. Sergeant Volpc left here at •! p. in,, Saturday and turned In his pass at midnight the same night. The $IM question is; How come the scigciint did not use up his llnce-day pass? Staff Serrst. Herbert E. Ding of the 701st Squndron, claims he lias tbe smallest feel on the field. 'Hie oilier day he WHS told In (he shoe department of a local store that they did no! curry his size In stock. The sergeant wears a slue •1-1-2, and be had lo go to the children's shoe department lo get merchandise tor Ills .shoe couixm. The grass is growing greener all the lime at. Ihe Air l!ase. The only question now Is whether enough of It will grow In enough places to keep down the dust trouble. Tables were turned al Inspection In the 102nd Squadron the other morning, only twu men were gigged in Harrack 1. And they happened to be the bay chiefs; Sergls. Ualph Littleton and Jiimcs Long! I 1 re. William W. Hyatt -of the nlr Inspector's office says the first lime lie ever knew Italy had a king was when he rend of his royal highness' Intentions lo abdicate. Ha was under the impression Mussolini country was running the . nml lie wn.s right, (he Army ,,,akcs every effort to use ccssful fishermen lilcd non-scarce items, a monthly including, for bulijno'l; for much longer; u'nrinif the lony hours of tho niBhl;l>fc. Billy Schwcim anil 1'vl, Enijene •Falirner nre on duly ul the;•Information r Dcsk of Ihe nSsi;' Hospilal, wAUfti'E''f6i''-nn cinereeit cy lo"'.he reported, 'flicy wile away Ihc lediiim by mnkliig* model airplanes. And that, is why a cnsnal visitor to -the Day Room of the Medical Detachment may ealch Ihe quick Impression lhat he linn walked Into a hangar. ;lJeiit. John C. Shumate, supply officer of the Medical Detachment, p.nts meat .on the table, these point-rationed days ,hy farlnij forth with rod, line and ball nnd calch- iiiff fish. }fe caught 12. Tins Inspired several of his men lo Iry Ibeir luck. Stnff Beryl. - Lcroy Schreiber, Corp. Luciano Micls, Pfc. Albert Mclrlmin, We. Leo Kaminski and Pfc. William Plal- ko wenl to Ibe favored spol. Tlieir combined efforts produced, nolh- ing. Al dusk, here CHIIIR Llciileiiiint Slumiale, and with 12 more fish. Where did he get them? He indicated the place and Ihc unsnc- il It, In the War Bond Champions SUUSCUHTION KATEtTtfN UIjQUKSf £. l hese are Ihe bin bond men of Hie Medical Dciuciiiiu'iit at tho niylhcvllle Army Air Field, loll, to ilnht are: Klull Sorut Floyd Mder, l>fc. Martin Mndson iinil Pfc. Chris Kiipp. Kldor, m-UiiR flrei sergeant, ami Kapp are Ihc War lluml sales rc.nresenlnllvc.t whoso cllmls have resulted In the mcdlc.s sinning up |00"[, for Wm Hoitd'n purchases by pay-roll deductions. Madson helped raise (he avenue- monthly Investment lo JO.-I5 per mnn by wibscilblni! lu « MO bond every month. ; Cadet Csttpak Makes Difficult Course In Two Minutes and 15 Seconds Avlallon Cadcl Joseph Csnpiik lias set a new record lor Ihe obstacle course running Ihe 4(10 yards and ncBollatlng the as'obstacles hi two minutes ami 16 scamd.s. He led the Held In a lest vim, outdlslnnclni; Second Lieut. Cecil 1. Garrison, assistant physical training director, by 10 seconds, and beating the mark of Iwo minutes and 3f> seconds which had been set by Sergl. Mack McWhorlcr of (he Physical Training Depnrl- mcnl. Cadcl Csupak took iho lead from Liciiteitiinl Garrison on the hand walk, nnd really gained ' distance when his lithe 115 pounds scampered thrniieh Ihc'tunnel,'the more I ulky 100 pounds of the nlhfcllc cutcnanl bchig slowed ! down -by ic" crawl through lhr.,imiTqyyspHce, It Is not the first lime lliat the rjew champion lias tried an obstacle course. He ran them In prl- miiry (raining nt Orange, s. C'.. anil In basic training nl Gnnter (Field. II was an accomplishment :totbeal Lieutenant Ganlson. who | ivns a close second to the winner hi'Ihe class of physical tialnlng directors at Officer d School not long ago. and spare ribs. Coffee, sugar and nil other scarce items arc rationed lo Army messes as they arc to civilians. Army r.i lions. Iterc and overseas, arc scientifically developed and expertly handled lo provide an abundance bill not an excess. Captain Segal and "those working with him In the feeding program at the BAAP arc exemplification Of Ihe knowledge that in an Army of millions, careless planning could result In (lie waste of millions of pounds of valuable food. But the Army meals arc planned and handled to avoid lliis waste. Head Courier News want ads. The Slodrrn Ice Rox COOLKKATOK For Economy and Service. Tom Little Hwde. Co. Phone III Try our "Own Made" Ice Cream Die Hickory Inn fr«nj Hfch Discharged more than a yenr ago for dependency, Pvt. Richard Marshall is back on duly al the Base Hospital. It took him months lo gel here, via Ihe Tank Corps. QM, Finance and other Medical Units. And after all his efforts lo rejoin bis friends, he finds most of them arc away al OCS. Don's Ailcpl in Hold . LOS ANGELES, Cal. (U.P.l — Speck, an English seller, was torn in a hotel and has lived In a hotel all his life. He has never known Ihc wide, open spaces and hence has learned only the tricks of ho- Icl life. One of the flrsl tricks he learned was to stand on his hind legs and push the 'button of the elevator. He belongs to Jack Matthews, general manager of (be Knickerbocker hotel. Often elevator boys make a trip to Ihc lop Jlooi- of Hie hotel, only to find It Is just Speck who wants to come down. j NOT I (IK ' Notice Is hereby given Unit tho' undersigned will within- the time llxcd by law apply to the Commissioner of Revenues ol Ihc Slate of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 217 West Main, I3lythcvUlc, Mississippi County. •The undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas of good moral character, thai lie has never been convicted of a felony or olh- cr crime involving moral lurpl- tliclo; that no license Hi sell beer by Ihe undersigned has been revoked within live years last past; and (hrtt the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this Slate or any other stale, relating to the sale of alcoholic li([(IOI'.S. E. n. ciimvooD. Subscriber) nnd sworn to before me (his 18 day of May. in-n. (Seal) "NCIU Heed Notary Public. My commission expires 3-II-I9H. At the end of m« n backlog of well over a million potential truck sales will have accumulated Every addlllonnl month of war mlds -12,- vOO. Complete Stock Steel anrl Elastic TRUSSES Save 50% STEWART'S Dra| St*r« Main & Lake Phone 2822 Auto Repairs Kxpcrt nr'cchanics on All Makes and Models. Also Truck and Tractor Repairs. Lee Motor Sales rh - 519 Karl Stone, Shop Vorcimn 307 K. Main PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Kcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores Ju«t4Mile»ToThe State Line Service Station SAVE on Phillip, Quality Gasoline & Oil. Prompt, fourlcoiis Scrvlcr. Optralcd by Mrs. II. I.. Reynolds. OPERATING HOURS For A-H-C Coupon Holders SUNDAYS: !) A.M. to !) AM, WEEK DAYS !> A.M. lo 12 Noon 1 P.M. to 8 P.M. Capt. Morton Sill To Uluxwell Field Ciipl. Morton w.- Sill, usslslanl liiisl iitlmlnlslriillvc Inspector nl (lie lllyllicvlllc Army Air Held, Hi this week for Maxwell Held, Ala., where he will ho on special duly for about ri monlh. Caiilnln SMI came lo lllylhcdllo In Fcbiiuny from Maxwell Hold, when: be was clas-sltlcallon olllcfv. A former corporation Ins examiner for Hie CummnmvcnUh of Pemisyl- I'nnhi. lie was commissioned Mny '25. <lle lived In Kiu-lii-.sti-i', l>u., where Mrs. BUI conllmii-s lo reside while the ciiphvln In In the service. Lieutenant Protheroe Assigned To Duty Here First Lieut. Cheater !•'. Prollie- riH,-. a former fioston school icucli- and a recent graduate of the Officer Tialnlni! School al Mlanil Beach, has been assluiied to duly us a i;round school Inslruclor nl tlie Dlythevlllc Army Air Field. l.lculcnunl Protheroe was commissioned ,)an. 1:1,' nnd uium c om- plcllon of IriUjilnti at Olttccr Tnil n In j; School look a siwclal cpiirsu-til Itandolph;Field.- Tex, He is a ura^ualc of Doston Unlvoisl- ly, with the decree of Muster In KduciHlon al Harvard In -loui .lie Is a member of the Musonlo Lod|<c, the Massachusctl.s School musters' Club and tlie Kiislern Association ot Physics Teachers. ' NO'TKJK Notice la hereby lilvcn Unit tho miderstuncd vylll wllliln the time fixed by ln\v'ajiply lo Hie Commissioner of Kevennes of Ihe Slate of Arkansas for n permit, to sell beer at rclntl al ;(lll West, Main, lilyllicvllle, Mississippi County. The undersigned slates that hu Is n. citizen of Arkiinsas, of tiootl moral chiiractcr, Mini he luia never bcc'ti convicted of n felony or oilier crime Involving moral lur- lilluile; Unit, no license to sell liecr by tbc nndeislgnecl has been revoked within live yent's last pnst; and that the undersigned bus never been convicted of violating the laws of this slate, or any ollici state, j'clatlny lo the .vile of ulto- liollc liquors. CAOLF; ,t COPKLANO Ily Frud Cnpclniid. Kulv,i:t lbi:d and sworn to before me this If) duy of May, 104H, < Sci| l> Jnriit.s Terry. My commls.sloii expires U-2r>-'i5. 5-10-13 4 Si. ti»* What do yon wnnl lo know? In (Ills column a vclcrnii of years of experience in all (he noncommissioned nlllccr grudi'.s answers questions nil Army citslnms, ]iuic(lcc, tradition and regulations, commenl mid uncii- Horn nre Invited. Address com- mtinlcallons lo Ihc I'ubllo lic- lullons Ofllcer, Army Air Field, Illylhevlllc, Ark. Send In your ' quesl luns. liy I'rlrr .1. Wurtikta, Wurntiil Offlirr J(i N,MII QUESTION 1; May enlisted men wear Hit- iioplcnl worsted or oilier ll«ht weight summer blouse, such us arc being sold nl iiillllmy store*? QUF.ST1ON 2; May enlisted men wi-nr Ihe summer Inn-color lielmel similar In style lo the wlillu hel- iiicnl now worn by Mi's, and ol Ihe type imlliovl/ed for wear by eom- mlssloncd olltceisV ANBWl'JIiS 1 nnd •>; No Unlisted men will nulwoar article of iml- Iwm of a iyi>e (llf Cure in f r o in thai which Is Issued lo (he men ol (llu 01 nan I/,n- llon lo which Ihey belong, QUESTION II Can Ilie. first, ser cciinl or any uth er nonconi place nn enlisted mnn under arrest? ANSWKR ;i; No; unless the authority hits been directly ami specifically detonated io"uio""com missioned officer by hts commaml- Ihti olflccr. QUIOSTION 'I: Wli'nl Is the s ||j- nlflcancc of a star uii Ihe Amorl- cnn Defense .Service Medal? ANSWKH ,'1: in . the Navy n star has been aiilhorlrad lo ho worn on Ihe American Defense Sorvlcu Modul (or ribbon) fur- service on Uic tilgli sens while regularly at- laehed (o nny vessel or alrcrafl xtliiiulroii uf Ilie Atlantic I'nclllc or Aslntlc Heels and for service lutliore nl buses nnd imvnl stn- llons oulsldc, Ihc continental llm- lls of Ihc l). S, The Army on Ilia oilier hnnd,.hns nut aiil.horlw.-d nny slur to be worn on. Hit; American Defense Service Medal. The Army has , authorised only one sliu 1 lo be .worn on .campaign ribbons for service In lids war, and ; thai Is for^a lour oft duly In Ihe.Philip- pines after Doe. t. 10-11, and until a dale lo he announcedi later. Tills stnr is worn'on the Aslatlc-l'n- clflc Area Campaign nlbbon. QUESTION ft: Who Is aiilhor- Izcd to wear the American Defense Service Mcdid? ANSWEfl 5: American Defense, Service Me'dnl (or. cnmpntgn rib- Iron) mny lie worn by one who lincl active federal service in the armed forces for 12 months or more, •my purl M which was In thii petal of Sepl. fl, 1030, to Hcc 7 1042, Inclusive. Commanding Officer Scllg $ 148,000:Woi th To Soldiers In 45 Minutes •• -. , • - : " •; •- <*• Llenl. Eiiwhi '/il.moMc/,, ' com- mandlinj officer ol Ihe 007th (jimr- lei'mnstcr Detachment, sold. SH8 - (KJO worth of Bovcrnmciu life lii- stiranco for soldiers, In 15 minutes,- tho ulhcr day, .sltnhiK up every' man In tlie outfit, with one exception. The execution listened to tlm Iteiilcnunt's careful cxi>lnni\llon of the ndvniilnijca nnd rciison.s for (he Insurance hut d«- cllncd to ipnkc. IL,irrmn!moiu>. — Apjiioxlmntcly oi) pci ceilt of (lie men or the QM Detachnient InhHr,- ed Ihwiiseh'™ fur the full JIO.OOO limit iicrmllted by Ihe boveilim'ertl Serjit, Illchnrd SJiiiiiKlinessyvOii- slsted iJoittviinnl Xdanowlc/, In lii- tervlewlnjf eiu-ln innt) 1 lildlvWlinlly,' BO.that, all would have tvciy gp- limtniilty' lo be fully acquainted with the Irauraucc Notice Is hereby given thnt ilie undersigned will within the time llxed by law lo npply lo the Coin- mlssloncr of Kevcnms of Ihc Stalj of Arkansas for'a pcimll to Xell beer nl retail nt Hlijlm.iy 18-Wcsl, IHylhuvlllo, Mississippi- County. Till.- imdcrsjijiicd Males tint ho to a clllv.eii 6( Arkansas, of go6d morn) clmnickT,.llmt ho,Iras novel been convicted of n felony <n olli'cr crime Involving 'im)i«l Ihnl no lleensu to sell bgci "by .... [i(leisl«neii liujj been icioked ultli- In live years last.- pasl, nnd (jlint the imdci'.sli;ncd liuv nivci been convlcled of vlolalln K Ilio laws' ol Ihls slnle, or any: oilier shilc/iirc- 'ullni! to the snle of alcoholic llo- lors. . ' U. ll'. OH1TWOOD. fjiibscvlbcil nnd-sworn, lo beforo ne. this ill day of May, 10i:i. FI'ITEI) »Y Docror. J. L ud J, C. GUARD OI'TOMETFUSTS IN RI.VTIIEVIl.LE SINCE 1D22 ePTICRL STORE -J09 W. Main St. Phone 2912 Docs Your Car NEED THESE? nailery— Scut Covers Ollilllcr-K»dlo Fne l-lshts— Lock Gas C»p A complete line of Polishes LOT EICH fit Oa ANOELBS, Clll. (U,f>,>— Al- cxnnder O'SchlckclKniuer, u deodorized Brn/.lllnn skunk, IjelongliiK to Desmond Slatlery, on (he occnslon of ILs first lilrlhdny, which h,ii> pened lo he Hie r.4th hlrtlulay of Us nnmesnkc. -wns shown n Inrf-c picture or Adolph. 61»tt«ry nlllrms that (he skunk dlxplaj'cd an nlr of Brent distress on tlms encountering Ihc iwrlrnll of [mother. First sold lode west of Ihc MIs- sljijil was discovered nnd worked licur Sjinln Fc, N. M:, hi WM. 24-HOUR SERVICE Kxpcrt Repair Work on General Motors Cars. UNGSTON-WROTEN COMPANY B'4w*y A WataBl Ph. UI SMALL LOANS 0« tartMai «f T^M, Eart Main Lou Co. IN L Hal* _ pb«M My commission expires .a-llrlB-14. NOTICE < .,'• NiHlcc Is hurehy B n-cu that the midmlKiicd - will within llie'tlmo llxed l>y law tlio Conimls- Aloiier ul Kcvc-niies of the Slato or Arknniiii.i fur u ])c'imll lu'scU'tnici »l leliill id Ml 8(i|itlV'. Elm St JUylhevllle, Mississippi Countv. 'J'lio iiiKloi'jilgiml 'stnlcs lhat ho Is « clllwii of Arknusns, of good inovul clwiiiDU-r,.llrat lie hns never l»cu convlclcd «f u felony oi ptlicr liilmo , Involvliiu inonit turpitude i (•• >W|,W|:(Visv;,tq.wll tiwr, by the undersigned 1ms been i evoked «Hh- ln five i years In.u [Ust; unit thnl Ihe nn.HurslBncd, 1ms never been convlclcd of vfolrilliiB Che law^ of Ihls slate, or tiny other 'stnU,, | B - llf iiors '° IU ° Slll ° ° ! lllcoho)I(; HOllACE GREEN. Subscrllied nnd ssvoin to befoie "ic llils IU duy of May, in 13 (Seal) oscui Alexander My_CBiiniilalon exphcs J-H-lojj. . ALL DOCTOEW PRESCRIPTIONS ' AND HAVE TOW HON» ' ' STEWART'S Drni StotV ;; Main £ Lako Phone ZKZ Any Shoe C«n Be ' " • REPAIRED If the'uppers »re s 11)1 foot. ..Brine tlicm lo w.fur qu work. '' '' '• ' HALTER'S Quality Shot izi w. .. p»; 'i;s l''or Every Oc-ca. ; . I''uner»| (Kvsigns.i flowers, cor- SilgCH; THE FLOWER SHOP DELIVERY ANVWniERK ;•' til.ENCOE HOTEL BUKJ. Phone 491 ••—-—ROBINSON'S "THE RELIABLE DRUG STORE" v There's no wider selection of nhsvlng needs, cosmetics 'nofelttet. etc., In Blythevllle than »t Robltuon 1 *. L»test M»g»ilne»~n>un- Uln servlce-wmdwichw! . , Service Men! Meet Your Friend* at Robinwn'l! HUDSON TAILORS Expert Alterations Prompt, efficient service al reasonable ios(! Garrison Caps — Accessories — ln*fni* , SOUTHEAST AIR CORPS INSIGNIA

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