The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 29, 1955 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1955
Page 18
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER «P, 1M> BM'IHETILLl (ARK.)' COURIER NEW! PAOI NINETEEN OUI IOAR»IN« HOUSI - wHh M.jw WilHMM OUT OUR WAY DAStt rr M-U.TWie&S.' MWSTMA AMD UK M*Dc>i.ifJ<i TOM HAMC U* riOOSC OM MJT THIS 15 POf GOU. HtS FATHER (XUWCD THEM TO AMP tS QMN6 ME A DtMC FO(t PlATTEJfcl T - >* T«l«vi«iow — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Cha«n*l I, t WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Thursday Night, Sept. » S 00 Oroiicho Man 6:30 I Led Three Llv« 7:00 Dragnet 7:M Theatre 8.00 Video Theatre P:00 Playhouse of Stira 9:30 News Reporter 9 AS It's & Great Ll/e 10.15 Wemhw '10 20 Tonight 11-00 Mystery Theatr* 11:30 Sign Off Ftiriir, Sept. 3» 8:50 Meaiuvion 7:00 Today 7:25 News—Memphis are* 7:30 Today 7:55 Weather—Memphis nreji S.W Dins Dong School 8 30 Chnrm with Cnihy 8 45 storylnnd 8:00 Horn* Show—color •egmtnt 10:00 Tenncwee Krnl* Ford 10:30 Shopping at Horn* 10:*S World Seri«&—in color l:iS Farm Newn 2.00 TV Movie Matin** 2;30 World o: Mr. 2:45 Modern Romfcncw 3.00 Pinky L*« 3:30 Howdy Doodj—- In Color 4.00 Movie Time S:tW Csrioon Curnlril 3:15 Interesting Person 5.25 Weatherman 5:30 Eddie FUher i:45 News Cftraran 8:00 Wild Bill Hlckok 6.M Life of Rlley 7.00 BlR Story 7:30 Stortes of the Ccniurv 8:00 Cnvelcnd? of 9pocW 8:45 Amps Brothers 9,00 Touchdown P:30 Ncvi" Reporter _C _— • :45 Frank Leahy, and Football 10:00 Weather 10.05 Tonight 31:00 Mystery Thealr* 11:30 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Thursday Jiifbt, Sept. 2fl 6:00 Dinner Theatre 6:25 Do You Kno»- Why 0:30 Slop the Muilc 7:00 Sur Tonight 7:30 The Lone Ranker 8:00 Johnny Carton Show 8:30 Damon Runyon Theatre. 1>:00 T-JJen In Action 8:30 Ozzte * Harriet 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Pattl Pa«fl 10:30 Late Show 11:45 Weather Friday, Sept. » »;00 N(ric* 8:15 Romper Room 9:10 This Is Hollywood 10:40 Pre Game Warm-Up 10:45 World'o Series 1:45 Sin Errtn—Trouble With Father 3:10 Amr 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3.00 Bozo And Htfc Friends 4:00 Adventure Hour- Gene Autry-HOy Rogers 5:00 Mlckcv MOUSB Premier «:00 Dinner Theatre «:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 T. B. A. 7:00 Dollar A Second 7:30 T. B. A. 8:00 Name's the Same 8:30 Camera "4" 9:00 Big Town 9:30 Mayor ot the Town 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Late Show 11:30 Weather —WE SELLUSED: Rctrifcraton ......... 48.15 it «p R»n;M .............. lOi A IP Waihtn ............ Z4.M * ip V»c»ira elcantn ..... 15.M * •» T.V SeU-Drren-Water Beaten —WE REPAIR— Ftecori players IterrJRemtors— Water Beaten— It O ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. 2M-M W Main t*. Z-t CERAMIC TILE For Bathroom Walls ft Floors FREE ESTIMATES F.H.A. Terms WALKER TILI CO. 100 E. D»TI» Ph. 3-6933 The Gift Box North Highway 61 — Ph. 3-6737 Gifts for AM Occasion! Brans • Wrought Iron* Chins Crystal • Bridge Tallies* Pottery Hand Made Baskets * Lamps Mrs. Elmer Norman — Mrs. Harbld Doyie xxv FACING us were flve steel doorwajs of the powder maga-1 lines. The most conspicuous was, the one in the middle, concealed j behind its sloping mound of stones. 1 was puzzled, and so was Lynch and Reg's face wore the same look of mystification. "The light was tricky, of course." he said thoughtfully, "and there was a good bit going on. But I have the recollection that these stones were not against the middle door, but against the ... let's see . . the fourlh from the left Yes, I'm sure!" "Quite," said Lynch. "I too," said I. "Pixies?" inquired Lfly, tm- helpfully. We approached the fourth door. "Our doubts, you set," observed Lynch in his most irritating classroom manner, "are disposed of. This door and this stone frame around it are clearly less weathered than the rest. The stones which must have b«cn removed after we returned to the yacht last night, was evidently in place for some time." . Dibble reached out and rapped the steel door with his knuckles "A sturdy bit of hardware. Just how do we get in?" Lynch's moment had crime. 1 had been expecting something of the sort for the last half hour. Hi carefully set down the little bag he had been carrying. Then with the air of a prestidigitator he reached into a trousers' pocket —and with ft final triumphant gesture held before our admiring eyes—a key. The key was a good six inches long. The whaddy-c«UH:=, the bumps and cuts lit tts business •nd, were extranet/ eonplktMd. "I was sorry," said Lynch roguishly, "to keep you waiting this morning. But it belatedly occurred to me that Meer might have something like this. U is a sate assumption this was meticulously kept in the file pertaining to this fortress ever since 1915. It was in the small drawer in Meer's ' bcdsid« l»ble." Lynch chuckled. | "I just thought ot something," said Lily. "Last night when Braun called him, Siggy had something in the pocket of his bathrobe. I have no idea what, of course, but now I think ii was more like two somethings. -I distinctly heard a click. One could have been this key." • * • LYNCH opened his bag and look out a small copper oil can. Inserting it in the keyhole he squirted upwards, downwards and sideways. Not until then did he try the key. With a satisfying little sound the lock clicked back. Lynch pushed with .his spread palm »nd th« hwvy door began to open. We were in an almost cubicle chamber, its walls of skilfully mortared stone. It was as empty as the inside of a bass drum. There were a few greenish stains where dampness had seeped in, but the magazine was surprisingly dry.- Through the years, though, a certain amount of sand and dust had been wind- driven under the door and had distributed itself in a Ane film over the floor. It seemed to me the thin layer of sand hod been disturbed. There were trace* as it there had been recent movement on it. Certainly there was nothing that could be called footprints. I looked down where my own feet had trod. • There wai that same Indeterminate effect. Anyone who followed ui would b* •quail? fcard pit M U to IWMT that there had ««r any instro- sion in this silent chamber. The skin ol gritty dust was absolutely dry. Lily Wyndam, with no flashlight of her own, had wandered back into the sunlight outside. I heard her call in a low voice, without turning. "Yoo-hoo. Don't look now but we are not alone." I stuck mj head out Our wrestling companion of the night before was standing perhaps 20 yards away behind the unfinished walL He must be six foot six—and was built to scale. He had the face of a madman, as if the sight of so many of us making free of this oarticular preserve of his was too much for him. I called to Lynch and Dibble. "Siegfried's little friend has turned up again. Come out casually. Reg, suppose you t*ke that gun out Don't point it at hiro. Just show it Lily, wave to him. A friendly wave. And smile." Lily did as she was bid. Sh* also took off her sunglasses. The face broke into a vacant grin. One big paw waved back. "Lily," I said in a low voice, "start walking over toward him as if you wanted to make friends. Mental deficients are sometimes deathly afraid X women." • • • LILY flicked her head around just long enough to flash me a baUful glare. "A good thing you don't want to go shark fishing. You'd use me as bait" But she started toward him. The bearded giant gaped at her. A deep, musical laugh above' us made us spin around. The tall Haitian was standing on the parapet immediately over our head* taking it all in. ' The big man saw him and his smile froze. The Haitian napped his long hands toward him in • shooing gesture. Like a puppet in • .Punch and Judy show the man vanished behind the wall. "Who it he?" I called in French. "Quil Ca, c'est groB-oifeau!" "Vogel!" exclaimed Lynch. " 'Bird' In German and French." GUARANTEED ' Always a Indiriduali-Groapl-Firnl Bureal Blue Cross - Blue Shield Call reprcsenuttve WAYLIN CHESSER P.O Boi 307 Blythtvill*. Ark. Phone POpIar 3-3106 WE'VE GOT IT! Over 33,000 different items in stock! H U BBAR 0 HARDWARE NEW WOOLENS JIake Clothes With A High Fashion Look, at a Low Fashion Price The Howard Cloth Shop North Franklin Road Phone 3-4209 Kirby Drug Store $725 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schjck, Sunbeam, Rouson or N'orelco BUFFORD SHOE SHOP REPAIRING - CLEANING DYEING 112 S. Broadway Attention: Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply All Your Clothing Needs: • Uniforms • Belts • Caps • Ties • Slacks • Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner • Clothier - Tailor Blythevillc, Ark. "I'm so happy now that I've finally found something to do—I'm fixing lunch for the maid!" •I'M make a deal—let me stay up today and I naos tomorrow!" WOOWEO WJkKTr*'MM4E S New; AND ON T* OUT CLtyWCN TDM RGWNS SAO HE W$ SONS TO STAY W CENTEMUS.lTONKt COULD— "ALAS." SROANEDS THE KNIGHT AS HE ) FELL, MORTALLY K WOUNDED-,-' - M/SSEO HIM? KILLED NO, I MEAN THE HORSE I'M SURE C3-LAD IT MISSED HIM; LANCE PIERCED HIS ARMOR AND H*.'6 SOUOUESnOWEp-r THICK ("iSTMBVES ME. ROSERS,/WANWe-ER OP THE „ AAUMCIPAL OPERA/AMP ME. FLINT? PERMIT ME-1 AM THE SBEAT wts VALET; A\R. ROSEBS? OP THEM. IVB TRBP EVERVTHlNft. I HOPE MES PEAP. AT L6AST MV TROUBLES KCULP BE— MS. FUNT, I WISH COlrtffltU. M3U WHBJ6 TO SWRT ' LOOKINt-)POR WUW- I'V6 5HAUPV, LOOK.'. WWTTHMR WCETOKETN BIG 6END PARK TCHORKOW? HE'S MTH A MME! HO WOWP5R vou coutowr , TURM OOWH THIS TBP, ROVCE! PRESIDIO is V me HISTOKV of m* KESION AH 010 BORDER X_ ]fr YOUR PETHOSBV. TOWM.51S. ACR05S THE RIVER K, THE MEXICAH UiaAGE THE EARLIEST ONE 06M!.y K6ACH6P ffll »0 6RMJDB AT THIS ABOUT 1535. CAiSizA Dg VAcAi MOD TWO CCWPAWION&! IT WW THEIR aWIA Of SEBIHS SOLD IW THE PUESLOS THAf CORONASWS THRU WHAT 15 HOW NEW MEXICO, WOWi KAU*X*» / WELL, FOOZY, 1 ' >'^'RE SOfflA HWT^ / F THA'S HC SO 0-fT AN' LCP / FT IS, WE'RE .»"ST TH' BOYS TO GIVE 1M VES, T/M 9 '"= TW ' AMPUTATIO;! OF HIS MAJESTY'S CAUDAL AFPENCME IS TK ONLY CURE FOR HIS ., UNSTABLE MENTAL STATUS.' f I'LL, «TKK T'iilN* 1 WATE« POV AN' 6£NE?AL FUJNKIY rr« I'M 6LAO \ I AIN'T *k OUT ON THAT FIB.O VAYV «l «V V\W*V=> 0V •VWt TOX.QOIW4C.V

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