Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 11, 1956 · 58
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 58

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1956
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ir.: j 03 Avirachon ( uiiuyuis Two Hurlers BIG TRADE . ' . By EMMONS BYRNE Most Ulked-about figure on the American sports scene ' today it probably Wilt (the Stilt) Chamberlain, University! ciKaii$as'7-Xoot MiJcetoau star. , ; . From a cublicifv standpoint the Stilt is starting in as . sophomore where Bill Russell, USF'i Moot-IQ defensive , genius, left off as a senior. Qualified observers who. have Chamberlain in action maintain that everything that's ; " been said and written about hint in the newspaper and national . msrazinea ii true only mora to. The proi made him tempting offers when he wu still in Mf h school and never J)efor.wi. an. athlete aej' plied with college .offers. He visited most of the states Jiorth of the Mason-Dixon : lint and, although Philadelphia is his home, he got as tar west as . Seattle and Eugene oeiore aeciaing to cast nis 101 wiw jwbiuu. . A - . .. "A. A.1. . 1 . 11 - t- - A ... I ' . ' the NC2A crown this seasonand for the next two to come. The ; ironic part of it U that Phog Allen, Xsnsai'.Jae-.wlieelicg coach! --for the east U year wont be able to reap the benefits of Cham- ' berlain'a skills. He has reached the mandatory retirement age of 70 and 38-year-old Dick Hare baa taken over, . -A week from tonight Wilt the Stilt will make his WeatCoast debut before a Backed house in California's fvm in Berkeley. - "I've never seen such a demand for tickets," says Pete Neweu, the Bear coach. "Whit tickets that are available to the public , were anapped up weeks ago. Virtually every high school coach in Northern taitfornie Ml written me requesting -merYtuons ior himself and his squad. '"-' t "The way it looks now I don't know if Pll bt abl to get my j own team in the gym. Everybody wants to see Wilt I'm like everybody else. My only excuse for scheduling the game is . curiosity, but I might change my mind at the last minute. . ' ' "If you know of somebody who really has to tee the' game maybe he can have my seat. The only-way I know to atop Cham-I Mr iin wit hfrrt in nmrintmi mt tha ft( lint ltlra a Tlnrifla .up-. ......... "-..... - " - - ' "Seriously," Pete went on, "Chamberlain offers something , offensively wa ve never seen before. However, I don t think that na ttnll ha fha dafaviaiva faTA that Kuctall lmm4 vmmr wrhan . , we played USF. " - 1 - "He's two inches taller than Russell and they say he has not a freak as some of these hoop giants are. But I notice the '- opposition has been running up some pretty high scores against , Kansas, t . . . , : There's no lead in the 19-year-old Wilt's feet and he's built jixe a weage, wun au nis neign; ana 214 pounos no nas a ai-mcn - - waist and is an all-around athlete, as this thumbnail sketch culled 'from the Kansas press book reveals: v - ' Chamberlain, Wilt Already most talked-about basketball ; piayer in tne wauon, even oeiore ne's played a varsity game . Cam out Of fWrhrrtilr T-T!on R-riAnl nf Ph1aitalnh!a rtA kv many as good enough to move into professional league . Scored 2,252 points during prep career . . . Also logged excellent track marks of 6-6 in high jump; 49.0 in 440; 1:58.3 in 880; 53-4 in shot- put; and 22-0 in broad jump in high school . Scored 42 nointl nA harvmiHi 2Q rfhnnnH, in nr fraahman c to 81-71 victory over Varsity last November, first time in series r cejun m iu yearungs nave won . . . strong, ague ana lts. . . Good jumper who goes far above rim for one-hand and two-hand I dunks ... Maneuvers well to get into goal for these shots, and $ also hits short jump-turn down the middle v. . Needs defensive ' improvement and more aggressivess on backboards J Set Eig Seven indoor freshman high jump record of 6-4 7-8 ; . . . ilea xor outaoor title at 6-3 ... Third both indoors and ( outdoors in frosh shot-put Competition with marks of 47-2 and 47-9'. . . f ourth 1 958 Kansas Relays hop-step-jump . . . From Cubs Continued from 1st Sports Page any ether club bat the Yankees. Katt has a let ef power and should find Wrlgley Field te hi UklBg." The youthful skipper, thought the exchange of pitchers with the Cards as a standoff ' but expected to get more pitching out of Poholiky than ha 'did from Jones. - "I can use Poholsky both as a starter and in relief," ha aaid, "because-Tom- bar food control. Jones couldn't; pitch relief be rceuse her-wai rioo-wHd. It was the second major deal in less than a month for General Manager Frank Lane of the Cards. Only recently he sent Rip Repulski to the Phillies for Del Ennis in an exchange of outfielders.'-"-"--- "- "A big factor in our making the deaL" he said, -'was that both Jones and Davis have shown they are effective against Brooklyn. Jones has a chance to become a great pitcher if he can overcome his wildness. Da vis, in our opinion, is one of best-relief- pitchers in the leagua. At least he was against us. Aside from trades and trade talk, the two leacuea were in volved in legislation and reeW tion of officers, v . - The two leaguea .voted to adopt a minor league plan to consolidate their annual meet ings and have them alternately in a minor and major league city. They also voted to set up a IGicmbra Fight f Drovs $31,522 4 Continued from 1st Sports Page , ".. . round and then he flurries to t win points." Reminded that Giambra also ; plans it make San Francisco his! home, r.ocky said: I "That's an old line with him, I I'll bet you dollars to donuts he doesn't come out here." While Castellani was miffed with the fight and his opponent, I Giambra was happy with the de-t cision and full of praise for I Cocky. - ? "lie's the toughest guy there ! is to fi;ht Man, can he take a punch. I ..really hit him some good ones in the fourth and fifth rounds." Gismbra felt "thelcnockdowh was legitimate,."! feinted him .? . ....... . , . wiui iiuoK ana men penxea the right ever, It was a good punch. &2sitra lit ae preference rf-irllj fatora erponents. Tsirever, ke did tell Seaalea U wtzUi a Cttla rest "I need it after all the chasing ' I did tonight," he said, referring to Rocky a retreating style. Ten per cent of the proceeds from the bout which wasn't tresdeast or televised, will be turned over to thd" St Vincent Cchool for Boys in San Rafael Result! of the preliminaries: Eenny Diles, 153, San Fran. cisco. eutsointed Julian Valdez. 143, vaiiejo, e; rredate viscara, ; 123, :n Francisco, stopped Tony .. . mo, a, ww.a.vu, v, Aiur cua RarrerQ. 135. San Francisco. eutsointed Johnnv Bermundez. 130, San Francisco, 4, and Dick UcGee, 142, San Francisco, stopped George Weiner, 143, San Francisco, 2. - C:!'.eun Hurt Out, Cf Cizrdzlh Dout CLEVELAND, Dec. 11 f rirhLrromoter Larry Atkins announced last night that Char- I ry "Zizs" Cotton would re- rlcre the injured Rory Calhoun t J Jcry Ciardello's opponent in at r 'rwei;ht 10 rounder here l':!,:y rJ:M. l.a said Calhoun was in a York hospital with ; a I '"i ctot between two ribj on i l .t aiia. T: Ht iMiaM Tnn .... ... g Jnrr CtB"br. 1W-, ., autnomtnf Kocky Ca- , v uM, ta, - x i itett, 1M. Ati- ' ' w-Tlit . 14. . i "it Lmt fcui- , I i, IcnA-, S. - . I Sharpos to Risk Wrestling Crown Friday Ben and Mike Sharpe, holders of the world tag team wrestling championship, will defend their title Friday night at the Oak land Auditorium. Challengers for the champion ship are Enrique Torres of Mex ico City and Pat O'Connor of Ireland. s The title bout is billed for one hour, with two falls deciding the winning team. 1 ' : O'Connor is recognized as one of the most promising young grapplers in the sport He will give away weight to the Sharpe boys, but bis speed will give him and his partner an even break,. fans believe. . Promoter Ad Santel's program will include two other matches, yet to be signed. player pool to supply talent in case of a catastrophe to any member club, such as a plane or train wreck which could wipe out a team. ; Committees were appointed to examine possibilities of taking est a blanket insurance policy that would protect the interests, ef the clubs eon tributing te the player pooL The American League voted to adopt a three-game post-sea-. son playoff in case of a tie for the pennant In the put, the American League . has had a one-game playoff. The National League has had a three-earn e playoff. Cleveland general manager. Hank Greenberg withdrew his proposal for interleague- play. Greenberg had wanted each major league club'a achedule of 154 games to include 28 Contests with teams in the opposite league, y Officers in both leagues were reelected while American League owners reelected President Will Harridge to a 10-year term. SMU Seeking Only Proven Head Coach DALLAS, Dec. 11 4P South era Methodist seeks a man who is "proven as a head coach" to fill its head coaching job, ath letic director Matty Bell said today. He has contacted "the biggest names in coaching" but doesn't expect the place Woody Wood- ard resigned to be 'filled until next month. , ' f Bell wouldn't say who had been contacted but there were indications that Bowden Wyatt Qf.Tennessee, Duffy Daugherty of Michigan State and. Bobby Dodd of Georgia 'Tech were among them. Pitcher, Say&DeaL Aids Cubs ADA, Okla., Dec. 11 tfU-Don Kaiser, heralded young hurler for. the Chicago -Cubs, believes the Cubs' 10-player. swap with the St Louis Cardinals will help him realize two desires a 20- game, season and a first division berth for the Bruins. The new players ought te make ns better he said. "We had a good team this year bat we just aever could seem te get started," St. Louis yesterday, traded pitchers Tom - Poholsky ' and Jackie Collum, catcher Ray Katt and inf ielder- Wally- Lammera 4e Chicago for pitchers Sam Jones and Jim DavisTTatcher - Hobie TLandrith , and lniielder Miksis. Chicago also will receive two triple A playjers from the Card farm system. . . Kaiser is counting on the Cubs to produce more runs next sea son, and like new Manager Bob Sheffing he believes Katt; will help the attack, Runs are what Kaiser and the Cubs must have if the two am bitions are to become realities The 21 -year-old, 6 foot S right hander from Ada. had only a 4-9 record last season although Cub coachW described him as "the bestpitchfx.9nJheclub" Three times Kaiser lost shut out decisions, and he dropped "several others by one and two run margins. , "If we eaa get proper hitting I think we will be ap there in the first division," enthuses Kaiser. "And ta a couple of years I believe we will be a pennant contender." Reaching the "magic 20" circle also ought to come next year, "I'd. like to get up to that 20 mark. And with a little help a few more hits I believe I can make it I'm certainly going to try awfully hard. Kaiser u a 1954 graduate of Byng High School six . miles north ef Ada, where he posted an amazing record of 49 wins and only one defeat He signed with the Cubs for a bonus re ported at $50,000. Bercovich Nino Captures Lead, f -a . in Rose Loop By AST MACT , E. Bercovich tt Son .forged into the lead of the Abe Rose Bushrod Winter Baseball League by scoring a 6-4 victory over the Richmond Stars last Sun day. Vada Pinson was the win ning hurler. Cooks Union eked .out a 3-1 victory over Slaughters Realty with Bob Garcia tossing a nifty four-hitter. Bob Leopold also gave up but four safeties as the Louis Stores registered a . 5-2 triumph over Guy's Drugs. The Jim Ellis Snorts Shot downed the Larks Club thanks to a 10th inning . homer by George Delles. The Ellis nine is currently leading the Jim Ellis league. In another Ellis, league game Hustead's .Club shaded the Berkeley All-Stars, 7-6. UOUHCK A IIE17 at N 0 J Kjss i VI I IUL v GMi Hubbard, Mf r. .. an. hX taert'a a imfUd Finance C. eftce ntatfawitii $ YIS MANacar who's nadjr la Mke Imiw with tat mom Parson . CemitftrafiMi thti mad ti .'f th choice it so auny pooelo Uft jt. 1 - -. J ' , , ' Mm' of womta ffiarritd or ing! if yen eaa hm oitra enh ptf billv Rtadical at doatal aaodt, home ropatn, r other good wpoMt phon of tfir th now AojUof oAWa loin ; l;Af mthermttteetrijrthe Emst-BKjrmreur OAKLAND 17C0 Franklin 5t., GL 1-2680 IERKCLEY 2045 Shartuck Ave TH $-4312 ALAMCOA 2321 Santa Cfara Ave.. LA 3-3S91 SAN LUNDXO 1S32 Washinstbn, 10 t-4022 HAYWARD A45 FoothiU'tly LU 24911 RICHMOND 11 C4 Macdonald Ave., IE 5-4721 MARTlNIZ-i-7C2 Main St, Martinez 3382 WALNUT CRUX 152J Davis Sr., YI 5-4850 Uom til H IJSSa oo Aow, Swlrtt.ro, or Soor .& FINANCE CO, Vh:njyjrycur:: aczr...- i aH HOIZ1 You can rent a new Pow-rglide Chevrolet Bel Air or other fine oar complete with radio, heater and defroster in minute 1 Just ahow your driver's bcenaa and proper identification. That's The Herts Idea. How much? The rate for any 10-hour period, Monday through Friday, if only $T.OO plus 8 cenja a mile, including all gasoline, oil and proper insur- -ance no matter houmany ride! Rates slightly higher for-Jargar can, lower by- the week. CaU ut to rasen tar anywhere! OAKXAXO tm Twratr-rtra) Strool TB Mflrtar S-SSH . ALAMCA-mn Tnvrl ttrrW - Ut Urn Clara At. LA klkcnt -n - cowr-oaoSufe rwta. AaaUmMrsttao BM. MV Ikony S-axM ATWABO attwtra Mli AtraaH aaalaMraltoa Bltf. 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