The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1954 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1954
Page 10
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PAGE TEH BLYTHEVTIXE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1954, BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) WOSIEft NEWS PAGE ELEVEN Debt, Not Saving, May Show Trend In Trade This Fall By SAM DAWSQN NEW YORK (AP) — Debt, rather than savings, could call the turn on trade this fall. The swelling- total of personal savings may be left untapped. But watch the curve of installment debt. When it takes a decided turn upward, credit men are saying today, you'll know the consumer is back in the market- even if only with a down payment —after taking it slow and easy earlier this year. Right now most consumers seem to be maintaining fairly comfortable standards of living, but with little splurging. For most of the year they've been paying off old installment debt faster than they've been taking on new. Credit men figure man;- consumers have caught up on payments now and are ready to take on some more things they crave. Buying on time is largely an American institution. Americans have no monopoly on running into debt. But the willingness to pay a little more for the privilege of enjoying the use of something while you pay is typically American. Why do people borrow to spend? Paul L. Selby, executive vice president of the National Consumer Finance Assn., says: "Most of us spend our money for such desirable things as speed, convenience and 'what we like.' We could do without some of these things and save the money, but we don't like waiting—even if that means getting it cheaper in the long run by paying cash-" Members of the association, mostly engaged in the small personal loan business, lend about three billion dollars a year to some 10 million American families. The common belief is that they must make a great deal of money out of other peoples' needs and desires, since their interest charges —set by law in 37 states—vary from 2 to 3*4 per cent per month. Selby will present a report next week at the association's annual convention in San Francisco on a survey of profits of the finance companies .It will hold- that last year the median return on assets used in the licensed consumer finance business was around 6 per cent. In "1939 the median return was 8 per cent, dropping below 5 per cent in 1943, combing above 7 per cent in 1947, only to slide again. Committee Chairmen Also Appointed As School Year Begins JOINER — Shawnee Parent Teacher Association's executive board met for a planning session at the school in Joiner Monday afternoon. Tentative plans for the year were made. First meeting of this year was held Wednesday. It was a tea for the teachers. Officers are as follows: President, Mrs. Robert Smith; vice president, Mrs. E. M. Bell; secretary, Mrs. Hubert Seymour; treasurer, Mrs. J. W. Speck. Chairmen of committees: program chairman, Mrs. E. M. Bell and Mrs. H. F. Oates; publicity, Mrs. Campbell Brown; health, Mrs. Joe Samons; membership, Mrs. Louis McBee; project, Mrs. E. E. Cissell; bookshelf, Mrs. C. H. Lowrance; study education, Mrs. A. L. Eifling. Finance, Mrs. J. W. Speck; teen club, Mrs. Rayford Eubanks; hospitality, Mrs. E. M. Bell; home education, Mrs. Harold Howerton. Recreation, R. C. Trussell; magazine, Mrs. Marshall Speck; lunch room, Mrs. Harold Howerton; safety, Corbet Washington; wardrobe, Mrs. 0. W. Speck. Want to Buy a Town? There's One for Sale in South Dakota By HAROLD 8. MILNER PICKSTOWN,' S.D. UP) — Is the housing shortage bothering you? If so, there's a whole town going begging for occupants here shortly. It's a town adequate for 3,000 to 5,000 population. It Was built to accommodate workers and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel who constructed huge Ft. Randall Dam here, and cost about nine million dollars. It will be -abandoned unless some suitable use. can be found. All the government wishes to retain is about 50 houses to accommodate some 100 employes who operate the dam's powerhouse and other facilities. The layout includes a church, a 500-capacity school, a theater and a 30-bed hospital. It's complete with a half-million- dollar hotel with 122 rooms and three apartments. There's a garage, fire and police station, large recreation hall, a huge warehouse and a modern shopping center. The railroad tracks run to the door. But don't start packing, because you can't move in yet. The Army hasn't decided what disposition will be made of the facilities. Disposition will be governed by congressional action directing the corps to recover at least a part of the government's investment. Gov. Sigurd Anderson and Executive Secretary Hug Carlson of the State Natural Resources Commission are leading efforts to keep Pickstown alive. They believe some industry must be looking for just such a location and would be willing to buy the town lock, stock and barrel. Crippled Children's Clinic Is Reported Ladies of the Presbyterian Church were in charge when a crippled children's clinic was held Sept. 2. Assisting were Patton's Dairy, Nunn Provision, Meyers' Bakery, Richardson's Store, Forsythe's Grocery, Nabisco, Safeway, Holt Funeral Home and Coca Cola. Feet Not Big RICHMOND, Va. (£) — The skating rink attendant asked Johan- Herman Bartelink what size shoe > wore when Bartelink asked for skates. "A 41 or 42," he told the startled attendant. While American companions laughed it was determined that Bartelink didn't have big feet — a size 1\% was the equivalent of a 41 or 42 in his native Holland. APPLIANCE REPAIR SERVICE ROY BAKER... our service repairman, invites you to caH on him for all types of appliance repair jobs. Whatever the job may be—water pumps, electric irons, electric stoves, washing: machines—your man is ROY BAKER. General Hardware and Appliance Co. 109 W. Main Ph. 3-4585 c^^ik THOMPSON FOLKS!! THIS IS IT!! 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All At L kj\*l. * T W> *JX-t.-Wj 201 OFF ALL MERCHANDISE FULLY GUARANTEED!! CASH, CREDITOR LAY-A-WAY-DON'T MISS THIS FRIDAY 10 a. m. SHARP Famous make "Lux" ALARM CLOCK. Fully guaranteed. Ivory Finish 5O66 Hurry for these ~ All Merchandise plus tax, contracted items exempted. OPEN 'TIL 9 p. m. FRIDAY and SATURDAY. 7th Fleet Is Strong Deterrent to Red Attack on Formosa WASHINGTON — (NBA) — If the Chinese Commu- j nists attempt an invasion of Formosa, as they threaten, it will probably be the bloodiest naval engagement in history. Bloody for the enemy, that is. j Because the U. S. Seventh Fleet which is protecting' the Strait of Formosa is one of the most alert and most powerful peacetime fighting forces Uncle Sam has ever maintained on the sea. The only possible hope of success for Red leaders in such a venture would be to employ their favorite tactic of sacrificing unlimited numbers of men to gain an objective. Their gamble would be trying to get enough men through the deadly hail of everything the Seventh Fleet can deliver — from atomic bombs to massed machine, gun fire — to establish a beach head against the U.S.-trained forces of | Chiang Kai-shek. j ... I Reconnaissance by planes of the Seventh Fleet, and other intelligence information, indicates the _ Chinese Reds have amassed an im- j pressive invasion armada of junks, j sampans and other small craft oa the mainland coast. Most of them are wooden vessels and have only make-shift armament. They range from small boats which might carry four or five men to big junks which can | hold up to 200 soldiers. The exact size and deployment of the Seventh Fleet arrayed against this junk fleet is a secret. But some fairly close estimates can bem ade of its minimum size. Four large carriers — the Boxer, Philippine Sea, Hornet and Yorktown — are the vital striking force of the fleet, although one or two are periodically out of the Formosa area. They launch jets and prop planes which fire rockets, missiles, cannons and can drop A-bombs. * * * The normal force supporting four carriers is four or five heavy cruisers, 16 to 24 destroyers and a varying assortment of smaller escort craft, mine layers, mine sweepers, seaplane units and smaller gunboat types. The fleet is supplied at sea from Japan. New commander of the Seventh Fleet is Admiral Alfred M. Pride, a well-decorated veteran of the Pacific in World War n and former I head of the Bureau of Aeronautics. He is a quiet, soft-spoken man of sound judgment, not one to make a mistake in any emergency which might develop around Formosa. The basic mission of the Seventh Fleet is to protect American interests in the Far East and carry out America's defense agreements with the Philippines, Japan and Australia. 7TH FLEET BOSS is Admiral Alfred M. Pride, Pacific veteran. At the start of the Korean War, former President Truman ordered the fleet to "neutralize" the waters around Formosa. President Eisenhower amended this to give the Nationalists permission to make any strikes against the mainland, with the U. S. Navy continuing to defend the island against the Reds. * * • Officers who have been on the staff of the Seventh Fleet recently and have participated in the Formosa patrols have formulated a pretty good picture of the type of action that would take place "when those thousands of junks show up on the horizon." "We'd use all of our guns and probably even fire mortars. Even the guns of the mine sweepers would be fired. We'd ram the wooden boats and set them afire j with incendiary ammunition," one' RED INVADERS would ha.T« to cross 90-mile Formosa Strait. of • them says. "'It would be unbelievable slaughter. The planes form th« carriers would have two missions. One would be fighting off the MJG* which would probably attack us. The other would be bombing aud strafing the invasion boats." Even if the Reds managed to get a force through that kind of defense and make a beach head oa Formosa, the fleet could continue to bombard enemy forces and keep them from getting supplies. * * » The Navy says the Chinese Reds have no submarines, but that the Russians do have about 100 undersea craft operating in the area. If the Russians used their subs in this effort the Seventh Fleet would be hurt. But it has extensive anti- sub weapons. : The distance across the Strait ja about 95 miles, a long trip for an exposed, slow invasion armada. It could be launched from anywhere on a 500-mile strip on the mainland. Navy experts are skeptical that the action would be worth the use of an A-bomb. But numbers 0* them would be available in aa emergency. One Navy expert says: "Communist Chinese soldiers might be tough as hell in the jungl le or in them ountains of Korea but the minute they get into water over six feet they are .over their head both literally and figuratively. They'd find that out fast if they try an invasion of Formosa." SOMEWHERE OFF FORMOSA, units of the powerful U. S. Seventh Fleet refuel as they patrol Far East waters. Ships her» are the large carrier Philippine Sea, her deck loaded with jets, [j and the destroyer Airbon, taking fu«l from the USS Cheming.

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