Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 21, 1964 · Page 10
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 10

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1964
Page 10
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10 SUNDAY - J UNE 21, 1964, Lake Charles American Press Chanqe in Cuban Shotgun Pellets Found in Youth HAVANA (API— Cuba's Irmd :U million tons, loss than half reform chief draws a bleak pio- lhl> l!M >0- fil ()lll P ll( Kire of farm production under A thorough overhaul of Cuba's Ihc Castro regime, but he claims farming organization is planned. most pressing agricultural prob- '"" """ ~~ J ~* Jl ...... """ lems will be solved by 1%G. This will entail major changes in the organization of agriculture introduced after Fide! Castro came to power in inf>!) Havana." said Rodriguez. and partial mechanization of the . , . . ... sugar harvest with 100 Soviet i , A r ^ ad - v un , clcr xvn >' ',l' he [T cane cutlers sohdatmn of somi' 8(10 state LdiiLtunuh. f;irms jn(o 6f) prof | uc(jon , lni j s Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, pres- iof 250,000 to 500,000 acres each. idcnt of the National Agrarian j The C0nso ]j4atod units will Iveform Institute, revealed eon- spccialize in particular crops. LOUISVILLE, Ky (API - For two years, little Dawn Bardowell was bothered by an irritating, itchy sensation in the top of her shoulder. Recently, the irritation broke out again and the 9-ycar-old girl was taken to a surgeon. He removed two shotgun pel- lets that had lodged in the youngster's shoulder, apparently parts of a spent charge from a hunter's gun. Dawn said it apparently hap- i pened while she was visiting a ! relative's farm. "I felt a sting i one day, but thought it was an i insect." by the end of this year Rodriguez said. An immediate objcc- iivc will be decentralization of clay to day control. "We have found it is not possible (o run agriculture from Rodriguez said their manag- TESTS NEW EQUIPMENT—Claudius A. Mayo of Moss Bluff calls home from Ihe lest board of Ihe new Moss Bluff central office which, went into use at midnight Saturday. Looking on is Ray Dominick, Southern Bell's district manager. -Some 700 phonos Europe Hit 'Acute Wealth' BONN, Germary lAP)—West- ern Europe is suffering from an acute attack of prosperity. People are earning a lot more money than they used to, and they're not having to work so hard to get it. So they're spending it with an abandon that has the experts worried. Unemployment has just about disappeared except in Italy. Even in Italy there are many places where' labor is short, in part because high pay in other countries has drained away skilled hands. About a million foreign workers have come to West Germany, and many thousands to Switzerland and France. They come not only from Italy and Spain, but from Turkey and (irecce and e\vn a few from Yugoslavia. In \Volfsburg. hume of the Volkswagen, 5.000 young Italian Court Rules On Portion Of Labor Act SAN FRANCISCO i.AP) -The Landrum-Griffin Labor Act provision which establishes criminal prosecution for union officials who are members of the C'.mmunist party was ruled un- fiinstitutional by the U. S. Court of Appeals. The court ordered reversed the conviction of Archie Brown, member of the executive board of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Un;i/n. Brown was convicted May 4, 1962 iitid sentenced to six month» in prison by U.S. Dist. Judge Albert C. Wo'llenbcrg. He was convicted of holding union office while an admitted member of the Communist party. Judge Charles M. Merrill wrote in the majority opinion, approved 6-3. ''Wr- conclude that Si-ctiori 50-1 of 'he Labor Management and Reporting Act in i'.-; imposition oi criminal sanctions must be held to conflict with the First and Fifth amendments of the U.S. Constitution and upon this basis to be void." workmen are living three to a room in rows of neat wooden barracks. A good deal of th e money they get is sent home— I and helps up the prices of Ital- i ian goods. In West Germany and France thousands of good job* go beg- •, ging for want of applicants. The experts call this overem- ployment and say it results in excess demand. The ordinary European finds such terms hard to understand. To him things look pretty good, with wages high, jobs easy to get, plenty of goods in the shops. The businessman never has had so many customers, with so much money in their pockets. Farmers are doing less well, despite hefty government subsidies. Wages are so good and farm prospects so relawely bleak that large number? of farmers have found industrial, jobs. But they are not moving to town fast enough to satisfy the need of factories lor labor. That is one reason industrial wages keep going up. High wages mean high prices —especially in I'aly, where the law says price increases must bring vase increases as well. The result is that the Italian economy is getting as hot and breathless as a puppy chasing its tail on a summer afternoon in Capri. France, and to a lesser extent Holland and Belgium, have also been hit by this kind of inflation. Up to now, \Vest Germany has been able to avoid it. Wages here have gone up but production has kept in step and prices have held steady. They have held so steady in fact, that West German firms are filling their books with French and Italian orders. Such trading is favored by the gradual disappearance of the tariff wall between Common Market countries. The big and growing demand for German goods tends to raise prices at home. Inflation can be catching. Key Logs Stop Log Cabin Fires FRANKFORT. Ky. >AP, To keep fire from destroying log cabins, many Kentucky pioneers built chimneys so that a pull on a key log would collapse them if they caught fiie. Rocket Warfare Used by Indians Rocket warfare was used by an Indian prince versus British colonial troops more than two centuries aso. The rockets weighed around ten fjounds and could be directed aeainst objects a mile away. In an uprising against British Colonial troops in the middle of the eighteenth century, the rocket brigade of Indian Prince Hydar Ali dealt the superior Bnti>.h force a crushing defeat. Later, the prince's son, Tippu Sahib, increased the rocket corps to 5000 men and with them, beat the British, decisively several times. ferti»lome's e PROVEN CHINCH BUG CONTROL ! f DO rj containing -he- rri'.,i tfi..'!i-,e •*<<>• oi c •'.!/.,;; ;.£ CHJNf.H HCOS and Ic-t-o.r.g yo,'j l aMn in ONE hASY STEP 50 IB. BAG ... 5.95 GEORGE THiiJOrS FEED STORE are in the exchange which is located on Hwy« 171 just pasi Ihe Calcasieu river bridge. The new facilities are expected to provide faster and better service to Moss Bluff telenhone users. READ THE AMERICAN PRESS CLASSIFIED ADS templated changes in farm methods - and the reasons for i them — in an interview. : err, will have autonomy in the daily handling of their regions In two years, Rodriguez said, but will operate under plans and | with nagging problems out of i goals prepared at the national :the way, "we'll be in full devcl- level. opment which will enable us toi ,, , . , . ,, in co achieve our goal of a 10-million 1 Rodriguez revealed these %3 ton sucar crop in 1970 " production figures which indium sufcar ciop in u<u. d (hinf , s haye m)t becn gQ . Rodriguez, a member of the 'ing well down on the farms: Cuban Communist hierarchy i Rice — 408 million pounds long before Castro won power, | compared with 670.7 million in declined to comment on the out- i]%o. look for the current sugar liar- 1 potatoes- 171. 6 million pounds vest. Castro has classified pro- compared w j tn 21.1.8 millions in auction top secret. jr,^ Western and Eastern Europe- Tomatoes — 184. ft million an sources here speculate the Pounds against 102.5 million in crop will be somewhat above 19ISO. la. -.I year's reported 3.8 million Cotton — 21.4 million pounds tons. U.S. forecasters in Wash- compared with HO.l million in ington have predicted a drop to 1961. DRILLING RIGS 10:00 a.m. Tu«i. R-G DRILLING Hwy 183 NW WOODSON, TEXAS • WiUon 38 Tofcair W. mid. • Wllion Giant SN/707? « Wilson Giant SN/484? • V/ihon Gtant SN/H-IZ • Wilton AlUi SN/4154 • 124' Lee C. Moore • WjuVesha LRO 4 L«Rot RXIYW • Nafl C-253-Oilwell IBP-Beth GOCO a Mali block! & i«iv<lt • B.J. hooki-ldcco rotary {abtft « -W.OOO ft. V/i drill pip« « 83 drill collar* S'A-3 « Shaffsr 10" ttrlet 100 BOP • Int. LIW 4 UIO trucks 0 Cher, winch truckt & float • MilC components i tquip> -ON WE SPOT HNANCIN6 EVERYTHING SELLS WITH NO MINIMUM lav alter R-G D'illini Cole 200,000'DRILL PIPE 0.30 a.m. WH. GR1GGS DRILL PIPE Hwy 82-277 II mi. West of WICHITA FALLS Or* r No. 2 Pips) I,CM' 5'/i" like n««84 000' 5" btl. nk. 4 «1- «Wd. 73,5150' «'/j" X-hols btl. nk.lbll. nk 77'COO. 1 <r'x-hol« bit. nk. * M- ' hld n'c:o' 3"'" M<ii * IF b "' pk 7 COO 1 3'.-V' w/4" i ( i. 25,000' 2'"s" M r >! lO-S'/z' 1 drill coUdrl 2-1744 IHC 1850 tru-.ll 1958 IHC winch true* 1953 Autocar & l«l Chtv. dfij. t,ind«m dual polo trailer lik» new 15 triangl« pip» raeki Tuboscope ropresenfativa will b» at id* sals <o provida verified reports for inspection and to furnish those reports to new owners. EVERYTHING SELLS TO NEW OWNERS WITH NO MINIMUMS for brochure write: AUCTION SERVICE AUCTION SERVICE AC BOG FL - A«nar(fl<i. T**«» AO 8O6 FL 0-567O • Am«rlllo, T*tt«» "WE KEEP FOOD COSTS DOWN* YOUR HOME OWNED AND OPERATED STORES LOCATED IN LAKE CHARLES, IOWA AND DEQUINCY GEORGE THERIOT'S SHKET.MILK OR BUTTERMILK CAN 1 •• GA1-. MIIMVF.ST ASSORTED FLAVORS ' 2 GAL. JERSEY GOLD ASSORTED FLAVORS GREEN GIANT MEXIGORH mil® GIANT CORN CKIAM GIBLETS CORN ™ OLE STYLE KERNEL ,-»/ 22c 2 cSs 39c 2 r:-o'/. CANS LEMONADE 6-OZ. SEALD SWEET PINK OR REGULAR ^ FINE FOR BARBECUE LB. JELL-O L ASST. FLAVORS CAKE MIX SWANS 41c 10-O/; SWANSDOW.V MORRELL IM.El' SMOKED FLAVOR WHOLE SLAB Oil FIRST CUT STOCK IJI". A ONE-TIME Ht'V! SMOKED SAUSAGE PORK CHOPS P., Cu HOLSUM OLIVES 3 Econ. 89C Thrown Stuffed Econ, Lb. 702 47c 39c "KING SIZE" FRANKS PIECE BACON STc* MAMA MARGARINE GIANT BOX Premium Extra Long Lb. 1-Lb. LUX SOAP LUX LIQUID HANDY ANDY SILVER DUST VIM TABLETS SURF 2 S£ SOAP 4S 35c WOODBURY SOAP Pint 21c LUX SOAP T, 15c La, 5 , 35c BAHDY ANDY ZLu ». 39c FLUFFY ALL .00, 33c BREEZE ^ 35c WISK P^. 39c :,, 28c FINAL TOUCH ^ 45c UvC Reg 43C Largo INSECT SPRAY HOT SHOT Pint AQn Bottle ; *Kl FAMILY NAPKINS SCOTT 14-Oz. 47c NABISCO PECAN SHORTBREAD COOKIES. IABISCO CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ^o, 47c Boxes fcvv TOWELS KLEENEX Reg. Size Rolls 42c WATERMELONS EACH 49 SQUASH HOME-GROWN 3 IBS lOc M'ONOMV HULL 69 KLEENEX 4 (ill's 2 Boxes 57C KOTEX

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