Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 15, 1952 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1952
Page 16
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16 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1952 Peter Edson Washington Column Trumiin and Bess Tiikn Srcontl Billing To '(Spnrjcr WashltiKton And Miirtlm WASHINGTON. (NDA)— Just hoforr- President Truman JcfI (own on his \v In'Mlr-stoppinK lour lo win the West, tho President. Gen. Hurry VauRhnn and their Indies had to take second hilling to a couple? of acl ors impersonntlnR Col. George Washington and his wife. Martha II lia |)|>i lied nut in Alexandria. Vn., at Hie oid G.i'lshy's Tavern where a croup ol' townspeople have been putting on a rolonial thiater revival of "Tlie Bf^nar's Opera,'' Charles Gn >'s 18l)i cenlury classic satire on Italian opera. Charles Dillon, head ol radio and TV operations at the Pentagon, produeed the show and did a fjooil .job of it. All Hie lHth century atmosphere »as recreated, including hostesses and usherettes in colonial KOWIIS . candlelight and Kirl.s wiling peppermint candy straws stuck in whole oranges foi leliesli- ments. All j^ue.sK airivmi; at the open air theater were announced by a winged dandy in a lace-tiininied, long silk coal and knee breeches. The next in the last nuesls announced were. "The President of Ibe United Slates and Mrs Truman: General and Mis I lurry VailKh'in.' Kvcrybndy stood up, but nobody applauded Then the real rankinj.: quests ol the evening anised and were announced as "Ciil. fleiirue Washington and I.ady." They were dressed in the lasliiun ol the day when the real George Washington and lady coached I ruin Mount Vernon and attended plujs performed by companies I'roji) London in the old Alexandria theater. President Truman and General Vaughn had to slund up with Hie of the crowd lo pay the Washln^tons honor. j Between the acls, Colonel and Mrs. Washington received the Tni- mans. The aclor impersonating Washinion explained that, since (his was supposed to he |7(!!), he wouldn't he a general for four years and wouldn't he -president for another 21) years, fceotitlng for Voli 'H Two million Boy Scouts will he »ent to ring doorbells on Nov. 1, 1hroe. days before the election. On each doorknob they'll haiiR a Liberty Bell urging people lo vole. Afterward, each Scout will he presented with mi imitation gold med- now fall al pocket piece, contributed by the Freedoms Foundation for taking part m this "Get Out the Vote" campaign. Since there are something under •1H million households in the United States, theoretically each Scout would have to ring IM doorbells to reach everyone in the country. But a lot ol rural areas can't he covered. ,My ( iiinpllmeeits, Sir—OiicliI Campaign compliments aie being exchanged at a crisp rate. Republican crack: Ml Truman has certainly kept America a hind of plenty- owe plenty, spend plenty, tax plenty and wasle plenly. Democratic crack; The diller- ence between l -asenhower and Stevenson is the difference betwen a college president and an educated man. Senator's lies! Friend It has been recommended that the "Tail Waggers Club" give an honorary membership lo "Checkers." the black-and-white cocker spaniel Senator Nixon told about on his broadcast explaining his expense fund. The "Tail Waggers Club" awards certificates to dogs that have saved human lues Nine Sliitcs Hold Key With Ihe election lev, lb, MI a month nun), a great deal ol interest is concent ruled on the nine K< \ stales. These are Ihe states wilh more than 15 electoral votes. Together, these slates have U.*17 electoral voles—only iii'l shorl ol the 2ti(i needed to win. GOP headquarters lines them up this wa>. Leaning to Kluen- hmvnr -NIxoii New York -15 Penn. 'XI Calif. .'12 Ohio •£•> New Jersey 16 Slill Dniililfnl Illinois '/7 Texas 1M Michigan 'JO Mass. Hi Tola I 150 'Pol a I 87 Democratic headquarters would line I hem up this way. Leaning (o Stev- cnxnii-Kpurkman Still Doubtful New York '15! Penn. \V> Illinois 27 Calif. 32 Texas 2'lj Ohio 25 Michigan 20' New Jersey Hi Mass. Hi Total 105 Total 132 Not tin' llivalli of Spring Americans in Japan have now found n new use for cholorphyll chewing gum. Many of Ihe Jap and 'HUMAN IGNDS TOUR—President Trumiin Is greeted al the railroad station In Washington by Mrs. Truman after completing Ids 'M-slalc campaign tour on behalf of Democrat Adlul Stevenson. , (NKA Telephoto) Km can barbers are women, and i heir breath is lerrible from eating kuu-cliee, an Oriental garlic. Bella e ordering shave and haircut and lice massage thai goes with them, GI's feed the odcr-killing gum to tlie operators. Forgotten Oil Complaint Mutual Security Administrations complaint that the U. S. government was overcharged some $07 million on Kuropean aid oil shipineniM by four American companies had a somewhat parallel case al Ihe end of World War I. Sen. Brewslci's investigal ing coinmillee stirred up the earlier case willi a complaint that the Navy had been overcharged $30 million on Middle East oil. But no suil lo recover was ever filed and after a wrile Ihe whole thing was forgot ten. This investigation of naval oil purchases grow out oj' a disclosure thai Ihe king of Sauli Arabia had offered to sell oil lo the U. S. Navy al '10 ceiil.s n barrel, on condition I hat the Navy give him $30 million lo develop his oil properties. Since the Navy had no authority to make a deal of Unit kind, it fell through. Instead the Navy had to buy oil Please help me find my daughter" II seemed a hopeless request to Fulher Marker! of St. Mary's Mission Seminary, leclmv. Illinois. And yel lie knew lie had lo try lo help this woman whose sad e\es hud seen communists slaughter her parents and abduct her husband, brothers und sister. Bv some miracle she had escaped, lught dreary years in refugee camps follow ed. Now here she was, a bewildered displaced person unable to speak English, just two weeks in America. She had expected to be sent lo her only living relative — a daughter who had a scholarship in a Texas imi\eisily. Bui ill luck had carried her hundreds of miles out of her way to Chicago, and she was appealing to father Marker! lor help. She had litllc information. She only knew the address and the city — I louslon. He reached for his telephone. After explaining the situation, lie put in a Long Distance call to the address. To his dismay, there wus no such address in Houston. Houston? Wasn't it likely a foreigner might mistake ''Houston" for "Austin"? The operator eagerly started the search all over again, Finally, through the uni- versily administration, she got the telephone number of the daughter's dormitory. And soon' mother and daughter were reunited bv telephone. The kindness and helpfulness of the operators were in sharp contrast lo her treatment in the refugee camps and she was grateful. The three Illinois girls who teamed up lo bring mother and daughter together are typical of those who prove every day thai "The Voice wilh the Smile" has a big heart, too. The Illinois Bell trio that helped a DP mother locate her daughter hundreds oj miles on ay —left to right, If'ilma Sliced, Joun 0'Leary and Louise Santi. ^ " 0 Pr ' 0e ^ mBSUre USe ^ neSS ILLINOIS BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY Starts With 1 Acre; Now Has $16,000 Farm Layout By Associat«d Press KANSAS CITY —. Walter Wayne Vogcl, a 21-year-old youth from Republic, O., who started farming seven years ago with one acre and built up an operation worth $16,000 today, is the new star farmer of America. The honor — carrying a $1,000 cash award — went to the Ohioan at Tuesday night's session of the Future Farmers of America con­ vention here. It is the highest honor of the FAA awards. Vogel's parents were .separated before he entered high school. Living on a one-acre farm with his mother near McCutchenville, O., the boy got his start by renting small plots and hiring machinery to cultivate his land. He made $700 his first year with 85 ducks, 400 duckli-ngs, 370 chicks and six acres of corn as well as one-fourth acre of potatoes. In his lour high school years, he earned nearly $3,000 from farming and more than S1.200 from outside jobs. In 1950, he rented a badly run down farm from a man in Tiffin, O.. and so pleased the owner by his improvements that he began working with''the boy to better the farm. Today, Vogel, who is married, has farm equipment, livestock, and other assets estimated at $16,000. Cozy Warmth All Winter Long! Full Size DUO-THERM Oil Circulating Heater Heats 4 to 5 Rooms! PRICED AT ONLY DENOUNCES EISENHOWER —The United Mine Workers of America, In convention at Cincinnati (Oct. 13) announced they «'lll support Gov. Adlnl Stevenson for president and mine workers' president, John Lewis (above) denounced lien. IJwiglit Elsenhower as "a professional soldier who has led n sheltered life at the expense of the American taxpayer." (Al' Wirephoto) from U. S. Gulf of Mexico and Aruha, Dutch West Indies, for $1.84 a barrel. And from f\rabiun- American Oil Co. the Navy bought al $1.05. It was this difference in prices that got. everybody stirred up. Today all petroleum and products for the U. S. armed services are bought through one unified office in the Munitions Board. II takes about 400,000 barrel of fuel oil, gasoline, and other products to keep U. S. Army, Navy and Air Force going. This is roughly equivalent to 5 per ccnl of total U. S. production. $7995 MOTE: These performance-pocked Duo- Therm that give you extra comfort, economy and convenience. DUO -THERM 'S Exclusive Duol Chamber Burner . . . gets more ,heat from every drop of oil. It's the only burner with 6-stage air injection. Clean, quiet, trouble-free perform- once. ' DUO -THERM 'S Heet -saving Waste Stopper. Saves you heat, saves you fuel, saves you money. Helps prevent heat from rushing up the chimney, puts extra heat in your home. DUO -THERM 'S Dial Control. Lets you dial the heat to fit the weather—instantly and easily. Adjusts fire to high, low, medium or any stage in between. Like tuning your radio! DUO -THERM 'S Automatic Draft Minder. Automatically stabilizes draft to burner for maximum efficiency alvo- s Prevents excessive drafts. DUO -THERM 'S Smart Styling. Compact construction, beautiful design, smooth contoured lines and a gleaming, glossy walnut finish. A damp cloth keeps it sparkling like new. 5 DOWN DELIVERS YOUR DUO-THERM MITCHELLS HAUL WITH THRIFTY POWER... SWITCH TO DODGE! m For power and economy, there's a Dodge truck to fit your needs—Vi-throogh 4-ton. y Save with features like fuel mixture equalizing tube (twin carburetion models), wide range of transmissions. m Want dependable power? Dodge engines have pre- fltted type bearings, oil-pressure relief valve, and mois- tureproof ignition. » Slash upkeep, gain smooth operation, with gyrol Fluid Drive. Available on all Vi-, 3 A-, 1-ton, and Route-Van models. m Check these Dodge advantages. Stop by for a good buy. SWITCH TO DODGE ... GET ECONOMICAL POWER! . Trim fuel bills. Start saving .with Dodge economy features like high compression ratios, lightweight aluminum-alloy pistons with 4 rings instead of 3, "hotter" spark plugs in low- tonnage models. .. pays off in extra economical operation!" . . says Vernon Hanson, Vernon Hansbn Lumber Co., Creswe//, Oregon "We operate over rough off-the-road areas and haul big loads in all kinds of weather," says Mr. Hanson. "Our work is plenty rough on trucks, but our Dodge 'Job-Rated' truck can really take it. ' "We've found, for example, that we haul bigger payloads without overloading in a Dodge. Our maintenance cost is exceptionally low, too, and this pays off in extra economical operation. "And Dodges are sure dependable, day in and day out they really put out tlie work. Yes . . . for tough hauling jobs, we like Dodge trucks!" GO DODGE . . ..CUT DOWNTIME AND MAINTENANCE Keep your truck on the road, earning money. Cash in on Dodge low-maintenance advantages like chrome-plated top rings, exhaust valve seat inserts, positive-pressure lubrication. BUY A DODGE TRUCK ... THEY STAY YOUNG LONQEft! You can depend on a Dodge. Records show longer truck life, due to features like shot-peened rear axle shafts, special steel alloy springs, wear- and heat- resistant valves. See us-fodoy Jar Ma best 6uy in '/ow-cost +tonsf>orfation.., I0D6EMRUCK5 DeWITT-MAXEY MOTOR CO., Inc. 318-320 South 10th St. Mt..Vernon, Illinois • For belter roads arid safer rides support PAR—rVo/eet Adequafe Roods • Phone 715

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