The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 27, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHKVILLE,, (ARK.)' COUIUISR NEWS PHOT'S ^ MB ONE Gels Psyhic Tips at Nighl; Never Gambles on Base' ball Guide and Star '„ ,' • --•«/• f ' , A A' •>"*>,/,;> >. < ' w'w ,.'/' ">%*• '', -I . , ' /jHJTiiS - > x /' 0\' \ / ^fv^^ ( , ( , ';.'* j-','." ' ' "" ' ' ' i ~> ~i 'i if r> <^\ '!*" \M:i f " £ ?>' r, *; «;i r.v HAimy fiiuvsov Sccrls Fdiloi, NT I Srnlre KEW yonK — Joe McCarthy decs' not b"he\e that pitching eior rgam will ompoNvcr hitting In Useball Tight lo\ score games •Ail] net come hucl- Ihc trend \ pi continue tov,ird aHnck ( Yet McCiittiy suspects that the «|oil Is moving louard Hie day \ I'en an almost unlilttiblc pitclier Mil' IP scm In Ins opinion thd 'trngyle of pitching agitnst hit Ihif; uill Lrlng that about Science has not: departed from, lasebnll. The sacrifice never will I ass otiL But ^fcC,lltll) ties Hie livelihood of .1 Lntttng allack iif- vlcping i' nnj moment, giving I ho'6 a me a liew punch. The manager of Hie New York : Yankees has an Idea that tlie frailest players of the future will come from California and the icuthwcst Dial is the biggest source of .'supply .now, 1 with the (f.|.ortuniu to plaj the \cir jpund the: principal reason. Tho Lell c r IT tes ilajcrs are supplied ly the Canadian plains where jonngslers Ime longer periods ol tkaling The McCarthy yslem of mim- igln? Is one of iliplonncj Tlie winning pitcher Is mged to keep It up ind giab (hat bonus riie Icsing linrlei is (acffull) nssmed that Ills luck will soon change, and that ins teammates haven t lost confidence In..him. . Batters • are handled , .similarly. :McCarthy's years In the minors left linn moie sympathetic t r inlnoi leagueis than per ia]>s anj cltiei^ irnnagcr^ Ip tlic^ bi| show ''' '' , --- ,, f *.- ,-- of de tail He ^alches a ne^i man for a couple of dnjs nml then icuilly puts his flnici on some ciuhk uhlih hfls lo be rorierlccl When the patient boss of the Yankees turns a plaver bick u it haul a slrini} there Isn t much hoiie fci he permits liim 'to plaj out his siring and is a keen judge On Ihe *'!ifnce McCartlij is n liapuy-po-lncky type, bill in ical its lie is high sluing and exceeding!) nonisonic He lakes n yinv 1 omi* \\itli liHi lios In lied nn\ly/ ing It and thinking of the inor- •row. -and lakes defeat about "us Indlv as nuvbcdr rver look H Mosi cf his .niuoi taut decisions arc made mi whit he 'oleninly b» lieves to he a psjohle_slccr nn while Ijln^ awake in T ~liic r 'C*irlj morning hours McCarthy hates to be beaten even In an exhibition- g-vme At SI Petersburg last spring oflcr Hie Yankees had dropped one a waiier said ' loo bad jou all lost tcday, Mr Mcrnrdw Ti-a club of jours sure loolcd bid ' 'You attend lo the \\aitlng anc 111 attend to the club" snapped McCarthy. McCarthy lias •> fetish fo> mtinipulalion of the hands. Yan- kc» cilchers signal for pilches with Iheb hands not their fing crs McCartlij Is an accomplished amateur magician He wis a close friend of Hairj Hoiidinl, and once, al that celebrated sleight- of-hand artist's request appear j |' cd uith him on a Toledo stage. McCarths s managerial qualities !<re not flambosnnt He never shows his anger o\er stnclls me .'chanical eirors, "but doesn't like inental le.oses. Cn the surface he is not an inspiratlonallst, but has the hin>py facultj of getting the best out of his emploses He ib a firm believer m self e\pression and/ personal initiative. Iff By Harry Grayson r TO *itraiig]ci lewis Is going to India - to 'find on honest '..wrestling match. That's Ihc only place where they'll slnnd for one. Leu Is Is to Ucklc Gania,™ Ihe sciuiid} JS'l iiounil mlhe whoifor 27 years has been champion. all the <lodi!e ot makipg opponents] I uiis lo I mil nco Ihe sun ' ' I 0. uu SliaiiKe lluslntss Enniand ]>ns not yet movcrcrt! Wlt " all lit, ftipcilence the M5 fioin Its lait giappli' thnl was. onh™ 1 ol(1 .Lo*"'will fiiul Count Da\p muy struck Ills nose In a ring. The lust ".shooting: match" In tilts eOiintry'look'place during U' 0 heat of the more recent wrcslllng vat. It brought out l.cwjs ami lee yfyVdii at th<)',Ncw Yoik'Htp-' podiome List Angus) Wykoff was lolil .thai the old 'man would-lire ii lit kept lits fret long enough They pulled ' anil ..lugged' for 2 hoiirs mid IS 'inliiiitrs and when they were linlsheii, ,so was the Ij'onc bending racket in '. Mnniiat- liui. ; ; ' . '- •! Ihe Hjuaie, although It 100V- place n quailci of n ccnttny ago Tliiit. one also huolvui Gama Ills il \al was Slanl l:\us 3bys/}o, v ho remained on his hands and h^s foi more tlmn llirce lioius, or) un- 'II thcie vas nobody left but 1)19 night ttalXhman Tlie rcfciii! dually ciillul, It. n di.uv nnd icr- ilblc " . , Even Irxhy \Uirn an pai maS- agci In Pngtlnd spends too nucli lime In a defensive position' on lie cainnss, Ihe cuslomcrs shout In Indii ••liange bushiest As rolnlcd in tho foicgoing, the point tncie Is to miVe the otncr lellos face tlie !>uii, This simply imam thiowing him on lii.s back 1 hc-ii- Is no Miifli tiling as a thre§-J 'econri pin fall, noi oven a loljing fall A gi.ipplei simply Is out of luck, if he gofjs^douix \\ith his maji lonai'd the heavens, and ue have the word of Zbjs/ko lhat< referees air qukt on tilt trlggei t /Jbys/Vo Listed^ just JO seconds v;ith Gaum v.'hehihc visited India hi 1028. act nn Zlns/ko eat unl' Iml ' °"" m ' l!i 50 > en " of a *! e . nl «' uci ii. Z.UJS/KO, gel up! J>LSl, stl . ikl , ..|. e f Ules . liie .. cla i m . tll(lt Ike Chicago fight nibeils u^ed to (thc , egs go nrtt Thc , egs alc chant H In unison when Loncjacn moic impoitannin Ihe Indian method tlinn^tlify'Sie on il ieg- ulallon mat. and Oanm ami Ills phymntc 1 ! kifovi, nil Ihe tilpplng Ulcks Gama met Zbysiko at tlie'Pole's own catx:li-as-calch-cfii! game In I.tiulon, t-v.'iiere "." Hie fenrsorne nioutUajneei ^(Ui' the flowing musli<he>gabbed Dr H F Itoller, broke Ihrcc or four' of Ills rib.s, and made him quit, 'He threw me down so often that -I finally decided to remain, there," explained Zibby'.- Stanislaus turned In a splendid job of thnl, nnd the suffering commenced ,,when it was . revealed that Cama, once having linn on the decf-, could do nothing about it if a ? Tuck'in Jmlia Is lo They Nitslle on oiled sand In Indii. wlieie the trlcV Is lo fall face downward If 1 , the powerful Uuls happens fo fill in tint direction and Decides to make a day ol it, lie's likely to be instrumental liiiglving Hie Indians 1111 even larger doSo of what their Gama nnd Zlbby gave the British. However, ; those,-with some idea of Oamn and hs game, predict that LewLs will' 1 last ' no longer than did Zbyszko 'in Jndin. Indian wrestlers appear in the various' maha'rajahs and princes' stables, just 'like .race horses.- Gama formerly was the prlite and Joj of [lie Malmrnjah of Patlaln pne.of.llic rlchel and best known spoilsmen in Ihe \\oild. nnd it is preiiiimcd that lie still Is. The people come from miles mound to see n" tournament once a year, nnd. tlie winner of all Ihc squlimliiB eleuliants is sent against thc> g^ oann flic Uon of tho Punjab' ilwajb Ira prevailed, and gets l n golden lupees the equlv alent of f 10 000 foi his viork J.iwK is going into tlie mountains to take off 80 pounds before embarking lo New Zealand and. Austral!i, wlicie he will w.uin "P foi Glim Then another leal shooting match with (he Ug bicaV the fact tint to see it you will have to go to India WEDNESDAY,- JANUARY , 27, 1037JS Basket Chicago School's Team Needs lly.NEA Set-vice CHICAGO-All Waller n i « i, School's basketball team requires , Oi ave an appetl/lng menu is n j,j av j er named Spiieribs. n hits Can! Saier forv,ud, ,md Warren Kiiui i iimid , Husky Crew Loses One SEATTLE.-Wnshlngion Huskies, winneis at Pougikeepsie and. in Uio Oljmpic cic v iice In u=rlin have gone Into t ainin^ f 0r the 19:17 sea-<P». .Tlie shell lo^es only Doll Soulhpuvs lend Goal NHW YORK—Ninety pei tent of hockey goaiies are left Inndrd i Play Billiards! .Wholesome: Recreation Moderately Prlctd BIytheville Recreation Center 316. W. HJam - Former Homo of Bell's Pharmacy ' GARNKH AFFLJGTON MARVIN CIIAPPEI.L WA NTED Government Loan Cotton Phnne 1^7; '.:£?. APPLEHAUM BROS COTTON CO. Btrtlg Bldff. RlythevtMe, WIDEST CHOICE IN LOW COST CARS RIGHT AT YOUR FORD DEALER'S! Joe McCarthy has ample lenson to smile these thvs Maise Joe. New York Yankees nc on top of the bnseb-MI woild ,ind Joe DlMig- gio shown with his manngei below, k just stalling liioadwav 'he singing of Cohnns earlv songs 'o't the n-ig ItCarlhv has a 'news all about !|!e ; filnsc. and fnii tin voice old and of Ihe l)|U,ion MTarUiy it, so 'ilomeslcllia't' - re'enl* anj atlejnjit to take Mtt McCarihy out of the home Irclc and put hei in a olaee sud ounrt"d bi publlcltv into the kitchen He likes lo »hon home nd h"ln the missus prcpirc ilin- Hcs an exceptionally line Joe of Buffalo Isn t keen about •fci •c,t Tilden To Face Perry In Five Special Matches lly NI-:A Service NUV YORK, Jin 27 —William I'. Tildeh' is expected to' leave his rinnJs _lioupe some lime in Match 'oijircpaTc foi' a setlcs of five Challenge inatchei with Fred Pei:y. .-The iiialches -tire expected to e .played In .New, York,. Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit at the 1 end of ntly... refused Dislikes Ear Benders and Abhcrs I.imelijlit Joe'of Buffalo abhors the limelight, which iindciibtedly was one of the reasons he couldn't get alonic -with .Bate Ruth.' who inces- ,santly sought, the spotlight. McCarthy Is quiet, unassuming, and .reserved to the point of didi- dence. He is about as shy ti_uian- ager as you will find anywhere McCarthy will attract a confident, and jet he Is not given to confidence He dislikes "popping off." He 'He 1 will lay claim to little •pldom talks. about himself but alwass Is loouaclous about hi csoecially Lou Gehrig 1927, Ring Lardncr asked olf He skates vsllh the missus tit under the stars on \\iiitci ligl^s in Buffalo He is an in el'rote fight fun who managed ircllintnnn bojs in Philadelphia Unle n i_la\er in Ihc minor? He smokes stiong clears nnd neihaps Is most comfortai ic puff ing one In the dnik while listen Ing to the radio. He likes detec- stcries He shaves himself Tith ,a safety razor. The sobriquet, "Mime Joe," was 7 March. Tilden re. to . .substitute -for Ellsworth .Vines when illness ih- tethipted the proresslonal chtm- picn's tour with Penj "I? BRILUANT NEW "85" FORD V-8 -Ir*^ I 'One of Iheflne»t performers on the road/, Improved in got mileage and quietnejt! NEW ' THRIFTS "60* FORD V-8 Owncrt it pert 22 fo 27 'milss p«r gallon. Mort ««o- nomical car of its «ii« •v*r butft: i RENEW HTEED USED CARS ALL MAKES With written money-back guarantee; Used . cars as safe to buy at new ones! , hung on him by a Louisville dl? Hilary at a banquet given his Colonels after they had repellwl he supposedly unbeatable Ball! •nprc Orioles in the lillle world .eiies of 1 1821 McCarthy chews giim mces aiitly during a game, and eat: shelled peanuts: after one. He i: 'ond of fried chicken and eats i pint of ice cream In bed al night. Besides giving 'McCarthy his severest headaches. Ruth gave the director of the Ruppert Rifles his greatest thrill when he called that home run in the • 19JJ world series. Joe's most agonizing moments were spent during the Athletics' 10-run seventh inning in the fourth game of the 192S world sc- ries, when, with the bases full Hack Wilson lost Mule Haas' liner in the sun. "Bushcr" McCarthy certainly men. In McCarthv if he and Gcorce M Cohan could sit on the Chicagi Cub's b'enrli during a doubleheader with the>Gianls at the Polo Grounds They sought real atir.osuhere for the play. ' Elmer the Great" It was McCarthy's first .meeting with Coahn. They met again that evening '•Mister McCarthy, I don't know- how to thank jou for the great favor sou did for me today and if at any time I can do a favor, please give me a chance to gel even." slid Cohan ' "All right, jou can do a great faior for me right now," replied McCarthy. ';Name it and it. will be done, 1 .' asserted the plajwright > -, "The biggest favor >ou. can do for me will be to cut out this Mister McCarthy stuff and call me Joe,' smiled the Cubs' chief A warm friendship sprung lip between McCarthy and Cohan. They, delight, In holding fanning bees, Imarfabty tapering oft* with went to town. In 17 years of managing, he has finished out of the .first division ji Read Courier News Want Ads You. Too, Can Be Figure Skater—If Under 20! By NBA Service CHICAGO.—Anyone under 20 can learn lo be a good figure skater af- tei three or fom jears o( piactlcc but don't try it, after you've passed that age. ' Such is the advice ol Robin Lee. 17-year-old national figure .skating champion from St Paul. Once the nuiclcs become stiff and set. learning is-slow, he states. The youngster, besides being n graceful skater,-Is a fancy diver, and shoots golf in the high- Id's.; and Short of It CINCINNATI—Cincinnati Reds have the shortest manager in the major leagues m Charley Dressen. and the tallest, coach. in the big leagues in George Kelly. School for Quarterbacks COLOMBIA, Mo.-coach Don Paurot of. the -University of Missouri has opened a class' for training quarterback candidates for his 1937 grid squad. TERRY ABSTRACT & -REALTY CO. Abstriuts; .lands & Loans E. M. Ttrry, Prts.ttndMgr. rhoneSl? Bljlhcville, Ark. N OW, with the new Thrifty "60" V-8, your Ford Dealer sets before you the widest selection of low-cost cars in history. See him before you decide on anything. Perhaps the best buy for you,'for instance, is.a new "85"-r-smart; economical, and one of the best ) economy counts most with you-r- ' a new Thrifty "60"—just as big and roomy as the "85," just as easy- riding, and smooth, quiet, and flexible as only a "V-8" can b'e-rtuf designed tooperatefor Jess thahany ford car ever built. If you want to spend still less money, we have R & G Used Cars — many makes and models including '35 and '36 V-8's—that have been carefully renewed to specifications laid down by the Ford Motor Company and that come to you guaranteed in •writing, on a money-back basis. They're all here... so why settle on •'anything until you've seen everything at your price? Come in and see several different cars, side by side. Drive them, one after another. Then put your money into the particular kind of value that will mean greatest satisfaction for the months . to come. We can help you lots this 'year—please feel free to ask us-to! Tax Assessment Notice Tlie lime for assessing Personal Taxes and Poll Taxes is from now until April 10. If you fail to assess the assessor must assess for you. You know your property better than I, so assess it before tlie penalty is added. R.LGAINES Assessor GET TPMOST FOR YOUR MONEY... SEE YOUR FORD DEAIER FIRST THIS JE&U Weflnvite You to Call Us Today for a Demonstration-Phone 811 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealres

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