Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 14, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1891
Page 8
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'For 50c to 75c Per Yard! Wet will give you Side-Band Dress G-oods, All-Wool and 42 inches wide that are worth $1.00 and $1.50 uer uard. Jtist Come and See Them To convince yourself that they are bargains, SCHMITT & HEFFLEY, N. B, All the latest designs in fine Embroideries. CANDIDATES. NOVELTIES In Spring Goods ~,^^— ^^^^^ *\ Ape Daily Arriving at the Tailoring. Establishment of JACOB HERZ. Call Early and Secure Choice. The Best on Earth L Ben Fisher's Pure Baking Powder ; > 311 Fourm Street. L A D I E S' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & RAUCH, 42O Broadway. SPRING STYLES, For Suits, Pantaloons and Overcoats have arrived. The assortment is complete. Call and see them Harry G. Tucker, :-: me Pearl Street Tailor. :-: For the Next Four Weeks I wiirsell you an elegant suit for $22.00 GASH. I <lo this to make room for the fmestline of Spring Goods ever brought to this city P T HftOTFY The Tailor, 1. u. Ll\J\JLiLi 1 , 323EPearl#Street. Daily Journal. SATURDAY MORNING, FEB. 1^ Use J. B. L. Blood " and Liver Tonic. eod&w Great run on fast black hosiery today, at the Bee Hive. . To Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Furbee, a son. Congratulations. Miss Emma Keis is back from a visit with friends at Indianapolis. A. B. Crampton, of the Monticello Democrat was in the city yesterday. Elegant designs in printed penangs for boys shirts waists, at the Bee Hive. Choice spring style dress plaids today at the Bee Hive, at 25 cents per yard. ;: Al. Bard, of Kokomo, was in the city yesterday shaking hands with eld friends. M. G. Mitten, of Wabash, was in the city last evening the guest of friends. Warner's camel hair Union or combination underwear, at the Bee Hive at reduced prices. You can buy dressed chickens at Dolan's for 8} cents, plenty of them. Come early and make your selections. Stetson's Uncle Tom's Cabin Company is billed to appear at Dolan's next Friday night. Why so soon again? - • • "•" •-' ! The widow ot Mathew Kardes, the late Pan Handle engineer, yesterday received $1,038.88 from the Pan Handle relief fund. Rheumatism is like sand in the bearings of machinery. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great lubricator which cures the disease. 11 Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Shroyer and Mr. and Mrs. E. . F. Keller went to Indianapolis yesterday for a few days visit with friends. The universal verdict of the ladies is that the choicest dress goods trimmings and wraps can always be found at the busy Bee Hive dry goodS'house. You will find one 'price for all at Doian & Twomey's. . Oranges, 15 cents. Remember that we are going to sell you goods at reasonable prices. Money to loan on city property, from one to five years time; large or small sums on personal security on short time.—I. N. Cash & Co., 414 Market street.' febl'Sdit The Conreid opera company will leave at 1:25 to-day for Richmond. There-are 47 people in the company and their transportation to Richmond costs just $101.05. . .Xhe injunction ease of E. H. Shirk 'Si.. against the city, was heard, by Judge Bursoa and .after hearing the evidence the court -'continued-' the restraining order until next Wednesday. Burglars effected an entrance into Cornell's junk shop .on Sixth street Thursday night and secured the.con- tents of the till, about $20. No clue has been obtained to the guilty person. The paternity case of Ada Freshour against John Adair,was given .a pre- liminary'hearing in 'Squire Fender's court,:and: the defendant was bound over in the sum of $500 to ..appear in the Circuit Court. Dblan & Twomey exchanges with the farmer for his produce,'they don't charge you but -what they •' pay the farmers, know the difference between 17 cents at Dolan's while others charge 20 cents for butter and eggs. Jesse Taber returned yesterday morning from a several weeks sojourn in the sunny South. He enjoyed his visit to the principal points of interest in Florida very much and comes back with the glow of the southern sun branded on his features/ Jesse was so impressed with the luscious Florida orange that he straightway bought an orange grove Of his own. They Spring up To-day anil To-mor- ro\v Tlicy Sit .Down Again. Smiles are now more noticeable, speaking both literally and metaphorically, and there is a reason -for it. On or about March first the-' Democratic city convention will assemble. There is no reason why the love for office should diminish in the average Democrat. _, It has not diminished. For every'office there are several candidates anxious to serve the city for a stated sum per annum and what they can honestly pick-up on the side. The "perqs" in Logansport city affairs are said to be fat and ' plenty. For Mayor, W. F. Cullen is accused of a.desira to shake hands with himself as his own successor. It is said that the strings are stretched so that when he pulls them the chairmen of the convention will announce that "Mr. Cullen is the nominee of the convention." The accuracy of this rumor is questioned. B. C. D. Read is said to have the title to the office concealed in his inside pocket, while Councilman George Palmer is reported to have nailed the nomination. 0 ulside\of these reports, however, there is occasionally a man who will take you down an alley and whisper confidentially that the ring is dissatisfied with the candidates and has determined to nominate Dr. Thomas. This claim seems well founded and rtie conven- •tion promises warm fight between the candidates and the men who do not want the office but are determined to select as they style it "a suitable candidate." ; All efforts to feel Col. Prag- .er's pulse hare proved unavailing as he refuses to shake hands, figuratively speaking. It is alleged that he is secret working for—but this information is confidential and cannot be given now. For Clerk and Treasurer there are no candidates—who do not expect to get the nomination on the first ballot. It is a singular fact that che man who is sure of the nomination on the first ballot has made so little provision for being in it on the last ballot. The last ballot is the best one to get . a nomination on. It is more satisfactory and insures better results. Henry Six, James Shinn, George Hoffman, and. several others are talked, of. Since Shinn's recent successful detective work his rivals have worked up quite a boom for him for Marshal thus side-tracking his other ambition. Uapt. Morrisey who is a native of France says this is a coup-de-tat which has killed . lots . of political ambitions. Shinn has Silas Morgan working on this killing and may down his rivals yet. Marshal Dean aspires to be Marshal -Deaa for two years more and no opposition outside of the Shinn movement has been noted. In the Council .there will be some changes. Bushjahn refuses positively to run again and Prager will probably succeed him. McKeever will have a nomination if he wants it which he says he does. Palmer will retire—if he is nominated for Mayor and several ambitious Fifth ward gentlemen are looking longingly at Truman's seat who will go in again. Thus the reporter hears it but there is no telling what what the result will be until the ring starts out to put its slate through. The morning of the convention the Journal.will name the ticket which the delegates imagine they they nominate but which .they only ratify. Pretty Comic Opera. A" fair sized audience composed largely of the leading society people of the city greeted Conried's comic opera company at- Dolan's last night and "The King's Fool" was received with, every evidence of satisfaction. The opera is musical and sprightly,, the action ever varying. The airs are catchy and the large company exhibited,very 'careful training. Some exceptionally fine voices were heard in the leading parts, and the singing of Rita Sebly, Bettina Padelford, Ida Fitzhugh and Ferris Hartman was roundly applauded. The song "These words, no Shakespere, no Byron ever, wrote" by Mr. Hartman was the hit of the performance and took down the house. The ballet corps was large and admiraoly drilled and the grace-, f ul evolutions of the score of pretty girls in the last act was the finest eyer seen, in the city- The company is a very capable one and the performance was pleasing throughout. He Gets Nothing;. It having been intimated that there was a salary attached to the office of organizer, Mr. Smith received from President (tempers the following statement: "0. P. Smith does not receive any salary or compensation whatever for his services as organizer of the American Federation of Labor'. SAMUEL GOMPEBS, Pros't. Logansport, Feb. 11, 1891. G E N U I N E Red Letter Sale! It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our entire Stock of Scarlet Shirts and.Drawers and fancy^-striped: Underwear. ONE-THIRD OF K I fc 3 From Original Price " b Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear, we make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here. ..... (SELLING PRICES) : trow. Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ;. ;. fl 50 , : $1 13 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 1 25 1 00 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 1 00 75 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers. '75 57 Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers 50 38 Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers 1 00 75 • Heavy white and mixed shirt and drawers 50 25 And all other lines, in proportion This is less than Manufacturers prices and less than you can buy them at Auction for its done to make room for Spring purchases. Buy now, for never will you buy as cheap again. This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Clothier Harry Frank, Logansport and Delphi, Our grand distribution of Presents, takes place next O ' . • i . ' ( ,••-«month, all are entitled to it, come and see us. City Orders bought and sold. 16, O O O Letters goto the Dead Letter Office Every day and most of them are destroyed by the government. NATIONAL LETTER RETURN STAMPS; RETURN ];.i USSOCIATII* , ^CHICAGO : INSURING THE SAFE RETURNS Of all Non-Delivered Letters, adopted to every class of people under all circumstances at any place and at any time. Endorsed by the Post Office Officials and by all who,are using the stamps. For sale by Wilson, Humphreys & Co., Our Popular Flour. Flour is the most important thing we sell you and that we,have tried- to make ourselves the most popular. We selected a pink sack and the brand "Snow Ball":as the trade' -mark for the flour we were going to make popular. Then we came to the flour. Quality was the first thing, we thought- of. We wanted the whitest.and most satisfactory flour on-the .market, when we found it we-warranted it. Price was another thing of utmost importance we wanted a price which no one else could approach on that quality of flour, and we found it "Snow Ball" at once became the popular flour of Logansport, and of a hundred miles around, and it is to-day. We buy it now in car-loads, and our buying price is low. Our selling price is only $2.-S5 per hundred. But you must get the Tight "Snow -Ball" to get this price and this quality. Others may imitate the brand, but not the price, if their quality is right. The "Snow Ball" we have told you of is only Sold at M. McCaffrey:* Co,

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