The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1932
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS *wn amr-rii...*.,. T.,,^,^ "*• ' * * ~ • »«-' HOME EDITION VOL. XXIX—NO. 158 Blytheville Dally News, Blytheville Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. BJythevllle Courier. Hl.YTHKVll.Uv, AUKANSA.S, MONDAY, SKITOIBKR 10, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS STORM WILL HIT GULF COAST TONIGHT Admiral Robert E, Coont/ Urges Bonus Payment Ncte: Admiral llcbctt K. romnunder-in-chief cf the Veterans of Foreign Wars, seen .In (he Immediate payment of tlic yoHirrs adjusted service itrlillcules tJu- M- lution cf jnany cconomh ill;:. His argument, presented in Ih: following article, will be unsworn! In the Courier \rws toniurruu 1 Ity Admiral tttchard K. Hyrd, hnul of the National Economy League. wh sees sericuE danger:.- In projiasal:; for Iwnu*. payment. • • • By Admiral ROBERT E. COONT/ Commandtr-in-Chi«f, Veterans of Fcreign Wars cf 11. S. I believe that World War adjusted service certificates — or the so-called bonus- should be paid immediately. In view of -the fad (hat this can be accomplished by ways and means already proposed in Congrp-ss, without increasing tlic present deficit in ihe federal treasury. . Moreover, the distribution of nearly two biUion dollars in cash, through veteran channels, is the only practical solution that has yet been offered for tlie immediate rc- lief'of present economic conditions. This plan gives due consideration to the economic welfare of the peo-_ pie as a whole and not simply the' veteran as a class, Immediate cash payment will create a purchasing power that fs now lacking. It will permit distribution of nearly two billion dollars in cash among the working classes residing in every hook and comer of the country. These funds will be turned promptly into every channel .of trade through the payment of debts and the purchase of necessities. • • • This theory of "currency expansion," recognized by Congress and the administration as vital 'to re- She'* (livam of the Beauty ('nip Two Officers aiu RnprJils Slain in End Encounters. Three Week-! Sr-ut. in i Marched \ far* to- ! -., will" restore economic. confidence. It will shake loose (he hoardings of those who are keeping their money in safety deposit vaults and, in tax exempt bonds because of the uncertainty of business conditions. ' Commodity prices will automatically increase and with business and Industry assured of a decent profit, further • wage reductions should be unnecessary. We know that the means proposed for the raising of the necessary funds are sound because Congress already has adopted the same rnethcds for other appropriations that were advocated in bo- nalf of cnsh payment. Hope That' SIP Will Revive Sufficiently to Recognize Him. DETROIT, Tex., sept, w tup>— Jorto N. Garner. Democfctlc- ean- -dtd»te for vice president, today was at the bedside of his enfeebled mother Mrs. Sarah. Jane Garner, 81, after soeeding hereby Irain and automobile from Washington. . , Garner arrived late,':Sunday to find physicians,' had given up all hope tie aged woman would live, she has beer) unconscious for many hours and the physicians doubted she would rally to recognize her eldest, son. • • . . The candidate;'-in Washington making plans for his election campaign, left there hurriedly Friday when notified of his mother's condition. . At Texarkana, • 70 miles from here-; he left the train and con- . TAHLEQUAH, Okla.. I 'UP) — Grim posseim'j; , tlio Cookson hills near ! day (leU'nniucd to caplin.? or kill the remaining tnembcrs of LI gang of outlaws. Tn two pitched battles within the last slxtv hours t\vo ]vacc of- ftcor.s nnd tlirec outlaws hav> been killed. Another outlaw was known to have been wounded seriously and Is believed either <!?ad or near death somewhere in the underbrush that covers the region. Andrew MeGimiis. volunteer posseman and father of five children, was slain yesterday when u posse of 17 men closed In on Tom Carlysie and Troy Love, both of whom tad criminal records. Cnrlyslc nnd Love uv»rc fhol down nnd killed when, their ammunition I'shaiisted, they attempted lo flee. The posscmen w.?rc seeking to avenge the killing Saturday of Deputy Sheriff Webster Kcece who was slain when he attempted to arrest four men suspected of the murder two weeks ago of Mrs. Susie Sharp, killed in an atlcmpt- ed holdup on a mountain road. Burl McClain, 28, fanner, was also kiltrl in Saturday's encounter. Mrs. Sharp was killed by highwaymen v.-lio fired without warning Into (he auto in whit)] she wns riding. A wide search was begun for the suspects. Hccc c was killed when hs halted their car in the hills. Other o/ficers shot McClain. Trial o[ Senator on Lottery Charge Opens Ni:w YOUK. Sept. 19. UJI')-. TweSve IIICMI wen: spicctcil in fi:d- court today lo pass on lot- nTfl 11/ r I l " v clml 'B'" > nualiisl. Senator Jnines S n K I- i 1)avls <1( l'™>«>y]viiiiln. who row ll! llll\r " " Wol «-li Immigrant hoy and ui '•••« L- day laborer lo the cabinets ul'tln«' ! I'aiiil? Not Sin;! , Holiday Association Asks All Grain and Livestock i lidrl Off Market. I pK'Milc-lllS. i DavLs iviw on lilnl clmic-.'il with vlolatini; Uxlpiiil stntiiles iirohtbit- !UK inateriiil pnUiluliig lo lotlcrlos'' froni Uiu iiKills u ml Inlerslim- c n m - SIOUX CITY. lowii, Sejil. ID. 'Ul') -IIIi(Siv.-iiy<; weir [lung open lo farm prnduco, at le.isi tcm|x>- inrlly, today ns prcpar.illcms \v«o mude for ]>i;tllii!; infj died tiiru- °M Ihe middlemost n general farm sliikc movement. These twn c'rvelopnioms, ali^oiigli ieuMiij)','ly Jn cont.'-nsl. u'cre i ly the result ot a mcetinu line OV.T j Hie week-six! of the csecullvs cotn- I niltlce of Hit Fanners Iloiklny as- (toclation. 'Hi? committee called a strike on HvcMock and uraln lo become cf- No wonder Ann Elizabetli Davles of Arlington County, Va.. lias this smile for.tlic cameraman. She \vas ~*~ «HM ^min su Lvcumt. 1 vi- ihosen us "Reijina It" lo reigu as 'relive Wetlnesilny, and at ti;e snme Queen at the second Piedmont Vir- (jiiiia Dairy Festival. „-. ^ i "<-< PJ ne lest; inn train ann con- When Congress enacted the al-1 tinned the Journey by automobile justed service certificate Inn- in 1924, Americfi publicly acknoK-1- Mrs. Garner's four other children also are at her rwdside. edged this obligation to World war veterans. Existing economic conditions uiid Po'ice Arrest Fourteen widespread unemployment wholly justify the demands of the Vet-' erans of Foreign Wars of the United Slates for immediate cash payment. I I sea More than two million veterans have been forced to borrow the 50 per cent loan value of their certificates. Drunks Over Week End Increased flow of corn liquor, at| tendant upon the arrival of the fall season, continued imdiminlshed over the week end, police records indicate. The doors of the city jail clanged open and shut 14 times over Sat- The compound Interest being! '""day and Sunday as new prisoners charged on these loans against the' '' er e docketed on charges of pub- veteran will virtually consume tho i Iic drunkenness. Most of them' made balance that 1s due if payment is' ^"d I" 'he fonn of cash deposits deferred until 1945. which will probably be-forfeited in Fourteen of . When congress passed this law municipal court this afternoon. 'n 1924 it <vas never Intended that Tw ° a11 «S«l illegal possessors of n "y deductions should be made Intoxicating liquor were arrested by """ """" "~ ' ae from the face value of these ccrlitl- cases. Thus far the ROvernmeni. has endeavored to extend relief to ^cry strata of our economic struc- rc with (he exception of the In- iduai wage earner. Ho e the 'remenrJovs dlstrlbu- ~n or government funds to bmk'- „,, " llrn ^, and industrv In <>en- lir'iM COnomlc recovery will be- recon '° n « lh? «!0v-vr.n, 3n . Focus Work n Vermont police. They were Zeda Galnss. veteran court visitor, and Lizzie Hooks, negress. The county jail was also reported doing a thriving business over the week end. Arrests of all county officers and township officers could not be accurately checked, but It was estimated th«t 50 cases will be docketed in municipal court this afternoon, including county, township and city cases. so strong that not For some reason apparent, supjwrters *=^,»< %&££ n-.,Twice, already, h™h" s 'd" ! .^SfJ" Vermont-tte Lutheran Day School Will Open Tomorrow TTie Christian dav school to be operated by the Pilgrim Lutheran church, will begin its sessions tomorrow momlrijr. The school Is to to'conducted by the Rev. H. J. Klelndlenst, pastor of the local church, In Ihj residence formerly owned by ~C. M Gray Just across the street from the church. Title to the property was con- vej-ed lo the church by Mr. dray The consideration was JI,400. G. A. R. in Session SPRITOFIELD~T11., Sept 19 (UP)-The thinning of (he Grand Troon 14:W-11 Visit St. Louis This.Week. Fourteen members of Tronp ?7. -Row Frouls o' America. «-lli lake thfir nnnuM full outins this week end. • vlsltine St. Louis and several other points i n Missouri. The scouts, accompanied bv Rcoutmrster Chnrlos A. Stiibhs and his.mother. Mrs. T. I. Stubbs. will leave Blytheville Thursdav after- nrxin hv tmck for Blodqett. Mo., where lhe>' will eamn on t.i\« vord n f the Slubbs'- home Thursdav night. Al Farmlngton. Mo., where they "'ill a"-ive ahout Frldnv noon. they will be served n liot Itini-h Tiri"*r>nreri hv Mr. Rtubbs' grandmother. Mrs. S. C. Wnirs ann his aunt. Miss Berthn L. watts. Thev will leare soon afrer lunch for St. Louis, visiting .Jefferson Barracks enroute and cookinu their sunucr on the banks of the Mississippi river. Tn St. Louis trv boys will be nuartered at a downtown Y. M. f-. A. Frldnv nteht after n swim in the "Y" pool thev will don clean uniforms nnd visit the new plant of the Olobe-Democrat. where they will sre the morning edition printed. A large number of SI. Louis bus lne.« concerns vili he hosts to the visitine .'couts. While in Ihe cit thev will sec shows as cuesU of the Loew's Stato and Ambassador thcnters, and will visit Ihe Union station. Fad's Bridge ncross the MIs,sissinnl. thr u. S. customs hnu.te. ray-Walker and comoanV: wholesale drv goods concern, thi Scrugss-Vandivoort - Barrfry rclai department store, the Mercantile Commerce Bunk and Trust com panv nnd Jefferson Hold. They will drive down St. Louis "automobile row" on Olive sirce .™ pira ermo i Dcnlwra(fc Pr«ldentl t ever to slump enroute to Shaws Gardens where rverv known rhrub and flower native to the middle west is ernwn Jcfierson Park will be \is;ted where thev will (to throueh the art museum. 100 and Jefferson Memorial viewing the Llndt-^rgh trophies. Washington and St. Louis unl versitles will be visited bv th scouts, as well as St. Louis Cathed ral. which has been under con Etrucllon 12 years and when com plete will cost over $4.000,000. Sunday morning the troop wli return home, stopping for lunch i at the Lonesome Plrlc ' -«. , ... t - •••••••• ting, ui |[ L ^ t>rano ° Army of (lie Republic met today Mo t A- ^^.. — v tu *i»y for their e6th annual encampment within Ilie shadow of the tomb of their civil war commanto, Abraham Lincoln, lime arlv!s:d ilisconllminnce of pick- Old Feud Blamed for Killing of Two From Ambush at Manchester. MANCHESTER, Ky.. Sept. 19. :UP)— Twenty-five Kentucky na- ional guardsmen palro'.cd streets lere today as authorities continued heir Investigation Into the slaying )f two men, one of ttcm a commonwealth attorney, and tlm wounding of two others in an old 'eud. • , The dead are Prank H. Baker-. 39, commonwealth attorney, London. Ky., and John Brock. 23. said to bs i resident of Cincinnati. Tim alleged slayers nred from imbush in the courtlwuse and then, ifter having barricaded themselves n the courthouse lor hours, escaped," baforc troops arrived. Pennsylvania Oiferg Two Rare fish Stories HARRienURG. Pa. (UP)— Two Ishermen landed, one fish n nd one fcherman two fish in unusual iL-hinj experiences related "by tlie State Bureau of Fisheries here. W. P. Patterson, Harrisuurg, sliins in Sherman's Crock, hook- Ed a smnll month black bass which appeared unusually heavy as he reeled it in. When h e broueht trv> •atch lo tlie surface, lie learned he had caught two bass with a single cast, he rciwrtod. John McMahan and Joseph Hill, fishing in Hickory Creek, Butler County, approached the same hole from opposite sides nnd cast simultaneously, according to th; bureau. Both felt strikes and found their lines entangled. When they retrieved their hooks, they fount) a cling. All roads leading into Sioux City from Nebraska nnd io\\a were free o[ pickets today but there still I'C-malneJ scattered camps in South Dakota. The •strike crdcr illrecteil !!:nt nil no:i-pcr!shal>:e tarm pro- i.uce l>; wUlih-.-Ul from market, in an appeal directed to all agricultural ».-o:lt.>ceivj nf Hie middle west the Holiday association dfi-ectors Urged Iliat farmers sell no more Brain jncl livestock until prices reach Ihe production ccwt level. Quells Riot With Tear Bombs j TORT YVOUTII, Tex., Sept. 10. i (Ul'j—Tern- (jii.s bombs we™ hurled Into prison cells by SliL'rttr Itod Wright lo<l(iy lo ciucll n-rlot u f 121 IKlsoiiera c'onllned Jn (he fi'dml section of the counly jail. Objection to u rule llmltlm; visiting (line,to ten minutes for cacli IHlsoticr caused the outbreak tariff Wrl K ht believes.: Eight men were plnced In s-!ll- tnry confinement after Hie outbreak, and 10 other prisoners were of Ihe Jail. ten-inch brown trout had lowed both baits. swal- Heads "40 and 8" - ---- wi.uij, w|1 Highway 61, near Frcdericktown, The outing Is siwnsored by the troop eommlttq: which consists of R. F. Kirshner, Byron Morse F. C. Douglas and Jim Guard ' national head of Hit "40 socieiy of the American elec'.Ki at the Portland, Ore. vent!o:i. Anti-Sales Tax Meeting Will Be Held Tonight Further dctnils of the cnnteiu- Plaled campaign for Ihe defeat ot the uropored snips tax amendment to Ihe constitution of Arkansas will be dl'cuss-d at a meeting at tlie city hall tonight to which all Blytheville .merchants and others interested In the matter are invited • The meeting will be nl 7::10. Release Pair Arrested As Robbery Suspects Two men, picked up here ns suspects In robberies at the state line and at SiV-«ton. Mo., were released hst nteht after an attendant nt ths Fisk service station failed to icrentify ilie pair as bandits who ' held him up last wseir. The two m^n. in c, car answer- Ing the description of the bandit machine were picked up Sunday afternoon by police and township officers. A mnchiiv: run is sa'd to have been used in the- stale line robbery and sawed off shotguns v;cre carried by the bandits who terrorize:! a part of Slkeston Saturday night. Manv Banks Failed Despite R. F. C. Help WASHINGTON, Scut. 10. (UP)— The Reconstruction pontion has listed Government Investigating Insull Utilities Collapse CHICAGO. Sept. 19. <UP(—The Untied States corcrntiicnt Is inves- llBallug the billion dollar hnill utlllllM collapse, Hie United Pross earned today. The federal iunuiry may take one if thie= courses, it was learned after the nrrivnl of U. H. Dlslrlt At- .oruey Da-| B |,t F. Green, who Inu "eon In \VnsMii5lon. r>. c presumably stiidyl.ii; ?xlrartltkni' tiva- <* of lh-; unitDd states u-lili •rjiicc and Caimrtn In connection i HIi tin Invcsliyation. Guardsmen Patrol City in Illinois Strike 'Area T'AYLORVILLE. Tl'l.', ; Sc'pt ID Ul'l-NntlBiial guardsmen pnlroil- it (he streets' today as tension ran Ugh after bombs were thrown llsre 'n the bitter Hllnol, coillatar dls" pute. ' Two companies of militia- ordered 1? '^"uf att!lt "^nt'request of outhorltlcs,- arrlred-shoHry-b'- fore dawn." : .•.. .r ~ Officers disposed troops about ihe tyrendy for any cmcr^nc" ££ officials s,ld thev feared''n™ unte —" Finance cor on its books mere than 100 banks which failed despite authorization o[ corporation loans to keep the institutions liquid. The United Press ivos reliably Informed that In the first five and one-halt months of Us operation 107 banks failed after loan authorizations been mnde. Corporation officials refused to confirm the report of bank failures but II did not- deny (hat they had taken place. Tlie Reconstruction Finance corporation today announced a loan of 52,000,000 to the Pennsylvania rail- roaj company for tli2 purjKKc of building 1.285 freight cars. Firemen Answer Call But Find Fire Gone City firemen made their first run In some time Sunday night but fall ed (o find the "fire." The alarm was phoned irito the fire station from n residence in the 700 block on West Main. A smoking car Is said to have prompted the report but before firemen arrived the driver of the car had put, o«l the fire nnd driven oil. Fire Chief Roy Head said the Identity of the car driver could n to J?arneti. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (Up) _ Charging that h;r husband dls'.o- cated her jaw by hilling It on one ••"iiu *,ui j«*v u) imv.lLg .11, ujl unc John A. Elden. above, Is the new slde si'.tl then r<rct it by hitting it - - • g., | on the other. Mrs. Florence Bass is and 8| Me! ;j n ' g Legion. | " n divorce from Fislier C. the Portland, Ore., con- A fier hitting, she charges Elden. Cleveland lawyir.' hc nt «sca to n r. .-, nh«!/-i»,, i,, Pretty us n painting Is Mile. lila Iliibcns (above), popnlur European rlnnrer. And perhaps one of (lie reasons for It Is thai Rlit is a descendant uf Peler Paul Hubens, fam- FlemUili painter. No. slie doesn't IKiint—not even her facel Dooliltle's Speed Race Brings Joy ( 0 Brothers fass.. . (rjp r _ 'if "' ^'""e's triumph T1 '°">PK>n Trophv eveSt mp,, meet t0 mnke energetic brothers c r turned from the exceedingly « rplane industry to se.l| B ng . mm, cleaners, .nendimr old cofrrc Ws, and solrtcritw odd bits Now things look brlghltr. It's a Boy Add to your list of moviedomfs mothers Collyer, nius, A graces the Stuart Er- •TEK10 'FEES: Will BLfll Noi'tli Allanlic Storm .Inflicts Serious Damage in Nova Scotia. WASHINGTON, Sept. 19. (UP) — Tlic wpiuhcr bureau today warned Ihnl disturbances In Hie Gulf of' Mexico would uvw Inland over Iho Ix)i!lsl])n ncnast Mils afler;>ooii', 'attended by strong shining winds, lirolmbly o( gale force. 1 Southeast storm warnings were ordered displayed along the Louls- Inim coast. Warnings were ordered cown at 11 n.m. from Giilvcston to Corpus Chrlsll. Tex. SHERIFFS FORCE Twenty-One Arrested Yesterday in Raid South of Leachville. Twenty-one men were arrested by Sheriff w. w. 3h»ver and a force of six deputies in a raid oa a notorious gambling center, six mil?! below Lenchvllle, pundtv. .Fortj* five' men are salfl to h»Te'cicap>(i during the round-up. When the sheriff nnd his force swooped down on the outdoor gaming place, nm Walter, most of the group broke and ran. The officers succeeded 'in capturing about a third of the men present. Most of them were released "on bond Tor their appearance -in .municipal court here- this aft^rnoon'.',Nu>r,were brought to the county. Jail 'here Iri'a truck. Most of the men arrested are residents of Monette and Caraway In Cralghcad ijoimty. Others ore from Whlsp, Hancock and Biinney. Accompanying Sheriff Shaver on the. raid were t'r.e following deputies: clarence Wilson, Arch Llnil- sey, Stanley Hancock. Jer.5 Horncr, John Afcfiancy and Nelll Han:y.. for Hours in Leaking Power Boat NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 19. (UP) —When the power br,.it Esso sprung a leuk eight miles out in Lake Pon- chertrain Sunday eleven persons, including J. E. Sheohun. vlcc-prail- dcnt of the Standard Oil company were at the mercy of the waves several hours before being rescuec by W. Pairlee Uabney In 'his boat the Vagabond. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 19 (UP) Cotton closed steady. Oct Dec Jan .'Vfarcl May July open C69 683 602 7<W 111, 724 hl 3 h 700 115 117 730 740 150 low C65 G78 G82 C93 704 713 close 075 csa 693 7(H 716 724 Spots closed quiet at GSO, up 10. otton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 19 (UP)— Cotton closed steady. open high low closo Oct nee Jan March May July 674 687 654 70< <I2 720 690 714 717 727 738 750 601 677 6B2 693 703 712 675 689 697 706 717 725 Spots closed steady at 675. up 14. Closing Stock Price* A. T. and T 108 Anaconda Copper 10 3-4 Auburn 49 .Caterpillar Tractor 93-8 Chrysler 15 5-3 Cities Service -37-8 Coca Cola 35 Continental Baking 5 l-'j General tlcclf!: .'. 151-2 General Motors 15 * > MIddlewest Utilities .... i-a Montgomery Ward 11 3-s New York Central 24 Packard 3 1^ Radio Corp g Simmons Beds g Standard ot N. J 301-2 Texas Corp 13 3.4 U. S. Sled ,., is 1.4 r Falling PORT ARTHUR,.Tex., Sept. 19. (UP)—A steadily dropping barcm- eler here today gave evidence that tl-c tropical storm .scheduled to hit the, Louisiana coast late this afternoon would brliuj strong wiujs lo this part of Hie Texas coast,,. The barometer tell six polnts-ln an hour. M-Mlfe Wind HALIFAX, Kova Scotia, S3jit:'I9, (UP)—Reports over crlpuled communication HUM (oday told of great c'estrucllon ns the result O f n «,;. ond r.iiccc.ulve week-end storm. Rnln in torrenti nnd wind "as h'Rli as 80 miles an hour n-hlnncd seas 'over'wharves and colist lines. I" several sections the storm washed nway miles of railroad ami hl«h- way. Tils Annnnolis valley fruit b^lt estlmnted riaraajc t:i Hi3 apple crop ns heavy. Several small schtxmen i-re' nrlvnn M Hrm> with ft-fcvy-loss to fbhlni; gfnr. '. .-' - : , - A''mf«ne Motor T,nvDOW'fm>)_A ueht fi enulno. costing nhout. on-* nuartcr 'he- prlc^ nf nrr-sent cn!>ine<: has br-cn uroriured by two British fln- BlnPers. : The men nsve rn-cn working sii- rroHv for • somr> time In n buck kitchen in Kllburn. n London '•uhjirh. and claim .that their production "ill Hevolon 1S1 horsp- Ddwcr. .nrleli isn pounds and <-.f>, onlv »750. In the • avern™ lljht nlrnlani-. costlne from S3500 to * r '.000. tb- engine mnrMcnis more than half the cost, and there has been a consistent dcmind for chnnuer motors. This new motor is of radial fe- slsn and Is two-stroke type instead of four-stroke. There ar« cleht cylinders, nnd it is clatme.1 that, the motor reduces tlw weight nnd rnovlriB Darts by 5(1 per. cent. runnitiR costs .too. are declared to ha 50 per cent below those of other cmparaliV engines and' '<"is- othcr comoarable engine andias- bc onlv three and a half gallons per hour. Britain Joins France in;;;; OpDosin* German Plea LONDON, Sent. 19 (UP) _ The British government had lined up solidly todav with Frnncc asalnst Germany's demand for armamrnt enualitv ns a result. i;n]ittcal observer said, of a surprisinglly blunt fo-"i7n nflirr? statement. Tlie statement was not eren tempered with the usual courteous diplomatic pliraseolosv. In many resnccU It was more devastating than (he French rcoiy to the- Reich's equality remand. Rarmer Recovers Watch From Goat's Stomach EAST ST. LOUTS. 111. (UP)— Two years ago Alfred Schultz, farmer llvin^ i^ar Cairo. 111., left his vest with a fine watch In a nocket. hanging on a fence. Both disappeared. Recently he shipped several soats to market h.ere. Slaughter house workers found the wntrti In a goat's stomach and returned. .It lo Schultz. His name was engraved on the case. WEATHER ARKANSAS — Showers tonlqht an? Tuf.'dav. cooler in' northwest porllrn Tuesday. According to lh e official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., it rained ,M Inches last night. Yesterday the maximum temperature was 93 dejrces nfii the minimum, 70 degrees, clear. Today R year ago the maxlmu mtempersture was 95 .degrees and minimum, 74 decrees, clew,

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