The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 31, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 31, 1934
Page 4
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t'AOB FOUB BLyfBBVILUE, (ARK.) COURMt NEWS a 0. R, 8ABCOOK, H. W. SLUNKB, 6ol» National Advertising t «p?utnt»Uv««: '-<• DallUs, too., N*w York, Chicago, Louie, Dtllot, Ki->»* Cjty.MemiiiiU. Published Every Aicercaaa raKtot Entered as second ulzss milter »t the iwat olficc nl liiytlicvlllo, Ar- .j Kansas, under del ol COJlflresj, Oc^, lober 9, 111 17. By carrier m tno uitj 1 01 Blytiicviue, 180 per •tetk or (U.50 per year In *<lvauct. By uiall Within a radlun ol K> roUca, t3,00 pw X>ir, fl.oij iur tin moiubs, B5c lor tljte monvta; oy Hiiii! In jiuaial zones two to six, liKlujlTe, {•tl.60 [Kt yenr, In zones tevcu oiio eight, I1U.OU jK-i yvai, payable In ftdvaacfl. A Brcal{ for the Democrats Willing in liiliurly niagnxiiiL', 'I'hco- tlorc G. Joslin, fccrc'lar 1 to llcrljurt lluuver wliun lliu lullei <.• •• -'ipicil UK: Wliile, u.vprussc.s Hie opinion Ins I'oiiuur cnii)16yer' is slill u fiirlor to bo • reckoned will] in national ' puliiicj;. Aflur lisl.ii \K ;i niunijcr of puHsiljli 1 - llupnljlican presidential nuniiiiiics fur ' 193G, hcfidoil by Ojjdcii iMill.s iiiltl Sun- ator Jiiuiyji \V. Wiulswoi'lh, lit! .says: '"Thoi s c will lju little renl cryslalli/u- tiun of sentiment unlit al liin own linie aiitl in his own way lleibciL Hoover bVeiiks his silence. Then the party will get down to cases." If ftlr. Joslin is rig-lit the Democratic piiily is ' indeed •fortniiiite. There is incroasiiig dissiitisl'iiclion with «»me phases of the present administralion's •prograiu. H is even conceivable th:il, i( prosrresb toward eeoiiomiu recovery co.nUniics .sluw, tin's ilissiitiBlMutiua niifhl reach siiuli proportions us lo consliltite a serious obstacle to it suc- 01 id U'lin for, Kranklin. 0. Kousevell. Dill llio Deiiipcratic'iwrly iinil ils leader need lose no sleep over Uie puliticnl HJtiiiition so loiij; as llio only <wg«n- ixetl opposition is in the hands ol" Mr. lloovur or of a jjronp domiiiiilud by liiin. ' The country may not £>c alioi;cl)ier pleased with what it has now but if there is any popiikir senliincnt for a return towhat wo liad in 1930, l!)iH,- and 1932 it has yet to make itself hear^^ir 5Uv4Joovcr is pcriuiiu'iur JiSmself diL-nins r of-'u- Inumphmit re- tnni lo the While House he is due for a sad a A Cheering Bank . , Among ihu nuilliplyini; signs Unit economic recovery is'. aclimlly in-pru- giuss is lliu fuel tlml accoiinls in New •Vurk Miilt; savings banks wuru, al Uiu -, beginning of OckibiM', 145,000 gruiilur in mimljur limn lliuy wuru u ywir ayu. •Thcsi! ligui-es i:unii) from Lltu Snv- int'-s flanks Association of the Sliilu of Now York. They show a Lolal ut G,8u'l,000 savings accounts as of CM, J, with deposils of more than $5,000,000,000—Hit incroasi: of $00,000,000 in lliu past year. Tho .figtiilicaiit Uiin^ auont llieni is not so much tlio rise in thu total sum on tlujjt-sit UK H is Uio increase in of cici^ilors. 'fliat is dcfpiite proof thifl New York stfte, al jt-uiit, liasVnorc cjli^cits able to put money in the bank iiow.lliuu it had a year ago. Ucspllo all the tnlk of poor buni- nfrt jinist liavfi. fiiadc a prelty strong iniproveinent sunmwliere. Statesmen Learn A jjliuictt back al Hie immediate Hl'lenmitli of Wie .slaying of Kii.^ Alexander of Yugoslavia indicates that llio slntcsmcn of lOtirope may have learned soinetliing in Hie last 20 yours, after all. An act of [his kind was precisely the sort of thing which could have brought on war, if the responsible authorities in Uio various connlrieK involved hud assumed warlike altitudes anil yone about fulminating lo high heaven about Ihc inuiuilieti of foreign peoples. Hn.t Ihey did not. Instead, they tiilked peace. Krance, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary— in each of countries Hie leaders adopted a conciliatory tone and work-, ed actively to head oil' trouble, instead of standing up heroically and announcing Dial they were prepared for the WOl'St, A similar .program in 19M would have prevented 1 the World War. Ul us. be thankful Unit-'the sliitcsnicn have learned by experience. Tariff Laws 1 III llu; CoLlon I'armer Two Ways H Is, "surprisliif;" to Seurctury of Agriculture Wallace—and may well surprise liuybgdy who lakes lime to think uboiit,,' it—llmt soiillicrn iiirmcra ,slio«- .so IHtlc-,'.interest In <|onmviml till-ill revision. Sonic miLloiui whose' Imports we rrinse lo receive arc nimble lo buy American cotton in consequence, Mr. WuMncc said In n slalc- iiicill,' iniidc «(.' Memphis. in Uiis column the Guzctle only hist' Sunday referred lo a shipment, of American collon to iliirceloim \vhicli Is reported to linre lain unaccepted Tor immUra because llio Spanish consignee, necilin e llic coital nnd tibijiidiiiitly nblc (o pny fur II, can not set dollar exchange lo complete tlic Irnn-i- nctioii. ire couldn't, set ilic fxchmiije, bec-tinse lliei-e Isn't ciioiujli lAvo-wny trudc .between'Sp5in nnd this .'coiiritryMo mnkc rachiuigo nviiflubh;. '. 111 Die AAA offices lit Wiujfliigtoii llicic la ,11 former Arkunson anil former .state c.Mciislon director ot Okliihomn, 1). I'. Trent., who'look it, Inlo 'his hcud, lanuike n digest or "larilT- inolcclcd urtlclcs fnnncrs lii'iy. lly Hie lime lie hud finished die J 0 t> lie had an Il-pajsc documenl llslliiu 250 urUclcs. lie fouml, among ullicr IbhiBs, a 37 l-a per cent. Import duty uu overalls, nnd a GO per cent duly on cotton work tjlovcs. Tlic southern farmer sells his colton In mi intprolcclcd world market. lint If lie buys u ntuc ol |L back in (lie shape ol work sjlovcs In tlie protected domcslic imirkel, Mis cotton dollar ucts dKcountcd & 1-2 per cent by the tarill. Onr present; uirlll Imv.s hit the southern fmm- cr two waysr-ln shrunken or lost export, markets for Ills collon mill in reduced domestic pnr- clmslng power of his crop dollnrs. —Arkiuivi.s The iirmy idr torjks. like civil uvlutlun. has been inudv a iiolilinil fooltell. nol only Ijy Congi-ess, bnl, much vvorac, by the general slult llsell. —llccil chambers, vice president ,U. K. Aviation Underwriter, Inc. OUT OUR WAY B Williams HIDE THAT MAGAZINE. WITH THAT V/OMf^N IN TIGHTS ON) THE COVER. By George Clark ,---.,,V.-r— ! i-f~r /i'UJSlU/^X > hvy}- ~'i^M^:lmm "Edgar, how much of this'slt-iik uiiti you KC! away wilh?' THIS CURIOUS WORLD X William Ferguson MOST COUNTRY ROADS 66 IN WIDTH BECAUSE THIS IS THE LEUGTH OR THE ORIGINAL SURVEYOR'S CHAIN. INDIES BELIEVED.THAT A GIAHT I3EAVER OO.NTROUUeD TIIEJ WORLD'S'ntsTINV/ THEY THOUGHT TIIA.T '. : EARTH RESTED ATCP A TREE TRUHK. WHICH WOULD BE OiT DOWN IF THE BEAVER ML ANGRY. ou UN'IWAK ISLAND, THERt IS A. LAICC WHICH BOILS AT ONE 5LND AND AT THE: OTHER. The Clicycinie lnaiiiii«, bcliovini; tliul 1.1 :c bcnver was controlling Uie Jestinics ol Ihc world, always ken led this aniinal with llic Biralubl of respect. The liisli prices paid lor hcnvcr IK-US in laler years overcame tlieir siipcrslilioiis. NEXT: Wliiil would iu|i|ini lo nnisl nf nur Wills if llii-y iliil nut tnivc llic iwwcr lu misr.iteV Great Advances Have Been Made lu Safeguarding Milk Tills is Ihc flixl nf (luce articles by Or. Fhhbrtu on m llk, ils ca re, llir. grral. priierrss mailr, in S ;iM> RuardhiK it lor licallli, il-, ( . U n. dciiiiiliiNt, and Us value ;n ;i food. BV 1>U. iHOIUIlS nsillll'lN Kdifor, Journal of the American Medical Assucliillun, anil nf Hy- Stbl- Hie llciillli iUis.Kini- Not iniuiy Eencratioiib liavr passed: since milk was a product lukcn from the. cow by tlie [iiinir'r, as- icmblccl In large bucket.-; ;inil poured into-.Miiallcr buckets, which the householder deposited on his, doorstep. In tliOJ.e days milk wii:, not infrequently visibly dirty. Ocraslon- "»}', the collector and dibtribnlor took.Hie trouble to pour It ihrough mi.ordinary slraincr or sieve; liiat represented the inaxinmiii umoiint of ulleiiUon given to milk with'a view to making it a Si i[ n IIUK I UC I for Imiiian consuinpttoti When Pasteur diy:ovrn-«l th:il terms cause discus und i|i,,'i. irfea became well established, ^tiulirs begun to be made of ihc ccrm content or milk. H was toiind tlml milk not Infirnunitly M1! ,y' serve «s a medium lor the spicii'ding of luberculo;.|s deiivc.1 from the cal«e and of itrcplococrl nml other genus derived from the lianas and tliroaUi. of. milkers or olheis assist- 11.3 in. tlic production and distribution u: mllk, It was even found ilwt th» milk- er iutslit Infect (he udder ot the "'"v with n streptococci Infection a lliat Ihis Infection coulii (lien transferred lo anyone who eon- The Clew o£ the ^•WEDNESDAY.- OCTOBER- 9l,:lW <?»}< *tA Mrrtcih. UI'XilN IIUKli TODAY W'lmi i;HAHI,l-:s IWIrr for Tin- IIMife, ilrnil DAN HI.DIJKKK, niiWI., niiiH,.,. SJUNUY <;||IKK (.,„<„,, i-rliiiliicilaBtjif, K, „,!,<, the niurdrr. Mimli-n bud fcrrit InvtMlifniln.- ,!',';. !'.' r " Ir " ."' '•'WANK ItT 0*. f ii r "''i'" 1 " "i" 1 ynmilntni, fiillimliiK llic urrnt »l an imiiu.J lor l-l:iliulnjr ID ],« t'nljiny ant mi: i-iJiii|>liiiJrd li» a tlrl culled MAKV If If IlitjSi , '"',° ,. J "/ '""OMlnc Slurdeu'. ill-Hill l.iilJmy ijleN of lioUunjii^ <;rll» Irani* llml Muntcn hurt vhllnj tin- ;i|iurlmi.-Mf ill AMCU ' Forgotten Murd ej! |iillll-r Ihc UifcuiiiK-MrEini'i: nf kcr roiminiulr, l;silli:it (IHIJXVAV. lirlll (K-cilKrH Alh-c nf 1irli<i; ln- \i»l*l-ll In Murdi-Jl'k lilltnler Ijlll iliu-j nut -sui-i-fcU li\ Itrcnhlnu dotvn lirr «lor/. Hr Imrji. (.'nd.n, l,rnfic ','.", v "!''".' "'"' "'"' HAIIHV r'ANCIli:il t Invcntur, the nlubt til tlic- iirrrnl, nn.l !;'«•» I" «ce 1'nn- rtur nliu lrll« li!,,i lie ,.,„ <.-„. llui> If'.tVf thf lllllvrc«t bufrl «1 Mil :l )UIJTI£ IVOEllllll. NOW IMI D.\- WITH TIII: s'roav CHAl'TBIl XXIV CIIJNl-IV (ilill-'P paused, iiln lianil ^ on llio door. "II doesn't, mailer about Uio Ic-lcidione," he tjaitl, "I'll send a messenger for I need yon." Kiim-licr followed GrilT ontBitle the house and i;lood meekly watching as tlio crlmiiiologiai utrode iluwn lliu tenicnl wall; toward hie ear. t "Tlmt wind," Kanelicr saltl apolo- ei'licnlly, "Mau made llio yard look liliu a inc:>:i. 1 lioix) yon don't iiilntl." "Oil. IID," Critr called uu he clliubcil into the ear. "1 don't ndiiLl in the least." liefuro (iviff fiturled ' his drive back to llic city lie telephoned llic detective iiaency lliat bad shadowed Alice Lorton the night before, l-'ioin Unit dctctlivo agency he fonml out tlml Alice Loi-ton, to- celher with a nialo conipanioii, liiiri journeyed to llio Trent Apartments on Sia Wcct IBIIi iilrect; that the couple Inul entered Hie aparlincnu nml bar] not lull llicin; Unit, as nearly an Ihc dulcttivo could n:;ccr- Iain, tho imtn was Kciinclli noone. who renlc-il apartinciil 200 In-the from of the ap.-.iiincnt house. CJriff inslructcd llieni to keep the apartment honse under surveillance nml to shadow tl)« pair whenever they should leave, nutlint; sailu'cionl. men on tho job no ibjil they conhl uliailoiv bolli Ido niaii and the woman, llo also instriiotwl '.hem to cover Hie llilicrest holel tbor- onglily, searchinK far u young ivoinaii wliu had been rcsibtereil Ihero on Monday night, who was nboul 22 years nf HKO, ji brunct. mid who bad had tlinuer with thu man who bad rcgislcrei! as Frank U, Calliay of Hiverview. Haviiis tct Iboso vvhcek: In mo- lion, iudc|ietidcnll>- ot Urn investi- Bation which wnu In-In^ made by llic news 11 a per, Sidnsy • Crlff ynwiicil. .cllmbw! back In., ins ear :iud'started tlio lone rido^bactc'10 .bo cily. When lio bad arrived be v.cnl directly lo. n Turkish baib nnd remained tbefo nutil innnilug, when ho had a leisurely breakfast ind tben blrollcd to hia apartmenl. ' * * • ' IT w«3 -approjinialely 10:30'Mou- 1 day moruliiK that Blecker Hjle- phoned and announced he was on his way to Griff's aparinient wllb Iiiiporlini! Jiews. He »Vr|vetl less than It" inlnutea alter tlie letephotie call hud been complclc'd. (Jrllf, looJiius freih ;md reeled, reclined in tho largo !OUIIL-|IIU chair. "You've fot Jiiinoi-latit lion?" ho asked. Uleckci- noililed, look a noteoook from lilo iiockeJ. "In Hie tirsl place," he said, "we found tlio laxi driver." "What does ho remember?" "A lol. He siiiya tbal Morden cnaagcd him by the hour on Thursday uiurulnj;; "'at Mordeu ivctit to a Gui-jige at llio corner ol lioblneon street nml Iluntley slrcel. Ho mailo sonio Invcstljjiilioiis lliorc, went to Ihc Kllto Aiinrtinenla on M9 Hob- Inson titrcet, rclurned to the- cab within j mailer of /Ire uitm'itca, went In Ninth nnd Central streets, liad the fab park iirouud tho corner on Ccnlivil ivliijo Wordcn went inlo an ollico bulldliie somewhere near ll:o corner of Ninth and Central. The cab driver llilnks It may huvii been llio Mouadnock buUiiim,-. Mot-den was sono for nearly ha|f an hour, reluracd, u;id drovo otice ni'JIo lo llic EIRc. Apai-lmcnl3. llo Blnyotl there for a few niinulcs, Ihen returned lo tho cab nnd dfs- chiii-ceil II. remaining al Hie Elite Aparlincuts." Sidney Grift jiimjicd to Ilia feet, dropped (bo cigard inlo an ash tray. Ilia lazy rciaxallon luiil vanished as completely as u cloud wisp liriflint;' from the eil(;c of a snowcapped mountain O ul over a. dry desert. QllIl'T'' swept iiis band lonard a battery of lilins cabincls which incd one side of the room. "I Kludy crime," bo said. "I study tlic- modes anil methods of operation, f uludy llic habits of criminal!!. In those card Indexes you'll rind digcslH of every uuijur crime for halt a century. The bit cmbc/xlenicnls! Tlic big murders! Tlio big hold-ups! Crimes of passion! Crimes ot dclibcralion! Crimea of violence! "I'v.o concentrated for years on Hie bcsl methods of yelling quick rcauHii in "criminal cases, iiud bore an .ordinary newspaper rcponcr tliniks of Boinelhini; that lias eu- lircly cseaiied my mind!" "What; do you mcau?" Ulcckcr asked. :"l don't sco it. I don'i j;ct tlic skctcli." "'Hie garage." said Gritf, slridius up and down the lom; room,. Hinging llio wonlo over lib 'ubiiulilcr willionl turuins biu licad. ''Us a new cily ordinance, ol coura.. but I ohuiihl have Ilioiislil of ils \,u-~ sibilitlca." "I dcn't Follow you." Ifcclicr 10. markctl. "Do yon thiiii.- lyon know what JIOvdcFi lii«l jn 'mrrfd?" \Vlinf be was doing?" . ' •; . ,. ; "OF course I know lie liad in mind and what liu was doing!" Ciritr said. turniiiB oirhls heel nnd striding back toward Ulcckcr, making tierce, impatient gestures wlili blu hands aa hu walked, fniphasiz- ing Ills words with litll» Jabs of bis extended vlgia Ioreflnj«r. "It ; B hat new city ordinaries, Ilia 0119 (flat rwjulrca'BafsgM to turn lo the lletDEp, numbc'ra ot all c»ra that aro-Htoro« In'lho garage over night, ft wna ep'onaored by 'the aiiloniobilo lusui'ancc companioa fn order lo glvo llio police a chance lg check up on ulohjn cars. Uvery imblle gareEo has lo submit euch n report." "f still don't sec," Illcckcr eaid, "what you're drlvlue nt . . ."', said Griff, "wanted lo check up on whal Calboy was dolnt; In llio cily. Hcmcii|bor that bo wasn't sent out lo check up on tho man who had assumed Cathay's Identity; ho was- scut out to check up on Catiay. Vc.u wanted lo get Eoniellilijg tbal would put Calhay on the defensive. Very well, Morden found out C'alhny had been hero in tlie cily on Monday nb;hl. C'alhay'B business was somewhat mysterious. Morden winilej to nnd out what it was. llo yot tlio license number of Cathay's automobile and checked down through ihc numbers tbal ivere re- liorlcd of cars stored In public • garages. "It was probably a Icdious job, but he Found (lie ear number, found Unit Cathay's ra r had been slorcd in Ihc garage there al the corner ot llobinson nnd Huntlcy. from flicro he got n lead that took him direct to the Elilo Apartments. He went there and found ihtit Allci I.orton or Esther Ordway, as the ease may lie, wasn't in, so ho went out and ran down another lead and then returned, and cither found llio party ho wanted in-the apartment or found that the. parly was SohiR to be there- shortly, and decided that he'd wail. "Now then," Griff said, "Imving established that this young man. Mordcn, wa< a logical worker and' a fast worker, Iho rjucslion arises why he wcnl lo Nmlli and Uciitral." "Probably some olhcr lead." Sleeker said,- "But how did be got Griff shrugged hia shoulders. "No inaltcr," lio said. "We'll run lliat down a liltlc laler. lu tbn meantime, we've fjol u live lead 011 Ibis jjnrngc. IniS.iifcs^, Suiinosa you fiarc- one ol your'tuen run over lo I bo garage with a pielure of Jlor- ilcn. Vind out it Mordcn wasn't Iberc makins imjuiricg about'tho car lliat was resittercil in liie name ol Krauk IS. Calhay ot Itivcrview. Von can gel Mint resistralion liuin- >cr by checking up .tlio records in ,be Molor Vehicle Iloghuration dc- Iiarlnicnt. Von can piii through a/( lelcplione rail and gel lliat Iritor-' malion." "Now?" asked Ulccker. -.''.' ' Griff nodded. " gel Unit dit|iuscd of,'-' 11- salil. "before we go any farliisr. [ want a clicck on lliat."' Me jerked bio bead Inward a^d^ak :clcphone. "Vou tan use lliat telephone," be oaid. (To lie Conlinucd) in L ntlt lB >li!llnicnl U«« Bli-ikrr lorat. acini, , lore It lice mill •erm« In have rloTCd n part ID the murder tiijMery. T. f" llml cci-tilied iniifc pro- .[ccd under tlie best ol conditions u most safe and reliable! piod- ul. NKXT. nuik i-uiiilciisiiliiin, aiid' 'radialluii. Couple, Wed 62 Years, Say Good Scraps Help IIUI'TALO, N. Y. lUl'J— A good crap every .day is the recipe for uippy married life offered uy Jlr. ml Mrs. Charles E. Perkins. Mr. ami Mrs. Perkins shoilid :iio«- how—they have been mar- icd for (52 years, and each affirms i for the mind an-[ wn-ch:; any mar- (hey were wedded happily. Says Hie Mr.: L| "Just lieeausr a man and a wo-' l§IStiliir==ifr«;= £'t:£«ss -, ™;n s 1 ;£• i«-?"i- i;: food scrap every day is a line aw ., v /ji.!.,. ,,'[•' '"'.!'' " . tvc Uiing for any married couple." jurecl ' "'"* 5t -' rltms| y '"" "So do.I.i If inori: or ilirec con, , . „ , - —- i I" Hands to Celebrate I'casl pies let off.fleam in a daily urgu- NEW ORLEANS •lUrj-Kiuhlci-ii ' iiiciil,, in whicl, they both laid' bands will purticipalc in celcbru-! their curds on llic lablc ami lion of the Feast of Christ llic Kin- I ic.ieckcd ui) on each oilier, Reno sponsored by llic Archdiocesim' Un- j would not be Ihc popular place it, ion of Holy Name Societies Here | is. Harboring of Imaginary or real [ Oct. 28. In all, nearly 1,000 must-' •grievances over a lon B time is Dad 1 clans wUT participate finned the mill:. rctnUiiie in m- her large cpirtcnucs ol sltcplucocc siorc tlnoat. 'Hie response la Hie. ditcovcr; that milk nnilil spread intccltoi wir; Hie tlevcl«|iiiicnl of llic \m>s ess of |)ii.-,tciiri-«ilion. At mil wa:; |>astcmizcd by two method's— tlie holding inclhud and Hit llns] jni'lhoU. In one iiu-tliud llic milk 1 hmiiBhl lo « fairly liigh tcm|>crii (urn nnd kcjit al tal IcmiK-raturc for a fairly long period ol time. In the other mclliud the milk is brought briefly lo ;i liiijh Icinpcni- turc ;iiid Ihcti .suddenly cooled. Tiie majority of pl.uils paslcnr- I'tR milk by Hit holding mclliud, sines llic Hash method lias not been found lo be uniformly safe mid. satisfactory. Introduction ol piK-lanizali was accompanied also by development, of certified milt:. Certified ( milk is produced fiom cwr, that .no known to lie healthful, liavinj, btcn snbmitlcd to rsaniinalioii and lo sillily with Ihc tuberculin test ami oilier typus or cxnmlna- llon. Tlie milk Is luoduccd under llic best sanitary condlllons and allcr production Is rcRiibily examined by competent Invcslt;aloi6 lo de- Iciiiiine tliat llir inmibcr ol abc- tcria which it t;onlalns are well wllliln Hie limitations ot a heallli- (ul product. It Is (tcternilneri also Hint the mllk cannot convey tlir- gcnn ol tuhciculosis. Tills mllk Is aim ivatclied through tlie process of boiling, transportation, and dellv- OUR BOARDING HOUSE (^m G6AD./S '^l \Xu V. Bv Men? . . THE ST&lED.AND HIRE YpLJ -| | MS.TAH Ao JOCKtY ^MV) G^OOfA^ 1 '$ HE ^B HORSE ,T"ROrA "HOT CIMtJtR^; 1 ONE NIGHT, SO W^W^ TO ONE OF MORE DIGNITY/ /\HTJNKS VOD 1 AND DA&H .-BE-FlTT\NJCh ) BETTAH LET hAE * — — - ~** ^ v—'<-_ \ I r^i * *— W I } • it THdROUC.HE.-R.ED/jr ORDER SOfAE Mo/ Y HE?S U&ETiTO ( AUSTRALIAN, AH" ^ V. OATS. FUM SCOTCA.Nb

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