Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 20, 1964 · Page 13
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 13

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1964
Page 13
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AD UK \ by Uffy Hurb Birreovs ALSO HAVE THE SOONB?tHOS6 KIDS ]\ TO PLAY, LEARN HOW TO BUCKLS / MIT. , DOWN AND WOKK...ANDJI HAKPENN/ STUPY...THE! OFFTHptL JOE PALOOKA NEVEff PLAYEP/AND It CERTAINLY HASNT PON6 ME ANY HARM / W WT BECOME A SUCCESS BY WASTING MYtlME ON GAMES! THE tSSUE 1$ CLOSED, Mfc PALOOKAJ y tf^as-^t s; I WONP6I? IF I'LL EVER see HIM AGAIN/ PEANUTS "Here's 1 the lawn, mower for us wough foe a -wonted to push." light OEAL^ ESTATE" ~ L-2 Lots " . ~ SELLING iCHEApTfwo loiTsrxMS L-3 Business Property COMMERiCIAL PROPERTY far sale by owner on Highway 171 between First Notional and Gcoroe Therlof Grocery Store. Address 10OT Highway 171. Call HE3-502S after *30 pm. Monday through Friday, anytime Saturday and Sunday. L-5 Acreage SOUTH SULPHUR Forty acre tracl 1 to 5 acre tracts NORTH SULPHUR 1 to 5 acre tracts PALERMO . REAL ESTATE Office JA7-6343 Nights, Weekends JA 7-9577 WEST OF VINTON, 2'A miles acreoqe on Highway 90. Terms available. 436. 9845, Lake Charles, La. THREE ACRES land Southeast of city on Coblna Road. GR 7-2818. L-6 Colored Property 105 W. BELDEN~~ Two houses for the price of one . .. Live in one and rent the oilier ... Call KUSHNER LBK. CO, HE 9-2481 Bonk Bandit /s Captured By Auditor POINT PLEASANT BEACH, N,J. (AP)—"I made a decision he shouldn't get away with any assets of my bank." That was the comment of Paul Jones, 47, who captured a holdup man as the bandit walked out of the Ocean County Nati&nal Bank with $1,051. Jones, an auditor, grabbed the man on the sidewalk. He applied a judo hold he had learned years ago in the Navy, then steered the man back into the bank to await police. Police arrested Walter J. Od- orczyk, 49, of Trenton, and said he would be charged with violating federal bank robbery statutes. Police said the robber had ordered teller Peter T. Duffy to fill a hag with bills. As Duffy filled the bag, he triggered an alarm bell, sending Jones into action. PEANUTS WHAT'S so HAPP^ ABOUT A WARM PI)PPV 3 KN POOR LITTLE FRIEND ROWUED IMTOTMAT VAUEV/f IT'S THE. ONLV WAV JO IS.-Mll.E-AM- HOUR DRIVER// LIL' ABNER CANT SEE HIM.',' THIS BLIZZARD-fT'S BUNDING// HOUSE AND LOT! Buy like renf. S30 per month. NO. down payment, no closing cost. No Interest. Lumberman"* Supply Company, 304 Oojs Strett. HE 9__ REDUCEDT<39 monthly. Will finance. Two bedroom o(( Opelousas. Wood Really, H_EJ-7XI5. _ _ W9~NORTH DIVISON: Three bedrooms. living room, dlnlnq room, kitchen, two porches. Corner lot. Owner will finance. GR 7-4563. _ _____ ____ NEWLY~REDECORATED two bedroom ! house on paved corner lot, with com- • dele bath. J100 down, $45 monthly. _ SEVER AL~ NICE oil brick two and three I bedroom houses 1700 block of 6th Ave- ; nue, 2200 block of 9th and Legion 51. I Small down payment. Income ol HM i p«r month to qualify. Call J. N. Fogy, 433-9621. _____ __ _ ' -7 Miscellaneous PALERMO does have it LOTS — Nothing down, J15 monthly ACREAGE — 10'i down HOMES — On Assumption NEW HOMES — Will consider your home as trod«-ln ond finance balance. PALERMO REAL KSTATK Oil.™ Night & Sundoy JA7-6343 J A 7-9577 ONE FURNISHED nir conditioned camo orT West Fork Over 14500. Will finance. 439.5983 or 4J3-UZ1. Johnny Brpwm ONLY 120.00 per Iron) tool for homes or campsites on boat canal south of town. Terms lo suit buyer, no lnt«r«sr Ihls^veor. HE 9-3789. FURNISHED CAMP ot DunrTj FtrrY. J975. GR 7-0406^ _ ONE~TO~FbuR~Burlal lots. S120 each, M70 total. Terms, cash or trade. *'>• 3050. Carrier To Be Named For JFK WASHINGTON CAP) - The Navy's newest Forrestal-class aircraft carrier will be named the USS John F. Kennedy, the White House announced. President Johnson gave his approval to naming the 80,700- ton vessel for the chief executive who was assassinated last Nov. 22. A contract for construction of the conventionally powered attack carrier was awarded last April 30 to the Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydocking Co., Newport News, Va. This will be the second naval vessel named for a member of (he Kennedy family. Already in service is a destro'yer named for the late president's brother, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., a naval aviator killed in a bombing mission in Europe during World War II. I am °PP'Y%&Vffi Y 6NN.ER June_ 16-20-25 : 3 ll; I orn opplylno for clemency. ARTHUR R- BROWN June 16-20-25 ' 3tt ; Okay Given On Voting Machine Bill BATON ROUGE (AP) - The House Judiciary C Committee has okayed a bill to help solve problems arising from voting machine troubles. j Reps. Joseph Keogh and Lu-' ther Cole, East Baton Rouge 1 Parish, has won an okay on bills to deal with voting machine troubles such as plagued Keogh's election here. The revised version of one of them states that when a voting machine fails to register totals for candidates, the committee calling the election will order a revote in the entire precinct. The other revision requires voting machine totals to be used as the official tally when there are close and contested races. Commissioners' returns here showed Keogh as leading his opponent, I. P. (Pat) Collier, but the voting machine tally showed Collier in the lead. A resulting lawsuit ended up with the parish committee being ordered to decide which was the j winner. The parish committee ruled in Keogh's favor. The two bills are now ia a position to cotue up for a House flodp voti ne*l week. Negroes Lose Jobs Through Integration PEARISBURG, Va. (AP)-A plan to integrate Giles County public schools has led to protests by a Negro principal that the plan discriminates against Negro teachers by eliminating their jobs. School board officials say they'll close the county's only two Negro schools next fall and send the 130 pupils to the all- white schools, which have 4.000 pupils. Laurence Leftwich, principal of the two schools, said, "This is an outright case of discrimination against us teachers. The school officials of this county in Virginia's mountainous southwest have notified Leftwich, principal for 15 years, and the six other teachers that their jobs are being eliminated. Travel Guide For Horses Offered MAYSVILLE, Ky. (AP) Traveling with your horse this summer? Then you might need some advice on where to stay. And help seems to be on the way. The Chamber of Commerce here received a letter asking for information on places in the area that lodge horses. G, P. Monard, a Colorado resident who requested the information, said he was compiling a book, "Travel Guide for Horses," to aid those traveling with their steeds. The igloo has almost vanished from the western Canadian Arctic. The kayak is no longer used and children are taught in English, i EVERV 50Ef TT ...WONDER OP COSTUMfi! ^ WHAT CJOTTA PEPOET COR WORK AT THE WORLD'S i STEVE CANYON I'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND 'OW ANNTHIN' I LOVE $0 MUCH COULD TREAT ME THIS WAY.., ANDY CAPP (NO WONDER \. THE PANTS , ( ALWAYS j V WEAR OUT < BEFORE THE ) DADDY-I'M TAKING SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS FOR 'THE MOVIES SO THAT'S WHAT THEV LOOK LIKE'.'. -I WORE <A A BUSTER ON MY HAND I BEEN HOEIN' TH' GARDEN PATCH TH'UVELON6DAy, PAW, AN'— WHAT AILS VOU? SNUFFY SMITH BRENDA STARR WELCOME TO HONG-KONGj MAJOR THE AMERICAN EAr\RfliS$y CftR HALTS IN FRONT OF A CHEAP HOTEL IK THE V\AN CKA1 DISTRICT Of HON& KONt5. , JUNE 20, T$S4, Edfa Cltofo AnreHcffl Press IfJ pJunlof Editor* CM* on-—I AMERICAN FEAG THS LEGEND OF BETSY ROSS QUESTION: Why K(U J) etsy Jfysf piekoi-. to mate the first United Stales flag?' * * * ANSWER; We should remember that at flttrt the/Vmertcmuwolii. tlonarlea fought under a number of tillTerent'flao,<r. The one referred- to In the question was authorized by Congress June 14, 1777, and' has been used ever since, with only sllghlchangc* In design. It.U not. definitely known however, whether Betsy Ross actually madethe-flrit' flag of this kind. The legend Is nased on sworn staietnenwby her descendants and may be true, but some historians doubt It. According lo the legenef, Genwat Washington andtwoother» calW at Mrs. Ross 1 upholstery shop In Philadelphia with a'dwlgn for the new flag. Mrs, Ross apparently had brtm chosen" because she-was a- well-known and capable seamstress., also perhaps, becauie herhui- band's uncle, GeorgeRoss.hadbcenom-ofthe signers of the Declara- lion of Independence. The fifst design had 1 sbf-polmed stars. Washington thought five-pointed ones woiil*look better-bnfwonld be too hard to make. Then, as the story goes, Mrs; Ros* showed the'Gen- eral how a live-pointed Mar could be made with•* single dip of th> scissors. Thus the five-pointed star wai decided upon and' Betsy Ross made the flag. * a B FOR VOLT TO DO: Grt a perfectly squarepiect of paper, foW ln> the middle (1). Holding the fold up, .oinyriglit hami corner down to a point two thirds down left hand ed'ga and press il'at (2). Fold upper left corner down (3) and then left hand side over on right (4). Now draw pencil line where you see dolled, line am! clip right actoii- on line. Unfold and you'll have a fine live polnlwi star. <*-2o (Ned Hcnnlnger of Rcynold'sville, Pa., wins loday'scmnbliiedprl/r of Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary plus" jlO'ca-sh,, for thlr question. Mall yours on a postcard to Junior Editors In. care of thl» newspaper, and you may win tilt weekly grajid prize of Compton'i Plcttued Encyclopedia.) YOUR HEALTH Dreaming Cuts Down Tensions DAN RAGG i By Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen ; (Copyright 1964: By The Chicago Tribune) i A certain amount of dream- I ing at night is necessary. Experimental studies in laboratories show that when dreaming is prevented, the individual becomes irritable and anxious and his appetite increases. It is as though a pressure builds up during these nights of deprivation. Release occurs when the num- j ber and duration of dreams are not interrupted during the next 'few nights. ; Dreaming is a normal consti- , (uent of sleep. It, takes up 20 ; per cent of the total sleep time. i But most of us do not remember them unless awakened immediately at the end of the 'dream. Recall also is less likely i lo occur when they take place 'during deep sleep. • Dream research is done in special laboratories where etec- ! trades are taped to the head of ! a volunteer to record brain waves (electroencephalogram). > Similar wires are taped just 1 above and alongside each eye '• to record eye movements. The i typical dream usually is preceded and followed by fidget; ing, especially of the hands and : feet. • The sleeper relaxes during the episode except for rapid eye movements (REM). Ocular activity actually is the most significant sign that a dream is in progress. This was determined by awakening the volunteer immediately after the REM stops. He recalls the dream pro- 1 vided he was not in a deep j sleep. The EEC helps to measure the depth of sleep. Dreaming is not initiated by emotions or by outside stimuli. On the other hand, if a bell is used to awaken the sleeper several times at night, he is likely to dream about ringing door bells or talking on the t e 1 e- phone. A dream is a hallucination in that the sleeping individual actually believes the experience is real. The daydream is different; the person knows It is make- believe. Hypnogogjc hallucinations may occur in the period between sleeping and waking. The individual may feel as though he were drifting into space or hearing strange voices. Dr. Van Dellen will answer questions on medical topics if a stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request TOMORROW: Have a Healthy Trip. 'TOJ8N Mt'SCLfc i R. W. writes: What can you I tell me about shin splints?' Reply Athletes who run on hard surfaces early in the season may suiter from pain due to a tarn This is brought ou by the trauma of constant jarring. Heat, massage, taping, and rest encourage healing and reattachment of the muscle to the shin bone. EAR INFECTION J. K. writes: Does an inner ear infection leave any bad after effects? Reply Complete recovery occurs in most instances, especially when the infection is treated properly. Neglect leads to deafness, mas- toiditis, or otilis media (persistent drainage). PLANTAR WARTS H. W. A. writes: Are plantar warts on the soles catching? Reply Some are, especially the softer mother-daughter type, which is caused by a virus. Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope for leaflet on plantar warts. NATURAL IN SOME P. B. writes: CouW overac- tivity, including ballet dancing, bring on the period in a 9-year- old girl? Reply No. The menses start in some at this age. Today's Health Hint- Poorly chosen sunglasses may cause headache. Address inquiries to: Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen, Tribune Syndicate, Tribune Tower, Chicago, 111. BERMUDA SHORTS For you who want both comfort and good loofca ofl warm- weather days, we've collected cool - as - a - breeze bermudas. styled to carefree f»bric* tiut stay smart while you stay cool. FROM

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