Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 4, 1976 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 4, 1976
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Few Issues Draw Crowds Southwest Counties' Vote Tallies Light With the exception of a few counties where local races and issues drew special interest, voter turnout in Southwest Kansas Tuesday was described as light. Here are election results from surrounding counties: GRANTCOUNTY Grant County Sheriff Melvin Wilson, appointed to fill the unexpired term of Kenneth Christian in April, will keep his badge as a result of Tuesday's election here. Wilson won the four-way race for sheriff on the Republican ticket by a comfortable margin, pulling in 620 votes. He will go unchallenged in the November general election. Wilson's closest opponent, Mike Samms, garnered 243 votes. David Schwein earned 76 votes and Walter Blackmore, a former Ulysses policeman who recently withdrew his name from the active race and placed his support behind Wilson, had 22 votes. A four-way race for district magistrate judge, position one of the 26th district was decided on the Republican ticket, with Rita Pickett Sullivan bringing in 329 votes. She will face Democrat Herbert Noyes, incumbent magistrate judge, in the November general election. Sullivan's opponents in the primary race were Chet Snider, (179), Wendell Nelson, (141), and Janice Fowler (256). Grant County voters gave a decisive nod of approval to a $350,000 bond issue for the construction of a new community building. The yeses outnumbered the nos 854 to 453. In the First District Congressman race, Bill Addiqgton of Elkhart defeated Randy Yowell, Hays, 181-114, on the Democratic ticket. HASKELLCOUNTY A hotly-contested sheriff's race drew a heavy voter turnout in Sublette Tuesday, as Republicans came out in support of incumbent Haskell County Sheriff Paul Blackmore by a narrow margin. A span of 23 votes separated Blackmore and his opponent, Fred Tyler. The final tally was 291-268. Blackmore faces no competition in the November general election. In the Democratic race for First District Congressman, Bill Addington of Elkhart drew 110 votes to Randy Yowell's 91. Yowell is from Hays. The Democratic race for state representative of the 125th district brought 68 votes for Jean Pruitt and 32 votes for Clarence Hickle. SCOTT COUNTY Despite two local races, voter turnout here was termed "very poor" Tuesday. Republican Dave Grothusen defeated his opponent Larry O'Bleness 85-66 in the Republican race for third district county commissioner, and Republican Ed Claycomb won 113-92 over Selwin Eggleston for second district county commissioner. Both victors are unopposed in the November general election. On the state scene, Bill Addington squeeked by Randy Yowell 85-73 in the Democratic race for First District Congressman. In the 25th district magistrate judge race, Harrison Smith secured 309 votes to Mike Quint's 143 votes. Both are Republicans. LANE COUNTY A special question and a sheriff's race brought a good voter turnout in Lane County Tuesday. Incumbent sheriff Paul Marsteller recorded a decisive victory over his Republican opponent Karl Ware, 325-176. Marsteller will face Democrat Vince Optal in the November general election. Voters also overwhelmingly came out in favor of a half- mill levy to provide services for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, 545 to 175. , ' On the state scene, Republican Joseph Norvell defeated Albert Campbell in the 37th Senatorial race. STEVENS COUNTY Stevens County voters Tuesday rejected a proposal for a new swim pool to be built in Hugoton. The matter was defeated by a 77-vote spread: 635 no, 558 yes. Only a simple majority was needed. Much of the opposition came from the community of Moscow, located 14 miles northeast of Hugoton. Voters there rejected the measure overwhelmingly, 112 to 9. The proposal for the pool would not have exceeded $300,000 in cost. The present Hugoton swim pool was built in the 1930s and remodeled in 1957. It loses 2,700 gallons of water per hour. Officials estimate that to repair the present facility would cost at least $175,000. Voter turnout was light in Seward County, for no other local issues were on the ballot. Stevens County voters gave a big edge (247 to 165) to Bill Addington over Randy Yowell of Hays in his race for the Democratic nomination for First District Congressman. Addington is from Elkhart, in neighboring Morton County. GRAYCOUNTY Gray County voters gave a resounding no to a one-mill levy proposal to fund the construction of new jail facilities here in Tuesday's election. Final tally on the question was 239 in favor, 410 against. But a half-mill levy to fund a county service for the retarded met with voter approval in a close decision, 315 yes to 306 no. Voter turnout was termed "very light," with no local races to be decided. On the state scene, Bill Addington drew 195 votes and Randy Yowell 88 in the Democratic bid for First District Congressman. HAMILTON ' One local primary race for sheriff and two special questions on Tuesday's ballot failed to bring out a good voter response. Officials said voter turnout was "poor." Incumbent Sheriff R. J. Nichols will keep his post after defeating his Republican opponent 0. L. Lane 258-107. Nichols is unopposed in the November election. Voters gave their approval to two special questions concerning the elderly. A half- mill levy to fund a program of service for the elderly carried 433-174, and a two-mill levy, not to exceed five years, for the continued support of the rest home here carried 465133. Harrison Smith, with 161 votes, defeated his Republican opponent Michael Quint (124) in the race for magistrate judge. Bill Addington, with 114 votes, defeated Randy Yowell (81) in the Democratic race -for First District Congressman. KEARNY COUNTY Two primary races and a special question at Deerfield were decided here Tuesday, but voter turnout was described as light. ' Incumbent County Clerk Leona Randolph won by a wide margin (413-64) against her Republican opponent Marvin Penick, and will enter the November general election unopposed. On the Democratic ticket, Merrill D. McCue defeated Bill J. Coerber (195-34) in the race for sheriff. McCue and Republican incumbent Sheriff Joe Coyne will square off in the November election. At Deerfield, voters approved a request by city officials to exceed the statute levy limits to operate municipal services without applying for a tax appeal in Topeka. The measure carried 86 to 9. In the magistrate judge race, Harrison Smith defeated Mike Quint 280-148. Bill Addington defeated Randy Yowell 127-71 in the Democratic race for First District Congressman. STANTON COUNTY Voters here didn't have much to be excited about in Tuesday's primary election. Only one race — that for First District Congressman — was on the ballot. Bill Addington received 36 votes, and Randy Yowell 26 in what was termed a "very light" voter turnout. WICHITA Only one local race was decided in Leoti Tuesday, but voter turnout was described as "very good." In the Republican race for sheriff, Simon P. Korbe Jr. defeated Leslie M. Bishop 159109. No Democrats have filed for that position. The race for First District Congressman on the Democratic ticket was decided in favor of Bill Addington (101-76) against his opponent Randy Yowell. In the magistrate judge race, Harrison Smith gathered 156 votes, and Mike Quint 82. GREELEY COUNTY Two local races were decided in Tribune Tuesday. Incumbent Register of Deeds Myrna Ingram will keep her job after defeating her Republican opponent, Denise K. Nemechek 250-140. She will be unopposed in the November election. Only other race decided locally was for second district county commissioner on the Republican ticket. Incumbent Irvin C. Helm was defeated by Arliss W. Wineinger 123-46. In the magistrate judge race, Harrison Smith defeated Mike Quint 217-95. In the Democratic race for First District Commissioner, Bill Addington earned 66 votes to Randy Yowell's 14. Mystery Ailment Takes 21st Life The Markets Hiring, Buying Occupies Board $4.10unchg. Garden City Telegram *V* • ** • HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) State health officials said today they don't know when they will be able to identify the mystery "legionnaire's disease" that has killed 21 persons who attended an American Legion convention two weeks ago. But some persons who had the disease have now recovered and that may aid researchers in tracking down the flu-like agent, state Health Secretary Leonard Bachman told a news conference. Doctors also do not know how to treat the 122 persons still hospitalized with symptoms of high fever, congested lungs, and chest pains, Bachman said. "Some are getting antibiotics and some aren't and that hasn't had an effect one way or the other," he said. There are no signs that the outbreak was abating. A Pittsburgh man died early today, bringing the death toll to 21. "The disease has not leveled off," said Bachman. "Apparently both the number of deaths and the number of new cases have increased and are increasing." More than 1,000 federal and state medical researchers have been mobilized to identify the disease. At the federal Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, researchers planned today to harvest the first cultures grown from tissue samples taken from victims of the illness. The cultures could provide a clue. "We are ruling out nothing," said Dr. Walter Dowdle, director of virology at the center. "This could be anything from an infectious disease to a toxin." All of the known victims of the disease — including two hospitalized in New Jersey and one in New York — attended or were in some way connected with a state American Legion convention in Philadelphia that ended 11 days ago. There has been no confirmed evidence of secondary spread of the disease, Bachman said, but he added that it was still too early to discount the possibility that the disease may have spread. In an interview early today, however, a state health department spokesman said there were six unconfirmed reports of the disease among people in Philadelphia who did not attend the convention. "That has not been verified," said the spokesman, Bob Costello. "It looks like it might be so." All of the victims have experienced the same flu-like symptoms: headache, high fever, congested lungs and chest pains Bachman said those symptoms are consistent with the swine-type flu that appeared in New Jersey this year, prompting plans for a nationwide immunization program. They are also consistent with viral pneumonia, he said. Wheat $2.90 up 3 Milo $4.10unchg. Corn $2.75 unchg. Closing grain' prices "furnished by Garden City Co-op. / p.m. stocks (The following price quotations are furnished to the Telegram by Heinold, O'Connor and Cloonan, Inc. '276-3244). Tribune Men Hurt in Wreck TRIBUNE — Two Tribune residents were injured Tuesday in a one-vehicle accident six miles northwest of here. Greeley County Sheriff O. B. Rutherford said Scott Schneider, 22, remains in Greeley County Hospital today with a broken collar bone and numerous lacerations. Brian Schneider, 17, Rutherford said, was treated and released. The Schneiders are not related, the sheriff said. Rutherford said Scott was driving a pickup truck four miles north and two miles west of Tribune on a gravel road when he lost control of the vehicle on a curve. The truck rolled twice. The mishap occurred about 11:10 a.m. American Cyanamid American Motors American Brands Anaconda AT&T Beech Aircraft Bethlehem Steel Boeing Chrysler Cities Service .' Colorado Interstate Du Pont Eastman Kodak El Paso NG Ford General Electric General Motors Halliburton IBM International Harvester International Paper MarCor National Distributor Northern Natural PanEPL Penney JC Phillips Petroleum Proctor Gamble KCA Santa Fe Industries Sears Sperry Rand Standard Oil Indiana Standard Oil New Jersey United Stale Steel Woolworth . S'/n 25'« 4 :1 4 29' B 59 'T. 22 43'? 22. 52>. 10". .30'* 97'h 57 a 4 55'* 70 63'4 277 29'» 69 38 '4 26',K 40'» . . 48'« 60'* 95'4 29 *» 37 '.4 64 471,4 51»4 54 ;1 H 52 ; -|, 22-V Page 3 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, Aug. 4,1976 than last week's close. Slaughter cows — utility and few commercial 24.00-26.00, high dressing 26.50-27.00. Feeder steers — high good and choice 400-600 Ib 35.75-39.25; 624-750 Ib 35.25-37.00; fleshy and partly fattened 825-900 Ib 34.50-35.75; good and few choice 450-700 Ib 32.00-36.50. Feeder heifers — high good and choice 425-600 Ib 31.00-33.25; 625-725 Ib 31.5033.75; partly fattened 785-900 Ib 32.85-33.00; good and few choice 300-500 Ib 30.00-31.50; 550-700 Ib 27.25-31.50. Hogs 1,700: Barrows and gilts mostly 1.25 lower in rather slow trading; 1-3 200255 Ib 42.25; l-2i225-lb 43.00; 195-210 Ib 41.75-42:25; 250-260 Ib 41.25-42.25. ' Hiring teachers and purchasing supplies took the attention of the Unified School District 457 Board of Education this week. One new teacher was hired for USD 457, and contracts were approved for five staff members for the High Plains Special Education Cooperative. Marilyn Lane will teach math at the senior high. Added to the Coop staff will be Janet Graybill, learning disability, Elkhart; Roberta Haney, psychologist, Scott City; Gwenna Munn, hearing' impaired, Deerfield; Zelda Smith, educable mentally retarded III, Ulysses;, and Bob Gibson, to work in a state- funded child identification project in, all areas of exceptionality. Marcie Minor, learning disabilities teacher from Leoti, submitted a letter of resignation. The board voted to deny the request until a suitable replacement is found. Bid items were approved. They were: — For a year's worth of custodial supplies from seven different companies, $20,783.54. — For a French horn, $775, and for a bassoon, $764, both from Foster Music, Garden City. — For food service equip, ment to be used in the \-scrambler ^ystern at the senior "High, $4,709.78. Business manager Hilary Dreiling said the district will get state reimbursement for 75 per cent of the cost and will thus pay $1,177.28. — For a contract to supply milk products, Myers Milk Products, Garden City. Prices for the various items varied. Cost of a half pint of plain milk was 0.8 cents. • — For fluorescent tubes, $2,582.52 for 129 cases, from Stanion Wholesale Electric Co., Garden City. In other business this week, the BOB: — Heard a report from David Krauser, principal of Gertrude Walker Elementary School, on the performance of students involved in ^th'e Pegasus Pace Reading Program. Krauser said the program was very successful. A random sampling, he said, showed all but those in the fifth grade with a greater improvement in reading than had been anticipated. — Was informed that investments were made in time deposits for a 30-day period in the amount of $10,000 with Frontier Federal, Great Western and Security Savings. All were at an interest rate of 5.5 per cent. — Received a lengthy list of summer projects completed by the maintenance crew. The board will be touring some of the district facilities to view some of this work. Also listed, were summer projects to be,. completed. Finney County Voting Precinct-by-precinct deaths Mrs. Hester Smith Graveside service for Mrs. Hester Smith, 68, Holcomb, has been rescheduled to 3 Thursday afternoon at Crown Hill Cemetery in Coldwater. Mrs. Smith died Friday at Kearny County Hospital, Lakin, after a sudden illness. Ray E. Hibbs Ray E. Hibbs, 70, Cleveland, Ohio, former Garden City resident, died this morning in Cleveland. He was the brother of Mrs. Donald L. Keller, 821 J.C. Susie Alexander Susie Mae Alexander, 66, 1709 Belmont, died Tuesday evening in Garden Valley Retirement Village. Further information and funeral arrangements will be announced by Phillips-White Funeral Home. Jennifer Ross Jennifer L. Ross, 20, died Tuesday at St. Catherine Hospital from injuries received in a car accident Monday near Lakin. Born Jan. 7, 1956 in Stillwater, Okla., she was a student at Kansas University. She was a member of Episcopal Church, Stillwater. Survivors include her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ross, Stillwater. Funeral and burial •will be in Stillwater. Strode Funeral Home there is in charge. Garnand Funeral Home is in charge of local arrangements. Grace L. Brown SYRACUSE — Graveside service for Grace L. Brown was to be 2 p.m. (MST) today in Syracuse Cemetery. She died July 24 at Washington, D.C. DOW JONES AVERAGE Dow Jones average of 30 ' industrials at 1 p.m. was up 2.80 at 990.84. LIVE BEEF FUTURES Aug. Oct. Dec. Feb. High 37.95 41.60 43.60 43.85 ' Low 37.25 40.80 42.85 43.15 Close 37.35 41.20 43.25 43.40 ' KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY (AP) — Quotations for Wednesday: Cattle . 1,400: Slaughter steers and heifers scarce. Slaughter cows • fully steady. Feeder cattle and calves 50 to mostly 1.00 lower ' Voting for Congress TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Here are unofficial results in ' Tuesday's primary election in the congressional nomination races: 1st District Democrat 946 of 974 Precincts Randy Yowell, Hays, 16,711 Bill Addington, Elkhart, 10,065 < 2nd District Republican 500 of 515 Precincts Ross Freeman, Topeka, 19,618 Ken Johnson, Topeka, 8,428 Nina Strahm, Sabetha, 6,040 Larry Beckwith, Meriden, 4,042 R.W. Fatherly, Tonganoxie, 2,-711 Charles Ijams, Topeka, 1.-475 C.D. Rose, Kansas City, 1.-199 4th District Democrat 362 of 390 Precincts Dan Glickman, Wichita, 19,460 Jack Williams, Wichita, 7,963 Aron Russell, Wichita, 2,188 Bill Linker, Wichita, 1,743 5th District Republican 548 of 652 Precincts Joe Skubitz, Pittsburg, 35,053 William F. Tyler, Caney, 7,585 5th District Democrat 628 of 652 Precincts Virgil Leon Olson, Chanute, 9,612 Kay Camin, Whitewater, 9.-407 John Barnes, Cherryvale, 8,877. /3T €0 OP a 00 *r OP 3 *° OP 3*0 JM_ T * MACK <-<-€" FKlffUD ToTAU e CY? If ?r 11 /£. /3 70 fo_ £L 11 life it 2-b 10 Cowry I I A SLL 1L 31 30 2.4, i£ n £2. 27 2£L 3? £1 /3 11 Z. to & 31 1± 2L 47 1± 31 33 n y $ o ui 1SL /*/ n t£L 2£ £o TLO £? (0 1 £23 (t -LO 2.0 2.3 n 10 2.0 £ 57 77 22. Z21 * 13 £0 2.0 n nr rr If if CL ?7 IW ££ 70 2-7 33 57 LOCATION OP PRECINCTS-Pirst Ward, Armory, 405 S. Main; First of Second Ward, City Annex, 115 E. Fulton; Second of Second, Civic Center, 702 N. Main; Third of Second, Community Church, Third and Walnut; Fourth of Second, Gardendale Administration Building; Fifth of Second, Garden Valley Retirement Village, 1505 E. Spruce; First of Third, Courthouse, 425 N. 8th, Second of Third, Girl Scout House, 108 W. Hackberry; Third of Third, Optimist Club, 1005 Bancroft; First of Fourth, Clifford Hope Auditorium, 1502 d'Allemand; Second of Fourth, Georgia Matthews School, 111 E. Johnson, Third ofFourth, Jennie Wilson School, 1401 Harding; First of fifth, Junior High School, 1205 "A"; Second of Fifth, Gertrude Walker School, 805 W. Fair. Riverside, Bill Smith's Garage; Huffman, Lincoln School; Mack, State Highway Building; Kalvesta, Methodist Church; Theoni, Theoni School; Plymell, Plymell School; Pierceville, Pierceville School; Pleasant Valley, Community Building on Mennonite Road; Holcomb, Holcomb School; Friend, Friend School.

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