The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on May 13, 1948 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 13, 1948
Page 6
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THE MALVERN - "AI.VKItN. IOWA. MAY THE MALVERN LEADU< MU»v « \MII\I\ * Homo \c\\vvnpcr Mm r !>.•• Stop* XMn'M Your Tlmo li Onl F. A. Worlmnn, Editor nnd Publisher . nml tliai good rompiM \Moit it \xoi-K in ovdtM* 1o moot It I" .,wv competition \\)iich lends to ,„ AH>oVtR, M * Art of Bocon.1 .-las* maM m«t».-r un,l.-r of March a, IS7!>. OFFICIAL PAPER FOR MILLS COUNTY ill of the Official rrocrmllns* of the- Hoard of Supervisors nro print o,l In full In Tho Lender as arc also the mlnulos of (ho Mnlvorn town council. The leader also .rrvos ns official paper for the Bchool district* and other towns of Mills county •Which do not have a local newspaper _______ __________ it" 1 V H It 1 ^ ?M\o\ll^i *'M\. Ait. t\^M Ali*> " * t* J ' " v^«t»«i"% rt twl \^t* ftt^<* ,he,v shouldn't bo one nn ,| f nm ily were c^lVr?; in ie ^ u t ; s entertained ,„ of tho former Y> £ ™ ^thor's J*y ««n«cr Sundny. Mr. ami Mrs. Maurice 'Albert* nnd Ed- Mr, and Mrs. Alton Albert*. th Subscriptions Payable in Advance ro ,v One »cnr $2.50 Binglo Copy • Tvro Yr.-irs Card of Thanks Oblt.iiaiy Poetry Six Months SI.50 Throe Months f)0r . . . - ITc . . - $4.00 . - 50c . - Scaline "•»lu street morclmnt would be to put Thc , i^oics KiWe study class llv compotitivo basis with every other mpt at the church last Thursday cn ^; n(Jn aftcrnoon visitors in tho i,,css with no tax inequalities, no sped,,! .Us- afternoon. Raucom and W. C. Vnndcrpool homo were n , -,11,1 no ox.ra restrictions, tf Mich wore done Mr. and Mrs. Ra> .f* U '°™ *" ts Mr . and Mrs. Gone Travers, Mrs. "nod««m >-ut that consumers would get ^"^^ T H s"S i^ Clcva Masters and her cottsin. Mrs. better price* and the- main street merchant would *^^ nd Beaver all from Glenwood. have a sounder, more profitablej.usiness. '"A"group of rel ^ deaqven S ye< l h e oftv^Wrthdays^lled forYfarge stick tVtluMr principles at tho party national con- ington and farn n y . Gnrsts present vontion and not he stampeded into deserting Harold were , Mr and Mrs. B F. St.sson. Ueccnt reports are. that Dewoy and Taft ton and of Red Oak ,,,ckrr, nro trvln* to work together to eliminate Bertha KeHcnbaiger. Mr. Advertising Rates Display Advertising: 42c per column inch; 5 conta nn Inch additional for composition. llesolullo-w ' - ' Bcalln8 Classincd Ads lOca ine Header Ads - W iril'j\ii-^"' v i ' »• «•-.-«•-- Staasen. working on the argument that the fact that Stnasen now leads public opinion polls is of no importance. \\V believe we could bo satisfied with Powey Bower, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bass and Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bower, Mrs. Mary Me Cormick, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bower, Bar- »T ,., ^ ^ onri-family bara and Leroy and Mr. and Mrs. - i"'S K» = r ^ r ?=,s Clyde L. Krusc Republican Candidate For SHERIFF of MILLS COUNTY Your Vote nt the Primary on June 7 BK APPRECIATED Hi EDITORIAL \\ »• ifi'i n.- * v " v ........ -- - i.>i i . tiuu *'• » ••- ...... - - j miooi C or Vamlenburg as the republican presidential can- fam| , yi day guests. didate although we prefer Staasen. But we believe Migg Edna La ne and her aunt, Mr and Mrg N orr i s Clark and the' nomination should be made openly with all Miss Elva Lane, of Ottumwa came family from Glemvood were Sun- voting as thev believe their constituents Friday night and visited until Sun- day afternoon visitors in the to do Unless public opinion changes day noon with Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Maur , cc Alberts nome ' BE WISE ADVERTISE In this wevUs Leader you'll find n story we've lieou wanting to run for years -- that Mills County leads (lie Slat.' in V. S. bond sales. \Ve weren't particular whether the county led in bond sales or HomHliing else of importance. \Ve just wanted the county to get the lift that comes from pcorinu top place. IVrhaps it was especially important that the record was made in bond sales because we've stayed almost at the bottom of tho list in this particular activity since the war ended. n hen to do Uness puc o :^,;.";;;;.'™:,,, Tr ^---rrr '"""fL, ,. *,*. -».* ^* voters, who w.ll decule the elect.on. w 11 not sup ^ Qf R gon> Ter) . y Lee , born wero Glenwo p,,rt any Republican candidate who obtained tne ^^ 4 at ^ Red Qak hospita i f Mjg Da]e B nomination by un-democratic machination? of un- ^^ Roberta Kellenbarger of F] . ed Bell wer scruulous campaign managers. Emerson was a Sunday dinner Mj . and Mr rrvi I r\VA/IMP TUC I CAHFR rULLUWIINU I nL LLMULn Glenwood callers Monday. Dale Bell, Delores and Mrs. Fred Bell were in Omaha Monday. Emerson was a Sunday dinner Mj . an( j Mrs Harry Kemp and guest of Mr. ami Mrs. F. M. Par- Jon drove t o Ames and spent the ker. In the afternoon they visit- wcck em , visit j n g Volney Smith, ed Mrs. Kellennarper's brother and Mj ._ and Mrs _ Leonard Parker, sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gary and Marv Anna and Mr. Withrow and Ada near Coburp. and Mrg E rnes t Brower and fam- Keith Allen spent Monday with jly from G lenwood picnicked at 1~\ A^M^fnTfiin «•»* i_ • r«i. _ I _ ttn ».1»- Qt irw-1 r» tf Hero of the week last week was Fred Herzog Mrs. Dean McLain. Waubonsie State Park Sunday. From Senator George Wilson comes the news that he has introduced legislation to set up a joint Congressional committee on small business to co-ordinate aid for the merchant on main street. And there comes from the Iowa Associated Businessmen. Inc.. the news that (bey are petitioning the major parties for planks favoring government economy, tax equality and tax relief. In our opinion, all this doesn't look too good for the merchant on main street. Hut we confess suspicion when politicians bestir themselves for economic groups. We fear that such efforts will result only in additional inspectors and directors which will mean additional taxes and fees and additional reports and forms such as now harass the M. S. M. Most main street merchants are fairly resilient. They recognize that some problems are good for them. They reco.snize that competition is encour- • Hero of the week last week was r re.u nci/.v.f, jjr. and Mrs. E. E. Wiley and ^ Ir and Mrs Maurice Alberts whose miiction action far nnd beyond tho demands family were Sunday dinner guests and Edward drov e to Council f dutv etc relieved a deplorable situation in of Mr. and Mrs. Dean McLain nnd B , uffs and visited in tne Maurice the county "AAA' office. The office staff had fanvUy.^ ^ ^ ^ ^ —- -^ *« tossed some corn in a waste b.ibket ana p i 1 . ,, h( , nandoa vj and Miss Mary Mac a family of mice — and rather a larse family ot pnrker wcrc Simday dinner guests about :'.0 members includiup relatives — moved of Mrg sli g ar ' s parents, Mr. and in. They were- enjoying life pleasantly enough until Mrs. Margaret llower discovered them. MfR _ Arlhur ,. s ,Fi nra Nims . Koehersperger Bennett home Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ramie and Mary Lou visited Sunday evening in the Ida Alberts home. Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wederquis^ and Ralph visited at Valley, Nebr., ii .\irs, .>i iir^iii t-'i i ni»^ i \ti.-iviv-.~... j> 11.-» , A* i;.Ji ci .* ».<-"~ m..»».-i-~- o - - — Sfl.turd3.y sit ths liomc ot ^ir. tiricl While the gov't., and especially the I'SDA sel- turned home from Dubuque last ^ va (3 corge Mort and Chelly. Itnrgains in u«- Want Ads! lllO til'T li> i* I 111 V r> |i vv i*-* * i. 1 * ^ n v. • -• - -- LVI i i iv: v.i nv/^*tv^ » •• •-•••« — —• i dom leaves its employees with an unsolved prob- Tuesday. She had been there seve- Irin no treatises or doctor's theses on the Elimina- ral weeks in the Lewis Conrad „„„ of Mice in the Office Waste Basket could be home Raymond Glassinger found. Wisely she reasoned that there was not J i. and ««' J^^ %vUh Mr . sufficient time to write Congressman Hen Jensen •• - • ror a pamphlet, nor to call ta. State College to *£ * " see if any of the 104S candidates for degrees was at work on such a thesis. So she turned the matter over to Mr. Herzog who carried the basket gently to the west window and handled the problem by defenestration. Malvern Farm Supply is Proud to Announce the All-new 1948 Model "C" *i Twin Draulic General Purpose Loader « The latest in hydraulic farm loading equipment. • Loads lumber, rocks, manure, gravel, cobs, dirt, ashes and snow. • Can be used for pulling fence posts. S C 11 O O Thomas and Gor- X O T E S HASTINGS HAPPENINGS A department devoted to news of Hastings and Hastings citizens and to the promotion of the general Interests of the Hastings community. _ _^ Motliodist Church Hcv, ('lure 11. IJoos, .Minister Mornins worship service at 10. Suuduy school at 11 a. m. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Johnson of Council Bluffs and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Watklns of Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Kelly visited Mrs. Hess Kelly Sunday. A North Grove Cemetery meeting was held last Thursday in the were Sunday visitors in the Hlcfi- home of Mrs. Elbridge Shook, ard Johnson home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Curtis and M. 15. Mrs. Ward Thrapp was hostess. Linda Lou Howen is on the . Judd were Sunday dinner Kiiests Rick list. of Mr. and Mrs. tieorgc Curtis. Mr. and Mrs. Culvin Sell were Sunday callers in the Ike Gustln home. Mr. uiul Mrs. 1'itul Pace were, Sunday callers in the Lonnie tiustln homc. Mr, and Mrs. (Jcori?fl Clark were Sunday evening visitors in 'tin- Iiale Alexander home. Mr. and Mrs. \Vid Dalzdl of lUMlview, Neb., were visitor* in Mrs. Kvcrlmrl'H home Siindav. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haines were visitors in the home of Mr. Haines' mother, Mrs. Ida Haines, in Silver City Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lookabill were Omaha callers Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kites and Mrs. 11. Johnson were lied Oak cullers Saturday- Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hites and children were Sunday visitors in the home of Mrs. \V. (). Resh at Ksscx Kyle Peterson was a Sunday afternoon visitor in the home of Ben Haroff. Mrs. David Hockenberry ot Primary: Keith Shaw, Larry Weak, Beryl ReGear and Karen Deitchler had perfect spelling lessons last week . . . We wrote Invitations to our mothers last week inviting them to visit our room. We were very happy that most of them came some time during the week . . . Karen Deitchler, Larry Hockabout and Beryl Re- Gear each received a book last Thursday for having given 25 book reports this year . . . Wendell Ord, Keith Shaw, Ronald Turner, Carol Sue Moore, Larry Lee Taylor and Larry Weak each received a hook for having given 20 book reports this year. Sixth, SfveiHli, KJRhtli fir In Hchool this week we had a birthday party for Rachel Niday The sixth grade boys had a John C. Imber Painting & Decorating PHONE 2481 Malvern, Iowa J.H.BECKWITH Insurance Phone 2111 36tf. WE HAVE 15 FOOT DISCS OF SUPERIOR DESICNS PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW FOR QUALITY SEED CORN, WE CAN SUPPLY YOU WITH TEKSEED ALL YOUR OR FARM MACHINERY PFISTER SERVICE AND REPAIR NEEDS FULFILLED HERE. Malvern Farm Supply Ph. 2801 Mike Dunn, Mgt. Malvern Dealers for Minneapolis-Moline Mrs. uaviu nuun.cin.ivi. j •- - , . . , _i_i,, Mallnta. O., is visiting her par- game with the high school girls, ents, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Judah. She arrived May i! and will return May 15. Mrs. W. C. Hushnell's sister, the former winning 16-14 Eighth grade graduation was Thursday. We did not have to go to school in the morning 'S \\ . *J. IJUBIUlt-'ll O o*.Tl-^» , t" ,,x ..- - ,11 Mrs 'Ed Uondcrsecht. of Omaha This Friday Is the school picnic, and her daughter, Mm. Fred The eighth grade get to go with F" rdes. and son of North Platte, the high school . . . We are fln- NYb vi-iti-d In the W. L. Hush- ishing up our semester exams and nell home Sunday. Abner Clark of Clarinda called in the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Martin Sunday. Mr. Clark was were Joe on his way home after visiting Smith . . his wife who is in a hospital in all our workbooks Oiinha III B' 1 • s ' l| " )<)1: Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Qulmny were services were held for the.Ben- Sunday guests in the home ot tors last Sunday evening at the hoping for good grades chose up sides in our room for a kittenball game. The captains Hoover and Roger Friday we passed in Fritz Larson at Km- and Mrs. R«d Oak SPECIAL SALE MAY 13,14,15 i SIZE 81 X 108 BED SHEETS Mr. and Mr.' t-rsoi). Mrs. Wendell Ord Cicorfie Schurr were callers Monday. Mis.-i Lucille Ord and Mrs. Joe Dawsoti were visitors in the George Schurr home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Imel of Gravity, Mrs. Lola Shetterly of Not-1. Mo., Mrs. Xira Scott and Harold Scott of Hastings started K,r Montana Saturday to attend the funeral of James line! of litglt'inur. Mr. and Mrs. Lte Bailey and Mrs. and Hoy were Methodist church. Rev. Clare H. lloos was the speaker. The girls glee club sang '"The Prayer Perfect" and Susan Lambert sang "Ave Maria" . . . The high school boys played baseball with Slra- han Monday on our diamond. The score was 7-3 in favor of Hastings . . . The seniors are enjoying a vacation this week; taut as for the rest of us, we are taking examinations. That is except for the lucky ones with a H minus average . . . We are going to Waubonsie park Friday to celebrate the closing of our school and .MIS. i^ee imucj anv. .,,m~ - I.vVCourtier and Cathy Jo year. The eighth grade are our in Glenwood last guests today. 128 TYPE Your Choice of • WHITE STAR — • FOXOROFT Wendell Ord and Lurry Kidwell &i>»;ni (lie week end in the Wendell Ord home. They were lust back from Plaiuview, Neb. The Woman's dub had a country b> hool party for their meeting Friday. They carried their lunches iu saeks and had a graiul time. Mi. and Mrs. C. C. Hamilton and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hard- Mr, aud Mrs. Clarence Alton, Kichard Carrol and Nancy of Council Bluffs were dinner guests in the \Y. O. Courtier home Sun*Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hopkins have been helping tare for Mrs. everyone Hopkins' brother. Harold Strayer. of Sheuandoah, who is very ill. A Mothers day dinner was held at Mrs. C. E. Boos' home Sunday. man ot were visiting in 01 * WEARWELL $2.49 Each No Lay-Away or Phone Orders, Please Limit 4 to a Customer i D. G. JAMISON & CO. A. F. riuuxliford, owner Glenwood N^Q ------the flu Hamilton home Friday Mr. and Mr« W W. ''ourtie lelt for Ft. Collins, \Vyu., Wednesday. Mr. Courtier's ter's husband is in very poor health. Mr.-.. Kvert-tt Thomas and bun and Mr B . Tilly Miugs and Jimmy were nk-nwood callers labt Tuurs- day. Mrs. W. C. Bu»lin<.-ll hit* lj*<--u on the bi.;k U=t this wt-ek. H'-r daughter, Mrs Edith No.-..:..ubS.j. of Malvtru has beta helping care for her Mr. and Mf«. Lt<; Hailov and .shiiK-y were callers iu th».- Mr and Mrc. L> U; (.ourtier O'J'M-- Sunday. Honor guests were Mrs. Weereu lioweu and Mrs. C. H. H° OS ;JPJ^; c'" v.'rro Wocrca Bowen, JiKii">. la.,t j'ac-k. Virginia Kahl, C. H. Boos, Kis- Hutu Herzberg aud Anne Maryus. u-jor Mr aod Mrs. Albert Opperman and Miss Jackie Chullins of Oma- bon ha were Sunday visitors at tne Dau Uryan home. MUb Evelyn Bryan was a Sunday dinner gue*t at the Clifford Siui'k home iu Missouri Valley. Bob Sneyard was home for the LOOK of America's Leading Tracks- CHEVROLET Advance-Design TRUCKS Today, American business fha» looks ahead looks to the leader's line of Advance-Design trucks for higher standards of value on the job. Today, Chevrolet trucks bring you the features of tomorrow— Advance-Design features—at the lowest prices in the volume field! Look ahead and look at them now —on display in our showroom. h»vrol«» X-»p«»d Synchro-Mtih Truck Tronjmlulont and Splln.d Axle Hub Connection • New Advanc«-Dt»lgn O«ar»WH Control ond Foot-Op«rat«d Forking Brak* In 3-tp**d tranimhilon modcli • Improved Valv«-ln-H«ad Engln* • Excluilv«ly d«ilgn»d Brakti. From h«adiighf to tail light, n*w Chevrolet Advanc*-Detign truck* bring you tho futuiVi streamlined appearance in every feature of body, cab, fenders and hood) ice*" *Frt& otr totaling and vcn'i- totutg tyitm attd r*or corner riodorl aflioual at »'ra tail. Only Advonce-Oeugn truck* have the fomou» Cab that "Br»athe»l"* Fresh dean, cod air ii drawn In and uied air forced out! Air U heated in cold weather. The Cab U Flexi-Mounted. cushioned on rubber, with a fully-adju»tobl« teal and all- round visibility with rear corner window*.* Only Chevrolet offer* you (h* lowed pricet in tht volume fieWt Her* are truck* with comparable equipment and ipeciftcalicmi that lit) for leu than cotnperj>ive makti—tome modeJi 01 much at $150. t-. • rente Murtiu visited iu the of Uia part-ins over the end. Gummed Malveru ••*»• * lu - MURPHY BROS. CHEVROLET CO. Phone 424 Cle ' wo ° < '

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