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THE MARION STAR HOME EDITION isOy elo'iiiy tonight -y, proisabiy V.gtt ram Colder tonight MARION. OHIO. SATURDAY. ATRII- 1, 1933. 8ATVRCAT AND 8 UN DAT EDITION r.L.


Many Baby Bonnets. rV GERMANY COMMENCES BOYCOTT AGAINST ALL JEWISH PEOPLE TODAY rf THRONG SEES POPE LAUNCH HOLY YEAR Door To St. Pfter'a Broken Down With Golden Hammer in Impressive Ceremony, I m. I 1 BAN TO LAST FOR 24H0URS Will Be Rid, However, Government Warns, Unless Atrocity Campaign ONLY ADDS TcTsUFFERING i unuL uuuui REPORTED IN BANK DISTRICT Cleveland Federal Reserve Notes Sharp Increase Since Holiday. MONEY.

FL0W FAVORABLE Retail Sales in February High- er Than Proceeding Month, Survey Reveals. Tk wilr rs CLEVELAND, April 1 Business and trade in the Fourth Federal reerva district "increased aharply" after the banks started reopening on March 15. the Cleveland Federal reserve bank reported today. At the same the bank monthly survey told of unprecedented financial developments before and after the banking holi days Between Feb. 14.

and March 4 it aaid disbursements of currency) by th Ceveland Federal Reserve bank exceeded receipts every day but one, "-indicating that banks in. the district were called upon for more cash during that period- Money forwarded to banks exceed ed receipts by $17156 000. ship-j mens on Marcn 4, alone exceeam Flow Inrreuea "During the bank holiday," the 1 1 iniia lii)it al change was purely nominal, but aei the banks were granted licenses to! reopen, the flow pf currency was completely reversed and the excess; of receinta over shiDments has: i ef and th wobi guard went to th hall of th vest me as, whet th cardinal awaited hint. t'nder a baidarchia or eanupy, and prvced by th catdtnals, eih-r pie Isles and th guard, th fi walked to th sistin chapel vn etat the bieseed Proceeded through a throng of cheer-leg faithful down to the tight of JiA averaged over $8,000,000 a day aince the 13th of March, and between the! Served as Federal Agent for 13th and 25th totaled $74 277,000." A Gold reserve, of the bank were 1 Central States Under reduced to $226,383,000 by March 8, dent Wilson, but in the two weeks ending March nT rttr prr. 22 expanded $110000.000 to the WASHINGTUN.

Apttl 1A, V. highest level since 1931. Between i Dalrymple took the oath of office March 9 and March 25 gold coin director of the nation prohibi-held by the Federal reserve bank tjon forces today and Immediately her and it branche increased toolt over th duties of hia 985 per cent, "and on the latest Temporarily, he will he aasUtted date such holdings were almost former director. Amos W. Rooseveft Calls Conference Today To Work Out Solo-tton ef Ills.

PRESIDENT HAS PLAN Would Name Coordinator To Readjust Topheavy Financial Structure. WASHINGTON. April lHeo of th railnaid system and labor leaders wef summoned to the WbKe House today by President Rooseveil ta laik over emer gency legislation providing for a fedeial co-ordinator to bring th carrier out of their troubles, Mr. Rooaevelt had before him carefully worked out pros, ram framed by transportation author ties after dava of examination and study. He 1 ready to acL But he vanis first to talk it over aith the representative ef those most vitally In terested-the investor, the oper-alora and the men who depend on th toad for a Irving.

The Presidrrit called to hi ide th men responsible for drafting the program of action Secretary Roper, Joseph B. Eastman of the interstate commerce commission, and W. fiplawn. and A. A.

Bert, rail experts. Others invited to the White House for the late afternoon parley included Carl Giay, president of the Union Pacific; Donald Rich-berg, counsel for the Railway Labor Executivea association; Henry Bruere, New York financial authority: Frederick Prince, and Philip Rtockaton of Boston; Raymond Moley, assistant secretary of state and economic adviser to the President; Robert Jackson, so ciale of Prince; J. J. Felley. president of the New York, New Haven and Hartford; and F.

Williamson, president of he New York Central, There are more than In railroad bonds outstanding of which almost half are held by savings bands and Insurance companies. The President believes the government should announce Ha in tentlon to stand back of th railroads for a specific period. But also wants the mad readjust top-heavy financial structures. He think a federal coordinator ahould direct th drive for economic to put the national system on sounder bans. VETS' PAY COT ORDER BEFORE ROOSEVELT President Expected To Sign Today; Will Sae $400,000,000.

Ut Ike AaMclalee reru WASHINGTON. April t-An executive order lopping $400 000.000 annually off federal benefita paid to war veterans was ready for President Roosevelt' iyiatur today and be waa expected to act before th day wss over. After extended conference with leader of veteran organizations, Lewi W. Douglas, director of the budget, took th order to th Whit House yesterday. The reduction become effective July J.

In addition to these savings-counted on heavily by th Chief Executive to reach a balance In th federal budget Douglas aid ft waa planned to save another $50,000,000 through a purely administrative proeeaa of handling funds being plied up for th full payment In 1945 of the aoldiers bonus. It waa indicated that even some of th war Incurred disabilities will be slashed under the order, depending on the nature of the disability and the allowance category Into which they fall. FEDERAL REFUNDS GRANTED ON TAXES Th fli rrea WASHINGTON. April 1 The bureau of internal revenue granted a tax refund of $13874 to the Kroger Grortry er Baking Co, of Cincinnati, because of an over-assessment of $72.51 in 1920. Lucy D.

McKinney of Wtekliff. was granted an abatement of on overassessmen' for l29 and 192A. va 4M-tte Vatican cm. Apm log a golden hammer. Iy iu broke down th hvSy Vi of fit.

Peter Ihts smuning and iaauf urated the hsiy yr in commemoration ef th maHeen hundredth anniversary of the pan, death and resut re, tu.n of tt Nearly SO cardinals, diploma's, the Roman arlstmiwry, sad high prelate from many nation the holy dw of brick. toiwd yesterday, fail away when th pp struck It thw with the hammer of std gold, A great throng crowded close th line of prl gendarme and Swim guards, Mfwrt of them wet unable to anything, Ih ritual of th holy dr was held In th pvirllco, outside th cathedral proper. They later, however, saw the Pwpe at lo range, when the pontiff entered th basilica to impart Ms ble.ip F.spect Msy IHIgrlm rSiH I'lus' opening of aisuihet enlranr ti th enmmou bMiilf. an entrsm usually thrown op, only one ery 25 ers, was symbolic of th tream ef vil hundred thousand pilgrim ihs Vatican prt will flaw Into fl Peters during th holy year, Th Ritual he ud dated b. to th time of th Ivirgia P.f.

Alea-ander VI, who decreed holy year IB 15O0 A P. Shortly befor 11 e'rlork IM mtirning hi holiness, wearing white cassm ami rape, It ft his privet a part man! with en it "SORRY, MR. BOOM IS NOT IN NOW" A Marion husmrsMtian felt victim to an "April f.t Joke thl morning when, acting en Instruction of a member of hi offic frr, be the Mnn Steam Shovel IV nd asked to ek to "Mr Boom. 'W Bo Mr, Boom employed answered, "Why. you feitainly hav Mr.

BiKim left a rail foe me," th caller tilled. Ther was laughter at U.ih ends of the wire when th rail revealed April fool prank. 68 KNOWN DEAD IN SOUTHERN TORNADO Mississippi Suffers Heaviest Loss of Life With 38 Killed. Us Te aMlaled fees A msd spring totm which f' two daya bstteied th ith from Texa lo Alalama left knriwn dead, hundrd of Injured, wreck, age end threat of flood in Its wak todsy Mississippi suffered th heaviest of llf wiih 38 rejiorted killed In Tea 20 wer killed, in Louisiana nine end Arkansas on. The list mount, steadily ll night a reoits trickled In frorc cmmuniti tut off by communication line and nlsrhwava and th wind flno)d mo'! northeastward.

Striking north nd cenlr1 Louisiana, the wind blesfd across into slseippl with steadily Increasing tax of death and damige. Bsndersviile. to the mouth near I-eurel. wa hardest hl with 14 dead, fight wer children undr school ge fteven were killer and at Raleigh in middle Mississippi and th sam number at Harmony near Meridian. In Washington county up In the delta, alx died as the storm moved etdlly onwrd and began to diminish Into strong winds and heavy rains over Alabama, Ten-ne and Georgl.

lllHrh-k Mattes, al mm. later of the Intrrtur ef Hruns-wick, what action la aup-prewKlng tkrvughetit that stale the Uteri llrlmc. league tonarrht! war tstrnus lnd. cat an mlwotss rift la the ranks (be par in power In i.ermanj. The Mrrl Hetnwta were allied with the Nasi ta winning rntrl nf the country at the laM etco-tfon.

POISON DEATHS PUZZLE POLICE Murder Suspected as Two Young Portsmouth Women Are Found Dead in Bed. "SUICIDE PACT DOUBTED Possibility of Accident Also Seen as Investigation is Launched. Mr AM4aif4 rr PORTSMOUTH. O. April 1 Th mystifying death poison two young wumen today puxsled police aeeklng to determine whether they died in a ulcld pad" or wet murdered, The bodies of the women.

Mi. Dorothv While McCotmick. 19-year-old divorcee and Mlsa MuriV Howard 18 w-er found In bed In an apartment they hsd rented but a day before. Although ther no evtdenr of a atrug i a pHe theory of murder was suengthened by the assertion of two oung men that th door was when they found th bodies yesterday, A roomer in th building said heard moans In th uit Thuisday night but did not Investigate when he got no response to a lifwto on the dour. Coroner Rn Moor, after an autopsy, said th poison might have been contained in food, I candy or a beverage.

He said an i examination of vital organs would be ncjiary. Prosecutor Emory Pmith eslled relative and frlenrt for questioning and Instructed th two men who found th bodies when they cam to keep "date" Walter George, 21. and Hiram Krhmeller. 22 to aprx-ar today, with Mis. Mc-Cormirk former hutnd, John McCormick.

Investigator who first believed the women had died from an overdo of sleeping potion, virtually discarded theory of a "utrid pact" after th utopv, They eon. sldered th possibility the women might have takes prison by mistake. Resident of th prtment Mid they heard a piano in the women suit soon after they rented th place. None them yesterday, BEER TAX SCALE DRAWN AT BUCYRUS rlal 7e 1 be Bt'CYRUf. April 1-A tentative tax scale on beer was drwn up at an Informal meeting of th city council last mzht.

City rWHrltf.r J. I. Sears was Instructed to prepare legislation which will he presented fur anion at a formal council meeting Tuesday night. The scale of suggested night wss for $100 wholesale dealer, $25 on restaurant proprietor and $10 en grocery store oper-ators, AviaTrix Killed. tlr ta Ssswlaiesl fees PHOENIX.

Arts, 1-Mrs Jessie Chapman, avlatrtx ef I Angeles nd Chicago, wa killed and her companion. Mr. Wood of Detroit, waa Injured rt-ously In an utomobile accident 34 mile west of Phoenix erly tody. Their mchin collided with a heavy freight truck. ft AM TBI BRlBAsi VIA Mi APRIL 1 Berlin de-j Nan-Hitler preparation lor n-wsd boycott of Germany that Nazis call the ng of a war on the entire race of the That I say, not easy to carry out, -j government, not x-approvmg the boycott.

Hood Wi waters a'. whil "Nail atorm troop-cipared Berlin court of end lawyers, amongst driving out the chief Justice, -Moling. Hnier party announce that all Jews, their bui- rrcrchandiae, and the boycott "converted Jews. All bit the ignorant know that tOit si hurt Germany far more thin it thB Jew. At.A 'i ut the ignorant know r.s boycott planned by a tem-po-ary dictator can inflict "worlds' Je injury on the Jewish people." Tt which could not be done by nsal murdering, torturing and tier a'rocities of the middle ages not oe ounv 5 TVVlUr.rLU inc.

nvw uuv et St. Peter in Rome will be by Pope Pius. With a of gold he will pound on the black marble cross in th renter of the walled-in door. Tns j.enw rrssonry, undermined in advisee, will give way, and the door, opened only once in years, will be opened to commemorate the nineteen hundredth anniversary of the passion, death and resurrection of Chrirt. The opening of this holy door, one of the most solemn and important rituals in the church, mirks the beginning of the present inly year, declared by the Pope.

The door sill will be washed rear of masonry debris with holy water especially blessed, and dried wrh a special cloth. All religion will unite with the Pope In hoping that this yeir will see the end of a depression that has afflicted the whole world. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT ha imed the bill to put 250.000 men at work in national forests, protecting, etc. The program is.ght include planting trees by wittering seed from airplane on tan-en hillside and burnt-over trvu. Ta' waa done in France after feh war.

1 Ttm administration, eeking work fcr the unemployment, in undertakings that would show a profit, should consider necessity of a ship eanal across Florida connecting the Atlantic ocean with the Gulf ef Mexico, Some fact are Submitted. The enterprise would pay for itself, principal, interest and operating cost, over a period of 50 year. In addition. It would pro-d-jce savings for the people of this union equaling more than 20 per frt of construction cost every ar for all time. Tt would put 17,000 men to work on the canal for four year and eQOO more for eighteen month in manufacturing areas.

The Florida would be used by twice a ny ships as now use the Pnama Canal and provide a vital link In the canal system from Boson to Ji'Tleo. This canal, to cost J110.000.000, would save thousands ef ships the lnr.g journey around Key West and the southern end of Florida. It should begin on the Atlantic C'aet, in accordance with the of government engineers, at nar the souihern boundary rf Gen-gn, or Jacksonville, Fla, er Smart, Fla. PERHAPS YOU READ here "He. Items of joyous money-spend-lt by ll-a-year patriots during the hS about fhe 195,000 brand- Continued on Page Two TEMPERATURES Baffenaperger'a Report yesterday v4 yesterday 52 R's'M Trace One Tear Ago Today 74 35 Asfoclated Press daily tern- report.

8 a.m. Max. Today Yes. 54 clear 74 42 rain SO 54 rain 42 cloudy 52 ram 58 cloudy 6 53 ram 34 clear 70 52 rain 56 60 cloudy 76 si'i Kjffa i n'- eland Dtr.vrr an i Orleans Torlt for Arili 0re- Frnii.rt 52 part cloudy 54 52 clear 74 clear 62 clear 48 cloudy 56 cloudy 40 clear 48 cloudy 52 clear 66 clear 62 clear jse eoterdat' High Antonio, part clou-ly r.ix. cloudy Cl-veston.

clear 82 80 15 2i 24 Today's Low 'stone, clear 'ws-ff, clear cin ijat, clear. Jw Are Already Virtually Ottraciied Socially and Professionally. Vk AsMwiaied frwee StHUN, April l-A en4 yvH on th mean of tvti hKd of all Jsw tiermany be gan at 10 a. today. tierman store union Issued ait appeal to ail msmbera earning under th boycott ban tin thsir store for the day.

Brown shirtsd Nasia with bttrketa of paint tramped through Berlin business tectum, stopping at rh hop run by a Jw and splashing acroa the ow window a tg Identifying th place. At heel (ullowed holiday crowd. Kach time the browa shirt topped to bang up a placard rrowd clustered about them, "That r.ght." thsy aaid, -freej thm out, nd then we'll las vr thie Thr had been no dust ler ny whre up ta th nd the afternoon. Ther weie few Jew tn be but the rest of th populate md to accept the situation la a picnl spirit. badjuartr ptcrihd black placard with a plain of low paint to designate Jewt.h shnps, but th boycettsr used the.r nation.

Many Hhnp Oiwet Th black and yiiow uar-antlrie" wss freijusntly sn. Nit thare were nlhei reading; "lanir-Jw ior, and "Alien, tlrtn-bewat th Jsw," with a ted' skull and trattKsAe actawled be-low th wming, On sevsrsl Jswl.h hp the Nasi hung placard reeding. "If a Iraimr )eu would U. pur-rhase from the Jewery." Many Jewish ahop fsmined Ofien despit th signs on their wind- ws. My government eider th boyeott end 1 Knight.

I'r. Joseph GrMtblwis, eafiltset minister of propaganda, keynotej Ih rampaigit with a warning thst unless "the foreign auctclty ram-paign rease baolutely" th boy colt will resumsd nest Wds dy. JU promised, howr, a "return to normal" If thi condition wss fulfilled, A government id' hrk tbe Nstionsl a-ialut party proposed indsfinlt boycott to en day duration for the time bung and It remained to be whirh of opposing group In th government nd petty would be victorious I th snd, Only ymfort waa dft-bl from the present limitation for a half million distracted 6e vntieiued en Fage Tw THREE PERSONS HURT AS CAR HITS WAGON One Man Suffer Broken Wrist in Collision on Bucyrut Pike. pern were Injured When automobile etrurk th rr of a wagon loaded with farm machinery four mile north of Marion en the Rueyru pikt last night at t. ry llnuwnan, 4.

driver of th wagon, Is receiving treatment th City hospital for a broken wrist nd rut and bruise, flu-hard Richard of Kremont end Mr. Ida Migglnt of Columbia and rearl streets, occupant of the automobile, uffrd brulse-a, A plc of the wrckag (truck filchard on the jaw and temporarily rendered him uneonarlou. f'aul Kurti, who wa assisting llousman on th wagon, wa not Injured, llousman, according to Rhrlff P. Fy. was moving from New Whlngton to a farm sear Mryvlll.

Hom the wagon and th automobile were traveling southward al th time of th ace i-dent Rlrharda said did not th wagon In tim toeivold hitting it. clevelaITbanker monoxide victim Mr The Assertalfd feese CLLVtLAND, April 1-Ernst A. Fram. ysar-old vice president of th closed Standard Trust bank, died lata yesterdty In the carbon monoslde filled garage at h' Rocky River home. Hi death, whlrb police termed accidental, cam on tb day Stirling Smith, president end frame only (uperior In the management of the bank, and Dale T.

Wine low, former auditor, pleaded eot guilty to indictments charging embezzle-ment of fle.lW), IKmthy I el nf Nortonx ille. Kat, a freshman at the I niter-aily nf Kanxaa, aa named -rhier ta rharie of fire-fuht-Ing at the eiwm dormitory. (Awncialed Trew pbntel. NEW DRY HEAD 0T ADT0 A. B.

Dalrymple. Frisco Attor- Succeeds Woodcock as Prohibition Director, EXPERIENCED AT JOB W. Woodcock, who ha been appointed a special assistant to the attorney general to help the San Fianrlco attorney famiiiarite himself with the dm. Woodcock said he hoped to return to the practice of law very shortly. In announcing Dalrymple's appointment Attorney General Cum-mings said.

"I have every confidence In his ability to meet the exacting requirements of his difficult po1-" Dalrymple was a supporter of President Roosevelt and Senator McAdoo of California in the last campaign L'ndr President Wilion he was supervising federal prohibition agrnt for the central division, comprising Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Prior to that he haded enforcement of narcotic laws in the Philip pine islands. He served in me Spanish-American and World wars. Cummings gave high praise to Woodcock as he left the bureau. As one of his last sets.

Wood cock yesterday instructed his agents to concentrate in the future on combatting unlawful distilled liquor and to aid In admimstratlun of the new beer law by suppressing Illegal breweries and preventing unlawful shipment of beer into dry state. MORE GUARDS AT 2 CROSSINGS ORDERED Commission Calls for Futl-Time Protection on North Main Street. The stati utilities communion yesterday ordered the Big Four and F.rie raihoads to employ 24-hour watchmen at the North Main street croesings. The order. It if understood, came a result of a request by city council that the crossings he more closely guarded sfter a lige number of accident there.

Local railroad offn la's today had not been u( honied to take any action regarding the order. Such order. It was reported, w.l! come from general office ef the two roads. Several weeks ago. city council took up the question cf safety at the crossings, prompted by an accident on Jan.

14. In which a truck driver waa killed and large vat demolished when s'rurk by an earlv-mornirg train City Clerk H. Keller was authorised to inform the state utilities commission of the council's desire for 24-hour crossing protection About 10 dhys ago a representative of the commission epnt a night hear the crossings, observing the amount au'o-mobile reffic djrt-g the bourr here were no watchmen on duty. SEES LESSON IN BUSINESS SLUMP CINCINNATI. April 1 Th greatest le-soo taught In th last few years is thst Individual bust-nees must adapt to businee cycles.

In the opinion of Ralph E. Flander. Springfield. Vt. economist.

"We will always Have fluctuations." he told a University of Cincinnati forum last night, "which will be beneficial if thy are not too violent. The particular adaptation which ere nce-rary depend on the character of tij Utlt entlBtsni l'l Tw Capital Barely Able To Ma teli Roosevelt Pace II, asMctete frvs WAMU.SiJTvi.N, April Th cl of th first month of frnk tin RcMvseveit adminlstraiKin, fm.ia Washington barely able Is keep pace with (he drive ef th new Iieidnt to put hi revery pingrsm Una plav. Kiiia, proclamations, nag.t and euUv order have pound out of the White his with amasing speed in the weks since Mr. R.uevlt took the oath speed that has established a ac lime record for action. I-iv piece of major legislation already ars on th statute hunks, half doin others are a their way er In preparation; mm than a half billion dollar I to carved from th fedeial budget; and aid for th unemployed on It way.

A brief summary th flist nxinih of fUsvlt action- Irf-gtsiaiion Banking bill giving Ih President complete ronirol vsi tn Instiiutiuna and monetary up pile lb nslinn, eniniy mra out aulhoriiing him to trim fftor than from itet nd veterana' allowances. Ie-il(ica er 5 3 per rant beer; author IMtlniirfoi at fniest conservation pioject to employ men. Kserutlv Orders-Iteduclloa of selariea by 11 per reel, reorganisation of guvernmant farm credit p-nrir under oh bead. coontyToTes FOR HIGH TAX COLLECTION Real Estate Returns Near 80 Per Cent; Office) Open Tonight t'nunty official today hld hns thst th current rssl tt lax toller turn, to end tonight, would yield mur lhn SO per nt of Ih SU.4W levied, Ti, reach thl level, th, collee- Ur.n mud total $'') by 8 SO tonight. If thi figur I rehd.

th county pulitiral ubdivilon will ieiv frmt th turrent eol-lecllor th mr.unl certified Ihem lsl ffcmbr by th budget ronimlsslim. Th cofrimlssion certification wer bd on per cent ollectl'in. Treasurer Umallwood sl matfd that appiaslmately A5WS hsd been collected noon tody Additional collection to be iivd uc.HI i thl afternoon and again from 30 to tonight ar espe led ta ncr (hi total sub stantiaily. Tb eadilr. for filing Incom lss returns wa reached last midnight fteturn wei received until thai time by James Tylor, internal revenue agent No nmat of th number of return filed In thl county eouH be oh'ainsd.

citizenYITteo TO MEETING JlN RATES Reduce -Utilities Char gat Movement To Be Discussed Here Tuesday Night. Marion resident Interested In th movement to red ie publle Utility rf ehrge Invited lo 'tend a meeting Tuesdr night In Demo-cratiO headquarter tej bear John Iwli, president of the Columbus city council snd head of th Bute Association on L'tility Cjuestlon. Mr. In hss studied utility rate fur verel yeara, snd will compare water, gas sod electric rate charged In Marion with lho In ritie of comparable sit. Step being taken In other citia to bring about reduction In utility rare will spiained.

If will otitlin th program of th State Association on L'tility Question. Th meeting will open at 30 m. Mr, Lewis will be Introduced by 3. W. Jacoby, chairman of th club program committee.

Kpecial invitation have bn ent to Marion city officwls, who recently launched a reduce-u'iliti-chrge muvcmsjit beta, double th average of the past several year." The ratio of gold reserve to note and deposit liabilities increased to 60 per cent by March 22, compared with 4X per cent on March 8, and 56 per cent Feb. 21. Holiday Halts Commerce During the restriction on bank deposit withdrawal and th na-1 tional banking holiday, there waa "an almost complete cessation of buying" in industry and trade, the bank found. After the majority of the bank reopened, "the number Continued on Page Two DEATH TOLL MOUNTS IN AIRPLANE CRASH Six Now Dead, Three in Crit ical Condition After Kansas Plunge. Tlir taaorlBlre fre NEODSHEA, Ku, Apnl 1 Three of the eight men who escaped death in the airplane which terminated the homeward flight of the Winnipeg Tollera, Canadian amateur basketball champions, remain In a critical condition at a hospital here.

Attending physician virtually gave up hope that one of them, Andy Brown, 24, a forward on the team, would recover from Injuries received when th crippled airliner buried it nose in a furrowed field five mile north of ber yesterday. Three of his compagions died en-route to the hospital and tbree others died In the operating room. The other two players whose condition was described a critical, were Ivan Wooley, 25-year-old captain of the team, and Al Silver-thorne. 29, who suffered frcture of the irm" nd legs. Condition of the other five survivors: Bruce Dodd.

19, a plyer and brother of Joe Dodds. one of the player victims, Internal injurle but reported recovering. Hugh Penwarden. player, unconscious, probable brain concussion. George Wilson, 33, manager of the team, not critical.

Allan C. Samson, personal representative of th mayor of Winnipeg, not critical, Lauder Phillips, player, s'chatch-ed and dazed. The dead: J. H. Brien of Minneapolis, owner of the plane: Alvie H.

Hake. 2S, of Windom, Minn, pilot, H. Eggens of Hendricks, Minn, T. Bonynge of Winnipeg, team business manager, and Joe Dodds and Hike Fhea, both payers of Winnipeg. LEAPS TO SAFETY AS TRAIN STRIKES CAR pedal Ik Mar BVCTRL'S, April 1 David Graham, a mail carrier.

Jumped from his car a few seconds before It was struck by the eastbound Broadway Limited and carried 800 feet up the track last night at 8 35 at the Sears street croslng. The car staged as Graham drove en the tracks. He leaped from the car and turned, to see tt picked up on the tender and strewn along the track. The train was delayed an hour while th wreckag was cleared; awj-. 0 'J'HE STAR'S next serial story, a thrilling mystery romance, by an author who has written numerous popular novels, relatr-s how chance brought Sue Tally and Jim Sundean to the same eerie hotel in a provincial French town.

An elusive, phantom danger drove Sue to Sundean with her pitiful plea for help and from then on there gurged about them terrifying, threatening Over it all watched the rold, black, staring eyes of Pucci, the white cockatoo, awaiting the fateful moment to strike. First Chapter To Appear in The Star Monday.

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