Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 16, 1956 · 1
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 1

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 16, 1956
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2 WlATKDl Mjp, P.ot ; "HI tomorrow, uttlt K-o i .perjure, Low tonjjht ! '' m liEX DAILY- lanche A-va .r- A mud slidt knocked tht home of Mrt. Rains Deal In North Avalanchaa of mud battered aa Oakland home and eighth llaria County to b:t-yesterday but threat of greater property ku teemed gone today with fair tkiea over almoat all of North ern California, The U A Weather Bureau predicted two dare of blue tide in the wake of fa itorm that made this the wettest winter in Oakland's history. Aa Northern California dried eut from a weekend drenching More Ftoee! Stories and Pictures ' Faoes and 17. of four inches of rain, these were the developments: 1-Some 1,550 persons, almost all of them victims of the. December floodsf fled their homes m the Tuba City ana as an army worked around the clock to shore the battered, soggy emergency levee around the Shanghai Bend break which re' eeived a one-two Dattering from the heavy rain and the suddenly swollen Feather River. ; tSOt FLEX AGAIN . S Another 1,500 persons In hard-hit Humboldt and Del Norte Counties interrupted their' cleanup of December damage to flea again as the. Klamath, Eel, So Say SENATOB KEFAUYE1 believes his chances are better at Chicago this time: i 1 have been assured by aev ' eral ' influential Democratic leaders that they win not place any hurdle in' my way at the convention this year." ALBERT SL COLE, VS. Housing Administrator proclaiming "Home. Improvement Year" for middle-age dwellings: , We have, been letting a vast national asset depreciate." BILLY GXAHAM, as he left ew.yprk for a month in India am not going for any po- Stical reasons ar to get in-' solved in politics. I will simply' talk about the love of God." TEXA NOETKiOST, 8123 Doneaster Place, Oakland, who: with her son Stephen, 7, nar rowly escaped when a slide crashed around her home: - s "It came down with a row that aounded like a Jet plane." TH2 NIWS MTK , WEE STNTIIETIC JlOOIf A seaa-aaada aatelffia will pfj Tkreagh vpper rtachea af the Wkfle poets say, "Tea MoaaJetl Ahevs the trysts af pint-eiie . A, ,IM , in ,J 77.m ,!,, i,,.',,!!,,!,." h ' " ' ' ' " V"1" i 1 . , lliit-i, W1, , , , n ,',,.., , , ill..." . i ,' ' ' . , v , 1 1 51 1 Oakland 7 - - v : - ri iiiiiiitii rim . viiiriaii . . . wiie viili iiitei run . , jiiiiiia'intf u at - taitiaa naviat t(X DAILY Calif. Mad and Smith Rivers and Red wood Creek went spilling out of their banks, gushing over flood stage but not reaching the record depths of last month. 3 In Oakland, one home was destroyed and in Bolinas, Marin County, eight were wrecked as sodden hills crumbled, sending walls of mud slithering through walls and foundations; scores of other Eastbay and Marin County homes were damaged, roads were blocked by cascades of muck and roads were flooded and blocked yesterday. 4 At Alvarado, Alameda Creek tried this morning to stage a repeat of its multi-mil lion dollar damage spree of three weeks ago and battered west of Marsh Road, ftoverins . three-square block region with a lake a foot deep.. iSee Pagejl). FIVE FEARED DEAD 5 Although as many as five persons may be dead, the worst of the threat seemed over today with the break in the weather and a chance for the entire north state area to dry out The weekenu storm the same sort of tropical disturbance that caused upwards of $175,000, 000 property damage Christmas Continued Page 7, CoL 1 If thart's any news abevt Graca KeOy, I want H. If mare's JwW pontics, bo." WHERE TO FIND IT Bridge Scares . . , - U Csaurches iii; IS OasBuled IS Cemift ..-- Craaswari Fassle Editarial- 12,11 ... IS ... M ... is Fhtaactal ' Caroeas ..... Genldlaa n GHa aad Bear It,.. ..... Is That S .............. Martha Lear Mary Margaret lIcBrMe. Eadia sad TV .......... is xs 11 u 1 Sadety sad daks Sparts ........... Theaters ..... Tarte Wlggflr Vitals Havoc .tf 9 &XTTPa r m ' ioi! l i u m ai lilt m mjT0 iwi mm ir i VI IV.1UU VV 'Jv j It-: 1iM'i "-HP Vera Jane Nordquist 25 Clash Marks s SI. Hearing Caryl Chessman's hearing for a, writ of habeas corpus. in an effort to save him from" the gas Chessman chamber for' the seventh tiineP"! nd murder of Steph-j opened today in Federal District Court in San Francisco with dispute between Chessman's lawyers and attorneys for the state. .. Georie T. Davis, one of Chessman's lawyers, objected when Deputy State Atty. Gen William Bennett moved for the admission as state w-counsel of J. Miller Leavy, deputy district attorney of Los Angeles Leavy prosecuted Chessman in his original trial. Davis said Chessman's charges! against Leavy were of such serious nature that it would raise ethical as well as legal problems if Leavy is allowed to join the state side. He noted that Leavy is to be called as an ad verse witness. - jc:;wf NO AUTHORITY CITED Bennett replied r'that Davis had cited no legs authority for barring Leavy and said he needed,. Leavy's presence to as sist the state in preparation of its defense against Chessman s appeaL Judge Goodman agreed with Bennett, saying he knew of no rule to bar the state from having Leavy as a co-eounseL and overruled Davis. The judge denied a request by Davis that the shorthand notes of Chessman's original trial be photostated at government ; tx- pense. - . Goodman also retracted his order of last week which de clared Chessman a pauper. He noted -that 100 had been deposited with the court clerk for payment of the cost of Chess-man's appeaL "Thereiore, Chessman is .no longer a pauper," the judge said. "He has some funds. Chessman, . wearing a gray flannel suit, a white shirt and a neat patterned, tie, sat un shackled at the counsel table with Davis and his other attorney, Rosalie Asber. - . Chessman, 34, was manacled hand and foot when he arrived at the court in the Post Office Building. ZS WITNESSES said 'he may call as1 many as 23 witnesses, Including Chessman. Bennett said the state will call only four ar five witnesses. ' - If Judge Goodman grants the writ, the State may appeal the decision or ' rearrest Chessman and order a retrial on the 17 (charges of kidnaping) robbery. sex perversion, attempted rape! nd grand theft against him. If convicted agamThe could not be sentenced so death. The law under which he was fchanged to eliminate the death lucuiucu rwm toenalty. - - ItTAIlltMIt OAKLAND, CALIfORNIA, feet downhill t 6123 Donoster Place yesterday. Hove Says Abbott Naiurai Gas Was 'Brainwashed' frileFW By BILL STOKES and Defense Atty,.- Harold B. rnembers of the Berkeley Police Department Inspectors AVE. Riedel and Charles W. 0Meara and Dr. Douglas Kelley, police psychiatristof Abbott tn their efforts to get anie cryan. Abbott s mother, Mrs. Elsie Abbott, and his brother, Mark, listened to the final phases of the defense summation from ront-row seats as Hove bitterly denounced the Berkeley police interrogation of Abbott, praised defense witnesses- and ham mered at the theme of a "reason able doubt of Abbott's guilt.- HOURS OF QUESTIONING . "They questioned " and con tinued to question many, many hours without getting any ex planation from Burton Abbott,' he told the jury of seven men and five women. And, why? Because an inno cent man can't give an explana tion," he asserted. Using the football expression. "when in doubt, punt," Hove charged that Abbott was accused of the crime because the prose cution "had to get someone on the hook." Hove said he expected to . use the entire day in concluding the defense's final argument, begun late Thursday by Chief Defense Counsel Stanley D. Whitney. ASSAILS flR. KIRK As Whitney did, Hove was ex pected to concentrate his at tack today on the prosecution testimony of Dr. Paul L. Kirk, which 'linked hair end fiber particles in Abbott's auto . to Stephanie s hair and for the gar ments she was wearing when she disappeared on April 28. The U.C. crime sleuth also matched clay .samples from AbH bott's boots with clay from nine inches down in Stephanie's grave.,.,.:. .,... ; If Hove completes the defense summation today, Dist Atty. J. Frank Coakley will trke the floor at the start of the court session tomorrow to present the prosecution's final closing argument -1 COAKLEY BOOSTS TIME uoaxiey aiiirst indicated hisJtee summation would require only one day. But after listening to Whitney's broad attack on prose cution witnesses and evidence. he boosted the estimate to two! days. The district attorney said to day that if he begins his summa- Ceatmaed Page B, CaL 1 CASH FOR RIIYilS ANswn orrpAGE a New$220 Doubft Dividend Jingle in Tomorrow's TRIBUNE IIUIT . 117 MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 1 iui 1 13 -1 HA VELOCX HUNTER Hove today accused three rnrtinwaMng' burton W. mm to confess to me kia- Hoover Urges Plan to Ease s WASHINGTON, Jan, 1S-W Former President Herbert Hoover today renewed his pro posal for an administrative Vice President in the face of a luke warm White House reception and outright opposition fromi Harry S. Truman. . The 81-year-old Hoover testi fied he was certain "these dis sents are based upon misimpres sions" of the proposal. He added he would "certainly welcome any other effective methods" to reduce the Presidential work load. Hoover appeared before a Senate government operations subcommittee as it started" a search for wcys of lightening Presidential burdens as the aftermath of President Eisen hower'l heart attack last Sept. 124 There has been some specula tion that Eisenhower's, decision on whether to run again might be partially influenced by the extent to which the duties could be lessened. But Sherman Adams, the President's chief deputy, wrote Subcommittee Chairman Kennedy (D. Mass.) "While the experience of this Administrationhas not brought to light such question! requir ing the services, of an Administrative Vice President such as suggested by President Hoover, yet I know of no objection which we woultd have if the Congress should decide to make such an office available to. the. President for his use." Hoover was the first witness callffd bv Kennedy's mhenmmit. Outch Prince in LA. LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1-A Prince Bernhard of the Nether lands arrived tost night for what he ' described., as an unofficial visit and conferences with off icials of - Douglas and Lockheed aircraft companies. Ike Burden 195$ 1 . w 1 1 WdkUdi iu r y xSi fe'-iirtSf1 i""'"" This photo, taken in the WASHINGTON, Jan. IMfi The fiirtvmajtf legislative battle of the Senate's present session gets under way today en a House-passed bill to exempt. natural gas producers from di rect federal regulation. ' The big. argument Is- over whether the . measure would jump the price paid by gat consumers. Opponents of the bill say it would; supporters say it wouldn't ' . Spokesmen for both sides predicted the- debate would last for three weeks or more. BolhiDemocratic leader Lyn don B-Johnson of Texas and Republican leader William F. Knowland of California are numbered among the bill's iup-i Dorters and they nredicted its enactment- . . r ABOUT EVEN But Senator Monroney (D, Okla), floor manager of the measursaiJL the senators appeared to 'fir so closely divided that the fieht "could ba won or lost" in the floor debate. Sen ator Doua-las (D.I1I ), a leader of the opposition, said the line up seemed to be "about even. The House passed tne meas ure last year by a narrow 209 203 martin. Senator Potter (K., alien) mm yesterday the gas producers are spendinc "millions I collars lohhvinff for the measure, out Senator Fulbright . (D.. Ark.) J debatinf the issue with him on a CBS radio show, called that an "unworthy" assertion " Potter said that in his right years in Congress he had never hf ore. seen such pressure as be declared Ss being exertedon members of Congress to pass the exempting legislation. FAVORS CONSUMERS Fulbright said the measure fa "primarily for the long-term protection of the consumer, and contended there still wouw be mdirecKTf ederal control over the prices paid to gas pro ducers. T On the eve of V9 debate. Douclas asked major -as, pro duct t companies for informa tion on their sales, profits, and taxes for the last five years Samish 'Sick Man Attorneys declare Arthur . BL Ssmish was pic tured as a "sick and broken man" by his attorneya today, asi they moved ia FedaaMCourt for probation or rtduaion of the former liquor lobbyist's prison term for income tax evasion. The arguments ' ware taken udder advisement by Federal (Judge a D. Hamlin, who gave indication when ha would in tonoress if . ;ll20r SUNDAY 1 I'l iriill-1Wi nil iilrilill II MIlWlnl - rein, how how mud flowed across read. Balanced Budget Submitted by Ite ' By RANK 0YXIEN - - " ! 1 , WASHINGTON. ' Jaru 15 -UB President Elsenhower today gent Congress a balanced budget for tht new fiscal year oroposujff t rise of Ispendiiig. Hsvaaidtha blwr offset by an expected curab Elsenhower's budget also anticipates as he bad aid in his State of the Union message earlier this month that the Government will wind up the current fiscal yesr, ending next June 30, in the' black. This is because revenues are running ahead of expectations due to the general prosperity in 1858: . SURPLUS ESTIMATED Here art the President's over all figures. Spending in this fiscal year to be $84,270,000,000 and -income $6500,000,000, with a surplus for tills vear of S230.00O.OOO. Spending in. the new fiscal year, ending in mia-iM J, to e $65,858,000,000 and income $68,- More Budaat Storlas r Paget' 2 and 1. 300,000.000, leaving a surplus of, $435,000,000. - - The massive fiugres got mixed reception in Congress. By and larse- Republicans j tended to stress the balancing of" outgo with income --something the Government has achieved in lonly three-years out of the last 25; On the Democratic side, com ments ran more toward point ing at the proposed increase 4n spending. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENT For example, , House - COP leader Martin (Mass.) said that "for the first time in almost a decade the American ' people have been presented with, a bal anced budget. This is a major achievement for President Eisen hower, the Administration and our taxpaying public. We 'can all be proud of the accomplishment But Chairman Cannon (D Mo.) of the House Appropria tions Committee said he i "astonished at increases in so many items. . , Cannon said members of Con gress had hoped for a "retrench- tlment" which would pave: the way iui iu,, nm ,uucu. , "It is evident new that any surplus will not . be brought shout by. sny ssvmg in the national budget but through the enormous increases in revenues. Irs easy to charge and ac- euse, he said.' -"but irs an other thing to prove iV This Is extremely difficult to prove, and they can't do H-" Rep. Taber of Few : YorkJ senior Republican on Catmea'slgoa ia up to Harvey Y. Higley. . Csatiaaed Page A, CaL 1 BUDGET AT - Budget estimates for tht year ending June 30, 1355-1 Incomt .;;.;: H500.000.0CO Outgo : . , 6i27O,C00,C0O Surplus ............ Yetrend debt ..... . eaaaa EDITION H : ' " NO. 1 6 n JMMt !!! ---- -''v - i irAtm kr akrt a. ituM 1 iwoo,oug.oua W covernmem . spending would ba more than in revenue. $1,000,000 for. , BayHojpifal Site Survey , v The nvf Presidential budget I calls for an approsriation off about $1,000,000 to . start the i first engineering survey for a i site for the long-proposed new Veterans Administration hospital. possibly in. Contra Costa County, as a replacement for the outmoded Oakland VA Hospital - , - :- Three s sites ' In ' the Orinda Moraga-Lafayetta triangle area were suggested last 'July follow ing a tour of the, area by Dr. W. S. Middleton. the VA's . chief . medical director. . Each of the sites, whose Iocs- ' tions were not Teveaied, are of: about 80 acres in extent. The old 750-bed hospital in ' the former Hotel Oakland at 1 13th and Alice Streets was ruled . outmoded early last year by the : House yeterans' Affairs Com-; mittee. It will be replaced by a; 500-bed or larger general medi-' cat and surgical hospital. i $4452l,aoe COST. , : President Eisenhower t a 1 d ' ' Congress that veterans pro- grams wiU cost $4,850,220,000 ia 1956-57. . - That is an Increase of about $86,000,000 over, this year's ssth. ; mated expenditures. . . V The President's total for the fiscal year starting July 1 in dudes $53,000,000 for construe tion and improvements at Yet- ; eraaa Administration establish- ments, to which would be added some $400,000 previously .appropriated bat not expended. . A VA spokesman said 529,000 af this new money would : finance the first phase af eon-. structioa of a replacement hos- pital at Downey, HI, -and pro - vide technics 1 services for. proposed new SOO-bed hospitals. at Oakland, Jackson, Miss, Washington, and Cleveland. The four new. hospitals would ri place existing ones. . ? HA5TIXAL SAT , Decision as to the sit seleo' Csntlaaed Fare 1 CoL 1 A GLANCE $ 230.coo.coa aa AArt f r1 1- u t i,'J'. iff . 4' .. i, f ft i t? v. v -levers."' - - - i-J ACK BURROUGHS Yeaflte,'.. . Flctara .aa foga I render a decisioB. i ,

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