The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania on September 15, 1939 · 17
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The Call from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania · 17

Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1939
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THE CALL - SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA. - FRIDAY, SEPT. 15, 1939 SCHUYLKILL HAVEN BOROUGH UTILITIES SUPPLEMENT PAGE NINE to In The Growth Of TheSch.liavcnBorough Gas & Water Dcpts. S , 1 ' (Continued from Page One i Gas & Water Company, anil it was de- proceedings, as they relate to Water anil , cided by Council not to accept the con-Water Sources. ! ditions imiosed by the Court in contin-April 8, 1SS4. The report of the Gas uing the injunction, namely : that the and Water Committee was to the effect ! Borough file its acceptance or agreement that the Gas & Water Company now j to pay a water rent at a rate of !M1 offered to bring the water into the Bor- " c" ' . ough provided the Borough would pay S500 per year and the said company A. committee of four was appointed to see the P. & K. Co. as toj whether the Borough could not get a would place 25 lire plugs at a rental of! ease to get water from the Tumbling $20 per year. Accepted, with the un- Bun Dam. 1 KffiSSH -'"amm I 9 I ft .1 I ported Water Company seems to be m 11 1 M M M M making effort to secure water. Company, V S A I m WL1tw I 1 however, had been notified iu reference LP IV III II I I lfV I I I I II tu improving conditions and furnishing III I llV JII U ff LI I more water ; that unless action were tak- w r - ' v en, the Council would institute suit Bring Suit Against Water t onioanv Nov. 1!)13. Solicitor instructed to pro- ( ceed against Water Company to compel; them to give an adequate supply of water. ! Xov. 1014. ' Water Committee empow-1 ered to incur any expense necessary to properly present the case against the Water Company, for an adequate sup ply of water, to the Public Service Commission of Pennsylvania. June 7, 1915. Solicitor reported the order of the Public Service Commission was that the Gas & Water Co. provide an additional supply of water; that they ' keep open the valve installed for the purpose of reducing the pressure iu the main line and that they do not reduce the How of water from the reservoir to the Borough; that they extend the 8-inch supply main pipe from Main and lock Street to the central part of Fair-mount Addition ; to keep under all ordinary conditions, the gate valve on the 8-inch mam supplying the Borough VfIJ,IAM II. MELLON. Dec'd. with water from Panther Creek, wide derstanding that the company provide a Mar. 1SUU. feuit between tne ijas s for more tlian 40 years connected in an open ; to place two recording pressure a,,rmlv of water sufficient and that they, Water Co; and the Borough for back in. th n Water, gauges: to build a fence around the , an,.,Hnfr tn for '2M. ; :- I 1 I t COUNCILMAN EDWARD SHAKIDAN 1920-1925 and 1933-39 Present Chairman, Gas St Water Com. begin work at once. Nov. 11, 1884. Permission was grant- water rent amounting to $780 for 2 years, was compromised and settled for $375, provided the Borough enter into ed the Schuylkill liaven uas water --;another agreement for 28 water phi; to open the streets of bcnuyiKiu tiaven . at M per year to lay the water mains. j May 1890. Water business be sub- Dept. of the Borough of Schuylkill Haven reservoir. frtf tho rVkinmieQinn tn nnnlir tn tho At. ine joKer in me auove onier oi uieltorn(J General to take such action f t H i,,ffi Public Service Commission, was that the I against the Company as the facts would pany for furnishing impure ad insuth-1 S((i(1 commission did not have any power ; warrant cieut supply of water. j r auth0rity to enforce its orders.) , T . . . u , Oct. 10, 1910. Solicitor reported that, ,, ,q13. Solicitor was instructed fa.n- ? 1919' A mg before the Dec. 1S84. Mr. McGoey stated by all mitted to the people at an election to I he, with the Water Committee, had a to draw a petition to the puhiic Ser-. "uu'"- oerv commission was aiiena- ho hW .Time lO mppt ni w th officials of the P. & K. U. I ;:: i.: . . ..t... "y a numoer oi citizens. At tnis " a - - - ; vice ijiuiutDOLUu aamug Liir 111 i i cuiuiix , . , ( . , , July 1890. Kesuit ot special election & i. lo on June 10 for an increase of indebted- Borough appearances the Gas & Water Company would lay the water mains through their part of town, therefore, the citizens in that neighborhood requested fire plugs. This made quite a discussion. A motion of Mr. Quinn, to have two water plugs in their neighborhood, was lost a vote of 5 to 8. The motion to give them one plug carried. Jan. 1885. Committee appointed to investigate why the Water Company is ot laying water mains in all the streets as promised. The Schuylkill Haven Gas & Water Company was organized during 18t5 and 1800. They were granted a charter by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1866. , in reference to supplying the their order againKt the Gas & Water Co.1 faring testimony was introduced by the with water from Tumbling Hun,, N()V m5 Communication from the, aler Company to the effect that two Public Service Commission was read in was: yeas, 121. ana nays, z-m. or it they wouia sell Tumbling itun. ine (Just what amount of loan the election j Company would not build a line to was held for, does not appear in the! Schuylkill Haven, but would be willing minutes, nor does the exact purpose for to. sell water to the Borough if the Bor-which the election was held receive any i ough would build a pipe line. That the comment in me;. uuuiiiuuy wumu uuuu a piye . j,e Commission did not feel it isov. 4, loi. ine erection oi a muni- j tne tiams ana iurnisn tne water irom iue advisable to undertake to enforce of the requirements imposed on it by the cipal water plant was discussed and it '. stream, erecting a temporary reservoir, was decided to hold a Citizens' Meet- until all the present boathouses would ing in Metamora Hall, to discuss the, be taken away, when a permanent res-subject, ervoir would be possible and could then On Jan 7, 1902, an article of agree- be used. Borough authorized employment ment between the Borough and Benj.! of an engineer to determine the cost of Shappel was read for the purchase or a pipe nut io luiuuuus uu. 8 or 10 acres of his property, including i Almost Built Water Dam Work on the reservoir was started im-j the water rights for establishing a Bor- Dec. 1910. Report of Water Commit- ough Water Works; price to be $3,000, debtedness $38,000 for purpose of erect-j vote of 509 to 90. Bonds issued car ried 3 interest. Apr. 7, 1903. Engineer Frank Clemens reported probable cost of building a small reservoir on Shappell tract and laying 10-inch pipe to intersection of Main and St. John Street would be $20,500. mediately, as was also the work of lay ing the piiie from the reservoir in Panther Valley, three miles northwest of Schuylkill Haven, into the town proper. This work was finally accomplished anil on Thursday, June 25, 1885, water was turned into the water main. (Extract from History of Schuylkill Haven, by G. I. Bensinger). Dec. 1, 1885. Bill from the Gas & Water Company was again before Council, also a letter from their Solicitor in regard to the bill, claiming Council should pay the bill and promising that they would connect the water to the West Ward as soon as navigation closed. Sept. 1887. Permission granted to the Economical Water Company, composed i i-itizens of Schuylkill Haven, to use ajiid occupy the streets to lay water -nuins and pipes. j ,,Sept. 26. 1887. Council, on motion, j Kv 'animously resolved not to pay the , wnter rent owing to tne EicnuyiKiii na-ven Gas & Water Co. Jsov. 1.887. G. H. Gerber. the Solicitor, I,!.. IiwiicHirat-wm Stiff, t-ho Villi, 1- itv of the charter of the Schuylkill Ha-! water was very scarce and as a precau-ven Gas & Water Company, showed that. "' they hail shut off the water for the Company was incorporated in the j eral n'Kbts Ullt ha'' th P",nPs work-venr 1866 That there was nothing done! ",K- i.-nri! 1880 or 1881, when they commenc-! Oct. 1908. I'roposition made to the ed to make regular reports and paid tee showed the estimated cost of water nlnn 4- (3t,,nnll'. txonf n h. ttrll Proposition of increasing Borough in- ; eCt- - ,tt!ifVU 1 1 - Jov! , r , . , I UUllC TUlMmi KUIicurt vi v ini i ,ng a aier ' and that during the next 30 years, the earned at the March 1902 election, by . f . ;rjWIIIII gals. That the Tumbling Bun water shed could furnish this amount. Com- j mittee reported that the Schuylkill Hu-1 ven Gas & Water Co. would build a 10- ' ; . . 1. 1 : o : . ... ..... . .ui i I tuuiic oervice voiuuiissiou, io uroviue which it was stated that until the legis-l .... i . , j- lation questioning its constitutionality, i "J .e., . u.B- u j- j i. i . B'ng of Artesian Wells and the building as embodied in the appeal now before, . . ,. . ., . . y. sm. r,,rf o ot storage dam would entail a cost of ' " 1 . ..... -" - - 1 ' " " v. v . . . (wvn 'r. . : . . i i i . show the Company was not in a financial condition to do so. Witnesses for the Borough testified as to the water conditions here. Officials of the Company notified the Solicitor that they would be willing to sell the Company "j property and holdings either to the Borough or individuals. Schuylkill Ha- its orders on the ven Gas & Water Co. March 1916. Agreement of compromise between the Borough and the Gas & Water Company, was made, March 27, 1911, in which rates for water were fixed for a neriod of five Years and the Company agreed to erect an intake dam i Ae T BuT Out Water Company o . l?n on1 incf.,11 .. 1 at Hummel's Run and to install a pipe line from Hummel's Run to the Panther ("reek dam, and if the intake flow from Hummel's Run is not sufficient, to extend a pipe line to a stream known as the Borgenbach Run. also in Wayne Twp. December, 1917. The Solicitor reported the Superior Court of Pennsyl vania had quashed the appeal On April 7, 1919, it was agreed that the Borough of Schuylkill Haven agreed to purchase and the Gas & Water Co. agreed to sell the property of the Water Co. at a price to be agreed upon as the result of an inventory made by engineers or appraisers, one to be selected by the Borough, one by the Water Co. and one by the Public Service Commission. The AVater Co. had. months be- ! f,l-o ut;lt"0,l if n'lltild tint call f(,i laca ;..!, ,; v.,. 'i,,m;,,.t T!,,r, ' of the Schuvlkill Haven Gas .t Water l...r tL tc .i.i , increased' Co. from the order of the Public Service1 tQa" $150,000 and that if the apprais- from 30 to 100. Compared with the j Commission. This meant that the or-tiat service rate at present, the increase 1 der of the Public Service Commis- Oct. 8, 1900. A special meeting of the t would be from $15 to $26.25 per year Council was called to discuss the water question ill general. It was reported from numerous property-holders that the water was shut off during the night. Mr. Aldrich. Supt. of the Water Plant, j stated the Council was misinformed on j that question. He stated that when the I Sharadin fire broke out. the water was i not shut off and that the object of his i assistant going to the water dam was S to start the pumps. As to the Hoffman I fire, he stated that about that time the for a family of five persons. family now paying $7.00, the would be several hundred percent. Com- j forced. sion as embodied in the report For a ' t the Solicitor under date of June 7, : irviK i . , increase "i"-, as auove wriueu. was ro ne en State tax, but paid no attention to the new Constitution of 1874, which declared all charters invalid that were incorporated before said time, unless renewed. Solicitor said he felt sure the Su- Schuylkill Haven Gas & Water Co.. that the Borough would lease their Water Plant to said Company for a number of years, provided they would give the Borough water for their fire plugs free. Oct. 19, 190S. pany would also cut off Payne s Dam '. The Borough Solicitor on Dec. 3rd, from water supply. The engineer re-1 1917, in his report in connection with the ported the Borough could build its own j above reimrt concerning the opinion hand-water system anil maintain it at the - ed down by the Superior Court, stated he present rates now charged by the Schuyl-1 did not believe the Company was in a kill Haven Gas & Water Co. The en- j financial position to abide by the orders gineer did not recommend the building : of the Commission. of a municipal plant in opposition to the gpt. 1!)18 lu refel.em,e to the water present company, excepting as a last filmiue it was reported that a visit to resort. Engineer stated the town is not , the water reservoirs showed that the large enough to sustain an independent ,;. i,. m,,.,. . .l,.,. company operating a municipal system. Council decided to draw up an ordinance submitting the question of increasing the Borough indebtedness to an amount suffi-: cient to build its own system. ers appraised it at a higher value, they would agree to sell for $150,000. It was also stipulated iu the agreement, signed by the Borough before the Public Service Commission, would issue a certificate evidencing its approval of the purchase anil the sale, that the Borough would make improvements within two years to the amount of $25,000. Above agreement executed June, 1919. Feb. 1920. Solicitor was instructed to ask the Public Service Commission to issue an order to the Schuylkill Haven Gas & Water Co., to start pumps and keep them going until the Borough has a sufficient supply of water. Mar. 1920. Special AVater Committee reported the Appraisal Board had determined upon a price of $175,000 for the AVater Property. Public Service Commission directed AA'ater Co. to place in operation both of its pumping stations at once. April 1920. Mr. Gannet, the engin- AA'ater Company made Iireme Court would declare the charter i two propositions : First, that said Com- lnvahtl. pany would pay the Borough o on all Jan. 1SSS. Special committee report- money invested. Second, that they would ed they would not enter into an agree- lease the Borough-Shappel water tract ment with the company for water until! for fifty years and in return give all the company would produce the old agree-1 water for fire plug service free, ment. j Aug. 2, 1909. Special committee and Dec. 1888. Solicitor explained the de- solicitor authorized to bring suit against cision in the injunction suit with the Schuylkill Haven Gas and AA'ater Com- ! eer employed by the Borough to repre- Solicitor reported the Pub- sent it on the Appraisal Board, made a Company was pumping at the reservoir, but not at Hummel's Run ; that the Puhiic Service Commission hd been notified of the situation and that they take the neccessarv steps to have the Town meeting was held on Feb. 9 to' Company comply with the 'orders of the discuss the water question and the i Commission. I special election. : jw iqie New Sources of Water lie Service Commission, under date of, lengthy report to the Council as to how Mar. 1911. AA'ater Company procur- j Nov. 12, had sustained the complaint of j the price of $175,000 for the property ed two new sources of water, namely : the j the Borough against the AA'ater Co.,' for was arrived at. He stated it would cost Borgenhack and Hummel Run streams. ! not complying with the orders of the . about $300,000 to rebuild the plant. In Council decided to accept the agreement Commission. That the fines imposed on , taking inventory, depreciation was fig-of the Water Company, but on April the AVater Co. for one month were $1500. ured upon the basis of the life of 8- o, 1911, a reference in the minutes was; lhat the Company would forfeit a pen-to the effect that the agreement of the i alty of $50 a day from Sept. 1, for every AVater Company had not been signed. day until the orders of the Commission Aug. 7. 1911. AA'ater Committee re- j are carried out. The next step would be valves, 45 PROGRESS is made as silently as the passage of time, and time passes so swiftly and silently itself that only a pause at a great milestone shows clearly how great are the advances made in a few years. As this is an occasion to celebrate a Half Century of Progress in the growth of the Schuylkill Haven Borough Electric Light Plant, this Firm considers it a fine opportunity to extend.... Sincere Congratulations men pipe being 8o years years ; meters, 25 years. Order Water Company Purchased Apr. 1920. On motion of Edward Sharadiu and Walter Bast, the Schuylkill Haven Borough accept the ward of the Board of Appraisers as contained in their report for the purchase of all the property rights and franchises of the Schuylkill Haven Gas & AA'ater Co. July 1920. An ordinance was passed to provide for the purchase of the property of the Gas & AA'ater Company and to issue bonds to provide for the payment of the same ; an ordinance was also passed at the same meeting, to increase ; the indebtedness of the Borough $65,000 i for the purpose of securing an additional AA'ater supply, and to provide for an election to obtain the assent of the electors. July 1920. Solicitor reported Potts-j ville AA'ater Co. had advised him that ' Company was not in position at present I to take on such a large consumer as the I Schuylkill Haven Borough would be. That he had also taken the matter up j with the P. & K. C. & I. Company, iu reference to Tumbling. Run water and that, that Conmanv had stated thev ! would be glad to go into the matter with j the Borough. July 1920. Solicitor reported having j visited the water dam and found as large : a quantity of water running through ! a creek at the lower part of the breast 1 of the dam as was running into the j dam. ' Elect AA'ater Superintendent July 20, 1920. AVilliam Mellon was elected Superintendent of the AA'ater Department and on Aug. 2. his salary was fixed at $2500 on a contract basis of five years. Miss Dorothy Maberry , was elected clerk of the AA'ater Dept. Sept. 7, 1920. An order was drawn for $87.50 to cover the cost of the revenue stamps placed on the AA'ater Bonds. 1 ALUS CHALMERS MFG. CO. -ELECTRICAL MACHINERY- General Offices: Milwaukee, Wis. District Office: Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Oct. 4, 1920. First report of the Gas & AVater Committee showed the gas sales for the mouth to be $1133 and the bills for the month $1260, or a loss of $127. Nov. 1920. Gas & AA'ater Committee reported sales $803. exiienditures $553; profits, $200. Complaints of Consumers From the date on which the Borough of Schuylkill Haven acquired the properties of the Schuylkill Haven Gas & AVater Dept. and up until the time the Schuylkill Haven Borough was connected by special pipe line with the dams of the Pottsville AA'ater Co.. there was ' reported at almost every meeting of the j Town Council, according to the minutes! of the same, one or more complaints I about the insufficiency of water iu this ' or in that part of the town. j It is also very noticeable, from the' minutes, the increased amount of re-1 sponsihility and business which the ae-1 quisition of the AVater and Gas, Prop- j erties placed upon the Councilmen. It is impossible to reprint herewith, the large number of important references to the Gas & AA'ater properties. They show the constant improvement of the said properties, the improved methods of operation, changes in rates for gas and for water, increases in revenue, and so forth. March 1921'. Receipts, $5343. Expenditures. $1070. Gain, $3928. Property Transferred May 2. 1921. AVater Committee or the Special Committee on AA'ater Affairs, reported that the property of the Schuylkill Haven Gas & AA'ater Co. had, on Saturday, been officially and finally transferred to the Borough of Schuylkill Haven ; that the mortgages upon several of the properties had been satisfied, aud that the deeds were recorded for the property and the bonds of the special issue released in payment of the same. June 1921. Special water committee presented the following recommendations relative to the development of the AVater (Continued on Page Ten) MRS. KUSSEL. SNYDER - Chsk Schuylkill Haven Gas & Water Dept. Congratulations To a very progressive Community, having a very up-to-date and complete Electric Light Plant and a careful and trustworthy group of Town Councilmen as business managers of the same! THIS FIRM was happy to furnish the Switchboard, Panels, etc., for the rebuilding program just completed. (See Photo of said Switchboard in another column of this Paper). ROLLER -SMITH COMPANY ELECTRICAL MEASURING AND PROTECTIVE APPARATUS BETHLEHEM, PA. CONGRATULATIONS . . . indeed, are in order to those who in recent years have so efficiently managed the affairs of the Borough Electric Light Plant. AND, at this time, we are not amiss in also paying tribute to the foresightedness of the Councilmen who had faith in the future of this Town, and started what turned out to be a Successful and Important Public Utility. SCHUYLKILL HAVEN PAPER BOX CO. ROY A. SCOTT, SR. - Proprietor MAY WE ADD a WORD of Congratulation on the very unusual success which has marked the operation of our Electric Light Plant! J. F. BAST & SONS Knit Goods SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA. ADDED TO THE LONG LIST of things Schuylkill Haven, Pa., can be truly proud of, is its Electric Light Plant. CONGRATULATIONS upon completing improvements that will provide for even greater growth than before. R. R. STERNER CO. Goodyear Tires and Batteries VULCANIZING BRAKE SERVICE ELECTRIC SERVICE POTTSVILLE - SCHUYLKILL HAVEN

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