Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 14, 1952 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 14, 1952
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1952 Register-News Picture Page *'Wanna ILay a Bet on Who'H Get the High Sign, Miss?' 1 PARTY STRENGTH IN CONGRESS AUTO BUILT BY DAD—David Lee Harris, six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. B, Harris of Peoria, drives it miniature automobile, built by his dull. David Lee IN (he nriir)tlf*on of Elder mid Mrs. P. If. Harris of 210 Hnuth 22nd street, Ml. Vernon, and Mrs. William B. Morton. Mis parents are former residents of Ml. Vernon. David's ear Is gasoline-electric powered, lias three speeds forward nnd three speeds In reverse, eoll springs on all four when!*, hydraulic brakes and slx- elght volt electric system. His father Invented the "starterator" which was used by General Motors on some of their cars. mb-ticr.ttlii,ri30flnuiljili.8mrjtu:, ,;• l -Ciroti! r .icntriiU;U«Jo limr Mlttc- •ct.iiii h!ui imm j.?fr. I onmio tftl nUur Miuiirt rtllfl .munrilfiMi ?n fe5 ;.Tuctiio :K&Uao.i BtiA'.'.Mrriiolitrai.Eo |th<HK:ofTftrf-nt\j,-. IVtijtiC lyuc mil •iml mm |irpij irtttl m fllflfl M unbt fai: mnni[hvB!i^fot %j i 'jnnminfiutolumit'vnjilf .'rfiiiii^ i Rt '.i "i rtrut w 9 . $s\mn ras 1 infill' 'fi!'3R ntf hilhilitdto • 'iCiu: t;i;;i! fhinni qpirrrtjiif tiplmr. ao^f'nriimontiiftiiiutrt 'irv Ijlj.hi ^iro'B ^iJtorSi .hiiidt! f ?fofli' RGlha rau . Sfdiitu i tottirriuiikti: ttlybiwito finii 'mn ;c ;(irf ,)i" tp wiotinCQ'mi: }tft-iint|jtioDi •arljnu cctiftDau ,l»]iwrailiC '-n)io Irolr .rollrncxiQit OlTjif ru«"i. LDmb i^triToortmif' a^ifntnurtjn '.iiu *iu ^niUlocici'-rtj "rtpttaiib'.iriubi" jitttob Dint. : jbtUnoiut:r! c'a«] .njMfuvi pint?] yiUntur mrrati • pfiDrtoi .intiK njititotuf d -itab: rmiurtt itii ^l^ fefttttjii o rf.i u firfin ru u an uuojcttiiotiUiJoiiciiOoi'.iofiia* Tiferr cr )V -'.tl'.mcn rjtiu muVmi' • lr" v " ''".if i!njt,rrf uffhm TIIK MUST PRINTING PRESS. This year marks the 5001 li anniversary of (he printing of the lirsl hook (rum movable Ijpe, the St. -Icromc Latin Vulgate llllile. Famed 11s the father of printing Is Johann Gutenberg nnd for that reason tills llrsl printing ol the Catholle Bible often Is referred to as the Gutenberg Bible. Catholics throughout America are Joiniutt In the 50()lh anniversary celebration of tills printing. The above display show- Ins 11 facsimile of the earliest printing press is superimposed on a page of tile lamed Gutenberg Bible. Tills poster was produced lor the Catholic nhsei \ ance by St. Bonaventlire I nl\erslly, St. Ronnveiiture, New Vurk. WOOD YOU KNOW IT ?-The uHra-modernlstic figures, above, represent a man, left, and a woman, Fashioned from African mahogany, they have been placed on display at the Lefevre Gallery in West London, Ens- land, by British sculptress Barbara Hcpworth. r Do you have a favorite picture of a view In Mt. Vernon or vicinity which you would llko to have published ? If so, send enlarged picture or negative with description to Register-News I'tcturo Page. Editor. All picture.* will bo returned After publication. CONGRESS SENATE (96 SEATS) HOUSE (435 SEATS) 75TH- 1937-8 WON? REP .W #W&*>DEM. 17 ^ V 75 OTHERS 4 REP.W?!»§;.*DEM. 89 ^ * 333 OTHERS 13 76TH- 1939-40 REP.^li^WDEM. 23 v *»* 69 OTHERS 4 REP^'-M^DEM. 169 ^ * 262 OTHERS 4 77TH- 1941-2 REP .^«&A )EM. 28 ^ * 66 OTHERS 2 REP .W «»;AV . DEM. 162 ^ * 267 OTHERS 6 78TH- 1943-4 SEP.WW'WDEM. 38 V 57 OTHERS 1 209 V 222 OTHERS 4 79TH- 1945-6 REP .WlSSjJ ^DEM. 38 ^ *• 57 OTHERS 1 190 ^ ** 243 OTHERS 2 80TH- 1947-8 REP/^ffi 51 OTHE if «SfDEM. • 45 RS - 246 OTH .ffefDEM. ** 188 ERS 1 81 ST- 1949-50 42 ™ ** 54 OTHERS- REP^^DEM. 171 OTHERS , 263 82ND- 1951-2 47 ™ *• 49 OTHERS - REP .^5 f«K* DEM. 199 ™ n 2 35. OTHERS 1 (Figures are for strength at the opening of each O -s) IKE INSPECTS JUNIOR POLICE Gen. Dwight Eisenhower makes traditional Inspection of honor guard lined up as he leaves his special train for a speech at Spokane, Wash., (Oct. G). Guards are members of junior police, a group sponsored by the city police. Mrs. Eisenhower watches Inspection at far left. (AP Wirephoto) "THRILLED TO DEATH"—Mrs. Richard Smith smiles happily as she holds the hand of her three-year-old son, Gary, who can hear and speak nun after liiinj; in a coma since last Aug, 7. The reunion took place (Oct. 6) in a Comalesernt hospital In Springfield, \t. Gary was found In a discarded ice box last August, bis pet kitten clasped in his arms. The kitten suffered no 111 effects but Gary had been In a deep coma until Oct. 5, when he spoke to his father. He still I* in u light coma. A spokesman at Mary Hitchcock hospital In Hanover. N.H., where Gary slept day after day, said the child came out of his "deep stupor" 10 days ago. (AV Wirephoto) NICE PICKINGS -Clif f ord Peterson, 19, thinks that double handful of money feels nicer than any cotton he 's ever handled. Clifford won the $1000 first prize at the 13th annual National Cotton Picking Contest at Blytheville, Ark. 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1951 1952 MONUMENTAL DEBT— Newschart above traces the ups and downs of the national debt from 1910 through the peak fiscal year, of 1952. As the black line that scales the Washington Monument I indicates, the trend has been mostly up since 1930. The only, | exception is the slight dip of about $2 billion In fiscal 1951. J PER CAPITA DEBT If you were kicky enough to be living in 1910 your share of the national debt was only a paltry $12 41 As Newschart above shows, your share of th§ burden has grown through the years until today you shoulder a $1649 93 load, tf it's any consolation, that's $3.44 less than you owed last year, and $46 68 less than the peak year of 1950. THERE'S LESS THAN MEETS THE EYE— Something new in convertible, dual-purpose sports •lothes for men was recently unveiled by a London tailoring firm. At leit, a model displays chat looks like a conventional, full-length, belted sports jacket The revolutionary part of the iesign is revealed at right, where the skirt of the coat, attached by a slide fastener, is being re- noved, The resultant short "battle jacket" is suitable for golf and other activities which a full- 'ength coat might hinder. Slide fastener is completely hidden from sight under the belt AMONG "MOST WANTED" —John Joseph Brennan, above, has been placed on the list of the nation's "Ten Most Wanted Criminals," according to the F.B.I. Brennan, who is said ,to have boasted that he will "never be taken alive," is sought for questioning in connection with the armed robbery of a bank at Lyons, 111., on August 1st of this year. ATTORNEY GENERAL SWINGS—Francis E. Kelly (second from left) attorney general of Massachusetts, a Democrat, got Into a scuffle during a political debate in W'altham, Mass. (Oct, 6) after he challenged hecklers to step forward and identify- themselves. John Marshalk (second from right), 25, a spectator from Newton, Mass., came to the platform and matters got a bit rough. The moderator of the debate, Randolph Webber (left) and a policeman wound up by trying to separate Kelly and Marshalk. (AP Wirephoto) f

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