Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 19, 1964 · Page 20
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 20

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1964
Page 20
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20 FRIDAY ' JUNF - 19 < 1%4 ' Lokt! Chorlcs American Press Area Boatmen Agree, Clay's 1$ the Best Drifting down the river on a Sunday afternoon may sound beautiful in song but it's pretty disgusting when you are drifting because of an undependable outboard motor. Now if you are one who has encountered this problem, you need to pay a visit to Clay's Specialty Service at 907 Shell Beach Drive. Clay's is the dealer for America's most dependable outboard motor, the famous Mercury. On a visit to Clay's you will find exactly the size motor you need. The Mercury line starts with the 3.9 horsepower and goes right on up to the big, powerful 100 horsepower motor. Regardless of the one you choose from Clay's you will find it dependable, long-lasting, beautiful and full of go. Clay's Specialty Service is owned and operated by Mr. nnd Mrs. Clay Pettefer and you will never find better people to trade with. Clay i? a world's record holder in outboard motor competition and he has devoted h i s adult life to boats and motors. From bow to stern, Clay knows boats and motors. When the Pettefers set Up their business 13 months ago, CHILDREN'S SHOE HOUSE—The new Children's Shoe House at 3407 Ryan Street features a complete line of Edwards shoes. Owned and operated by Mrs. Beula White, the store specializes in successful fitting of growing children. In addition to Ihe regular line oi shoes, the Children's Shoo House has a complete stock of orthopedic shoes for children. Edwards has been the favorite shoe of doctors and children for over 60 years. Edwards, the Greatest Name in Children's Shoes for 60 Years, Are Available at the Children's Shoe House at 3407 Ryan St. One of Lake Charles' most Another reason for choosing I as correct fit or proper fit. ' . were determined ^to offer j welrame new businesses is _the | the Edwards' franchise was be- 1 There is no authority that de- the best in service and they em- Children's Shoe House at ployed dependable mechanics in Ryan Street, their shop. 3407 cause it offers a thorough and , lerrnincs what is proper or cor- proveii course in hasic nnd pre- '• rect. erinh'ntl t'itfinp U'liivh \v<'-\ hnnp. "Vli appearance and performance. At the Children's Shoe House at 3407 Ryan Street, you'll find a complete stock of regular and Duke Landry and David Landry arc factory trained mechanics who know how to Owned and operated by Mrs. crintkm fiUing \vhidi w ; !l bene- "Successful fitting" on t h e! prescription footwear that . ...i i, ,' > it •!_!._ *.. I JT tltfl rtllttfl r\ttri Kin i*.i t\ < ' .-, i [-. n .* L. _ « .J _ .. . . i _!__ -I - * . _*^_- _ • ** **" ' ? ueula ,. whilc -. • Shoe Lousc ls Children's ft ( * le child and parent. | other hand more accurately de- TORGINOL FLOORING — Maxine FonJenot, right, and his son Rayburn are shown installing Torginol Flooring in one of Lake Charles' finer homes now under conslruction. The seamless flooring can be installed inside or outside on patios. It is unaffected by weaiher and will resist wear, abrasion and flexing. Always color fasi, Torginol is sound deadening ana resistant to fuel and water. Maxine Fontenot is the dealer in Lake Charles for Torginol. Call him at GR 7-25S6 and let him tell you about tomorrow's floor covering. at peak efficiency. Any time your motor is giving you trouble, regardless of its make, take it to Clay's and let their mechanics put it in tip-lop shape. Clay's is also the dealer for the Thunderbird, Lone Star, Razorback and MonArk boats. All of these boats handled by Clay's are only minutes from the water's edge and set up to go. If you are interested in a boat or motor then drop by Clay's and let them give you a 'demonstration ride in the lake. W1I ^ ^ „ franchised The aim of Mrs. White and the i scribes what parents are look- dealer for the famous Edwards Children's Shoe House is the' ing for when they purchase Children's Shoes, the shoe prc-' "successful fitting" of infants j shoes for the children. To the ferred by children, parents and an .d children in basic or pres-, Children's Shoe House, "sue- i_ _, . rrintinn fnntumnr i /mcrc-fitl firffnn-" o7r.« *-»/•, nn ^ t u rt cription footwear. cessful fitting" also means the who hnvp encountered Mrs. White prefers to use the, child is satisfied for comfort Tnfittiii" their chil- term " success f u l fitting" rather j and growth room and the par- chnp c wTn p.;nM>iallv i than overworked phrases s u c h I ents are satisfied with the shoe's dren with shoes will especially welcome the Children's Shoe House. Edwards, a hallmark of quality since 1900 is THE shoe whether it's a regular Swim at Home in an All-New Pool From Richard's settle for "the best I could do" ; Swimming gets better every | the home or neighborhood to get type shoe because with Edwards day as the days grow hotter, iinto the pool. and the Children's Shoe House j Boy! It's really nice to take there is available what the child a refreshing dip but is so much needs and the parents want. , more pleasure to do it in your The maintenance and operation of the beautiful new FUTURA POOL is less than half I of the conventional pool. J, h is type of,storem, „ A pmate swimming pool Is) Curtis Richard, owner of Hi- Are you the owner of a big! Mrs. White, recognizing the own pool. boat? then go by and talk to ineec * •••-,. j- • , - . e n - • , u i ~-»a *v.v-.. 0 ,u, u»u tl m ju- Clay about installing a new. Lake Cliarlc * as ll j s *e mcdi-; no longer Just for the wealthy.; chard ' s p| umbin g and He ating - 6 ay . s jcal center of Southwest Louisi-j You can enjoy the luxury of a at 29 1 9 Kirkman St., is an - --•-' the Edwards fran- j private pool in your backyard expert at poo , i nsta llation. The Most Modern Floor Covering Is Torgino! And If s Available From Maxine Fontenoi Mercruise in your boat Clay is the exclusive dealer in South- i ana - ** Maxine Fontenot, ahva.v? offering the latest and fir»--t n building '•:n-!r,-~. .--• ;:• • dealer" > !.:-)kf '"'; :-' . .- This modern floor covering provides wall to waJ 5<,-a•:.!-•-; beauty and durability unap- proached by conventional floor coverings. Torgino! flooring product? are trowled on by factory installers over new or existing floors of wood, concrete and most other firm surface-' The seamless flooring will rmt collect dirt, moisture or germs and will resist wear, abrasion plus 'hout cracking. i- » 'ouch and dur- :' i- ! :- U Oil ihi' t'X- kvki^g, terraces and The exterior Torginol repair servkv an idea! way to get all of the minor repairs needed anmnd the house done the (.•;<•>• way. Kvt,T} .me has a tendency to neglect the minor repairs and if The Mercruiser has outboard flexibility and versatility with all of the conveniences of an inboard. One look at the Mer- chise because it is the most complete 'MIC of children's shoes in the world. a re shaped'like the growing foot. The Children's Shoe House carries sizes for infants through youths and growing girls and to achieve "successful fitting" they carry a complete .range of widths from the most narrow to Quad-E. Now if you have a child that ', continually removes his shoes, ! the chances are this child needs j to visit the Children's Shoe j House. The continued removal of shoes by children many times indicate uncomfortable and improper type shoes. This can be easily corrected by a properly trained shoe expert like Mrs. White and her "successfully fitting" of the child. Edwards Shoes are not new to Lake Charles as -thousands of children here have worn the shoes over the past 60 years but the Children's Shoe House is the a . The all-new FUTURA POOLS, ! a product of the International ; If con ,, rfpMld , j first to specialize in children's " " Edwards and the Children's' Swimming Pool Corporation, is ruiumi rww> sur . ... .. „_.., .... Shoe House at 3407 Ryan Street priced to suit every home own- " jse "„"££, ["V^ a matter I orated Children's Shoe House at _ff A 11 l..« nn ~C fnntiimrtt* f/lf PP ' _ "'.-.•' ! Q.lfl7 TJ1 1 n n Cf 'TVlrt ot*. XI/M-V J I low POOLS of "successfully fitted" shoes. The children wi]1 a vWt to the gaily dec- is - SPECIAL Balls by BRUNSWICK Complete "READY TO ROLL" Bowling Supply 177-3700 27X7 Hwy. 11 color fast, sound deadening you have a door lock that does and resistant to fuel and wa- not work, a screen that needs ; ter. repairing or a cabinet door that' This most modern floor cov- need * at ne * ^ e ' Aem Max ' i is available in interior and i ne Fo "L enot s home re P air serv ' ice is the answer. Don't forget, any building or repair needs can be taken care of by Maxine Fontenot. The best recommendation is to ask the person <vhr> has used his home building service and they will tell you he is the finest craftsman m the area. There can ar your also find a complete line of other boating supplies at Clay's Specially Service. Go by Cay's Specialty Service and let them show you how the boat and motor of your choice can be yours on convenient, easy terms. styles and trends to the severe orthopedic needs. on trained commercial grades that require uniy minimum maintenance Cu.-t .Maxiiip Fontenot offers any need you may encounter in home maintenance or building. The fine.M homt-s in Lake . ' ; day at GR7-2596. Charles and Southwest Louisiana have been built by Max- be no fjner recommendat i o n i me Fontenot. If you are plan- than satisfied customers. You: ning a new home then it will j too will sing the priases of Max- j pay you to call Maxine Fonte-1 ine Fontenot once you have seen not because the best doesn't his work. Give him a call to- cost, it pa>s. Another service offered by Maxine Fontenot is a home repair service. Regardless of how small or large a job may be, Maxine Fontenot can take care of it. Housewives have found the SEE MAX FOR HOME BUILDING AND REPAIRS AND GENERAL MAINTENANCE MAXINE FONTENOT Building Contractor GR 7-2596 MERCURY MERCRUISERS SALES & SERVICE LONE STAR - RAZOR BACK - THUNDERBIRD FIBERGLASS BOATS MONARK ALUMINUM BOATS .SKVFR.AL CLEAN I'SED KKiS • Easy Bank Rate Financing • Low-Low Down Payment 5Q SPECIALTY Only Marine Dealer Open 6 Days a Week HE 8-4029 Mmury Dealer 807 Shell Beach Drive We Can Make Your Car Look Like NEW If you have gotten tired of your car, but can't afford a new one. bring U down and let our experts Paint it your chosen color. Free Estimates I AlfF HUARI F^ ALIGNMENT & MiREi UnHlUUCO BKAKB SERVICE 2101 Enterprise Blvd. 439-9465 venient and easy terms by Richard Plumbing and Heating at 2919 Kirkman St. If you are building a new home, wy not in your own private Richard is also the dealer for 3407 Ryan St. The air condi- J ione £ '&&$. ™°™ is designed for tne child and the parents will find the expertly-trained MrSt Whi(e a masH , er ^ .. suc . a complete me of pool sup- cessful , fiui „ tne chnd plies. I vou already have a pool keepinR the y b unqslers happv. " have a new FUTURA POOL in- V»" wjll find everthing you need eluded with your home loan. f ° r cann? for your pool at Hi- With the FUTURA POOL chard s Plumbing and Heating there is no expensive time- consuming excavating. The FUTURA POOL is installed above Heating today at 436-9835 and ground and .should you ever let them deJiver you a season addition to the famous Edwards Children's Shoes, t h e Children's Shoe House at 3407 Ryan St. also carries socks that Service. Call Richard Plumbing and arV shaped" like growing" feet". 100 noo= __j ^ Q t rue .j as t square toed sock will never crowd the toes of the move, the pool can be moved to chemical assortment for your- growing child. your new home. pool. ; Another service parents will There are beautiful models | Water softeners and complete ! find extremely helpful is a rc- of the FUTURA POOL available ' plumbing and healing service ! minder card system that is kept ' from Richard Plumbing a n d Healing. All of the pools have beautiful, long-lasting redwood is of cuursc available at Ri- on each child. The card system chard's. provides a record of the child's 11 you don't have a water suit- "successful fitting," and pro- deck and siding and the con- crier in your home then call to- vides for calling the parents venient fold-up ladder makes it day and let Mr. Richard show when special attention is re- an ideal installation where there ; you how one will save you mon- are children. When the ladder and locked it makes it all but impossible for the small fry in ey. Your savings in soap, de- is folded i tergents, water and clothing will quired at periodic times. Why not end those "children's shoe shopping blues" by going more than pay for your water i to the Children's Shoe House and softener. I having a "successful fitting." come and check the ONLY low priced ilk C0»t{>%ed» 'EN CONOCO <t felid. 43J-S065 Hotted Broad Going $0?.. . CONOCO I DRIVE COOt THIS SUMMER WITH MARK IV $195 AUTO AIR CONDITIONING y Hynorc-d To Coa*t" FENCE SPECIAL 48" Chain-Link Fence Fabric (50' ROLLS) with these BUILT-IN FEATURES: PER FOOT We also have a complete wholesale price on materials for qualified retailers, dealers and contractors. Call HE 6-1306 for Estimate Hercules Fence Co. 3001 Kirkman St. STANLEY'S lUTO PARTS Headquarters THE LARGEST SELECTION OF USED AUTO PARTS IN SOUTHWEST LA. Motors ..... Trontmission. Radiators ... Starters ..... Generators .. Broke Drums Rear Axel Shafts ...... Water Humps Voltage Regulars ... Corbureiori . Brake Shout . Used Tire* .. 4S.OO UP )'.9S up 15.00 up its up 4. 95 up . 5.00 up 5.00 up 2.50 up 2 SO up 3.50 ua 1.95 up 1.95 up Over 4 Acrei Of Used Parti to Chaos* From All Makes and Models Se« "Stan The Ports Man' 1 300 Highway 171 At Ovirpou 433-1086 ICE CREAM • SODAS • SUNDAES • MALTS • SHAKES • BANANA SPLITS OPEN DAILY & SUNDAY, 10 A.M. TO 10 p.M. ICE CREAM PARLOR 1015 Enterprise Blvd. Phone 436-9234 STEEL BRACED REDWOOD CONSTRUCTION VERANDA SUN DECK, 401. FOUR SIDES Built -to Redwood Benches — Sealing for iO Adult* 256 SQUARE FEET OF SWIMMING SURFACE C/iougb Boon To HcM A Faintly S«ia*ning Ucat ONE DAY JN&TAiMTtOM ... MANY MORE PATENTED EXTRA* SUMMER HO MONEY DOWM • 1ST PAYMENT SEPT. 1STH RICHARD PLUMBING & HEATING SWIMMINQ FOOL AND SOW WATER iPCCIAUH* 2919 KIRKMAN 436-9835 SAVE-SPECIAL-SAVE - All PRICES FOB YARD - ix8x'*" Plywood <eood one bide) per slicet 52.46 12/2 Romex— Plastic coated. 250' rolls ........ per roll $8.10 4x8\';" Sheetroc-k (F.O.B. Yard) $54.00 Per M t(ilit.v "iJn Uried Jir ~ 2x4 thru 2*12 8' 16' lengths ................. $85.00 Per M 21"x3:i" Double UoHl White JEoaJnel Siuk ..... ...................... §9-99 Stainless Steel Sink, MW 21" x 22" (Complete with trim) $39.48 Mobile TiUnic Outside White Paint — Fume proof — Mildew Treated Per Gallon ...................... $3.98 3" Fiber Claw iiisulalioo ................... $17.00 per M i point 121-j gauge Heavy Barbed Wire ....... $7.75 per roll BUILDING MATERIALS AT SPECIAL PRICES other items to chouit from at CIS;; & CARRY (.UMBER SALES 1U5 K. Prie« Koud GB 7-1980 Petroleum Flyers OFFERING COMPLETE 24 Hr, Air Taxi and Charter Service — ALSO — AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY FLIGHT SCHOOL GROUND SCHOOL AIR AMBUUNCg F.A.A. APPROVED MAINTENANCE 4 PARTS IERVICB INSTRUMENT COURSE HOT SHOT oet-IVERf IERVICB Petroleum W Flyers 477-7044

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