Express and News from San Antonio, Texas on March 8, 1970 · Page 15
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Express and News from San Antonio, Texas · Page 15

San Antonio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1970
Page 15
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Pag* 1S-A _jggj^*onjoJXPRESS/NEWS--Sundoy, March 8, 1970 What Happened To Bezmenov? CHICAGO DAILY NEWS SERVICE NEW BELHI - A mS'in national secking P °» " TM' ,!ia'c ,. a r i i ,, i . i. _ . ' _ . J . HSVllIm wilh thorn India's c a p i t a l that could be grist for a spy n o v e l i s t is"Whatever happened to Y u r i Gexmenov?" Bezmenov is listed as an em- ploye in the Soviet Embassy's information office. According to the Russians,:he was "net important" and did only "clerical work." Bui, according to Western intelligence sources, Bezme- nov was a high-ranking KGB officer who spoke fluent Hindi and liari been trained for an espionage assignment in India. Early in February, Bczmenov decided lo accompany a friend and his wife from the Soviet Embassy to a local movie. Movie tickets in India have to be tought in a (1 v a n c e but since Bezmenov did not have one, lie told the couple lo go in and he would buy one from a scalper outside. '['he last tile couple saw him, Bezmenov was talking to an Indian, allegedly bargaining for a black-market ticket. A f t e r tlic show, they wailed for him, but Bezmenov did not show up. His friends reported hijii missing to the Soviet Embassy. This a 1 e r t e d the embassy's KGB detachment'which, fearing that B e ? , m e n o v had been ins p i r e d by Svellana Alliluyeva and d e f e c t e d , threw out the dragnet. The Russians first covered the American Embassy, then Ihe Delhi airport along with railway and bus stations. At Ihe request of the Soviets, the Indian government reminded all foreign embassies that by international law they w o u l d have to report any third country U.S. Arms To Greece Said Set -LONDON OBSERVER NEWS SERVICE LONDON -- A leading opponent of the Greek military regime charged Saturday thai Ihe United Stales intends io resume full-scale a r m s shipments to Greece by the end of April. -The resumption is planned because of Washington's concern tor Ihe s e c u r i t y of NATO's southeast flank, Andreas Papan- drcou, a former Greek cabinet minister, claimed in an interview here. He said his informs tion came from "most reliable Washington sources," Papandrcou said the U.S. has evidently convinced major European governments that military aid lo Greece is necessary for the West's defense. Severe isolation of the Greek government m i g h I undermine Ms stability or force it to turn to (he Communist bloc for aid, he claimed Washington has argued. The b u l k of U.S. arms shipments lo Greece were cut off in the wake of the 11167 military coup. 'Papamlreou, M, was a minister in the 19fi4 government headed by his falher. the late Goerge Paipandreon. He now heads ihc economics department at Toronto University. MPs Warned Against Plot o .-LONDON (AP) - Scotland Yard lias warned British members of Parliament about a widespread plot by the police of Communist counlrics lo compromise and blackmail them the London Sunday Telegraph reported in a front-page story. A number of legislators were questioned by officers of Ihc special (political) branch of the Yard about (rips abroad to t r a d e fairs and cultural exchange evenls in Kaslcrn F.n- rope. and were asked alwiit any conlacts or approaches made (o I hem during such visits, the Telegraph said. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "I'm afraid wo can't discuss it al all." Open House Set at School Open house will he held at Friends Special School, 314 S. Park Blvd., Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. to celebrate approval by Ihe Department of Housing and Urban Devclopmenl of a $25,700 grant through Model Cities. The "viclory eclcbralion," ns Ihc Cosmo Pals who arc giving Ihe parly call il, is to thank staffs of Ihc school and Model Cilies, ihc school's a d v i s o r y board, Ihn city m a n a g e r a n d o t h e r s who helped obtain Ihc grant. The funds enable Ihc school for clcliii(|tienl and emolionally disturbed children t o operate through l!m, according to attorney Tom Rocha. hocha said Iho school lias applied lo Ihe U n I ted Fund for ?25,000 In 1971. asylum wilh them. Then the S o v I e t s did something unusual by inserting an id, with -Bezmenov's photo, in a ocal paper offering a reward or any information aboul him. So far there have been no lak- ers. Weeks later and after several lundred f a l s e report* placing urn everywhere from Brooklyn N.Y. t o Bangkok, T h a i l a n d , there is still a great deal of speculation and no sign of Bez- Kidnaped American Still With Terrorists SEAN M. HOLLY ... kidnaped GUATEMALA (AP) - The government freed Saturday two of four guerrillas'that a terrorist band has denianded in exchange for the life of kidnaped Sean M. Holly, labor attache at the U.S. Kmbassy. Officials said the Iwo guerrillas were taken lo the Cosfa Rican Embassy. The Rebel Armed Forces-FAR--seized Holly Friday as he was driving lo Ihc embassy and later gave the government 48 hours to release Ihe guerrillas. The deadline expires al 2:30 p.m Sunday. The two prisoners released were identified as Jose Manue' Aguirre Monzon, 25, and a girl Vildalina Antdnieta Monzon, 19 The Costa Hican ambassador, Edwin Gongora, told them wher hey arrived at Ihe embassy hat they were not in asylum, but Ihey were his guests and he would try to arrange their departure for Mexico. Monzon hiid been arrested this week after he acled as intermediary in anolher terrorist kidnap-exchange plot. In that in cidetil, Foreign Minislef Alberto Fuenlcs Mohr was abducted eight days ago but then released unharmed after the government freed a student guerrilla leader and permitted him to fly to Mexico for political asylum. The government said the Mqn- zons had been charged with theft and ownership of weapons. The Monzons talked to newsmen briefly at the Costa Rican Embassy. He said he was t grade school teacher and a stu dent of economics. The girl who cl group are'.Iose A. Sierra and appeared surprised lo find her- ;clf surrounded by reporters and photographers, said she is engaged lo Aguirre Monzon. She said she has had nothing to do wilh rebel activities. The olher two guerrillas demanded freed bv Ihe leftist reb- New Elections COLOMBO (AP) - Ceylon's Parliament will be dissolved March 25, Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake announced, anc new elections must be held not later than June. He will be Ihe first Ceylon premier in 23 years of self-rule lo finish a full'five Holly, -to, year term. was drivin; Looncl del Cid. Instructions that FAIt senl to Guatemala newspapers hours after Holly had been abducted said Hie four prisoners were lo be delivered lo the Mexican Embassy. Police said Ihey do nol have del Cici in custody. Thcv said the presidential Sunday del Cid that during election last tried lo sel a ballot box afire with a cigarette loaded wilh sulphur. Del Cid fled, police said, and they are still looking for him. Embassy after lunch. Six gunmen sel up a two-car roadblock to slop Holly's slalion wagon and then forced the attache into one of Ihe getaway cars. Holly, married and the falher of five sons, has been in Guatemala since July 1968. A native of New York, he has been in the diplomatic service since 1957. lie was Ihe latest American victim of a continued terrorism in Guatemala by rebel bands from botli the extreme right and left. .lohn Gordon Mein, ah American ambassador lo Guatemala, Unofficial sources said Sierra, was ambushed and shot to death a 60-year-old labor leader, is al-lin August 1968 just a few blocks ready in Mexico-- possibly in the border town of Tapachula. was sei/crt ns lie back lo Ihe U.S.ivious January. from the spot where two U.S. military officers had been slain by machine gunners Ihe pre- DSTOWEKS * STOWERS FURNITURE CO. " STOWERS · STOWERS FURNITURE CO.- cn Ctf Ui STOWERS ESTABLISHED 1890 The finest in Living Room, Bedroom and Dining Room Furniture available today. 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