Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on October 13, 1952 · Page 16
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 16

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 13, 1952
Page 16
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16 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS MONDAY, OCTOBER-13. 1952 Peter Edson Washington Column Science Maps Space Aches I. IN I nil Slor.v Itrliinif J)rni;il Of Sen. Mc( 'Jirl h> '> < 'nlonrlry H\ I'KTIll-: fcOSON U iisliinu'on CurrcsiMtiKir'iit WASIIiXTl )N ' NKAl An vur- Iin Iiv tins cuiTcipunflent i .ll hou Wisciiiivin Sen. .lor ,\1CCH I'll]}- wiiv lurm -d clown lor |>mpotion iroiii in.i inr in in iili'ii.-inl t'alonr-J in M;i I 1111 .HI I I'.is I 'i IV i' J I'll till 'I'll!' Ulil. II id I•! prcivi-il In! liir li.kl I Kill . lie iri>s Hrsorvr only I it Hiii 11 u;is piililica- , I'iij in t >l()i y which Uli- lei-lion Hon this pifinuii ,-i In llllH-lllll * .sir allloliK ti Cm ps lop ' I l )V ol V I • I Sl 'CITl W'lnl. -h lull stoi v hull ol li lory v \;ts .io.- v., os ;ii-lunl|v iip- pi i ilioii liisl April. ; i In- M;n 11 if• ('oi ps Soil \K inch i I 'ooiiinirn'k-il mi u ;is tin own mi I on 1 A MV « i-i'k h.'IS- .a\ v iiiul Marilk' in tin- dispulr v. lie U Mi\ ol I ho Navy Kranfi.-. ii , (ii ii. I-, ('. Slirphord, ].. lillSSI 'll oral ol the 1 1 « as Ai liial llio | in .so i oc 11 Uhdi'i con! i o ^ula I ioii' I Josci v r Ail III!' I Mlllllol Tlio Nav s 's ci al I ol' -I Hi.i lions ili'l mil uoll All Hi.- III!' M'll'OllOl! In ol sov oral liuii' Ilia lors In Ii IIIOICIOIO Hill A I lip in Aiinusl much IIKIIICI hoard ii r .], . Coinniandanl of 111' 1 Murine Corps, find Hoar Admiral (loorKf- 1 .linl^c Advociilc (Jen- Navv dniii al Russell's opinion i epi iii-ii t IIIM tin 1 April I ii >,! 11 1 made il opcrnU; lid mc aullioi ily ol I wo i inr was I he N'JVJI] I'.I.'IH. Tin- other v« H* Ad ol l!M7. . 111 < IK < • Adv (Miilr ( Il'll- it tin .sr l» n rf|»illn- ( ir 'o I n^rlhrr very cci illllilr nrln I IUII.N "I I .I id lor pi omul 1G011 i ril Mai IMC Iti'scrv ? • 11Ii-11J1111 colonrl wore 11\\ II Oil I . i -lion hoard was scl . lo operate under n pi rcrpl. This was I ho mined down McCar- Ihv lor pi oniolion on I he iirouiuls ol "PI:" or pohlieal inlcrlerence - as ri'vciilerl r-M-lusively in \hc carlirr Slorv hy ll'iis WTtTnr. Another Slor.v llolilnd n Story So uiuch lor I ho olfiuinl version ol what happencil. Behind this nfl'i- finl version llicre is anollier story which Navy and Marino Corps headquarters aren't (Hiking nhoiil. Il is a slor.v. however, which hns been lully eonlirmed iifler caroful investiKaliou. The rrcoiunienila I ions ol I hi. 1 April seleclion hoard were sent (o Nfivy lir'ad(|uarlers for approval hnl'ore Koint; lo the While House for I riiiisinii la I lo ('impress and final colli irnia I ion. They c/unr lo Ihe Attention ol ruder Seerelnrv of the Navy Frauds P. Whitehall'. Secretin.v ol Ihe Navy fan Klin- hall was oul ol the country al Ihe lime, so Mr. Whitehall- was aclinf; secretary. Today, Secretary W'hiteiuiir says (hut the proeecdiilKs ol a seleclion board are a e,ood hit lil<e those of a HI-HIKI jury. Nobody lampers Willi ils lindiiiKs. 'The recommendations yn lo Ihe commandant of Ihe Marine Corps. J le certifies lliem to I lie Judge Advocate (leneral of Ihe Navy. The J.A.Cr. then transmits the report lo I ho Secretary of Ihe Navy with n cotninenl lo ihe cllecl of, "I have examined Ihe proceedings of this selection hoard and IIIKI ihey arc legally sill I icien I." (July sometimes, says Mr. Whlle- luiir, the Juduo Arlvocate eneral, in reviewiiiK Ihe proceedings, lincls thai the precepls under which Ihe .selection hoard operates are not loRiilly suflicieiil. In thai t tic reeommendnl ions of Ihe hoard have In lie rejected. Ciinimaiiiliiiil Stuck Ity Board The inside story is Hint this promotion list was sent hack to General Shepherd for reconsideration. The Marine Corps commandant stuck by his hoard. ]f this MUSICAL INSTItUMENTS It A 1)10 & TELEVISION b&jM'ifTctoitceDO IT- burgin Guirnnlmd Sal*» K Strvlot 1226 Salem Road — Phon. 2323 was whal liny reroiiiinoiidi'd, it was all rii ^lii with him. 'I'he members ol this Apt if boa id were BiU'.-Gon. It. Met". Pale, director ol Marine Corps Hesrrvos. Hi in -Cen. P. I- Crr-.sswell, Col. S S. .lack and Ilesorve Colonels A G. Skell.on, K. I 1 ' Venn. J H. Winston. I-'. ('. DeSanli--. W. Iv Glanl/ anrl II. iv Hrov'.-n. Recorder v. as First Lieut. C. I-' KiriK. Halkrrl hr-ir-, an r -lloi I wa- llien marie to hurl srjnie KH 'iinds on which Ihe sok'ctiori hoard's ri'porl could In- ••' -I aside. These grounds ui'fc finally found in the lad Ilia! oi^'hl ol the reserve niaiors rro- onirnr-iidr-rl lor pinmolion to lieutenant colonel hail been called lo active duly. The hoard had linn -ol up lo consider rmlv Ihe promotion ol inactive reserve ma|ors lo ici-ivo lieutenant colonels. So on this basis Ihe whole report was thrown oul. Actually, while man} Marine ol- ficers feel that McCarthy's position as a senator should have nolh- illH to rlo with whether lie is Hivni n reserve promotion, they also say there are plenty ol reasons why Major McCarthy should not he promoted. He was commissioned liom civilian life without over having none to hoot camp, lie was coiiiiiii.- sionod as an inlr-llinr -nr -e olhcoi, for a special job. lie never coin- irililirlerl troops lie has |llsl lllldol- gone a serious operation anrl Ins physical condition is uncertain. Nolle ol these lhini.',s lias an.vlhniH lo rlo Willi Ihi' political motives which under the en ruiiisl ances appear to havi' influenced his rejeo- t ion for promnl ion. Truck License _ Deadline Oct. 20 Uv AssocUtod Pret.* SPRINGFIKLD, III.—Truck op- ei-Htors in Illinois who have not bouKhl (heir new \<X>'J license plnles will be sullied to arrosl slnrlliiK Ocl. "JO. The coming enforci'inent was announced jointly Friday by offices of Governor Stevenson and Secretary of Stale Frlward .1. Barrett. IJll-l.ev i-l Sen Level Sea level Is not level AI Sell I tie. Wash., It is 1.18 inches higher Ihan il is al Porlland, Mr- ; al San I>ice,o. Calif, il is 1.7-1 inches higher than al Fernandino. Fla. Hy ItWVI.INS .M' Newhfealurei A I.Bl'QI .'KKQCI-: — Better make '» sure your spar-e suit is not full ol holes anil your rocket ship has a pressuri/cd cabin before y o U take oil lor the moon. I ilhorw ise, Ihr- rhanr-es are llml > oul I live lo lr-ll slim pi el i v- tin- hoys: 'There I when Ihe ( UP. a nd PERSONAL LOANS $5 TO $500 See Us For Loans on Your Signature or Personal Properly Crown Finance Corp. tUtUi Main SI. Phone JOE 11KRBST. Mm-. HARRY A. RICH GENERAL INSURANCE Ashley Road — Phono 195 ^ 1 Insure /vnytlihiK Against J^vorythlnit EXCAVATING Bulldozer—Trucks Ditch Digging Lniul clearing, pnml anil hase- mont. All kinds of illrt work. FREE ESTIMATES Phones: 1644 - 2310 3484-W - 2913-W was, 5L',000 fer-l i bin seams split, my owgi'ii supply quit." The scientists say that aboiil Unit time, >our blood will start boding and vou'll drown in .sour own vapori/ed hrealli. What Ihe best-inloi nied brains ril the nation figure are the odrls thai vou'll really be buying a ticket on Hie moon express arc cunt ained in a hook I rom I Ii e Hniversily of New Mexico Press. The liod-page volume Is called "Phssics anrl Medicine of the Upper Atmosphere." "The conquest ol the atmosphere is a revolutionary event comparable lo Ihe transition of aquatic animals lo land animals in geological time." writes one of the scientists. "Thai look 100 millions vcars." But. most of the ad- NEAL BROTHERS [ROOFING COMPANY >;eiuilno Itil-IScr-Old Roofing, Siding & Kockwonl InHlilfttlon Office: l \lt. Vernon, 111. ! Or. Whitaker first National HanU BldR. Phono 102a DENTIST varices in space research have been in the past decade, many ol I hem at While Sands proving ground in southern New Mexico. Intestinal Fortitude. The book is a result ol a roundtable on rockelsh travel in San Antonio, Tex,, I a s l November, anrl incorporates Ihe lindings of .'5 military, scientific anrl medical minds. 'Plir-.v conclude, in effect, thai a I rip lo Ihe moon certainly isn't impossible. Dr. Lincoln l.a Pa/, associate editor ol Ihr' book and heart ol UN.M me'eorites dopa rt nienl. goes even larlhrr. "The next slep probably will he senrliiif.: men up in Ihe rockets." l.a Pa/ said. "It may well have happened aheifdy although that's on Is an educated guess." Mill be says nir-leont icisls —- rir-lal fireball experts -have been asked to check into the possibilities ol a rocket traveler's (I) running head-o into a meteorite in a lunar Iraffie jam and (Lb Ins being cooked abse in radial ion from cosmic rays. Further, he says, Ihe picture in front <JI Ihe hook - taken nearly n year ago — ; s an early model ol the Navy's skyrocket jet plane, 1953 AUTO LICENSE BLANKS ARE HERE Order early for preferred miin- licrs. Also auto Insurance at economy rates. HILL & MICHAEL Benolst Building DITCH DIGGING By Machine Jeep-A-Trench Phone 1775-J Jafoe Anderson, Operator Boiled Beef & Homemade Noodles Do You Know? 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Only RINS0 Large U •( IVORY SNOW Boxes M M KRAUT 2 - 29' FLOUR 25 M 49 POTATOES Michigan Ponriac White POTATOES COBBLERS Bag $299 B °9 $J99 GARRISON MARKET 4S2 So. 17th Phone S515 Busy families enjoy Coke Keep plenty of ice-cold Coc -.i -Cola on hand—ready for all t lie family topcnjoy. Serve ice cold . . . right in the buttle BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. — 1128 Broadway — Phone 202 "CoL" /. a rwhffj tmd^morfc. © 1952, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY II ii i "" wliirh rr-rrntly flrw mnrn than 1.200 milrs an hour - twirr- the sp'-.-fi of sound —at an altitude of more than 79.000 reel. This is nrjirly lour miles higher than the space studies contained in tin- hook, and La Paz says current space charts he has seen as high as 500 miles — although not with a pilot aboard. If this is the case—and any confirmation still is in the drawer ma ked suner-duper top secret—it tops the previous record altitude mark set two years ago by a two- stage rocket launched at White indi'-at" that rockets have sono .Sands. That WAC corporal, shot from the nose of a V-2, went only 240 miles up. B t before you head for the moon, half-cocked, take a look at what you'll need besides that space suit: An ejector pod to catapult you from the rocket ship in case anything goes wrong, automatically opening a parachute to let you safe y to earth. A parachute made of something that won't melt when you generate a head of 540 degrees Fahrenheit—more than twice the boiling point—by falling 500.000 feet at 100 feet a second. Nylon melts at 480 degrees. L'liiiiiHiiiiiimiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim ,cks est wrc, v^° Television BIG 17-IN. 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