Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 19, 1964 · Page 9
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 9

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1964
Page 9
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DEAR ABBY Legality Of Headstone Told By ABIGAIL VAN BtffiEN DEAR ABBY! I read in your column that a woman was in doubt about what to put on her mother's headstone. The mother had been married twice, and the daughter wanted to use only her mother's FIRST hqg- band's name. You said, "It's your mother, and you are paying for the monument, so go ahead and put whatever you want on It," or words to that effect. Believe It or not, Abby, in som« states the name on a grave memorial is considered by the Bureau of Vital Statistics to be legal proof of death, and to use any name other than the legal name of the deceased at the time of death is illegal. So, the daughter should have her mother's headstone marked with her mother's given name, her first husband's surname, and her second husband's surname. Example: MARY SMITH JONES. A MONUMENT DEALER IN FLAGSTAFF. DEAR DEALER: Thank you for setting me (and 50 million readers) straight. When I make a boo-boo, it's monumental! Correction: In marking a headstone, it is not daughter's choice. It's dealer's choice. And he knows what's legal, so ask him. DEAR ABBY: Please print this so someone else won't make the same mistake I made: Five months ago a very attractive friend called me at my place of work and said he was In the process of getting a divorce, and asked if I would have coffee with him. I accepted. Next there were lunch dates. Then dinner and evening dates. He told me he loved me and I told him I loved him. (I really did). We started making plans for "our" future. People began to talk, but I didn't care because 1 knew it was only a matter of time and he would be free to marry me. Today he and his wife are back together. The man who "loved" me didn't even have the courtesy to tell me about the reconciliation. He had his WIFE call me! Please, Abby, put this in your column: "Until a man's divorce is FINAL, a woman is a fool to gay more than 'hello' to him." And sign me. . . . THE BIGGEST FOOL IN ROCHESTER. DEAR ABBY: I have a married daughter who has become very fat, sloppy and lazy. Her house is a mess and she spends all of her time reading or talking on the telephone. She shouts at her children and expects her hard-working husband to do her housework on the weekends. He Is ashamed to bring anyone to the house and I am sure the children are not very proud of their home or mother, Should I have a talk with her and try to set her straight? Or does a mother's duty end after her daughter gets married? WORRIED MOTHER. DEAR MOTHER? A mother's "duty" ends when her children become of age. But her love and concern for their happiness and well-being continues as long ai she lives. Yes, have a talk with your daughter. It would appear that she needs more than a "talk" or a reprimand. Take her to a physician for a much- needed checkup and diet. DEAR ABBYj How can a person address an invitation to a wedding reception to make it known that only adults are wanted? Ours is going to be a catered wedding reception and we will be charged by the plate. We have a large family and don't want to feed a gang of kids. Can we put "POSITIVELY ADULTS ONLY" on the invitations? MUST KNOW. DEAR MUST; It is cousid- ered poor taste to put "ADULTS ONLY" on an Invitation. Speak with those whom you suspect might bring their children, and tell them firmly but diplomatically that the kiddies are not invited. Problems? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif., 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Hate to write letters? Send one dollar to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Calif., 90069, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." LBJ Expected To Win Fight On Foreign Aid WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson's reported insist- once that Congress give him every dollar of the $3.5 billion lie wants for the foreign-aid program is stirring up a hornet's nest In the House Appropriations Committee. The present outlook is that tho President will win, or come close to victory, when an 11- member subcommittee sits down next week to make the Initial money decisions. The subcommittee, headed by Rep. Otto E. Passman, D-La., has a history of cutting the aid program, Passman claiming that during his nine years as chairman the cuts have exceeded $8 billion. The House usually sustains Passman's recommendations after they clear the 60- member parent Appropriations Committee. While Passman and his colleagues have refrained from publicly discussing the controversy, Passman reportedly wants a cut this year of at least $500 million, all of It in economic assistance funds. The subcommittee is sharply split over whether to uphold Passman or the President. Passman's difficulty with the subcommittee this year stems In part from the recent death of Rep. Clarence Cannon, Missouri Democrat who headed the full committee and usually supported Passman. Cannon was persuasive with other subcommittee members. The new chairman of the parent committee is Rep. George H. Mabon, D-Tex., a foreign aid supporter and a close personal friend of the President. Mahon has power to shuffle subcommittee assignments, a maneuver resorted to on occasion by Cannon to punish balky members. "The chairman has made no threats or even suggestions of them," a committee member said. "But he does not favor deep cuts in the program." NEW LITURGY RULBS-2 Congregation Wi Participate More FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1964, Loke Chorles American Press (Editor's Note: This is the second in a scries of articles explaining new liturgical regulations made by the Second Vatican Council. The scries wns prepared with the assistance of the Right Rev. Msgr. Louis 11. Boudreaux, pastor of Immaculate Conception Church, and Dean of the Lake Charles Roman Catholic Deanery). The use of English rather than Latin in substantial portions of the Roman Catholic Mass will encourage a fuller participation .of the congregation in the cere- ! monies, according to the Right Rev. Msgr. Louis H. Boudreaux, of Lake Charles. "We have had some experience already in collective congregational prayer," Msgr. Boudreaux pointed out, "but It been just a beginning. • "Our previous efforts were hampered by the fact that the prayers were (o be recited in Latin. While people had become quite accustomed to hearing it, many were hesitant in their attempts to read it aloud. It should all be much easier with tho use of English." In addition to this language change, which is to go inlo effect soon, Msgr. Boudreaux said that the really great changes in the liturgy will come later — involving the texts and the ceremonies themselves. This may take several years, but even now the work of revision has begun as a result of decisions of the Second Vatican Council. "We really do not know now (he scope or extent of these changes," Msgr. Boudreaux said, "but we can speculate. "We know thai one objective is to do away with needless repetitions in both text and ceremonial. Another is to remove from the Mass certain things that were added to it in the course of. centuries, and which originally were completely separate rituals. "We wonder, for instance, what will happen to the 'prayers at the foot of the altar' a confession of slnfulness before the Mass begins; the opening of the 'Gospel of St. John,' read at the end of the Mass, but formerly a pious reading, privately Cubans Tell Of Refinery Sabotage Plot MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Three newly arrived Cuban refugees say that 200 employes of three Havana oil companies were arrested after an alleged attempt to sabotage the plants. The refugees said the arrests, several weeks ago, followed discovery of a fire, an unexploded bomb and evidence of attempts to damage equipment at the former Shell and Esso refineries and Sinclair storage tanks, taken over by the Fidel Castro government. performed for individuals as they left the church, as a special intercession for health of mind and peace of soul." Another objective of the ro- visions, Msgr. Boudreaux said, will be the restoration of some ancient practices which have been dropped from the Mass in the course of the centuries. In (his connection might be mentioned the "Offertory Processions," in which the bread and wine (and originally, other gifts and contributions) were solemnly brought to the altar by the people, or their representatives, and received by the celebrant. It seems logical, Msgr. Boudreaux pointed out, that tha revised Mass might actually end with the "Ite, Missa Est" (Go. the Mass Is finished), and the Blessing of the People, without the addition of other prayers or rites. Military Rank Will Soon Get New Privilege WASHINGTON (AP)-Senior military rank Is about to enjoy another privilege—an advantage over enlisted men and lower rank officers in setting on waiting lists for free vacation flights aboard military transport planes overseas. This change in the "space available" system will go into effect on July 1. Hitherto, all service people—regardless of rank—have been treated on a firgt-come, first-served basis. Generals, admirals, colonels and Navy captains will bo able (o mall in their applications as much as 30 days in advance, naming a specific departure date and destination. Enlisted men and lower rank- Ing officers must be physically present to have their names placed on a space available list. Mental Patient , Slays Husband GRENADA, Miss. (AP) Grenada County deputies said a former mental patient was returned to the state mental hospital at Whitfield following the shotgun slaying of her invalid husband. Officers said Mrs. Lora Conner shot her 71-year-old husband as he sat In his wheel chair at. their Hebron community home. POISON IVH drive you crazy? atop itching dry it up aid healing BAREST, ' *O**0N IVY QftCAM ask your Druggist Spain Jails Close to 100 Red Suspects MADRID, Spain (AP)—Nearly 100 suspected Communists have been arrested in a nationwide crackdown, police announced. They included several foreigners. The Franco regime's roundup of leftist agitators began in May and the police announcement indicates it is now completed. The suspects face trial this fall in the new National Court of Public Order, which has been given jurisdiction over all political prisoners except those charged with violence., CLIP THIS COUPON 4 Hours-11 a.m. to 3 p,m, Saturday June 20th Bring this coupon and $1.00 plus tax to our store, and you will receive both knives, you will save $3.00. They have been, advertised on TV Radio and newspapers for $2.00 each. So clip coupon now. Miracle Edge Self Sharpening, Stainless Steel Safety-Grip Handle, Will Not Burn, Break, Crack or Chip. Make A Wonderful Gift Has Instruction card. World's Most.Versatile Knife Peels, shreds, dices, trims, pare}, qrolcs, spreads. ica|c$. Right or left handed. Peels un or down. Saw 0 foods, meat saw. .., They will be M.OO after today's sale. nnl| In 1wo, Jllce a lomalo, froiei, Cuts riant throuah tht bone. LIMIT 3 SETS TO COUPON MAIU ORDERS Add ISC Ed, Sel lor Packaging and Handllnq Supply Is limited. Downtown Lok» Charles THIS COUPON AND $100 For A Set Of 2 Knives IDEAL FOR Fishermen Housc.wivcs Boy Scouts Girl Scouts Butchers Poultrymcn Campers Hunters, Etc. Ed Midlam to Address ABWA Group on Monday Les F e m m e s d'Affaires, American Business Women's Association, will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Lake View Restaurant, Monday. Ed Midlam, viVe president of Pirateland, will be guest speaker, He will show slides anrl speak on Pirateland. Phi Chi Chapter, BSP Holds Summer Social Members of Phi Chi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi held their first social for the summer recently. Several of the members met at predetermined points and proceeded as a group on bicycles along Shftll Beach Drive to their meeting place on the north side of the lake at sandy beach, •••••••••••••••••••••t FOR YOUR RECIPE FILE.... «««•*«•*•••*•*«•«•••* SAFFRON CHICKEN '2 cup (one stick) butter 2 two-pound chickens, cut into serving pieces Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 tbsp. finely chopped shallots or green onions J i cup chicken stock >.-i tsp. saffron leaves, crumbled 2 tbsps. tomato puree v/t cups light cream. Heat the cutter in a heavy skillet aiid, brown the chicken lightly on all sides, Sqwon th* chicken with salt and pepper and transfer it briefly to a warm platter. Add tho shallots to the tkillet and cook briefly. Add the chicken stock anil stir to dissolve Die brown particles on bottom and sides of skillet. Add the saffron and tomato puree and stir. Add the cream, blend, and return the chicken to the skillet. Cover and simmer gently 15 20 minutes. Remove cover and reduce sauce slightly. Serve hoi. Yield: &x serving*. MENU: Serve wlw rice, buttered artichokes, and lime pie. The members enjoyed watermelon, swimming and relaxation until late afternoon. Coffee Break Invades Home Entertaining The office coffee break has many inroads into home living, and proves to be one of the most casual snci inexpensive ways to entertain. If the young bride is a newcomer in a housing project, or has taken up residence in college quarters for married students, she may want to get acquainted with some of her neighbors without going through the elaborate motions of a gen- unine party. A knock at the door, or a last- m«ute telephone call is enough of an invitation. The menu is simplicity itself: a coffee ring, Danish pastry, or fruit muffing, and lots of fresh- Jf-perked coffee. The ingredient? for tha kajfee Watch can 1* #_»«]** dinette table, it's a help-yourself kind of en- tertainlng, with no fuss or fanfare. Incidentally, if the young bride feels she should not be the first to make the gesture toward friendship, she would do well to forget stringent etiquette rules of the past. If the older woman next door was a real lifesaver on moving day, say thank-you with a coffee break invitation, If you like the looks of the young woman you meet on the elevator, introduce yourself, and tavUe her to drop in. Yuu can go on to a closer friendship from there if you wish, or keep it pleasantly casual. LAST CALL FOR FATHER'S DAY, JUNE 2ht "AYS FIRST UALITY* ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY .X r >iti«^*H.. Charge It At Penney's PEG MEN'S SPORT your choice 3 FOR TAKE HOME A BATCH OF THESE EASY^CARE FAVORITES! Crisp Dorron* pJyeMer tsaih^l \\ah ine aol, omfort of lustrous combed cotton . . . at o low nicHk-y .avmy puce 1 Dew 11 yo for the handsome embroidered |Xk.kc-r styling n the Icto-i colors! These good looking, long \\earers make wa-rhmg o nlto ,ute. Need httle or no ironing! Shop now for LONG SLiEYES TOO ! 1«UXUI'K'U> \vtlitt5 at'WUIIct I'UtlUM Oxford *Uim>i>! lu »l>urt fclwve buttouiluwu cent. from nniilrli' s. in, ml. I. Dan Kiver's 'sovereign' Puna eottou wardrobe set! In wauled regular short iilceve m o d « 1 * . Colors. Si$e* f, U). J. xl- t'uiv-Jiee tialey & Lord combed cuuuu tUAlds! Dry wrwkle-.freu». la short sleeve models. 'Sizes s, in, i xl. I * t)uuiaitUing cullecuou of \M-\\ 'Awtt shirts'! Iu many C4Unc>. styles 'a. paiu>rus! M »i- \\ i n <• WWBhable! Si^es s. m. 1, \l DRESS SHUTS TOO* white in *hwt sleeve*. Sixes HV? to

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