Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 19, 1964 · Page 8
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 8

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 19, 1964
Page 8
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8 FR|DAY ' JUNE 19 ' 1964 ' Loke CharlM American Press GENERAL LAWSON - SCRIBNER HERE FOR VISIT — Major General Frank H. Lawson-Scribner, house guest of Mrs. T. A. Dees is shown with her on the gaiety of her home on Ford streei. The General is now retired irom the U.S. Marine Corps. He was commissioned from Annapolis in 1923 and received his pilot wings in 1926. He served in the Pacific area during World War II. He was married to the late Mercedes Foster, whose forefather was a pioneer settler of this city, and she was one of the last dependants to leave Tsingtao, China in January of 1949. The General has two sons and six grandchildren and is now residing in Easton, Maryland. While in the city the General will attend the Gill-Cochran nuptials on Saturday. tmtuiuitiiunimtttimmuii STARS ABOVE US By CARROLL RIGHTER IMtUMIIIMillflllUmiMIUtitll FOR SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: This Is cer. tolnly a Saturday when YOU would be wise to cist everything about you os Immaculoleiv clean os possible. Show 1hal you are willing to spend lime in- vestlgatlna ond finding out the true (acts ol any situation Instead of allowing muddled thinking to stand In the wav of your making fresh Inroads to success. ARIES (Mirth 71 lo April 19) Gelling together wlih advisors ond following Ihelr .suggestion?, is wise today. Listen to understand every deloll. Don't have any qualms aboul mate tonight. Be kind. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You have fo be serfous wfffi associates foday who are In rather a oecullar frame of mind. Be cooperative and you clear up any misunderstandings. Regain former rapport. GEMINI (May 31 lo June 21) While work ahead of you is hardly to your Ilk- Ing, It has fo he done, ana well, If you are to get ahead. Don't begrudge partners for being away. You can get olona belter as Is. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Every opportunity Is present for you to find the kinks In your private or business affairs and to clear them up. Plan tonight's activities early. Meet with con- genlals, on time. LEO (July 22 to August 21) Keep the promises you have made to kin and get home beautified, more comfortable See how you can Increase abundance In the future. Sludy your paper, brochures, for Ideas. VIRGO (August !2 fo September 22) By completing whatever has been begun, you make this a profitable and Interesting Saturday. Don't go off on ony tangent. Study letters, etc., well before you answer. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Financial attolrs are very Important and you need *? be more economical. Please higher-ups. Make those repairs to surroundings Intelligently; choose suppll»s wisely. SCORPIO (October 73 to November 2D You could cause an unforlunole <,i-p argtlon If you are loo demanding will' some ally or do not gel oul work e». peeled of you. Be meticulous In keeping promises. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Any problematical matters can bs adlusted wlfh relative ease now Be sure to show partners the* you are happy to be associated with them Be kind. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) Calling on friends who are disturbed ond giving a helping hand will bring fine cooperation later. Avoid certain social affairs In p.m. These could lead fo misunderstandings. AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19) A day to get civic affairs attended to and clear up any outside matters, activities of Importance. Moke good Impression on blg-wlgs. Become more efficient by ralslna morale PISCES (February 20 to March 20) Looking Into new data that hteps you to advance and gain stature Is wise. You can then reason more cleverly Nrw con- fact can give fine Ideas, business lips. Use only Ihose that are applicable IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY, he or she will be ono of those CIPVT persons who can Investigate and come up with the right answer that is not ob vlous to others at all. However, enrly teoch not to be so stubborn that f h e views of others connot be listened lo — leads can often come from them. Give much spiritual training which will help in communing with God. from whence all Inspiration comes. "The Stars Impel, they do not compel." What vou make of your life Ij largely up to you! Carroll Rlghtrr's Individual Forecast for your slan lor July n now ready. For your copy send your hirthdale and SI to Carroll Rlahter Forecast (Lake Charles American Press), Box 1921, Hollywood 28, Calif. Distributed by McNought Syndicate, Inc. Minced parsley, along w i t h minced chives, make a delectable seasoning for a French omelet. Use a tablespoon of each for a three-egg omelet. Dairy Recipe Winners Announced DeRidder BPW Club To Hold Picnic Saturday WEEK'S CALENDAR DERIDDER (Spl.) - At the recent business meeting of the DeRidder Business and Professional Women's Club, Mrs. Jessie McDaniel appointed M r s. Florence McAdams to serve the unexpired term a< club treasurer fo replace Mrs. Willie Bea Moses who was unable to con- Jmue in this office. Plans were disclosed for the club's annual picnic this Satur- dav, fi no pm., at Dr. Sammy Roberts' camp on the Merry- rille Hi£hu-a\. for members and their guests. Tho>f' attending are asked to attend in tacky attire and wear a crazy creative, self-designed, hat. These will he judged by a fommiuee composed of the mernbpis' husbands. In charge of the entertain- nipnt will be Mr>. Ida May Siv- lev and Mrs. Mary Sue Lewis -•inr) members of the public re- latinns committep. Reports from t^e State RPWC convention in Monroe were given by several of the delegates who attended th» meeting. Mrnes. Mettie Cagle. Mary Su< j Lewi-, Florence M Jessie MrDaniel, and Vivian Nelson. Committee chairman reminded members of the program planning workshop June 23 at the civic center. Final plans for the year's program will be completed then. Mrs. Frances Reynolds, program chairman will head the project. The th.'me for the year will be "Be Responsible — You Determine Tomorrow." The club was advised of the recent death of Dr. Minnie Moffett of Dallas, Tex., a past national president of BPW clubs It was through her efforts that a Chinese Home for nurses was recently built, and the local club voted fo give a contribution in memory of Dr. Moffett for this project. Focus was placed on the national convention m Detroit, Mich., during July. Several of the local club members plan to attend, serving as delegates and alternates. Club members were reminded that the membership drive is in progress and dues will be received by the treasurer up to July I. Alpha Delta Pi Alumnae Meet With Mrs. Tritico FRIDAY, JUNE 19 Optimist Club meets every Friday noon, Lakeview Restaurant. Platter party every Friday, 5-7 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. Group games, square dancing, folk dancing. This club is open for boys and girls from 6-9 years of age. Pre-Teen Club meets every Friday, 7-10 p.m.. High School Park Recreation Center, for 1012 age group. Sqare dancing and ballroom dancing taught. ! Ceramics classes taught every Friday. 9-12 N, and f-4 p.m., High School Park Recreation Center. Martha Rebekah Lodge No. 11 will meet, at 8 p P- June 19, at the United Gas auditorium, 1919 Kirkman St. ; SATURDAY, JUNE 20 \ Social room open every Saturday, 9-12 N, for boys and girls to play games, High School Park Recreation Center. Teen-Time Club meets every Saturday. 7-Hl p m . for teenagers only, High School Park Recreation Center. Square dancing and ballroom dancing. Winners in the annual Dairy Recipe Contest were chosen yesterday afternoon. Dishes of finalists were sampled by the judges in the kitchens of Gulf States Utilities Company. The first place winners are: Mrs. Victor Tramonte, salad division; Mrs. Sam Lamartina, main dish; and Mrs. T. Nassar of Sulphur, desserts. Al are members of the Eas- town Home Demonstration Club which is affiliated with the Calcasieu Parish HD Council. There were no second and third places, but runners-up in the categories were: Salads — Mrs. Dudley McCoy, White Salad, and Mrs. Jose- j phine Tramonte, Mardi Gras Salad Platter; Main Dishes — Mrs. Don Lyons, Turkey Mushroom Pie with Cornbread Topping, and Mrs. Leo Harper, Cheese Strata; Desserts — Mrs. Eloi Prl- meaux of Hayes, Frozen Cottage Cheese Dessert, and Mrs. Henry Peloquin, Bread Pudding. Judges were Mrs. Ann Robin, assistant parish HD agent, and Carolyn Mayer, home service advisor for Gulf States. 1st Place in Salads: FROZEN FRUIT SALAD —Mrs. Victor Tramniite u i Ib. colored marshmallows (cut in fourths) 2 cups fruit cocktail (drained 1 ) 9 m. can pineapple chunks and juice 1-3 cup mayonnaise 1 cup heavy whipped cream % cup chopped nuts 3 bananas, sliced 1 apple, chopped Cherry halves, for garnishment Combine marshmallows with fruits and juices. Let stand for two hours in ice box. | Add mayonnaise, nuts, and whipped cream. Place in refrigerator trays and freeze, until .firm. Garnish with cherry 1 halves. • Salad may be made and froz- ! en the night before. 1st Place, Main Dish: EGG CUTLETS —Mrs. Sam Lamarlina 3 tbsps butter 5 tbsps. flour 1 cup milk 3 hard cooked eggs 1 cup bread crumbs 1 tbsp. chopped parsley 1 tsp. minced onion 1 tsp. salt. THE WINNERS — Winners in ihe Annual Dairy Recipe Contest are shown here with, iheir prize dishes. Left to right, are, Mrs. Sam Lamartina, Egg Cutlets (main dish); Mrs. Victor Tramonte, Frozen Fruit Salad (salad); and Mrs, Toffee Nassar of Sulphur, Strawberry Pie (dessert). All are members of the Eastown HD Club. Mrs. Nassar and Mrs. Lamartina are mother and daughter. H !sp. pepper ! V4 tsp. mustard j 1 raw egg i 1 tbsp. water ! Melt butter in a skillet; arid | ! flour and stir until smooth and' bubbly. Add milk and cook until thick. Add the hard-c o o k e d eggs, chopped, and the bread crumbs, parsley, onion and seasonings. Mix and pat out on a shallow i pan to cool. Cut with a cutter | and mold "cutlets" with your hands into desired shape. Dip into raw egg, which has been beaten with water, then dip in additional bread crumbs to coat. Saute in hot fat until golden brnwn on both sides. Makes six \ "cutlets." This is especially a good dish for "meatless Fridays." 1st Place, Desserts: STRAWBERRY ANJ5EL PIE —Mrs. T. Nassar I'/i cups granulated sugar Vi tsp. cream of tartar 4 egg whiles 3 tbsps. lemon juice 1 tbsp. grated lemon rind '•« tsp. salt 2 cups whipping cream 1 cup mashed fresh, or frozen strawberries 4 egg yolks While oven heats to 275 degrees, sift 1 cup sugar and the 1 /4 teaspoon cream of tartar. Separate -4 eggs, and beat whites stiff, but not dry. Slowly add sugar, beat continuously. When meringue makes stiff peaks, spread in well greased 9 inch pie pan. Bake 1 hour* Cool. j Beat 4 egg yolks in double' boiler, stir in % cup sugar, lemon juice and rind. Add salt. Cook, stirring over boiling water until thick (8-10 minutes). Cool mixture. Whip cream. Mix one-half with custard. When meringue shell is cooled, fill with custard, then strawberries. Put remaining whipped cream on top. Serve immediately, or chill in refrigerator. WEDDING INVITATIONS QUALITY AT LOW PRICES Free Bride's Book With Order at 100 BEN'S CARD SHOP M r ". Frank TtitK-o enter- tainfd the j-ino meeting of Lake Charles Alpha Delta Pi alumnae, at her home at 3300 Ryan St .Mrs. Jack C. Watson, pre--i- derit. conducted the business session. The house building program of Omega Chapter at Louisiana State University was discussed and alumna** were urjj'-d to send conirifiufinns to th<; fund. In ac'joidwe v. ;'h the b\nm- nae group's pruj'-ct to furnish reference rnateria 1 for the D<-1(a Eta Chapter rv>m at Me- Nee<-e State C'llle^e, a hit of cijat'pstp'j books was read, and the niprnbers voted to begin the collei . nan with the purchase of a dictionary. Mrs. George Cole and Mrs. Richard Peterrnan, membership selection chairmen, o u 11 i ned plans for the upcoming rush bta.vjn. During the social hour, punch v..r- <i.frv-d The table, spread v.ith a ta'.f cl'vi'i. was set with :-.ilv».-r i rays ot dainty sandwiches and 'ak'es. Thf.- next rnte'/ng wj]) be held Julv 13 in ihe home uf Mrs. Lo'.k<- V Plsu'be. 1115 Louisiana Ave. PIANOS • Sleir.way 4 Kimball * Wurlilier lake Charles Music Co., Inc. Free J'arkijj^ J4i Rear of Stort HE !)-'it35 431 Broad St. WE'VE GOT "MM" FOR YOU .F MOSM GUARANTY FEDERAL SAVINGS A SO 1,0 AS ASS N. Bl H.IJISG * PlttfUAhilSC RfAH «,T KKMOIJH.lMi I- HONE HE 3«IS Nova 6-Passenger Station Wagon CHEVY I by Chevrolet If yon thought Chevy I was thrifty before, you should see your Chevrolet dealer now You couldn't pick a better Inrte to buy one/ Stick with Chevy II and you'll go places this summer—economically. Spacious wagons. Sedans. Sporty Sport Coupes. Take your pick. They're all tightwads. The Nova wagon for instance, like all Chevy IPs, adjusts its own brakes. It's got a Delcotron generator to lengthen a battery's life. The engines are real gasscrooges. And the rocker panels take in rain water to flush themselves free of rust-causing gait and dirt. Inside the Nova wagon, where you can aeat six anglers with tackle boxes, there's deep-twist carpeting surrounded by vinyl that's as washable as tile. Behind that, FOR THE GREAT HIGHWAY PERFORMERS a storage area with as much room as the insides of seven good-sized refrigerators. And that kind of space is going to bring home a lot of sunfish. As for rough terrain, Chevy 11 gobbles it up painlessly. And quietly. The unitized body is turtle-tight. The same unique single-leaf rear springs that contribute t,o Chevy II's smooth ride are also geared to take more of a beating than comparable multi-leaf springs. These springs can't squeak and never need lubricating. This all naturally leads us to price. Your Chevrolet dealer has that pleasant story. Why don't you two get together and make some vacation plans. CHECK THE T'M'T DEALS ON CHEVROLET- CHEVELLE - CHEVYII • CORY AIR AND CORVETTE NOW AT YOUR CHEVROLET DEALER'S CAGLE CHEVROLET, INC 17 4164 1924 Ea>i Broad LAKE CHARLES Phone HE 3-8363

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