The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 17, 1932
Page 5
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CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents it weed for uuettloo and one wot t (or *uh *»b*equOTt law No *dwtl»emtnt Ukm tor km* hau 60c. count the vordi tad ,-iid the cub. Phone 306 FOB SALE TOR SALE—15 mlleli cows . and heifers. Stanton A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. . 13P-K20 USED TRUCK For Sale Clicnj)— Dual wlieel, 1030 model. Jimmle ncbei'l's Garage, Osreola, Ark.< 1M--K18 FOR SALE—SAVE oil Goodyear Tires and Tubes, auto accessories, new and rebuilt batteries, Mo- torine Oil. lie quart. Well Arian, Phone 176. 16ck-Oct. Ui OSAGE CHICKS, Blooltested, Bar red Rocks, Reds, Butt Orping- tons, White Rocks, 100. 55.75. postpaid; live delivery guaranteed. Hoa- /vy assorted, $4.75. Osace Hatchery r \J-'f!erson City, Mo. FIRST CLASS waterproof covers for trucks and wagons. Carney Awning company, Plionc 643. IVp-kOct 17 BLYTHEV1I.LE, (AUK.)' (OUK1EU ATURDAY, SEPTEMBER ' FOR KESI TOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky, Phone 683. 16C-K-TF WANTEU WANTED TO BUY—A good plug mule. Must be cheap. J. G. Richardson, Route 3, Box 85. 16p-k20 WANTED—Junk ot all kinds, hidss. iron, copper, brass, aluminum and lead. Wolf Arian. Phone 170. 16ck-0ct. 16 TOR RENT— Small furnished house 110 South m:i street. - nc-k22 LOST AND FOK KENT — Unfurnished aparT- ment, Ingiam Apartments. Inquire Parkhurst Co. 13C-K19 PERSONALS CUSTOM HATCHING -- Beginning Sept. 12th. Baby Chicks, Oct. 3rd. Marilyn Hatchery, BlythcvlNe. 5C-KTE RESTAURANTS Visit Geo. Wright's Wall Street Lunch, located in Greyhound Bus station. 0-15 ck 10-15 ItTTHE CHANCERY COURT OF THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS S. L. Cantlcy, receiver of the Si Louis Joint Stack Land Bank ol St. Louis, Missouri, a corporation Plaintiff, No. 532i rs. M. P. Brownlcc, Effie Carle Brownlee, his wife, T. F. Martin, Trustee, Potts Camp state Bank, a corporation, Defendants. WARNING OlillER The non-resident defendants Potts Camp Stale Bank, a corporation of Potts Camp, Mississippi is hereby warned to appear ir this court within thirty (30) day; and answer the complaint filet herein by tile plaintiff or UK ;_me will be taken as confessed Witness my hand and. seal ?.: Cierfc of the Chancery Court O! Mississippi County, Arkansas, 01 this 3rd day of September, 1032 R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C G. B. Segraves. Atty. for Plaintiff. Z. B. Harrison, Atty. Ad Lilem. ,. 3-10-I7-24 \ IN' THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED -STATES OP THE EASTERN DISTRICT Or ARKANSAS, JONESBORO DIVISION. 'N THE MATTER OF WILLIAM LAiXO. TRADING AS THE FASHION. BANKRUPT NO. 1672. Notice is i-.crcty given that pc- J"'on lor discharge of the bankrupt »»s been filed, ar.ti same will bi "«rd h, t llc united Slates Court worn. a . Lmlc Rcck Arkans!16 _ „,. \,,i rta 5' of °«"ber. A. D. 1932 at 10 o'cinct: A.M. Sin IS. REDDIN'G. Clerk. B y Dew Mathcs, D. C. iv.ilc* Island Oivnfr rer nf '^'-Charles \V. Har- cf ' Green i1^, rtd5c ' is tllc ou '"? r ral-cly-Ott-ncd'lsLd ^VsUin ha"-' op EN AT NIGHT Expert Ford n c p alrs Wrecker Service PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Phone 810-777 W E R T HE MAKES -EM SEE Office Over Joe Isaac's Store, SECOND HAND ~~ FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson < HERE TO DAT STYX ISAM,, •• u»| f.r rat- lie ll|lrrr>1«, fare* ASPKH IIELO I* kl. ••» !• Ik* dly, l>(xr I. avrii»cil *j the mill* mt» ft la- xrlnclHR fla.lketr raa<e wHfc kU ttmbtw eillliK. nail arfMta Del* 01 rro«kt« w«ik al kit Tint. Itlvrri caaip. He aecvac'l Del* •I knvlar mra ikai Hkf irr (• ekrrk » M kin. Ball aa>> kt U Koiag .u ^*k» ft eherk: klaurlf. I'vlo relirlt Ikat ke fill! p«r- ••aally >re Ikal Ball 4*» Ml. 3l»ll> t krfore Ike amtt k«ll«- liiff Sfaa H«ll «rea kUaaa«r« iilf « «lrl Into a car. II* ralrkri (ke car • »• i>vr> DONA or.LO. AI- >e'r'i i««e»lrr. Ufctn kr Iratni nko «bf> k ke •)!•«< awar nStrr ttlllne krr k> U STANLKlf KI.ACK. IHJDI.ET WI.NTKRS, )• ICT* nhk Uuaa, mcrem i* gvt Avvrr l>rlo bark uff kU will "If t* Tktre lllrtri II >kr. will -nir, Mm. Kbr llvra klM w«t ra- Uon* K«ri nltk flutter. Tkrp • lop at SKTII IIOBY'S Uoliy tefu«rn lo krlp l>unn bill "ay« Aiiirr BR* kera Ikrrc ana Ikal ke mi» rradr '"' a JcllUas. NOW CO 0* WITH THE 9TOHY CHAPTER IV. pfcUDI.RV had been reconnoltcrlng and had found out all about Eelb Doby's hotel and the attached scattering of houses and log cabins. He returned to Dona who *as nil, ting on the worn steps looking out Into the white moonlight. Dud had discovered one tiling tliat elated him because it fitted the plan be lad In mind. . "I have falllci! forth and. return with news," he greeted i)ona. "\Vliat news?" "It IE a sliort 20 mile's from tho •tot where you Bit to Three RiverE,' Dudley paused accusingly. '!Tho rest of tbe way is mountain road, you don't know log roads so you won't understand, until tomorrow "It would have been wonderful hy moonlight." he urged. "I was tired and 1 didn't want to tacUc Dad (ill 1 was rested." Dona refused to tell tho real reason why she bad put up with Seth Doby The truth was she had eipectet help from the old rancher, help tha lie had fiolltc-tj r'cfussJ. Dudley ligurert he bed made i point and hurried on. "There an hundreds of horses by actual couu and Eli mud huts." "'Dohy' you mean." "Six 'dohey huts," Dudley cor-' reeled, himseir. "two log eahlns and a house whore a parson ilrea." Doni laughed softly. "You mean «Sam Dean. lie Is a sort of evangelist of the plains." form took shape before her. bows. "After we corral sour Dad, whici according lo Douy may be a job. we can spend our UQueymooi. folks wh , Dudley persisted. "Dill you find Setb Doby's gar- flen?" Oona asked. "My moutli was open to ask you to stroll there with me right now." Dudley caught her arm. They walked tbrougli tbe sand down past the corrals antf came to a grove nf cottonwoods. Scth Oohy had reclairaca a bit of the dry land from the foothills and baa watered It. Under the trees there was green grass anil floiveru. Shrubs grew In dense clumps and gave oil fragrance that tarlc Doua'a heart qulckca. Mountain laurel, red willo*, black birch and a host cf lier old friends were there to greet her. "I think I shall stay this time," Ehe. raid with rt sigh as sho eat down cross-legged on. the grass. • • • JJUDLEY tprawlcrl at her feet •^and propyei his chin on his el- Dona sun): n heel Into the toft earth. "I'm worried about Dad. E'rn afrr.Id we won't bo able to handlo him." There was a catcti ID her voice. "Looks as though there Is only one way." Dudley s?.t up beside Dona. -. "What Is that!" she aaked eager- "It sounds melodramatic but, c v in- colottul," Dudley began. "It would b« worth anything I DOSSW5 to keep Dad out of a scrape," 0*Si»VKXK. vi'«s xsldo her and hnd liollilu'r liainls. "Vni must marry me, darlliiB!" Ills - olce was huelty. Doia llltcd'her fiico uim'firO anil her :hceks ehoiic whlto and Irco from color. Quietly die nnswernl, "1 wll marry you lonlabl, nuil." A tark sliadow had moved across the lalch of moonlight and Imllrd licliliil a squaw berry Imsli Jusl us Dmlby maiio Ills pica. When Hoiiii arsvortd llio shadow pliranli I'ai k and was bloited out by llio bl.'tcli- ncssof Iho I'luniii of Imshe^. "Ill run and lull tlio parson," UiuVoyV voli-ci shook. "\'e haven't nny lii-e!i?e." Donn'.i volci MKjkc; n doiibi thai hail tnltihci mind niiMildeii, Dulley waved u \s'hlle paper. :'l not inf to uso when I woti our Uttlo bet. t;,.t It last ulj;ht. ... ...... tatei lo sec liuw she would lake this. "Vhcrc will we he marrleil? Why rti!''^ 1 >;o wllli you lo iliai par- rani' Dona did not want lo bo left-.lone just tlu-u. "I n-HHliI he rmnaiiltc to In- married IMC IK iho inoonliglil. hun'l yoiiil-.lnkT" Diullvy pin the HIH.,H- thu laKi-rly. "The parton's pinco la »li:t out ot order." "Ikunw the plan: anil hnw dtny It tj" Donn laughed as she thought ot l\? luipresaloii Sam Dean's calitn woinl uiako on the sciupulinis 'All rlKlil. llrliiB him here. He liar, the ceremony mem- TJIDLKY sped awuy, Iraplnt; over low linslies as ho ran. llu van. lEliel Into Iho nlRlil «nil wallnl Klowly toward the whlit r.ijiir.rL- of moonllKlit. Klie wits irmilfil and tier heart w:is imtiml- liiK 'vililly. Was hhu ilolns tho HsUt lliliiR? Siahlenly there was a soft stop Ix-liiaU her and iho awlsh nf ii^ htcU iliroiich the short j;r;iKs. 11,11 wMikil and saw n wlilo h:il twr ilownivaril na a lanky tiiriu tmiii sLaro before her. Strong nuii3 gripped her shoulders. UoToro sho etuhl free herself eho had bcc-n kissed sfinarcly upon Ihc lljis. Her assailant laughed Kodly as ho fiecd lu-r and sicpiicd hack Into tin; whlto sr.uaro ol moonlight. ".Stanley Ulack!" Uona gnsiicil, icrFoilhi;; in her amaz;inc!il to ho lannry at this utiwarranloil liberty. "\Vliy"' Dona's voice was low. | bmi:ley liowcd and smiled. "A "Wo "ill conic In willi a '|nst j kiss fo.- llio liride," he raid In ,-.:i married' set of smiles. Your Uad |cvcu vnico that held a hint of iruny. likes tie anil he'll be pleased. Hoi Do:ia stood staring Dona whirled and sab a ftide lal su'scp doaiatiarJ as a lanl{y "But Duil, It Isn't fair for you to ask that! -Remember otir bargain." "1 know It looks as thoueli I want- cil_to niako a sure tlilus of It but it's tho only rjlau that is bound to won't go out and Ghool BOUICOIIC to celebrate lils only daughter's marriage— net your Dad." Dudley bent clcsar. "Can't you see, darlliiB. that It Is sure to work?" rjON'A remained silent, thinking , of many things. Suddenly Ehe was not sure. Her head was a whir! ot racing thoughts. Tho plan : r —- -^" ~,....,, t , UL m.iii^ Liiuu!smb. JHC plan was Uona a red lips parted sotily in tno alinoit sure to work but could she patcfiy raoonlfsht and Her eyes, do it? Did she love Dudley Wln- shono. "aNow you cau eee wliy liters? Many times slif bad thought nut un with tlm riiv r n r r,v» she-did and again she was not sure. put up with the .city. For years I've been able to keep Dad away from trouble. Ho bad lo do his fighting over long dislike telephone." Dudley captured ficr hnnd aril held It tight, "there is just one fray and you tare to listen to me until I'vo planned it all." Dona nodded hut her lips closed suddenly. "Tour Dad is a gooil sjiort. He's a man who can't be told wliat tn do but ha will do the right thing. Now all you have to do is to marry me tonight." Ho did not try lo draw her into his arms but waited, watching iho color play In hw satin checks. "U isn't as if you were not £ n to do it anyway, dear. I love 3-011 madly olid I helicvc yon love me." Dudley hurst out, unable to control himself any longer. him as t!:ouqh she was gazing upon nn ntipnrilion. Stanley Dlach had Kvei since she la^t saw Ihe white moonlight mi:'.d ma lilile thai. Thcr- was n murk- \r.f 'lii'U; hanl pr:iv i-yci and lils mouth hail a queer w .. Hut iho chango vvao not all In hia face. Dona sensed It rnther .iliau raw li. lie was under a strain that be co'iild not hide from her. Sim flopped Into llio iijiioiiliKht and lield onrhfr hand. Ponu-linw K!IO l:ail 110 tliuiiglu of reprnai'h. She was afraid of something ami she ilkl not know what il was. Stanley did noi take Uic nroffrrr-il . hand, nelow liiciu Dudley's voice icoulil bo heard Riiiilinp llio ptcps r.l . _____ .... "I'm just not pure." Dona's voice]" 10 Pa~£ou. He was close and vfas small and fallcrins. "Oh, Dud.'" if I only knew! Hoes anyone over know?"' "Vou'ro just worried, doar. Dona bail n coiiipanlnn. \Vllh a lift of bis liro.iil shmildT.-i Stanley lilack wbirlccl and van- I'll' islied Into tlie nislit. hulking after him. halted t Ulll-lllllu ]UU LU IllUKC- "ion* in.u.111 ll'iirvlll.^ .lllvl IJIdl. c." ilnablo lo light hack j^' 10 'ook two sirps. iliea hailed a< of emotion thai swept - Uiidiey's voico brokii through the ni.lUc It my full-time lob to make ; "ona blond you love (be surg ______ ____ .. over him he caught her in lils arm's, Then Dona remembered Sclh IJoliy'a wordo, "Sivctlo Ilclo means lo get nig man thh time." with jConld not conceal It an effort she arose. Instantly he moonliglit. "A" sot. fair one?' 1 lie was I::- s;[ '° himself wilb hapiiincsa and NOTICE OF SALE OF REM. ESTATE Notice is hereby given that the mdersigned will, in obedience to . decree entered on September atli. 1931. hy the Chancery Court or the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi Count}', Arkansas, in a ausc wherein First National Bank f Blythevillc, Arka'nsas. was plain- iff and Row Stcvcru, Vera Stevns, J. Mcarl Jontz, Mary E. Jontz ;iid Flossie Goodrich we're defend- nls. on Saturday, October 8th, D32, oiler for sale at public auc- ion. at Hie south door of tho ;ourt House in Blythevll.'c. Ar- :anjBS. to the highest bidder on •. credit of three months, (he fol- owing described property, which > ilttiatcd in the Chickasawba Dis- ricl of Mississippi county. Ar- .ansas. to-wlt: An unriviricd one-fourth U interest in the following lands: Lot One tl) of the Southeast quarter (SE'i) of Section Twenty-five (25); Lots One tn and Two 12) and the South half (S'.ii of the Northeast Quarter INEV! > ot Section Thirty-six (36). and Southwest Quarter tSWli) ol Section Thirty-si:c too), and Lots Eight (8) and Nine (9) of Section Thirty-six (36), and Lots One (1), Two (2), Three i3>. Fo'.ir (41, Five (5> and Six (6) ot Section Thirty 130); Alt of which Li in Township Sixteen 116) North, Range Eleven tin, East. Also an undivided one-fotirth. (H> Interest in the following lands: Lot One (1) of Section Twentynine (29). and Lot Three (3) of Section Thirty-one (31), both in Township Sixteen Hi) North, Hange Twelve (12) Eatt. Alto an undivided one-eighth <l-8i interest in the following tp.iuts: 'Ihe NoilhwL'St Quarter iNW't) I of Sc-dion Twenty i?.0), Town- ship Fifteen "i 15) North, Range ihe purchase Eleven (11) East. ] This the 10 St. Louis Joint Stock Lund Bank 1032. holds a mortgage on the Southwest Quarter iSW'.i) of Secticn Thlrly- six 136), Township Sixteen 116) North, Range Eleven (111 East, to secure an original loan of Seven Thousand Five Hundred i$7500,uO> Dollars and interest. Ben R. Hall, as trustee for New England Securities. hoWs a first and a second deed of trust, on Lots (One (1) and Two 12) and the South half <S>;> of the Northeast rlr-p h day ot * (To !!o for tl'.c Chickasawua District Quarter of Section Thlrly- Ix tM) and Lot One (li in Section Twenty-five Township Sixteen CHANCERY PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. J. A. Carroll. Plaintiff vs. No. 5328 Austa B. Carroll, Defendant- 'the tefcisdant, Auita E. Carroll, is warned lo an;>car within thirty days In the court named in lii: capiion hereof and answer Ihe complaint of Ihc plaintill. J. A. Cii-i-o:i. Dated 0-13-1932 R. L. GAINES. Clerk By Elizabeth Ulytho. n. c. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty Ad Litcin in thirty to answer the com 1, GAINES I I)laint c! P^P'os liuildin ' ;clr ' 1 " issio!ll -' r -!' r)atc'a-' C this 2!lh tiny of August, 1 1932. 1(. L. GAINES, Clerk 13v Elizabeth Blyihe. V. C. it for Plaintiff. 8-2-1-31 OltDKK COURT. CHICKA- all .'n Nortn. Sangc Eleven <11> East, tlic first o secure an original loan of Eiclit riioitsand (SSOOO.OO) Dnilars and •he second to secure Twenty-one (211 interest coupons originally ng- jregating Two Tliotisanu Six Hun- Ired Forty ($2610.00) Dollars. The sale will be subject to the lens mentioned. The buyer will L. Russell. ure:linian-Crosliy cam- X reqmvcd lo give a solvent bond ;>any; Braid Eioclrlc comnany aii'l : .o secure the purchase price and (Radio Sales company are ' wnrncl > hen will be retailed to secure Ho appear in the Chanc-ry Court WASNIXG OliDCK C. L. Llntzenlch; Famiic Lintz- . . - cnlch; T. J. Crowdcr, Trustee: J. jK Y'S IN 'TWVN! rJO'N,V.'AlT A MIMUTE-. \>,CULD)-1'T UP OU f'\ OLD FPIEMD, \WOULD you? KiOl IF I E\W \>JHO IT WAS.... BUT HOW DO T TEi-L ME WHO IT IS TU. MANS NO- i CA-JT AtJO IS TRYING TO MAKE HIM SOESS IT IS UUit HOARDING HOUSE EVENINCj/ NOTICE YOU A'Rt! ' WOULTJ VoU TO -SfT IN ON NICE, QUIET NIGHT GAME UP IN MV.T500fv\, 407 <? ORIAN, AN STD'O -CALL"' FOR. i3£TT/N<o HIMS&LV CARETUL, MAJOR/ ItOOl-S AN 1UIKU KUDD1KS ON TIIK MA11CH HVb CUVBW HVSft WASH TUIiBS t.MSOKl RYBOPY WASH TAKKS A BO j5'** F LUSHf-B WITH ft SUDDEN VICTOR* I R c ' -,6 T^ E/ U 1X ^DICIPS, TO CMRfiE FROM THE t OF TH£ SUM IHVO (JTTaR DAr?KHESS UKE SO * DO >t>U THIWK I'M HE'S COMIWS OVER FOR A

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