The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 29, 1938
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 29, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SE LEWI OF •What Would YOU Do? Newly Formed G r o u p Would Promote Killing lo Relieve Torlim: By NEA Sen-Ice NEW YORK, Jan. 2C.-Thesii.hl.' of bodies writhing |,t pain aiulj torture-clouded eyes pleading for death as surcease from agony lm 1 ry-:ulted In formation <;f tin- nation's • jir.-r organization for legalmuion of • iVit-rcy killings. Founder and president of die association—known as the Smicly for legalization of Euthanasia--is Dr. Charles Francis roller, noted author mid leader of tin- pir-t Humanist Society which lonu has sponsored projects which It believe; will benefit the human rare. Brought into renewed prominence by recent instances of "mercy murders" by anguished relatives who couldn't bear to sec their loved ones suffer, the long controversy over euthanasia appears destined to co- cupy an increasingly prominent, place In discussion ot medical and professional ethics. Dr. Potter Is convinced llial legal euthanasia would end such mercy murders by relatives, together with tiie similar, although secret "easy death" slayings which reputable physicians are known to bring about —despite the ancient nippocralic ,oath of Hie medical profession which pledges doctors lo "givp no deadly medicine lo anyone if asked nor suggest any such counsel." The new association is pledged lo wprk for stale and federal laws per• Anitllng physicians to administer • death-dealing drugs or by other •\nrthods to end the suffering or • persons slowly dying of incurable diseases. Dr. potter cited the recent tragic death of 9-year-old Barbara Tuttle. supposedly .slain by her mother, noted Miami osteopath, to end the child's suffering, and the case of Dr. Guy Peterkin of Seattle who last year killed his son nnd himself to escape pain. "Bootleg" euthanasia by doctors on hopeless patients is often admitted. Dr. Potter pointed out, although legally it is murder. Dr. potter said he receives manv letters from physicians urging legal euthanasia, a typical letter saying it would "make proper for us to"dn openly what T have had to do many times." Dr. Potter became convinced of the need for. legal euthanasia through -his experiences as a "marrylnl; and ^buryin 1 parson.;' He Btiw many' 'elderly persons, mostly 'omen, dying in prolonged agonv. ./-iglng to be put out of their nSfeery. He pointed out that championship of "easy death" Is not nciv. having been described In the iGth century by Saint Sir Thomas More, as part of the nerfect society in his famous "Utopia." "The only thing that's new," said Dr. Potter, "i.s that we're going into action at last in response to a real need increasingly recognized by thoughtful people. A national poll on the subject showed affirmative votes of 54 percent in the middle-Atlantic states, and C4 percent in the Mountain and Pacific Coast sections. New England and the Middle West were not as favorably disposed." The First Humanist Society, sponsor of the Euthanasia society, for years was prominent in the birth- control movement. "That fight Is largely ivon, and we feel free to transfer our efforts to euthanasia," 'i>v. Potter said. A national campaign of education irili be conducted. Support of state and national law-makers will be sought. Dr. Potter hopes to have euthanasia bills introduced in 12 states this year, among them one sponsored by Sen. John 31. Coin- stock, who last year unsuccessfully brought such a measure before the Nebraska imicaineral legislature. England's two-year-old Euthanasia Society, board of directors of which interlocks with the American organization, will co-operate. The boards include eminent American and British men and women representing tiie legal, educational, ministerial, literary nnd medical professions. Dr. Potter expects the fight to travel a long and tortuous road, with bitter opposition from the church, lawyers and medical men bound by the Hippocratic oath. megro Methodists To Present Pageant Tuesday Sixty negro men and women will take part in a pageant "Lost Through Negligence" or "Saint Peter nt the Gate." which will be given nt the Bethel Methodist church, 111 Corregc slrccts. Tuesday night, eight o'clock. There will be reservations for white friends wlio cure to see this pageant with special music, singing and appropriate costumes, it has Vjeeii announced by the Rev. J. W. Nelson, pastor. been iii'ltlrer tartly nor absent for j tin' IWI.M ."cuii'Mcr: til-rule HA. itoiaini itounsnvllli-, Fnmcc.s curlew. Murli- Uupnc-,' (Iniili- SH I Duvld Dunne \tor- otliy Corleiv. firml.. nil '.> ci m ,.|i,v .lulm.soii Hilly Jom/.,,!, MCCU.U-. mil MoifO. liny Kvrivll, Jriuv (•!„,,. HiltliiKiu Hut,mm, .i,,,,,.,.,. M ,, v i.ov,-ime. (Mill. M,,u,i.v. '.,„,;,; M,.;,: fli'iuli- 811 ;i Klllull SalllKi Mil. ton 1'niteisiiii. Shirley )t,, K ,.| ; .' H :IV .. Ise nic,.. Miixlnc- u,.],) tli ;,(!>• in l-ciimlcs All lick Hilly KIO-.MH', Betsy lire u,uh- iiiwin, lil;i ij i.'ii-|(| S| EI,,,,, lunim-r Kiilhcrlue Iludsoj). Iloml. V.'ia Nowell, Mm-Jorli' Sii'- "•us. Hourly Thoiiuis. c;i;„!(. 7|j ;|...luck |j,.| hi n, ll)bv .Jordan. Hub,.,, Mm.ry. Hoi-en I'm- II". W. C. liyhv. Hilly Sohuiml- )'. K. Stntlniti. Hill TI'IIII Slewiirt] 'iJiiiin 'linker. Pan-in Walk.'i Cieiu-va Hainj)l(i, Vcilw W|M:,I. K'x Weeks IViflYl .llleiiil.-utcf <iiini|i llH' I<,II.AVUK> 1.,, |Jj,. |),.jj r( .| .,(. l>u-k T:,ylnr, Niti.'Vvrtu^Ti'UM- In tl!e Bible, the verse Ezra 8.21, contains all the letters of the alphabet, except J. which originally was the same letter as I. v of the largest animals In world are vegetarians: ole- sWanl, EirafTc, gorilla, htppopo- i\'uus, rhinoceros, water-buffalo, and niuskox. Read Courier N«ws Want Ads, You are a doctor. Yum patient is suiVi-rlng from an iiu-iiniljli. throat dlsen.w. Vim know Him .-vi>n an operation is impossible. I!,- Is siitli-rlng acutely and nionllis of agony arc Inevitable b<-for<- his <K':iUl. Toward the end it will be "a hideous race between strani'iilation and .sturvntlon." You nnd bis dear ones sillier with him as you watch tils slow, iigonlnlns decline, anil In- .sutlers doubly because he knows he is causing his family to .suffer. Opiates help only temporarily. The dose has to l,e increased constantly as lolenuice Is established. :.nd his mental agony is pitiable every time he comes out from under the influence of the opiate and ic;;l«e.s that he Is still alive. He Lcars tile pain with all the heroism hf call muster, but. knowing' that his condition Is hopeless and that months of .suffering arc yet to come, lie motions for pencil and paper and writes. "Please doctor, give me something so I can go to sleep and never wake up." You look into bis beseeching' eyes ::nd see that lie means it. What would YOU do? Blytheville School News HIGH SCHOOL Ni:w:S School Hesins Second Semester Dlytheville liigli school began Its c:Qtid semester for the school yen- 1931-38 Monday. The number 'Drolled Monday was 400. This t umbei 1 includes nil addition of oily-out" student.?. Eighteen of lu'se are now students while 21 arc those who have entered from I Lorctla'Eiibanks .he junior high school mid-term I dough, lass. At the end of (lie first se- Sam Evrard, •aester, there were twenty-three vilhdi-awals from high school, •vither by graduation or for other rea.sons. Wednesday the enrollment had i Viekers, 7; Molly Guard "flu." ."pile "creased to 410. JMmic Koonce, C'.i; Odessa' Mc- Twenly-nine new students en-1 Ghee 0 ^».e high school this mid-term ! The tollovving 21 sludents rccciv- ave ,s then- homo room teacher, j cd ll(;11ani | ) |c mention for the .•.Irs. Farmer England. Those wl,o| u , inl , ix wceks ,„,„. Elaf ^ A , ," ,-d from minor h.,,i, „,„- Elira bt-th Baxter, Mary Jo ) Crawford. 10; Willard Evans, 10; Meddle Brown. 10; Betty Dodson. 10; Hildied Bunch. 10; Uillie Leggelt. 9^.; Sara McCulcticon. S'-.; Hunter Sims, O'i; Mildred Weathers. !)'-; Mniy IJ. Filz- KeiaUl. II'.; Kathleen Ashley, !); Mary Prances Fields. 9; Elva Michael, D: Amy Hull] Morris. 3; Bill Mnr- Jiuiniln White, B',4; . 8!1; Eugene Hood. 8'i; Thomas Se.iy, 8; Marjorie Mays. 7',-i; Tom Rccclcr, T/J; Aug,118(115 Crowe, 7; Betty Jean Hill, 7; | Mary Adah Robinson, 7; Vivian literal from junior hiuh are: (imr-.s Williams, BaU Douglas. :iaude Stewart, Jack Taylor. Bo 'cppedjje, James Dunn, George •eyett. K. s. London, Raymond M. Crawford. Pi'ances Corlew. Fred Terry. Katie Lambert, Adell Chery, Margaret Scott. Nitii Nioma •ryeans, Louise Matthews, Marie : opper, W. Wallnee Smith, J. F. I His. Clyde Perry, Biiiy Long. f'onny. Lloyd. Seven of those who entered at uid-tevm did not enter from jun- ii 1 higli. They are: Andrew Ix'e i layo. Raymond Lewis, Charles Maxwell, RolanJ Rounsuville. Bill . dig, Alvis Han-is. and Ro.-,ie l.noclu. Buchannan, Peggy Burks, Chark'.s Caldwell. W. R. ' Cannacly. Mary Frances Davis, Pearldine Ellis, Ray Grant, Alice June Hester, LaPetra May. Henry Muery. Billie Nelson, Dolores Psahnonds. Harold Rosen- Dial. Odie Rice, Alice Sallba, Joyce Somers. Mary K. Thompson, Lloyd Ward, Billy Woolen. Jerry Cohen Leads Semrster Honor lioll Jerry Cohen led the high school '-.onor roll for the first semester, ivith a maximum of IS quality points. The following students v.'itli their quality (mints also were on the honor roll: Bill Chamblm, H'j; Vera Goodricli. 14; Mary Lynn .Jackson. 13: Marion Toinp- Uins, 12',; Sue Ramey. 12; Hus- .ell Fan-. 11',.; Betty Ebenlt. 11; Billie Loggctl, 10 a ,; Kathleen linker, 10'i; Marjorie Wan-en, ICV. Patricia Wood, 10'.; Meddle Crown. 9'~ ; Mildred Weathers. )'u; Hildrccl Bunch. 9; Bill Mur- :louKli. 5; Winifred Crawford, 8 3 i; -Cathleen Ashlt-y. B>j; Belly Dod-on. 8'-j; Sara Evrard, 8'-j; Rny Grant. S; Eugene Hood, 8; Hunter 3iins. 8; i\!ary Frances Fields, 7>i; Betty Jean Hill. 7 1 Mays, T..;: Thomas Seay. Joyce Somers. T,--; Molly Guaixl. 7V, Elva Michael 7; Odessa Mc- Ohee. 7; Sara McCutcricn, 7- Juanlta White, 7; Pearldine Ellis] . Amy Ruth Morris, 6'i; Torn Reeder. 6'~; Betty Lsaacs, G. Twenty other students received honorable mention. They are the following: Elizabeth Baxter. Peggy Burks, Charles Caldwcll. Augustus Crowe. Hetty Dodson. Cookscy Dodson. Lavetle Eubanks, Mnry D. Fitzgerald, Alice Jane Hester, Phe Marie Koonce. Mary Helen Moore, Henry Mucry. DC lores Psalmonds. iNFary Adah Hobinson, Odte Rice' Alice Saliba. Mary Kathr.vii Thompson. Thurman Tinder. Vivian Vickers and Lloyd Ward. Leads Term Honor lioll Vera Elizabeth Goodrich led the honor roll for the third six weeks term of the senior high school having the maximum number of duality jxilnt.s-15. Those students with their quality points who also gained a place on the honor roll are; Jerry Cohen, HI.J- gm Cliambllii, HVi; Mary Lyn n Jack . son, 14; Russell Parr, I2',i- s uc Ramey. I2'i: Marlon Tomuklns 12'»; Maiy Helen Moore 12- Pat ricia Wood. 12; Betty Isaacs' llv,- Uetty Ebeixlt, li; Marjorie Warren' II; Kathleen Baker, 10; Winifred Seventy-five hiKli school students )ta;j a perfect attendance record for the first semester being neither absent nor tardy since the school term began. They are the followInif: Seniors—Jennell Adalr. Virginia Brown. Hildred Bunch. Virgle Mat- Abbott, Elizabeth Baxter, Neclrn Berrymnn. Mary Jo Buchanan. Winifred Crawford. Helen LaSliot. Sue Ramey, Alice Saliba, STanera Saliba, Martha Stevens, Loullzzia Thompson; Juniors — Hoivetl Alley, Sara Lunsford, Amy Ruth Morris, Eloise Ramey, Ben Smith. Jill Burton, Mary D. Fitzgerald. Guy Rodgers. Juanila Sam- lile, Thomas Keay. Waiwla Smith. Howard Fri.sby; So|)homores—Mil- dred Mulr. Paul Sanford, Raymond Snxe, Ed Workman, Uenl Browne, Malcolm Flake. Harold Mi'fllin. Charles Abbott, John Cliarles Urighl, Russell Farr, Phe Marie Koonce, Charles Llpfortl, Joe Billy McHancy, lone Muery. Jewel Rice. Richard Roberts. Fred Wade, Freshmen—Arthur Hutlso:i, Troy Whitaker, Oenctte Flake, Blossom Grnhnin, Vivian Vickers. --"•», <-,2. Mildred Weathers. Mniy Jo Pishcv, Marjorie Naomi Jean Beriyman. Betty Dod-•- "•• sou. Mary Frances Fields. Mary Lynn Jackson, Evelyn Jordan. Mary Helen Moore, Patricia Wise. Peggy White, June Workman', James Carney, Charles Moore, Norman Mosley. Dick White, Harold Wood. W. H. Bohanning' Harold Hall. Larry Everett, Alvin Lane, Jack McCuislon, Jim Morgan. Tom Keedcr. Rosie Saliba, Jack Smith, Bryant Stewart. Hugh Thoiup«)ii. Staff Announce.! At a press meeting. Tuesday afternoon, the Chlckasaw. the bimonthly school publication of Blytheville high school, announced tile staff for the second semester of the high school term. The members of Die stall nrc: Feature Dc- Eugenia Crawford, chairman: William Guc-rin. John partment: Harp. Anita Stracke; news department: Joe Burnett?, chairman- Wynctte Shepherd, Sara Evrard Nedra Bcvrymaii, Betty Ebcrdt' Geneva Graves; siwrts dcpartment: Howard Frlsby. chairman- Cooksey Dodson; editorials- Patricia Wood, chairman; ciiarlvii McLecd. Katlirj-n Thoni|xson- ex change: Winifred Crawford chairman: Buddy Terry; art 'department: Marvin Nu m ,, chairman- business tfjialrman; Karlenc Da- mon; circulation inuiuujer: Don Wilhelm. Home l-:ciin«inli's €lassi-s Work on fociil Unit Second year Home Emmimli-s student.s- have been working on a unit. "Foods for Special Occasions" and have served two formal dinners for members or the classes. They hni-i- also served a luncheon to ten members »nd (lie sponsors of the National Honor Society; and a three course dinner for 30 superintendents and principles of the Mississippi cmmly schools. Thursday, members of the bovs' basketball sijuad and their coach were entertained with a luncheon. Plans arc being mntle to invite members of the Rotary and Lions clubs to luive luncheon In the new building. Girls in Hie (list year class Have completed attractive green broadcloth smocks for use as foods uniforms. They havi- begun a unit on "Family Meals." Moslcy Visits School llerschel Mosley. former Blytheville high school student,, and member of the Chicknsaiv football leam. visited friends and teachers at the high school Monday, tferschel was home from Alu- bnma University for a short visit. He i.s a member of the 'IJnina Crimson Tide, and made the I rip lo the Rose Rowl. JIWIOU HIGH SCHOOL .Si'im'stri- Honor Holl The following pupils of the jun- PAGE THREE ''•'" 'W..HI. Fivdu M,K. Hunks •>_«'» HaM,r. I,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,„,,,,„, A|11 ; Wz-'ir" l '"' :l -"'' vls ' lln ""Wei's. (>rinli. mi ;; HnywiHid llnnlv tieorge liubbiinl. Cliircnec Jolici- «>". iiiiv .Km,,. j, wph Mrcl "ill Morn'. Ix-roy H.J.SS. Klorenc,. i,!."" In''': '" ra r ' ;m< '", Uorothv man lliiTm'ir'"' J ''" ) ' 1 ' C '""' """'" I i . l ^;\^ llil ;/1''»'^. n tiuiip''\l'eilli 1 ,". Hillle hij). I'on-cll, tu'iule Hli It —F;ni])i:i JJUH> \v<>lj. »'<•>'. Hill Slovnll, MIIIOII ratter- son. Mays R|,v ; ,,||,,y, chillies 1',,,-k!">'. Mary Alycc Seny, Iwilsi; Ilia;. Cii'iide 7H !•—Chnvles All lick C-rewny Alkl,,s, Lloj'd H|,H,,,. V ,.,; fjllly liimvne. Hay Droiin, m." \, • ''illy CJnlllson, l-lliiK 1 ]' Bm'h'in- Wlls on. llctsy H w - Hickuian. Elinii Iliippi-r. Kntlier- lui^ Iliulsdn. M ,,,.y vir 8 I,u n | U .|. Oraile 7H 2.-Herbert Ciralmin, 1) PK.I'° (i ,','' l ,, C: "' 1 II """' J<u * »"<'". Clyili- Miilhcny, veru Nowell u-n Mil _ Minims, nmic Jcil ,, s inl ;, Mni;orie Smith, Mnrjorle Stevens Bi-vr-rlv Thoimis. n *«""« i'i U a ~ Do " !ll »l Carter. ,Jnck Del- IJobby Jordan. Ira Lauibm, Robot Alui-ry. iiobci-l Purlle v v C- Hj'lee. miiy sclmuick. [', ' ' Staltord, Bill Tom Stewart, j|, man linker, Parvln Walker. ior high school made the honor roll for the semester ending January 21: Grade 8A Bobbie Jean Douglas-;. Claude Stew-art, Mark; Hopper. Grade SB I—Jack Chamblin. Mary Babcock, Dorothy Corlew, Ana Crook, Lin-a Davis, Grade 8B 2—George Hubbard, Billy Jontz, Joseph Mcclure, Bill Morse, Wanda Fisher. Jeltyo Clare Hulfinan. Uutonne Jagger.s Sallie Malhis. Doris Mulr. Grade 813 3—Milton Patterson. Shirley Hot'ers. Albert Saliba. Sylvia Reidinan, Marjorif liimer K-i- ni-lle Small. Grade VI! 1—Roger liabcock. IJuyd Blomeycr, Barbara Bobo! Betsy Bee Burtinimn, N a n (• y Hughes. Mary Virginia HeicheJ. Grade 715 2—Beiilah MulJins, Vera Nowell. Lavonne Redman. HcVcN.v Thonias. Grade 7B .1—Raymond Sweat. 1.01s Eaton. Six Wt-cks Honor Itoll The following pupils of the junior high school made the honor roll for the six weeks term ending January 21: Grade 8A—Bobbie Jean Douglass. Claude Stuart. Marie Hopper. Orarie 8B 1—Jack Chamblin. Dorothy Corlew. Ann Crook, Lnra Davis, Mary Babcock. Grade SB 2- Joe Evrard. George. Hubbard. Clarence Johnson. Billy I Jonlz. Joseph McCHirc, Wanda Fisher. Jetlye Clare Huffman, Butonne Jaggers. May Lovelace' Sallie Malhis. Doris Mulr. Grade 81! 3—Milton Patterson. Shirley Ro»er.s. Albert Saliba. Sylvia Reidman. Herman Cross i'o- sey. Elliott .Saliba. Marjorie Rimer. Maxlnc Reid. Lanelle Smart. Grade VB 1—Lloyd Blomcycr. Bartarn Bobo. Bee Buchanan. Nancy Hughes, Mary Vlr- gnia Retcliel. Grade 7D 2—Beulah Mulllns, Vera Nowell, Lavonnc Redman, Beverly Grade 7B 3—Tommy Little, Ix)ls Faton. lnMal Jills Is in rannccdon with „ slate lecmired unit „„ „„..„„„, 1QS .. class activities in this unit, !,",„, l»Hformm, f experiments which Se' termini; tj,c elfcct of alcohol on organic and Inorganic maierla" making notebooks of clipp J, ," . ' Paring exhibits and glvhuj K". Study Di-conilln^ Scvoiill, (-rude art class members are (leconaine hot ( || sl , „„„., „ ,' wn , 1. plaques. Eighth E ,,,de , lr , . stl( . dents are making wall Immri,,,,., ,,l ciayola on heavy crash. " Bingo Prim IViimcr Geneva Sample won tirst prize u, « A ,t |, omc room Has N'civ Members 7A 3 home room has three new oo± rs ' •'; ''' ra '" 8t0 "- •">"> Gosnell and James Ulckerslaff Jesse Nell Victory r.-tm-ned aft.-r 2_J_"f<w weeks' absence. Billie Dre eny und mipeit r.nle Tnmi- wt.. miivi'd lo Missouri at the end tJl Hit 1 .srtnt'.stcr. Iti-v. Klu K (iucst Spi'iiki'i- 'I'hi' Kcv. Hurry Klnv. imslor of Ilii' au-Didillsl (,'liuirli ui lloxtc, Ark., \\lu, Is mm, li'iu-liln^ In tile I'lilnln.r si'luwil l,,.ini, |,,.|,| u , ,],,, I-'Irsl MHIiutllsl chili I'll, was a v,iio:H .S|N-,-|kn- III III,' jlllllur llll'll ,;(.'||,,,)| Tili-s.liiy niDinliu;. )|r spuki' MI '"I'liliHIs In Do and 'rhhi|>» Nut l.» l>.i l;> Dovi'lup Cliaracler." Maiy Kvclyn (,'alrinui) Ims ic- enU-rul schnul niter luivln,^ llv.'d In Mi-ni|)li(s soverii) uwmhs S!u> has Joliiwl the 7A 1 proup. l,ui-l..]i t.'alo uiiij .Siiniiici (iliiKscurk are also new members of this duns. Imv, Kveretl. wlui hi«i bi-c'ii u tiiciitbiM- of (!„• HA •; K ,, U ,||. ),], s t movi-d will) her iiimiiv ( t> \vir;li- I tiiRlon. n. c. lli'lty .hi Ilium-It hus jiitn.'d llu- Mi.iiii- Making ciavj Kiitc-itains \VIII, Si,|)|H-r Tla 1 ('lib; ol tin: eKIilh arude biuiir iiiukln.i cl.-iK.s eiilci tallied with a biillrl ;;upnor on Tluirsduv nli.lil .binnaiy '.ill. The labli' wn-; arriLn'^.ii lu (In 1 hall of tint .school bulldlnn l)l>- (iile.M.-: ..-cn-i'il tlii-iilsi-lve:! and in lln> aiullliirhnn [or (lie supivr. Alli'i- siiiipi'r, iMinii-s iiud conli'sl..-, liirnlshed IIIIIUIH-IIICIU. ^ili'lli- Chenv niul iMiirnaivl Snitl had I'hur,.,. «[ u,is )iarl »f lh,. ,);,,. t',iain. H«'lly Jo Iluritelt. lllllle .Sue Pmvell nnd f-Miia l/'c Kord iiluiined Uie menu, l-'nuici-s Ciirlrw, l-'icdii Wne Hanks anil Knlle LainUi-rl i!i-c- oralnl tin- table. The i-ecelvlni! ™iu- inllln' WIIK ,?iini. Mi'dlln. Kf(oli)ne Vreeiiian am) Allm'ln linickln. The Klrls st-ivlui: wen: Ui>rolh v corli-w. Margie AndcrMiu. Sylvesla nm-sey, EnuiiH .Jauc Webster, and lur/. Kvcrell. Thi. liei-ocs of the oomslim were tin. (r ir| s who returned to school <in Prkluy to wash the dishes nnd clean up nennmlly, 'fhese ulrls were Ciirllyn llmd, Sissy BUKK Paisley and Mnreurel Scott. The guests ultendliiK the .'Hipper wr.'io Mrs, W. J. Horsey, Mrs. T. 11. Freeman, Mis. o. A. Corlew. Mrs. W. O. Webster. Mrs. (ins Ebevdt, Miss Nnoiiil Wright. Miss Mary Frances Davis, Mr. mid Mrs. B. K. :iarn:ll. Mary Ellen Clni'relt. Miss Unra Coppi'dge. Miss Laura Canui- bi-11. Miss Charles Jones and Miss Monta Ituclu's. Prrst' I'lav The cl»litli »rii<lf dniimillcs sliiss presented a )ilav Wednesday, Jun- "iirv 211, I'litllled "The Klnti's Rni{- llsh". written by Herbert Bales. The characters were Jack Chamblin. .lohiinle Whit.-. Mai-y Habcock. na- vlil I'onne. Ami'- Crook, .leltve Clave Hulfinan. Uinclle Smart, Bllllc na- iimn, Jlmnilc Parks, nnd Maxlne ReeO. CKNTUM, SOHOOI, I'crfcct Altciitlatu-i' lioll The following puiills have been perfect In attendance for the first semester: I-'irst Clradi 1 -Sally Travis, Ann Wood, R. C. Allen. KrniH'lh C'o man. Howard Robinson. Second Grade—June Iliichaniin. Catherine Graham, Mary Faith Puckelt. Mililred Short. Belly Siiy- iler. Max (Iraham. Bennlc Johnsen. Hilly McFhrlaiul. Jlmmle Mllll- cnn. Billy Joyner. Tlilrd Grade—Julia Ann Wooil- ffin. 'Iliclmn Hlcc. PcRgy McMullln, Mlldreil Meadois, Mary l/iu Joyner, Stanley Howl. Charles LcRfjetl. Jim O.itr.s. RnberL Rut ledge. riftli Grade—Jim Sinnrt, John Bruce Wilson. Hussi'll Wilson. Mux- Inc Kvans. Marguerite Ciraliam. Sixth ai'fKic— lx>uis Greene, no.-.s Dillon Hmjlies, Sklppv Crook. Rosemary lU^lil. Mary Kalliryn Mosley, Irene Hlcc. Kay Thomas. Third Grade The pupils of this grade held their regular club meeting Friday with the new president. John While, In charge. It was voted lo have Rcoscvell Luncheon on Wednesday at noon at, which time a sliver offering would Ix? taken for the new National Foundation for Hie treat- niont ol Ifanllle paralysis. Com- GAS REDUCED Fri. Sat. Sun. January 28, 29 & 30 Only Quality While Gal. lOc M,i, TAX Approx. 12t I,ess than Arkansas Major Prices GAS Safely Super "Ti" 4 <f 1 AIJ. Anti-Knock I I *A TAX (,'allrm f.JL^\l J'AH) WiUi i'rolil Sharing Stamps Sctiifsl«r Alteiulaucc leaders j Tiie following pupil? of the Bly- Ihcvlllc Junior high school have KEROSENE "iff T (a ,. "Tank Car fa Your Car" MARTIN OIL CO. "Always Less" WALNUT ST. On U. S. 01 STKKl.K, MO. mil tees for the lunchron \vrrc appointed. l-Mr dccornlloir Mac \v.ll- lliim.s, I'lv.ny McMullln, Christine Uimiiihi'M; iiroKi'Hiii: Julia Aim Wuodsun, jMiivlIm Ji'un Nnvc, ^1111 <;nllls. The host and hostess are la l)i' .M-l.rti-i! Inter. (•'frill (,' Mn-,1 o| ii,|. Bcoijis liny/- pussi-d Iliflr IcmlHloot test At the iiiivt- Inn laiil Wi'diu-Mliiy iiMeriKnn the Kills .-'.-in-d «|- rmlinildi-red. jjiimi. itiiKle t.coiil nprom anil ;,oiiii' iiiiiilc pillow i-nws in- WHI-II:. Mary l-'rances Ninui h-is returned l» sclio«l after seven davr,' lllucsi. Lucille Jackson »l Hlede, .Ma., is « new pupil In this class. Jack .Sinllh has returned from I'liu- IIIull and n.-ciiU'ied the tjrade (ov tin- lust srjiiestrt 1 . New i-lass olllccrs [or Ihe second M-uii'.-.ti-r wcic I'lrctcd last Friday, .Several of tin. elections were very t'luse. biillnt resulting In n lie In one t-iiM\ Mnui results were: Jlin .Smart, uresldeut; Hilly ni>. Ixmir, vice presklcnt; .Shirley llar- iinii, wi-ii'lniy; IjDiotliy Ci.-nvlord, - Miss Corn lee Colcmnn, county home demonstration asent, lalked on "Heller Homes." The program was concluded with the chairmen »f tlic different committees giving ri'jKirtfi on their particular fields of concentration, A collection was taken among the dull memlwrs for the infantile uar- ilysis drive. Mrs. Paiight and Mrs. J. A. Payne, co-hostesses, served pie with whl|i- «l cream and coffee. 'I1i<> next meeting of the group will l» February <J at the home of Mrs, Kreomonl Scrape. Demonstration Club News Notes Tin- Dogwood ilnnii> Di'monslia- ll"ii i-liili smprlsi'd Mrs. Hugh lalil. the lurnicr Miss Norn I'liyiu 1 , with u sluwcr Wednesday when It met ill the home ol Mrs. w. J. Kaughl. Among the ^!!i present were two new members, Mrs. \v. II. Dycss and Mrs. T, II. Kocmcc. mill two guests. Mrs, 11. O. Wright mid Mrs. Cecil Wright. 'lilt' £lrst of 10 lessons cm the "Constitution of the United Stales anil Tnxnllun" was discussed by Miss Hutli Hulks, following which (he prehistoric mammoth had '»«!« tipjicr Molars that weighed '.'I i.ound.s. FARM LOANS' 1500 »nd DC Albanian and Mluoort I/uwr«l rain—lowest Also city projx-rlln HON U. KASSEKMAN Thomas Uind Co. Office I'. O. Jiox 470, phone 627. Drs. Wert & Wert OM'OMKTJUSTS Over Joo IRBRCS' Store "WE MAKK 'KM HUE" Phono 540 QUALITY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices on poultry fit all times. S SAVE MONEY AT GAMES MKT. 118 W. Mafn Phone S3 BOWL FOR FUN .... FOR SPORT Bring Your Party ALL WILL HAVE FUN Sudbury's Playhouse FOR HEAVY DUTY HAULING ONLY $195 1934 Chevrolet 1% Ton Truck (.'noil Condition. Sue this one .today. Only $70.00 down, urn! $1(1.00 JHM- month. 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