The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 15, 1948 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1948
Page 7
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1MB MALVCAN LlADfcft, MALVERN, IOWA, APRIL 18, IMS PAG* SUCCESSFUL PLAYS •IViN IY JUNIORS The public *T>M»klnR clws ot high school presented WESLEY CHAPEL Proceedings of Mills County I Board of Superiors cart uutwri . O. M stoftmu, H»v»ims . Rnvmt on roll eMl the t-ot* WM.M..TO)* OMU*. Mills County Auditor Mrn. Ro»» Ttmmon*. Right-oMVay Albert T, Wwhburn, Right-of-way C. M. Wilson, Brd. of March 4, i»« UiMon Grocery, Oroceries On this 4th day ot March. 1948, oienwooa Lbr. & Coal, Before the p,ays .ere present- d " 24.72 . . .'. K. WIlcox. Brd. of Appr Mary Alice Wfts Right -ot -Way M.9S M* tit »*m* County, lo*», ha* eon- Mar* Btrart* ft«*wn»rt th# t<*** 14398 attJWHl tha tolftii WP$ivfHrt by the ftc^ns \ wt>Jutt^n an\t tnftVJKt \ta msa K>\va wtatf Highway uommtwittn en uo»n Motion «an wconrtwt hy w. on rrd*ra» Aid twcowJarj Project *"-" S.(K> JJarch 9^19*8. for construction work NOW THKKJSrVRK Hf. .. .»«- . C'i-" w n —• « n..~.. 3130 SOLVED thnt the snirt Board ot to come before thf> Board of 8v>PfJ- superviwra of Mm* County, Iowa, visors at this time, they now 4 so concurs in the Commtsolon's reeom- Journ to meet .aijain 3 fto mendatlon that contract* for *<ud dn X be awarded to the low bidder* rwwiv It •, 1WT*?, fcvi TIV* *v » •• - •• „ -••- ----- «l.»w No. 8-993(3) «md 8-PP4(») Mill* Jo**: ATM: Swart*. Asnn »nd Clurk. County NAJ-C: None. NOW' TMERfifORE BR IT HR- . There belnft no further b\i» n«* ay of tn * ft t Henry Way Rlght-o{ 30.80 Chslrmnn. Board of WRY 4670 Carlson construction Company, Orrm- Attest: B ' 72 The Board "of Supervisors approved hft i Nebraska. For Project S-9M(3|, the Soldier's Exemption Applications >16.609.n. For Project S-P!»4<2). B. Mllla County Auditor. *. .. erli " United Nations. Mrs. Ray Plumb were read and _....._ will be hostess for the third les- The rollowing_ciaims were allowed: V A u« John man in behalf of th« cast mem- ^ X^'nYl? 0 "" "'" " "" c. D . AUteopefiS^J.... 16.12 M^John ix>n g , Care & bers- DEMO CONVENTION AT GLENWOOD APRIL 30 Rev. and Mrs. John Trimble W. E. Agan, Wages and children left Tuesday morn- Mark Sw^rti ^Mli. *& P'. D! ins for Kansas where they will Battle Brown."Rec. Exp. .' be with their relatives and con- Fred .O-^Curry, Rep. on suit the eye, ear and nose ppe- Boyei-T^larclwafe. Repairs cinlists for treatment. Ross Dnnlels. Freight ... Mrs. Edith Sterling, radio min- Sl ^ o^scn^Fuudfl 0 ™ of KMA will have char-Re Fratiksen & Johnson, Mcr- chaudisc O. L. Flckcl, Postage Politics is stirring yeastily in the county and L. T. Genung announces that tho Democratic con- ister vention will be held April 30 at of the services this Sunday while - Glemvood. The convention will se- the Trimbles are away at 10 a. Fkilar & Chambers, s'up- lect delegates to the state con- m. at Wesley. plies ventlon. • H. Window is visiting his son - — OhfC niul family in Omaha after i n . gtnte Highway Comm., Card of Thanks several months visit with his son ""P;! 7;ih7r S on"'PVntitv" I thank all those who visited Jay and family. KHpto Loose Leaf, Sup-* me and for the food, cards, let- Rev. and Mrs. R. V. Felt of j. B. Lippencott. Books - ters, flowers, gifts and phone Ucd Oak visited'friends in the jf K^Moore"''Tre'as PUC ' S " calls on my birthday. I find a neighborhood last week. 1 Bounties .' -' - ]>Iessing eacli day in these kind Rev. John Trimble and Mrs. Kobt. I. Moore, Mil. & friends. I pray God will b'.ess and Harold Wilson and Mrs. Marion Mr | Xp RobT"Moove, Br~dY~& keep you well. Wilson attended the group meet- Lodg. Prls. Altha Church. ing at Macedonia Friday. Mercy" Hospital, Medical *ni'40 Service ...... -075 A. K. Newton, Rent N. W. Bell Tele., Service . o nn Peoples Nat. Gas, Service 760 T. E. Shonka, Med. Serv. 3 22 J°e Sltzman, Janitor work Rtiynor Mineral Home, ?4n QO Ambulance Service Marshall Stockton, Care & 53418 Keep 5 .,'.-. 0 Snlcway Store, Groceries . Western Iowa Power, Service ASSESSOR Frnnksen & Johnson, MiTv'hnudlsc — 15 og Fnilur ifc Chambers, Sup. linn'vi 1 Lnuience Hopp, As.^cssiui; 421? Hny I.inville, Assessing .._ Q'O« N. W. Bell Tele., Srrvlee . fii'yn Opinion-Tribune, Priming INSTITUTION' Mill? Coiuity Auditor. RESOLUTION It Is the duty of the of ' 1046 Section Mi'.,3 (M Ui oxumme \ud settle nil acconnts of trie roim- (y. unless otherwise provided by 232.38 20.00 157.75 Eva Ooy. Clerk's fee U. W. Karivmn, Physician's PROMPT REPAIR SERVICE in a Busy Seaso MST SCKVICC Books Mills Co. Times, Printing Matt Pnrrott & Sons, Supplies N. W, Bell Tele., Service Opinion-Tribune, Printing Peoples Nat. Gas, Service Paymaster Corp., Ins. on Paymaster E. P. Plumb, Twp. Trustee Fllomena Robinson, Extra Help - Paul D. Records, Merch. Stipe, Davidson & Hemphill, Att. Fees Sllx Rexn.ll Drug, Merch. Raynor Funeral Home, Ambul. Service Gordon Stelner, Mil. Western la. Power, Sery. _ F. a. Newell, Twp. Clerk I. W. Jackson, Twp. Trustee B. J. Lookablll, Twp. Trustee E. U. Benton, Twp. Trustee -Lloyd Angus', Twp. Clerk Matt Laughlln, Twp. Trus- tec — — •• — — — — — — — — — — C. E. McCain, Twp. Trufl- 8 B. McKee,~Twp. Trustee T. M. Alstrope, Twp. K. R. Cook, attorney's fee 10645 L ' T - ttenung, Attorney's G " 12 Fee --Robt,. I. Moore, Sheriffs 4070 Fen 2629 A - °- Fleming, Witness Fee 2195 Wm. Hodge, Witness Fee OB77 COURT 1RR77 Opinion-Tribune, Printing 1*604 w - p - Allbee, J. P. Fees . 10 ' Robert I. Moore, Sheriff's 07 r= n Fee Frank D. Logan, Sheriff's D no Fee T. R. Young, Bailiff Fees 27 72 Charles Linn, Crt. Rept. . 1627 Gerald Flckel, Postage -. M. K. Moore, Juror's Cert. 750 DOMESTIC ANIMAL 791 Fred Johnson, Damaces L. L. Farrlnpton, Damages 20 00 John Hood, Damnces 3'37 Kenneth Evans. Dmr 27'lG I eRov Magers. Damages _ 1600 Donald Burgoln, Damnces Mrs. Merrill Slump, Dnm- 20.00 age;* --- T. B. ERAD 20.00 Dr. Wm. Clifford, Services 16.00 MAINTENANCE Snn Wilbur Benscoter, Labor . ' of the following persons: Lyle Hill- * 2 £ 0 ,27-! B - ,, „„„.„„„., ,, ,. .,,, A _ ORQR7 house, Thos. Lcnl?., Drexel Decker, Passedi and approved this 4th dny , Hu ft ffm^n" P Otha °toS! M $i& W W MARK SWARTS, Chairman * a '°° l"am f .T^onn 0 r^^lS. Harry Wmd™,: Bjjart of Supervisors of 46 ^n Tlie Bonrd of Supervisors npproved ... ^ lllls the bonds of Frederick Iwrrt. Field- Attest. 272 50 man for County Assessor. Harry .T. •«i i, Ktscr. Trustee "McCartney Levee >t 1362 Drainage District and Homer Mitch- 1348 ell. Deputy Recorder. ai!oo -- -"26.00 HESOI.UriON WHEKKAS, Mills County, Io\vn. is in\v. 5.00 the owner of uic Soutlicu.->t wuar'.ir WHEREAS, It 1.1 considered ndvN- ol Section l(i, Township '!'.', liau.a- nl>lo to appoint a puvch.i' : iiv: n'-.rnt. 4, r >.00 -4^2. \vhU-h laiiil Is anil hiis been i\ NOW 'rilKHKl'OUK liK IV UK- IS.11 p^U ol the County Poor 1-ur'n, ,-iim SOLVED by the Hoard of fmj^ry'.s- Wlil.lH.AS. u i,roup of cUi/cns oC ois r.f Mill:'- County. Imva tn mipoint 1.07 Mills County h:\vo iirsanl.'.iM them- C. R. Brewer to act n:-- pur.-h.\.;ltu: silM'S us u liou-proiit corpotuiiou, n-'.ent. to pnrchiise :i!l Mippllr'; tor lor the purpor-c ol i)|H'iatini; an nir- tin' various county otflr^-^ .77 jiort in Mills C.'Uiity, io\va, HT ~ ' 2H.i)H pnMlc tiso, said linn-profil coil'or- 11^7.CO ation bcnn; Kn^wn as the Mills 13s'.30 County Aero Club, and 11.04 NVHEI5HAK. the paid Mills County 14.08 Ari-o flub is desirous of leasing from Mills Coumy a tra>'l ot laiu'l cou- G.OO talnlni: approximately twinty-two Deri's, 'located tt\ the'West Half of 15.00 the Southwest Quarter of Section 1C,. 15.00 Township 7:3. Ramie 4-. for the purpose of establishing and operating 15.00 on said tract an airplane landing field, for the use of all the people 5,00 of Mills County, lowrt, and WHEREAS, the snld Mills County 4.60 Aero Club has agreed to pay <o Mills 4.GO county tho sum of Ten (.«10.00* rr>- acre per year ns rental for said tract 42.8-1 for a term of five, years, paid t'-rm 14.00 renewable for and additional term of five years, and has fur!her aurced 20.80 to pay' any and nil additional expense In connection with the rrcc- 4-05 tion nr relocation of fences, and 1R.15 WHEREAS. It Is deemed thnt sa'd 12.75 rental terms are fnlr nnd rcnr.nnnhle GP.TR (,,„; th.,t the. fnnnlnc of the si\ld 4.00 tract he.lng leased by the County Is nnt essential to the operation of the 07.20 county Poor Farm, nnd that, the nfi.oo ]p nR |n(T nf said land to a non-profit 84.80 corporation for public airport pur- GO.OO poses Is not. Inconsistent with the 40.00 mihlic use of said lantl. nnd will not 70.00 interfere with the operation of the Countv Form. 43.00 NOW. THEREFORE. HE IT RESOLVED bv the Bonrd of Sunervls- 2(56.10 nrs O f Mills Countv, Iowa, that n lease be entered Into between Mills 9fi7oi Countv. Towa. nnd tho Mills 4U I .M•* A ««_ m..V. n Mnn_M^nr<>- rtr,^»A SAVE MONEY ronvort your tronrtlo sow- Ins innclilno InJo nn ol«»o- trie jmrfablo or with fivr yrnr ,\\l nii\K<-< nnd mm SEWING MACHINE CO, I'll. :!iit t 8.00 8.00 8.00 Ivan Shook Labor ' 17694 A "° CI " b ' * non-nroflt corporation. «. a .™ S2?&, T..2L ;?5i, leaslmr to the latter tb/- Pm.tnr^t inhnr libor ^ "" FACTORY-TRAINED MECHANICS " LAT£ST SHOP EQUIPMENT All Allis-Chalmers replacement parts made in the same factory and to the same specifications as the original parts. Phone or bring in your equipment. BREAKDOWNS WELDING OVERHAULING ADJUSTING RECONDITIONING ALIGNING PAINTING GENERAL MACHINERY REPAIR WORK Gregory, Twp. Trustee Paul Morrlcal, Twp. Trustee ^-~" C.,M. Wilson, Twp. Trus- fee POOB'PABM Mrs. Oeo. Byers, House- Davta Mkt""dfocerte» — Earl Gibson, Groceries — Glcnwood Lbr. St Coal. Malvern Skelgas, N. W. Bell Tele.. Paul Records Hdw., «e- Ea P ynor KKSfHMS,"" Ambulance Service — C flLLIS CHflLMERS SAHS AND T. L. Salyers Western la! Power Service Taylor Implement Co., Re P alrs POOR""" Boyle & Empkle, Coal - — N?*W. Colling. Groceries Dept. Soc'l. Welf., Co. ^^^ """"sup- Straight, Labor Grant Chamberlain, Labor 24.00 Wm. Allbee, Labor B. A. Reynolds, Labor .... 24 00 Arcll B&con, Labor Cobe Klllmon, Labor — 2400 Guy Stranathan, Labor N. W. Price, Labor 24.00 Ted Bacon, Labor Henry Tlmmerman, Labor Eddie Hammers, Labor .. 44.00 Cliff Mayberry, Labor — g 63 P. B. Vandershule, Labor 4950 Everett White, Labor — Gordon Benscoter, Labor 139.81 George Brower, Labor — Donald Bacon, Labor 12.00 S. D. Mayberry. Labor .17.32 Mervln Bolton, Labor — 24.03 Donald Mayberry, Labor 3.32 Emll Mayberry, Labor — Jr. Tlmmerman, Labor 13.91 Herbert Smith, Labor — Lowell Wiles, Labor 3.00 Ray Boyd, Labor 6.34 ixmls Mayberry, Labor — 9.00 Ray Chapman, Labor 22.44 clalr Jones, Labor Gerald Hlndmnn, Labor 2.34 A. Ivan Dusenberry, Labor Arthur Wax, Labor 28.84 Armco Drainage & Met. 02.38 Prod., Equip. Bain Auto Supply, Equip. 278.28 Bloedel Hdw., Merch Oliver Brlley. Hauling — B.41 Herman M. Brown, Equip. "~""~^ Boyer Hardware, Merch. Walter elites Rep. Shop, Equipment 182 10 Quarter nf Section Ifi. Townihln 72, .rt.'nn Ttanrre 42, for a term of flvo years. sol 20 *' ve v ears, at an annual rental of M »n Tcn Dol'^rs per acre, nnd thnt the Countv Engineer determine the — 166.16 of the n to be leaned. 182.16 174.18 160.10 W. E. Airnn presented tho fo">- resolutlon nnd mnvnd H'p Rriontlnn. Motion was seconded bv Mnrk Swnrts. On rnll ml! the rnto was nn fcil- 6668 1o '™"' : SwnrtR. ave: Clnrk. nve: Agan, ay. ' The Chnlrmnn declared the resolution duly nrlontort. RESOLTTTTON Concurring In Recommended n- wnrd of Contracts for Fodernl Aid Secondary Proleets 8-093(3) nnd S- 994(2>. Mills Countv. WHEREAS, the Bonrd of Runervls- Phone 3031 Malvern Average Car MHeaie aMUlp ... r The average passenger car in me cappd Mach. Co., Equip. ., V A ctnios travels 9,300 miles a Crum & Dlureen. Merch. ^r! d whUe a tSa'verage, nearly gg- "»'«•• «•«*« 11,000 miles. IT PAYSJL .. Rubber & Bup . Ply. Eaulp. .......... _ Emereon Mutual Tele.. Service . ...... . -----Wade Fan, Serviced ----- Fldlar Sc Chambers, Sup- pile* ................ J. O. Ooss, Equip. -----D. E. Ooodwln, Equlo. — Greenwood Lbr. Co., Equip Hlatt Motor Co., Eoulp. . Hiehwav Enuip. & Supply Co., Eoulp. ----------Iowa Power & Light Co., Fnulnment ______ ---- . L. H. Kntelman Co., Eouipment ------ ---- Landta HHw.. Merch. ---Omaha Welding Co., Enu!t>m<»nt ------ ----- J^urphv Bros. Chef. Co., To Get GOOD Equipment! You bet it does and we make every effort to keep you supplied with the best in equipment and in parts and servicing for it. Here are some items now in which you may need: H & M 238 FERTILIZER ATTACHMENTS FOR CULTIVATORS. 1 Power Take Off 8 ft. GRAIN BINDER. H & M WHEEL WEIGHTS. New DEMPSTER LISTERS. NEW KBSS INTERNATIONAL TRUCK — 177 in. wheelbase. Pride of the Farm Hog WATERERS and FEEDERS. New PORCELAIN RINSE TUB Sets. Two to a stand. SPECIAL—1939 F20 TRACTOR with 238G Cultivators. Newly painted and in excellent condition, We're pledged to help you keep your equipment running now during the busy season. Call us anytime. Full stock of genuine IHC parts ready for your needs. Mo. Vftllev Mach. Co., Enutnment -------- -P. MPlfhlors ft Son. Equipment -------- -Mortem Bervlre Fouln. .Nehr. TYarUir ff Equip. Co F'niln . ----------K. W OH Pn. Etlllln. ---N. W. Bell Tele. Co., Service ---- ..... ----Fred W. Picker. Repairs Pace Service Co., Eoulp. - Pnner. Culmenson <fc Co., Equipment ------ ----Phillips Hetrok-um Co. 164.67 00.35 168.30 135.13 162.31 178.21 208.24 172.88 170.77 174.10 174.70 180.09 1458.15 12fi.H!i 5.10 8.82 75.39 6.77 21.08 252.08 27.fiO 5.23 11.06 2.87 160.00 83.56 8.78 1.44 41.21 48.83 48.73 3.16 83.47 1.82 21.41 10.60 227.45 1723 62.14 124<» ™ 31.74 14.01 7. on 2.00 220.76 395.70 Easy does it.,. Replacing the telephone gently when you find the party line in use sort of says this for you . . . "Sorry . . . I'll try my call A bit later." It still acts as a gentle reminder to those talking that you arc waiting for the line . . . does it in a courteous way that people appreciate and arc likely to remember when you're "on the phone." A little thing? Sure. But it's this kind of thoughtfulness, along with keeping calls brief and allowing time between them, that makes helpful and plcas- ant-to-usc party line service. NORTHWISTIRN BILL TILIPHONI COMPANY Paul D. Records Hdw., Merch. ----- - ....... Carl Stogdill. Hauling Rock ----- - - - ------Gilbert Sioi-ciill. Hauliiu; Salvers Auto Co.. Enulp. - Srhr.H/. Bros. Impl. Co., Efiulpment ------- ----.Tark St'inleV, Rock ...... TftVlor Impl. Co.. Repairs Wr-itcrn A\ito Store. XPCCDY <3fe% VALVER* UTO CO. WE REPAIR YOUR WRECKS TO LOOK AMD RIPE LIKE MEW WELL HOW \( ABOUT IT, MISTER- HOW AQOtjT a ? I USED TRUCKS And CARS Buy economical transportation now by getting one of these good used truck or car bargains. They're PRICED WORTH THE MONEY! 1941 CMC TON AND A HALF 1941 CHEVROLET ONE TON TRUCK TRUCK 1939 FORD TUDOR Storage Batteries SPECIAL We will allow you in trade on your old battery for every new battery you buy. ClIAU »•* w-»»—• • — SERVICE 764 784 11.38 13.H> 55 13 1 .02 2.35 We^tr-rn la. Power Co.. Scrvii e Whaler ! r»" Er. & Sup- ulv Liim'i' We'teri 1 An' T^vinr Tmol. Furn 1 Co , M' Co.. E T-'-'iiln 8SH j 1908 Ti | 1.14 ; yc, .1- | ' 5 50 ; Clearance Sale of SEAT COVERS 25 % \\\- huve a big stuck of seat rovers mid arc oftVrir^ them at a bi^ r discount now. We fan 1'it must late model cars, many older cars and have a wide range of colors, materials, etc. It will pay you to gt-x new pecial discount is available. to Malvern Phone 5121 McCORMICK-BEERING MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE DISCOUNT Ro,:k "."'.'.'.'. 1085.03 —— ——' ' ' ' „....-.-..«----•••'

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