Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on June 18, 1964 · Page 28
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 28

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1964
Page 28
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TVIME PREVIEWS «:3ft-7:30 P.M. CBS. RAW- hide. "Incident at Sugar Creek." (Rerun). The excellence of tonight's guest cast and the outstanding performances mark tliis as one of the better shows of (he series. John Larch is featured as an injured drover who will die without medical attention. The nearest doctor (Everett Sloane) refuses to treat him but is persuaded by a girl (Beverly Garland) and her gun. Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood star. 6:30-7:30 P.M. NBC. DAVID Brinkley's Journal. "Election Year in Averagetown." You can now stay at home on election day. Thanks to NBC News, the town of Salem, N. J., has been selected as the American community coming closest to representing the prevailing political climate in almost exact proportions. After tonight's hour, you will know who is going to be elected and by what margin, so why should you bother? This version of the national political poll is based on a population of 9,000, but since this is a larger sampling than is needed for absolute accuracy, we're sure that by the next election, if we still bother to hold them, these will be boiled down to the dozen most typical people In the country. The show Examines A m e r i- ca'a average community from all aspects in an attempt to determine how and why Salem should be so smart. Is David Brinkley's commentary tongue in cheek? Tune in and find out. Our interesting rating: About average. 7-7:30 P.M. THE DONNA Reed Show. "The Playmate." (Rerun). This one was the season opener when young Patty Peterson moved into the Stone family and Bob Crane and Ann McCrea became the Stones' neighbors. Patty gets a major chunk of this episode when she helps a playmate's grandfather who has been told he must stop seeing his favorite granddaughter because of his doting, spoiling ways. Paul Peterson's little sister does a good job. 7:30-8:30 P.M. NBC. DE. K1L- dare. "Goodbye, Mr. Jersey." (Rerun). Suzanne Pleshette plays an unemployed actress who brings an injured dog into the hospital and gets the complete Kildare treatment. Anthony Holland does a good job as an intern suffering from acute hypochondria, but it is Suzy's show. Oh yes, it's a comedy, including what's supposed to be an hilarious takeoff on a television commercial. 8:30-9:30 P.M. ABC. THE Jimmy Dean Show. (Rerun). A lively hour with Boots Randolph and his jumping sax, Charlie Manna's funny take-off on how different types of singers use a handkerchief, a good comedy spot involving Rowlf's breaking Jimmy's guitar and ending in their duet to "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" and Dorothy Collins doing "Accentuate the Positive" and "Jealous Heart." The country songs by Jimmy who does "No Letter Today,'" "I Ain't Got Nobody" and "Moonlight, Miss" and Hank Williams Jr., who chimes in with "Long Gone Lones o m e Blues" and "Hey! Good Lookin'." 9:30 - 10 P.M. ABC. ABC Mews. "Shadow Over the White House," Though it's accentuated because this is an election year, the problem of presidential succession is always with us. This valuable study discusses ;he gaps in the present system and what can be done to overcome them. Among others, the problem Is considered by former President Eisenhower and former vice president Nixon as well as by sn American Bar Association of- "icial. TV TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service by the Lake Charles American Press which Is not responsible for unannounced changes by stations or similar program Inaccuracies.) Channels — WBRZ-TV Baton Rouge 2, KATC-TV Lafayette, 3. KPAC-TV Port Arthur 4, KALB-TV Alexandria 5, KFDM- TV Beaumont 6, KPLC-TV Lake Charles 7, KLFY-TV Lafayette 10, and KBMT-TV Beaumont 12. To- day'i evening programs are listed below. Tomorrow daytime programs are also included. THTJRSDAr EVENING 6:00—Sports, 2, » News, 4, 6, 7. 10, 12, 3 6:10—Weather 2, 6. 7, 10 6:15—Esso News, 2 Weather, 6 Sports, 10, 7 News, 12, 5 6:20-Recap, 7, 8 »:25-Weather, 5, 12, 4 6:30—Password, 10, 6 Flintstones, 3, 12 Laramie, 4 Maverick, 2 Election Year In Aver- town, 2, 7 McHale's Navy, 5 7:00—Rawhide, 6, 10 Donna Reed, 12, 3 Phil Silvers, 5 7:30-My Three Sons, 12 Dr. Kildare 2, 4, 5, 7 My Three Sons, 3 8:00—Perry Mason, 10. 6 Ensign O'Toole, 3, 12 8.30—Hazel, 4, 2, 7 The Making of a President, 12, 3 Jimmy Dean, 3, J2 9:00-Gallant Men, 3 The Nurses, 6, 10 Kraft Theater, 2, 4 Maverick, 7 «:30-Paladin, 3 9:55-News, 3, 12 10:00-Night Desk. 2 News, 4, 6. 10, 12. 3 Dateline '63, S Weather. 7 10:OS-News. 7 10:10-We^[her, 3, 12. «, 4. 10 Sports. 7 "Deception," fi Tonight, 7 Sports, 10 News. 4, S 10.25-"The Man Who Could Work Miracles," 12 J0.30—Tonight Show, 4 Biography, 2 10:35-"Tyrant of the Sea," 10 11:00—Tonight Show, 2 12:00—News-Prayer, 2 FRJDAY DAYTIME 6:15-Pas5e Partout, 10 j 55 Farm Report. 7 7:00-Today. 2, 4. 5, r Outlook 10 Sunrise Semester, 6 7:25-Local Weather ? 7:30~Uncle Willie's Club. 6 Today. 7 Popeye, 10 s<X)~Kangaroo, 6.10 Local News, 7 8 25—Coffee with Ana. s Adeline's Show, 4 J:30-Today Show 7. 4 8 50-Ne\vb, 12 8:5&-Devotions, 12 9 00—Three Stooges, 2 Say When. 4, 5, 7 Jack LaLanne, 12 9:25-NBC News, 4, 7 9:SO-Word lor Word, 2, 4, S, 7 The Price Is Right, 3, 12 I Love Lucy, «, 10 9:50—Devotions, 12 10:00—Concentration, 2, 4, 7 Get the Message, 3, 12 The McCoys, 6, 10 10:30—Jeopardy, 2, 4, 7 Pete & Gladys, 6, 10 Object Is, 3, 12 ll:00-Father Knows Best, 3, 12 First Impression, 2, 4, 5, Love of Life, 6, 10 ll:25-News, 6, 10 11:30—Consequences, 2, 4, 5, 7 Search for Tomorrow, e; 10 Ernie Ford, 3, 12 11:45—Guiding Light, 6, 10 U:55-News, 2, 4,7 12:00-Midday in La., 2 December Bride, S TV Bingo, 4 "Two Guys from Milwaukee," 12 Famous Playhouse, 6 Romper Room, 7 Meet Your Neighbor, 10 Midday Report, 3 News & Weather, 4 12:30—Almanac, 5 The World Turns. 3, in Susie, 4 Bayou Fair, 7 Ann LeJeune Show, fl Cartoons, 12 12:55—News, 12 1.-CO—Let's Make a Deal, 2, 4 5, 7 Frontiers in Science, 3 Password, 6, 10 1:25—News, 2, 4, 5, 7 1:30—House Party 6, 10 Tlie Doctors, 2, 4. 5, 7 Day in Court, 3, 12 1:55—News, 4, 7, 12 2:00~To Tell the Truth, 6, 10 General Hospital. 3, 12 Another World, 2, 4, 7 2.25-CBS News. 6, 10 2:30—Edge of Night, 6, 10 You Don't Say. 2, 5, 7, 4 Queen For a Day, 3, 12 3 00—Match Game, 2, 4, 5' 7 Secret Storm, 6. 10 Trail Master, 3, 12 3.25-NBC News, 2. 4, 7 3:30-Danny Thomas, 2, 7 TV Bingo, 4 Ethma Odum Show, s Trailmaster, 3, 12 Amos & Andy, in Movie, 6 4:00—Movie, 2 Circle 4 Dub, 4 , Jim Backus, 5 Big Show, 3 Col. Cauo. 12 Kartoon Kapers, 7 Fiuitime Playhouse , 10 4:30—Mickey Mouse, 2 Mr. Physical Fitness, 7 Popeye Theater. 5 5.QO—Huddeberry Hound. 4 Adventure Theater, 12 Thief Believes In Safety First MIAMI (AP) - Dr. Melyjn Levinsou says a thief working lus area believes ui being safe. For the second tune In recent months, the seat belts have been stolen from Levinsou's cw. Ill AMSS THISfSOOP CHOW. DOND) LIKE ME TO 5END 'OCCASIONALLY? r SWELL/ US . EXPlORERSUl ALLBE THE SAME TENT/ KAVEHER5ENO CHOCOLATE ONES. IP THEY'RE BIS , CAKES, THREE A WEEK 6HOULP BE ENOUGH. TAO A WEEK'lL REALLY BE OKAV, CREATIVE ABILITY" TO MAKE SOMETHING REAUY GOOOROKVtKJANPALL I GET IS COMPLAINTS TMIS IS IT/ PEOA\ NCWONJ It'LL BE PLAIN WOT DOSS OMB BEETLE BAILEY THE NEXT,. AMP FRIED CHICKSN NEXT.' ..OR MAYBE FRIED CHICKEN AND HOT D06S INCASSB20LEWITH HAMBURSEE SAUCe-- HEV, YOU OLP SlUG-A-BEO! LOOK AT THE TIME.' WHEN I'M NOT IN REHEARSAL^ J FIGURE 7A.M. IS EARLY / ENOUcSH TO KEEP /WE ) RESPECTABLE/ HEAVY PAY ' AHEAP? VOU BET/FULL MECHANICAL)HAVERlN.'..THINK AND PRESS REHEARSAL/ /OF M£ LCUN6M6 WE'RE RISHT ON THE / AROUND WrtH MY WIRE.' I'P BETTER ./SECOND CUP OF COFFEE AND THE PAPERS/ COLUMN... WHAT'S THIS?!.. 'CHRISTY CHMA1ERS. MKEO'HARB'S KM C1SCOVERY, HOiOiNG H.AHK~ DICK TRACY _1 OH, WE COULD BUILD v A CHICKEN HOUSE: NICH \ VARRflLL TIGHT WIRf 1 ,?" T ™ EH FENCE, EVEN OVER THE / ^HERFD T^ TOP; CEMENT PAVEMEMT 1 CHICKENS TKEEP VARMINTS FROM ' DlG WOf?M; H'UNDER.' WORMS AM'BUGS? w — ^tY • N* -:-ti%j,?\ . J K^._ ORPHAN ANNIE J AND ATTHB ELECTRONIC PRISON ~ »^-i If—v^ r-.ii-^. • ^^^^V^T*^ ^ *^C?^"* YEP, GIT LOTS O* CHICKENS. BUT ALWAYS THERE*; MORE! SAME AS CHICKENS EAT1N 1 MILLIONS O 1 GRUBS AND BUSS; ALWAYS THERE'S MOREJ €0, ' THffT'S IT.' Fftf?M CHICKENS .,/""' « U.: i-f-WNJ CHICKENS JUST MB^^ R Sii^ ( ^ SCRmc M VDU SAID IT! WAITUL. I SHOV/ TH' POLKSTHIS EGG! C-OOD MORNING DR. MORGAN/ REX MORGAN, M.D. ' { PRELIMINARY TESTS ARE penVni,,-. I I *'"" r '»n" > o«l\n C.' IHt SERIOUS?^ > EVIDENCE POINTS TO 50/V\£ TERRY THAT /YEAH/ THE OWNER HAS LICENSE <A RECORD TOO/..THREE NUAABER, \ ARRESTS, NO CONVICTIONS' JOHNNYf /. ALL THE SAME, IU LOOK HIM UP TCMORRCW X KERRY DRAKil LIKE I SAIP, WE'VE FOULEP OUT WHAN ICE Show, A RESIN- BACK FIGHTER, A RACE HORSE, OKAY, SPRINT.' N TWO WRESTLERS ANPA CDME BACK A/»D A WOMAN MIND-fTF I DONT K-NOV ..ABOUT THE ONIV THING WE'VE NEVER MUSIC DDRVGROUMD (jut I'M -W f.hAt ViW' 1 ; xaftiiwri SM1UN' JACK "Hi- \ffl'#. / —— f-f. -J*u-«» / we cv,i.v HA,- rj J.MX av QVf <y W.S5 /£ , / <s ;D W? /. j,- - - A.T- >w/ JUST iwms /• ^ ( ^ '&ATWS, MOCGt&HS, AM> M&Krs ' fo^. THURS., JUNE 18, 1964, Loke Charles American Press YOUR HEALTH End to Clothing Fires Is Sought By Dr. Theodore R. Van Dellen (Copyright l%4: By The Chicago Tribune) It has been said (hat, if little girls wore trousers instead of skirts, there would be fewer catastrophes from burns. This is understandable because it. is easy to ignite Flimsy, flaring skirts of flammable material. Last summer, many children met. with this mishap when they brushed against the back yard grill. The same can be said of open heaters, leaf fires, and lighted cigarels. So many people have been burned in this way, the American Medical association has started a campaign to create public awareness of the problem. It may go so far as to encourage legislation forbidding Urn use of readily flammable material in children's clothing. These garments ought to be made of flameproof or slow burning materials such as denim. Tiny misses should be watched carefully when wearing full, flowing dresses of sheer material, more so when they are full and blow about easily. Flameproofing flimsy clothing became popular when m a n y children in Halloween costumes were burned. The process can bo used with other types of clothing, even though it leaves the material slightly stiff. The formula consists of 3 ounces of boric acid and 7 ounces of borax in two quarts of water. It also is a good idea to teach all members of the family what to do if the garments catch fire. Never run. The face seldom is burned if the victim remains prone. Drop to the floor or ground and roll. Or smother the flames in a heavy coat or rug. Small hoys and fires are traditional. They are fascinated with matches and will hide anywhere, including clothes closets, to strike one after another. A great many fires are started by adults who fall asleep while smoking. The elderly with poor eyesight and shaky hands and legs do the same; they drop their cigarets or brush against ashes. Housewives who wear a flowing, flammable negligee while turning on the gas jet for the morning coffee are good candidates for burns. Another hazard is to have kitchen curtains billow over the lighted stove burners. Dr. Van Dellen will answer questions on medical topics if stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanies request. TOMORROW; A Virus Remedy. RECURRING SORE M. S. writes: Can a sore on the nose mean anything he- sides allergy or sicus trouble? I have been treating it with a salve but. it always returns. Reply 11m lesion may be skin ran- cer. Such malignancies are easily treated and the results are good when the condition has not been neglected. NUMB SOLES E. W. writes: I am a woman of 70—healthy and active all my life. But a peculiar sensation has developed in the soles nf my feet—as though I had no feeling there. Could this be due to poor circulation, or what? Reply Yes, or in anemia nr a nerve disorder. Today's Health Hint- Don't discard pills where children can find them. Address all inquires In: Mr. Theodore R. Van De.llen Tribune Syndicate Tribune Tower Chicago, III. Ever happen to you? if you bought your in.-ur.inre from a one-company agent, you wero left all alone. H you bought it through an independent ance agent, you had a friend nearby you could call on for help. We'ro independent agents. Call onus. Complete Insurance Service Frank O Pruitt Monomer MID-SOUTH INSURANCE 101 Weber Bids. 433-6307 A CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONER riedrich Only Friedrich central air conditioning gives you an outdoor decorator panel that quietens as it beautifies. You'll be glad you chose Friedrich — and so will your neighbors! fK£E Home SUNQ^ OPEN 'TIL 8 TONIGHT Refrigerator Sales one/ Service /s Our Only Business.' ICERATION 810 E. PRIEN 477-6664 We Are Your Authorized Dealer For Friedrich Window An Condjtionmg Soles tr Service in Southwest, to.

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