The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 15, 1948 · Page 6
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 6

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1948
Page 6
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SIX THE MALVERN LEADLK to -I' 1 * «nd ootw^ur-rMh- no Stwrp IR??* st<\iv» \VUrn Yrtwr Tim*- I* Ont F. A. Wortmnn, Editor «nd Publisher Bnu>ml in tho Post Offlro nt Mnlvrrn, low*, fts •fcotid clnsa mail mntter nnrttr Act of Confess of Mnroh 3, 1879. _ OFFICIAL PAPER FOR MILLS COUNTY A.H of tho Official proceedlnRS of tho Hoard ot BujervlBors are printed in full in Tho Leader as nrc also tho minutes of tho Mivlvern town council. The Leader also serves as official paper for the tchool districts and other towns of Mills county which do not have a local newspaper. Subscriptions Payable in Advance One tear Six Months Three Months fZ.50 *1.«0 BOe Bingte Copy • *» Tm> Years $4.00 Advertising Rates Display Advertising: 42c per column inch; 6 cent* an Inch additional for composition. Resolutions 6c a line Classified Ads lOcallne Local Reader Ads lOc aline •Sard ot Thanks 50c Obltnuy Poetry Be a line 1*1 \x*s jsom^hlrtsr of our v»Mt\l \**\ w«»k wr> <vHtoHftH«Mt on Ihf Krr-nbllciui Mal^ ron- vontion. \Vo felt Ihm thwrr- vi\s not much for the privitirl or county rnuciws to do and no one look any inl^v^pi in thorn, And inking no Interest In l hose nh.isos of the party work, they look none in tho upper levels. Tho unfortunate result of this is that nn in- larpe sepment of the V. S. electorate is niiout the body politic. They consider them- jusl pawns played with hotel-room «tates- entlrely Ruided by selfish motives. for THE MAIATERH ISAPtR, MM»VRftN» tQWA> Aim IS. HENDERSON ft ttaN* rison tff EUtaU Mor- Mrs. r. A. \VW»t to n, v, K. r. A, i. v, i FrMiiv nftor- * visitor. Mrs. Henry of Oamphell, Neb., who was a guest of Mrs. U. L. South. A letter from Mrs. Robert Har- ed by Mesdames over, Vienna. Austria, was read Bevts Sowers, by Mrs. O. T. Harover. In this letter she thanked tho club mem- rhristlan aid noon, Mrs. - - - - . rharge of the questions asked that day. A name r>t those present was drawn to receive a prl».e from California by Mrs. nevls Sowers. Mrs. Arch Houser was the lucky one. At the close lunch was serv- Harris and Mrs. few vlaUln* h<*r <1ft«*hW Mrs. Noyd Mel- 'lottT'ln the Stennett-KlHoU vleln- "W and Mrs. Hugh MrSweeney were quests Sunday for dinner In the Earl Bolleau home. The members ot the H. B. C. win n«r» «*t '*»* Thursday with Mrs. A, 3, Mrs. L. C. mtlHnjrton was tess. Klectlon of officers was held. The following were elected, p***- tdent, Mrs. Hatel BerRren; vice president, Mrs. Flossie Thomas; secretary, Mrs. Georgia Hulling- ton; treasurer, Mrs. Marllee Tho- Mrs. Harold the Myera has been of Herman Copot the •..~ — — - . mas; devotional leader, Mrs. Oer- elub were guests Saturday after- ^^ Bishop. The next meeting ------ ,. w ,, be May 13> Mrs Arthur Nirns Leater Snamblen will take up their full responsibility of citizenship responsibility of seeing that good candidates and good policies are adopted by parties, as well as the responsibility of voting. ILI.IIGIH Ti C OIMMENIT! FOLLOWING THE LEADER they had.sent to her to be to the needy families in Vienna. Mrs. Agnes Workman gave a very interesting travelogue on her visit to the west coast and northern states. A delicious lunch was served by the hostess. . Oscar Carlson of Bushing Nebr. and coin One thing provided particular B. Y. K. Club Enjoy After- at Hornbuckle Home u< recently for a short vacation after receiving his medical degree at the University of Iowa, eon He noted the complete Installation of flourescent lights in the school house and recalled that some a 1 c and a pleasant ..„ home of Mrs. Glen Hornbuckle at Essex Friday. Mrs. Eva ...„ home of Mrs. in honor ot her birthday, and visiting ^ ^ Wiley and Max spent son of Bushing, Nebr. Mrs. Lewis Farrington and g " d " wlth Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Fredflckson of Lin- baby returned home Sunday from Qrlfftn have been guests in the Genoa where she had visited her Mp j Claude Moore home. sister, Mrs. Cummlngs, and fam- A. church night supper was en- H V joyed at the Christian church The members of the Young basement Wednesday. Business Mothers' club enjoyed a social matters were attended to and a time at the home of Mrs. Leroy Magers Friday afternoon. meeting" at the Glenn Kellenbar- The amount of money collected ™ e * Monday eTMllng . for the Red Cross was $112 in- * e stead of $125 as was quoted in last week's Issue of The Leader. Vera Braden spent the week ten Williams home. A group from near Wheelers social time was enjoyed. Mrs. Bean Freeman, Mrs. Cy Mary Wl , Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shelley family accompanied Mr. and Mrs. J F Shelley of Emerson to Nebraska to visit relatives Sunday. Telephone lines 2 and 12 out of Emerson held their annual was able to return from the Mercy Earl Bishop and Harold Cooper attended a EDITORIALS Essex Friday Mrs Eva was aoie 1,0 reium num •.«= «»»..~,7 a. siuuy n«... ••— •• —---- j^ lights in the school house and recalled that some B ','^ D »" former teacher at Hen- hospital after a few days stay and OrO ye enjoyed a roller skating co ' n " cer V gi ven by the Essex choral six or eight years ago he had editorialized vigorous- derson> ass i st ed Mrs. Hornbuckle. now is at the home of her daugh- part y Friday evening at tne ay- goclety , n Red Oak Mrs . Copper's ly in the EMAITCHESS department for just such A co i or 8c heme of yellow and ter Gayle in Council Bluffs. e rs rink. B , st Mlsg phyills Danlelson * _ . .„__.,_ _j,.-_•.!, !„ *.,„ ,~i „„» ir, toKio At the Methodist aid Thursday The senior class play given ai a , nnn A new hroom sweeps clean and Malvern's new council took this fairly literally when they initiated clean-up work. Citizens generally applnuded the council for this and wt; sincerely hope that they continue to do many of the things the town needs while taking care of the routine phases of the town government as well as did the former council. Below is shown a graph of what the now fed- oral income tax rates will mean in savings to taxpayers. The saving in many cases will be sufficient to pay ALL of the direct tax levies. The tax cut will ho appreciated by most of us for in most, instances next year's direct property levies will he higher than they have been in the past year. But it should he remembered that for tho average tax payer the federal income tax is still the principal burden. Yet most of us complain far more about tho local taxeyi than we do about, our income tax. Perhaps that tendency explains the present trend to havo tho state or federal government tax us more heavily with income taxes and then send back grants for roads or schools or other things. Usually when we receive such we think more kindly toward the Income tax collector. But we usually get hack only about $3 for every 14 paid in. Wo be- lievo the local governmental agencies should get their taxes directly, Income or otherwise, and bypass the rotl tnpe and inefficiency usually found in tho federal government's systems. The Hon. Otlui H. Weariu struck a cogent note In Hastings last week when he told the Hotary club that he could remember "rip-roaring campaigns" for township clerk. Now, ho went on, no one knows who the clerk is, because, most of his duties have been taken from him. The point was that our democratic procedure is suffering because of the continued centralization of governmental functions. So that the township and local boards have less lights. So we hope today's edltorializers in the green was carried out In table school news department (who have been far too decorations and in the food, satisfied of late for them have demanded no sweep- Mr. and Mrs. Hornbuckle and ing changes) will take heart with the doctor's experience and work for the future. ^- - purchaBed for them Had Dr. Campbell s suggestions been followed at tho time he made them several hundred MHS students would have had better light and the school district would have saved itself a considerable sum of money because of the later inflation. • Mrs. Linda Tolby, the evangelist, all bill got a good share of the Silver Urn Masonic lodge headed down the sawdust trail Sunday when she added to the traditional streets of gold, houses of pearl, etc., which are used to describe heaven, the thought that there would be no taxes there and many of the Masons, who were attending the Baptist church Hoyrt McVey's Truck Over- Turns Mouth of Town Boyd McVey met with an accident south of town as he was driving a gravel truck, when it At the Methodist afternoon guests and members enjoyed a social time. Lunch was served by Mesdames Isaacson and Tom Hieken. Mrs. Richard Isaacson and infant daughter Lynda Kae have class play given at the school auditorium both Friday and Saturday evenings was well attended. Mrs. Sivers directed the play. Leora Harbor and Roger Fink of Omaha spent the week end in This ergetic. belollgs to the en- been staying a few days with her the Mrs. Pearl Harbor home. parents of Macedonia since her return from the Mercy hospital in Council Bluffs. Hugh McSweeney has begun into" a ditch, pinning preparations for rebuilding his the steering wheel. He garage which was destroyed by fire recently. Jessie Brown worked in the Paul and Hendrix building a few days Mrs. Ed Stenger and Mrs. Her- eg(;aped wlth few brulseg and a cut fn h{g h(?ad whlch required BOme atltc h e s. Mr. and Mrs. Orlo Harris and that morning immediately resolved to live a better Art Phelps and family of Red han Coppock were . _ __. _. . * i « _ i i i _ ... ,3l«.'.n«/"4«.•*•«*! T>111 ?f B rtoll life. But some skeptics remained and as they left the church we heard one Republican die hard murmur: "But that was before they got Roosevelt and Harry Hopkins up there*." • Our personal sinning, incidentally, got undue attention Sunday. We put on older clothes and started to move a little pile of coal from the garngo to coal bin during the afternoon and just as we got well under way, Gen. J. R. Hall came along with his new movie camera and took a few feet of the unwonted activity. After the general l«-ft the. Rev. nnri Mrs. N. B. Blackmail drove up and stopped to give a few encouraging words. If we Oak enjoyed a birthday dinner Council Bluffs callers Friday. Sunday at the L. W. Triplett Herman Coppock has accepted Larell Viner and two ters of Red Oak were guests Sunday in the home of his mother, Mrs. Edith Viner. Beth Davis spent the week end with Anna Mauer and family in Minden. Mrs. Ethel Skank Is spending a Implement few days visiting her daughter, last week. Mrs. Willard McKinney, and granddaughter, Mrs. Boyd Mellott, in the Stennett-Elllott vicinity. The Henderson Methodist and werp Red over commit murder probably the entire popula- a f te rnoon. tion of the town will happen by just ns we get Farrington had the tip of his finger taken off with a saw a few days ago. Mesdames Rheuben Menifee, Ed Stenger and Claude Holt were Council Bluffs visitors Thursday. The members of the nesv town council were sworn in the first of the week. Mrs. Pearl Harbor and son Bill O;ik callers Tuesday G L COMPLETE Kyes Examined, Glasses Fittedj Glasses Made and Repaired In our own Shop DH. L. B. PETERRBr* Optometrist lied Oak, Iowa Successor to Clyde B. Curtis, O.D. First Door North of Faunccs Wash., has left for Panama City, Flu., to attend aircraft controller school. He is a brother to Mrs. Morris Harbor. His wife and baby will remain at Carson with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art Steele during his training. Beth Davis spent the week end with Anna Mauer and family in Minden. 17 - Coffee. McKEE FUNERAL HOME Lloyd \V. (Mac) McKee CARSON, IOWA Ambulance Horrlre PHONE 100 Cnrson the corpse in mortal shape. • "Orchids to you," a phrase which MHS students seem fond of, became literal Friday flight when the cast of the one-act plays presented their director Miss Mary Butflngton, with one of the rare flowers. The audience, which found the playa highly entertaining, thought that Miss B. had really earned tho tribute. THE TAX CUT AND YOUR INCOME Tht ntw litcorn* rax rwlucllen, enacted b/ tfi* Republican Cenartii with help fvom Democrat! In repudiating Preildenl Truman'« vefe, wlH tehe nearly 7Vt million lew Income earwt ol» the fax rolli entirely, the tax chart balew ihowi how much ipendakle Income the'average family of four wilt have after paying taxoi In 194« — and how thl» comporot with their tpendoble Incomet In 1947. for Initance. • man receiving $2,500 Income thli year will pay l«i> thon one percent for te»ei)lo»t year hit to» wot olmott four percent of hli Income. I 7Vt MIUION TAXMYim 100% TAX KtDUCTION 1PINDAILI INCOMI 1948 TAXES ADDITIONAL TAXIS IN 1947 PiRCINT TAX RIDUCTION Bernard Rhoades and Mr. Logan of Glenwood were business callers in town Tuesday evening. The members of the baseball club expect to enlarge their diamond on the school grounds soon. Several from here attended the ball game at Essex Tuesday. A social time was enjoyed at things they could use as shoes, thread and needles. Some toys were also included for the children. Several of the high school' members donated clothing and shoes for this package. Two students were brought before the council and questioned for loud talking in the study hall. The hoys were given the standard punishment of segregation and their library and speeking privileges removed. Hy Joyco Campbell Here in the recent news about the senior class play. "A Uittle Honey " will be presented by the seniors Friday, April 23 at 8 p. m. KeveVal of the cast which put on tho junior play hit last year will return in this play. The play IB written by William Davidson, the same author who wrote "Brother Goose." Among the group appearing in this production will be Theresa Dyke, Carol Johnson, Pat Perkins, Marlt-ne Johnson, Betty Jo Pace, Betty Daily, Doris Darnold, Eldon Bickley, Donald Houser, Donald Donner, Frank Swoboda and yours truly. *.i-i. ..i. I, . IP .*•. .«Ji«ifcMje»eMe^^e^eMe^aeaeae^»»^M»iiiie»™»r^i^^^-*"^^^ • .,,-,,- ,. H*l inconu it vnounl Utl «tUf ilMUicttant. but *>« n*< Include CWMM! (ltd d*pend*ac)r uunptloni IF I WERE EMAITCHESS In The Grades * 'l tirade: \Vr .tr,. - liavt.' Ji-;iii. Sylvia, liui HoiluUi back IiJ s^li-i-.l afl. iaig tht- nica^lft, . I'..--U> Bir Cliark'iifc I'.an- an.- ill . . f ]).:.^lnu-r lias ri.'ii.J (•- lili|-.n> llii-s year . . . Tin: I'.lui-.- :n.' ),lonn^ lliL- work i!i l-'i'i- li'il la-v this wurk . . . S\V lii. fuut'tli tirailt-: In liave i'"il uur a.ud will tf» tu Swii Jn ht-allh we hav.- I lit! puns 01 liie e !,O(.UU<.T ;='.•".- 1 ajiliy w t- i-'.s to Krai.r,; frlainl JK-M . . b- en K-arniu-' unvl i..k.n-, i-ure ol Hi'.- t-arb . . We Uuv..- maiie npriiiij Dowel's and in.-vv i>o.~u-v = fur the buileliu buard . . Mrs. is reading " i'bc- ,Se,-ier lo us-. U is >ery int--r- . 1-u.M Friday \ve had a. i.any fur Mr*. Buebn.-r. her birthday and ^ e abvl food cake aud ice April 4th . . Those recfiving 1UU',7 in spelling lasi week wtiv: Kirhard Heut-dirt, Marion Ellis, Turn Fritz, l)o<.- Zanders, Kay I'.nre. Uiuria Kkluiui. 1'atsy Uu;u- h.ii'l, Jane RobiiKSun an.i Deloi'es .- i lli\ an. .liiuioi- IliKli: In Hiyskul Train- in.; lilt; uirls ha\i- btarti'd to 1'lav Kiliciihall . . Marjuri(j Clark and Hamilton w«.Te in tli« i-Miit.'.'-t here ami \\.')il to u,l. Mavjuii.' Clark won .i. i- ih the u ri'teii i unit—I. Ka.lin- bulli M-viMitli and havt.. ln/fii MuilylUK aud n.i;l,.'tl iialUH-r" ix ui'i-'K* II-M.S >I Junior JlK'h .i.u't I-- haul . . Ttu.- r« .'l Ciat il'.-n i lub lui-'L-tiU .1-1 !•') al I i.Tlluull. nd ••Tin.. . We ar.i this week h.Hie they gular Juu- K was held The ijro- n.iUL our uardeU. i.t uu.s l,rou:_;Vit Horne Economics Teacher Interviewed _ cream .She was really burpriaed Patsy Ueurliarl's birthday ^ :'.riiin^ of Mareh 7, upon iuto the home ec. room. i <.d uur uew Uuuie, tc. teacher had arrived. Today when we interviewed her, we found out some very interesting facts. "MadKe," rather .Miss Miller, began teaching at M. H. S. Mareh 7. Sin- attended Maryville lue years, taught elementary school five and one half years, aud a soldier's school (.me year. Miss Miller stutcil that t-He liked teach- in g in Malvern fine and though!, all the MUdeUts Imd a. nice attitude. She takes a great deal <n interest iu her work, especially hewing, and jilaus to teach in the iui lire. The whole student body sincerely welcomes Miid^e Miller from Hat Held, Mo., and hopes to have her with us for a long time. Student Council Sent Box to Family in Europe At Uie regular meeting of the siudeUt council April 5. pkm.s w>-re made to send another bos tu i..ur adoiit-L-il family iu Europe to •tthii'h we scud CAKE pacbuKi.s each month. This week the box was teut with mauy ~jl the iie.ttly This week I was fortunate enough to interview a very hand- tome senior who needed a shave. He shaves on Friday, and today la only Thursday. Anyway, getting Lack to the subject, this guy is 17 years old. has mischievous, brown eyes, black wavy hair (in front) and is fi feet. 11 V4 inches tall. You guessed it, he is Clarence (Jr. i Martin. Junior is taking typing. American hi: tory, refresher course, and economics. He has been very active in sports and music; one of on i' ~tar players in football for three years, basketball one year, track one year and music one year. His interests are timilia!' to uili.-r boys because they are mainly ^irls aud sports with uiacLiuery cm the side. His hobby is definitely different from any one else's because he ,-..Herts 'marbles (that's right. iiiui-blt-;;, i but he only collects the finer. bijjKtr ones. He used to collect .-ramps, but not. any more. Junior wants to be a farmer (really au I truly.) Someday, he'll have a little <or big , it's according lo how wealthy he is) farm ail hi. own. v ;>' out where he can b,. ; : ...n" from the troubles and of the surrouudiut; world. :d.s !:ice. doesn't H?t Any- Kood luck, Junior, for today •very Oay! ORIGINAL ONE CENT REXALL 69< REXAU MI41 An'lliepllc moulh woih. Mai 49c REXAU PURETEST ASPIRIN f(v« grain. lOO'l 49c REXALt ALCO-REX Rubbing alcohol. Pint 59( REXAU PETROFOl Mineral oil. Pint REXALL PURETEST MILK MAGNESIA Antacid fc mild lonolwe. Pint . . 2 for Sit U9 VICTORIA HOT WATER BOTTLE Red rubber. Molded in I piece 2 for Ie90 OF NATION'S GRIAJIST SAlt 2for70c 65< MEDFORD STATIONERY. $6 thti, 24 tm. Not a U Sole offer, but exceptional value) 37C 30t RtXALl TOOTH PAST! T/t «. Gel a lube for everyone In family . . 2 foT 31C We KUNZO NYLON TOOTH HUSHES Any 2 of I ityl* .... 2 for 30C 2.00 SIZE POIYUPS. MULTIPLE VITAMINS For children. 72'* 2for 2*01 Opportunity for 8**ttty on « Budget ADRIENNE Hormonixed CREAMS at two for tho price of one plus ono tent 5 facial creaiml Boy any 2 of 1 kind. 2 for 7oe REMCM0ER—The Regular Price for ONE Is 75cl FOR m PRICE Of 4 BIG SALE DAYS...WED.THURS.FRI.SAT, Collins Drug Co. E. W. Kuiglit I'houe 3011 Malveru

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